Leap in 4000 miles, to see you – Hani Terrace in the heart

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    The steep and steep Ailao Mountains,
    The red river, the Rattan River and its tributaries, which are rolling in the waves,
    Cut the mountain into a deep and deep.
    The fog of Yunyang terraces is so varied and mysterious.
    Magnificent and magnificent sea of ​​clouds,
    Even more thousands of hectares of terraces often steamed Xia Wei,
    Like a fairyland.
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    Camera: Nikon D750, Nubia z11mini, small ant motion camera, DJI Phantom 3A drone
    Lens: Sigma35/1.4, Tamron15-30/2.8, Nikon80-200/2.8
    Auxiliary equipment: Sirui tripod, Godox V860 II flash, Feiyu handheld stabilizer, SupFire L10 flashlight, SanDisk SD card…
    Yuanyang County is one of the counties under the jurisdiction of Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan Province. The county is located in the southern part of Yunnan Province. It is 74 kilometers from east to west, 55 kilometers from north to south, and covers an area of ​​2189.88 square kilometers.
    The land of Yuanyang County is all mountainous, with no Pingchuan, the lowest elevation is 144 meters, the highest elevation is 2939.6 meters, the relative height difference is 2795.6 meters, the annual average temperature is 24.4 °C; the annual rainfall is 1189.1 mm, the lowest is 665.7 mm, and the average is 899.5 mm. Yuanyang County is one of the important producing areas of Yunnan tropical fruit and cloud tea and gold.
    There are many mountains in the southwest of China, and at the same time it is a region where ethnic minorities gather. During the long period of agricultural prosperity, the simple farmers here rely on the mountain to live and thrive, and they planted a piece of good paddy fields along the mountain to grow. Locally unique rice. Although it is occluded and lags behind, it does not happen in the chaos of the Central Plains. It is simply the paradise of Tao Yuanming’s pen and dog.
    Friends from other provinces can arrive in Kunming by plane and train.
    The car is the only mode of transportation to Yuanyang. It can take a direct bus from Kunming to Yuanyang, or take a bus to Jianshui or Gejiu in Kunming, and then transfer to Yuanyang.
    Kunming – Yuanyang
    Kunming to YuanyangAbout 322 kilometers, in the South Bus Terminal in Kunming, but the number of flights is small, 3 times a day, the fare is 140 yuan.
    Kunming – Jianshui – Yuanyang
    Kunming to Jianshui, but also to the South Bus Terminal, take more cars, the journey takes about 3 hours, the fare is 60-83 yuan. Jianshui to Yuanyang also has many shifts, the fare is 30 yuan, and the journey takes about 2 hours to reach Yuanyang. If you take a bus from Kunming to Jianshui in the morning, if you have enough time, you can go to Jianshui Ancient City.
    Kunming – Gejiu – Yuanyang
    Kunming to the old to the eastern passenger station by car, a lot of shifts, operating hours are 7:00-21:00, the journey is 275 kilometers, the fare is 92-102 yuan. After the old one, I will transfer to Yuanyang, and there will be a lot of shifts.
    You can also choose to travel by car to Yuanyang. You can follow the route of “Kunming-Yuanjiang-Honghe County-Yuanyang County” as follows:
    Kunming-Yuanjiang (Kunyu Expressway): The mileage is 220km, about 3.5 hours, and the high-speed charge is about 85 yuan;
    Yuanjiang-Honghe (S216): mileage 60km, about 1.5 hours, no toll station, good road conditions, but some sections have falling rocks, you need to pay attention to keep driving speed, you can see the Red River Pentium landscape along the way.
    This trip is also considered a trip to go away.
    At a distance of more than 2,000 kilometers, it is enough to arrive in one day.
    Therefore, it is not converted according to the usual schedule and place.
    Because it is the multiple styles of Yuanyang and Yidi.
    I have long known that there are several famous terraces in southwest China.
    Longji terraces in Guangxi, Jiabang terraces in Guizhou and Yuanyang terraces in Yunnan,
    But before, I have never been to one.
    It’s still exciting to go to Yuanyang’s heart this time.
    It is also a round of a long-cherished wish.
    When you come out of Kunming Airport, you can take the Metro Line 6 (airport line) in Kunming City to the city. At present, Kunming’s rail transit has three lines 1, 2, and 6, and Line 3 is also soon opened.
    A familiar and unfamiliar city, the last time I came back 11 years ago, I still remember the hairy guy who took photos in front of the Golden Horse and Jade Rooster. Now it has become a big uncle child dad! Where is the time?
    The actual distance is not far away, but most of them are mountain roads, and the speed is not fast. It takes about 6 hours to get to Yuanyang.
    The weather in Yuanyang can really be described by the baby face. Along the way, there will be a bright sun, a heavy rain, a full look at the clouds, watching the sky, watching the fog to determine the direction of the weather. When I arrived at the inn, it became a gloomy little rain. I started to worry about the terraced sunrise of tomorrow.
    The hotel is called “Yunyun Mountain Residence”, not big, but very warm. Each room is equipped with an electric heater and electric blanket to deal with moisture. The convenient wall at the door is filled with the blessings of visitors here.
    Yuanyang Hani Terraced Field Scenic Area is a one-vote system with tickets for 95 yuan. After buying tickets at the entrance of the scenic spot, the three viewing spots of Bada, Tiger Mouth and Duoyishu can be viewed. The staff at the observation deck just look at your ticket.
    I got up in the morning and got out of the window. I found that the sky didn’t rain, and the clouds mostly dispersed. Really a big outburst of character, after a ecstasy, set off to the Doyle terraces to watch the sunrise.
    The human heart is greedy. I am fighting for a single soldier. I want to shoot video, I want to take time-lapse photography, I want to take photos, and I want to take aerial photography. The scenery dog ​​sees the beautiful picture and directly wants to give the heart to nature.
    Fortunately, it was not the first trip, and the experience was also exercised. Ma Li’s camera and tripod allow the camera to automatically take time-lapse photography. The drone was taken from the backpack and flew to the sky before the sun had risen from behind the mountain.
    Every October, the autumn begins to close the rice, and then all the terraces begin to fill the water and raise the fields, and the planting begins in March of the year. This time is the most beautiful time in the Yuanyang terraced fields. The water surface of Tanaka reflects the unpredictable sky, and a colorful oil painting of Picasso is on the paper.
    When the distant mountains are in the clouds, they are hidden, and occasionally the mountains are exposed, like the legendary Penglai Xianshan, which is hopelessly unreachable. Multi-tree terraces in the lining of the sea of ​​clouds and the sunUnder the circumstance, with the appearance of the big movies on the Internet, let me be sure that the place where the trip went is the famous Yuanyang terrace on the Internet.
    Facing the front of the sun, there is a small mountain village on the far hill, shrouded in clouds and sunshine, just like the heavenly fairyland. This moment is only a few minutes, fleeting.
    The drone’s battery runs out of 2 pieces, and the camera takes a few hundred shots. A fog, the scenery enveloped, and the morning sunrise trip was over. A bowl of hot and sour chicken rice noodles, soup soup water to feed my stomach, comfortable.
    In the early years, the Hani’s house was like this. The walls are hungry with red clay, the top is framed with wood, and the dried straw is dried.
    Haha, I like to bring the crystal ball every time. The world that I feel through the crystal ball is another world.
    The rice fields in the damda terraces have not been harvested, so they are all green trees in the golden rice fields. For the time being, there is no reflection of the water and sky.
    This time, come to Yuanyang, not only to see the terraces, but also to experience the lively atmosphere of the local Hani people in the autumn harvest. So go deep into the field with your friends and feel the scene of harvesting rice.
    When the rice is ripe, the rice stalks are bent over, and it looks like a bumper year.
    In the autumn, the rice ears in the terraces are drooping, the earth is flowing, and the golden lines woven the joy of harvest. senseSigh the clever working people and carry forward the spirit of Yugong Yishan. With the change of mountainous terrain, it is suitable for local conditions. If the slope is slow, the land will be opened. If the slope is steep, the small field will be opened, and even the gravel under the ditch will open the field. The Hani people used the 1300-year-old to “engraving” this landscape painting.
    The terraces are not steep, because they are paddy fields. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain Tian Hao frequently. The farmers are standing in the semi-wet fields. One stop is labor for a long time, and it is very fortunate.
    The Hani people of the harvest were particularly happy, and they sang songs while harvesting the rice. The women cut the rice in groups of three, and the men bundled the cut rice into a thick bundle of bowls, and then beat them in a special rice tank.
    Although I have been watching for a long time, I feel that the rice grains in the Shengmi trough have not increased significantly, but the Hani people have always smiled. I think it should be the food that I have worked hard to grow. The feeling of harvest is not too good, and the tired farm work is also happy.
    There are all kinds of insects, spiders and small flowers and grasses living in the rice fields, and the ecological environment is very good.
    The locals are still the most accustomed to buffalo to assist farming. The breeze sweeps the surface, the light rain gently points to the surface of the water, the whistle of the shepherd boy on the back of the cow, the swallow flies in the air, and the Chinese painting version of the landscape painting emerges in my mind.
    During the autumn harvest season, the Hani people will catch the rice croaker in the paddy field while harvesting the rice. The fish caught first will worship the gods and pray for the rainy weather in the coming year.
    The process of catching fish was very joyful, and the fish that caught it could break free, and the scene was out of control. If I don’t have a camera and a backpack on my body, I would like to try my hand at the water.
    In the evening, I was ready to rush to the tiger’s mouth terrace to watch the sunset. As a result, I saw the scene of the sun shining through the clouds and musk land on the way, and quickly stopped to record the gift of nature.
    Then I rushed to the tiger’s mouth, and it was the setting sun. Two minutes after the rack was completed, the sun fell and only a photo was pinched.
    The Long Street Banquet is a traditional custom of the Hani people. The Angma Festival is a festival in which the Hani people worship the gods and worship the dragons. It is also the most popular festival for the Hani people who are farmers. On the day of the festival, every household needs to make yellow rice, tri-color eggs, pigs, chickens and fish. Nearly 40 kinds of Hani-style dishes, such as duck, beef jerky, dried dumplings, fluffy pine, peanuts, and heart-warming red rice, prepare the wine, lift it to the designated street, and put one to two tables, every household. The table is placed along the street and placed in a 700-meter-long street banquet (locals call Changlong banquet or street liqueur), which is the longest banquet in China.
    This time I came to Yuanyang, I took a beautiful sunrise, and I also tasted the mini version of the Long Street Banquet.
    In the gap between the dishes, I came to the outdoor to photograph the night of Hani Terrace. There are a lot of clouds in the evening, otherwise you should be able to photograph the stars and terraces.
    The “Long Street Banquet” is a microcosm of the Hani’s characteristic culture. It not only vividly reflects the tradition of unity and friendliness of the Hani compatriots, but also shows the cultural characteristics of the Hani people’s holiday diet, customs and manners, song and dance costumes. As a foreigner, I also felt the customs and habits of the Hani people.
    Woke up from sleep again, the earth was completely covered by heavy fog.
    The children walked to school in the morning and looked at my camera shy. Only this little girl was very curious about me and kept looking at me.
    The unique living environment has formed the Hani people’s colorful costume culture. The Hani costume is the essence of the Hani traditional culture. It is not only a simple shelter from the cold and wind, but also carries a wealth of cultural information, which constitutes a materialized carrier for demonstrating and reminiscing the heroic performance of the ancestors. The colors, styles and patterns of Hani’s costumes are colorful and exquisite in craftsmanship, reflecting the hard work and wisdom of Hani women.
    The gorgeous back fabric behind this texture can be decorated or shy. It is said that it is still a kind of token of love for young men and women in the early years.
    After the annual harvest, the Hani people brought a chicken cap and sang and danced. Slaughtering pigs or killing chickens, every family must swear, sacrifice the family, and set up a sumptuous banquet to invite relatives and friends.
    The little girl with a clear eyes stared at me as a foreigner. Although I couldn’t bear to interrupt her, I took a camera and took a picture. The moment we looked at each other, I felt the simplicity of the locals.
    The wild vegetables that the Hani people like to collect mainly include bracken, tree beet, sauerkraut, goat’s milk, stinky vegetables, water celery, houttuynia, fine sprouts, water cabbage, horseshoe leaves, gorse, avocado, old Thistle flower, azalea, and fragrant fungus, fungus, chicken and so on.
    Hani people eat a large number of meat, mainly pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken, duck and eggs, and also eat aquatic products fish, carp, carp and snail. Their cooking methods are mainly three types of cooking, frying and pickling. During the annual festival, the meat is rich, and the net meat and bones of the remaining pigs and beef are often removed, and the net meat is marinated into bacon and dry bar, which is reserved for hospitality.
    Drinking tea and drinking alcohol is a hobby of the Hani people. Most of the wines that are consumed are self-made sweet white wines, which are mellow and sweet. The way to drink tea is to use tea.
    1. Yuanyang is located deep in the mountainous area, so the traffic is slightly inconvenient. At present, you can only travel by car, for a long time, part of the mountain road, please have a sickness sickness with a friend with a motion sickness.
    2, Yuanyang terraced area, the annual temperature changes will not be too large, so many hotels and B&Bs do not have air conditioning. At the same time, the fog is diffused and the moisture is heavy. The hotel and B&B are equipped with an electric blanket on each bed.
    3, terraces have a dedicated observation deck, the mountain outside the observation deck is steep, it is strictly prohibited to cross the railing. It’s not the camera, but the fun of taking pictures.
    4. The Red River and Yuanyang areas are ethnic minority gathering places. Please respect the traditional living habits of the local minority people.
    5. The mountainous areas in Yungui area have high humidity, so the taste of the dishes is heavy and hot and sour.
    Terraced fields are the beautiful coats of the mountains.
    White clouds are gorgeous cloaks of terraces
    Morning light is the matchmaker of clouds and terraces
    I am a breeze in the morning light of the tree.
    I plucked over the tree terraces
    The eyes are falling in this magical frame.
    Can’t extricate themselves…
    Don’t want to extricate yourself…

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