In the unknown and mystery, explore a different kind of Xiamen [starting]

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    Speaking of Xiamen,
    In the hearts of many people, it is literary,
    Some people say that they are young,
    Others say that it is energetic.
    in my opinion,
    Xiamen is like a movie about youth and travel.
    Sometimes literary, sometimes beautiful,
    Sometimes funny, sometimes not at all.
    Full of unknowns and mysteries;
    Mixed with the flow of years and romance;
    I don’t know in my heart that I have recorded a wonderful moment in Xiamen.
    This time, this youth and travel is perfect.
    [Xiamen Xiamen Hotel: spend 24 hours, play Le Méridien Hotel]
    When the trip is treated as a job, the hotel will naturally become a home. In contrast, this home is constantly changing. I was still in Hefei yesterday, and I have already arrived in Xiamen today. Xiamen has not only a stretch of coastline, but also a subtropical landscape with four distinct seasons.
    When you come to Xiamen, there are so many ways to play. There are many star-rated hotels in the island. You can choose to spend a holiday in the hotel, or you can slow down and use your feet to measure and experience the city. Diverse beauty.
    For me, I always like to find different travel experiences. For example, when I came to Xiamen, many people would choose luxury hotels by the sea, but I chose Xiamen Le Méridien Hotel on the mountainside of Xianyue Mountain. With its unique location and satisfactory service, Le Méridien has always been a stunt to attract guests, and it has also attracted me. In the next 24 hours, take you to the Le Méridien Xiamen.
    [14:00-17:00] Sometimes I feel that it is God’s favor. The plane landed at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport in advance, and I received a phone call from Xiamen. I knew that it was the pick-up arranged by the hotel. Sitting in the car, my heart is unconsciously looking forward to some inexplicable expectations, looking forward to this strange city to bring me a different kind of surprise, looking forward to the next 24 hours, looking forward to the surprise brought to me in this city.
    The time was very fast. At that time, I took out the computer to handle the work. I had already come to the foot of Xianyue Mountain without finishing the manuscript. I circled along the slope for four years and came to the destination of this trip in a few minutes. – Le Méridien Xiamen. Open the door, fresh air blowing in the face, presumably full of rich negative ions that urban people have long lost, and you are full of care. The birds that can’t be named are rushing through the wings from time to time, so you can’t help but smile.
    When you enter the turnstile in the lobby, you will find the embarrassing “Mr. Amy” statue is welcoming you. The unique flower printed on the door is the “Unlock Art” art project of Le Méridien. One, designed by the Moroccan artist Younes Rahmouna, perfectly matches the fresh atmosphere of Xiamen.
    Listening to their staff, the interior and exterior decoration of Le Méridien Hotel was created by the famous LM100 TM.Created by the Italian team, it is unique from the entrance, creating a sense of curiosity and a sense of luxury that is both inexplicable and calm in the lines of fashion avant-garde and the essence of local culture.
    Walking into the lobby, the large columns and square lines echo each other, and the seemingly simple decoration creates an extraordinary effect after the combination. Make the space here clean and clean, with fragrance and music, as if you sucked everything into it.
    The warm waiter handed over the wet towels and drinks. During the check-in, my eyes were attracted by the “Lingyun” shape sculpture with stainless steel material. I was so fascinated by the crystal and volley. Also attracting me is the light above it, which echoes the light on the big bed in the room, creating a wonderful color change.
    [17:00-19:00] Some people say that the accommodation of a hotel is just the appearance of the hotel, and the hotel’s diet is its true meaning. The appearance can be seen at a glance, and the connotation needs to be slowly tasted.
    Lemei Chinese Restaurant is one of the connotations of the hotel. Its decoration is fashionable and the most important thing is its taste. My dinner has been chosen here. The chef here also provides a dinner menu, which is the most memorable. It is Xiamen Tonganfeng Meat and Xiamen Fried Noodle Line, which are all authentic foods that Xiamen must eat. Its color and aroma are excellent, which makes people feel good.
    [19:00-21:00] As people’s lives become richer and richer, people’s lives are not only concerned with matter, but also more and more attention to health. So more people started to walk into the gym, but what about the hotel?
    Don’t be afraid, Le Méridien’s intimacy can make you feel. Concise white blending with fitness equipment, the feeling of the atmosphere is instantly reflected. At this time, bring the headphones to drive the sound to the maximum running, do another exercise, throw all the hustle and bustle of the city into the clouds, let all the fatigue disappear.
    [21:00-23:00] When you come out to travel, you can enjoy it. How can you have no place for leisure and entertainment? The 24th latitude bar finally ushered in everyone’s patronage in the dark. In the tone of the white tone, the appearance of the 24th latitude bar is the finishing touch. The lights change different colors, adding a smart element to the pure, monotonous white..
    Order a glass of your favorite wine, slowly product, and savor the leisure time that belongs to you at the moment. Indeed, life should be so comfortable.
    [23:00-07:00] As the appearance of Le Méridien Hotel, it is accommodation, of course, it is a good show here. And I chose to stay in the hotel’s superior suites, the room view is a mountain view, which means that you can enjoy the tranquil and beautiful mountain landscape.
    The suite is divided into two parts, the living room and the bedroom. The design is simple and full of texture. Its layout makes the wonderful natural environment quietly entertained. The table is full of food, there are fruits, desserts, red wines… don’t worry about the nightingales that work overtime at night.
    The bedroom can be “divided into two” to look at. Conservative on the left, the black TV cabinet with metal-colored table lamps, with a faint luster, cool and not showing off.
    When I turned on the power, I found the most unexpected bright spot. The shining light above it – it would be the same as the water cube, but it would be a charming pink, but a graceful Big red, sometimes, elegant blue, with the circular decoration of the roof, from the design point of view, it is another world that opens the senses, mysterious and full of beauty, the interpretation of each color It gives us every kind of holiday that is completely different, but with the same goal.
    The fatigue of the journey is self-evident. When I come to the bathroom, I turn on the TV in front of the bathtub, put a tuneful song, soak in the luxurious bathtub, wash away the exhaustion of the journey, think of the stars outside the window, full of The sense of well-being is now alive.
    Most worth mentioningIt is Amy’s toiletries, which was founded in New York in 2004 as a skincare brand MALIN+GOETZ. It has a rich herbal flavor that instantly relieves the fatigue of the day.
    Next to the big bed is the balcony. Sit out of the chair and look out, or simply lie on the big bed, wake up in the morning flowers, or watch the setting sun set and feel the coolness of the mountain. In the deepest part of my heart, if there is a clear spring, the distance is the lingering of the water and the sky.
    [07:00-09:00] I came to Xiamen in June and I didn’t dare to go out. I heard that Xianyueshan Park is a place where you can see high-rise buildings. At 7 o’clock in the morning, you will make an appointment with your friends. Walk through the fitness trails in Xianyueshan Park, pass by a certain intersection and look around. It seems that you can see the whole Xiamen in yourself. In the eyes.
    Breathing the fresh air and watching the prosperity of Xiamen, perhaps it is only at this moment that the meaning of life is not how far you have gone, but whether there is a beautiful scenery worthy of your stay.
    There are many Xiamen citizens who can see many people in the Xianyueshan Park. They are either playing Tai Chi, running or running, or just taking a breath of fresh air. Everything is so harmonious and beautiful.
    [09:00-10:00] New Recipe All-day dining room is a place to provide energy. There is not only a rich breakfast, but also an array of lunches, dinners, and an all-day dining restaurant full of dynamic and modern style. Here, I would like to remind you not to miss it.
    Although tired during the trip, it is more fun. No matter how fast your life rhythm is, don’t forget to relax and keep yourself passionate in your life journey.
    [Xianyueshan Park: Mountain-type city park, free to open to the outside world]
    I live in the luxurious Le Méridien Hotel in Xiamen, thinking about where I can go to see the high-rise buildings in Xiamen. After the enthusiastic staff knew it, told me that the nearby Xianyueshan Park was the place I wanted.
    The summer in Xiamen is unusually hot, and it is either evening or early morning. I chose to go out early in the morning, and I decided to go out at 7 o’clock in advance. I thought it was very early. I didn’t expect that when I walked in Xianyueshan Park, many people had already gone back.
    Xianyue Mountain Park is located in the center of the new urban area in the east of Xiamen. It is a good place for Xiamen citizens to climb the Range Rover and enjoy leisure and entertainment. There are also the sayings of watching tall buildings during the day and watching the lights at night. They are similar to the mid-levels of Hong Kong, Taiping Mountain, and have always been praised. Standing here looking at the high-rise buildings in Xiamen, coupled with the sea in the distance, gives the impression of a mirage.
    Xianyue Mountain Park itself has excellent tourism resources, and the land temple here is extremely lively. It was founded in the Song Dynasty and has a profound cultural heritage. In 1938, the Japanese occupation of Xiamen, many villagers hid in this temple, escaped a catastrophe, which also makes this temple more respected by people.
    The Wanfo Pagoda stands on the top of the mountain. It is a typical Buddhist building. Many people in the city of Xiamen who believe in Buddhism come to worship here every day. They are still willing to do so, and they always maintain awe of the Buddha.
    The wooded Xianyue Mountain Park is known as the “green lung”. The main reason for propping up the green lung is the masson pine here. The masson pine here can relieve the fatigue caused by people watching the computer and high-rise buildings in the city. Together with the coconut tree and the grapefruit tree, it can definitely give you a visual enjoyment.
    The free Fairy Mountain Park plus the luxurious and affordable Le Méridien hotel is a good price. Waiting until the evening, it has become a good place to see the lights, and the lights are everywhere. Looking up at Xiamen’s high-rise buildings is not here, the sea garden is waiting for you here, what are you hesitating?
    [Old warehouse: all old memories of Xiamen]
    I don’t know why, I always like to look at the things described in the book and daze to imagine what it is like. Looking at the small bridge flowing water in the book, I ran to Jiangnan for a quick look; I watched the reunion of Lu You and Tang Yin in Shen Yuan, and ended up with a love tragedy, and then I got friends from three or five to visit the first one. phoenix”. Always have a kind of obsession with the past, when I heard that there is an old warehouse in Xiamen, which contains the “broken” in the eyes of others, the heart is beginning to feel uneasy, so I came here.
    Approaching here, I immediately realized a strong sense of the times. The dazzling array of old objects was dazzling. As a photographer, I was immediately attracted by various old cameras on the counter. There are also some tea cups, and I am interested in a few containers that are probably aluminum skin. I remember seeing him in the grandfather’s house after a few hours, he often poured sesame oil from it.
    There are some old sofas, bamboo chairs, suitcases and eye-catching black-and-white TVs in the room with the really slow photo gallery. I felt a bit cordial to the radio. I remember that when I was a child, I also demolished one in my grandfather’s house. It was just to find the magnets. Many of them were wonderful. So many years of memory were awakened.
    All kinds of old wooden boxes are also stored here, although the work is rough, but this is the original rural old things. Communication tools of all ages are also available, BB machines, big brothers, Nokia, and all kinds of telephones.
    I thought that there was only old things here. I didn’t expect to have a book that was yellowed, but also a faint book fragrance. Even the old bricks have a special tile bank for storage, and I have to sigh that it is really careful.
    In the visible “broken” heap everywhere, there is actually a medieval kitchen. This kitchen can be used by tourists to cook their own food. Of course, if you are just like the ordinary kitchen elsewhere, nothing new. The kitchen of the Middle Ages, as the name implies, is basically the same thing as before. I don’t know if you will go back to the age of waiting around the pot to wait for dinner.
    There is also a lake in 1981 that has to be mentioned here. This can have the appearance of today, and this event is indispensable. The lake is the birthplace of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone. It opened the modern industrial road in Xiamen and built a large number of factories. After 30 years of vicissitudes of life, after repositioning and transformation, the culture as a new development opportunity, the old industrial park in Huli was transformed into a large-scale entrepreneurial industrial park to be reborn. In order to commemorate the groundbreaking of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone in the lake in 1981, the special park was named “Holiday 1981”.
    Here is not only the storage place of old things, but also the birthplace of precious memories. How can Xiamen come here?
    [Zeng Wei: China’s most literary fishing village]
    Reader Haizi’s “facing the sea, spring blossoms”, always thinking about whether there is really a picturesque place, can realize Haizi’s desire to face the sea and spring blossoms. Zeng Yi, who did not want to be in Xiamen, exactly matched his dreams and catered to the poems and distances. This fishing village, which is backed by mountains and faces the sea, has become a business card in Xiamen.
    Zengyi is located in the southeast of Xiamen Island. The full name is Zengyi Wenchuang Village, which is known as the most literary fishing village in China. This small fishing village has been following the sunrise for a hundred years, and the law of life at sunset. Every day, I live the days of Haizi’s poems, full of literary atmosphere.
    The ancestors here went out to Taiwan and Nanyang, and they brought the buildings they saw outside to Zeng Yi. Therefore, most of the buildings here are combined with Chinese and Western, adding exotic customs to the small fishing village.
    Living in these buildings, standing upstairs, you can face the sea. In the morning, when the sun rises from the sea, the sea breeze blows with a touch of saltiness, and everything looks warm and peaceful.
    The streets and lanes of Zeng Yi are not so wide, but the young people coming and going on the streets are basically young people who are here to play, full of vigor. If it is a couple, rent a tandem bicycle to take a slow tour in the small fishing village, leaving a good memory for the youth of the two.
    The small houses here are full of delicious snacks. The “Sunny See” ice cream shop with Zeng Yi NO, 1 is known as the most literary ice cream shop in the country. The boss joked that the reason for this name is because he is lazy and does not open the door on a cloudy day. The shop training in the store is more interesting: no customers are allowed to fight, nor are they allowed to fight the boss! I don’t know how big the boss is, I realized this truth, but the ice cream is very attractive anyway!
    Indian flying cakes, sand tea noodles, bamboo shoots, roast pork, sea bream, peanut soup and other snacks are also famous here, each with their own housekeeping skills. There are also cards filled with people’s wishes, each of which writes a couple’s vows. These vows are as simple and sincere as Zeng.
    In the daytime, Zeng Yi was like a young woman of literature and art, quiet and not like words. It was only after the night that it really started, all the power broke out in the night, and various instruments contend.
    The history of Zeng Yi has given it a profound cultural connotation. After absorbing the architecture and food in different places, it has formed its own style. All this is the reason why you came to Zeng Yi!
    [Xiamen University: China’s most beautiful university]
    I used to know that Yi Zhongtian is a professor at Xiamen University, Xiamen University is a good university, and Xiamen University has a beautiful scenery. Other than that, nothing is known, so it is full of embarrassment for Xiamen University. I have been looking forward to and hope that one day I can approach her and listen to her. I finally waited for this day, this sunny day.
    The stone statue of Mr. Chen Jiageng stands quietly, and his deep eyes reveal his thoughts on the future, thinking about Chinese poetry and distance. Not only did he think, but he also took action and established the Xiamen University today. The base of the stone statue is a true portrayal of Mr.’s life.
    The Xiamen University Teaching Building, which is wearing a suit and wearing a bucket, reflects the architectural style of the combination of Chinese and Western architecture of Xiamen University. It is also the embodiment of the opening of the University of Xiamen University. This is probably the reason for the success of Xiamen University! As the most beautiful campus in the country, it is a vain name. Every student here is like a picturesque life. Together with the academic atmosphere of Nabai’s family, it has become a beauty. A famous school that dances with talent.
    The architectural style of red, white and blue gives people a simple and clean feeling. This is definitely a paradise in the hustle and bustle of the city. I am afraid that it is for this reason that attracts so many people to visit here and purify the soul! The arrival of these tourists has added new vitality to the book anger of the campus, and has a lively excitement!
    The hustle and bustle of the building complements the achievements of Xiamen University. Concise and clean color is the embodiment of Xiamen University’s clean and honest people. The bricks and tiles here are not only the witnesses of history, but also the participants of history. They tell the story of Xiamen University and are full of profound cultural heritage.
    The Furong Lake under the clear sky is gentle and elegant, with a shimmering lake with a hint of naughty, which is harmonious and beautiful in the surrounding greenery. The wind blew gently, sometimes mixed with the taste of the sea, and another scene.
    The flaming leaves are more heated and unrestrained under the green background. People sit leisurely on the steps and occasionally pick up the phone to take a photo. The comfortable life is so simple.
    The red bricks are mixed with simple white, green railings are also naughty, and the corridors with clothes are covered. Did you feel in the 1970s and 1980s?
    When you are indulging in the imagination, the moment the lights are turned on in the house, it will pull you back directly from the 1970s and 1980s, because this bright light was not used in the 1970s and 1980s.
    The playground is also red, white and blue, and the surrounding coconut trees hold it tightly in the arms, as if the foreign tourists will take it away, how intimate and natural! In this green embrace, sitting on the steps and taking a beautiful long-distance photograph, coupled with the empty space here, is there a vast world, and I feel too small?
    Of course, there are playgrounds in the playground. There are many people who run here every day to do sports. After a busy day of activities, relax your body and mind. You can also look at the handsome men and women, how cool!
    Occasionally, about three or five friends come here to play a friendly match, not only to keep fit, but also to enhance friendship. Nothing is more satisfying than this sport. When the World Cup is in full swing, the Chinese can lag behind with people. Just like online ridicule, China has not participated in the participation of the national team.
    The dusk here seems so gentle, the deep blue sky carries a melancholy, and one does not let it slowly darken. The bright colors on the campus are barely bright and vibrant. I am afraid that this blue tone can only be seen here. For me, the dusk should be dim instead of blue, so I can’t help but sigh!
    Walking through this bridge is the white city beach that visitors to Xiamen must go to. The sand here is clean and delicate. Be sure to rent a car and ride along the beach once, so feel it. The beaches here are still very good places to play during non-holidays, and they are all people on holidays, and they lose a lot of fun.
    As the most beautiful university in China, I didn’t think of being famous, but I accidentally made myself beautiful. Although it is beautiful and willing to host tourists, it is a school after all, so it still has time constraints.
    Monday to Friday opening hours: 12:00 – 14:00 noon, with ID card to enter the school, limited to 1000 people. (It is recommended to go to the queue early, usually less than two points will be issued). After 17:30, there is no limit to the number of people, free to enter. (If there is a special event, there will be a notice of closure)
    Weekend: unlimited time and number of people. Summer vacation: open all day.
    [Baicheng Beach: the nearest beach to Xiamen University]
    The beauty of Xiamen University is a long-standing reputation in China, and everyone knows that it is the most beautiful university in China. There are so many people coming here every year. The people here are not only enjoying the beauty of the university, but also the beauty of the outside of the university. The white city beach that can be directly reached by the bridge of Xiamen University has always been Every visitor to Xiamen University must go.
    The dusk here is not like other places, the deep blue sky with a hint of melancholy temperament, shrouded the earth, and a street lamp in the blue sky is obviously dim, a kind of beautiful. There is more peace here than the dusk elsewhere, especially the blue tone makes it look gentle. Xiamen University and Baicheng BeachCrossing the bridge across the bridge is the famous Baicheng Beach.
    Stepping up the bridge, an elegant arc perfectly connects Xiamen University with Baicheng Beach. The appearance of this bridge is like a beautiful legendary bridge. At one end, the Cowherd is a Weaver Girl, but it is not the only Tanabata every year. This bridge is a icing on the lands of Xiamen University. It is a beautiful connection with another good, and I can’t wait to put all the beauty of this world on the bridge.
    Standing on the bridge, looking at the neon in the distance, watching the sparse vehicles driving on the road. Here is the magic that combines the bustling and quiet of the city, perhaps this is why people come here for a walk! Some people say that this is a man-made beach. It doesn’t mean anything. In fact, it is originally a beach. Just because the scouring of the sea took away a part of the sand, the relevant departments brought sand from other places for repair, and this did not affect people’s interest.
    Today is not a holiday, there are not so many people on the beach. Stepping on the beach with bare feet, soft, feeling a warmth. The blue sea in the distance can satisfy people’s pursuit of coolness. As long as you dare to enter the water, it will provide you with the coolness of the invading bone marrow. If you are lucky, you can also encounter the “Sand Sculpture Creation Competition”. From children who are full of childlikeness to old-fashioned white-haired people, everyone can play here, and they can present their works in front of people.
    I really envy the students of Xiamen University. They can learn and enjoy in such a beautiful environment. There is no limit to entering Xiamen University, and Baicheng Beach is in front of you, as if God gave all the conveniences to Xiamen University. I just don’t know what kind of feelings Xiamen University has for visitors who come and go on the campus of Xiamen University. Happy or sad?
    [Zhongshan Road: Xiamen’s oldest commercial street]
    Xiamen is like a jewel left by the Queen Mother, always attracting people from all over the world. When I came here, I always thought that I could see the scenery here once, and later I found that there was a beautiful scenery everywhere. Zhongshan Road is also the representative of Xiamen’s many attractions, like Manhattan in New York, Central in Hong Kong, and the Bund in Shanghai.
    As a witness to Xiamen’s prosperous and historically changing Zhongshan Road, it is now the sustenance of many Xiamen citizens. It is not only to see the prosperity of Xiamen, but also to be an important place to experience Xiamen culture. Zhongshan Road is completely the pride of Xiamen people. In the evening, it was already the beginning of the Hua Deng, and the people who came here to go shopping like the tide. The spacious roads and the bright lights will make the lights here bright, and people come and go.
    The citizens of Xiamen have no resistance to the various old-fashioned snacks here. In 1980, Zhongshan Road Meat Shop has been in existence for more than 30 years. Old customers often come here to eat a bit of lips and teeth. Red Gide’s onion rolls and cakes have always been praised, and here is a must-try. The peanut soup in Huang Ze and Peanut Soup Store is full of scent. The rich peanut soup is accompanied by the leeks box and the rice cake. It is really impossible to tell the taste of it in the language. Only you can taste it yourself to know how delicious it is! There are clothing stores along the streets of Zhenbang Road. Well-known clothing brands such as the Western Camel, Hengyuanxiang and Scarecrow have everything here. There are also many other specialty clothing stores, such as free space and Qiqi. The style of avant-garde fashion is also popular.
    The restaurants in Shuixian Road are unique. The different eating styles of Southeast Asia, Weinan and Taiwan are wonderfully gathered here, so you can enjoy exotic customs without going abroad. Dazhong Road’s current children’s products are very complete, from baby clothes to schoolbags and toys to toys. There is also Datong duck porridge (No. 19 Dazhong Road) that has to be mentioned in Dazhong Road. The duck meat sold is crispy but not greasy. It is the favorite of old Xiamen people.
    Taiping Road, which is a symbol of peace and prosperity, and a variety of women’s products, including Jiekou Street and Shengping Road, together constitute the prosperity of Zhongshan Road. The window that is famous for Zheng Chenggong, the window of traditional culture and art of Fujian and Taiwan, the ancient corner, the Tianxian Hotel founded in 1933, the former residence of Chen Huacheng, the first Chinese church, the last one in Chinese history, the Huang Zhisong Huang Zhisong The establishment of the Huang Family’s ancestral temple, Jiang Xia Tang and other historical and cultural monuments together demonstrate the rich culture here. Zhongshan Road has long been the representative of Xiamen, and the jewels of this Queen Mother will also shine more dazzlingly to attract more people.
    [Preparation before the trip]
    1. Cards: ID cards, bank cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses (if you have them) are brought well, and other special certificates are included. But also pay attention to bring some cash on the body. Although the Internet is now very developed, not all places can be swiped or WeChat paid.
    2, ticket class: determine the travel time, choose the travel vehicle in advance, the plane or the train, it is best to download an app.
    3, digital categories: including mobile phones, charging treasure, patch panels (especially photographers, a variety of messy equipment), a variety of chargers, photographic equipment (tripod belt, can shoot sunset), USB data cable.
    4, clothes: according to the length of time to decide the clothes to bring.
    5, drugs: with heat, detoxification drugs or granules, band-aid and so on.
    【About the Author】
    Weibo: @奔跑的小东东, @旅行走天下
    Public number: running small Dongdong
    My travel footprint:
    Domestic: Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jilin, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hainan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities.
    Foreign countries: Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.
    [Photographic equipment]
    Mobile: iPhone6s
    Camera: Canon 6D (Canon 16-35/2.8, Tamron 24-70/2.8, Canon 50/1.4)
    Retouching software: Photoshop, Lightroom video software: Premiere, After Effects
    Other equipment: portable tripod, mobile phone delay bracket, video capture stabilizer, Apple notebook, mobile hard drive, card reader, SD card, charger, etc.
    The traffic in Xiamen is very convenient. The planes, trains and cars are very convenient. You can choose to travel by means of convenient transportation.
    Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is located in Xiangyun 1st Road, Huli District. After arriving at the airport, you can take the Airport Express, city bus, BRT express bus, taxi, etc. to and from the airport and the city and the surrounding cities of Xiamen.
    Train: Xiamen Passenger Transport Station mainly has two stations, Xiamen Station and Xiamen North Station (moving station). Every day, there are various types of origins, arrivals or passing through Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Xi’an, Chongqing, Guangdong, Fuzhou, etc. Local passenger train.
    There are five long-distance bus stations in Xiamen, namely Lakeside Coach Station, Wuhu Long-distance Bus Station, Yucun Long-distance Bus Station, Jimei Long-distance Bus Station, and Xinglin Long-distance Bus Station.
    Traffic in the city:
    The public transportation in Xiamen is very developed. The rapid transit (BRT), ordinary buses and taxis are very convenient. There are buses to all major scenic spots and pedestrian streets.

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