In the name of food, you can visit Chengdu

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I am going to
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    In the name of food, you have a trip to Chengdu.
    Written in the foreword: The obsession with Chengdu cuisine stems from the travel to Seda a few years ago, passing through Chengdu, the stay time is too short, there is no chance to taste the food of Chengdu, the Chengdu guys shouting hot ice in the group every day. The powdered parsley consumes fish, and it omits my longing for Chengdu all the time, so I have traveled on this trip. The trip departs from Guangzhou to Chengdu for a period of 4 days and 3 nights. It is mainly to taste the food of Chengdu and punch in some delicious red shops in Chengdu. Before you start sharing, let us take a look at these days. Itinerary.
    1. Guangzhou→Chengdu
    2. Stay at Shangri-La Hotel
    3, Chengdu eaters
    5, mooney’s bar
    1, wide and narrow alley
    2, the road side of the spicy
    3. Guanyin Pavilion Old Tea House
    4, drunk Xichang
    1, the tower
    2, as in 蜀
    3. Shangri-La Hotel CHI Spa
    1. Chengdu Botanical Garden
    2, set fishing Thai seafood hot pot
    3, return trip
     [DAY 1]
    Set a flight to Chengdu at noon, a person swaying to the airport, not to catch the early flight is still relatively comfortable, quiet airport waiting, sometimes waiting is also part of the road.
    I took my luggage, contacted the taxi, and went straight to the hotel, Shangri-La Hotel. The hotel chose Shangri-La Hotel. The location of the hotel is very good and the traffic is very convenient. It takes about 25 minutes by taxi from Shuangliu International Airport. Next to Lan Kwai Fong, there is a bar next to the street, you can stroll to Taikoo in 15 minutes. It is also close to Kuanzhai Alley and it takes about 15 minutes by taxi.
    The second floor of the hotel lobby is spacious and bright, with bright colours and white crystal lighting. The overall grandeur is luxurious and elegant.
    This time, you can choose to stay in the Horizon Club River View Room. You can go to the 35-story Horizon Club lobby for express check-in. You don’t have to queue up in the lobby on the second floor. It is convenient and quick, and greatly improves efficiency and saves time.
    The warm coloured rooms are cozy and comfortable, with a bathtub and a wet and dry separate toilet. Free high-speed wireless internet is available in the rooms. Facing Jinjiang, you can enjoy the beautiful river view by opening the curtains.
    The Horizon Club is located on the 36th floor of the hotel, onlyOpen to guests above the executive floor level, the breakfast is rich, the dining environment is quiet and comfortable, the signature Chinese restaurant Shang Palace, there are also many different dishes to choose from, there are classic Cantonese dishes that Cantonese friends like, and authentic new Sichuan cuisine.
     [Chengdu Eater]
    Packing up the luggage and going to find some food nearby. This time, the main purpose of Chengdu is to eat food. When it comes to eating, [Chengdu Eater] This net red restaurant is definitely at the top of the 90% delicious list! For the second consecutive year, it has occupied the online food list of the Chengdu cuisine in 2017 and 2018. Popularity is very prosperous, the most important thing is that the Zhimin Road store is not far from the Shangri-La Hotel, swaying with the friends to step on a shared bicycle, and early to the store line to occupy the position.
    The decoration of the shop is very sentimental and the environment is elegant. The Chengdu restaurant is a new style of Sichuan cuisine. It combines the exquisite cuisine of the high-end club with the delicious and delicious food on the street of the city. It can not only bring the spicy and spicy flavor of Sichuan to the fullest. I can taste the spicy and delicious Sichuan cuisine, and I can taste the most qualified life in Chengdu.
    The shop’s signature streaking prawn is definitely a must-have dish. The shell-cut shrimps that have been peeled off the shells and the shrimp line are all in the red oil broth of dried chili. The shrimps are Q-tight and secret. One hundred percent, hey, don’t envy other people who have a boyfriend to peel shrimp, eat in Chengdu, your shrimp will not need to peel! Under the red oil soup, there is a soft fragrant steamed bun, a bite of shrimp, a bite of steamed bread, and the uppercase is satisfied.
    It’s also a must-eat for eating Hakka’s “baked fresh abalone on paper.” 7-8 abalones are paired with fresh crab meat, sprinkled with pepper, pepper, and green pepper, mixed with a green appetite. Red pepper, garlic, fresh with hemp, hemp with spicy, eat lips and teeth, can not help but want to eat!
    The brain flowers are not scented at all, so that I usually eat a few people who don’t eat their brains. After eating a few delicious spicy Sichuan dishes, a delicious dessert is essential at this moment.
    Tremella Sydney soup is packed in a very retro thermos bottle. It is especially interesting. It tastes sweet and not greasy. The sweet-scented osmanthus sugar candy perfectly collides with the sweet-scented osmanthus stuffed tomatoes. The two small partners in the same company especially like to eat. When I look down, I will sweep the light. Bean flower sweets are really sweet, this bean flower will be thicker than the bean flower texture on the market, the taste is very good, the red beans are soft.
    Tips: Be sure to travel in the wrong peaks, go to the queue early, don’t take the meal, or it is really difficult to line up.
    Chengdu Eater (Zhimin Road) Business hours: 12:00 – 13:30, 17:00 – 21:00
    Address: No. 48, Zhimin Road (150 meters walk from Exit B of Xinnanmen Subway Line 3)
     [Mooney’s Bar]
    The twilight has arrived and the lantern is on. We are full of food and drink, in the cool night wind, while enjoying the night view of the city reflected by the Jinjiang River, we wandered back to the hotel to eliminate food.After the entrance of the hotel Mooney’s bar, there was a very happy song. I heard the young lady from the bar. Every Friday, Mooney’s Bar has a Swing Party. Just happened to let us meet today, and hurry up and go to the small partner to have a drink. .
    Call a cocktail, enjoy the band’s performances and enjoy a period of music.
    However, there is a place where food is eaten. It is definitely not a cocktail. It is the hairy crabs in the season. Listening to the waiter, the signature Chinese restaurant Shang Palace has launched a rose salt crab. We specially ordered a few rose salt and crabs. Into the bar to eat, the day of the saxophone performance guests rushed to our table to visit,
    啃 啃 啃 啃 听 听 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃 啃My chicken wings and Sichuan-style lamb leg are also very good.
    Kuanzhai Alley is one of the most famous spots in Chengdu, and it is also the place where many children’s shoes come to Chengdu for the first time, just like the Ciqikou in Chongqing. The wide and narrow alleys are mainly composed of wide alleys, narrow alleys and wells. It is a historical and cultural city protection block built and supported by the government. In the past, it used to be a large-scale ancient street in the Qing Dynasty.
    Now it is a courtyard house with a style of Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, and it is one of the famous historical and cultural city protection blocks in Chengdu.
    The wide alleys have the largest and most complete old buildings in the entire block, and most of the old door faces are well preserved. Here you can enjoy a cup of tea, eat authentic Sichuan cuisine, and experience the customs of old Chengdu. Narrow Alley has both the buildings of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, as well as the early Western-style buildings. It is the place that best reflects the broad and narrow aesthetics; the Chengdu leisure lifestyle area with western-style food culture, art leisure and healthy living. Jingxiangzi is a miniature of the typical folk Chengdu. In addition to the fascinating brick culture wall, it also gathers Chengdu’s specialty snacks and folk customs, showing the unique taste of authentic old Chengdu life.
    These old objects on the brick culture wall, such as sewing machines, teapots, cooktops, phonographs, and old-fashioned telephones, can directly bring people into that era.
    This is the epitome of Chengdu’s life. It represents the most popular and most popular folk culture in Chengdu. The winding roads are full of specialty shops and Chengdu snacks. Drinking tea, licking ears, and changing the face of Sichuan Opera have everything you can do. Humanistic characteristics and folk culture. Time and weather reasons, did not stroll around the wide and narrow alleys, I hope that the next trip to Chengdu can be delicious in this product, tea, life, and feel the “slow life” of old Chengdu
     [Scared on the side of the road]
    To Chengdu, you must try to smash the circle of friends in the circle of friends. In many food guides in Chengdu, you can see the spicy recommendation on the side of the road. It has almost become the representative of the taste of old Chengdu. I am afraid that there are too many queues. After visiting the wide and narrow alley, I will go straight to the Zhimin Road store.
    The appearance does not look like a special feature. It has the feeling of a fly house. The interior decoration style is very interesting. It is the unique nostalgic style of the 80s and 90s. It has a wall painting with a characteristic age, a low stool of a worker’s blue table, and a checkout counter. The commissary is also decorated with many snacks of childhood memories.
    Staying in the store, there seems to be a feeling of returning to the past, time is fixed at this time, as if time is not gone, it is a story that looks full.
    The bottom of the pot has a classic original soup pot bottom and a bottom of the butter pot. The formula at the bottom of the pot is simple and pure. Less oil, add 7 or 8 kinds of spices to fry. Its signature sauce dish is made up of dried chili noodles + soy noodles + peanuts, and then topped with a spoonful of raw soup. The string is placed on the side of the freezer. It is self-service. If you want to eat anything, go to the freezer and take it. After you choose it, use the nostalgic armor.
    Their bottoms will not have a particularly heavy buttery taste, nor will they have a heavy string of spices. At the end of the pot, the bottom of the pot will not change. Even if you eat a lot of vegetables, the taste will not change. great! !
    Looking at the bottom of the pot boiling aroma, the ingredients on the bamboo sticks slowly dip the color of the red oil, can not help but swallow! Beef is definitely a choice, but the meat is not big, but the meat is tender and firm, the chicken claws are partially boned, and the entrance can be boneless with a little bit of sputum. The little friends who like to eat a little bit need not cook for too long. In addition to the string, there are also special dishes, such as brain flowers, a layer of belly, beef, etc.
    A few friends chat while eating.You are eating a hairy belly, I am carrying a duck intestine, this is the happiest thing in winter.
    Mala Tang on the side of the road (Zhimin Road) Business hours: 10:00 – 1:00 (early morning)
    Address: No. 48, Zhimin Road (170 meters from Exit B of Xinnanmen Station, Metro Line 3)
     [Guan Yin Ge Old Tea House]
    In the culture of old Chengdu, in addition to mahjong culture, the most classic should be the teahouse culture. Chengdu people are famous for their good tea. Chengdu’s teahouses are numerous. Teahouses have always been one of the most typical leisure lifestyles in Chengdu. They are born with leisure and leisure, no more than teahouses. More can be reflected.
    The Guanyin Pavilion Old Tea House is located in Shuangliu Peng Town. It is a clean old street to the end. The most lively place is the Guanyin Pavilion Old Tea House, which still maintains the style and tradition of Sichuan Old Tea House.
    It is said that a hundred years ago, there was a fire in Pengzhen, and the whole town was basically ashes. Only this house survived, so it was named Guanyin Pavilion, which means the place where Guanyin blessed. During the Republic of China, it was used as a tea shop to this day.
    The teahouse is covered with blue tiles and the brick wall of the wooden body. The mottled walls, the wall-filled revolutionary quotations and the old-fashioned tables and chairs instantly remind you that time is still in that hot age.
    The teahouse is still a honeycomb coal stove. More than a dozen teapots take turns to boil water, and the steaming fire and smoke, reminds me of the old house of the three generations living in a busy life.
    In the old teahouse, old objects can be seen everywhere. Every corner shows the original taste of the old teahouse, bamboo chairs, wooden tables, warm water bottles, and the time is still here.
    For these older generation of tea customers, the boss here only symbolically collects a dollar, so that they can soak up the day here, three friends, a pot of snow, passionate talk, hearty laughter; or single, It’s very pleasant to take the pipe with your hand. What is on their faces is the most authentic, relaxed, and closest to life.
    If you want to truly experience the culture of old Chengdu, come here; if you want to escape the city, please come here. . Here, I can not only feel the rich cultural heritage of Chengdu, but also feel the deep human touch, so that the original impetuous heart is a lot quieter.
    Address: No.1, Attachment 23, Mashiba Street, Traffic Road, Pengzhen, Shuangliu District, Chengdu
     [Drunk Xichang]
    Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, barbecue must be the best way for everyone to spend the night time. Three or five friends sit around the stove, beer cola and barbecue, accompanied by laughter, smoke rising, pushing cups, presumably all the troubles Will be with the scattered fumesAnd turned into nothing, in Chengdu, there is a barbecue shop, always queued forever! And even if you are on the line for 2 hours, you still have to go next time! This shop is – [Drunken Xichang]
    Xichang is the seat of the state capital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. It is close to Yunnan, and Xichang cuisine has both ethnic flavor and Sichuan-style taste. The brazier barbecue is the representative of it. After the barbecue of the brazier has passed the precipitation and development of Xichang people, This tribal-style cuisine was delivered to the southwest. The drunken Xichang is the most outstanding of many brazier barbecues.
    In the evening, I went to the drunk Xichang Hongyun shop to stay up all night, and when I got out of the elevator, I saw the Xichang style mural. Drunk Xichang is a small, fresh smoke-free environment, warm and comfortable, and a small gathering of friends. It is a pleasure to eat meat and drink in large bowls.
    Xiao Xiang pig is one of the must-have dishes to come to this store. Almost every visitor will get a pound. The waiter will help you pull out a large bamboo stick that is about one meter long on the meat, brush it with a layer of oil, then bake it on a charcoal fire, and occasionally flip it back and forth to make it evenly heated. Sprinkle a small amount of pork on the cooked pork to suit your taste. The small fragrant pork is delicate, sweet and delicious, fat and not greasy.
    The drunken shrimp pays attention to the use of live shrimp. After soaking in the wine, the original shrimp will be drunk and can’t move. The meat is delicious and full-bodied, with a long aftertaste, soft and smooth.
    Sprinkle with spiced tofu and aroma, fry until golden on both sides, crisp outside, tender, bean flavor, with characteristic sour juice and cool mountain snow, that tastes fun!
    The barbecue sitting around the stove is very atmospheric, personally like it. The restaurant in Xichang is very good in all aspects, environment, taste, dishes and services, etc., recommended.
    Drunk Xichang (Hongyun Store) Business Hours: 17 pm – 23 pm
    Address: 3rd Floor, Building 13, Zhongyun Hongyun, No. 333, Huiyuan North Road (Wanxiang City) (750 meters walk from G Gate, Dongda Road Station, Metro Line 2)
    In this bustling city, there are always some small corners, hiding the traces of the years, witnessing the bit of the city~, where you can see the original appearance of the old Chengdu, here is the Red Wat Temple
    Passing through the courtyard door, the modern city that was previously a bustling city suddenly returned to the last century. Located in the tower of No. 18 Hongwasi Street, this residential building consists of two houses in close proximity. The original building has no name. Because there are two intersecting stairs on the second floor of the building, people kindly give itTake the name: Lou Lou.
    The two 7-storey old houses are hovering over the stairs on both sides. Each staircase is divided into two sides, the left and right sides of the house, the old exterior wall, the red flat-paneled glass frame glass window, the narrow staircase aisle, the hanging wire drying rack is covered with air-drying clothes, pendulum Living debris in the corridor, as well as a few pots of small green plants placed on the stairs…
    The staggered steps and the vicissitudes of the bottom of the building make this house like the remains of the old, full of mystery. Let this “tower” have a sense of time, only a few shared bicycles and take-away electric cars parked in the corner of the building will bring people back to reality. Mottled walls, old stairs, slowly go upstairs, every step is feeling the atmosphere of old Chengdu.
    The yellow walls in the tower, the old stairs, the mottled bricks, and the lazy sunshine in the afternoon make scenes. You just need to stay there quietly, and you can blend in with the years. The tower with its nostalgic effect attracts a lot of photography hobbies to come and collect the wind, bringing the excitement and the disturbance. We quietly walk quietly, which is the greatest respect for the people here.
    Today’s Chengdu is developing rapidly, and high-rise buildings are rising and falling. Only here can you feel the fireworks of old Chengdu.
     [as in 蜀]
    Speaking of fireworks, hot pot is a hurdle that can’t go around. Although there are no hot pots in the four dishes of Sichuan cuisine, I still have to say that hot pot is one of the best foods in the Sichuan cuisine. Since coming to Chengdu, you must go to the red hot pot restaurant that shakes the sounds. In 蜀 】 go to a card
    Into the hustle and bustle, the strong style of Sichuan-style residential decoration, here the Du Fu’s cottages have been moved in, gray brick walls, long benches, square tables, we seem to bring us into an old Chengdu
    Now, although Chengdu is more admired for the taste of Chongqing butter hot pot, it can be said that it is a popular hot pot with popularity and taste. In addition to the traditional red pot and shabu-shabu, as well as the most fashionable “Mercedes-Benz pot” in the present, the experience of one pot and more food is brought to the extreme, traditional hemp red pot, stylish sweet and sour tomato pot and healthy bacteria Soup pot, not only looks good.
    Eating hot pot is indispensable to the hairy belly, and the cover of the hairy belly is like a signboard in the cockroach. The top buffalo hairy belly is about the same size as the slap, and the amount is almost half a catty. A half-pound of hairy belly is free of charge, it is worth it! ! !
    This red wine was soaked in beef. I didn’t understand it at first. I asked the waiter to know. After I opened the cup, the red wine was spread out and the beef was soaked in red wine. It was quite a sense of ritual and good beef. Also with the mellow red wine, Ba Shi!
    The small bowl series that are now on the scene, each bowl is unique to the old Chengdu. I love the small bowl of brain flowers, the secret sauce is smashed, and I will not be awkward. I will be a handsome little brother who takes the food and dessert! !
    For example, in the old hot pot (Yulin store) Business hours: 9:30 – 02:00
    Address: No. 15 Yulin South Road (1st Floor, Yulin Life Plaza) (1,300 meters walk from Exit B of Nijiaqiao Subway Line 1)
     【Gym & CHI SPA】
    After eating and drinking for so many days, you can’t let the meat hoard on your body. You have to exercise properly. The gym on the 4th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel is where I punch every day.
    The environment is very good, the fitness equipment is also very complete, in addition to various types of fitness equipment, there are indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, whirlpool and massage facilities, etc., each fitness equipment is carefully placed next to the towel and bottled drinking Water, intimately prepared disinfectant spray.
    After the exercise, go to the CHI SPA opposite the gym with your partner to make an energizing aromatherapy massage and relax your muscles.
    CHI is Shangri-La’s free brand, combining body care with traditional Chinese health concepts. 11 spacious and comfortable private care suites
    Each room is private rom, the privacy is very strong, you can choose the oil you like before the massage, the physical therapist massage is very meticulous, care is more thoughtful, before the massage will ask which part of the body needs special attention. The physiotherapist will focus on the massage.
    Listening to the soothing music, slowly relax with the physiotherapist’s technique, and the whole process is refreshed. Guests staying at Shangri-La can enjoy a 10% discount.
     [DAY 4]
    I always wanted to go to the Shasheng Botanical Garden to see it. I haven’t found time in Guangzhou. I didn’t expect to meet my small wish in Chengdu this time. I went to Chengdu’s botanical garden with my friends.
    Located in Tianhui Town, Beijiao, Chengdu Botanical Garden is the first open botanical garden in Sichuan Province. It is a comprehensive botanical garden integrating scientific research, tourism and leisure services. The park covers an area of ​​42 hectares. It consists of more than 10 specialized gardens, covering 20,000 square meters of large lawns, scientific nurseries and Houshan ecological zones.
    There are many branch gardens in the park, such as Mei Garden, Haitang Garden, Camellia Garden, Lamei Garden, Gui Garden, Li Garden, Cherry Garden and so on. Mei Garden is at the west gate of the Botanical Garden. The beautiful Meimei will bloom in February, and the little friends who want to enjoy the plum blossoms can remember the time.
    It is more than 10 kilometers away from the downtown area. The transportation is very convenient. On the 3rd line of the subway, the ticket price is very cheap. 10 yuan can be played here for a day. Step up and walk between the mountains, the air is fresh, the time is quiet, quiet and comfortable. I met the autumn colors that I could not appreciate in Guangzhou.
    As the first multi-meat and multi-pulp greenhouse plant in the southwest, there are about 200 species of cactaceae, Euphorbiaceae, and agave. The Cactus in the Shasheng Botanical Garden, especially Q Meng, with simple clothing, is easy to shoot the feeling of INS wind.
     Set fishing | Thai seafood hot pot
    After eating the Sichuan food for many days, it is time to give the stomach a solution, and the Thai hot pot in Chengdu rank no.1 – [Jiyu | Thai seafood hot pot]
    The environment is very beautiful, a lot of green plants around, marble, mirror, metal lines, neon lights, these popular elements are not less.
    The bottom of the pot is a four-hour pure white squid soup. Add fresh lemongrass, South Ginger, Thai pepper and then add the secret Tom Yum Kung sauce, and finally add coconut juice, full of mellow flavor! I just drank 2 bowls of soup! !
    There are six kinds of 蘸 :: signature lemon mint, classic traditional Thai, secret Chuanxiang millet spicy, spicy seafood, fresh pepper, fragrant peanut butter, Chuanxiang dry dish.
    There are a variety of different packages to choose from, the weight is very good, we three girls, ordered a two-person package, the other according to personal preferences and then a little more.
    The set includes prawns, green mussels, abalone, oysters, bamboo prawn, basha, swan eggs, fish slippery, shrimp slippery, special luncheon meat and more. When the seafood such as prawns and abalones are served on the table, they are still on the table.
    Shrimp sashimi, fresh and sweet, very elastic, served with Thai chutney sauce, fresh and delicious. The curry crab is slightly spicy and the curry sauce in the dish can be served with rice just fine. The most attractive thing is that the desserts of this store are free and unlimited, and the lovers who love desserts are blessed.
    In the fishing, the service here is really a big advantage. Apart from letting the foodies feel at home, the key to cooking and pipe fishing is the free shrimp peeling service~
    Tips: Be sure to get the number early! Be sure to get the number early! Be sure to get the number early! The important thing is said three times.
    Jiyu Thai seafood hot pot (Taigu Li shop) Business hours: 11:00-22:00
    Address: No.1, Jingronghui 2, Xiadong Street, No.1 Gate (390 meters away from Exit B of Chunxi Road Station of Metro Lines 2 and 3)
     [about traffic]
    Chengdu has been playing for the past few days, all of which are subways + shared bicycles and taxis. These modes are alternately carried out. The subway has been opened on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 10th lines. Some popular attractions in the city, as well as train stations, airports and other places. The public transportation system is also very developed. Most of the scenic spots have local buses, and you need to bring your own change. Shared bicycles can be seen everywhere. The scenic spots near the city can be more fast, and the wide and narrow alleys and Jinli scenic spots have Scenic area through train, want to go to Panda Base, Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan, Emei Mountain and other attractions can be used in these places
     [Photographic equipment]
    Mobile: iPhonex
    Camera: Nikon D700 (NIKONG180-200/2.8, NIKONG24-70/2.8, NIKON 60/2.8) Sony Black Card 3
    Written at the end
    The Chengdu tour of this food is a full stop. There are still many places that have not come due to the time. Let the next trip have a new reason. I look forward to meeting you again in Chengdu next time.

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