[Jiangxi] Wuyuan Yuling Yaowan, Yunwu Sanqing Mountain, Romantic Tour ()

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Wuyuan Mountain, Yaowan, Yunwu Sanqing Mountain Romantic Tour
    ——Experience the drunken country; visit the Sanqing Mountain, feel the mist and lingering around you
    (more than a hundred pictures share)
    This time, “Wuyuan Yuling, Yunsan Sanqingshan, Romantic Yaowan Tour” is a friend introduction. Although we had been to Sanqingshan on New Year’s Day a few years ago, we didn’t say that we had never been to Luling and Yaowan. We had never heard it before, and the price was favorable. The route was enticing. We decided to sign up now. This trip is also the most labor-saving. Prepare before the trip, report the name of the visitor, and pay by Alipay.
    With group tours, especially around Shanghai, I really want to say: no need to be prepared, no need to worry about transportation, food and accommodation. Bring your ID card, mobile phone, camera; replace clothes, toiletries, bank card (RMB).
    I. Preparations before the trip Prepare for the Internet to check the introduction of the two scenic spots in Guling and Yaowan. The online list shows the reasons for going to the Lingling Scenic Area, adding more wants to go to Guling and Yaowan. Desire, I feel that my travels are worthy of my name. The N reasons for going to the Lingling Scenic Spot are reproduced below.
    · Reason 1
    1. The condensed version of Wuyuan–the beautiful countryside with the ancient villages of ancient villages, terraced flowers and seas, and folk customs.
    2, Temple-level art villages – Wuyuan Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient construction is concentrated and exquisite, 500 meters “Tianjie” shops are full of ancient and interesting, artistic creation can be seen everywhere.
    3, the gourmet bombing – gathering local Huizhou snacks and Wuyuan cuisine, the signature famous dish “篁岭晒秋” warmed the taste buds of many people.
    4, wild luxury holiday homes – inspired by the traditional Jiangnan folk “sun autumn” design, 46 luxury guest houses hidden in natural Chinese painting.
    5, the outdoor experience is happy with each other – 40 meters high altitude “glass plank road” lying in the sea of ​​flowers; “weird house”, sometimes gravity loss, and sometimes a point of the sun.
    Second, travel itinerary
    Day 1 Shanghai – Wuyuan – Guling 2nd Day Sanqingshan 3rd Day Wuyuan – Yaowan – Shanghai
    Third, the natural climate
    In early spring, spring in March is warm, not cold or hot, it is the best season for tourism, rapeseed just exposed
    Fourth, here to introduce free transportation, accommodation and food to friends who are free to travel:
    1. Luling Traffic
    Sunqiu People’s Home – Qiling Scenic Area is located on the east line of Wuyuan Tourism, 39 kilometers away from Wuyuan County. The Jiangwan and Guling Expressway exits are only 9 kilometers away from the scenic spot. Jingdezhen Airport and Huangshan Airport are both about 80 kilometers away. The road from the 201 provincial road to the scenic area has been fully expanded. The ancient village of Qiling, which has always been hidden in the mountains due to inconvenient transportation, has opened a mysterious veil to tourists.
    Visitors from Jiangwan Town along Provincial Road 201, turn right at the “Lotus Core” village for 4 km, arrive at the Guling Visitor Service Center, and purchase tickets to enter the scenic spot by cableway.
    2, Lingling accommodation
    The Lingling Folk Customs Area pursues a health care and holiday business model. The ancient village will repair the original residential houses and create a unique super-star boutique resort hotel. Visitors can book various rooms in advance according to their own needs (October 2014) The resort opened), there are hotels under the mountain.
    3, Guling food, shopping.
    We have all our own meals for 3 days, just have the opportunity to taste the food and have a good time.
    The food culture is the pen of the folk customs of the Guling Mountains. The “Tianjie Farmhouse Banquet” of the “Tianjie Restaurant” is made of self-hunting, self-cultivating and self-supporting. It takes Huizhou as its root, takes Wuyuan’s food culture as its spirit, and takes the folk customs and people’s sentiments as the benchmark. The wide-width terrace window of “Tianjie Restaurant” faces the 10,000-acre terraced fields, and the changes in the shade of the vast wilderness are all in sight.
    Five, the ticket
    Ticket price for the Lingling scenic spot: 60 yuan for the single-way ticket and 100 yuan for the round-trip ticket; A ticket (the cable car + scenic spot ticket) 135 yuan / person; B package for 120 yuan (giving the scenic bus). Our tickets for the Lingling include, and the additional tour guide ticket is 100 yuan/person.
    Six, suggestions
    It is recommended to purchase the cableway tickets for the two attractions of Guling and Sanqingshan. You must take the cableway to visit the Qiling Scenic Area. If Sanqingshan climbs up on your own, there is not enough time.
    At 6:30 in the morning of March 4th, 2016, the departure point is: South Gate of Shanghai Museum (Wusheng Road, among the eight stone lions), and the tour guide will pick up the flag of “Spring Holiday”. The front of the museum is crowded with peopleMore than 10 tour guides, we asked one by one, find a tour guide, and then find a bus to go to China’s most beautiful country – Wuyuan. (The journey time is about 6 hours).
    Midway in the service area of ​​Longgang and other small breaks
    This is our beauty guide, introducing a 3-day tour
    Haha! This iconic sculpture is too deep! Last time I went to Sanqingshan, I used lunch here at noon on the first day.
    Under the high speed, see the roadside Huangshan College
    The tour guide and we discussed the travel agency’s itinerary slightly, and went to Guling in the afternoon.
    It is getting closer to the Lingling Scenic Area!
    The ridge is in the autumn. It is located in the Shier Mountain Range, with an area of ​​5 square kilometers. It is composed of a cable car ride in the cableway, a visit to the ancient village on the Tiantian Street, a terraced flower garden and a folklore. The Kuling Mountains are typical mountain villages, and the houses are arranged in a fan-shaped ladder around the water outlet. Luling is famous for its “sun-baked autumn”. The village “Tianjie” is like a jade belt. It is a series of fine ancient buildings. The emblem-style shops are lined up, and the former shop and the back square, a mobile abbreviation “Qingming Shanghe map”. Surrounded by thousands of acres of terraced fields, the four seasons of flowers show the amazing “land art”.
    Newly built scenic area management room. I used to take the cable car up the ridge and see this banner? Ten thousand people swim in the mountains! Nowadays there are many tourists, do not open the main entrance, walk the side door, and the right side is lined up to take the cable car.
    Guides buy tickets at the ticket office
    The scenic spot buys the fare list. Our tickets for the Lingling include, the cost of the ropeway for the two attractions is self-care, today the 100-meter/person ticket for the Lingling Tour Road and the ticket for the Sanqingshan Mountain for tomorrow is 125 yuan/person. The tour guide has already counted in the car, and the individual is willing to volunteer. The tour guide does not insist. .
    Tickets for the Guling team, remember to enter the scenic spot tickets can not be thrown away, leaving the scenic spot, the tour guide to recycle.
    When you line up the cableway, go to the bathroom, the faucet of the bathroom, etc.
    Enter the indoor queue, serpentine passage. Electronic screen scrolling to play “Sun Qiu Ren Jia” Welcome to the Lingling Scenic Area! ”
    Sitting in the cable car, looking back and watching the crowd. On the hillside, the terraced rapeseed has just been exposed, and it takes another two weeks to bloom.
    Wow, park so many buses! Think about it, there are so many tourists on the mountain!
    Oh, there is a road in the middle of the mountain. You may drive up the mountain by self-driving tour.
    After a while, I went to the mountains.
    At this time, the entrance to the cableway at the mountain is empty.
    Let’s take a look at the top ten attractions of the Lingling. The first is the most beautiful Chinese symbol – Sun Qiu, see the introduction one by one!
    Upload another scenic map
    Condescending, the house halfway up the mountain is clear at a glance.
    There are several hundred meters of roads from the exit of the ropeway to the village of Qiling.
    When you walk into the village, you will see the Wuyuan Folk Culture Exhibition Hall.
    1. Observing the ancient architecture of the carved and painted buildings
    The main hall in the exhibition hall, above the top: Golden Temple
    What is the Golden Temple biography. Check Baidu: The ancient imperial examinations have three kinds of “township test, test, and temple test”. The palace test was personally presented by the emperor. Two days after the palace test, the emperor summoned the scholars in the new exam. The scholars who were admitted were dressed in public attire, wearing three crowns and nine-leaf crowns. They stood in front of the palace and listened to the name and ranking of the scholars. They went to the temple to see the emperor. This is the “Golden Temple Chuanqi”.
    The side entrance of the exhibition hall, the ancient buildings such as Zhushan Academy and Book Music
    The ancient village of Qiling, which is hung on the cliff, is not flat. For hundreds of years, the villagers have long been accustomed to “communicating” with the rugged terrain with a peaceful mind.
    Scenic Hotel Reception Center
    The bathroom next to the reception center of the scenic area is also antique.
    Unique architectural style and beautiful scenery
    Each door has a brick carved roof
    Many facades with exquisite wood carvings
    This gate is more festive and magnificent.
    Wood carvings on doors, windows, and beams, whether they are characters or animals, are lifelike
    The facades of the whole building are carefully carved. A row of carvings on the doorway vividly reflects the hard work of the ancient people.
    This door is not a wood carving or a brick carving.
    The decoration of the tree and the house is very particular. On the table of the hall, there is a vase on the side of the table, and the mirror is placed on the side. The middle is the bell. The homonym of “Dongping Xijing” is taken, meaning the peace is peaceful, calm and calm. There is a semi-circular table on both sides of the living room. After the owner returns, put the table together.It is reunion. ”
    Huizhou people regard water as wealth, and there is a mouth or altar in the house. It not only gathers wealth, but also is a fire pool. There is also a large well (small pond) in the backyard.
    Huizhou Five Cinnamon Hall is also one of the top ten attractions! The pattern of ancient villages reflects the authentic taste of the ancient villages in the local area. The ancient buildings of the Huizhou style of Tianjie are well preserved.
    2, step into the ancient streets of the Ming and Qing dynasty shops – Tianjie (one of the top ten)
    Tourists take pictures and take pictures. Nearly 500 meters of “Tianjie” ancient lanes are lined with emblem shops, tea houses, wine cellars, bookstores, Xinzhuang, and Yipu.
    A narrow street, crowded with people’s clothing and wooden crafts.
    Porcelain Xuan: Sell ceramic ornaments and ceramic gadgets.
    Bodhi tree: the national wind bag is the main.
    There are also South goods stores: a variety of local specialty shops, such as camellia oil, wild vegetables, many varieties, the price is 20 to 100 yuan.
    There is also the Qiling Writing Camp, where curious tourists take photos.
    Guling Story: The ethnic flavor of the goods is strong, mainly including bags, clothes, hats, fans, postcards, oil paper umbrellas, necklace bracelets.
    There is also a kerosene lamp outside this door.
    Qiling Muyi: Selling wood carvings and wooden crafts. Beautiful model advertises
    These houses are old and old, cotton linen shops, tourists only linger at the door, no one enters
    Take a moment, tired! Rice milk bar sit for a while, drink a small bowl of rice milk, admire the terraces across the platform, and watch the beautiful women take pictures. The small furnishings of the store are also lovable.
    Tianjie Restaurant can accommodate 500 tourists at the same time. The decoration of the restaurant uses elements such as porcelain, wood carving and dried chrysanthemum. The whole body exudes an antique atmosphere, and the large wide glass window directly faces the 10,000-acre terrace. Enjoy the view while dining! After using the meal, you can make a reservation directly at the restaurant front desk.
    There is an oversized QR code on the opposite side of the restaurant.
    I can’t eat hot tofu!
    This is even more awkward! “Do not eat glutinous rice cake, white to Wuyuan.” Hey, buy something to try it, hey, it’s delicious.
    Ah, the famous Wang Yi is provocatively squatting on a street in Tunxi. There are also here! Going in and getting a bowl of taste, it’s really the same as Wang Yi’s provocative taste on Tunxi Street!
    In the ancient village, the original residential houses will be repaired. The downstairs is a shop. The upstairs is a guest room. If there is a house number, it is impossible to see which room is the guest room. It is clean and tidy, and the supporting facilities are complete. It is suitable for couples and families to live on vacation.
    It is worth mentioning that there is a single-family house type in the scenic spot. It is also the transformation of the original dwellings. There is a carp pond in the courtyard, which is especially suitable for a large group of friends to gather and rent.
    “The window is bordered by Chiba, and the gate is full of secluded fields.”
    Chili, Huangju and Camellia oil are the three treasures of Guling, which can be bought in Tianjie. Huangju, one of the three treasures of the Lingling, is very beautiful, suitable for buying and sending friends and family, 50-100 yuan between.
    Leave a shadow in the middle of the wide Tianjie
    It’s rare to see the mountain street. Everyone is competing to take pictures and see who is shooting!
    In the Lingling Post, tourists have stamped the memorial
    Here, the three passes, the tour guide walked away, we clicked on the map, remember to go from the left!
    3, psychedelic magical house – strange house
    Take a circle on the top and another place to see the strange house.
    Into the “weird house”, sometimes gravity loss, especially in the sloping house inside the strange house, stepping in, standing unsteadily, as if people want to fall, let me dizzy, impressive.
    The second floor is the house that is in the opposite direction. The cockroaches are all upside down, that is, the tourists cannot be reversed, haha! A little bit of a positive finger.
    There are new ideas about the trash can next to the strange house. From the street sign (signage), from the trash can, from the tour route, you can see the heart everywhere.
    4, the most beautiful Chinese symbol – “sun autumn”
    Next look at “Sun Autumn”!
    In ancient times, the working people, while working hard, put the harvested grain crops such as rice, corn, and peppers in the sun to dry and dry them so that they can be preserved for a long time. This phenomenon is especially common in the south, especially in Jiangxi. In Hunan and other places, it is located in the mountainous area, the climate is humid, crops need to be dried frequently to save, and autumn is the harvest season of crops. This phenomenon is more common, so it is called “sun-baked”.
    The limitations of natural conditions have stimulated the imagination and creativity of the ancestors, thus inadvertently creating a unique painting of the “Sun Autumn People” in China.
    Hundreds of Huizhou ancient dwellings in Guling Ancient Village are in the slope of 100 metersThe face is in an orderly manner. The tour guide introduces: Whenever the sunrise is at the top of the mountain, the morning sun shines, the entire mountain village is full of vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the folk house, the outer wall of the brick wall and the drying frame, the round and colorful sun-baked colorful harvest fruit combination, painted out of the world’s unique “Sun Autumn” peasant landscape, the most beautiful country symbol.
    “Sun-baked people”, using bamboo drying, drying and drying crops, it does not occupy the place, but also easy to collect.
    During the harvest season each year, the houses become a world of sun drying, and the overlap between colorful crops and black roofs is spectacular.
    Guling is a masterpiece of humanity. Dozens of ancient Huizhou dwellings are scattered in the Ling Valley, where the 100-meter drop, and the homes use the windows to illuminate and the households support the sun.
    The villagers used the sash window as the drawing board, the bracket was the brush, the drying was the color palette, the spring sun-dried bamboo shoots, the bracken; the autumn sun-red pepper, the rice soy bean… that made a folklore masterpiece, all year round. Extensive and orderly.
    5, shocking glass plank road – the heart bridge
    Passing through the archway, from the heart of the bridge, there are more than 100 meters.
    Forty meters high altitude “glass plank road” lying in the sea of ​​flowers
    This is the base bridge, which is nearly 300 meters long.
    Among them, there is a 50-meter glass bridge deck, standing on the glass plate, and my heart is flustered. I quit and help them take pictures.
    It is a pity that the road from the high-altitude cableway (base bridge) to the low-altitude cableway (Wolong Bridge) is not open, and you can only look at the Wolong Bridge on the base bridge.
    6, ink terraces
    In the mountains, the same as the “sun autumn” is the ink terraces. The Quling Scenic Area has its unique side than other scenic spots in Wuyuan, Yangchun March, Luling rapeseed sea, and ink painting on terraced fields. Such as the golden snake dance, pear flower snow, peach blush, cauliflower fragrance, complement each other, beautiful. The powder wall is covered with clouds, and it is a beautiful country fairy tale!
    Every spring, the rapeseed sea of ​​Wuyuan attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists.
    It is also wonderful to overlook the terraces and the sea of ​​flowers from the bridge. It is like a paradise.
    Rapeseed has become a characteristic landscape of “China’s most beautiful country” and has won such honors as “China’s Top Ten Flower Seas” and “China’s Beautiful Countryside”.
    Unfortunately, we came too early, the rape is only a little green!
    The highlights of the folk customs are flashing everywhere, like a picture of the abbreviated version of the Qingming River.
    7, plant panda forest – yew forest
    The yews such as the village yew are towering, and the yew is very sturdy.
    The camphor tree above the strange house, the tired tourists sit under the tree and take a break. The so-called: the bottom of the tree is good to enjoy the cool.
    There are so many old trees in the millennium. This towering tree is a kind of scorpion. It is not remembered, and there are quite a lot of tourists who also rest.
    Ridge in the evening glow
    Do you know that so many people are waiting in line? After 5 o’clock in the evening, everyone will go down the mountain when they visit the end of the mountain!
    I remember that when I came up by the cable car, there was no one here. Now the serpentine channel is lined with a hundred-meter-long team..
    Finally, I took the cable car, and I can take 6 people in 1 car.
    It can be said that Guling Ancient Village is both a natural darling and a masterpiece of humanity, and it is also a beautiful jade that the creator has left in the world. The top ten highlights of “Sun Autumn”, Ink Terraces and Tianjie Street are unique to Guling Ancient Village.
    It is reported that:
    1. The unique “Sun Autumn” landscape symbol of Guling was successfully selected as the most beautiful Chinese symbol; Guling became a model of a world-class ancient village;
    2. This year, “Qiling Lingqiu” has become an interview question for the national college entrance examination questions and the Jiangxi civil service exam, and its brand image will be further enhanced.
    On the way back to the hotel, visit a shopping mall, enter the store, do not force shopping.
    1. There are farmhouses in the village outside the scenic spot. The price of accommodation is about 80-150 yuan depending on the season. It is more suitable for students and backpackers.
    2, Remind everyone, the scenic spot tickets used once will be void, the scenic area to play some time, so it is necessary to arrange the trip reasonably!
    3, the base bridge must go. We came out of the strange house and looked at the base bridge a little far away. I felt that the time was a bit tight. I couldn’t think of it. The tour guide was very good. Encourage us to go, she will wait for everyone. Sure enough, the bridge is worth a visit.
    Jiangwan Scenic Spot Ticket Price: 60 yuan / person
    Jiangwan Scenic Area Opening Hours: March 1st – November 31st, 08:00-18:00,
    December 1st – February 28th 08:00-17:30
    Wuyuan climate type : subtropical monsoon climate
    1, Shangrao to Wuyuan’s earliest car 6:20, the last car 16:10, an average of one hour. Location: Shangrao Lake Road Station. The journey takes about 180 kilometers and the journey time is about 4 hours.
    The shuttle bus to Wuyuan Long-distance Bus Station takes you directly to Jiangwan.
    2, Jiangwan is a famous attraction on the east line of Wuyuan
    3, from Huangshan, there is a highway to reach Wuyuan
    Jiangwan Village was built in the late Tang and early Tang dynasties and is one of the few thousand-year-old towns in Wuyuan. The village is located in the valley of the mountain ring water, embedded in the Jinfeng Xiu Ling, clear water and clear water.
    Wuyuan’s only 5A-level scenic spot, Jiangwan, is also the only 5A-level scenic spot in the country directly named after the township.
    Jiangwan is a feng shui treasure place. Here, Zhong Ling is a beautiful show, and the people are surrounded by mountains and rivers. The scenery is rich, the products are rich, green tea and Sydney are famous. The style of the prosperous style and the genius of the genius came into being, and the birth of the Ming Dynasty households, Jiang Yilin, the Qing Dynasty scholars, the phonologist Jiang Yong, the famous educator of the Qing Dynasty, the Buddhist scholar Jiang Qian and many other scholars and celebrities, the villagers wrote 88 kinds, seven products There are 25 people in the above official residence, which is the representative of Wuyuan Shuxiang. The village has preserved the houses of “Three Provincial Hall, Dun Chongtang, Pei Xin Tang”.
    The most famous is the archway of Jiangwan and the Xiaojiang Temple. Jiangwan’s architectural layout is unique.One street and six lanes, criss-cross, old and new, orderly, millennium extension, no chaos. And each lane has its own personality, no similarities, simple and elegant, and a self-contained scene. From the back of Longshan, the roadway in the middle part of the building actually constitutes a huge “an”.
    Jiangwan Ancient Stage. Jiangwan’s old street still maintains the charm of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The street is still so narrow. Several old shops, such as Pei Xin Tang, Yin Su Tang, Nisshin Hall, and the shop door are still the pieces of wooden planks that are put together. The old counters, old shelves, and the old walls are still the old fire walls. During dinner, we are like walking through the time tunnel, and we can still feel the commercial atmosphere of the ancient Jiangwan Ming and Qing Dynasties.
    Dragon veins – Wuyuan, like a female in the water. Its cultural character is derived from “Huizhou, folk genus “Dragon” Jiangwan, the national AAAA-level tourist area, which is a bright pearl of Wuyuan, the most beautiful country in China.
    The ancient town of Jiangwan, a thousand years old, is embedded in Jinfeng Xiuling and Qingxi Bihe. After the settlement of the northern part of the Longshan Mountain, the mountains are lush, and its “Xianren Bridge” is an outstanding example of the ancients practicing Feng Shui theory.
    There are many well-preserved ancient buildings in Jiangwan, the Dong Chongtang of Jiang Guigao, the governor of the Qing Dynasty, the three educators of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, the three provincial churches of the Buddhist scholar Jiang Qian, the ancient private residence, the Deqing Hall, and the rich merchants’ Jiang Renqing ancient house. The site of the courtyard, there are many ancient wells, ancient pavilions, ancient bridges, and everywhere the ancient Huizhou culture Jiangwan Scenic Area photos of the charm.
    There are not only the preserved Shangshifu, Zhongxian, and other Ming and Qing bureaucrats, but also the Huizhou merchants such as Tengjia Laowu and Pei Xintang.
    House, as well as Jiang Yong’s lectures, Donghe, Nanguan, Xi’an, Beikey, four ancient gate pavilions, Yuewu Mu
    Yue Feiqiao, Mingquan Jianquanjing and so on.
    “The spring water is always turning, and Tinghua laughs to attract guests.” It’s secluded and elegant.
    Jiang Yong’s former residence (ruins) Jiang Yong (1681-1762), the word Shen Xiu, No. Shen Zhai, Qing Dynasty scholar, phonologist, founder of the school. I have lived in my hometown for a lifetime, and I have taught a lot of books. Proficient in the Chinese and Western calendars, he has in-depth research on the “three rituals”, especially proficient in the rhythm of the rhythm, and his academic achievements are best known in the text, and there are as many as 27 books in the “Siku Quanshu”.
    The ruins of the Sixth House of the First House were built at the end of the Ming Dynasty. Features: A large house has six small houses, each of which has a patio, a main hall, and a wing room. There are wind-fire walls and fire lanes separated by six, but there are small doors connected. The three-storey building covers a wide area and the building is grand and the layout is like a maze.
    For more than four hundred years, the house was easy to change and it was destroyed in the 1980s. However, from the scale of the site, life style can still be seen.
    Jiang Renqing’s former residence, Huishangjiang Renqing, returned to his hometown to build this house after the Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, and the house is a typical Huizhou style. The building is elegant and unique in style. The brick carving door is extraordinary, relief, deep carved, and scenery. As many as five or six levels, the characters are vivid. The structure is rigorous, the wood carving is exquisite, and the owner’s elegant aesthetic taste is everywhere.
    By the auditorium
    We came out from the Jiangnan County Wangpai Building, and the sky was dark.
    The bus is here for dinner.
    Opposite the Tucai Pavilion is the Jiangwan 5A scenic spot. In the evening, there is no ticket, and you have a lap in a hurry.
    Return to the Jinjiang Tucai Pavilion, take a bus to the hotel to rest, and climb Sanqingshan tomorrow!
    Friendly reminder:
    It’s OK to walk around like this for us. Personally, I feel that I have a distance from the 5A. It’s not as good as the Lingling Scenic Area. Maybe the ancient buildings in the daytime will be vivid to visitors.
    I wrote a travel note on Sunday night and asked my family to review the manuscript at the first time. So, I spent three nights to modify, according to the top ten points of the Lingling finishing, some of the points have not been experienced, some have not been opened, so I have considered seven aspects of the point of view, and now submit, please review.

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