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I believe that when I hear Guilin, almost all of the 80s will be able to understand. Because it is the definition of the word beauty in primary school. Everyone in the country knows that there is a beautiful legend, it is called Guilin.
    The colorful national heritage, the unique landscape charm, the quaint folk customs, the peculiar Elephant Trunk Hill, the beautiful Shili Gallery, the Longji terraces of the flower trays, etc. are all indispensable parts of this legend. Nowadays, the ancient times opened in Guilin Yangshuo, which added a lot of mysterious colors to this place.
    The director of Huang Qiaoling has been grinding a sword for ten years and has created the classic “Song City Eternal Love” in the classics. Nowadays, the ancient times have blossomed all over the country and created one after another. Many people say that the ancient times is one of the world’s three major performance shows, a must-see performance in life.
    This summer, the classics of the ages will start in Yangshuo, Guilin, and many people come here to find the magical land of Guilin – Liu Sanjie
    Although it is not the first time to look at the ancient times, but I always have an inexplicable yearning for it. Every piece of land in the land of Greater China has a story of genus and their own, perhaps because the time is too long, or the story of the clan is not handed down. There are very few people who lead to knowing those stories today. This situation has been the birth of the ancient times. The stories of the ages are unforgettable, and the stories that cannot be forgotten are re-presented to the children of China.
    Eternal love
    Before I even got to my destination, I can see the four faces of Liu Sanjie.
     Compared with other places, Guilin’s ancient feelings are more refined. It takes only half a day to visit the park. There is a map at the entrance, along the route.
    Wonderful Street, Down House, Slanted House, Haunted House, Labyrinth is the symbol of Wonderful Street, everyone is going to see it. When I walked into the sloping house, I had a feeling of dizziness. I didn’t go into the haunted house, I can’t seem to be daring, but it’s still very weak~
    There are many shops on the roadside, you can stroll around, but I think the things inside are very similar, I have no desire to buy.
    Guilin is a minority area. Zhuang, Yao, Yi, Miao, and Yi ethnic groups live here in harmony. Different national costumes have their own characteristics. The actors wear different national costumes.It is decorated with songs and dances and sent osmanthus wine. Guide visitors to the inner area for sightseeing. Two performances a day, one in the afternoon, one in the evening
    Performance list:
    “Guilin’s Eternal Love”, everyone comes for this ~
    “Avalanche of the Landslide”, “Fan Zhuang Carnival”, “Water Flying Man”
    “National Flash Show”, “Splashing Water”, “Hot Carnival”
     River and lake vaudeville show
     The girl on the hydrangea upstairs recruits
    The duo of singing, although I don’t quite understand what they sing.
     Large-scale performance
    Even the newspapers are so distinctive.
    The beginning of the story
    A pair of grandsons came to Guilin to find the legendary Liu Sanjie.
     The first “Guilin Legend”
    The beauty of Guilin attracted the fascinating fairy of the fairyland and the generals of Fubobo.
    Then the evil black dragon descends, let the beautiful Guilin souls smear. And robbed the stack of fairy and many villagers as hostages, to squat generals.
    In order to save the Limin, General Fubo has abolished the Yuanshen and turned into Fubo Mountain to ensure that the land will be prosperous and peaceful. In order to accompany the generals of Fubo, the stacked fairy is also transformed into the Lijiang River, guarding the water and soil of this side.
     The second game: “The Earth Songs”
    Joy of a few famous people
     Session 3: “Age of the Ancients”
    In 221 BC, Qin Shihuang unified the Central Plains and swept Nanzheng Baiyue. In order to get through the channels of transporting troops from the Xiangjiang River and the Lancang River as soon as possible, Qin Shihuang ordered the generals to open the canal. The general of the General 2 was killed in Guilin, and the three generals were on the verge of death. Thousands of soldiers were sacrificed to build the spiritual canal. The soldiers missed their hometown and missed the bowl of Guilin rice noodles.
     Game 4: “Liangjiang Love Song”
    The folk song is like the spring river, and it is not afraid of the beach.
    This well-known song can only be matched by the singing voice of Song Xian Liu Sanjie. She is a singer who listens to the wind in the moonlight and exports it into a song. The beautiful songs are spread all over the hills, let the flowers bloom and Yunxia stays there.
    Song Xian Liu Sanjie attracted the opposite A Niu Ge, the two of you sing me and become a monk. A roll of a painting, a song a journey.
    In the last scene, Grandpa took his granddaughter and told the lovely granddaughter, who is Liu Sanjie? There are lovers in the world, all of whom are Liu Sanjie!
    Good performances are always fascinating. I am so fascinated and even forget to press the shutter at the time of the record, so I missed a lot of wonderful pictures, I hope you don’t forget to record them like me. Although it is really nice!
     Song Xian Liu Sanjie attracted the opposite A Niu Ge, the two of you sing me and become a monk. A roll of a painting, a song a journey.
     The last scene, Grandpa took
     Water show
    More than four o’clock, just caught up with the surf performance by the water, the mischievous little brother occasionally splashes water on the tourists on the side, remember to avoid the 哟 protect your mobile phone in time~
    The Songkran Festival is not just a program in Yunnan, but also a program in Guilin.
    If you come to Guilin without catching up with the Songkran Festival in Guilin, don’t miss the splashing waters of the ancient times.
    After watching the water show, you can go directly to the Songxian Square to play a water battle. If you are a baby who likes to play with water, then rush in! Whether you are a man, a woman or a young person, you must have fun.
     Food is not lost
    The beauty of Guilin is the best in the world, and the cuisine of Guilin is not down. Guilin rice noodles, sweet-scented osmanthus wine, sweet-scented osmanthus cake, sweet-scented osmanthus crisp, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar, beer fish, snail stuffed, sputum scorpion, scorpion chicken, clearing cold, jelly, fairy tofu, tofu, sesame paste, all are Guilin cuisine .
    Guilin rice noodles
    I wonder if you have heard a joke.
    Certain C and M are the largest Comfort station in our country. The three largest chain meals in China are. Shaxian snacks, Lanzhou noodles, Guilin rice noodles! !
     Osmanthus crisp
    I bought ten bags and sent them home. I like to eat such crunchy things. Of course, it tastes less delicious than Shaqima, but the sweetness of sweet-scented osmanthus is a feature. There are live productions along the way, you can help with the mail.
     Osmanthus wine
    There is a sweet scent of sweet-scented osmanthus, it is not easy to greet the cup, be careful to get drunk
     Osmanthus cake
    There are all the streets and alleys. I don’t really like to eat. I tried to buy some. Well, I really don’t like such soft things. But since I came, I definitely have to taste it.
     Osmanthus sugar
    It was eaten at the entrance of the bookstore hotel. It felt sweet but not greasy, so I bought a bag before leaving. Later I found that I bought the wrong one. This kind of circle is not more delicious than a rectangle.
    The picture below is a photo of the specialties I bought back! !
     Ching bo leung
    It is also an indispensable dessert in Guilin. If you come from the north, you must try this dessert!
    Of course, we also have Hainan, the taste is similar, when I was in Yangshuo, I also went to West Street to buy and eat, and I have eaten several. do not blame me,! I don’t like sweets for a day or two. I don’t recommend a review online, I ordered several stores, and later found that it is the best on the roadside.
    This is the picture below
    There are different kinds of beans, steamed buns and jelly powder. They are taken in duplicate pictures for reference only.
     The mountain does not smell the buns shop
    It is the buns here that President Putin is greatly accustomed to. It is said that President Putin has also greatly praised him. The photo at the door was attached to the door. There is always a master doing the buns in the window, the price is very affordable.
    The roast goose of the roast goose, the only geese in their store are delicious. Most people come to eat roast goose and goose wings. The two of us eat too hard, so we only ordered roast goose.
     Osmanthus Bean Flower
    The tofu brains in the south are sweet, so don’t ask why your beancurd is sweet. .
    Osmanthus chicken wings, in fact, honey sauce chicken wings plus osmanthus, I did not taste the sweet-scented osmanthus. Not recommended. More expensive than buns
    Don’t miss the chili peppers! ! Look at you all kinds of sour! ! It turns out that the people of Guilin also love to eat chili. .
    There are also some snacks that I don’t know the name.
    As long as you can eat, the whole street is yours! !
    Three nights, three days and three nights
     Beer fish
    Hot fish sauce on the wok, fresh fish. Sweet sauce. Start it!
    The roast goose of the roast goose, the only geese in their store are delicious. Most people come to eat roast goose and goose wings. The two of us eat too hard, so we only ordered roast goose.
     Floating breakfast
    If you want to eat a little more ritual. Recommend a place where the net red card is punched.
    Snow Lion Ridge Riverside Hotel
    The most outstanding thing is that floating breakfast, 299 yuan a person also refined 10 photos, the film is all sent.
    Um~~~ I am responsible for going to breakfast and taking Sasha.
    Net red chair, glass boat, floating breakfast. The place that absolute sisters like.
    The only downside here is that it is a bit far from the city.
     Mango Meishu
    If you want to live close to the city and the ancient times, it is recommended to live in Mango Meishu.
    This is a folk custom for photographers and bakers. Sasha has been teasing me and said that my coffee shop is opened by the photographer’s baker! !
    The rooms are relatively small, but the sparrows are small and complete.
    The geographical position is very good, about 10 minutes walk from the ages, 2 kilometers from the West Street!
    The indoor environment is also very good, suitable for taking pictures. I feel that I can make a few good photos casually.
    The room is small, but the space is very strong
    And their breakfast is very chic. One person, the kitchen has not stopped to give breakfast to the guests.
    Guilin rice noodles, corn, taro, fruit, fried dough sticks, and a cup of soy milk. I don’t like to eat Guilin rice noodles, so I can eat very little for me. I am really a picky eater.
     Yulong River Drifting
    We booked directly from the hotel reception. There are not many fees and online checks. They can wait for them to pick up at the hotel.
    On the edge of the Yulong River is the famous Shili Gallery with beautiful scenery. Suitable for getting close to nature. The bamboo rafts are rafting for one and a half hours, and the half time is about 30 minutes. It is enough to recommend half an hour. Sitting for a long time feels a little aesthetic fatigue.
    Occasionally, there will be locals selling grilled fish twice. If you are hungry, let the boatman buy it by boat. In fact, he will be very happy.
     Xiping Ancient Town.
    This is the oldest town I have ever been to. But it is also considered to be a place where there are more ancient buildings. About 20 kilometers away from Yangshuo. A taxi is about 80 yuan.
    The most famous here is the 20 yuan back view. There is also a short ancient street.
    Old man fishing.
    Life is getting better and better, and even the current fisherman performance is becoming an intangible heritage.
    Originally, the small six fishermen had already finished their performances, but suddenly they encountered such a good light, and he gave us a good effort to make a good photo for us.
    His embarrassment was still shipped back from abroad. There were several fishermen present. The Sixth Master was the most expensive and most expensive fisherman.
    The white-bearded fisherman was photographed by the big brother of the photography association next door, and we later ran to the next door to take a photo.
     End of the trip
    The only regret is that there is not enough time to look at the Longji terraces and I heard that it is beautiful. No way, always have to leave some beautiful regrets. This time Guilin let me see what is the real beauty, Guilin landscape is really worthy of the world. I really want to flow along with the water between the mountains and rivers. When the sun sets, watching the fishermen throwing nets and fishing, the quiet little squatting for a while, this life is really pleasant. If there is a chance to come again, experience The local customs here.
    “About the trip tips”
    1. Guilin is very hot, please bring your sunscreen tools.
    2. If you want to ride an electric car to go around, whether it is Shili Gallery or Yangshuo to Xiping, you must borrow the umbrella of the motorcycle race. Generally, there are places to rent, which is estimated to be insufficient. They always say that watching the scenery will block, they will advise not to use, but must not listen to him anyway, the umbrella can be closed when not in use!
    3. Guilin to Yangshuo is not the most convenient subway, because Yangshuo’s high-speed rail station takes about 60 yuan to the city, and about 30 yuan to Xiping. If you go to Yangshuo from Guilin, the cost is about 100-120. How many people are suitable.
    4. Yangshuo is not able to hit the taxi at night. The car parked on the side of the road will scream the price, and there is no shared bicycle, so the suggestion of accommodation is not too remote.
    5. In Guilin, you should visit the East and West Lanes and People’s Square. The two places are just across the street. Yangshuo must go to the West Street, I personally think that West Street will be more interesting.
    6. Be sure to bring an umbrella. We have experienced three days of inexplicable rain and two big suns. . .
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