In the heart of the sun, it is Shangri-La, the “paradise” I have pursued.

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The place that is closest to heaven
    The first impression of Shangri-La is one sentence: the place closest to heaven. Sometimes I often think about what is closest to heaven, but it is not originally thought. Shangri-La is the sun and the moon in the Tibetan language, and the sun and the moon are not heaven, heaven.
    Before I came here, I didn’t know anything about it, and I didn’t want to read any information. I wanted to feel it with my first feeling.
    Overcome the inner high, but the body is honest.
    In the five days of Shangri-La, even the air was excited.
     Itinerary in “Paradise”
    Day 1: Hangzhou – Shangri-La
    Day 2: Dukezong Ancient City
    Day 3: Pudacuo National Forest Park – Duke Zonghua Alley
    Day 4: Songzanlin Temple
    Day 5: Shangri-La – Hangzhou
    Ps: I was a little uncomfortable at an altitude of two kilometers. I didn’t have a lot of itinerary here. I want to adapt slowly.
     Dukezong Ancient City: China’s largest Tibetan population
    The beautiful scenery of Shangri-La has always been a place that many travel enthusiasts yearn for. I like to woven a “dream” in my heart, and I went to Shangri-La to see it.
    On the first day of coming to Shangri-La, I was taken to the ancient city of Dukezong by my friends. It is said that the ancient city of Dukezong is the best preserved in China, the largest Tibetan population, the hub of the ancient tea-horse road, and an ancient city with a history of more than 1,300 years. Perhaps there is an inexplicable factor in the bones. When it comes to the ancient city, the big house, which has a sense of time, I have an impulse to stop it. I must go and see it.
    On the square of the ancient city, a beautiful Tibetan costume left a commemoration of the girl with a sweet smile. On the other side, the tourists breathe the thin oxygen on the plateau, feeding the flocks of pigeons with great interest, full of peace and safety.
    The ancient city of Dukezong contains two meanings; the first is “the castle built on the stone”, but the “moonlight city”. The ancient city was built on the mountain. The pavement of the old stone looks a bit different. So far, there are still many deep horseshoe prints on the stone road, which is the mark left by the caravans that passed through the ancient tea-horse road.
    Kameyama Park is the highest point of the ancient city, and the top of the mountain is the Chaoyang Tower, from which you can see the whole picture of the entire ancient city. In the park, there is still the world’s largest prayer wheel, which requires more than a dozen people to turn around. It is said that as long as three turns, the merits are infinite, so many people will work together to turn this huge prayer wheel and pray for peace.
    Some of the temples in the park have been turned off, and you can only look at the splendor outside. Its carvings are exquisite, and every place has revealed the culture of China for thousands of years. Every time I see such a beautiful carving, I have In the sigh of the inheritance brought about by culture.
    This is the world’s largest prayer wheel. How can I not go here when I come here? When I first went up, there were still quite a lot of people. I easily turned it up, one person and one person rope, but slowly some people have already circled three times. When I got better, I left, and the rest of the people turned a little hard, but this time is not long, and some people will make up later.
    The small and small shops in the ancient city of Dukezong almost confuse our eyes, and the costumes, handicrafts, local specialties, etc., are full of Tibetan characteristics.
    The weather is good or bad. It will be clear and clear, and it will be cloudy for a while. There are not many old people at this time. Most of them are locals, but there is no shortage of tourists coming and going.
    We walked all the way on the main road, and the spur lines on both sides witnessed the reconstruction of the ancient city. The wood was very new. Without the vicissitudes of life, we welcomed tourists coming and going in a new posture.
    The big white bear that is lazy at the entrance of the store, the owner marked the dog to make money on his own, the dog food is marked, the dog is also very powerful, lazy and hungry, the girls who come and go see it always Stop and tease, the dog is very embarrassing, will let you “do whatever you want.”
    This ancient city full of Tibetan charm, from day to night, had a hot pot for dinner, and it was dark when it was unconscious. There are daytime scenery and nighttime charms.
    At the beginning of the ancient city, the lights are shining, and the splendid landscape makes us stunned. The cheerful appearance of the locals dancing with the tourists on the Moonlight Square, let us see the harmonious picture of the family of the motherland.
    The silvery moonlight enchanted the white old city. Therefore, the locals referred to the ancient city as “Duke Zong”. “Duke Zongzong is called a white stone city in Tibetan, meaning Moonlight City.
    “Human Wonderland” Shangri-La, the ancient city of Chama, the ancient city of Dukezong, a place where you can walk away, what are you waiting for?
    Under the golden light, the wooden house is like a splendid, and the large prayer wheel in the distance seems to be seen whenever and wherever it is. It is the prayer wheel that exudes charm. As long as I look up, it is there.
    The night is very late, and slowly walk back to the hotel, people are getting less and less, and the day and night about the ancient city is over, and the day here is leisurely. Our stay is at the gate of the ancient city. In the morning, I wake up to wake up naturally, have a breakfast, and sway in the old city. I accidentally go to the night, and this day is over.
     Pudacuo: China’s first national park
    If you want to ask what is the most memorable and favorite attraction of Shangri-La, I will not hesitate to say: It is the Pudacuo National Forest Park. I like the original ecological environment there, like its lake wetlands, forest meadows, river valley streams, and more like the rare animals all over the lake.
    Pudacuo National Forest Park is located in the “Three Parallel Rivers” World Natural Heritage Center in northwestern Yunnan. “Pudacuo” Tibetan means that the Pudu sentients arrive at the other side of the boat. Its main attractions are “Bitahai”, “Tuandu Lake” and Mi Litang Yashan Ranch. Entering the park, the first thing that caught our eye was the Tudor Lake.
    The Tudor Lake is the largest plateau lake in Shangri-La. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the turquoise lake is surrounded by lush green hills, showing an intoxicating beauty. Because we came when it was early autumn, the grass in the lake turned golden. With the red maple leaves on the surrounding hills, the beautiful Dudu Lake has become a classic of Shangri-La’s autumn scenery.
    Walking on the plank road of the Tudor Lake, the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the water, with the fresh air of nature fragrance, fluttering like entering the fairyland. The pleasure of being in the heart is not expressed in words. The 3.2km road in the whole journey has let us go for a long time, so I really want to go on like this.
    It is said that a fish species called “split belly fish”, which is unique to the fourth season of the glaciers, is a first-class protected animal in China. Despite the strong curiosity, it is a pity that I have no chance to see it. Since then, my heart has buried a deep desire. If possible, the next time you come to Shangri-La, you must take the time to look at what is a “split belly fish”.
    In the park, we actually saw a plant that we had never seen before. In the alpine pastures of Mi Litang, when we walked in the lush virgin forest, a long beard tree appeared on the roadside. See the introduction to know that this is a lichen plant called “long pine.” Still the food of the golden monkey. This is really the size of the world, no wonder.
    Such a cute little squirrel does not know how many tourists have sprouted. I don’t know if my photography technique is not good, or the little one is too agile. I have captured more than ten times and left only a few photos. The black eyes and the long, hairy tail are simply fascinating.
    Autumn is the harvest season and the most beautiful time of the year. Look, under the blue sky, on the golden grass field smooth like silk, the scattered cattle and sheep enjoy the fertile water grass leisurely. The quiet demeanor reveals a kind of attachment to the land under the foot. Green mountains and green waters, cattle and sheep pastures, painted a pure natural landscape. This kind of beauty is the eternal expectation of our hearts living under the exhaust of a car.
    The 3,000-meter-long, 700-meter-wide Bita Sea, the endless lake shines with crystal clear light. The pearl-like lake allows us to remember forever the pictures that make everyone fascinated by the camera in their hands.
    The magical and beautiful Pudacuo National Forest Park, the first national park established by the Chinese government. I have been here, I have seen it, have you seen it?
     Duke Zonghua Lane: the contrast between day and night
    The plateau Pearl Shangri-La, the dream resort of many people, came to Shangri-La in this autumn day. Participated in the opening ceremony of Duke Zonghua Lane and witnessed the large-scale performance show “Meeting Shangri-La” that challenged the Guinness Book of World Records.
    Duke Zonghua Lane is located in the northwest corner of Dukezong Ancient City with a history of more than 1,300 years. The ancient alleys are full of Tibetan cultural elements, and a strong local ethnic charm pervades the ancient alley.
    As soon as I stepped into the alley, a quaint Dukezong Grand Stage integrated us into the flower alley. Let us enjoy the scenery and the stunning scenery of the daytime and charming nights of Dukesonghuaxiang.
    Under the blue sky, the Duke Zonghua Alley, witnessing the traces of the history of the blue slate, shines brightly under the polishing of the years, and walks through the ups and downs with the ancient buildings on both sides, and writes a touching Years chapter.
    The colorful architectural style is the most distinctive landscape in the flower alley. Ambilight, beautiful walls, beautifully designed carved columns and exquisitely decorated pieces under the gallery. All give people a pleasing pleasing, heroic atmosphere. Highlights the theme of the flower “flower”.
    A “Meet the Shangri-La” show with a Guinness World Record, won the title of “the world’s highest musical performance”. Beautiful and fantastic performances allow us to read the life legend of human nature and appreciate the beauty of the four seasons of the snowy plateau. Learn about the strange Tibetan style.
    An unannounced autumn rain drove down and gave us a chance to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the night after the rain. With the passion that has not been dispersed during the day, I walked leisurely on the bluestone board at the night of Duke Zonghua Lane. I only thought that the night view of Huaxiang was more embarrassing than during the day.
    Under the illumination of the lights, the ancient buildings on both sides present a magnificent scene. The wet ground that had just rained, with crystal clear light, reflected the houses on both sides, and outlined an illusory “mirage”.
    The stage is still the stage during the day, the flower alley is still the flower alley in the daytime, and the building under the sun presents a quaint and dignified atmosphere, always revealing the vicissitudes of history. The ancient alley in the night, in the shadow of the tens of thousands of lights, actually exudes a magical view of “fair and gorgeous”. Let us mistakenly think that we broke into the palace in the sky. In my mind, I couldn’t help but flash another name for the flower alley, Moonlight City.
    Shangri-La Duke Zonghua Alley, “Meet Shangri-La”, the charm of day and night, let you come, and want to come again.
     Songzanlin Temple: This “Little Potala Palace”
    On the first day of coming to Yunnan, I heard the locals mention the “Little Potala Palace”, the Songzanzanzan Temple, and began to think that people just talked casually, but in the next few days, almost every day, it was said that this is Yunnan Province. The largest Tibetan Buddhist temple, which could not help but provoke my curiosity, decided to go to Songzanlin Temple to see the “true”.
    When I came to Songzanlin Temple, I saw the entire temple from afar. I was deeply stunned by the earthquake. Under the blue sky, the temple built on the mountain looks like an old castle. The solemn door invisibly exudes a kind of Luxurious and luxurious. Throughout the temple, it seems that I came to the Tianzhu Kingdom in “Journey to the West” and I feel that everything is so beautiful.
    If you want to climb to the top, you must go to the 146-level stone ladder from the main entrance to the main hall. When you go, you should go slowly. The lecturer will adjust the pace in a timely manner. When you walk halfway, you will let everyone see below. Some knowledge of the funeral, it is not easy to cause high anti-reverse, but also very intimate.
    The temples of the Han nationality have an ancient monotonous feeling, and this Shangri-La temple has a strong artistic atmosphere. The colorful murals in the main hall, the tail end tells the historical allusions in the temple. Carrying forward the teachings of Buddhism. The highest point in the temple is Zhacang, the two main temples of Jikang, the main hall of gold-plated copper tiles, the corner of the beast kiss, and the architectural style of the Chinese-style temple have become the biggest highlights of the temple.
    The legendary temple site is determined by the Dalai Lama’s divination. When visitors enter the temple, they will see Qingquan not lingering all the year round, and they can often enter a pair of golden gongs in the temple, attracting tourists to take pictures. Songzanlin Temple, as the highest institution of the local system of government and religion, has become a special dojo for the “three treasures” of the Buddhist monks, Tibetans, and Tibetans in the Tibetan Plateau. The believers of the pilgrimages to the north all year round, and the incense is extremely prosperous.
    Songzanlin Temple and Marshal He Long have a relationship. In the summer of 1936, He Long led the Red Army’s long march to Shangri-La, and Xiaoke and others visited the Guihua Temple, visited the living Buddha, the Lama, and presented a piece of “Prosperity Fan”. Guihua Temple sent a monk to serve as the guide for the Red Army, and also raised more than 20,000 kilograms of food for the Red Army to support the Red Army to fight against Japan. Fully demonstrated the warmth of the military and civilian fish.
    There are many treasures in the Songzanlin Temple. There are eight statues of the Buddha in the Five Dalai Lama and the Seventh Dalai Lama, the Bayeux, the colorful gold juice, the Thangka, and the golden light. The temple also houses ten “Danjur”, two of which are golden handbooks. With so many rare treasures, every visitor to the temple has opened its eyes. I saw the inexhaustible treasures of our great motherland.
    I still remember someone said, “The world is so big, I want to see it.” The National Day is coming, the beautiful Shangri-La, “Little Potala Palace”, you don’t want to go see it? Sneak a sneak, if there is a chance, I will come back to Shangri-La, and then go to the magnificent “Tibetan Art Museum”.
    Climb up and endure the discomfort in my heart. Come here to Shangri-La. It must be here. In my heart, this is the way to think.
     I have some small tips to share
    Small transportation: The taxi is still very cheap. It is less than 20 speeds from the airport to the Duke. Moreover, most of the city buses go to the sights. If you are far away, you can set up a small motorbike or a chartered car. The chartered car is only 200 days.
    Weather: It is a bit cold in Shangri-La in September, and the weather is cloudy and sunny. You need to bring a good umbrella and thick clothes.
    Gao: I am so supportive of what I have done in my heart. When I went to Pudacuo on foot, I was going to buy an oxygen cylinder, but no, it was so supported.

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