[Jiangxi] Sanqing Mountain in Longhu Mountain, the two styles are once seen, and the clouds are light and windy.

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    Thousands of miles of hills rise from the ground, the clouds are light and light, depending on the column, everyone, I am Tes Magic, the name is Tete, this time my trip is to visit the two major mountains of Jiangxi 5A, Sanqingshan and Longhushan during the National Day. . Everyone must think that the National Day will be overcrowded. In fact, the National Day is the most popular for people 1-3, and the number of people starting from the 4th is gradually decreasing. On the 6th, it is almost less than the weekend. Although the Dragon and Tiger Mountain is not high, even if it is a flat land, it has a long way to go. It is still very hard to go down the whole journey. If Sanqingshan is the same, I chose to take the cable car. Because the Dragon Tiger Mountain is very tired after climbing, there is no way to climb two mountains in a row. On the cable car, we can clearly see the mountaineering road. The scenery of Shangshan Road is relatively general. The main scenery of Sanqing Mountain is all on the top of the mountain. The rocky landscape will be greatly changed and the scenery is very beautiful.
    Day0 Shanghai > Yingtan
    Day1 Yingtan> Dragon and Tiger Mountain (Penny’s Wharf > Mosquito-free Village > Peach Blossom State > Elephant Trunk Hill > Tianshi House) > Yushan
    Day2 Yushan> Sanqing Mountain (Wan Shouyuan > Nanqing Garden)
    Day3 Sanqing Mountain (Wan Shouyuan > Sunshine Coast > Yujing Peak > West Coast) > Yushan
    Day4 Yushan>Shanghai
    The Yujing Peak of Sanqing Mountain is highly recommended. Although there are signs that tourists stop, the hiking trail is not dangerous and the scenery is particularly good. However, in order to protect the environment, everyone should consciously stop leaving garbage there. There are many rubbish thrown by tourists at the top of the mountain, which is distressing.
    Traffic section
    Shanghai-Yingtan train hard sleeper upper board 160 yuan
    Yingtan-Yushan train hard seat 16 yuan
    Yushan-Sanqingshan bus 15 yuan
    Sanqingshan-Yushan bus 15 yuan
    Yushan-Shanghai train hard seat 140 yuan
    Bus tricycle total 20 yuan
    A total of 366 yuan
    Ticket section
    Dragon Tiger Mountain Tickets 225 yuan
    Bamboo rafting 10 yuan
    Sanqingshan ticket 160 yuan
    Sanqingshan uphill cableway 70 yuan
    Sanqingshan downhill cableway 55 yuan
    A total of 520 yuan
    A total of 359 yuan spent on accommodation for three days.
    Eat a total of 350 yuan for five days of eating
    50 yuan for souvenirs, etc.
    Total: 1645 yuan / person
    Shanghai-Longhushan: Yingtan was once known as the railway hub in our primary school textbooks. There are various trains in Shanghai, K-head, T-head, Z-head, D-head, G-head, various trains. There are, so don’t worry about not getting tickets, it is very convenient. After the train is off, there is a tourist line car or bus K2 line directly to Longhu Mountain, which is more convenient.
    Yingtan-Sanqingshan: There are two ways,
    One method is to take the train to Yushan and go from Yushan to Longhushan. It is not very recommended. Although the road is close, the road conditions are not very good, and the time spent is long.
    The two methods are to sit in Shangrao, where Shangrao is large and the route is developed. It is more convenient to go to Sanqingshan. This method is recommended.
    Sanqingshan-Shanghai: Whether it is Shangrao or Yushan, Sanqingshan always has to go back to the city. From Yushan or Shangrao to Shanghai, there are a lot of trains, so don’t worry about not getting tickets.
    We stayed in Yushan for two nights. On the first night and the third night, the hotels in Yushan were cheap and the number was very large. We can basically stay at any time, don’t worry.
    Shangrao is a prefecture-level city, and the number of hotels is also very impressive. There are various grades that can basically meet various needs.
    I lived in Sanqingshan for one night, the price was very expensive, 200 people, but I still rushed to the top of the mountain early, otherwise it would be terrible to live in the evening. The mountaintop is not only expensive, but the environment is also terrible. I can only overcome it. It is.
    Whether it is Longhushan or Sanqingshan, the weather is very comfortable. Although the mountain is 0.6 degrees lower every 100 meters, but after all, Jiangxi is located in the south, and the weather conditions are not cold. Just wear it as usual. Wear hiking shoes when climbing, don’t wear shoes or high heels.
    Sanqingshan Red Mushroom
    At the turn of the summer and autumn, in the alpine region of Sanqing Mountain, there is a cluster of red mushroom in the mountain forest. The rod is different from other mushrooms, not only is not brittle, but also hard and tough. Sanqingshan red mushroom, delicious and delicious, boiled soup, stewed chicken and duck are the best dishes. The color of the red mushroom is vermilion, rich in nutrients, delicious in taste, high in protein and multivitamins, and suitable for maternal and anemia. It can prevent colds and cirrhosis, and has the effects of lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and fighting cancer. The red mushroom is a wild edible fungus. At present, there is no artificial cultivation (because the mycelium cannot be separated), so the yield is far less than that of the mushroom, and it is increasingly precious.
    Sanqingshan white jade beans
    The white jade bean has a white grain like jade, and the cooked soup is like water. When it is eaten, it is refreshing and refreshing. In addition, it is a special product of Sanqingshan, hence the name “Sanqingdou”. It was also handed over to the court tribute beans in ancient times. The content of sugar, reducing sugar and protamine in Sanqingdou is moderate, but the contents of calcium, phosphorus, copper, iron and zinc are obviously higher than other bean products. It also contains 10 kinds of essential amino acids, which are very rich in nutrition and medicinal. Wide range of functions, such as moistening the lungs, reducing inflammation, nourishing the skin, strengthening the bones, strengthening the stomach, detoxification, etc., especially for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency, blood, calcium supplementation, etc. It is suitable for many cooking methods such as frying, boiling and stewing. It is used as a good raw material for processing snacks. It has the characteristics of salty food and sweet food, and is favored by consumers.
    Sanqingshan chestnut roast chicken
    Sanqingshan is rich in chestnut, and Nanshan Xikeng is surrounded by Maolin. The chestnut trees are fragrant in autumn, welcoming the praise of the Quartet tourists. In the autumn, the chicken is tender and tender, and the grass seed mountain worm feeds on the mountain, and the foreign beauty is called “running pheasant”. In this season, chestnut stewed chicken can be described as a special dish in Sanqingshan area, which is a delicious dish for autumn and winter tonic.
    Sanqingshan Golden Bean
    Golden beans are commonly known as “moon beans”. There are two main varieties: one is called “white gold beans”, the bean skin is pure white and smooth; the other is called “flower gold beans”, and the bean skin is red and white. These two kinds of golden beans are of good quality, containing a lot of starch and protein. They can be boiled, salted and fried, and cooked into a delicious dish. The taste is delicious and delicious like white lotus.
    Sanqingshan La Duck
    The Sanqingshan La Duck is stocked in the wild in the Yushan farmhouse on the bank of the Xinjiang River at the foot of Sanqing Mountain. It is made from the snails of the snails, the earth-water ducks of the insect-feeding valleys, and the three-day salted seven days of exposure; the unique formula and traditional craftsmanship. Duck lean meat, good dryness, good nutrition, tender meat, thin skin, bone crispy meatFragrant, waxy alcohol and fresh and delicious mouth, it is a “treasure of Jiangnan cuisine”, is a feast for guests, gifts to friends and relatives.
    Sanqingshan Yushan Soup Powder
    The raw material of the soup powder is rice flour, which has the thickness. Yushan people like coarse powder and especially like to use it as breakfast. The good rice noodle is the foundation, but the essence of the soup powder is soup, not powder, and the soup is delicious. The ingredients are also quite rich, and there are common pigs and beef. Of course, there is also a soup powder.
    Sanqing Mountain Lights
    The lamp hazelnut is a specialty snack popular in the lead mountain area of ​​Shangrao. Soak the high-quality rice in water for about two hours; then, put the stone into a white rice slurry; then put it into the pot and stir fry, add a little salt and edible alkali when frying, the raw material of the peel Made out. Then, cut the white radish, bean sprouts, fresh pork, and mushrooms into small Ding, then put them into the pot and stir fry them with a little fire. Add the seasoning after cooling, then add the appropriate amount of starch and mix well. The filling of the fruit is done. Then, the pre-prepared fruit mass is smashed into a cylinder, and a little peel is squeezed out from it, and then the ball of the same size as the dinosaur is imaged, and then it is pinched into the shape of a small lamp. Finally, fill in the delicious stuffing on the skin that resembles the ancient oil lamp, and then steam it in a steamer for about 20 minutes.
    Dragon and Tiger Mountain Notes
    1. Longhu Mountain belongs to Danxia landform. The trees on the mountain are relatively small and small. When sitting on bamboo poles or boats in summer, everyone must take sunscreen measures.
    2. When sitting on a bamboo pole or a boat, do not stick out the handles and feet on the bamboo poles or the boat. The valuables you bring must be kept safely. Never fall into the water.
    3, because a bamboo pole can only sit 7 to 8 people, the guide can only be on one of the bamboo poles.
    4. As the sightseeing tour of Longhushan Scenic Spot is carried out, your own coach can’t drive in, and there is a waiting time between each scenic spot.
    5, Taoist holy land, please respect the local customs, all the guests in the scenic area to burn the incense is a self-funded project, please guests rational consumption
    Sanqingshan Notes
    1. Sanqingshan is overcrowded during the tourist season. If time permits, it is best to choose to travel on a non-weekend.
    2, it is recommended to prepare some dry food to supplement physical strength, mountain climbing is a strong physical exercise, energy consumption is great, so it is best to bring dry food in the personal items, in order to replenish energy in a timely manner. There is a lot of sweat when climbing, so it is necessary to bring enough water.
    3, Sanqingshan geographical conditions are special, because there are plank roads, are climbing a section of the mountain to take a flat road, there is enough buffer time. After climbing the cableway, you need to climb the mountain for about 5 hours. If you walk up the mountain, you can’t complete the trip in one day.
    4. Since Sanqing Mountain is a high mountainous area, some sections are more dangerous. Therefore, when playing, it should be slow and should not be fast. Walking without looking at the scenery, watching the scenery does not walk.
    5. Don’t leave too much baggage when traveling. It doesn’t make sense to bring too many items, it is the burden of our travel. Take it with you, it’s not convenient. So I advocate a one-pack policy: all luggage needs only one big rucksack.
    6. The natural water and water storage in the scenic area must not be drunk. Although it is non-toxic, there is still a lot of minerals inside, which will cause harm to the body after drinking.
    7. Sanqingshan is absolutely strictly prohibited from smoking. It is strictly forbidden to pay for wild donkeys. Pay special attention to forest fire prevention in the mountains. You can only smoke in designated smoking areas or hotels. It is forbidden to bring fire to enter the forest area.
    The itinerary is to go to Yingtan from Shanghai South Railway Station on the 4th night. The construction of the South Railway Station is much more modern than that of the Shanghai Railway Station. The online ticketing ticket must be taken to the 3rd floor. After the completion, the railway hub will be set off to East China. Yingtan.
    At 6 o’clock in the morning, I went to Yingtan. After I left the station, I discovered that the so-called railway hub was simply small and pitiful. Compared with the Shanghai station, it seems that the primary school text is outdated. After leaving the station, we took the K2 bus and arrived at Longhushan in about 40 minutes.
    Because it is early in the morning, the sun has just risen and the scenery is very beautiful. When we were on the bus, we have been discussing which side of the road is the Dragon and Tiger Mountain, because all the way is the hilly area, but it’s really the Dragon and Tiger Mountain. I found that there is no need to guess, Dragon and Tiger Mountain is so beautiful, and the hills around it are not a grade!
    Longhu Mountain is located in Guixi City, 20 kilometers southwest of Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province. In the middle of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zheng Dao, a founder of the Eastern Han Dynasty, once made alchemy here. It is said that “Dancheng and Longhu are now, the mountain is named. The highest in Tianmen Mountain, 1300 meters above sea level. Longhu Mountain is the eighth world natural heritage in China, world geology Parks, national natural and cultural heritage sites, national AAAAA-level tourist attractions, and national key cultural relics protection units.
    Longhu Mountain is a typical Danxia landform in China. It is the birthplace of Chinese Taoism. In 2007, it joined the World Geopark Network. The Danxia landform of Longhu Mountain is the second development of Xinjiang in the southeast of China.The southern margin of the middle part of the basin consists of the Danxia mountain formed by the late Cretaceous continental-mountain flood-alluvial fan-like red glutenite.
    According to Taoist classics, Zhang Ling’s fourth generation Sun Zhangsheng had settled in Longhushan during the Three Kingdoms or the Western Jin Dynasty. Since then, the descendants of Zhang Tianshi have lived in Longhushan, and have inherited the 63rd generation, which has been going through over 1900 years.
    On August 2, 2010, Longhushan and Guifeng were included in the World Natural Heritage List.
    Waiting for departure at the train station
    K-headed train, the hard-sleeping space is very small
    The upper level of the hard sleeper is smaller and the environment is also poorer, which is not easy to bear.
    Yingtan Railway Station
    Here is the road from the train station to Longhu Mountain, you can see the sunrise
    The sun is shining, the peaks of the Dragon and Tiger Mountain are in the distance, and you can recognize the scenic spot at a glance.
    The environment near the Dragon and Tiger Mountain is very well protected.
    Tickets are still very expensive 225, but also includes small traffic in the scenic area, as long as it is in the scenic spot, the bus can sit casually, so we went to the bus and went to the famous bamboo rafting in Longhushan. Although it was during the National Day, but because we arrived early, there is no need to line up at all. If it is in the afternoon, the team will be amazing. The old man sitting on the bamboo pole with bamboo poles tells us about the natural landscape history and culture of the mountainside. It’s a tour guide, about 30 minutes, and the happy bamboo rafting is over.
    Cruise ship dock, a lot of workers waiting for the ship
    Boatman holding a bamboo pole
    Looking at the scenery on the Luxi River
    Picturesque landscape
    White on the mountain is bird droppings
    A view of Luxi River
    Riverside of Luxi
    A view of Luxi River
    Drifting on the Luxi River
    Is the scenery a bit like Guilin?
    Mountains in the distance
    Danxia landform in Longhu Mountain
    Lush vegetation
    Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenery
    Does this hill look like a mushroom?
    Do not lose the atmospheric scenery of Guilin
    As usual
    Riverside mountains
    Beautiful mountain
    Open river
    Reminiscent of a lonely boat
    After the return of the bamboo raft pier, we went all the way to the west. After Yunjinfeng, we went to the mosquito-free village. I heard that there are no mosquitoes in the village, is it really impossible to study, anyway, I did not find mosquitoes. There are very strange persimmons sold there, which look like missile tomatoes, but unfortunately they are not bought and eaten. I thought that there was more to it later. . The result was not sold at all. Regret.
    Persimmon without mosquito village
    No mosquito village
    Inside the village
    Previous furniture
    Burning place
    No mosquito village plaque
    After the mosquito-free village, I went to Peach Blossom State. It is a good place to watch the hanging performances. But since the performance has not yet started, we decided to go to the opposite side of Peach Blossom State. On the road, I saw the fisherman took the bamboo pole and stopped the two big waterfowl. I found out that it was a scorpion fisherman. It was a waterfowl for fisherman fishing. It looked very cute. I tried to touch it and found it. Very cute, it turned out to be very fierce, and the mouth is coming to bite me. After we got a few photos with us, we will continue on the road.
    It takes a long time to walk from Taohuazhou to Xianshuiyan on the opposite bank. In the middle, I have to take a temporary bridge. It feels the same as the construction site. After that, it is the Xianshuiyan scenic spot. Although the Longhu Mountain is very short, the Xianshui Rock still needs to climb many steps. of. After watching the mother of the earth, we went to the temple at the foot of the hang, and found a little in the temple to see the performance, but no choice but to return to the other side.
    Then there is the hanging performance. First, the performance of the hot field. After the end, several people dropped the coffin from the underground to the cave in the middle of the mountain. It is quite visible. The performance is very dangerous. It is very enjoyable to watch. Unfortunately, time Too short, far from us, or it will be more perfect.
    This bridge is very distinctive
    Riverside of Dragon and Tiger Mountain
    Upgraded place
    Where to promote the show
    Two 鸬鹚~ very heavy
    Temporary bridge
    Mother Earth
    The performance of the performance, all played
    At 10:45, we came from Taohuazhou to the entrance of the most famous Elephant Trunk Hill in Longhu Mountain. It is a mountain road all the way, which is equal to climbing. Although the Dragon and Tiger Mountain is only 260 meters high, the hot sun is very poisonous. We have drunk a lot of water all the way. I haven’t climbed the mountain for a long time. I feel very tired when I first started. There are many caves along the way, as well as a line of heaven, a landscape like the stone, the scenery is very good, rich in the characteristics of Danxia landform. After the Elephant Trunk Hill, it was followed by the newly built high-altitude plank road of Longhu Mountain. It was about 3,100 meters long and was built on the mountain wall. The foot is a cliff. Standing on it has a very dangerous feeling. We spent a total of 1 hour after finishing the Elephant Trunk Hill, and the high-altitude plank road at 11:50. It took 75 minutes to complete the 3100 meters. The next plank road was 1:05 pm.
    This is the Elephant Trunk Hill, and there is also one in Guilin. There are many similarities between the two places.
    Walking path
    Beautiful forest
    There are caves to go
    The cave is not high.
    Yuanwang Longhu Mountain
    Long walk path
    Glass path
    The scenery in the distance is especially beautiful
    Super long plank road, it will take a lot of time to build
    On the edge of the plank
    First-line day
    Yuanwang Longhushan scenery
    Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenery
    Long plank road
    Or the plank road
    Really long
    The green lush river on the edge of the plank road
    Everyone is very tired after this trip, but we will not leave easily if the attractions are not finished. Directly take the scenic spot battery car to Tianshifu, where there is obviously no development of Longhushan. Like the country town, the roadside is made of steel and tires, and there is no life at all. At 1:45, the Tianshifu scenic spot, the so-called Tianshifu, is the residence of Taoist Zhang Tianshi. Inside the scenic spot is a Taoist temple. Longhushan is the famous mountain of China’s four avenues. The cultural heritage of Taoism is still very deep. However, there have been baptisms such as wars. Most of the preserved cultural relics have been newly built. Only one well is ancient. Down. After the visit to Tianshifu, everyone was very tired. At three o’clock in the afternoon, we left the scenic spot and drove back to Yingtan downtown.
    Here is Tianshifu, the sky is already blue.
    Clock tower
    Very old old tree
    dayTeacher’s office
    Yingtan City is a prefecture-level city with a large population. The downtown area is very prosperous. It has chosen a hot pot restaurant to eat. The price is really cheap. It is totally out of proportion with Shanghai. After a big meal, it will take a train to Yushan. I have to say that the train is too tragic. I can only sit on the ground and say that the Yushan station can’t even go to the car. The door is blocked by big bags. Finally, with the hard work of the flight attendants and our own efforts, the train was finally squeezed. Just got out of the car, the door immediately closed, it is a small site. When I got out of the train station, I found that the environment near the Yushan Railway Station was terrible. The dust on the street was full of a tricycle driver. You finally chose a driver with a middle-aged woman’s car. The hotel booked online was too good, so I chose an ordinary residence, it was 11 o’clock in the evening.
    At the hotel in Yushan, overlooking the opposite street, it is not very shabby.
    The sheets in the hotel are quite distinctive.
    I slept half a lazy in the morning and went out to buy it early. It was called Shanghai Xiaolong. It was just a gimmick. After filling up, I set off to the Yushan Bus Station. After buying the standard East ticket, I could not find the car. As a result, I was recommended by a very enthusiastic aunt to buy a cheaper South Gate ticket. After riding the car, I found that the car was winding around the road. All the way was to go around the mountain, but the scenery is really good. You can see the customs of Jiangxi, where the water is green and green, and the green mountain is green. The Panshan Highway was halfway open, and the car suddenly stopped. The original road collapsed. Get off and check it out. A forklift was driven on the top of the road. It was almost finished, and it was back in the car. I found that the soil there was too strong and my shoes had turned yellow.
    I finally came to Sanqingshan. It was already at 12:30, because I had climbed the relationship between Longhushan and Sanqingshan. Directly on the ropeway, I have to say that the ropeway is really expensive now, and it will be 140. . There is no room for counter-offer. When you take the cableway, you will see the green mountains all the way. When you look up, a scene is obviously different from the surrounding area. The tall and straight ridge stands on the top of the mountains. Sanqing Mountain is well-deserved!
    Sanqing Mountain, also known as Shaohua Mountain and Lushan Mountain, is located at the junction of Yushan County and Dexing City, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, China. Because Yujing, Yuxu, and Yuhua are like the Taoist Yuqing, Shangqing, and Taiqing, the three gods are named after the mountain. Among them, Yujing Peak is the highest, with an altitude of 1819.9 meters. It is the fifth peak of Jiangxi and the highest peak of Huaiyu Mountain Range. It is also the source of Xinjiang River. Sanqing Mountain is a famous Taoist mountain, a world natural heritage site, a world geopark, a national natural heritage, and a national geological park.
    The main body of Sanqing Mountain is 12.2 kilometers long from north to south and 6.3 kilometers wide from east to west. The plane is lotus-shaped and slopes from southeast to northwest. It is located in the Huaiyushan structure fast-moving unit of the Yangtze Plate and the Huaxia Ancient Plate in the southeastern part of the Eurasian Plate. It is located in the hinterland of Huaiyu Mountain Range and is a mountainous terrain dominated by granite structure erosion. The mountain is steep in the east, south and west, and slightly slow in the north. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, the horizontal distance is 5km, and the altitude is increased from 200m to 1816m.
    The granite micro-geomorphology of Sanqing Mountain is densely distributed, showing the most densely distributed and most morphological peaks in the world; 2,373 species of higher plants and 1,728 species of wild animals constitute the most biologically diverse environment in East Asia. The Taoist history of more than 1600 years gave birth to rich Taoist cultural connotations. The Sanqinggong ancient buildings in the layout of the Eight Diagrams were evaluated by the State Council Cultural Relics Expert Group as “Open-air Museum of Ancient Chinese Taoist Architecture”.
    The World Heritage Convention believes that Sanqingshan has displayed unique granite pillars and peaks in a relatively small area. The rich granite molding stone combines with a variety of vegetation, far-changing landscapes and shocking climate wonders to create a unique world. The aesthetic effect of the landscape presents a fascinating natural beauty. “China National Geographic” magazine was selected as one of “China’s five most beautiful peaks”; Chinese and American geologists agree that it is “the most beautiful granite on the western Pacific Ocean.”
    Cableway, when you reach the top, you can clearly see the beauty of the opposite mountain. When you see it, you will arrive at the scenic spot. Hiking is not of great significance. There is not much scenery along the way.
    12:40 million birthday garden
    After arriving at the top of the Nanshan cableway, I went straight to the Wanshouyuan scenic spot. The biggest feeling of this scenic spot is that its steps are very irregular, seven turns and eight turns, and some places are to make some footprints on the stone. It’s not fun to climb. The Wanshou Garden scenic spot is not big. It can be visited in half an hour. After watching the rhinoceros stone like rhinoceros, it enters a newly-built place with three rows of famous names. There, my base map is completely useless. It seems that the map of the train station is completely unreliable. Later, I have to make up a new map, 15 yuan. It is really amazing to sit on the ground.
    I have to go a lot of steps at the beginning.
    Very many steps, you can see the viewing platform
    The super long plank road, and Longhushan seems to be built by an engineering team.
    There are many climbing steps on the road.
    Good scenery on the edge of the cliff
    Very distinctive rock
    13:40 Nanqing Garden
    After three rows of sharp points, it is the first line of Sanqing Mountain. The first line of the road is up, there is no buffer. The scenic area is humanized. There are many rest areas on the side of the ladder, which allows visitors to regroup and continue climbing. All the way to stop, directly on the first line of the sky, to the first line of the sky before I feel tired, but the scenic area is too big. Can only continue on the road. On the road, a boss-level character was carried by two workers, claiming to be Chinese 500, and the foreigner was carrying $500. When they met the Japanese, they would not raise any more money. From the beginning of the first line to the sights of the Eastern goddess, all the way is upwards. It took a full hour and 15 minutes to complete the journey. At the goddess hotel, I found a room to stay. I have to say that on October 6th. It was during the National Day, but because there were too many tourists in the past few days, everyone was scared to come, and the result became deserted. The price of a room has shrunk greatly, it feels good luck, it is much easier to unload luggage, and then embark on the road to the Sunshine Coast. It was already 3 pm, and we were going to finish the Yujing Peak. But the weather is very bad, and a large expanse of clouds obscures our sight. Visibility is very low. In this case, I don’t think about it when I look at the scenery. So the more you go, the more meaningless it is. . We walked from the goddess to half of the Sunshine Coast, and returned to the original road. It took more than three hours and it was a violent walk. However, because it is lightly loaded, it is not very tired. After returning to the hotel, we ordered a fried bean, an onion scrambled egg, and a bowl of rice. It is simply a black shop. There is an electric blanket in the goddess hotel. It is quite warm to sleep. In the evening, I want to see the stars. I can’t help but the clouds are thick and the sky is dark. I have to give up.
    This place is quite tired
    This should be a mountain trail that was old when it was old.
    Beautiful rock
    First-line day
    Sanqingshan style
    Yuanwang Sanqingshan
    The most famous attraction, the goddess of the spring
    Look far
    Sichun goddess, we live there
    The goddess hotel should be a famous hotel, but the environment is still not good enough, compared to its price.
    This price is really not a good one, but there is no way at the top of the mountain.
    Two people living in a triple room
    Guess how much? 50!
    Green beans? 30!
    Rice 20. This is a total of 100 things
    At 5 o’clock in the morning, I got up early to get ready to watch the sunrise. When I got out of the door, I found that there was no darkness in the outside. It’s a bit scary to be alone in the dark mountains. After walking for about 10 minutes, I finally met a family of three who also wanted to watch the sunrise. I went all the way to the place where I watched the sunrise. There were many tents built in the middle of the night. It is the person who wants to see the sunrise. It is a pity that the gods are too evil, and a large block of fog is blocking the sun. Only for a moment, the sun showed a small face, and the sky suddenly turned red, but it didn’t last for a few seconds, then it didn’t fall into the fog, it was gray, and nothing could be seen.
    Going back to the hotel, I bought some corn and started again. Today, I have to go through Sanqingshan, so I have to go early.
    In the morning, in order to see the people who are stationed at the top of the mountain
    The morning wind is particularly big
    Trees in the distance are hidden in the clouds
    This is the sunrise we watched, and it was so red that I was captured.
    7:15 Nanqing Garden
    Starting from Nanqingyuan, we walked the eastern stack road. If it is a sunny day, I heard that the scenery of the plank road will be very beautiful, and because the sun is in the east, the sun shines, especially spectacular. It is a pity that the sky is foggy and everything has become a bubble. The eastern plank road is very long, about 3 kilometers long, longer than the Longhushan high-altitude plank road, but the terrain is flat and it is not too tired to walk. Walking along the left side of the mountain wall, I left for about an hour and finally walked out of the plank road. To the first-line scenic spot. But this time we don’t have to climb a line anymore. Our aim is to travel through Sanqingshan, so we will go all the way to the west, and circle a large circle in the west of Nanqingyuan. After Liuxiatai and the first gorge, we will reach the top of Yuhuangding. From here to the west, it is the Sunshine Coast scenic spot.
    The sky is getting better and better, Sanqingshan in the clouds
    Long plank road
    Distant group
    9:00 Sunshine Coast
    As the name suggests, the Sunshine Coast should be a place where the sun shines. This is a super long plank road that is not shorter than the eastern plank road. However, because of the fog, the scenery is gone, and it is a pity. Along the Sunshine Coast, all the way, about an hour, went to the Sanqingfudi scenic spot, but the map clearly marked with Yujingfeng, but we did not find it. Since it came to Sanqingshan, it is definitely a big one. Regrettably, therefore, we turned back the road and finally saw a quaint path with tourists stopping. Obviously, this is no deterrent. We will start climbing.
    Look at the fence
    Mountains in the distance
    Sanqing in the clouds
    The sky is gradually blue
    Here is the entrance to the mountain, and it is the Yujing Peak. Very humble.
    10:00 Yu Jingfeng
    The time to reach the entrance of Yujing Peak is exactly 10 o’clock. From this, it is not the scenic avenue. It is the path that Yujingfeng had in ancient times. All the way is not up, it is a ladder, and the ladder is full. Moss, be careful when you walk, there are many weeds on both sides of the road, and there are many mosquitoes. Fortunately, we are not afraid of wearing long trousers. The more you go up, the bluer the sky, and the fog is getting higher with us. I saw that a burst of fog and rapid shuttle between the mountains, from time to time blowing on our faces, a burst of cold. Continue to climb up, gradually, the fog is already at our feet, looking up at the sky, the endless blue is appearing on top of our heads, the sun is unobstructed on the mountain wall, shining. Looking down, because the distance is far, the misty waves are mixed with the clouds and moving slowly under our feet, and there is no more momentum. The climb took a total of 45 minutes. Because the scenery on the top of the mountain was so beautiful, people were lingering. We stayed at the top of the mountain for more than an hour.
    Yujing Peak can see the foggy waves on the mountainside
    Looking up, it’s already blue sky and white clouds.
    Blue sky
    The sun is so unpredictable
    At the top of the mountain, there are many climbing places without railings. Be careful.
    Sanqing Fudi
    Clouds haunt
    Place of worship
    The sky is so blue
    Layer stacking
    Famous mountain in the world
    Looking at the sea of ​​clouds
    The sea of ​​clouds is at your feet
    Just behind
    Covering the mountain
    Layers of fog are inexhaustible
    Beautiful mountain peak
    Cloud sea
    Cloud in the distance
    Multicolored trees
    12:50 West Coast
    After going down the mountain, I bought instant noodles for lunch and re-entered the trip. We gave up the Sanqingfu land and went straight down the west coast. The west coast is still a high-altitude plank road. The whole stadium is 3,600 meters, which is the longest path I have ever encountered. However, because of its flat terrain, it is not too difficult to walk. After the Yujing Peak, the overall weather has become better, but the mountainside is still foggy and continuous, and there is no good scenery. We took the West Coast and walked back to the southern cableway.
    Landscape overlooking the fence
    Beautiful Sanqingshan
    Big wood, very distinctive
    Finally, look back at Sanqingshan
    Almost no one when going down the mountain
    Under the ropeway, say goodbye to Sanqingshan
    After the cableway went down the mountain, I was lucky. I didn’t have a few minutes to get the bus. I immediately took the return bus and returned to Yushan. Unfortunately, the bus was too slow. It is too late, the train did not catch up and can only stay in Yushan for one night. In the evening, I made up a good meal in Dezhuang Hot Pot. The taste is really good. The price is much cheaper than Shanghai.
    Finally, I stayed at the hotel in the bus. The price was cheap and there was a computer. It was the best stay in three days.
    Yushan City
    Very distinctive broadcasting tower in the city
    The hotel that stayed last night was cheap and good, with a computer. Just next to the station.

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