Jinling first meeting, Jiuhua Wuji – “How does a person literately visit Nanjing”

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Travel time: March 4, 2017 – March 11, 2017
    When I took my parents and Huadong self-help tour the year before, I wanted to take Nanjing as an option to take a look at my parents. It’s not appropriate to think about it. First, the schedule is too full, and the second is lack of self-confidence. If I go to Nanjing and go to the Ming City Wall, my parents don’t know much, and I’m worried about the boring taste.
    This time, in order to fulfill his wish, he packed up his bags and went south. He never wanted to get full.
    Zheng Banqiao has a cloud: “A country is in a state of death, and the Six Dynasties is too hasty.”
    Before I set out, I just realized that Nanjing is a land of gold powder in the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties. The literati and the geisha powder are confused here, and on December 13th every year, the pain of the city of Nanjing is raised to the top of the country. A fire in the Ming Palace in the Battle of Jing’s Battle, consciously defined a tragic symbol to the city, and no other feelings.
    When the plane traveled over Nanjing, a white brick and black tile overlooking the ground was scattered, and the lakes and rivers were dotted with incomprehensibility. Staying for a few days, from strange to close, everything is extremely natural. As the Jindu of the Southern Dynasties, it is different from the warmth of Suzhou and Hangzhou, and it is not as rough as the North. It is both compatible and perfectly compatible. The trend of the dragons and dragons of the Xiushan Mountains, the glory of the Houhu Xuanwu, and the Jiming Temple, the head of the 480th Temple in the Southern Dynasties, uses its antique patina to reflect the loneliness of the Yanliu next to Taicheng. The two sides of the Qinhuai River are still the sound of the paddles. The Wang Xietang in front of the Confucius Temple has become the water moon mirror flower in the eyes of ordinary people. The early rise of the neighboring neighborhoods is warm and resounding in the old gate of the early morning. The famous sayings in the streets and lanes indicate Chongwenzhong. Teaching edification. Although I did not feel the shock of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, the monuments I saw under the Taiping Gate did not bother to complain about the city’s sadness. The city is wrapped in its thick and heavy, and it is full of vitality. It is full of the glory of the dry clouds, and it murmurs the low vicissitudes of life. Its name is ever-changing and it is still unremarkable. Insulting but not self-reliant, it not only breeds civilians but also can carry the emperor. It is like an old man, and can be used everywhere. When you recall its quality, “Q Qian Qian as jade, 铮铮 if iron”, maybe It is the most appropriate evaluation.
    From Dalian to Nanjing for an hour and a half or so, after landing, take the subway directly to the residence. This trip did not choose a hotel, but chose Ted on the Internet, because taking into account the privacy of the homeowner, so cover the phone number when taking pictures, and then the owner said that you do not have to consider such a fine, haha! Because the real feeling of the owner is good, when I arrived, they were traveling in Chongqing, and directly opened the door password for me, very trusting. The address is very close to the Confucius Temple subway station. In the community, the environment is also very good. The only thing that is not used is that the northerners are not used to the dampness of the south. This is why the southerners are afraid of cold in winter~
     DAY1 Xuanwu Lake, Jiming Temple, Ming City Wall
    Simply clean up, then look at the map, take the subway to Xuanwu Lake, see a large piece of metasequoia forest is very excited, and later go to the military mountain to see the metasequoia forest, the result of the park has not been open to the outside, still in the finishing stage, quite Disappointing.
    Around the Ming City Wall, I turned around for a long time, sighing the sacred bricks and sighs, sighing the history and wind and rain. After turning for half a lap, I only felt the bigness of Xuanwu Lake at first, but I didn’t have a deep feeling until the night fell, the Hua Deng first, Xuanwu Lake Only began to show her beauty.
    As the head of the “four hundred and eighty temples of the Southern Dynasties”, Jiming Temple is built on the mountain, and the scale is much smaller than that of Hongwu. However, the incense is still there, and it’s more than two o’clock. Ten dollars can be enjoyed on both the fruit and the delicious. While standing on the wall of the Ming Dynasty, left to jiming the temple, right to the Xuanwu Lake, visitors are beautiful, beautiful
    In the evening, I shot the glory outside the Jiming Temple on the city wall. The wall can stay until seven o’clock, but to get to the front, it is probably the position of the Zhonghua Gate, which is closed. The entrance is closed at five o’clock.
    It was also started by the photo below. I took a series of “Puppets to take pictures” for myself. All the people in this tour took a full-time tripod self-timer.
    Pretending to take pictures – sweeping the floor
     DAY2 Pukou Railway Station, Nanjing Library
    The next morning, I chose to go to Pukou Railway Station, first to Zhongshan Ferry Terminal, and then take the ferry to the opposite side. Most of the buildings in this piece are written and demolished, but there are not many residents, but the streets and alleys have traces of the lives of the older generation. There are also many people who come to take pictures, but they are all quiet. The ticket office did not go in. Later, I wanted to take the rails. The staff stopped me because there was a TV station to interview, so I was not allowed to enter or leave. Finally, after I was pleading, I went in for a little while, then I was called out because the city leaders came.
     Pretend to give a photo
    The next time I go to Pukou, I will be renewed. Now I am renovating in all aspects, but I don’t know whether it is to rebuild or renovate.
    The world has been hurt for a few times, and the mountain shape is still cold.
    I came back from the Pukou Railway Station in the afternoon and planned to go to the Nanjing Museum. As a result, I just closed the door there. I didn’t plan the time. I closed the door at four in the afternoon.
     DAY3 Presidential Palace, Confucius Temple, Qinhuai River
    When I visited the presidential palace in 1912, it was already at night, so I decided to come back in the next day. On the third day, I rushed to the queue early to avoid the peak of people flow.
    This photo is a comparison of the photos taken from the historical textbooks that captured the presidential palace in the past, and the city’s head changed.
     Pretend to give a photo
    They all said that they traveled to Qinhuai River in the night, so they couldn’t miss it. After eating duck blood soup in Qinhuai River in the evening, they started to wander around with their legs.
    The sound of the paddle sounds for ten miles, and the girl’s flower boat is muddy. Every night comes, the Qinhuai Riverside Confucius Temple is crowded with people, tourists are weaving, and every inch of land is measured at the foot. The eyes of the Huayan are scattered, and every meal is tasted. Everything is more difficult. It’s a famous sentence.
    A poem fired a narrow alley.
    Did not buy a ticket to go in, just took a few scenes at the door.
     Confucius Temple
     DAY4 Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Linggu Temple, Xuanwu Lake
    After eating breakfast in the early morning, I took the subway to the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum. Fortunately, because it was not a weekend, there were not many tourists, so I could take pictures with peace of mind. It is said that the autumn scenery is the most beautiful season of Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, but now it is a good time to smash tourists.
    Is it very cute to capture the expression pack of the Shinto stone statue in the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum?
    Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and Linggu Temple can buy a pass, there is a shuttle bus between each of the two attractions, 10 yuan fare, but can only be taken in order, Ming Xiaoling to Linggu Temple needs to Transfer at Zhongshanshan Station and buy tickets in two sections. In fact, there are steps along the way for tourists to walk, if you do not hurry, you can enjoy the scenery slow.
    This is the same as the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei. The Three People’s Principles are willing to interpret it.
     Music station
    After coming out of Linggu Temple, consider it and go to Xuanwu Lake. It takes about four hours. From dusk to quiet night, I feel the charm of Xuanwu Lake. The night gave Xuanwu Lake a makeup, took off the noise of the day, and returned to the quiet, nourishing the city.
    This shot is imaginary, but because it is a monument, it is still put on. The monument to the victims of the Nanjing Massacre in the invasion of China was the Nanjing People’s Government and other units and individuals who commemorated the victims of the Nanjing Massacre in the Japanese invasion of China. In those places where the Japanese army carried out mass killings or the victims’ burial sites. A series of monuments built on the site of the site. The first monument was built in 1947. Since the 1980s, Nanjing has established 23 monuments to the victims of the Nanjing Massacre in the invasion of China. There are 18 monuments built by the Nanjing Municipal Government.
     Xuanwu Lake night view
     DAY5 Jiuhuashan
    When I got up early, I went straight to the bus station and went to Chizhou to board Jiuhuashan. All the way is bumpy, and one day is wasted on the road.
    To be honest, the commercial atmosphere here is too strong, and it is difficult to meditation. The meat in front of the temple is overflowing, and the monks recruit pilgrims to ask for help. It is inevitable that the heart will be so sweet, and the Buddha should be glad that it is still unfortunate. However, if it is a simple view, this is still a good place to go.
    I heard a group of scented screams screaming, burning incense and worshipping for peace and seeking fortune and seeking for love, I also wondered how to ask for love, do not come to seek marriage? Later, I found out that it was an accent problem. People said that it was a career, haha.
    It was very difficult to climb to the rooftop. The steps of Jiuhuashan were steep, and some slate was loose and dangerous. However, when you climb to the top and look around, you will be surrounded by beautiful scenery, and all the hard work is worth it.
    First, the night star hangs, and then the rising sun rises. It is the most beautiful time of Jiuhua Peak. The farthest part of the layer is said to be Huangshan. When everything is in the air, it restores the nature of the mountain. A golden light at sunrise can’t help but think of the chaos that opened when the ancient world was opened.
     Pretending to give a photo to the farewell sunset
     DAY6 Jiuhuashan, Nanjing big brand file
    Living in the temple on the rooftop in the evening, the bed of 80 yuan for one person, the quilt is very tidal, and hardly sleeps. At four o’clock in the middle of the night, I took a starry sky, but suddenly the clouds were densely covered and I could only take pictures of myself. Everything is quick, fireflies are spinning, and the winds are attacking. The roof is alone. I heard the morning bells at four feet, and then some people started to sue. Some people got up to burn incense. At the foot of the mountain, the sporadic flashlights are moving in the right direction. The road I climbed yesterday.
    After going down the mountain from Jiuhuashan, I drove back to Nanjing. It was already in the evening. I went to the big-name stall and tasted the specialty snacks. The impression was not deep. It was not bad or bad. Maybe I was too picky.
     DAY7 Laomen East, Nanjing University
    In the morning, I met a pot-stick shop downstairs, which was very delicious. Later, I found out that many people recommended it.
    Most of the tourists went to the lively old gates at night, so I avoided the peak and chose to get in touch with the old gate east in the morning. At this time, although there is no smoke, but from time to time there are old people out of the hutong, and say hello to the neighborhood, very homely sentence: early.
     I am not alone in the series of people who pretend to take pictures.
    When the tourists began to appear, I came out from the old gate and went to Nanjing University by car. I went to the student cafeteria of Nanjing University to have some food.
    This scene is the location of the film “Hurry of the Year”, in Nanjing University.
     Pretend to give people a photo of the campus series
    Finally, when I was out of the university, I started to wander around and the plane back in the evening.
    Everything is right, take the subway to the airport, the end of the trip, return to the warm home. Just seated, the flight attendant reminded me that I couldn’t press the red button next to it. I was itching, haha.
    However, this photo has a unique perspective. My friends said that the plane still has a face to face, haha! In fact, it should be that the front passenger’s clothes sleeves are facing backwards, so there will be poor visual.
    Nanjing is a city that needs to be interpreted. The biggest regret of this time is that it did not go to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall. The 300,000 words have been shocking me. To be reunited, I want to quietly go to the museum to feel the power of each word.
    The time was short and I couldn’t make a good impression of the beauty of the city. In short, this wide-minded and restrained city in the chest made me look at it. I remembered that when I was doing my homework in Nanjing, I saw a sentence: sadness is sometimes magnificent. At this time, I can still feel the feeling of being separated thousands of miles away.
    At the beginning of Jinling, the reunion was not too far away.
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