[Jinzhong] Tour Qiao Family Courtyard, Shanxi Culture

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    Walk through the mountains, step over the river, and measure the earth with your feet.
    A sad lonely passenger, a swaying teenager.
    Decisive back, faded postmark, arrogant personality,
    The loneliness of the world, as well as the clear and bright folk songs in the music list.
    Every unknown trip in the world,
    Indispensable, walking, wandering, end of the world,
    A person who is as free as the air.
    Traveling through every free and spacious place,
    Walking through the desolate border, I have seen the psychedelic world.
    Because I love the distance, I never compromise.
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    ————————————————– ———————
    Winter is coming to spring, the seasons are changing, the stars are Hanhai, and the static change is only for a moment, but I still firmly believe that some memories can never be erased, just like the Qiao family compound brings me the spiritual and visual shock.
    The first time I met the Qiao Family Courtyard was in the film “The Red Lantern High” starring Gong Li. The filming site was the Qiao Family Courtyard in Jixian County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province. The whole film deliberately uses the faint yellow tone to occupy the faint yellow color of the screen, which makes the discomfort directly catch the hearts of the people. In addition, it uses the distant view to make the contrast between the space and the person, which increases the space’s sense of space. In line with the ominous fainting of the sun, it seems to be cold and gloomy. The most intriguing thing is that the shooting venue brings infinite reverie. With the hope of thinking about this day, we decided to witness the ancient courtyard in the history of the carvings, whether we are the best, and we are the best. Us.
    Taking a train from Yuci to Gifu, just half an hour’s drive, takes us from a modern world to another ancient world, and travel is like this, taking you to experience life you have never experienced before.
    It takes about 20 minutes walk from Jixian Railway Station to reach Jinshang Old Street in Jixian County. This is a historical commercial street. The retro shops and the heavy city walls complement each other, rendering the life of the people of Jixian as a splash of ink. painting. Take a walk, relax and walk step by step, and watch the streets change, but I will not change.
    Leaving here with a sense of satisfaction from the inside, the bus to the hotel slowly moved forward. The street stalls selling hawks, the children who came home from school, and the leaves gently swept by the wind constitute the most natural appearance of Jixian. Looking at the scenery outside the window, clasping his hands, this moment is as beautiful as poetry, this little poem can be sung softly, but also buried in the bottom of my heart.
    The night is in a hurry, the night is approaching, the county in the darkness is extraordinarily quiet, the dust on the roadside is clearly visible under the light yellow map, the dust settles, the moon is round and the heart is quiet.
    In the early morning and late, the hotel prepared a local-style breakfast for the prodigal son who was wandering outside. It was simple and plain, and life was like that. In the Mid-Autumn Festival, who can not miss homesickness? Who can miss the happy picture of family reunion? To this end, the hotel deliberately presented moon cakes to show blessings, sweet, and blended into my heart.
    After a simple meal, the hotel staff sent us to the door of the Qiao Family Courtyard, 10 minutes drive, 10 minutes of hope but a wishful wish.
    After getting off the bus, it was the gate of the Qiao Family Courtyard. The splendid door witnessed the long history of Qiao’s family. “Come to and from the future, I hope to come and go often, Zhizhi Zhiren sees the benevolence is to see the wisdom and see the benevolence”, the couplet on the door is full of deep meaning, in order to welcome the benevolent wisdom of the five lakes and the sea.
    After entering the gate, you can see the ticket purchasing center. Because the compound is divided into four halls – in Zhongtang, Dexingtang, Ningshoutang and Baoyuantang, there are three options for purchasing tickets. One is to visit Zhongtang and Dexingtang, two In order to visit Ningshoutang and Baoyuantang, the third is to visit these four churches. The student certificate can be half price. Due to the time and fare issues, we chose the first option.
    Hand-held tickets, squatting forward, the stone carvings on both sides of the road are different. There are businessmen who hold the horses to stop and go. There are people who clamor for each other. Through the stone carvings, it seems that the daily life of thousands of people .
    Going further, I was moved, and I was moved by the wisdom of the ancestors of the ancestors. I was moved by the fact that different people had the same pool in the same sky. The architectural style is also fascinating, not only has an overall aesthetic, but also has its own characteristics in some local buildings. Even the more than 140 chimneys on the roof are unique. The whole pavilion, pavilions, piles of gold and powder, and the body Among them, I actually forgot who I am.
    Passing through Baishou Wall, it entered the Zhongtang, which is the largest church in the whole courtyard. It is divided into six courtyards, one courtyard and five courtyards for the scene of Qiao family life. The second courtyard is the historical material of Qiaojia, and the third courtyard is the treasure of Qiaojia. The four courtyards are commercial customs, and the six courtyards are landscape gardens. Each courtyard has its own characteristics and is beautiful.
    Crossing the high threshold, you will have a panoramic view of the courtyard. Slowly stepping on the stone steps, the ground that is high and low is shining on the land, and the loess does not fall easily, but depicts this epic.
    A glimpse of the sun through the exquisite windows, the old benches in the house are also laughing, and the sunlit days are like flowers. The red decals on the windows and doors are particularly conspicuous in this quaint courtyard, which is a blessing to the beautiful. Similar to the red lanterns under the roof, imagine that the night is dark, the moon is dizzy, and the lanterns in the Qiao’s compound light up the entire courtyard, the candlelight sways, people come and go, As if in the world. In the movie “High Red Lantern”, the lantern is the soul of the whole film. As a symbol of the husband’s right, it runs through the whole film. Lighting means favor, and the light means falling out of favor. The number of lanterns in the set represents the degree of favor. From this, it can be seen that the meaning of the lantern is profound.
    Through this door, into the door, there are always some people who can attract people’s attention, such as the Kowloon lantern. When the Empress Dowager Cixi fled to Xi’an in the invasion of China, the Qiao family donated 300,000 silver and the Queen Mother to solve their urgent needs. The Queen Mother rewarded two Kowloon lights for her loyalty. Listening to the tour guide’s interpretation of his history, I can’t help but feel that the redwoods of the Qing Dynasty can be saved from the war. So we can pay attention to the Kowloon lanterns.
    The most imaginative thing is the phonograph. The phonograph was born in 1877. It was invented by Thomas Alva Edison, the world-famous invention king. The equipment of the Western aristocratic family entertainment is more precious in the ancient East. Strings of melody, drifting in the Qiao family courtyard for a long time do not want to disperse. Life is like a play, and drama is like life. I don’t know what kind of repertoire is played in the phonograph, but it must be something we have never seen before.
    Unconsciously came to the courtyard of the collection of Qiaojia historical materials, family rules, family training, family style written on the rice paper is more solemn and solemn. The family rules are the rules for managing the big family. “You are not allowed to be guilty, you are not allowed to gamble, you are not allowed to take drugs, you are not allowed to take drugs, you are not allowed to abuse your servant, you are not allowed to take drugs.” It is simple and clear, and it is in mind. “And the family is a prosperous family, rehabilitating people’s hearts and minds, stressing honesty and self-interest, learning to read a hundred years of tree, careful devotion to support the family, good for the light and selfless law, and the world to raise the country to report the country” these epigrams reflect Joe The family style advocated by the family for impartiality, diligence and thrift has been circulating for centuries and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
    Next is Dexingtang, which is divided into four courtyards, one courtyard is a famous item, the second courtyard is a TV drama scene of the Qiao Family Courtyard, the third courtyard is a home scene, and the fourth courtyard is a Jin opera show.
    This hall is not large in the Zhongtang, but it also has its unique cultural charm. It is probably influenced by the culture of Shanxi merchants. The culture of Shanxi merchants has a long history. The merchants of Jixian County gradually developed in this soil. The folk customs of Shuxian County are simple and gentle. Adapted to the business ethics standards of the Confucian society, for a long time, the business practices have become comfortable. Qiaojia business from the hunchback business, leaving the West Exit, the beginning of Baotou, the initial design, the heroic business … is bound to be a long process, which can be imagined, the glory can not be lost in the past.
    The way to do business is to be good at managing money. The abacus is a simple calculation tool invented and created by the working people of ancient China. As a tool for the calculation of the ancestors, it also has its place in the courtyard. The abacus is of different sizes and materials. The well-ordered exhibitions are in the museum. The merchants are strategizing, and the beads are like the paintbrushes in the hands of the painters. Whether the works are soaring and sorrowful, you have to see how to control the pens in your hands.
    Between the two, Dexingtang has been visited. The props used in the TV series, the stage for the audience to watch the drama, the exhibits in the museum have gone through the time, and the erosion of the years is still intact. From the past to the present, there is no surprise in the dust of history, and it is a life that does not panic, and what we enjoy at the moment is what they give.
    The journey of just a few hours allowed us to see through the life of the Qiao Family Courtyard. If we were deep, we should say that the warm time should be quietly waiting. I will miss our hands and explore the secrets of this courtyard together. I will miss the imprint of the unknown fruit trees, and I will miss everything about it.
    “Choose a city to be old, meet a person’s white head”, Qiao Family Courtyard is probably a good choice, you are also. In the glory of the setting sun, we waved goodbye to it, and I had to say goodbye when I was reluctant. At the moment I turned around, I was smiling because I knew that I had never let go of my wish.
    I heard that the Qiao Family Courtyard after the snow has a charm. I am willing to step on this road again. What about you?
    Text: Mu Feng
    Figure: Taking the cold
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    Traffic Information 1. Taiyuan City Tourists Taiyuan Travel Agency has a daily tour group to the Qiao Family Courtyard. 2. Tourists in Datong, Zhangzhou and Wutaishan: Dazhong Expressway Wusu Overpass Jinzhong exit, turn right along Taiji Road, 108 National Road to Dongguan Town, Jixian County; or Taiyun Expressway to Taiyuan Store is too long Take the expressway exit, and take the southbound road of 108 National Highway to the right of Dongguan Town, Jixian County. 3. Tourists in Beijing, Shijiazhuang and Yangquan: Taiyuan (Shitai) Expressway Taiyuan Wusu Overpass Jinzhong exit, turn right along Taiji Road, 108 National Road to Dongguan Town, Jixian County: or too old (Shitai) Expressway Transfer to the Taiyuan Expressway and take the exit of the Taichang Expressway. Take the southbound National Highway 108 and turn right at Dongguan Town, Jixian County. 4. Zhengzhou, Jincheng, Changzhi direction tourists: Jinjiao Expressway, Changjin Expressway, Taichang Expressway Yuci exit, 1 km south of National Highway 108 to Dongguan Town, Ji County. 5. Tourists from Xi’an, Yuncheng and Linyi: Take the exit of the Dayun Expressway to Dongguan, and take the National Highway 108 to the north and turn left to Dongguan Town, Jixian County. 6, train, high-speed rail county station: 2603/2604: Pu Ke, hard seat / hard sleep / soft sleeper, Beijing West – Linyi; Jixian station: K7807/K7808: fast passenger, hard seat / hard sleeper, Datong – Yuncheng; Jixian station: 1095/1096: Pu Ke, hard seat / hard sleeper / soft sleeper, Taiyuan – Lanzhou; Jixian East: D5317/D5318: motor train, first-class seat / second-class seat, Taiyuan – Yuncheng; Jixian East: D2003/D2004: motor train, one Waiting Block / Second Class, Beijing – Yuncheng; Ji County East: D2513/D2514: Motor Train, First Class / Second Class, Taiyuan – Xi’an
    Practical Raiders Climate characteristics The tourist area is located in the warm temperate monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 7.9 ° C -11.7 ° C, four distinct seasons, short winter and summer, rain and heat in the same season, mild and pleasant. Best travelTime Qiao Family Courtyard travel time is spring, summer and autumn.
    Opening hours from April to October: 08:30~18:30; November~ March: 08:30~17:00
    The best time to visit from March to November is 2 hours and the ticket price is 72 yuan.
    Thousands of balls, rhinoceros
    Location Jixian County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province
    Climate type temperate monsoon climate covers an area of ​​4175 square meters. Attraction level AAAAA level scenic spot type human landscape, historical landscape belongs to the country China’s city Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province
    [Preparation before the trip]
    1, with a good student ID card, a variety of ID cards can be preferential documents
    2, prepare for change
    3, big temperature difference between day and night, bring a good jacket

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