Inner Mongolia 5th Riding SUV Summer New Game

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Qingqing grassland, blue sky and white clouds, cattle and sheep in groups. Inner Mongolia is the place I wanted to go last year. It was just too busy with work, too few holidays, and I have not been able to make it. This time, it finally realized that the wind was blowing low in the cattle and sheep and met the yurt. It takes about five hours to fly in Shanghai, and there aren’t many flights every day, but what about five hours for the beauty?
    Inner Mongolia has a high terrain and an average altitude of about 1000 meters. It is a high-profile geomorphic area. The mountains in Inner Mongolia are not high. It is suitable for people who are not very good at climbing mountains. It is easy to reach the top of the mountain and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the grasslands.
    D1 Shanghai – Hailar Check in Ergun Hotel
    D2 Asia’s No.1 Wetland Ergun Wetland Study Travel Experience, Ice Spring Town Hand Workshop Experience, Experience Russian Cuisine, Stay in Central Corriage Estate
    D3 Visit the Lilia Museum and experience Russian culture such as Leba, Haul, and Haul Homestay
    D4 Haul Scenic Area Experience the cross-country vehicle crossing in the forest, hand-painted wood keychain, go to the Mongolian camp in Hongji, and experience horse-riding archery. Stay in Mongolian cloth bag.
    D5 Mongolian pot tea experience, back to Shanghai
    My idea is very simple. I went to Inner Mongolia to see the prairie, feel the yurt, and take a summer vacation. Shanghai in June has been very hot, and the humid air has made me a native of Shanghai who still dislikes and does not adapt. Inner Mongolia is different, and his climate is relatively dry. The point is that it is also summer, but it is suitable for the summer vacation. Because it was cool in the morning and evening, I brought a wool coat, which was needed all the time, but once I got out of the sun, I could wear short sleeves. My baby went to Hulunbeier last year, and the beautiful grassland sunset was unobstructed. This time I came to Inner Mongolia to meet her exams, then I will come to a trip to the parent-child tour of Inner Mongolia!
     Asia’s first wetland Ergun wetland
    The number one in Asia is well-deserved. This is the first place I came after I stepped into the land of Inner Mongolia. The mountains in the distance are different in depth, and the grasslands seem to have patterns. In fact, the black part is only the shadow, and the grassland is green in the current season.
    Walking into the scenic spot is an ice spring town, and a happy Russian family welcomes us. There are many handmade products, local specialties and experience activities. I prefer to do something, so I chose leather carving. It is made by drawing a pattern on a piece of cowhide, engraving and dyeing it later. The finished product is very beautiful.
     Entering the wetland, no matter which angle you stand, you can see such beautiful pictures.
    I came to the Ergun Wetland and just wanted to put all the beauty into the lens. It is only when she comes to her that she can see her beauty. She is a national AAAA-level scenic spot. In 2011, 2013 and 2015, she won the “Best Wetland with Chinese Characteristics”, “The Most Popular Forest Scenic Spot in China” and “The Most Beautiful Country”. There are so many “most”. I should be more comfortable with her. There are many species here, and it is also a colony where migratory birds migrate. The Ergun Wetland is located at the western end of the northern foot of Daxing’anling, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, north of Hulunbeier Prairie. Her speciality is that there are many types of landscapes such as rivers, ponds, swamps, tower heads, trees, shrubs, and grass. There are 338 species of vascular plants and 268 species of vertebrates. It is the most abundant wetland system in Asia, and enjoys the reputation of Asia’s high-latitude, low-altitude woody first wetland. The scenery of the four seasons is different, the spring is beautiful, the summer is shaded by trees, the autumn is golden, and the winter is covered with silver. However, it is open to October every year. Because the temperature is minus 30 degrees after October, it is relatively cold, so it is also a good place to take a summer break in summer.
     Countless wishing cards fluttered in the wind, and I came to pray for the wish of my tree, wishing my family good health and a lifetime of peace.
     It is very wonderful. Under the influence of light and shadow, the grassland has a diamond-shaped or trapezoidal pattern.
     Marvel at the magical powers of nature and give such a good natural scenery to Inner Mongolia, we should also protect it at the same time.
     Horseshoe Island is a naturally formed oxbow lake. It is named after the blue water of the blue lake and the green grass.
     The wind is light and the sky is low. Looking at the endless grasslands, I feel that I am very small. I used to think that I felt like this at the seaside.
    In the yellow dress is the research team, because the Erguna wetland has a natural beauty and a museum, which can give children a fun and vivid animal and plant class.
    Stepping into here, it is like coming to the big forest. Listen, the birds are singing, the animals are running.
    This kind of educational and entertaining style is very popular among children, and it is separated from the boring books. The animals and plants in the Ergun Wetland are made easier for children to understand and understand through sound, light and electricity.
    After listening to the introduction, I learned about the wetlands. Wetlands are freshwater, brackish or salty water bodies that are stationary or flowing, whether natural or artificial, permanent or temporary, in wetlands, peatlands or waters, including shallow seas with a water depth of less than 6 m at low tide. Simply put, a wetland is a transition zone between land and water that does not exceed 6 meters in depth. The Erguna Wetland is a river wetland. It is one of the most abundant and well-preserved Asian wetlands without any pollution and damage. It is necessary to know that the unspoiled places will be particularly beautiful.
    The Ergun Wetland Museum was built in 2015 and was awarded the title of “China’s Top Ten Most Beautiful Wetland Venues”. Covering an area of ​​10,000 square meters and a building area of ​​2,000 square meters, it is a combination of modern architecture and local architecture.
    The whole museum is full of children’s interest, and even the adults walked inside and listened to the explanations. There are 211 species of birds in the wetlands and 43 species of mammals. There are really wild animals in the wetlands, but we have not seen them. The Ergun River is the mother river of the nomadic people of the north. Since the signing of the Treaty of China and Russia on 1692, it has become the boundary between China and Russia. In addition to experiencing Mongolian characteristics, our trip also has a Russian style.
     Ice Springs Town Theater
    The singing and dancing performances of the Ice Spring Town Theatre are also a must-see performance in the Erguna Wetland Scenic Area. The beautiful songs and the graceful Mongolian dance dances narrate the romantic and beautiful grassland love stories.
     Mongolian man, with his own voice. Especially this one, already intoxicated in the song.
     Haul River
    Haul is a Mongolian-like “spring-like river”. She is soft and beautiful, and is the most complete natural ecological scenic spot with complete ecological preservation. Originally, I thought that the prairie similar to the Ergun wetland only found out that he was more childlike and more popular with children. Because in the woods you can see the wild sika deer, people are a little closer to him, he will be afraid to escape. There are also many use of primitive trees to make our childhood play tools, slides, swings, sawmills… Experience the wild fun in the Haul River, an experience that cannot be realized in the city. In the woods, the chickens and grilled fish are grilled in the most primitive way, and the off-road vehicles are driven in the mountains. Although there are groups of butterflies kissing my cheeks, there are a lot of jumps on me, but every trip is a brand new experience.
     There are very few opportunities to see the sika deer so close, they run very fast, but they are also greedy, seeing the companion feeding, have come over.
     Came to the play area
     The mountaineering station is far away from the wind platform, and the river of the Haul River in the distance is continuous, and it is both soft and special in the forest.
     Hongji Department
    The glory of the yurt experience is the highlight of the trip, although the road is relatively far away. Don’t miss it. The yurt photographed by aerial photography is like a delicate porcelain cup, and the blossoming blooms on the prairie.
    There are also a lot of accommodation packages in Hongji, including yurts, cloth bags and RVs made of cement. I experience the most traditional cloth bags. I thought that the condition of the cloth package was not very good. In fact, the room area was quite large, with a big bed and two small beds, suitable for the whole family. The cloth bag was very strong, and because of the cooler temperature in the evening, the air conditioner was turned on and the sleep was particularly comfortable.
     The peace of the day and the excitement of the night ignited the entire grassland. Everyone danced around the campfire and sang, this is a sleepless night belonging to the Hongji Department.
     Whenever I look up, I see the most beautiful sky. Or the blue sky is floating, or the sunset is red, and the sky is not seen.
     Central Corriage Manor
    Lilia Manor is a manor house integrating the Leba Culture Center, Leba and Russia. This is the small villa we live in, with a total of six rooms, the white interior is very European style and style.
    A “Night in the Outskirts of Russia” brought me to the age of my mother, who will speak Russian. If she is present, she will sing along.
     Visiting the Leba Museum, DIY Leba, gives us a deeper understanding of the cultural connotations of Ergunareba.
     The whole museum is more like a palace, and the most beautiful cultural museum I have ever seen.
     Leba production factory, daily Leba is limited supply.
    The five-day grassland life is too short, so I want more time to let me appreciate his beauty. Beautiful prairie, archery horse riding, grass skiing, take you to open a different Inner Mongolia game, go to Inner Mongolia to summer vacation this summer!

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