Into the colorful Guizhou, feel the different Southeastern culture!

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    Some time ago, about the remake of “The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man”, it is also a variety of hot searches, so that everyone can collectively remember the youth. In “Sword of the Sword”, Zhao Linger’s birthplace “Nan Shuo Guo” impressed me. “Nanshu State” is a gathering place of Miao people. In this way, the Miao culture planted a seed in my heart.
    In China’s most populous provinces, to understand the Miao culture, it is necessary to go to Guizhou.
     About Guizhou
    Guizhou is the only province in the country that does not have plain support. It is dominated by plateaus and mountains. It is known as the water of “eight mountains, one water and one field”. The unique mountainous landscape of Guizhou has created the colorful autumn of Guizhou!
    Since ancient times, “Yunguichuan is a family”, born in Sichuan, played in Yunnan, it is worse than Guizhou, taking advantage of leisure, it is better to return to another home “Guizhou”, exchange autumn, feel colorful Guizhou.
     Guizhou Traffic
    [Aircraft] Guiyang Airport, located in the eastern suburbs of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China, with an altitude of 1139 meters, 11 kilometers from the city center, and Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Shenzhen and other cities. Direct route.
    The airport has 216 roads, 254 roads, 258 roads, etc., and the city and train stations are connected, and the fare is 2 yuan. There is also the Airport Expressway No. 1-5 connecting with the city and major railway stations. The fares range from 10 yuan to 20 yuan.
    [High-speed rail] Chengdu’s trains and high-speed trains to and from Guiyang are available at various times. The second-class seats are ranging from 224 yuan to 275 yuan, and the running time varies from 3-4 hours. High-speed rail is strongly recommended, comfortable, fast and stable.
     Because there are a lot of attractions going on this trip, I will distribute them according to each color. You can mix them according to your own love.
    Ink-Guzhai Ancient Village Folk Customs Tour: Lande Miao Village – Nanhua Miao Village
    Blue-River Lake Tour: Zhenyuan Ancient Town, Yamugou, Jianhe Hot Spring
    White – World Heritage Fanjing Mountain Tour: Fanjing Mountain
    Cyan – Exploring Jiang Wen’s “Looking for a Gun” Location: Qingyan Ancient Town +
    Gold – belongs to the color of autumn: Yinzhou Tule Village Ginkgo Forest
    Rainbow Color – Guizhou Food Tour: Silk Doll, Sour Soup Fish
     Scenic spot tickets involved in the itinerary
    Qingyan Ancient Town: 55 yuan (online)
     Landes on the village:
     Nanhua Miao Village:
     Zhenyuan Ancient Town:
    1. Fanjingshan ticket pricing: 100 yuan / person in the peak season
    2. Round-trip sightseeing bus fare (half the one-way trip): Adult 20 yuan / person
    3. Cableway fare: adult round trip 160 yuan / person; adult one-way 90 yuan / person; adult one-way 90 yuan / person
    80 yuan (online)
     Jianhe Hot Spring:
    Depending on consumption
     Yinzhou Tulle Village Ginkgo Forest:
    30 yuan / person
     Guizhou Tourism Guide
    1. Yunguichuan is a family, so there is no pressure in language communication in Guizhou.
    2, Guizhou’s main diet is “acid” and “spicy”, acid is also very characteristic, hot and sour fish Amway.
    3, Guizhou is mainly based on plateau mountains, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, pay attention to cold at night
    4, Guizhou traffic is well-connected, many attractions, numerous, it is recommended to travel with the group or self-driving tour
    5. Guizhou is a multi-ethnic province with 48 ethnic minorities.
    6. Respect the customs and habits of ethnic minorities, do not litter in scenic spots and stockades.
    7, the world-famous “Laoganma” and “Huawei” are all from Guizhou~
    8, Guizhou tour guide, really the best guide I have ever seen ~ industry conscience ~ praise praise
     Let’s enter the colorful Guizhou tour. You can choose the line or split the line according to your interest.
     Ink-Guzhai Ancient Village Folk Tour
    Masstone refers to the color of a thick layer of ink scraped on a scraped paper. In Miao Village in Guizhou, the overall housing construction tends to be black. This trip has been to Langde Miao Village and Nanhua Miao Village.
    Langde Shangzhai is located in the upper reaches of the Bala River in the Leigong Mountain, the main peak of Miaoling. It is 27 kilometers away from Kaili City, southeastern Guizhou Province, and 17 kilometers away from Leishan County. Lande Miao Village has the characteristics of Miao buildings such as Hanging House, Lusong Hall and Fengshui Bridge. When everyone is rushing to Xijiang Miao Village, Langde Shangzhai can be said to be a clear in Miao Village.The stream, which still retains the most original taste.
    At the moment of getting off the bus, the whole village, men, women and children dressed in Miao costumes greeted at the entrance to the village, and a Chinese New Year atmosphere came to the fore.
    To enter Miao Village, there are a total of 12 barrier wines, the beautiful Miao Miss sister holding horn wine, from the village entrance to the village’s path, accompanied by reed ensemble, 12 levels, drink 12 times horn wine.
    The reeds are reeds around the beam, and the reeds are a unique instrument of the Miao nationality. Every festival, the Miao compatriots blew the reeds, expressing the people’s joyful harvest with a melodious and melodious tune, and welcoming the guests’ joy.
    Now there are fewer and fewer young people in the Miao nationality, and as an intangible cultural heritage, more people should pay attention. Walk into Miao Village personally, listen to it, and feel the hearing enjoyment brought by the reed.
    Entering the Langde Miaozhai Square, the Miao girls danced and danced to welcome guests from afar.
    There are 147 households and more than 500 people in the village of Langde. Up to now, all the Miao compatriots are mainly Chen and Wu. Due to the development of the urban economy, many young people from Langde Shangzhai went to Xijiang Miao Village to work, leaving them in Langde, most of them are old people. And they are the group of people with the most Miao flavor.
    Wearing Miao costumes to guard the growth of the next generation
    And their husbands, in groups of three, smothered the smoke, played poker, and polished the time with play.
    In addition to the elderly, there are still left-behind children. Dress up this quaint Miao Village with youth.
    Nanhua Miao Village, Miao language Nangl hjib, as the name suggests, “flower” is “Ouhua River”, “South” Miao language means “downstream of the river” meaning, “South Flower” is the Miao Village living in the lower reaches of the Ouhua River The Miao people, who lived in the village of Pan, were migrated by the Miao ancestors in the Shunqing Shui River during the Ming Dynasty. They have a history of more than 500 years.
    The overall color of Nanhua Miao Village is similar to that of Langde Shangzhai. The buildings are mainly black and dark gray, but the people of Nanhua Miao Village have fewer people staying behind than Langde Miao Village. The old man left, or weaving, or taking care of his own dealer~ in his own way, guarding this piece of pure land.
    I strolled in Nanhua Miao Village and accidentally took this photo, which caused me to think deeply. What should we do in the face of an aging population? The left-behind old man is alone at home, eating alone, sleeping alone, and watching the time flowing quietly.
    In addition, the overall color of Miao Village is gray and dark, and the scene I see has a sense of oppression, which also makes me fall into constant meditation.
     Blue-River Lake Tour: Zhenyuan Ancient Town, Jianhe Hot Spring
    The rivers in Guizhou are dense, and there are Chishui River, Wujiang Jinjiang, Qingshui River, Nanpanjiang, Beipanjiang, Hongshui River, etc., plus the geographical distribution of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, which has created the original ecology of Guizhou rivers and lakes. Under the illumination, rivers and lakes have a blue illusion.
    This trip mainly went to Zhenyuan Ancient Town, Yamugou and Jianhe Hot Spring. When you want the weather to be fine, you just can’t see it. These three trips are all rainy days~
     Zhenyuan Ancient Town
    Located on the Wuyang River in Guizhou, it is surrounded by mountains. Zhenyuan Ancient Town is a Chinese mountain cliff architecture culture museum. The ancient roads in the ancient streets of the city are winding, and the stone bridges are scattered.
    In Zhenyuan Ancient Town, there is a river passing through the city in the shape of “S”. The north bank is the old Fucheng city, the south bank is the old acropolis, and the far view is similar to the Taiji map. When the weather is fine, stand in the hanging foot of Qinglong Cave, and look at the entire Zhenjiang River, such as coming to the paradise, beautiful.
    Although Tiangong is not beautiful, it is more enjoyable and leisurely in the rainy days.
    The green hills contain the hustle and bustle, the splendid terraces; the rivers and waters, the fishing boats sing late.
     Jianhe Hot Spring
    Jianhe Hot Spring is located in the hot spring village 6 km away from Jianhe County, in the southeastern state of Guizhou Province. The hot spring is at the foot of the mountain. There are more than 10 hot springs in the spring. There are 6 springs.
    The temperature of each spring is different, ranging from 38 ° C to 50 ° C, all of which are hot springs containing trace amounts of radioactive elements, so it is called 氡 (dōng) spring. It has a remarkable effect on recuperation and fitness, and is therefore called Miaojiang Shengshui.
    After entering the Jianhe Hot Spring, the inside is really big. For different curative effects, all types of hot springs are available. If you want to soak it, you can soak it.
    I feel the hot spring under the hand, and the water temperature is around 38°, which is just right. It may be due to psychological effects, and the hands that have been soaked feel more moisturized.
    A foreign brother who is traveling with me can’t wait to jump in. Showing eight packs of abs, I won’t show you~
    The three men meet in the “bubble” hot springs, and the picture is a bit beautiful. In the hot springs, the afternoon was over.
     Cyan – Exploring Jiang Wen’s “Looking for a Gun” Location: Qingyan Ancient Town
    Qingyan Ancient Town, one of the four ancient towns in Guizhou, was formed in the Ming and Hongwu years. It has been in the Ming and Qing Dynasties for more than 600 years.
    In the ancient town of Qingyan, the temples and pavilions are painted with carved beams and flying corners. It is known as one of the most charming towns in China.
    The ancient town of Qingyan is surrounded by mountains, green mountains and green waters, and a place of isolation.
    Due to its unique natural and cultural charm, Qingyan Ancient Town’s “Looking for Guns” has been filmed here.
    I found out the stills, everyone can check in at the same time~
    The ancient town, the ancient town, in addition to the beautiful scenery, how little food. Qingyan ancient town cuisine has braised pork feet, tofu balls, rice cake porridge, rice tofu, honey sauce pork knuckles, etc. The following cake is also very delicious~
    In addition to food, Qingyan’s fruit is also very strange, many of whom I don’t know, there is a prize quiz. What do you say about these fruits?
    I look at this face, I only recognize this rock candy Sydney.
     Rainbow Color – Guizhou Food Tour: Silk Doll
    Looking at the scenery is too single, enter the food blogger stage below. Guizhou cuisine, originally thought that only sour soup fish, this time in Guizhou, also opened my new horizon. Guizhou snacks are not less than Chengdu. The following highlights 4 Guiyang cuisines~
     Silk Love Red Soup Silk Doll (Nanguo Huajin Store)
    Silk dolls are the common snack names in Guiyang. There are also dozens or even dozens of dishes in them. The dishes are mainly vegetarian dishes. The chopped silk is very fine, and the colors are red, white, yellow and black, just like the dishes. Rainbow color.
    Why is the Guizhou snack called “silk doll”? In Guizhou, it is said that there is a peasant woman picking up a dying baby girl. Because the family is poor and has a livelihood, the villagers give the vegetables to the girl. The peasant woman cuts the shredded skin, wraps it with the dough, and seasons it with spices. This feeding girl. Because of its shape and size, it is like a baby wrapped in a shackle, giving it an image name – “silk doll”. Later, the girl was beautiful and beautiful. The reason for the villagers to explore, the girl laughed and said: “All because of the regular silk doll” Thus, “silk doll” is widely circulated, has become a local cuisine in Guizhou.
    The famous “Silk doll” catering brand in Guiyang must belong to the silk love red soup silk doll. After years of precipitation, the silk love red soup silk doll has become a gourmet business card of Guiyang. To Guiyang, you must eat silk dolls and eat silk. Dolls must be in love.
    To eat silk love, you must queue in advance, at least one hour to eat.
    Finally it was our turn, and when we got to the table, we started to order crazy. First of all, the silk doll, potato silk, radish silk, cucumber silk, kelp silk, dried bean curd, bean sprouts, folded ears, peanuts, mustard ~ ~ a pile wrapped in the dough, full of happiness.
    For those of me who are hungry, I have a special sour soup meal on the table, and my little friend has to turn to the sky. The sour soup is good, the sourness is thoroughly integrated into the rice, and there is a tomato flavor.
    And my little friends, ordered a small sausage, small sausages in the diplomatic tender, with chili powder, it tastes great.
    The crispy squid is a mashed potato with some peanuts, sesame seeds, peppers and chopped green onions. It tastes crisp and fragrant.
    The little friend is tempted by the food of the silk love, can’t stop, all kinds of crazy ordering, eating and eating.
    Look at us, we have a full table, from 2 o’clock to 2 o’clock, the side table has turned over several rounds.
     Si Ji Ji (Nanguo Huajindian)
    Afternoon tea, it is downstairs to eat the season, the season is actually a snack collection point, a bit similar to the dragon slapsticks and the like, you can go to eat the season when you are tired. The Siji Season is based on the snacks on the streets of Guizhou, and the main take-away, only a small number of locations for customers to eat in the store. Just the opposite of the silky way of eating.
    The staff of Sijiu are all small meat brothers, and the younger brother who works hard is also very handsome.
    “There are snacks, there are homesickness.” This is the positioning of the season. On the menu of the Siyu season, some Guizhou people from snacks to big snacks, such as fried savory artichokes, fried stinky tofu, fried bananas, artichokes, baked eggs and other snacks.
    Regardless of boys and girls, they have a natural attachment to potatoes, and they are all snacks related to potatoes.
    The following snacks are summarized. Strongly, Amway looks like a wide powder of meat. It is very delicious, especially sauerkraut. We all eat the wall and everyone is still grabbing kimchi.
    How to eat a snack, how to get a drink.
    There are also sweet brown sugar powder, sweet wine and other sweets are not bad. I heard that the season will continue to innovate according to the needs of customers, and tap more snacks with Guizhou characteristics. Pleasant afternoon tea, take a big photo.
    Adu fried crab (Yunyan shop)
    As a real Sichuanese, I feel that Guizhou’s spicy is too small X, then go to the Adu fried crab (Yunyan shop), to ensure that you are cool to burst, spicy to burst.
    Adu fried crab is not related to the artist Adu, nor is the boss called the boss. Listening to the clerk, the Adu fried crab was originally called Chinese fried crab, but the name was squandered by everyone. I think the fried crab should have a more foreign name. At that time, the word “idol” was popular in the network, so it was Some people have suggested that the homonym is “Adu fried crab.” Adu fried crab was born.
    The decoration of the whole store, such as moving the entire snack street to the store, there is a feeling of walking around the narrow alley, or the night market, the scene is very strong.
    Spicy flower, the little friend tastes very fragrant, very clean, one bite.
    Gong bang chicken, not the same as Sichuan, the chicken inside is especially dry, bite and broken, with the characteristics of Guizhou roots, eat it and have a taste.
    Fried chicken blood, let me eat the taste of my mother, chicken blood is very tender, chopsticks are not easy to clip.
    Feeling in Guizhou, as long as there is a plate of hot and sour potatoes, you can feed me.
    The kebabs are similar to the taste of Sichuan, haha.
    Adu fried crab, how to eat crabs, focus on spicy fried crabs, blue crab is very fat, eating meat is very firm, very fragrant. The side dish with the inside is also very good. The little friends rushed to grab the food and agreed to eat delicious. And I am a fake Sichuanese, as long as it is too spicy, I can not accept.
     Foraging Guiyang (Hunt Store)
    I ate Guizhou snacks, net red food, how can I get less home cooking in Guizhou. I checked the food on the Internet and was a gourmet restaurant specializing in Guizhou cuisine.
    Just want to try it, Guizhou’s home cooking is different from Sichuan.
    The whole store has a high style and a gorgeous decoration. In particular, there is a wall that is the name of the road in Guiyang. It is very creative.
    Fish-flavored eggplant, unlike Sichuan, the eggplant is cut into a round shape, and there is a sour taste, it is easy to eat.
    Kung Pao Chicken, and Sichuan is no different, but always feel that there is a difference
    Squirrel fish is especially recommended, especially fragrant and tender. The fish is very crispy, with a sour sauce that is unique to sour and sweet Guizhou. I can’t wait for a fish to eat.
    White sugar is also good, it should not only be glutinous rice, but also other miscellaneous grains, it is very tough to eat. It’s very sticky paper~
    I only remember that the kimchi of this dish is very delicious. Is it so delicious for the kimchi of Guizhou cuisine?
    Guiyang tastes and tastes the taste of Chinese New Year.
     Gold – belongs to the color of autumn: Yinzhou Tule Village Ginkgo Forest
    Tuilegu Ginkgo Scenic Area is located in Tuole Village, Panzhou City, Guizhou Province. It is a national AAAA-level scenic spot with flowing water, small bridges and flowing water, beautiful scenery, ancient trees, Xiaoqiao Yinghong and Qifeng Temple.
    There are more than 1200 ancient ginkgo bilobas in Quantule Village. The diameter of the breast is generally 50-150cm and the maximum is 220cm. Generally, the age of the tree is more than 300 years, the longest is 1500 years, and the trunk is up to several tens of meters. It is the world’s oldest ginkgo with the highest density and best preserved place.
    Let’s take a look at the fall of the Tongle Village in Panzhou, Guizhou.
     White – World Heritage Fanjing Mountain Tour: Fanjing Mountain
    Fanjing Mountain, the national AAAAA-level tourist scenic spot, the national nature reserve, China’s top ten summer famous mountains, China’s famous Maitreya Bodhisattva. Fanjingshan is named after the “Buddhist Pure Land” and is the famous five famous Buddhist mountains in China with Wutai Mountain in Shanxi, Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang, Mount Emei in Sichuan and Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui.
    They all said that the fall of Fanjing Mountain is red, and the mountains are red. And when we go to see it, it’s really amazing! Storm and rain + fog, can not see less than 5 meters. A white fairyland is born.
    The fairy is lingering and the white one is.
    I and my friends, but I can only use the mobile phone to play a selfie. From the drawing of @Travel Pocket Account Lily, guess that is me?
     In the fall, come to colorful Guizhou and exchange a fall~

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