Let’s go to Tibet and let the mind take a vacation.

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Lhasa, where the dream begins
    Not everyone will come here, but no one will forget it.
    There are countless reasons to go into Lhasa, and each one is enough to make people who are passionate about their dreams feel at ease.
    When you walk into Lhasa, there is no reason at all. Just the name itself is enough to make people dream.
    Lhasa, like a dream, always lingers around her heart. Finally, on that day, we finally embarked on this mysterious snowy plateau. In the fascinating snowy holy city of Lhasa, you can see ancient temples, contact mysterious religions, devout worshippers, enjoy the blazing sun, live the most leisurely life, and harvest for the rest of our lives. unforgettable experience.
    Walk with you in the Lhasa Temple to pray, join hands with you in Barkhor Street, make a vow in front of the Jokhang Temple, and do a Tashi and He Zhuoma in Lhasa, and you are at 4800 meters above sea level. Take a look at the sunset and the night sky, and enjoy the fascinating blue of the holy lake, and your experience in Lhasa will become one of the most important treasures of our lives.
     Can’t overcome high anti-reflection
    The altitude sickness is the reason why many friends want to enter Tibet but are afraid to enter Tibet. Why did this travel note put high anti-retrospective? That is because there is no healthy body to travel, all the magnificent scenery is not with you, can not overcome the high anti-reverse, all the beautiful scenery is free to talk.
    Therefore, how to correctly face and prevent high rebellion has become the top priority of Tibet. As the second person to enter the Tibet, I will share the current experience and suggestions, hoping to provide valuable reference information. Basically all text, it is a bit boring to read, but in order to be able to adapt to high anti-reaction as soon as possible, please leave a minute to see.
    What is the altitude sickness?
    The altitude sickness is the adaptation process of the body to the hypoxic environment. The altitude reaches 2700 meters. The average person will have altitude sickness, mainly showing headache, insomnia, loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing, etc. It is very normal to have altitude sickness. Symptom duration It varies from person to person. People with high adaptability will lose symptoms in 1-2 days, and those with weak adaptability will take 3-5 days.
    Who is prone to severe altitude sickness?
    On this point, there is a saying that “deceive the old and not bully the small, bully the man does not deceive the woman, bully fat does not bully thin.” But in fact, anyone can have altitude sickness, and some have no reaction this time, and the next time there will be symptoms such as headache.
    In my personal opinion, the first time I entered Tibet in 2014, I really did not have altitude sickness in Lhasa, and I felt basically no worse in Shanghai. In 2018, I entered Tibet and had a slight headache during the day. At night, due to the sultry heat in the room, the headache was aggravated, and the painkiller was finally relieved.
    Maybe you will ask, you will be high, because the body is getting worse? However, according to a Chinese medicine friend, people with weak blood are not easy to be high in the plateau, but people with strong blood will have a higher probability of high reversal. Therefore, some people often exercise regularly, people with very good health will still have altitude sickness on the plateau, and some often get sick, and the situation of going to the plateau is all right. High opposition or not personally think that there is no necessary connection with physical fitness, it should be dependent on the oxygen carrying capacity of human cells.
    Is the train entering Tibet or the plane entering Tibet?
    This is definitely a crucial multiple choice before entering Tibet.
    Some people suggest that it is best to take the train into Tibet, starting from low altitude to high altitude.There is a transition in the area to allow the body to slowly adapt to high altitudes.
    If it is the first time to go to the plateau area, and the time is sufficient, it is recommended to take the train to Tibet, so there is a process of adaptation, which is better than taking a plane to 3600 meters above sea level. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time on the road.
    However, according to the friends who have traveled through the Qinghai-Tibet train, the vehicle will start to supply oxygen after passing through Golmud. After the oxygen supply, the air pressure level is consistent with that outside the cabin, and the oxygen content and the plane are consistent. Therefore, you only experienced the low pressure on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau on the train and could not fully adapt to the low oxygen content of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. In addition, I personally think that you must get a good rest by train. If you don’t have a good rest on the train, you should not choose a train.
    Personally, I chose aircraft for the second time. Due to travel time restrictions, I did not choose a train. I went directly to Tibet by plane and quickly went from low altitude to high altitude. In principle, it should be more likely to produce altitude sickness.
    The human body needs a process from normal to hypoxia, so the altitude sickness usually occurs within a few hours to a few days after you arrive at the plateau. I use our personal experience to tell everyone that this is true. I didn’t react too much when I got off the plane. It was because the blood and cells still carry oxygen, but often at night, I feel a high anti-symptom.
    Therefore, when you just get off the train or the plane, no matter how good or bad you feel, please slow down your movements after arriving at the destination. Please give yourself a day to adapt. What you need is to adapt to the thin air here. Don’t influence your journey because you can trigger a high reaction that wouldn’t happen. On the first day, it is best not to exercise too much, as shown below in the Potala Palace Square. If you really jump, then adjust to the high-reverse.
    How to prevent high anti-reverse before the trip?
    1, physical examination, to understand your body before entering Tibet, such as the discovery of cardiopulmonary function problems, or anemia, high blood pressure, etc., do not blindly enter Tibet.
    2, take medicine prevention 10 days in advance, such as Rhodiola (we bought Nodikang capsules), of course, the effect of medicine varies from person to person, not 100% effective, at least psychological effects are still there.
    3, pay attention to rest before leaving, keep asleep, while paying attention to provide body immunity, to avoid colds.
    How to deal with high opposition in the plateau?
    The first time you go to the plateau area, more or less everyone has a point, you must give yourself time to adapt. If there is mild altitude sickness, such as headache, vomiting, tinnitus, loss of appetite, etc., you should immediately lie flat and rest. If the pain is serious, you can take painkillers properly and take oxygen if necessary. If there is a serious altitude sickness, such as fever, abnormal vision, edema, shock, paralysis, etc., should be sent to the hospital immediately. If it still can’t adapt, then the train or plane will return to the low altitude area. Generally speaking, after the altitude sickness is reduced to a low altitude area, it can be cured without medicine.
    1. Adjust your mentality, don’t be afraid, don’t add psychological pressure to yourself, slight discomfort caused by physiological reasons, worry about fear through psychological, and may make the physiological response more obvious.
    2, high anti-behaves behavior, too excited, running and jumping will also increase the burden of heart and lungs, increase altitude sickness, it is recommended that you have just arrived in Lhasa, should not be active.
    3, enough water, enough water to maintain the balance of the body, to help adapt to high altitude environment, it is recommended to drink at least water every day, preferably hot water, it is recommended to bring a thermos cup during travel.
    4, cold and warm, the plateau area morning and evening, day and night temperature difference, to bring enough cold clothing, it is recommended to arrive in Lhasa on the first night to try to take less bathing, shampoo.
    5, a manifestation of altitude sickness is because the heart rate is accelerated, affecting sleep, so you can take a small amount of Baoxin pills, relieve heart pressure, but do not take too much or too often.
    6, drink more sweet tea and butter tea, which can help you adapt to the dry and hypoxic environment of the plateau, this does not apply to me, because I really do not use these two kinds of tea.
    7. Reasonable arrangements for the itinerary include travel mode and daily travel time. All in all, you must ensure adequate rest and sleep.
    About high-reaction drugs:
    There are a lot of pharmacies in Lhasa, and it is easy to find pharmacies near the commercial street. There is no need to worry. You can consult the pharmacy staff to purchase medicines according to their own symptoms, and the pharmacy can also purchase oxygen.
    Rhodiola, it is recommended to start taking it about ten days in advance. Rhodiola is to enhance immunity and improve the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen cells. Therefore, the statement that “red sedum can treat high anti-” is not completely correct. Rhodiola is a health supplement. Some people suggest that it is best to drink red. Sedum, not capsules, but for the convenience of carrying, we also purchased Rhodiola capsules in the pharmacy.
    Plateau An, can temporarily solve the slight high anti-symptoms, Lhasa local pharmacies have to sell, but the general city pharmacies do not, can be purchased online in advance or can be purchased in Lhasa local pharmacies.
    Analgesic tablets, similar to Baifuning and Tylenol, can alleviate and control headaches caused by altitude sickness;
    American ginseng lozenges can also be used to relieve fatigue.
    Oxygen: Purchase according to your own needs, generally 50-60 bottles, theoretically can absorb 200 times.
    In short, what you need to do is to have awe of the high altitude and to do what you want according to your physical condition.
     In 2018, the most romantic thing I can think of is to go to Tibet with you!
    Lhasa, like a dream, always lingers around her heart. Finally, on that day, we finally embarked on this mysterious snowy plateau. In the fascinating snowy holy city of Lhasa, you can see ancient temples, contact mysterious religions, devout worshippers, enjoy the blazing sun, live the most leisurely life, and harvest for the rest of our lives. unforgettable experience.
    Lhasa itinerary
    The city of Lhasa is not big, and the city’s two days are over. In general, in addition to playing in the city, Lhasa has a great attraction for the natural landscapes of Shannan, Shigatse and Nyingchi.
    Lhasa City: The Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Sera Monastery, etc. in Lhasa City can be reached on foot.
    Lhasa city impression: Tibet’s capital, “Sunlight City”, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple Lhasa is the capital of Tibet, Tibet’s most developed transportation, and the first stop for many people to enter Tibet. The entire city of Lhasa is surrounded by mountains and has plenty of sunshine all year round.
    Around Lhasa
    Shannan area: The very famous Yanghu Yangzhuozhuo, Sanye Temple, Ramla is all concentrated in the Shannan area, and the scenery of Tianhe Lake is enough to satisfy your heart.
    Dangxiong area: Namtso, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, is located in this area. The Tibetan language means “Tianhu”. The lake is 4,718 meters above sea level and is the highest lake in the world.
    Shigatse region: Mount Everest and the Yarlung Zangbo River, the highest peaks in the world, are in this region.
    Linzhi area: Peach Blossom Village, Nanga Bawa Peak, Niyang River, Lulang Linhai, etc. are enough for you to play here for 3-5 days.
    The three “Sacred Lakes” are Zhuo Zhuo’s fault, Mabian’s fault, and Namco’s pearls are inlaid on this snowy plateau. You know, there are two great holy lakes around Lhasa, Yamdrok and Namtso.
    In view of the time limit, the time spent in Lhasa during the National Day was only 6 days, so we did not choose to leave Shigatse and Linzhi, which are far away from Lhasa. (Shigatse has not been there, Linzhi has been playing when I first entered Tibet), but I chose to play these two holy lakes.
    “Tianhu” Namco has the largest area and is the lake closest to paradise; “Jiyu Lake” has a lake and mountains in the south. There is absolutely no problem in Yanghu’s round-trip day. Namco’s mistakes are a bit of a day. Of course, friends who want to see the beautiful stars can choose to stay in Namco for one night. We try to stay at 4800 meters above sea level for one night.
    Regarding these two holy lakes, there is no direct bus, so there are only chartered cars and groups. Since we only have two people, the charter price is not worthwhile during the National Day, so we chose the way to travel with the group.
    DAY1, arrived in Lhasa, adjusted for a long time, adapted to high anti (Baguai Street lounging)
    DAY2, visit the Potala Palace, Zongjiao Lukang Park, Tibetan costume shooting
    DAY3, Yamdrok-cho, tour around the lake, participating in the delegation
    DAY4, outdoor off-road team, Namtso Lake, Namtso
    DAY5, Namtso snow scene, back to Lhasa
    DAY6, Jokhang Temple, Brigade (King Wangshan – Potala Palace Square – Artificial Lake – Barkhor Street – Jokhang Temple)
    DAY7, Lhasa – Chongqing – Shanghai
    Take a picture of the Potala Palace
    Everyone who travels to Lhasa must take a photo of the Potala Palace. Taking a picture of the Potala Palace in the water is definitely a classic existence. The reflection of the Potala Palace is placed in the lake, beautiful and beautiful, a wonderful world. The following are the front and back of the Potala Palace.
    Take a picture in front of the Potala Palace and prove that you have been to this beautiful city. This should be a must for all to go to Lhasa.
    Visit the mysterious Potala Palace
    The Potala Palace, the symbol of Tibet, can enter this palace and, of course, it is also a dream of Tibet.
    Yaowang Mountain once sunrise
    At the beginning of the morning light, Lhasa wakes up. When the first sunshine illuminates the Potala Palace in Lhasa, the golden morning dress is elegantly set in the foothills. Under the blue sky, it is extraordinarily quiet and solemn. Kind of solemn and dignified.
    Yaowangshan, don’t be deceived by its name, in fact, it is just a small park in front of the Potala Palace. The half-waist platform in the park is one of the best places to shoot the Potala Palace. You will find that here is still a prototype of fifty yuan.
    Sunbathing in Lhasa
    Sunshine is one of the most resounding business cards in Lhasa. The annual sunshine of Lhasa has reached more than 3,000 hours. It is the most famous Sun City in the world. To the sun in Lhasa has become a fashion, bathed in the warm sunshine, you can put aside all the selfish distractions, so quietly let the mind and the sun talk, the most essential aspect of human nature to the sun, while their own The heart also becomes sunny and transparent.
    Lhasa has a lot of sun-bathing places, such as the Jokhang Temple Square with a light and fragile oil and gas, the roof of the inn that can overlook the Potala Palace, the sun room that can be a bar, or the waterfront of Longwangtan. In these places, we can not only enjoy the sun, but also experience the cultural characteristics of Lhasa City and understand the character of the entire city of Lhasa.
    We like to sunbathe in Zongjiao Lukang Park. From the east head to the west end of Zongjiao Lukang Park, we can always walk at the leisurely pace and enjoy the softest light of the sun. There is a lake here, a soft silhouette of the Potala Palace, and a reflection of the sun on the lake. Sit down on a lawn and hang around in the sun. Zongjiao Lukang Park will accept you in a gesture that embraces all the world’s troubles.
    Just remember that you can’t forget to sunscreen sunscreen in Lhasa. The ultraviolet rays on the plateau are very powerful. Remember to do enough sun protection work.
    Do one time, Tashi and Zhuoma
    The beauty of Tibet is not only the mountains and rivers, but also the beautiful Tibetan costumes. Wear a special Tibetan costume, and take a photo with the lover to take a photo of the couple and make a trip to Tashi and Zhuoma to add unforgettable memories to the journey.
    Live a Tibetan style hotel
    Lhasa Zhaxi Quta Fengqing Hotel, a quiet theme hotel, is a characteristic theme hotel that feels Lhasa old alley culture and Tibetan traditional culture. It is a combination of guest rooms and Tibetan restaurants. It is a traditional Tibetan courtyard building, both inside and outside. Style decoration, feel the Tibetan folk customs and mysterious Tibetan culture.
    Pious blessing at the Jokhang Temple
    Non-wide roads, smooth granite slabs, distinctive Tibetan architecture on both sides of the street, various jewelry stores and antique shops and art galleries, make Bajiao Street exudes a strong cultural fragrance. The stalls selling Tibetan ornaments on both sides of Barkhor Street and the crowds flowing in the stalls are the most authentic life in Lhasa.
    With the Tibetans to turn around, as people flow through, circle and circle. Here are the most pristine beliefs, the sweetest smiles and the most mundane material needs.
    Leaving your blockbuster in Lhasa
    If you want to leave a sweet movie that belongs to two people, in addition to asking family, friends, passers-by to help shoot, the most ideal way is to invite a professional photographer to travel, Lhasa now many photography studios to launch travel and shooting services . The photographer has a one-to-one service. With a professional photographer, we are only responsible for making models, getting rid of scissors, tourist photos, and even I think that the photos taken have not been post-finished and we are very satisfied.
    Bubbles Lhasa’s various “bars”
    In Lhasa, bars, bars, and book bars add up to three or forty. Without a story, no special features, no cultural heritage, it is basically difficult to mix. Find a home and your own gas field fit, temperament, comfortable and like it, quietly taste Lhasa, perhaps a family experience, you may be able to get married at a glance.
    Go to Yamdrok to feel the shocking blue
    The wonders of thousands of mountains, the source of water, the beauty of Tibet, can’t be finished. It’s better to go to every snowy mountain lake in Tibet than to go around the world.
    Coming to the biography of one of the three holy lakes, Yamdrok, and walking around the lake, it can make people feel quiet, and the mood is as simple as following this lake.
    Experience the charm of an outdoor cross-country group
    By chance, we participated in the group of two-day and one-night outdoor clubs in Namco. We took us to the different Namco, and the friends from Tiannanhaibei gathered together. This experience is more important to us than the beauty itself. significance.
    I also accidentally saw the snow scene of Nam Co, and experienced an outdoor rally on the plateau.
    Look at the starry sky of Namtso
    The three holy lakes, Namtso, the sound of the lake slap on the shore, leaving only the blue sky and the white lake.
    When it comes to Tibet, you must go to see the starry sky of Namtso and feel the beauty like a fairy tale. After visiting Namtso during the day, he will return to Lhasa and miss the beautiful view of Namtso. Although Namucuo at night is cold and oxygen-deficient, the high reaction will be more serious, but at the moment when you are touched by the Xinghai Sea, you will feel everything.Suffering is worth it.
    Authentic Tibetan meal
    Feel the specialties on the plateau.
     Before the trip, a few questions about Lhasa?
    If you imagine Lhasa is the original world, then it may give you different expectations. There are also high-rise commercial areas, dazzling streets, hotels, banks, and shopping malls.
    Is Lhasa safe?
    The security of Lhasa is very good. There are police officers on duty during the day and night, as well as patrols by armed police. In the evening, many tourists can also walk slowly on the street. In Lhasa, the ID card is best to take it with you. Maybe you need to register your identity with a confirmed name when you enter a park, and pay attention to the storage of your belongings.
    Lhasa is so high, sometimes it is worse?
    Lhasa General Beijing time, according to the time zone, 2 hours later than Beijing, such as Beijing at 10 am, then Lhasa at 8 am. According to our observation, during the National Day holiday period, the sunrise time is basically 7:30, and the sunset time is basically 8:30.
    What is the best time to travel to Lhasa?
    May-October: At this time, the scenery is the best, the oxygen content is sufficient, and the climate is pleasant. In the high season to Lhasa, it is recommended to book accommodation and attraction tickets in advance.
    After the rainy season arrives in July and August, it is necessary to pay attention to safety when traveling by car. At this time, the ultraviolet rays are particularly strong, so pay attention to sun protection.
    January-April: The weather is cold, dry and dehydrated, and most scenic spots are closed and should not be visited.
    What is the temperature in Lhasa? What kind of clothes are suitable?
    In the period of our National Day (Spring and Autumn Festival), we need jackets and trousers in the morning and evening, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. In the morning and evening, you need to bring warm clothes, especially those who want to see the sunrise of the Potala Palace, remember to wear a down jacket to go out. However, as long as it is under the sun during the day, it is very warm, a coat can be kept warm and sunscreen.
    I don’t know how to talk to Lhasa.
    In Lhasa, Mandarin is the mainstay, tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, large and small shopping malls and so on are all speaking Mandarin, so there is no need to worry about language during the trip, but Tibetans will use Tibetan to communicate.
    Going to Lhasa to bring enough cash?
    Banks in Lhasa have bank or ATM machines on the main roads, mainly for the construction of four major banks of workers and peasants. Most of the shopping venues and restaurants can also be used for credit card consumption. We are too hasty to forget to withdraw cash from the banks in Shanghai. Thirty yuan, but this thirty yuan has been playing in Lhasa for six days, because in Lhasa, Alipay and WeChat are very popular, basically can be used, we can take a human tricycle, even WeChat payment. However, it is recommended that friends who travel will bring enough cash in advance to prepare for the unexpected.
    Are there any taboos for traveling in Lhasa?
    Don’t talk about politics and religion. You can’t expose your arms, legs and feet when you enter the temple. You need to get permission to pick up your sunglasses and take a portrait.
    How to reach Lhasa?
    Entering Lhasa can be done by train, plane and car. Of course, it is not excluded that strong friends will choose to ride and hike into Tibet.
    Train Lhasa Railway Station is located opposite the Lhasa River, and the city to Lhasa Railway Station for rent for about 20 yuan.
    The plane is Lhasa Gongga Airport and the Yarlung Zangbo River, 60 kilometers away from the city. . Lhasa Airport has a civil aviation bus to the city. The fare is 25 yuan per person and the time is about 1 hour. The taxi is about 150 yuan. We booked the shuttle service on the Internet in advance. When we got off the plane, we had a special car waiting for us at the airport parking lot.
    What is the internal traffic in Lhasa?
    The transportation inside Lhasa is very convenient. There are various modes of transportation such as buses, taxis, tricycles and chartered buses.
    Taxi: Starting at 10 yuan for 3 kilometers, more than 2 yuan/km, but going to the suburbs of Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, etc. will exceed the starting price, a little furtherThe party is probably 20-30 yuan.
    Tricycle: It is a special transportation vehicle for Lhasa. It can seat 2 people per car and is located in the streets of Lhasa, but it is not allowed to pass through Beijing Road in front of the Potala Palace Square. Be sure to negotiate before you get on the bus.
    Bicycle: I didn’t think I had a shared bicycle service before I came to Lhasa. But when I came to Lhasa, I found that there was no shared bicycle on the street. However, public bicycle rental points are set up on all major road sections, but real-name car rental cards are required, and identity documents and deposits are required. The procedures are cumbersome.
    Walking: No bicycles, of course there are 11 roads, that is walking. Personally think that the main attractions in Lhasa, such as Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, and the Potala Palace are not far away. It is better to slow down and enjoy the slow pace of life in this city.
    Chartered: It is recommended that you must charter a car from a regular channel, which is more convenient and safer. The sights we have visited have not left Lhasa for too long. Basically, we can travel to and from the same day. Even if we go to Nam Co, we will travel with the group tour, so this trip is not chartered.
     Seven days and six nights travel expenses in Tibet
    This is a breakdown of all expenditures during our National Day:
    A total of 20,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan per capita, this fee does not include two tickets to Xi’an Fei Lhasa.
    About ticket
    Departure ticket: Due to time constraints, we still choose to fly in and out of Lhasa. Because during the National Day, we only chose to go to Tibet for less than one month in advance. At that time, the ticket economy class of Shanghai directly to Lhasa was 10,000 yuan. Therefore, we can only save the country by curve, choose to transfer to the flight, because I happen to have Eastern Airlines points, but only enough to redeem two tickets for Xi’an Fesala, so this paragraph does not pay cash. 9/30 We took a train from Shanghai to Xi’an (6 hours), stayed at the hotel near Xi’an Xianyang Airport, and flew directly to Lhasa the next morning.
    Return ticket: I still choose a transit ticket, Lhasa to Chongqing, Chongqing for 2 hours, Chongqing to Shanghai, 3,500 yuan per capita.
    Therefore, it can be seen from the ticket price that the trip to Tibet during the National Day is not cheaper than foreign countries.
    About accommodation
    Travel, airfare and accommodation are a big part. Regarding the accommodation arrangement, after the recommendation of the leader of my unit, I finally feel that I am staying at the four-star hotel that is away from the Jokhang Temple: Tashi Quta Fengqing Hotel, the average daily price during the National Day is 500. The yuan is not enough, it is very economical. For details, please refer to the ordered chapter of this travel.
     The power of faith, we can not understand, but please respect!
    In the early morning, Lhasa Barkhor Street, you will see the flow of people following the menstruation in a clockwise direction around Barkhor Street. From time to time, the Tibetans, Tibetans, and lamas, who are full of years, are full of faces. Only the devout and solemn, full of enthusiasm on the Bajiao Street to the meridian.
    There will also be devout worshippers on the street, each with a respectful respect, and each head is immersed in faith. There is a kind of faith, called life pilgrimage, life has been reincarnation, here to wash the eyes.
    In the Tibetan area, there has always been a saying that “the first Jokhang Temple, followed by Lhasa City”, the temple is dedicated to the Buddha statue of Sakyamuni, which Princess Wencheng brought from Changan. In front of the Jokhang Temple, when the sun shines on the worshippers, everything looks so harmonious. These devout worshippers, who have persisted in their beliefs for the rest of their lives, have no regrets, and are more alive in this life. We may not understand their beliefs, they may not understand their hardships, but they will be deeply impressed by them.
    Although in the early morning, outside the Jokhang Temple, countless Tibetans waited in line, and the long queue only prayed for the temple. But every Tibetan who lined up in the queue did not see the color of anxiety, and the face was full of indifference.
    In order to show respect, it is advisable not to take a positive photo, and not to disturb is the most basic respect for Tibetans. If you ask me why I still want to take their backs? I think, perhaps because of their direct pursuit of faith in the people, letting time pass, only faith does not change with time. In them, I only saw the netness and quietness of the human heart.
    If the human heart is clean, there will be less confusion and distracting thoughts; if the hearts of the people are quiet, they will be more calm and calm.
    Many tourists will take photos with the prayer wheel with curiosity, so if there is no faith in your heart, please turn in the correct posture. The hand cannot touch the barrel, because the barrel is printed with verses, and the wooden rocker under the barrel must be turned clockwise. See below.
    This is the way I turned in 2014. It is completely wrong. Everyone remembers to respect local customs consciously.
     Multi-angle shooting of the Potala Palace in Lhasa
    The Potala Palace is the highest and most majestic palace in the world. It is the most splendid symbol of Tibetan culture. Its majestic architecture and mysterious and holy religious background are the temptations that photography enthusiasts cannot resist. Everyone who travels to Lhasa must take a classic photo of the Potala Palace and look up at the mysterious Potala Palace from different perspectives. The impression of the beautiful snowy holy land is printed in my mind.
    Unconventional perspective of the Potala Palace
    Are the ordinary Potala Palace photos on the Internet tired? The traditional location of the Potala Palace is nothing more than: Yaowang Mountain, Bu Gong Square, artificial lake on the side of the square, Zongjiao Lukang Park. Seeing it differently today, the location is also in the Potala Palace Square, but the viewing angle is indeed a small pool of water artificially manufactured.
    In front of the square, you can see the photographer with a long gun and a short gun on the ground, in front of a pool of water, with the originalCuriosity to see, I can’t see it, and I found a different perspective. It is observed that the two places with the most view are the right side of the square music fountain and the left side of the flag-raising booth.
    From time to time, I will hear the photographer say: Not enough, fast, add water, add water! Yes, there is only enough water to make a different reflection of the palace, and it must be on the ground! I have already tested it, the effect of the phone is also very good, and as long as the weather is good enough, no filter blessing is required.
    The shooting time is best in the morning, first because there are fewer tourists, and second, the light is softer, share this idea with everyone, and then shoot the Potala Palace and shoot it differently!
    A traditional photo of the Potala Palace:
    Location: Artificial Lake on the side of the Potala Palace Square
    The artificial lake on the Potala Palace Square is a great location for taking pictures of the Potala Palace. The red-white wall of the Potala Palace, surrounded by ginkgo leaves, is reflected in the water waves, as time passes, such as the precipitation of years.
    Location: Potala Palace Square
    The Potala Palace Square is directly opposite the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. It is the highest city square in the world. This is the best location for the front of the Potala Palace.
    The inside of the Potala Palace is not allowed to take photographic equipment into the filming, but it can be filmed in the Potala Palace Square. Most of the photos of the Potala Palace are photographed in the square, with the magnificent palace as the background.
    Location: Yaowangshan
    Yaowangshan is opposite to the Potala Palace and is the best location for the Potala Palace, especially on the mountainside. It is also the best location for shooting RMB 50 and the Potala Palace. In the early morning, Yao Wangshan often shows a few moments of photography lovers gathering and waiting for the first light to illuminate the Potala Palace.
    Location: Zongjiao Lukang Park
    The park is located in the back hill of the Potala Palace. In the Longwangtan in Zongjiao Lukang Park, it is just a reflection of the Potala Palace. It is also one of the better places to take pictures of the reflections in the Potala Palace. At the same time, it is also the favorite entertainment and entertainment place for Lhasa people.
    Shooting position: Princess Wencheng’s large-scale real theater location
    The theater is located on the south bank of the Lhasa River. From the platform of the singing and dancing drama “Princess Wencheng”, overlooking the Potala Palace, Lhasa City Chengguan DistrictNothing to see. We were unintentionally discovered when we watched Princess Wencheng at 8:00 in the evening. If you happen to be watching this real drama, you may wish to look back at the Potala Palace in the distance on the way to the stairs. It’s just that the IPHONE mobile phone shooting night scene is really terrible, let’s take a look.
    Finding a suitable shooting point, you can’t avoid the “scratch” of the Potala Palace to the last one, but also Lhasa is not white!
    Potala Palace in the morning
    At the beginning of the morning light, Lhasa wakes up. When the first sunshine illuminates the Potala Palace in Lhasa, its golden morning dress is elegantly set in the foothills. It is particularly calm and solemn under the blue sky. A heart-rending solemnity and dignity.
    Potala Palace under the night
    Under the halo, it faded away from the majesty of the day, with a bit of mystery, revealing a bit of flattery. This majestic old building also brings tenderness and warmth to the night in Lhasa.
     D1 first arrived in Lhasa, adapting to high anti
    We used to drive to Xi’an and Xi’an to Lhasa the day before, so we stayed at Xi’an Xianyang Airport for one night. At that time, we chose this hotel for evaluation. The experience of one night was not good, so it is not recommended to avoid stepping on the thunder in the future. Accommodation here: Guanzhongzhixing Business Hotel (Xi’an Airport Branch).
    From Xi’an to Lhasa is not a big plane, it is a small plane, the apron in the morning sun.
    With the landing of the plane, I finally set foot on the snowy plateau again, this time I brought my lover.
    Lhasa, general billboards, signboards, etc. will use Tibetan and Chinese, Tibetan is on, and Chinese is on.
    Various oxygen cylinders and functional health supplements can also be purchased at the airport, but in contrast, the airport is slightly more expensive than the pharmacy in the city of Lhasa. If you still have physical strength, you can still support it. You can go to the city of Lhasa to buy the necessary items or medicines.
    Out of the airport, the blue sky and white clouds seem to be the label of Lhasa.During the seven days of our National Day, the weather is very good. The blue of the Tibetan sky seems to be different from the plain. It has a magical power. You will be unconsciously attracted to it and will unconsciously slow down (and of course to adapt to high anti-) .
    There is also a shuttle bus from Gongga Airport to downtown Lhasa, 30 yuan per person.
    We booked the pick-up and drop-off machine online in advance, and the Tibetan masters were waiting for us in the parking lot.
    Lhasa Airport is about an hour’s drive from the city and crosses the Jura Mountain Tunnel.
     D1 lives in Lhasa and experiences a rich Tibetan style.
    After about an hour, reach the destination hotel, Lhasa Zhaxi Tower Style Hotel.
    It is located in a small alley in Beijing East Road, Lhasa. The motor vehicle can’t drive directly to the hotel lobby. It takes about 20 meters to get to the hotel. It is inconvenient to drive by car. It is dripping to the roadside of Beijing East Road. waiting.
    Surprised by traditional Tibetan courtyard architecture
    Lhasa Zhaxi Quta Fengqing Hotel, a quiet theme hotel, is a characteristic theme hotel that feels Lhasa old alley culture and Tibetan traditional culture. It is a combination of guest rooms and Tibetan restaurants. It is a traditional Tibetan courtyard building, both inside and outside. Style decoration, feel the Tibetan folk customs and mysterious Tibetan culture.
    Beautiful and exquisite carvings and decorations are pleasing to the eye.
    The flowers are everywhere, so you can see the mood. The hotel has a terrace overlooking the Potala Palace, but we have forgotten to visit the terrace for a few days and have not been able to photograph the Potala Palace.
    The atrium of the entire hotel is a restaurant. It looks like a lively, fragrant flower. The snow lotus in the water is everywhere. The flowers on the table are fresh, which makes me very surprised.
    The hotel offers Chinese and Western breakfast, Tibetan food, free self-service laundry books, free internet access, free bicycle use, travel information, business center, car rental and other services, which can be found in the hotel lobby.
    About free breakfast, Chinese and Western, Tibetan style, variety, enough to eat, but can not meet the needs of luxury, breakfast time from 7 to 10, do not miss the meal time.
    Classic Tibetan room with understated interior
    The most satisfying thing about the hotel is clean, rare. This is a Tibetan hotel, and the low-key luxury Tibetan furniture is spotless.
    The decoration of the room is a typical Tibetan style. The style is very high, the mattress is soft and hard, the pillow is soft and hard, and the sleep quality can be basically guaranteed.
    The bathroom is large and clean, without any odor. The cleaning products provided are quite satisfactory and the hot water is sufficient to fully meet the needs of washing.
    Courteous service, warm attitude
    The hotel’s service is still very good. After check-in, there is a special person to lead the luggage, help with luggage, no tipping, and help to debug all the appliances in the room and teach the guests, which is quite intimate. There is a humidifier in the room. When the waiter’s room is cleaned every day, it is responsible for filling up the water. You don’t need to add water yourself.
    Convenient location
    It is surrounded by old Tibetan architecture, and it takes 5 minutes to reach Jokhang Temple and Ba Lang Street. It takes 15-20 minutes to walk to the Potala Palace. Shopping, dining, entertainment, shopping, shopping, worry-free, can meet your shopping needs.
    Safe, quiet, comfortable and hygienic Tibetan courtyard environment, warm, fast and welcoming service is the ideal hotel for travel, the price is very high (less than 500 yuan during the National Day during the National Day), it is highly recommended.
     D1 Bubble Lhasa’s various “bars”
    When you first arrive in Lhasa, everything should be slowed down, whether it is footsteps or life. When we arrived at the hotel, we felt that there was basically no serious high anti-reverse, so we decided to go to the Jokhang Temple and the Barkhor Street opposite the hotel and walk around in the sun.
    Barkhor Street
    Non-wide roads, smooth granite slabs, distinctive Tibetan architecture on both sides of the street, various jewelry stores and antique shops and art galleries, make Bajiao Street exudes a strong cultural fragrance. The stalls selling Tibetan ornaments on both sides of Barkhor Street and the crowds flowing in the stalls are the most authentic life in Lhasa.
    Enjoy the leisure time of Barkhor Street, take a leisurely stroll, stroll around the streets of Lhasa, and follow the local Tibetans on the turning road of Barkhor Street to make some wonderful wishes and wishes.
    In Lhasa, bars, bars, and book bars add up to three or forty. Without a story, no special features, no cultural heritage, it is basically difficult to mix. Find a home and your own gas field fit, temperament, comfortable and like it, quietly taste Lhasa, perhaps a family experience, you may be able to get married at a glance.
    Maggie Ami
    The Maggie Ami behind the Jokhang Temple is still a landscape of the corner of the Jokhang Temple. Although I have never been to it, every time I come to take a photo of a friend circle, many people say that this is a net red shop. I want to say that people were already red when they were not online 10 years ago.
    I didn’t go to Lhasa twice to go to this red store. If you feel interested, you can try the dishes, or have an afternoon tea and enjoy a leisurely sunny afternoon. However, since you are a red shop, you must Will be disturbed, if you want to not be disturbed, you can choose a shop on the roof of the inn.
    Cong white tea
    The nearby foods that were searched from the public commentary were ok, so I followed the map to navigate and left Barkhor Street not far away. It is not like the location of Maggie Ami, in the heart of Barkhor Street. area. It is located in an alley, on the sixth floor of the Cidu Hotel.
    You can take the elevator or walk up the sixth floor. On each walk, there will be a variety of photographs and hand-painted works on each floor, just the 1-5th floor is the hotel. We chose to take the elevator to the sixth floor. When we got out of the elevator, we saw a big photo. The people who meet will meet again in Tibet. This is a cliché.
    After the waiter recommended, we ordered fruit tea and Tibetan milk tea, which is not particularly stunning, but it seems that there is no bad taste.
    The store is divided into indoor and outdoor areas. The interior decoration is small and fresh. It is a glass sun room. The afternoon sun is sprinkled from the top of the glass. You can talk to your friends here, or you can have a person, a cup of tea and a book.
    And interesting people go to the most beautiful places.
    Outdoors, you can sit on the terrace and let out the sun, here is also a good choice. However, when I first looked at the evaluation, I looked at the prospect of the Potala Palace. Indeed, I can look into the distant view, but this is a little farther.
     D1 First St. Regis Resort
    When staying at the St. Regis Lhasa Resort, you can go to the hotel buffet.
    When I first wanted to stay at the St. Regis Lhasa Resort, as a luxury brand and star rating of St. Regis, many people will choose to stay in Lhasa. However, the price during the National Day was really a hot hand, so I gave up staying at the hotel. But we can still go to eat, so we plan to go to the St. Regis’ buffet restaurant in the evening, the public comment group purchase price is only 200 yuan a person, cost-effective.
    We walked from the Congbai Tea to the St. Regis Hotel in about 15 minutes. The hotel is on the mountain. In fact, the so-called mountain is a slope and the access control is stricter. We told the security staff to have a buffet and they would send a car to pick up the guests. Since the road up the mountain is a cobblestone road, the height is uneven, so we feel very shaken after riding the eco-car.
    We must know that we had a slight headache, and it has been alleviated. It was directly shaken by the car and shook it out. Every time it was shaken, it was a headache. Really, I did not exaggerate it. Therefore, I advised the friends who went up the mountain to take the eco-car carefully. The eco-car actually opened a short way. After eating the buffet, we chose to walk down the mountain.
    Since the cafeteria started at 6 o’clock, we arrived early, so we walked freely in the hotel lobby and garden. The traditional architecture of the hotel reflects the elegance and rustic style of Tibet. Its exterior light grey brick walls and black tower roof design are designed to greet the ancient culture.
    The interior design of the hotel is very local in Tibet. It uses traditional Tibetan colors such as bright red, gold, orange, green, blue and turquoise. From wall decoration to various displays, it is full of Tibetan heavy weight. The historical and cultural heritage makes the entire hotel a mysterious Tibetan palace.
    The palace-style layout, elegant and secluded landscape, surrounded by lush vegetation.
    In the hotel lobby, you can see the Potala Palace in the distance through the floor-to-ceiling glass. Of course, you can choose to launch the small door and walk to the platform.
    Although we did not stay at the hotel, the hotel also left a deep impression on us. Maybe we want to come to Lhasa for a holiday, then maybe we will stay at the hotel.
    Awesome dining experience
    Before coming to Tibet, I found that Tibet’s Tibetan noodles, butter tea, milk tea, sweet tea, and Tibetan tea were all not used to eating. So when I came to Lhasa for the first meal, we chose a buffet, at least let us have the first meal in Lhasa. Eat enough. Because I wanted to visit the St. Regis Hotel, I chose the buffet at the St. Regis Hotel. Lhasa’s more famous five-star hotel buffet also has Shangri-La, Intercontinental, etc. You can also try it out and see if the evaluation is OK. The St. Regis Hotel is advertised as a butler-style service. The service of the cafeteria is also very satisfying. The waiter is not only enthusiastic about introducing the dishes, but also has a timely closing. There are any dining requirements and the feedback is very fast.
    As a five-star high-end buffet, St. Regis said that the quality is not there. The variety of food is similar to other hotel buffets, not only traditional Chinese cuisine, but also Western, fresh, Japanese, and a variety of live cooking. Seafood ingredients are super fresh, salmon and crab feet should be the most popular, and the storage area will soon be emptied, but the replenishment efficiency is also very high. Others include scorpions, shrimps, shellfish, etc.
    The carnivorous friends have a good taste. Their lamb chops, beef, and especially beef are cooked in 7 portions of low-temperature roast, and seasoned with special seasoning. The meat is very tender.
    The variety of desserts is very rich, and the value is also very high. There are raspberry cakes, chocolate cakes, macarons, caramelized eggs, etc., and the taste is not bad.
    Soft drinks are available for unlimited drinks, such as orange juice, sprite, cola and other drinks. The variety of the front dishes is very rich and the dishes are beautiful.
    The overall meal is still very satisfying and enjoyable, and it feels great value for money. The meal is about 8 o’clock, and it is at 8 o’clock at sunset. According to the waiter’s suggestion, we take the elevator to the lounge on the sixth floor. The angle of view is closer to the Potala Palace than the lobby on the second floor.
    The lounge is just starting out, waiting for friends from all over the world.
     D1 felt so high for the first time that it was so uncomfortable
    After eating the buffet, we chose to walk back to the hotel, about 25 minutes, during the pharmacy, bought oxygen bottles, painkillers and plateau. Earlier I mentioned that the altitude sickness is a gradual process, so it doesn’t mean that you will not respond when you get off the plane without responding.
    Perhaps after experiencing the eco-car jitter incident, we accelerated our high anti-insurgency. Our headache symptoms were also exacerbated during the meal. In order to prevent the serious high-risk that may occur at night, we still chose to go to the pharmacy to buy the drug.
    After the hotel had finished eating the plateau, we felt much better. After drinking a lot of hot water in the hotel, we slept at about ten o’clock. But please don’t ignore it, that is, to ventilate, to ventilate, to ventilate. The plateau area is already deprived of oxygen, and it is easier to accelerate the high reaction in a closed room. As far as we are concerned, even if I am still asleep, I only slept for a while, but I feel that I have slept for a long time. By 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, both of us felt that the headache was getting worse and the lips were purple. So we hurry to get oxygen, eat painkillers, and try to open the window to ventilate. Of course, it is easy to catch a cold while ventilating, but fortunately the quilt is thick enough.
     D2 Visiting the Potala Palace is a dream of Tibet.
    After experiencing a high night, we basically woke up at around 6:30. After washing and eating breakfast, we went out to the Potala Palace Square at about 8:00.
    The Potala Palace, the symbol of Tibet, can enter this palace and see what it is like in Tibet. The architectural achievements of the Potala Palace attract world attention, in order not to let the Potala PalaceThe building’s pressure is too large and better protection, daily tourists limit the flow, effectively reducing the pressure on the Potala Palace building weight per unit time.
    However, listening to local tour guides said that the Potala Palace will no longer receive tourists in 2020, and the red-headed documents have been received, but the implementation of specific months has been inconclusive. If you want to visit the Potala Palace, if you don’t regret, plan a trip to the Potala Palace as soon as possible.
    Three ways to buy tickets, it is highly recommended to travel with the group
    1. Online ticket purchase, the official website of the Potala Palace official website: http://www.potalapalace.cn/userLogin.html or pay attention to the WeChat public number “Official platform of the Potala Palace”, you can book the Potala in 7 days. Palace tickets.
    2, one day in advance to the reservation window at the foot of the Potala Palace to book the next day tickets, starting at 09:00 in the morning, until the end.
    3, travel agencies to buy tickets, sign up to participate in the regular travel agency organization, this method not only solves the ticket problem, but also solves the explanation, killing two birds with one stone. It is recommended to visit the Potala Palace or choose to visit with the group. Pure play, explain well, and guarantee the ticket. We just choose the team tour. After booking the product online, we will be brought in by the professional guide after the round of the designated place. Travel team tickets are the most secure way to book, worry, save trouble and effort.
    Show the reservation coupon first, then change the ticket
    Visiting the Potala Palace does not take the round-trip road, the main entrance is in, the back door is out.
    1. Arrive at the main entrance of the Potala Palace (South Gate), enter the security checkpoint with a reservation ticket or e-ticket, freely move in the courtyard, take a short break and take a photo, about 30 minutes.
    2, to the 2 door no word monument inspection port, climb the stairs along the steps to the top of the Potala Palace ticket window, get the Potala Palace tickets, this time is about 30 minutes, climbing the mountain due to personal physical strength to decide the use of time.
    3. Arrive at the Deyangxia platform and take the tickets to enter the Potala Palace for indoor visits. The indoor one-hour visit time.
    Step out of the Potala Palace, walk down the stairs, walk out of the back door of the Potala Palace, and end the tour. It takes 30 minutes.
    From the main entrance to the back door for a total of 2.5 hours.
    Remember: According to the time indicated by the booking voucher, you must arrive at the gate of the Potala Palace at least 1.5 hours in advance.
    There are strict time for booking coupons and e-tickets. If you arrive too early, you can’t enter the tour. If you don’t follow the specified time, you will be obsolete.
    Even the team visit time is strictly in accordance with the time of the visit: take our team as an example.
    The scheduled tour time is 10:40 (you must arrive at the third door as mentioned above in exchange for tickets before 10:40)
    Arrival time: 09:10
    During this time, you will experience the first door and the second door and the quick tour along the way, so if you are a personal visit, then for safety, please arrive at the Potala Palace two hours before the visit time. Positive.
    If you book a visit to the Potala Palace at 12 noon, it means the time to arrive at the ticket gate, not the time to reach the main gate of the Potala Palace.
    The exact time schedule is as follows: 11 o’clock to the Potala Palace security checkpoint, take a photo break in the courtyard for 20 minutes, then enter the second gate ticket gate, take a photo while climbing the mountain, about 20 to 30 minutes, 12 o’clock just reached the summit ticket window. If you arrive at the main entrance of the Potala Palace at 12 o’clock, it is late, then the booking voucher and e-ticket are directly invalid.
    Potala Palace Tickets
    Ticket prices for the peak season From May 1st to October 31st, the full price of the Potala Palace tickets is 200 yuan / piece.
    Low season ticket price From November 1st to April 30th The full price of the Potala Palace ticket is 100 yuan / piece
    Passenger flow over the dayWhen the peak of 5,000 people is over, the new line will be opened, and the daily reception volume will be appropriately increased to cope with “one ticket is hard to find.” At the same time, the ticket reservation is executed (reservation method: the team is required to make an appointment by the travel agency, and the individual is required to make a reservation by holding the valid ID card on the day before the visit. The reservation ticket is free of charge. Reservation place: Potala Palace ticket reservation window Located at the gate of the Potala Palace Fire Brigade. The appointment window is open from 8:00 daily until the booking voucher is issued.
    The fare is 50% of the fare for the season. The appointment method is on-site appointment, and the reservation ticket for Line 2 is issued. From the fare, the time and content of the second line are much less than that of the first line. (The second channel visits, from the Treasure Hall, Tibet New and Old Contrast Exhibition, Long Xia House, Kansu House, Mint, Xue Ba Lekong, Snow Prison, Kamakura in turn through Deyang Building, White House Porch, East Hall, Visiting the West Hall, the Temple of the Ming Dynasty, the Temple of the Five Spirits, and the Guanyin Bunsen Hall, a total of 15 attractions).
    The tour group we participated in was to guarantee the first line tour. Strongly recommended with the group.
    Instructions for visiting the Potala Palace
    This is the message that the tour guide sent us before the delegation, combined with the advice of the individual after visiting the Potala Palace:
    1. Be sure to bring your ID card. This is one of the important credentials for entering the tour.
    2, do not bring lighters, matches and electronic cigarettes, flammable and explosive materials, oxygen tanks, control tools;
    3. Liquid-based articles and cosmetics, spray-based cosmetics;
    4, can bring a cup, can not bring drinks;
    5, dress can not wear skirts, slippers, halter, shorts, if you want to wear a skirt to wear pants underneath, pantyhose is absolutely not allowed.
    6. Do a good job of sun protection, and there are more ramps and steps in the Potala Palace. Please go slowly and avoid strenuous exercise to avoid altitude sickness. When there is a slight reaction, you can rest and take oxygen at the service point.
    7. In order to avoid damage to precious cultural relics such as murals, it is forbidden to take pictures during the main body visit, and it is found that sneak shots will conceal the camera and even call for more trouble. At the same time, visit the main hall, don’t wear a hat, don’t wear sunglasses.
    8. You must not touch cultural relics during the whole tour, do not climb buildings, and do not use open flames or smoking.
    9. There are various merit boxes in the Potala Palace. Visitors can prepare some change in advance and give them a gift.
    10. Visitors who have made an appointment to visit the Potala Palace will not be able to make additional appointments within seven days of the appointment.
     D2 opens a pilgrimage to the Potala Palace
    We booked the group tour of the Potala Palace in advance, and the independent group, about 14 people, each equipped with a Bluetooth headset, a tour guide, one night before departure, the tour guide will send a short message to the meeting place and Note, if you have received, please read it carefully. Pay special attention to the red font.
    At 9:20 in the morning, at the designated location, the Potala Palace East Gate post security checkpoint collection, if you like us, did not carefully read the SMS instructions, with oxygen tanks, drinks, liquid cosmetics, etc., then you can deposit at this post office Within the charge, according to the volume of the storage thing size, the basic should be 20 yuan a day. Therefore, if you visit the Potala Palace, in order to avoid the troubles, it is best to go to the light, bring your ID card, mobile phone, camera and other necessary belongings.
    Perhaps due to the National Day, the first security check was started before the post office.
    Follow the guides and people into the front gate of the Potala Palace (South Gate) and wait for the second security inspection area. During this period, you can also look up at the Potala Palace at a close distance. The weather is blue, no filter blessing is required. Personally think that the filter is used. It is an insult to the Potala Palace.
    After passing the security check, it is also officially entered the Potala Palace. Free activities in the courtyard, short breaks and photographs, the tour guide will explain the relevant history and architectural style of the Potala Palace.
    The building materials used in the Potala Palace are earth, stone and wood. The design and construction of the palace, according to the law of the sunlit area of ​​the plateau, its wall base is wide and strong, and the outer wall surface is clearly divided. There are tunnels and vents extending under the temple base. There are pillars, bucket arches, fins, beams, rafters, etc. in the house to form a bracket. The paving and roofing are made of hard soil called “Auntie” in Tibetan. All of these designs balance the forces and moderate pressure. These scientifically-accepted buildings, such as earthquakes and other natural disasters, the walls are not easy to collapse, the tops of the halls and small bedrooms have skylights, through which the sunlight can be directly shot into the house, and the indoor air can be adjusted; The surrounding corridors are connected to each other to facilitate the refraction of the sun.
    In addition to the indoor warm winter and cool summer, the entire palace fully reflects the unique architectural style of the Tibetans. From the architectural pattern, it can be seen that the top-level design of Tibetan society is centered around religion, and the management of administrative and religious integration.
    The Potala Palace is divided into three parts, Syracuse, the White House and the Red Palace. The highest architectural complex is the Red Palace, which represents religion and is the highest spiritual symbol; the lower half of the White House is the place of political and political governance, and the highest power representative; the snow city on the ground is basically the institution that performs and handles affairs. The tourist’s visit route is basically to skip the White House and directly visit the highest Red Palace.
    Follow the guide to the Treasure Hall. Photographs and videos are forbidden in the museum. Perhaps due to time constraints, the tour guide simply explained the two murals in front of the Treasure Hall.
    Leaving the Treasure Hall and continuing to move forward, you can reach the security checkpoint of the second door. In Lhasa, it is found that as long as the weather is good, the scene of the sun and the moon can be seen every day.
    The wordless monument is the starting point for tourists to pick up the ranks.
    There is a mark on a stone without a word on the side of the monument. I really can’t think of what it is called, but it is a very important mark in Tibet.
    The total length of the climbing stone on the front slope of the Potala Palace is about 300 meters, and the road width is 5-8 meters. It is necessary to start moving upwards. After all, in the plateau area, the footsteps of climbing upwards can be appropriately slowed down to avoid serious high-reverse, we basically I have adapted, follow the rhythm of the tour guide, and walk up and listen to the tour guide’s explanation, but the tour guide explains it faster, some remember, sometimes it will be quickly forgotten, I try to remember me.This knowledge is fully presented to everyone.
    Under the blue sky, the shape, color and building materials of the complex are also unique.
    Milk wall, aunty soil, white horse grass, and the three essences of Tibetan architecture can be seen everywhere in Tibetan areas, especially the Potala Palace, which represents the traditional classics and splendor of Tibetan architecture.
    Milk wall, in fact, is made of milk, sugar, and paint in architectural paints, so it has the reputation of milk wall. In the Tibetan areas, white walls and red walls can be seen everywhere in palaces, temples and Tibetan dwellings. The narrow alleys are clean and beautiful under the sunlight of the plateau, and they are purely holy.
    The red wall and the auntite are traditional materials commonly used on the roofs and floors of Tibetan ancient buildings. The aunted earthenware (ground) surface is beautiful and smooth, with strong national characteristics.
    White horse grass, in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Baima Cao is actually a kind of highland Tamarix, which grows in the alpine region and has a hard and non-corrosive effect. Tibetans living in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau for generations combined with labor wisdom, peeled and dried this kind of plateau short willow, tied with a cowhide rope into a fist size and pressed it under the armpit, fixed with wooden nails and layered. In addition, white horse grass is generally dyed in crimson, and eventually built into a white horse wall of Tibetan architecture. The white horse wall built with the plateau short willows has the effect of keeping warm, and it can reduce the weight of the wall. It is a classic material of traditional Tibetan architecture. However, the manufacturing process of the white horse grass is complicated, and the dyed red color is the grade mark of the society at that time. It is generally only used by the elites and palaces and temples.
    The windows of the Potala Palace are basically wide and narrow, which is good for ventilation.
    Such a hanging Tibetan cloth can be seen everywhere in the Potala Palace. This black cloth with auspicious diamond knots is woven with black yak hair, which is rainproof and windproof, breathable and warm, so that the palace is warm in winter. Cool effect.
    Follow the guide online and walk to the platform of Deyang Building. This is the important entrance to the Red Palace in the Potala Palace. The tour guides will receive a reservation voucher and go to the designated place in exchange for the tickets for the Red Palace. We haven’t seen any Raiders before, so it is only here that we know that it is the place to actually exchange tickets for the Potala Palace.
    Located on the east side of the White House, the Deyang Building Platform covers an area of ​​more than 1,300 square meters and is a venue for large-scale events such as performances by the old Tibetan government in the Potala Palace. In old Tibet, folk art groups from all over Tibet during the summer season are singing or dancing, or performing Tibetan operas to perform to the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama and the officials of the customs watched from the top in front of the White House.
    From here to the Red Palace, the tour takes an hour, there is no toilet in the whole journey, so visitors who have the feeling can go to the toilet on the platform of Deyangxia. Speaking of this toilet, I accidentally saw an article about the Potala Palace toilet. It was originally here, and there is now a normal area for tourists to use in the toilet. Here, it is a “staling spot” for sightseeing, a special attraction.
    After entering the last security check according to the ticket, you can enter the Red Palace and enter the Red Palace to refuse to take pictures and take pictures, and take off your sunglasses and hat.
    Wandering in the splendid Buddhist temple, the spiritual tower, the palace, the corridor, the lights are smashing, the window sag is low, and the ghee taste is everywhere. You will involuntarily lose in the scriptures, Buddha statues, murals and distant legends.
    Regarding the detailed introduction of the Red Palace, it is recommended to go to the tour guide’s introduction in person, which is more vivid. For those of me who have no Huigen and poor memory, after visiting the Red Palace for one hour, the biggest feeling is that in the Red Palace. The least valuable thing is gold. In the end, please let everyone know each other.
    After visiting the Red Palace, the tour guide said that after the Bluetooth headset was taken back, it was the end of the 2.5-hour tour of the Potala Palace. Down the designated route, overlooking Lhasa City, the blue sky and white clouds feel within reach.
     D2 sunbathing in Zongjiaolukang Park
    After visiting the Potala Palace, it is the Zongjiao Lukang Park, located at the foot of the hill behind the Potala Palace, where you can clearly see that the Cloth Palace was built on the mountain. Zongjiao Lukang Park means “Dragon King Temple of the Potala Palace” in Tibetan language, because there is a lake and water, and it is also called “Longwangtan”.
    In the eastern part of the park, there are three white towers behind the Potala Palace. In front of the White Tower is a row of prayer wheels. Every day there are Tibetans passing by, wearing various costumes, holding beads in the left hand and turning the prayer wheel in the right hand. The sutra is still in the mouth.
    The park is very beautiful, a bit like the taste of Jiangnan water town. Free to open, many people will picnic and row here, it is a good place for recreation.
     D2 stone pot chicken, expensive is not chicken but stone pot
    It’s already 1 o’clock from Zongjiao Lukang Park. We chose a restaurant that eats Tibetan Lulang stone pot chicken, and Joe’s Lulang stone pot chicken.
    When we took the Linzhi line in 2014, passing through Lulang Town, Lulang Town was most famous for its stone pot chicken. It was really delicious to taste the stone pot chicken soup. So, come to Lhasa and try it. Here is the stone pot chicken we ate in Lulang in 2014.
    The store is really not very easy to find. On the second floor of a snack bar, the second floor is not big, but it is basically full. Later, I learned that the boss was a Tibetan veteran. After the resignation, Lhasa opened a stone pot chicken.
    We ordered the most expensive Matsutake stone pot chicken in the store. According to the boss, the stone pot chicken used ingredients such as palm ginseng, chicken, mushroom, coriander, ginger, garlic, alfalfa, red dates, star anise, pepper, salt, sugar, etc. Wash the palms with water for 4-6 hours. Cut the chicken, ginseng and chicken in a pressure cooker for 20-30 minutes, and simmer all the seasonings for more than 1 hour. No wonder that there is a faint medicinal fragrance, and the chicken is tender and flexible.
    This black and big stone pot was just on the table. The boss told us that this pot is a mettled stone pot that I personally scoured. It contains a variety of trace elements and the price is thousands. Therefore, stone pot chicken is not only expensive in chickens, but also more expensive in stone pots.
    Taste the faint feeling and the stone pot chicken soup in Lulang Town is not much different, it is worth the taste of the store, the key boss is also very enthusiastic, will continue to introduce you about the history of stone pot chicken.
     D2 to Tibet, you have to do one time, Tashi and Zhuoma.
    The beauty of Tibet is not only the mountains and rivers, but also the beautiful Tibetan costumes!
    Going to Japan to play, I think many girls who love beauty will list the kimono experience as an option in the wish list. Then, going to Tibet, the Tibetan dressing experience is also an experience project that can’t be missed in Lhasa. Let your memories in Tibet leave a lot of memories, let your beauty shine through your circle of friends.
    You can wander in the beautiful city of Lhasa in a beautiful Tibetan costume, or you can play with your girlfriends or friends in Tibetan costumes, leaving memories of youth. Or, you can, like us, take a photo with a loved one and take a photo of Tashi and Dolma to add unforgettable memories to the journey.
    Wearing gorgeous costumes, the colors are gorgeous, mostly in red and gold, the patterns are exquisite, and all kinds of exquisite headwear are worn. Walking on the streets of Lhasa, you are the protagonist, and the rate of return is 100%.
    Take photos with the Potala Palace at different angles, take a group of Tibetan-style Tibetan costumes in ancient streets and courtyards, sculpt the pots, shake the prayer wheel, and savor the unique atmosphere of Tibet.
    Shooting a self-portrait or a photography agency?
    Advantages: time, location can be arbitrarily chosen, no need for too much extra consumption (except for rental clothing)
    Disadvantages: clothing, make-up needs to take care of themselves (clothing can be rented, but the makeup is more important, so that you are more on the mirror, so this is a difficult situation for girls who do not make up), and it is more difficult to take a group photo.
    Photography agency:
    Advantages: clothing, makeup, lighting, photography, etc. should be provided
    Disadvantages: time, location is limited, there will be additional costs.
    Considering the first experience of Tibetan photography, comprehensive consideration is still to choose to use photography agencies. After all, professional people do professional things, and it is hard to come to Tibet once, and must leave some special memories.
    How to choose a photography agency?
    With the convenience of transportation and the increasing number of tourists, the Lhasa travel industry has also emerged and developed more and more mature in recent years. Therefore, choosing a cost-effective one among the many hidden photography agencies is not a simple matter, but it is not as difficult as imagined.
    Location: Front of the Potala Palace, Lakeside of the Palace Square, Tibetan Palace courtyard (excluding Yaowang Mountain)
    Shooting time: 1-2 hours in low season, 2-3 hours in high season
    Shooting price: 199 yuan / person, couple series 398 yuan
    Service content: one makeup face, one style, one set of Tibetan national costumes, complimentary Tibetan headwear, free use of shooting props (telecom, Hada)
    Photography experience: Photographers who have been shooting experience in Lhasa for many years will be patiently teaching customers to shoot, and will find the angle of the mirror that suits you in time to make your photos more perfect.
    Number of shots: 25 or so, 15 cards, equivalent to 13 yuan / Zhang (lower than the price of the photo gallery), but does not contain simple and intensive, but we believe that even without a photo satisfaction.
    Agency Address: The photo studio is ideally located 5 minutes walk from the Potala Palace.
    Booking process: online photographing, appointment time, reaching the shooting location in advance, choosing Tibetan and headwear, makeup, simple communication with photographers, shooting, film selection.
    Fall in love, not gazing at each other, but looking in the same direction together.
    Hold the hand of the child, a total of you, the wind and frost, kiss the son of the shackles, with you a deep affection.
    We are often considered to be lovers in love or newcomers who are about to get married on the road, but we have been together for four years. How can we make love last? In fact, we don’t know, just think very simply, love you, is to take you to do what you like, to accompany you to where you want to go, romantic and happy go hand in hand.
    Photographed by photographers who have been shooting in Lhasa for many years, they will be patiently teaching customers to shoot, and will find the angle that suits you in time to make your photos more perfect.
    Meet Lhasa and meet with love.
    Ai Qi photography, early customer communication and patience, make-up personnel tailored the makeup surface according to personal characteristics and give you the choice of Tibetan clothing, the photographer is serious and responsible, and the photography skills are superb. In Lhasa, time is very slow and happiness is very long. I just want to say that I will leave 3 time for the Tibetan costume, which is great value for money!
    After a day of rushing, Mr. Wu did not seem to have more experience to find food, so we bought a whole family of barrels at KFC. I remember that there was no KFC in Lhasa in 2014. Only Dicos, now the Lhasa fast food McDonald’s is still not involved, so there is no McDonald’s in Lhasa.
     D3 Avoid the crowd and experience the unique Yamdrok Lake tour
    Yam Zhuo Duo, referred to as Yanghu, is located in Langkazi County, Shannan, Tibet, 100 kilometers from Lhasa.
    With Namtso, Mabian Gyatso, and called the three holy lakes in Tibet. The location is unique, south of the mountain; the beauty of the lake and the mountains, the crown is hidden south.
    Zhuo Yucuo is hailed as the most beautiful water in the world. Yanghu Lake is regarded as the “turquoise earrings scattered by the goddess” in the eyes of Tibetans, because no matter which angle you are on the mountain, you can’t see Yang Zhuo’s. The whole picture, her body squats in the mountains for more than 130 kilometers, only on the map or aerial photography, you can surprise to find that she is like a earring, embedded in the mountain’s ear wheel.
    For Yanghu, many people are very easy to miss it. Some people just use it as a way to go to Ali, to a scenic spot in Shigatse. Some people may just go back to the airport and cross the sheep lake, but personally think that the sheep The lake is a holy lake that you should not miss in the first place.
    We went to Yanghu with the group tour. After the ordinary group basically went to the Gangbala Mountain Observatory, we hurriedly returned to Lhasa, but we wanted to spend a limited time.Deep play Yanghu, so I chose a small circle around the lake on the Internet. After passing through the observation deck, I drove through a rugged mountain road to the east bank of Yanghu Lake, where I can enjoy the sheep lake at close range.
    Summarize the advantages of this line:
    [Yan value king] strength punch card, private scenery, large seconds
    [Service King] Butler Service Fully equipped to handle high anti-response
    [Boutique King] Private Line 2-12 Small Group Refused to Crowd
    At 9:30 in the morning, the driver’s master waited for us at the door of our hotel. Because it was a group, the hotel in Lhasa city received other tourists, plus guides and drivers, a total of 12 people’s off-road vehicles, drivers. The master’s driving skills are superb, and he is very stable all the way. He is a simple Tibetan. The guide bear fat, humorous, will introduce us to the history of Yanghu from time to time.
    According to the itinerary of the group, around 11 noon, the small restaurant near Gongga Airport now experienced the local specialty mutton soup and meat sandwich. At that time, I forgot to take photos, but overall the dining place was very clean.
    From the restaurant to the Yanghu Observation Deck, all the way through the Yajiang River Valley, the autumn leaves gradually yellow, the autumn is thick, the water is clear, the blue sky and white clouds reflect in the lake.
    The Yajiang River Valley Lookout is actually a place for tourists to take pictures. Some Tibetans are holding Tibetan mastiffs or lambs.
    At about one and a half in the afternoon, I finally arrived at the Yanghugang Balashan Observation Deck, where I stayed for 40 minutes.
    Blue sky and white clouds, snow-capped mountains and lakes, white and blue colors are gathered here, which makes the golden color of the lakeshore seem a little inconspicuous, but the combination of three colors is extremely harmonious and beautiful.
    The beautiful Yanghu Lake has different colors in different time periods. When the sun shines at different times, she will show an extremely rich blue color. The beauty is fantastic, and the center of the lake presents a gemstone blue.
    Overlooking the snow-capped peaks of the mountains, the snow-capped peaks of the snow-capped mountains are all over the years. The highest altitude is more than 7,000 meters above sea level. The lake’s snow peaks blend with the blue sky, making people linger.
    The water slides taken together will look at the level of passers-by.
    From Lhasa to Gangbala Mountain Observatory, the road is very good. However, from the observation deck to the east bank of Yanghu Lake, the original dirt road will pass through. The dirt road will be uneven, and the car will also shake. At this time, due to high anti-back, the back of the head It will still hurt, but when it reaches the east bank of Yanghu, everything is worth it.
    According to the tour guide, this is a field route developed by their travel agency. This route has been repeatedly surveyed, including in-depth understanding of road conditions and surrounding scenery, and planning for rear molding. Sure enough, after reaching it, it was not a scenic spot, but the scenery here is far better than the Gangbala Pass, and we stayed for another 45 minutes. On the Baidu map, it is on a hillside on the east bank of Yanghu Lake. The three faces the lake and the horizon is wider than the observatory.
    When I saw the blue lake of Yang Lake, it was really poor. If you really want to find a word, it should be a dream, like a dream, the beauty is not as human, the beauty is not true. Although I have been to Namco before, Namco did not make my heart feel deeply shocked, but Yanghu did.
    Just want to be quiet in the lake, do nothing, enjoyA gift from nature.
    Yam Zhuo is wrong, the sky is scattered between the heavens and the earth, a blue sky, like the clear eyes of the goddess, like the pure gem of the Holy Land! As long as the weather is good, the mobile phone can still shoot your intoxicating face!
    Looking out from the surrounding mountains, it is like a sapphire set in the mountains. The blue lake is as smooth as a mirror, and the blue sky and white clouds are clearly reflected. The beauty and beauty of nature are swayed here.
    The lake is light and beautiful, and the scenery is picturesque. It is like being in a fairyland on earth. It is like a dream.
    45 minutes is still too short. I haven’t seen enough of the beauty of Yanghu Lake. I have to leave in a hurry. If there is a chance next time, I must go back to Shannan and go back to Yanghu. Next time, I hope to charter a tour of Yanghu Lake. It’s just a passing day with the group. Yanghu is a place to calm down. I have the opportunity to watch the sunset, the sunrise and the stars with my lover.
    Back at the hotel in Lhasa, it was already 7:30 in the evening, the sun has not yet set, and on the road one day, we chose to eat at a rice noodle shop near the hotel: a bowl of rice noodle shop.
    At the beginning, I chose this house through the Internet. The store was originally small, and the people waiting in line were still very long, so we chose to pack it back to the hotel. The taste is average, I don’t know why it is so hot.
     After D4 Yanghu, take a step back and experience the Namtso tour that is better than the beauty.
    Namtso, 240 km from Lhasa, one of the three largest holy lakes in Tibet, is located in the central part of Tibet, Dangxiong area, because the lake is 4,718 meters above sea level is known as the lake in the sky. The continuous mourning of the Tanggula Mountains makes the holy lake look even more vibrant.
    Had met the winter holy Namtso
    The Zhaxi Peninsula is also called Jixiang Love Island. It is located in Dangxiong County of Tibet. It is the largest peninsula of Nam Co. It is also the most important attraction to visit Nam Co. The basic tour with the group, whether it is a day trip or a two-day tour, will basically choose to go. Play on the Tashi Peninsula.
    In April 2014, my friends and I came to Namtso and arrived at the Tashi Peninsula. There are many people who have seen the fascinating blue Namtso in the summer, but there are few people in the ice-cold Namtso. Without the hustle and bustle of tourists, there is no sound of the summer lake slap on the shore, only the blue sky and the white lake are against each other, covered with snow and ice, and the beauty of the sky is unparalleled. This is the purity of the holy lake. Peace.
    I plan to visit the Namtso Lake Tour without taking the usual path.
    I have previously participated in the exhibition on Tibetan photography organized by my classmates. The beauty of Namtso’s iconic Tianmen left a deep impression on me. In addition, I have been to the Tashi Peninsula before, so I am going to the iconic Tianmen, Moon Bay and Sanshengshi must be longing for this scenic spot, but this scenic spot is in the northwest of Namtso. It is difficult to travel in one day. In addition, due to the poor road conditions, the large tour bus of the general tour group cannot go.
    Some people say that Namtso, it is necessary to see a sunrise, sunset, starry sky, but these are natural landscapes, rainy weather can not be accurately predicted, so it is more luck to look at these three landscapes. In order to gamble for a chance, we chose to stay at the Namtso River at 4800 meters above sea level for one night.
    After comparison, I booked the line of Namtso’s two-day tour online:
    D1 Lhasa _ Nianqing Tanggula Observation Deck _ Nagenla Mountain _ Namu wrong icon Tianmen, tents around the lake
    First pass through the Nyainqentanglha viewing platform, then enter the Nam Co Kok area, turn over the Naggan Pass, go down the mountain for 53 kilometers and arrive at the self-driving camp to turn left 62 kilometers to reach the iconic Tianmen scenic spot. From the self-driving camp, it is a dirt road, and the road is lined with boundless grasslands.
    D2 from another angle to see the main peak of Qingtangula Mountain, along the grassland around the lake, yak and flock, return to Lhasa
    The fee includes 1 night of accommodation, 8 people in the lakeside tent, dinner at their own expense, the first day of lunch and the next day breakfast includes group meals, semi-self-help tour routes, drivers all the way to the scenery song.
    Pre-departure considerations
    If you choose to stay in Namtso for one night, then for your personal safety, please be careful:
    1. During the National Day, the extreme temperature of Namtso at night was terrible. Please do enough warm work, even if you don’t wear down jackets under the mountain, you must wear them on the mountain, warm hats, gloves, thick socks, everything you can think of going to the snow mountain is indispensable.
    2, Namtso is 4,800 meters above sea level, some people will have serious high anti-body, so drugs such as high altitude, painkillers (this is very important, relieve headaches), oxygen bottles must be prepared.
    3, because of their own dinner, you can bring high-calorie foods, such as bread, sausage, chocolate and so on. Individuals are not recommended to carry, because the hot water in the tent camp is scarce, in order to save, it is more suitable to bring bread.
    4, with a large-capacity charging treasure, the place to stay has a very good electricity, two days and nights if you use a mobile phone to take pictures, electricity is very fast, it is recommended to bring a large capacity charging treasure. However, there is also a car charging available on the vehicle.
    In the morning, the master came to the hotel to pick us up. The fate, the other two group members in our car actually went to Chengdu two of them yesterday. It’s too coincidental. Because we are familiar with yesterday, we are all the way to each other. It will not look strange between them. The car is an outdoor off-road vehicle, Toyota Prado, the rear seat is also more spacious, after all, the road is far away, the terrain is complex, off-road vehicles are suitable.
    All the way to talk and laugh, after lunch, came to the first attraction.
    Nianqing Tanggula Mountain Observation Deck
    In fact, the “Viewing Platform” is a temporary stop at the road, a row of ordinary houses with a canteen, a bathroom, and a parking lot with a small area. Next to the road, the wind flutters in the wind; in the distance, it is the white snow and the towering mountains. The blue sky, the white clouds, the snowy mountains, the black white yak, and the prayers that danced in the wind all formed a colorful picture. This is a photo of the observation deck that the group members passed by before. Because of the terrible weather on our first day, there was no chance to see the blue sky.
    Leave the viewing platform and continue on the road to enter the main scenic spot of Namtso (tickets are included in the tour fare). Namtso is a paid scenic spot, 120 yuan per person.
    After moving on, all the way is already rainy weather, the clouds are in pieces, the photos taken are not good, and finally arrived at the legendary Nagora Mountain.
    Nagata Pass becomes a day
    It is located in the territory of Dangxiong County, Tibet. It is the only place to reach Namtso in the Namtso Grand Scenic Area. Nagula Mountain Pass, in the Nyainqentanglha Mountain Range, the altitude of 5,190 meters will be as mad as the seasons are different, and the temperature of the Laguna Pass is particularly low. It is snowing that day, the wind is very large, and the down jacket is self-provided.
    This is the Namtso that was taken from the Nagura Pass when the group was in good weather. It can only be said that we have no contact with Namtso on a sunny day.
    In the hearts of the Tibetans, each mountain pass is a sacred place. Therefore, the mountain pass is full of prayer flags, showing awe of the gods.
    Over the Naagan Pass, go down the mountain for 53 kilometers to the self-driving camp to turn left 62 kilometers to reach the iconic Tianmen scenic spot. From the self-driving camp, it is a dirt road, and the road is lined with boundless grasslands. Although it is only more than 100 kilometers, but the roads of this road are not easy to go, and some need to wading through, some places are dusty, not off-road vehicles are not recommended to go.
    All the way will pass by the Namtso Lake, but the rainy weather of Namtso is much worse than the sunny days. If it is the first time to come to Namtso, friends will be disappointed, there is no blue lake, can not see the continuous Snowy mountains, only the wind blowing from the ears, accompanied by cloudy weather. Do you still like this Namtso?
    Compared with the beauty of the group members who came to Namtso several times before, the scenery is closely related to the weather.
    The driver of our driver chubby master is definitely not covered. At first glance, it is often used for outdoor cross-country, car technology, and other cars of the team. You have gone through a plateau off-road rally, thrilling, you must To grasp the handrails, the seat belts are well-equipped. This rare experience is the first experience in this life, which is very interesting and exciting.
    Finally arrived in front of the iconic Tianmen.
    Iconostasis view sunset
    The iconic Tianmen is located in the village of 5, Qinglong Township, Bangor County, Nagqu District, Tibet, on the island of Chadolangka in the northern part of the holy lake. It quietly hides the northern shore of Nam Co, and looks at the Tanggula Mountain between the holy lake and the holy mountain.
    The iconic Tianmen, as its name suggests, is a natural stone statue standing on the shore of the vast Nam Co. The elephant trunk is just deep into the lake, as if it is drawing the sacred water from the snow. The stone elephant’s body and elephant trunk are like a huge door, the holy gate to heaven. As a holy place of Tibetan Buddhism, countless high-ranking hermits have been rebuilt here for thousands of years.
    The legend of the sacred elephant Tianmen, in the eighth century AD, the Tibetan king Akamatsu Dezan greeted the lotus master who entered Tibet and promoted the law. After surrendering Nianqing Tangla, he gave Namucuo to Nianqing Tangla and became a couple. A grand wedding ceremony was held in Chadrangka Island, the night before the wedding, by 1The 08 gods used the night of the night, the stone gates built, the stone gates shaped like a statue from the northeast to the southwest, specially built for the aisle of the Nyainqin Tangla Mountain, which people call the stone gate Tianmen.
    Mani heap in front of Tianmen.
    Moon Bay and Sansheng Stone and the iconic Tianmen are connected.
    At this time, there is still sunset in the sky and sprinkled on the water. The light of the western skyline slowly diminished, sighing at the last brilliant glory of the sunset, and shocked by the blue sky after the fade of the afterglow, so deep and charming!
     D4 What does it feel like to sleep at 4,800 meters above sea level? Just looking for death!
    At an altitude of 4,800 meters, you have to overcome the high anti-reverse, you have to overcome the low temperature, you have to overcome the tent’s facilities, you have to overcome the possibility of no hot water, there is a wind outside the tent, the pain of the wind blowing inside the tent, one Throughout the night you can hear all kinds of sounds, rain, snow, hail, wind, animals, and toilets. The toilet is far away from the tent. . . . . . . I think it is a person who is not very concerned about the accommodation conditions, but here, this night, I basically did not fall asleep, this is my first time to experience high-altitude accommodation.
    Looking back at myself at the time, I was thinking about why I was here, why did I spend money to find sin, why did the time go so slowly, why was the day still not bright? I also asked myself repeatedly, the value is not worth staying? Will I experience it again next time?
    Therefore, I would like to advise you to stay at an altitude of 4,800 meters, personal feeling is not good, for those who have accommodation requirements or poor physical fitness, please also choose high-altitude accommodation carefully.experience.
    The night sky of Namtso
    Many people do not count accommodation conditions, overcome high anti-reverse, just to look at the starry sky of Namtso. This is also one of the original intentions of our choice of this group. Although it is rainy weather all day, I can still see the stars and the looming Galaxy at night. This makes me feel a little comforted for the hard day. A starry video of a group of friends, if you are lucky enough, you can watch the splendid scenery of the stars, and look forward to the clear and clear night sky wish.
     D5 enjoys the snow scene of Muduo, the goodness of humanity
    Morning snow
    It’s not uncommon to get up early in Namco because you can’t sleep at all. The imaginary red clouds, the rising sun, so many beautiful days! However, due to the weather affected yesterday, we were greeted by the snow scene of Namtso this morning. After a whole night, we were surrounded by heavy snow. For those who grew up in the South, there are few opportunities to see snow, and people especially like the glacier snow-capped mountains. So it is not the sunrise that greets us, but the experience of the snow scene, the mood is still very high, alleviating the struggle last night. Painful mood.
    The vehicle was also covered with a thick layer of snow.
    This is the Sansheng Stone that was taken in the morning, and there is a white space between the heavens and the earth.
    This is the three stones of the sunny day.
    This is the snow scene of the team’s master in the next few days, back to the sunny day, and the beauty turned over.
    Breakfast is still self-solving, but fortunately we have enough dry food and chocolate. Today’s itinerary is actually a journey, mainly from the holy elephant Tianmen return to Lhasa, all the way to see the blue sky and white clouds, and a variety of highland animals, we also met the eagle, flying in the direction of our car, flying to the windshield Suddenly flew away before, a thrilling scene.
    Enjoy the snow scene of Muduo, and observe the goodness of humanity
    Domineering team.
    All the way to the top of the plateau.
    All the way to the snowThe scenes followed, the four domineering Prado together, we all excitedly climbed the roof, came a domineering photo, the outdoor cross-country experience is very novel, but also swept the mood of last night.
    The snow scene of Namtso is beautiful, and it is covered with silver overnight, but sometimes the weather will bring a lot of accidents. This way of returning, due to the wind and snow, the snow has accumulated very thick, the road is also slippery, all the way encountered a lot of sideways, stranded accidents.
    For the outdoor off-road team, when going out, it will inevitably encounter all kinds of unexpected situations. At this time, we rely on the unity and mutual assistance of everyone. Our team’s captain, the chubby master, is particularly derogatory and kind, and perhaps his experience has given him more courage. Every time he encounters another team or vehicle, an accident will happen. On the roadside, go to the rescue team with the other brothers of the team and give the owner the corresponding guidance. Although there may be several reasons for the objective reasons, there is no rescue success.
    But his actions let us see the kindness and perseverance of human nature. Of course, in the face of an accident, you can choose to ignore everything, or you can choose to help each other like chubby master and his partners. When people always need help, maybe because of your good deeds, others are saved; Maybe because of your kindness, when you need help, there will be a willingness to arrange the right person to help you.
    Later, due to the intensification of wind and snow, the chubby master said that it might be snow-covered, and if you really can’t get out, stay in the car at night. Why do I have to be afraid of this experience, but I feel a little excited? This is probably because my nerves are too big, and things are too casual, regardless of the consequences. Fortunately, after about an hour of congestion, the team was finally able to start again. During the period, the little friends played infinite creativity and piled up a lovely snowman.
    This experience is better than the scenery. The journey of human nature is better than the experience of the extraordinary Namucu, which gave me a deep touch. Therefore, even if the travel process is difficult, I can firmly say that I have no regrets to come to Namtso!
    The thrilling experience of just two days and one night also made me realize the goodness of human nature. I think that in the future, on the road of life, when others face difficulties, I can also choose to be a person who is willing to help and be kind, in my own ability. To help people in difficult situations. I think this is also the meaning of travel. It has nothing to do with the scenery, and it is closely related to the sentiment of life.
     D5 Authentic Tibetan food recommended by locals
    In the evening, I met with friends who were traveling in Lhasa and chose a Tibetan dish recommended by locals: a Tibetan banquet.
    The facade is not big, but I found that there is no hole in the sky. The restaurant is decorated with Tibetan characteristics. The utensils are mysterious, the bowls are beautiful, and the waiters are dressed in Tibetan clothes. The Tibetan banquet is an old name, with open air and a box. Due to the hot business, it is recommended to reserve a seat in advance.
    Steamed beef tongue, with local peppers, is amazing, although it is thick beef tongue, but it is not old.
    The lamb chops are full of weight, and none of us have finished eating. The meat is tender and tender, and the astringency is not heavy. It is very fragrant with dried chili powder. This dish is highly recommended.
    Potato buns, soft potatoes, stuffed beef, served with tomato sauce, very delicious.
    Yogurt is also one of the characteristics of this home, ginseng fruit yogurt.
    Iron plate sesame oil mushrooms, mushrooms on the ghee powder, this dish can only say that not everyone can eat, but smells unusually fragrant.
    The ginseng fruit is fried corn, and the southern pine nuts corn tastes very similar, but the pine nuts are replaced with ginseng fruit.
    Sweet tea, unexpectedly good, taste and milk tea is very similar, but not sweet, it is worth trying. The restaurant recommended by the locals did not step on the thunder, and later had the opportunity to come to Lhasa, and then come to try other dishes.
    Coming back from Namtso, we have fully adapted to the high reversal, perhaps the first two days are too tossed, and we all fell asleep after returning to the hotel.
     D6 There is the Jokhang Temple first, followed by Lhasa City.
    Barkhor Street in the morning
    Non-wide roads, smooth granite slabs, distinctive Tibetan architecture on both sides of the street, various jewelry stores and antique shops and art galleries, make Bajiao Street exudes a strong cultural fragrance. The stalls selling Tibetan ornaments on both sides of Barkhor Street and the crowds flowing in the stalls are the most authentic life in Lhasa.
    Old wooden temples that are easily missed on Barkhor Street
    There are two new and old wooden temples in Lhasa. The old Muru Temple is located in the northeastern part of the Jokhang Temple. Compared with the temples with huge buildings, the Muru Temple is obviously too small, so that each person can put it in his heart; and the wood around Ningba A slightly messy life, adding a little more temperament to it.
    Address: The temple is located in Barkhor Street, walking distance to the northeast of Jokhang Temple, at the end of a small alley to the west of Baguao East Street.
    Tickets: None
    Turning through the cylinder, not for this life, not for the afterlife, just for the good thoughts in the heart.
    There is also a Qing government doctor in Tibet on the Barkhor Street. Now it has been changed to a patriotic education base.
    About Jokhang Temple
    The Jokhang Temple is the end of the pilgrimage of Tibetan Buddhist believers. The sacredness of the Jokhang Temple is not inferior to the Potala Palace. You can often see pilgrims licking their heads at the entrance of the Jokhang Temple. It shows that the status of the Jokhang Temple in the eyes of the Lhasa people is high. There are more people turning around the Jokhang Temple every day. This shows that the Jokhang Temple has this The Tibetan Buddhist temple with a history of more than 1,300 years is in the hearts of Tibetans.
    There is such a saying in Lhasa, “There are Jokhang Temple and Lhasa City.” Many tourists don’t understand the meaning of it. We actually asked the tour guide before I understood it. The temple’s original name “Jesa” later evolved into “Lhasa” and later became the name of the city.
    The biggest look of the Jokhang Temple is the 12-year-old Buddha statue of Sakyamuni when the Princess Wencheng entered the country. The reason why Lhasa is called the Holy Land is related to this Buddha image. Therefore, in fact, when you come to Lhasa, you can see that the Tibetans who came to the Jokhang Temple to worship devoutly are far from the Potala Palace.
    Since there are no photographs allowed in the temple hall of the Jokhang Temple, there are not many photos in the Jokhang Temple. There is only a landscape photo of the second floor platform.
    Jokhang Temple tickets and tour guides
    The Jokhang Temple, located in the old town of Lhasa, is the final destination for Tibetan Buddhism worship. The ticket is 85 yuan and can only be paid in cash.
    The area of ​​the Jokhang Temple is not very large. If you visit it, you can visit it in 10 minutes, but please ask a tour guide to listen to the Jokhang Temple.History is still quite fun. Also be sure to ask a tour guide to explain, we are a tour guide outside the Jokhang Temple, one person 50 yuan, each person sends a headset.
    The tour guide has a group of about 15 people. Of course, such a tour guide is actually not a nationally guided tour guide in the temple, but personally think that they have explained thoroughly, at least let us have a general understanding of the history of the Jokhang Temple. The explanation of this Tibetan tour guide is very exciting. From the beginning of the entrance to the tour, his team has attracted a large group of people to listen to the individual.
    Every day, the worshippers who worship in front of the Jokhang Temple are in a constant stream. Seeing that many tourists will take close-ups of them, I really feel that this is a disrespect for them. I feel that they can pat on the back of them.
    There are two tall pillars in front of the Jokhang Temple, and the top is covered with Hada. Multicolored Hada, the colors are blue, white, yellow, green and red. Blue means blue sky, white is white cloud, green is river water, red is space protection god, yellow symbolizes the earth.
    Entering the Jokhang Temple
    Entering the inner courtyard of the Jokhang Temple, the tour guide also began to tell the history of the Jokhang Temple. After visiting the circle for about an hour, it was only a matter of walking and explaining a lot of historical knowledge. The following is the information that was combined with the tour guide and later online. For the simple spread of the origin of the 12 statues of Buddha statues enshrined in the Jokhang Temple.
    According to legend, when Princess Sui Zun and Princess Wencheng were married to Tibet, they all carried Buddha and other statues made by Sakyamuni. The ruled princess is accompanied by an 8-year-old Buddha and other statues. The Princess Wencheng is a 12-year-old Buddha and other figures. When Princess Wencheng was about to arrive, she was stuck in a swamp and was trapped in the marshes for a long time. After marrying Songtsan Gambo, Princess Wencheng asked Songtsan Gambo to build a temple on the swamp and 12 years old. Buddha and other figures are used in temples, now the Jokhang Temple.
    Why is it true that the 12-year-old Buddha and other statues are enshrined in the Jokhang Temple?
    The reason is because at the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, due to political reasons, Tang Jun wanted to bring back the Buddha and other figures. After the Tibetan people knew it, they took out the 12-year-old Buddha and other figures from the Jokhang Temple and hid them in the Jokhang Temple and told Tang Jun that they had disappeared. After Tang Jun left, the two Buddhas and other figures were confused. The body of the 8-year-old Buddha and other statues were moved to the Jokhang Temple. The 12-year-old Buddha and other statues remained in the Jokhang Temple.
    Why is the Jokhang Temple the ultimate destination for Tibetan Buddhism worship?
    It is because Sakyamuni built a total of three Buddha statues, 8 years old, 12 years old and 25 years old. However, the 8-year-old Buddha and other figures have been destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. Nowadays, the statues in the small temple are decorated with statues. In the minds of the Tibetans, the Buddha statues are destroyed. Even if they are repaired, the meaning is far less sacred than the true figure. The 25-year-old Buddha and others are scattered in the Indian Ocean, so only the 12-year-old Buddha and other statues are well preserved, and they are enshrined in the Jokhang Temple.The Buddhists are now the ultimate destination for the worship of the Jokhang Temple.
    The inner courts of the Jokhang Temple showcased some Buddhas, Songtsan Gampo, Princess Wencheng and statues that have made outstanding contributions to the construction of Lhasa. Remember to enter the temple, tourists can not take pictures. However, visitors can visit the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Jokhang Temple, where you can enjoy the architectural layout of the Jokhang Temple.
    After turning a few laps at the Jokhang Temple, I will also involuntarily mourn the six-character mantra, 唵(ōng) (ma) (nī) (bēi)?(mēi)吽(hōng). It’s hard to have such a calm time in the middle of the week, so that I can calm down and think about the meaning of life and the true meaning of life.
    I personally feel that after visiting the Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple, if there is not much time, other small temples are also suitable for selective visits.
    After visiting the Jokhang Temple in the morning, I hurried back to the hotel to wash, at 2:30 in the afternoon, arrive at the Potala Palace Square and book the photographers meeting online.
     D6 Lhasa travel, leaving a good memory for two people
    Travel, if you want to leave a sweet movie of two people, in addition to asking family, friends, passers-by to help shoot, the most ideal way is to invite a professional photographer to travel, Lhasa now many photography studios to launch travel and shoot services The project, as it turns out, the trip we took this time gave us a big surprise.
    The photographer has a one-to-one service. With a professional photographer, we are only responsible for making models, getting rid of scissors, tourist photos, and even I think that the photos taken have not been post-finished and we are very satisfied.
    The tour was placed on the afternoon of the 6th day of the trip. Although it has been basically visited the main attractions of Lhasa, it is basically a landscape photo. The number of people is very small. It is not necessary to say that the two are photographed together. It’s not easy to come to Lhasa once. I always feel that I should leave a beautiful journey of memories belonging to two people. Traveling can let us recall this journey afterwards, not only the magnificent natural landscape, but also the ones who love each other.
    Time: 14:30-15:30, three hours
    Organization: Beijing Yimei, one shot
    Location: Main attractions in the city of Lhasa
    Price: 359 hours in two hours, 524 yuan in three hours, one photographer, self-care, clothing, makeup.
    Others: wear colorful (white, yellow, red) clothes as much as possible, personal clothing styles are simple, you can also use a variety of accessories, such as red shawls
    Route: Yaowangshan – Potala Palace Square – artificial lake on the side of the square – Barkhor Street – Jokhang Temple
    Transportation: walking
    Late: all negatives, no PS
    Meet the mysterious Potala Palace
    The Potala Palace, at an altitude of 3,658 meters, is the highest and most imposing palace in the world. It is a symbol of Tibetan culture. Everyone who travels to Lhasa must take a classic photo of the Potala Palace and look up at the mysterious Potala Palace from different perspectives. The impression of the beautiful snowy holy land is printed in my mind.
    The drug king mountain in front of the Potala Palace must not be deceived by its name. In fact, it is just a small park in front of the Potala Palace.
    The half-waist platform in the park is one of the best places to shoot the Potala Palace. You will find that here is still a prototype of fifty yuan.
    At the foot of Yaowang Mountain, you can also faintly photograph the Potala Palace, which is also a good location.
    Just in front of the Potala Palace Square, I thought that the distant Lhasa, the distant Potala Palace, is so far away. At this moment, the Potala Palace is so close to us. In the center of heaven and earth, standing on the top of the Red Mountain, it takes a flying position and captures the horizon.
    Goodbye Lhasa, goodbye to the Potala Palace, love you as ever.
    The artificial lake on the Potala Palace Square is a great location for taking pictures of the Potala Palace. The red-white wall of the Potala Palace, surrounded by ginkgo leaves, is reflected in the water waves, as time passes, such as the precipitation of years.
    The front of the Jokhang Temple is covered with sunshine.
    In the Tibetan area, there has always been a saying that “the first Jokhang Temple, followed by Lhasa City”, the temple is dedicated to the Buddha statue of Sakyamuni, which Princess Wencheng brought from Changan. In front of the Jokhang Temple, when the sun shines on the worshippers, everything looks so harmonious. These believers are devout worshippers who have persisted in their beliefs for the rest of their lives.
    Surrounded by the Jade Street in the Jokhang Temple
    Nowadays, there are shops and shops, and the tourists are bustling. Although there is a commercial color at the moment, it still retains its mysterious and unique charm, which makes people slowly appreciate the aftertaste. The ancient Bajiao Street is filled with devout turners. This short turn of the road is like a river that will never dry up, and has been carrying faith to flow forward.
    Lost between red and white walls
    The most visible in Lhasa are the red and white walls, which are processed from pure natural foods consumed by local people. For example, the red wall is made of edible brown sugar, and the white wall is made of pure milk. For this reason, the colors of the red wall and the white wall are also particularly eye-catching and pure.
    Old wooden temple that is easy to be missed
    There are two new and old wooden temples in Lhasa. The old Muru Temple is located in the northeastern part of the Jokhang Temple. Compared with the temples with huge buildings, the Muru Temple is obviously too small, so that each person can put it in his heart; and the wood around Ningba A slightly messy life, adding a little more temperament to it.
    Address: The temple is located in Barkhor Street, walking distance to the northeast of Jokhang Temple, at the end of a small alley to the west of Baguao East Street.Tickets: None
    Turning through the cylinder, not for this life, not for the afterlife, just for the good thoughts in the heart.
    Legend has it that the Sixth Dalai Lama, Cangyang Gyatso, met the original pub of his beautiful girl and is now a Tibetan restaurant. The owner of the restaurant is a Nepalese. I was lucky enough to get this shop. In order to commemorate the beautiful love story, I named the restaurant “Maggie Ami”. The thick porch style of the garden-shaped turret, the people who come here to eat, must have come with the worship and reverence of Tsangyang Gyatso.
    Cangyang Gyatso has too much responsibility, we are much more fortunate than him, at least we can hold hands to see this prosperous world, with you by my side, peace of mind and warmth.
    If you travel to a scene you have never met and experience a life you never thought of, then the encounter with Lhasa in Tibet is the most beautiful adventure I can think of. Going to Lhasa is not just a distant dream. As Shakespeare said, “One thousand people have a thousand Hamlet in their hearts.” Then, I want to say “a thousand people have a thousand Lhasa in their hearts.” If you come or not, Lhasa will be waiting for you there!
     D6 “Princess Wencheng” large-scale live drama
    “Princess Wencheng” is a grand and magnificent Tibetan group dance and original ecological song. The pot dance, the aunts, the Tibetan operas, and the various dances with unique Tibetan characteristics are wonderful and can be called a “living dictionary” of Tibetan culture. In the powerful lineup of nearly 700 actors, the interpretation of this epic poem of Tibetan and Chinese 1300 years ago. Presenting a romantic and beautiful love fairy tale, an epic of the fusion of Han and Tibetan nationalities.
    This is the propaganda highlight of Princess Wencheng:
    Features 1 starry sky as the curtain, mountains and rivers as the scene, magnificent, shocking the soul.
    Features 2 classic cultural epic masterpieces.
    Feature 3 Deducts the love story of the Tang Dynasty.
    Feature 4 sings the moving epic of Han and Tibetan.
    Performance time: April 20th – October 30th: Monday to Sunday 21:00-22:30; Princess Wencheng will stop and retreat every day for 1-2 days, which is subject to the announcement on the day of the scenic spot. Please be aware of it.
    Ticket price: 380/480/580/880/yuan/person
    Transportation: Take Bus No. 5 and get off at Wencheng Princess Real Scene Drama Station
    We booked the tickets in advance on the Internet, booked the cheapest 380 yuan, including round-trip transportation, there is a driver responsible for the special transfer, the afternoon the master will contact you by mobile phone, get on the train near the hotel, and then go to the theater to watch.
    The song and dance is divided into five parts. There is no dialogue throughout the whole process, mainly in Mandarin and Tibetan songs. The performance venue used the surrounding mountains to build the Chang’an City Tower and the Potala Palace. The lighting was very good, and all kinds of snow and ice in the middle were real. The performance was very shocking, the scene was very strong, and the details were in place. So many actors could stand up and rehearsals were not easy.
    It’s just that I’ve seen Dunhuang in Dunhuang, a large-scale live performance in Mingsha Mountain, and a 360-degree stage rotation. It feels more attractive than the stage effect and plot of Princess Wencheng, but I should pay tribute to the actors. After all, At the altitude of 3,600 meters in Lhasa, the physical strength is not comparable to the plain.
    Watch the notes:
    1. Princess Wencheng performed nearly 2 hours. Lhasa was cold in the evening and wore a jacket to protect the cold.
    2, the performance must carry the original ID card, if you do not bring the ID card for your own reasons, you can not watch it properly, you can only say that the consequences are at your own risk.
     D7 Medicine King Mountain View of the Potala Palace Sunrise
    Yaowangshan, the Tibetan name “Clip Wave Day”, means “mountain mountain”, on the right side of the Potala Palace, at an altitude of 3725 meters, there is a small road to the peak, the Potala Palace is facing south, its position It is about 45° angle with Yaowang Mountain, so Yaowang Mountain is the best angle for shooting the Potala Palace, especially on the Yaowangshan Observation Deck in the middle of the mountain.
    In the early morning, photographers, tourists, etc. often wait for the first morning light to light up the Potala Palace on the Yaowang Mountain Observation Deck.
    Therefore, we also couldn’t be excused from the early days. When the sky was not bright, we set off to shoot the sunrise of the Potala Palace. The day at seven in the morning is still black.
    Slowly walked from the hotel to the Potala Palace, at 7:30 in the morning, when a large group of people occupied the observation deck on Yaowang Mountain, the viewing platform seemed crowded and lively, and the good position would not be thought of. Seeing a suitable seat for the needle, the light of the white tower is still on.
    Despite the dark clouds at the moment, the city of the sun is less sunny, and the red building is still solemn and solemn.
    Gradually, the red glow is slightly exposed.
    At the beginning of the morning light, Lhasa wakes up. When the first sunshine illuminates the Potala Palace in Lhasa, its golden morning dress is elegantly set in the foothills. It is particularly quiet under the blue sky. In fact, in all fairness, it may be related to the weather. The sunrise shot in such a weather has no imaginary beauty.
    Potala Palace after sunrise.
    Because there are too many people, I patted a lot of pictures, and finally took out 50 yuan of RMB, 50 yuan on the Potala Palace, where I can shoot the same angle. Here, you can see that many people take 50 yuan to take photos, and if they are not allowed, they will delay a lot of time.
    If you want to shoot the sunrise, it is recommended to wear a down jacket. Look at the equipment we wear to know how cold Lhasa is in the morning.
    The last time we walked through the Potala Palace Square, our Tibet trip is coming to an end.
    After watching the sunrise, about 8:30 in the morning, we rushed back to the hotel, ate breakfast, after a short break, at 10 o’clock in the morning, drip reservation service, and headed to Gongga Airport, ending this short but unforgettable The journey.
     Tibet, we will definitely come back!Personally, the true charm of Tibet is not how much you love it in ten days and a half, but when you are about to leave, that true reluctance. I can’t bear the blue sky and white clouds, I can’t bear the green mountains and green waters, I can’t wait to walk in the streets in the afternoon, goodbye, magical Tibet.
    I can’t say that everyone who leaves Tibet is convinced that he will go back again, but we will definitely go back, perhaps in the spring when it will bloom soon.

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