It’s just a cool autumn day – Hangzhou 2nd self-driving tour

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Written in front:
    Jiangnan is good, the scenery is old. Sunrise Jianghuahong wins fire, spring comes green and blue. Can you not recall Jiangnan?
    Jiangnan recalls that the most memory is Hangzhou. In the middle of the mountain temple, I found Guizi, and the county pavilion looked at the tide. More days to travel!
    Jiangnan recalled, followed by Wu Gong. Wu wine a cup of spring bamboo leaves, Wu Wa double dance drunk hibiscus. Meet again in the morning and evening!
    In the autumn of Jiangnan, it is better than a few days.
    When this thought started, it could no longer be suppressed. I quickly went to a color trip in autumn.
    Decided to be casual, the weather followed suit, the day before was still sunny, the day turned into a cloudy day, and then the rain, but it was a bit confusing, the weather in Jiangnan, really like a woman The face changes, it changes.
    If a layer of autumn rain is cool, it is totally bad, but it is not entirely. When the autumn frost is on, the color of the leaves will be enriched. Think of the autumn colors of Jiangnan, my heart is really beautiful.
    Journey Raiders:
    About the trip:
    DAY1 Shanghai-Hangzhou-Jiuxi Yanshu-Maojiatun-Meihao Lizhi Hotel
    DAY2 Maojiatun – Diaoshan Temple – Shanghai
    A pure autumn day to enjoy the maple route, plus a little bit of tea.
    After all, when it comes to Hangzhou, the first impression in my mind is Longjing, and the Zen tea of ​​the Trail Mountain Temple is also extremely famous.
    About tickets:
    I found that Hangzhou has a very big advantage, that is, the West Lake area almost does not have tickets, and the scenery is picturesque, so only the Temple of the Mountain spent 20 yuan tickets.
    About accommodation:
    As a tourist city, there are countless hotels and B&Bs in Hangzhou. In order to be quiet and beautiful, we chose Meihao Lizhi near Maojiatun.
    About transportation:
    The journey of taking a walk is naturally driven by self-driving.
    Self-driving must have a good car, and Ford New Furuisi has a first-class driving experience, and the female driver can hold it.
    More than 2 hours away, easy to spend.
    DAY1 Shanghai-Hangzhou-Jiuxi Yanshu-Maojiatun-Meihao Lizhi Hotel
    Located in the south of the Yangtze River, it is probably a lucky thing, the transportation is convenient, the scenery is elegant, and you can really say it and leave.
    Open the door, sit on the car, gallop on the road.
    Car, I naturally need high value, flying swallow-type headlights, Xenon headlights and leading LED daytime running lights of the same class, can effectively improve vehicle identification, especially like my travel in this rainy day, but also Safe driving is guaranteed.
    Together with the wing-type taillights, it not only outlines the beautiful lines that are pleasing to the eye, but also greatly enhances the safety of driving.
    Large-size wheels provide dynamic tension for the car and provide better driving power and handling stability while driving. Very friendly to female drivers.
    The driver’s seat 8 is adjustable, find the best sitting position, you can gogogo, the passengers behind, the seat space is also very large, although the home is not tall.
    The trunk is afraid that it can stuff a bunch of things, usually take the baby out, you can also put camping tents, photographic equipment, and put it in without any problem.
    Putting a box takes up a small amount of area.
    Navigate it, follow it and go OK, go straight to the Jiuxi smoke tree, in order to enjoy the maple.
    Shanghai-Hangzhou route:
    Enter the Humin Elevated Road and drive for 7.8 kilometers.
    Please go straight and enter the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway for 126.1 kilometers.
    Drive on the left front and enter the Hangyong Expressway for 21.9 kilometers.
    Drive right ahead, enter Desheng Interchange and drive 1.3 km.
    Please go straight and enter Desheng Expressway for 3.0 km.
    Drive right ahead, from Desheng Expressway to Qiuishi Elevated Road, drive 230 meters.
    Drive on the left front and enter the autumn stone elevated road, driving 11.6 kilometers.
    Please go straight and enter Fuxing Road for 2.8 km.
    Please go straight and enter Zhijiang Road for 3.1 km.
    Turn right and enter Jiuxi Road, drive 2.0 km.
    Jiuxi smoke tree.
    The entire city of Hangzhou is a large scenic spot, all the way to the road, the two sides of the trees meet and embrace, all the scenery.
    When you arrive, take a rest in a quiet place.
    Reversing, steady.
    Just stopped near Mengxi Villa, the scenery is not bad.
    And there are moments of blue sky and white clouds appearing, it is a miracle.
    The Jiuxi smoke tree road is not very wide. Be careful when driving, and there are small corners, but also pay attention to pedestrians.
    There is a tea field in Hangzhou. All the way, tea scented.
    During the period, the houses were intertwined and hidden in the forest.
    The ten scenes of the West Lake are well known.
    The Jiuxi Tobacco Tree is one of the new ten scenic spots in West Lake, commonly known as “Jiuxi Eighteen Miles”.
    It is located under the cockscomb in the mountains on the west side of the West Lake. It is connected to Longjing in the north and Qiantang River in the south. The origin of the Wengjiashan Yangmeiling, the route Huiqing Bay, Hongfa, Tangjia, Xiaokang, Fo Shi, Baizhang, Yunqi, Qingtou and Fangjia Jiuxi, twists and turns, into the Qianjiang. Eighteen 涧 refers to the number of trickles, flowing springs. Jiuxi and Shijiu meet in front of the Xizhongxi restaurant under the Bajue Mountain. All the way to the top, the tea garden scattered, the peaks and turns, the water flowing, the mountain birds. Sunny days are delicious, and the clouds are cloudy.
    There is water flowing into a waterfall.
    More maple leaves, more pine, dotted with mountain roads.
    Here, you need to slow down and slowly come.
    Red maple, green pine, springs, waterfalls, and so on.
    The Jiuxi smoke tree is natural in color, and there are few craftsmen. The tourists can pass the stone, or they can walk through the windings and climb the distance. Each has its own interest.
    This kind of beauty has naturally become a good place to take wedding photos. This afternoon, I saw several couples.
    The weather is not good, and the sky is darker.
    Drive to Maojiatun.
    Looked down, fuel consumption is very low, excellent.
    When I went to Maojiatun’s Meihao, I stayed directly.
    Meihao is now a fairly good hotel, especially the two on the West Lake side, often full.
    Going out is a good place to live in West Lake.
    There is afternoon tea here, and there is Evian water in the room, the service is still very thoughtful.
    In fact, every time I go to West Lake, I always want to cook a cup of tea, warm a pot of turbid wine, accompanied by people.
    And this autumn is getting deeper,
    I prefer the time when this pillow is a dream,
    The candlestick can talk to the man all night.
    It’s like a lifetime of only one person to solve.
    The courtyard is long, the bamboo branches are reclining, I don’t know how many twins.
    Walking in vain, falling in the clouds, listening to the fog, whispering on the bridge.
    Maojiatun is more wild and interesting. When you are lucky, you can see the reeds, wild ducks playing in the water, and migratory birds flying low.
    Reed passenger boat
    That year, the bamboo building is like a dream.
    Fiber refers to red dust
    Long month songs
    Pour a cup of drink
    Enjoy the quietness of the West Lake in the rain.
    DAY2 Maojiatun – Diaoshan Temple – Shanghai
    On the second day, but listening to the sound of bananas, I woke up and ate a hearty breakfast.
    In the drizzle, drive to the Jingshan Temple in Yuhang.
    On this road, there is a Zen machine everywhere.
    The mountain road, but fortunately, the new Furuisi engine is more powerful, the power is high, the performance is stable, this mountain road is not afraid of opening.
    Although it is in the rain, the clouds in the mountains are light, like a fairyland.
    To say this one of the Zen, you can also say a lot of allusions.
    Bodhi has no trees,
    The mirror is also not Taiwan.
    There is nothing in it,
    Where is the dust.
    Probably everyone knows, but few people have seen this:
    Being a linden tree,
    The heart is the mirror stage,
    Always diligently,
    Do not make dust.
    In fact, the Zen Buddhism of Nanton is gradually coming from this.
    The epiphany of Liu Zuhui can be compared to the fascination of the master of Shenxiu.
    The Trail Mountain is one of the Buddhist resorts since the Tang Dynasty, and the Trail Mountain Temple is the dojo of the Zen Buddhism.
    Now, don’t talk about the Zen machine, first come to the bowl to eat.
    Miao Xiangtang has a bowl of noodles, and the monks are also frequent visitors.
    The maple leaf outside the door is red, very beautiful.
    Picking up the stairs, the bamboo forest is shaded.
    It can be seen that the ancient ginkgo is in the sky, and there is no golden translucent in the rain, but it has moistened a few points.
    There is a red maple at the door, and the wind and rain are drifting.
    Raindrops or placed on the tip of the leaf, crumbling,
    Or roll between the veins, it is cute.
    The drizzle washes away the dust, the redder the red, the yellower the yellow, the greener the green.
    If it is here, there is no need for tickets.
    To get here, tickets need to be started.
    When I came last time, the Mingshan style building in the Jingshan Temple has now basically restored to the style of the Tang and Song Dynasties, and the building is more magnificent.
    General temples, there are Tianwang Hall, Daxiong Hall, Guanyin Temple, etc., here is no exception.
    Although it is rainy, the incense is still quite prosperous.
    After all, this Taoshan Temple was founded in the Tang Tianbao years, and the ancient temple of more than 1,200 years ago is the last peak after the sinicization of Buddhism.
    The temple was the first of the five major Buddhist temples in the south of the Yangtze River.
    The scale is extremely large, with more than 1,700 temples and more than 1,000 temple buildings.
    Here is the ancestral home of the Linji ancestral court, and the birthplace of the Japanese tea ceremony, it is a treasure!
    This architectural and courtyard style is a typical Tang and Song style.
    The pavilion, the mountain stone, the pool is shallow, and the pine bamboo is dotted.
    I often see Japanese dramas and big river dramas, especially during the Warring States period in Japan, and I was amazed at the experience of Qian Lixiu on the tea ceremony.
    At the end of the sixteenth century, Qian Lixiu inherited the tea ceremony spirit of the past and established the authentic Japanese tea ceremony. His “and respect for silence” is concise and connotative. “Cleanness” refers to the cold, bleak, and quiet aesthetics; “He Jing” means respect for the guests.
    The Diaoshan Temple is the open source of tea ceremony.
    It is more than 600 meters above sea level and is very quiet.
    Ask your heart.
    Enjoy the scenery.
    Tea plum.
    The courtyard is deeply unknown.
    Maple Leaf does not know geometry.
    I don’t think about it here.
    If there is a room, there is a roof that can be used for a few days.
    But think about it is actually a return date, drive back to Shanghai.
    A kind of acacia, two daylight scenes, life, naturally, let’s go and enjoy.

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