[Let’s visit Zhangjiagang] Maple Leaf Flower Room, Search for Hong Kong City Autumn Color

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Written in front
    Looking at Zhangjiagang, it is also Jinqiu.
    The golden sunset passes through the aloe bush and outlines the yellow autumn of the goose;
    The warm autumn sun smashed through the water, reflecting a brilliant wave;
    Ginkgo biloba leaves quietly spread over the ground, rendering a sound of autumn.
    In this situation, the memories of Zhangjiagang have come to my heart.
    The fallen leaves that I missed the first time, I am glad to have made up all of them.
    The scenery of Zhangjiagang is picturesque and far more exciting than we think.
    After an autumn rain, the shore of Jiyang Lake is full of thick autumn, the leaves are full of land, silent and silent.
    One tree, orange, orange and green is reflected in the lake. Mingxiang Lake at the foot of Xiangshan is playing the most moving chapter in autumn.
    Come to the wind tower on the top of the mountain and listen to the monologue of autumn.
    Zhangjiagang on the tip of the tongue, delicious food, is also an art feast.
    The sun is just right, it is better to have a swing at the driving range of Shuangshan Golf.
    Whether it’s a swing or a putt, golf is a sport that is easy to like.
    The antique Shuangshan Old Street is like walking into a time tunnel.
    Walk along the boardwalk to the reeds and walk into the depths of the fall.
    Looking back, the years are light and the autumn is yet another.
     About Zhangjiagang
    Is there a place where you want her to have both a profound historical and cultural heritage and a trendy and trendy leisure spot?
    There are both natural scenery with magnificent atmosphere and beautiful Jiangnan charm.
    Does it have the simple style of rural areas and the modern civilization of modern cities?
    There are both expensive prices and countless foods?
    There are convenient ways to get there, but there are no tourists waiting for you?
    Have! The place where the iron shoes are innocent is the city of Zhangjiagang, 70 kilometers north of Suzhou.Zhangjiagang is the place where the beauty of the population is small, not too expensive.
    Zhangjiagang, formerly known as Shazhou, rescinded Shazhou County in September 1986 and established Zhangjiagang City under the name of Zhangjiagang, a natural harbor in China.
    Zhangjiagang is located in the eastern part of mainland China, on the south bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Suzhou City. It is connected to Changshu in the southeast, Suzhou and Wuxi in the south, Jiangyin in the west, and the Yangtze River in the north. It faces the Rugao and Jingjiang across the river.
    Zhangjiagang City covers an area of ​​999 square kilometers, of which the land area is 777 square kilometers. It has two state-level development zones, governing 8 towns, a modern agricultural demonstration park and a tourist resort. There are “three mountains and one garden” (Shuangshan, Xiangshan, Fenghuangshan, Dongduyuan) and other major scenic spots; Century Square, Jiyang Lake Park, Zhangjiagang Park, Shazhou Park and other playgrounds; and the country’s first Jiangdao has been built. Shuangshan Island Tourist Resort on the water golf course.
    At the same time, there are also the legends of Xiangshan Taohua, Xuzheng Dongdu Kaihang, Guhuangpupu, Nansha Dongshan Village and other places of historical interest, as well as the legends of Su Dongpo and Meihuatang, Xu Xiake and Xiangshan. allusion. These mountains, water, islands, temples and sites all constitute the splendid history and culture of Zhangjiagang City and the fascinating scenery.
    DAY 1 Suzhou High Speed ​​Rail Station – Stay at Zhangjiagang Xinyuan Resort – Resort Dinner
    DAY 2 Jiyang Lake Park – Guanyue Mountain Villa Lunch – Xiangshan Scenic Area – Stay at Shuangshan Island Golf Resort – Dinner at the Resort
    DAY 3 Experience Resort Golf Course – Dabundun Wetland Park – Shuangshan Old Street – Zhangjiagang City – Mantingfang Restaurant Lunch – Return
    I have been to all the attractions in Zhangjiagang, so this time I am looking for autumn as the theme, pursuing a relaxed and slow pace. From Jiyang Lake in the city center to Xiangshan in the suburbs, to the completely small Shuangshan Island, such a slack and long trip is the most desirable for me at this stage.
    If you are going for the first time, I have several other classic itineraries recommended for you. Regarding Zhangjiagang’s most famous attractions, the prestigious “Sanshan Yiyuan” really has its own merits. Xiangshan’s show, show in its quiet scenery and exquisite layout; the spirit of Phoenix Mountain lies in its magnificent or sturdy and graceful retractable freedom; the beauty of the mountains is based on the unique natural environment and leisurely lifestyle; The essence of Dongduyuan represents the cultural connotation and historical origin of Zhangjiagang. If you come to Zhangjiagang, the playground, the water park and even the golf course with the invincible river view are the reasons why you will never forget. If you have two to three days, take a tour of those prestigious attractions and relax and find some entertainment. You will definitely feel worthwhile.
    Two-day visit to the ancient tour:
    DAY 1 Xiangshan Scenic Area – Caixiang Trail – Meihuatang – Shengdutan – Zangjun Cave – Listen to Songyu – Dongshan Village Cultural Site
    DAY 2 Luyuan Ancient Town – Dongdu Court
    Two-day Lohas Tour:
    DAY 1 Zhangjiagang Yonglian Town – Jiangnan Farming and Cultural Park – Yonglian Water World
    DAY 2 Shuangshan Island – Jiyang Lake Ecological Park – Jiyang Lake Happy World
    Three-day trip to the whole world:
    DAY 1 Jiyang Lake Ecological Park – Jiyang Lake Happy World – Xiangshan Scenic Area
    DAY 2 Yonglian Town – Xinzhuang Ancient Street – Heyang Mountain Songs
    DAY 3 Shuangshan Island – Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area – Yongqing Temple
     Accommodation recommendation: Xinyuan Resort
    This is my second time in the Xinyuan Resort in downtown Zhangjiagang. This old five-star hotel with Suzhou garden features is very advantageous. The overall environment is very good. It takes 10 minutes to get to the bus station, downtown and Jiyang Lake. Five-star configuration, the price is only around 300-500 per night, the price is very high. Therefore, there are quite a few repeat customers like me. Arrived in the evening, the hotel lobby is warm and lustrous, as warm as the name of the hotel.
    The building structure of the hotel is magnificent, although the decoration has been around for a long time, but the quality is excellent. Many local young people in Zhangjiagang also like to choose this hotel for weddings. The hotel’s hardware facilities are very good.
    I received the room card at the front desk and praised the efficiency of the front desk. When I arrived at the room in another building, the hotel was actually very large, not only the guest room, but even the dining area had its own independent building. I didn’t have a good sense of direction, and I didn’t find out the geographical environment until I checked out.
    The room is bigger than expected, the typical business hotel style, the law-abiding. But clean and comfortable, the facilities are also available, and there is nothing wrong with it. The highlight is that there is still a mahjong table in the open space. Although we have not used it, it is a blessing to have a mahjong player.
    The bathroom is spacious and the lighting is as warm as the bedroom area. The modern design, with a shower bath and a bath tub, can meet the needs of different guests.
    When I went to the restaurant for dinner, I found that the lobby bar of the hotel was very impressive and the decoration was very elegant. There was no arrangement in the evening, and there were not many people in it. We went in and sat for a while.
    After careful observation, we found that the lobby bar also has exquisite small details: whether it is an elegant and solemn Chinese-style circular arch, or a luxurious European-style soft-cloth sofa, or a lush green plant that is inadvertently dotted in various spaces, it reflects the overall hotel. The unique ingenuity of the design. Traditional. Not chaos.
    There is a piano in the middle of the lobby bar. The Taiwanese girl maggie, who is just traveling, is a music teacher. After the consent of the hotel, she played a song for us. Maggie’s exquisite performance skills make us look at each other. The beating notes are like a clear spring, and we are all drunk in the presence of the moon.
    The slender and powerful fingers flew up and down between the black and white keys, and the melody was also ups and downs. The lobby was quiet, and the piano sounds of the night seemed even quieter.
    After a full blessing, the satisfaction of the appetite of the mouth cannot naturally fall. Not wanting to go far, the group was fortunate enough to enjoy the first day of dinner at the hotel’s own restaurant. In fact, catering is also a highlight of Xinyuan Resort. In this year’s “Festival. Suzhou” competition, Xinyuan Resort won the Suzhou Ten Table Banquet with the theme banquet “Impression. Gangcheng”!
    The big reunion platter is best for the cool autumn, and the group enjoys the warmth of the stomach.
    Because of its geographical environment, Zhangjiagang is the most famous on the table, Jiang Xian and He Xian. Steamed white fish is an ordinary dish, but the fish that Xinyuan eats is tender and tender, and does not smell the soil. Finally, the soy sauce topped out perfectly scented the fish itself.
    The overall taste of Zhangjiagang cuisine is basically the same as that of the Su-style dishes. The taste is light and sweet, but it does not make people feel tired. For example, the spinach on the soup is fragrant and delicious. It didn’t take long for a table to be on the CD, and everyone was happy to look forward to the official journey the next day.
     A local autumn, I know Zhangjiagang from here.
    This morning’s arrangement is the Jiyang Lake Ecological Park, which is 3 kilometers away from the hotel. In fact, it is only 20 minutes walk. It can be said that it is very close. The breakfast at the hotel was inserted, and the variety was much richer than I expected. The Chinese-style Western style, the cold meal hot file, was given early in the morning.We have a big surprise.
    My favorite West Point is also very delicate, the little cakes are delicious.
    After breakfast, start a full day!
    When I arrived at Jiyang Lake, I realized that Saturday was the opening ceremony of the Zhangjiagang Tourism Festival. Two big puffer fish pouted, and it was lovely. Because of its signature and precious food, Zhangjiagang has become the mascot of Zhangjiagang tourism. The passing children want to stop and take photos with them.
    If you want to see the opening ceremony, if you have a program that you can’t see, you will have to join in the fun. It’s not too late to visit the park. I did not expect that the performance of the opening ceremony was very exciting. The singing, dancing and opera performances were a good show. There is also a link with the audience. Although the weather in the late autumn is a bit cold, it can’t resist the enthusiasm of the audience.
    Fresh life has always been synonymous with Zhangjiagang tourism, so “Fresh Zhangjiagang, Youjiang River Water” is also the theme of this tourism festival. We admire one after another wonderful show, and see many tourists from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and even the whole country. I really hope that more and more people like Zhangjiagang can know.
    On the day of the opening ceremony, there are many local folk customs and folklore displays in Zhangjiagang Park in Jiyang Lake Park. It is worth seeing the deep understanding of Zhangjiagang. Above picture, this is a reed shoes, it is very rare now, not only its unique style, but also the production process is very particular. Unlike our common sandals, the uppers of the reed shoes are covered with a layer of white fluff, and the winter wear is much warmer than the cotton shoes.
    Bamboo and rattan utensils used to be a necessity for farm life. Although people prefer contemporary materials such as plastic and stainless steel, hand-woven articles often have temperatures that are not found in industrial products.
    In front of the food stalls, there is often a lot of popularity. Zhangjiagang’s special plum cakes and toasters carry the childhood memories of most Zhangjiagang people. Coal stoves, copper pots, and regular hexagonal copper molds that have not been seen for a long time are once again in front of us, and the taste is naturally the most pure.
    The hoop has long been a non-legacy project in Zhangjiagang. Although there are not many people in front of the booth, the boss is still proud and said that the drum has been more than 100 years old. The hardware on the toilet lid is copper. Until now, there are no rusts, they are old objects… There are fewer and fewer craftsmen who are willing to stick to them, and they are awe-inspiring.
    Tiger head shoes are the most common on the feet of old children, but with the changes of the times, they are gradually forgotten by the public. The vivid colors are vivid and look especially festive. The tiger head shoes are all the old aunts and grandmothers who have been hand-stitched and stitched out. They have to go through the six processes of “snoring, soles, uppers, embroidered tiger faces, cover shoes and sutures”. . It is a pity that there will be fewer and fewer people in this profession, and it is urgent to protect them.
    In fact, there are still many booths for folklore exhibitions at the opening ceremony. There is no way to explore them in detail. However, no matter which project, it can be seen that the wisdom of the working people of Zhangjiagang is condensed, and more people are aware of the Yangtze River culture, love folk art, and inherit the Yangtze River civilization.
    After visiting the opening ceremony, we were able to truly visit the Jiyang Lake Park. The dynamic and quiet phase is the charm of Jiyang Lake. Known by the locals, Jiyang Lake is the urban living room of Zhangjiagang. It uses the most advanced ecological concepts and technologies to introduce nature into the city and artificially create the most beautiful and natural ecological wetland landscape. It can be described as a city with a half-city lake, a lake with a city show, and a city with a lake.
    At the beginning of November, the Jiyang Lake Ecological Park is full of autumn colors. No matter where you go to the park, you can enjoy an intoxicating orange-orange orange, which makes you feel refreshed and happy, especially for the precious weekend.
    I found a piece of the most splendid woods, capturing the images of the autumn colors one by one, and leaving a group of photos for myself in this gorgeous autumn. This is what I do every year. Four seasons of reincarnation, spring flowers, summer watching the sea, autumn foliage, winter snow… Although life is long and impermanent, it is a pleasure to have a rude feeling in a dull day.
    The most beautiful tree species in late autumn is not a blackbird. Its leaves are green, yellow, orange, red, deep red, brown, etc., and the color is very rich. It’s hard to imagine that without the embellishment of it, only the fall of the ginkgo biloba will be eclipsed.More?
    The fallen leaves sneaked over the ground, rendering a sound of autumn, this “carpet” about time, tell us. It is another year. In the next round, the leaves will still be green.
    In addition to the seasonally beautiful autumn activities, many locals will come to Jiyang Lake on weekends to find a lawn under the trees, sun, picnic, play games, fly kites, or do nothing. The Jiyang Lake Ecological Park has a fresh and pleasant air, which is perfect for a weekend.
    According to local chronicles, it was once a millennium relic of the lakes and moors, and more than 20 miles of Mian Ting. The lake is continuous, the gull cranes are often inhabited; the artemisia is in the wild, the green and yellow vegetables; the smoked village, the Yuepu fisherman…
    Today, on the site of the ancient lake, the JI Lake was rebuilt, and the natural ecology of the past was introduced into the blueprint for the construction of modern cities. The meditation of the meditation lake in front of the meditation is always thinking about the ancients of hundreds of years or even thousands of years ago.
    The stone steps on the lawn are engraved with the words of Jiyang Lake, which makes this ecological park full of humanity. In addition, the entire Jiyang Lake Park has a large area, with a planned total area of ​​4.41 square kilometers, a green area rate of over 70%, and a water area of ​​1,000 acres in the center of Jiyang Lake. The central part of the lake is a 60-acre Luozhou Island, a place where wild birds and animals live and multiply. Around the lake, there is a happy world surrounded by Lishui leisure resorts and entertainment. It covers an area of ​​230 acres and is a good place for citizens to relax. It is also very suitable for bringing children here to go crazy all day.
     Lunch: Guanyue Villa
    Since the afternoon trip is the Xiangshan Scenic Area, the lunch of the day is enjoyed at a restaurant on the edge of Xiangshan. Guanyue Mountain Villa is a star hotel in Xiangshan Scenic Area. The name is also a poetic painting of Jiangnan.
    Restaurant Address: Nansha Xiangshan Scenic Area, Jingang Town
    Business hours: Monday to Sunday 09:00-21:00
    The restaurant has two floors, the lobby on the first floor receives some free-flowing individual guests, and we have many people who choose to dine in a more private and quiet box. The interior is understated and elegant, and the dining environment is great.
    Unexpectedly, in addition to the poetry of the name of Guanyue Mountain Villa, even the dishes on this dish are also very artistic. What is unexpected is the creativity of the chef. No matter cold or hot dishesThey are all presented in front of us like a piece of art, so that we can’t bear to move chopsticks.
    The drunk crab claws are the delicious food that Jiangnan has just eaten. The dishes that are so badly drunk are also my favorite. Unfortunately, this kind of food is extremely demanding on the hygienic conditions of the restaurant. Many restaurants can’t do this kind of food. So I feel particularly happy when I eat here. The mellow taste of the wine is accompanied by the sweetness of the crab meat, which makes people feel good.
    Saltwater shrimps are served with salted edamame. Although they are all homemade dishes, they are placed in a plate of Tai Chi and gossip styles.
    Smoked fish is a common dish in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The smoked fish here in Suzhou seems to be sweeter than Shanghai.
    Salad shrimp with small abalone, and an artistic carving of fruits and vegetables in the middle, so imposing, one end up to attract the attention of everyone. For such a high-value dish, it is difficult for everyone to endure the saliva “test”, and immediately can’t wait to taste after the filming. I didn’t expect the salad dressing to be the god of the dish, giving the original shrimp a special little fresh taste. Also boast about the ingredients in this store, very fresh, shrimp and small abalone are cool teeth, accompanied by delicious juice.
    Steamed scalloped fish, although I didn’t eat what fish, but I think the fan-shaped fish means that the dish is on the plate, and the shape radiating from the center is really gorgeous.
    Double-flavored health fish, a kind of fish, are the two methods of stir-fry and braised. The swaying of Guanyue Mountain Villa really surprises us, and the roads have a new height.
    Dutch cashew denim, crispy denim and crispy cashews form a wonderful contrasting taste, and it’s also ingeniously placed in a carefully carved pepper container.
    The mushroom is stuffed with dragon fish, and the middle of the birthday star carving is particularly eye-catching! Similar dishes I have done at home, seemingly simple, in fact, take special time, especially the matching stage. However, mushrooms are really suitable for steaming together as a container of fish, and the different umami tastes will penetrate each other through high temperature.
    The sauce and fragrant bone of the thick red sauce is the most common cooking method in the Su Gang and the local dishes. Because of the color and flavor, it has become a hard dish that is indispensable in the New Year. Even if you don’t like too sweet dishes, you can’t help but come to Suzhou. After all, this is the taste of Su-style dishes.The essence!
     Xiangshan is drunk, why not step on the autumn
    According to statistics, there are 31 Xiangshan in the country. From the historical research, Zhangjiagang’s Xiangshan is the first Xiangshan in the country, and is located in the Jiangnan water town, so it is called Jiangnan Xiangshan. It has been beautiful since ancient times, with numerous monuments, rough and beautiful, majestic and elegant. When talking about Xiangshan, people will think of the red leaves of Xiangshan in Beijing. However, this Zhangjiagang is the only incense mountain in the 36th Xiangshan Mountain in China that is related to the “fragrance”. It is amazed by many admirers of Xiangshan.
    Xiangshan Scenic Area is located in the west of Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang City. It is surrounded by the Yangtze River in the north, Zhangjiagang Canal in the east, Jiangyin in the west and Pingqiu in the south. The scenery is beautiful, the humanities are gathered, and there are many historical sites. It is known as the famous mountain in the south of the Yangtze River. Covering an area of ​​4.37 square kilometers, the mountain is in the shape of a diamond, composed of large and small Xiangshan. The highest point is 136.6 meters above sea level, which is the highest point of Zhangjiagang City. In the Qing Emperor Kangxi “Jiangyin County”, he praised: “Xiangshan stands out in Pyongyang, and it is steep and majestic, and it is in the mountains.”
    Since 1993, through the efforts of the municipal and municipal governments, a large number of scenic spots have been built and opened to the public. Among them, there are arrogant peaks, overlooking the Yangtze River, the wharf, and the Wangjiang Pavilion in the bonded area. There are strange tigers and mountainous tiger mouths. There are flowers and scented flowers, vanilla full slopes, and it is said that Wu Wangfu’s beauty is the beauty of Xi Shi’s walking on the mountain. There are Xu Huaike’s “Peach Blossoms, the Three Gorges, the Three Gorges, and the Taoist Temple”. A collection of natural scenic spots such as Dianxueyan, Xianniubei, and Songsong.
    You can take the bus on the east line of Zhangjiagang 228 and the west line, 312 road and 316 bus to get off at Xiangshan Scenic Spot and go straight to Xiangshan Scenic Spot.
    【Opening time】
    80 yuan
    The southern slopes and east slopes of Xiangshan are verdant and green, and the shades of green are covered; the cliffs on the north slope are rocky and sinuous; the top of the mountain is flat and open, with different steps and numerous historic sites; the mountains and rivers are sloppy, the grass is rich, and the pine forest is quiet. There are cherry blossoms in the spring of the park; green trees and lush green in the summer; red leaves in the autumn; winter and cold plums around the snow.
    The flying horns are the most iconic features of the buildings in Xiangshan Park. They can enjoy the charming autumn mountains and the elegant charm of the classical buildings in Jiangnan, China. With the unique splendour of this fall, it is even more fascinating.
    In the majestic Sanshan Wuyue, Xiangshan is naturally not worth mentioning, but its coming is enough to make many Xiangshan shame. It is named after Xi Shi Cai Xiang; Xu Xiake’s three-tour peach blossoms are well-known; the Emperor Qianlong’s inscription is full of honor; Da Yu Wang, Jiang Shang, Su Dongpo, Zhang Shicheng and many other celebrities have set foot and accumulated profound humanities. Mountaineering can also see monuments such as Beacon Tower and Zangjun Cave.
    Enter the main road of the scenic spot along the mountain gate, and at the end is the Mingxiang Lake of Xiangshan. A tree, orange, orange and green is reflected in the lake like a mirror. Mingxiang Lake at the foot of Xiangshan is playing the most moving chapter in autumn. Incense in the autumnThe reflection of the mountains in the lake, the water and the sky, the towers of the top of the mountain straight into the sky, magnificent.
    The Ming Dynasty geographer Xu Xiake repeatedly boarded Xiangshan, leaving poetry and Fuwen for the mountain and water scenery here. He praised in the “You Xiaoxiangshan Plum Blossom Hall Preface”: “The millennium is cold and dry, once Xiangsheng Group jade, not special floral, fragrant, dreamy, can not be said to live up to this mountain!”
    Because the altitude is not very high, Xiangshan is very suitable for people of all ages to climb and climb. It can also use the means of transportation. For example, in order to save time and energy, we choose to take the sightseeing car directly to the top of the wind tower.
    From the area where the battery car is going down to the wind tower on the top of the mountain, we need to climb a short mountain road. We saw the Meihuatang, which was the title of the legendary Su Dongpo. It was first built in the Song Dynasty. According to legend, Su Dongpo was frustrated in his later years. Due to the invitation of his friend Ge, he had several times to come to Meihuatang for his health. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Xu Yingxia (the brother of Xu Xiake) of Aishan Chengyu rebuilt Meihuatang and planted plum bamboo on the mountain.
    The pond in front of the wind tower is as flat as a mirror, and it can capture the shadow of the wind tower reflected in the water. The surroundings are very quiet and there are people in the middle of the painting. It seems that my heart is always in harmony with the landscape, away from the world, and happy.
    This pool is shaped like a gourd, and the gourd mouth points to the north. Folklore, Song Zhenzong years, the Eight Immortals come to Xiangshandu Dai Dingguang Chengxian, the iron turn Li because of alcoholism sleep in the bridge hole in the south of Xiangshan, wake up to see Xianyou, they struggled to catch up, unexpectedly pressed under the Xiangshan gold One glimpse, a wine gourd fell to the top of the incense, and it took out a gourd pond.
    To the scenery along the wind tower, the forest is dip, and the red maple is hidden. In the autumn of Jiangnan, the time has become soft, and the leaves slowly turn from green to yellow, but never leave a yellowish branch. Like poetry and painting, it is fascinating.
    To Zhangjiagang, you must visit Xiangshan, and you will travel to Xiangshan to listen to the wind tower.
    The Wind Tower is the landmark building of Zhangjiagang City. The tower is eight-faced and nine-level. The tower is 64.8 meters high and 188 meters above sea level. It is a loft-style Jiangnan pagoda in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is the “first height” of Zhangjiagang, and it is one of the symbols of the “Lifeline Elves” at the Jianghai Interchange. This majestic and unique “Yuyu Qionglou” is the sight of countless tourists under the mountains. Deng Ta can listen to the wind from all directions and enjoy the panoramic view of Jiangnan.
    The antique Chinese architectural complex is also a good place to shoot Hanfu.
    Although I was not able to personally climb the top of the tower this time, through the “God’s perspective” of the drone, I can still enjoy the simplicity and elegance of the surrounding area. Standing under the tower, the bells on the corners of the flying dragonfly are blown by the wind, as if from the whispers of the sky, people feel that they are telling “distant time and space” and suddenly have Zen. The tower is eight sides, one side of the scene, all like a fresh and elegant ink painting, and with a long, distant and distant. With the Yangtze River water environment and the Zhangjiagang Garden urban environment, it is fully integrated into the more magnificent world.
    The fields are lush, the buildings are row upon row, and the factory buildings are scattered. You can enjoy the unique modern urban and rural integration atmosphere of Zhangjiagang.
    Extremely far-sighted, the mountains are undulating and thousands of acres of land, and the horizon is extremely open.
    The densely-lit pine forest and camellia trees are in front of us. Nowadays, the green coverage of Xiangshan has reached 85%. The Xiangshan side, which has such a natural and original environment, is the highly industrialized Zhangjiagang port. The industrial port is close to the ecological mountain forest, but it can “harmonize harmoniously”. It is a wise move to sigh the emphasis on ecological protection in Xiangshan Scenic Area. Climb to the top of the mountain to see the beautiful mountains and rivers of the port city, listen to the sounds of the winds and the birds and the sounds of the birds, to keep people away from the dust, embrace nature, let the soul get a real rest.
    Looking east, it is the internationally renowned commercial port of Zhangjiagang, Zhangjiagang Canal and Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone. The busy crane grabs show the vitality of this industry’s highly developed industry. At the foot of the mountain is the provincial highway Zhang Yang Road, west to Jiangyin, east to Zhangjiagang City, the traffic on the road is endless. Looking farthest, it is the Yangtze River that is constantly flowing.
    Ma Chao, a contemporary ancient poetry writer, wrote a poem entitled “Man Jianghong, Zhangjiagang Xiangshan Yuji” for Xiangshan.
    Lifting the mountains and rivers, the winds and clouds, the gold rushing into. Pinglu Lu, open to Wu County, across the Zhejiang and Shanghai. The wind and the wind blew into the Yanling River. Around the Taihu Lake, across the Sun and Moon River, the oblique waterfall.
    Drive the phoenix and swallow the dragon. Flying obstacles, quicksands. There are countless people in the Wo Jin Ge Iron Horse. Haohai returns to the fire hole, and Changchuan gathers in the Xiangshan Mountain. No. Tiangong, the age of the Lord ups and downs, the songs to the song.
    The mountain step in the distance is the harvesting trail. It is located in the southeast of Xiangshan Mountain. The Qing Dynasty “Jiangyin County” contains: “From the top of the mountain, the Qufu Panhang, the climbing stone, the sole of the foot, and the legend of Wu Wang The beauty picks the incense and picks up the fragrant trail.”
    Every corner of the tower is beautifully crafted and filled with the beauty of the atmosphere of Chinese architecture. The overall outline of the line is like breaking through time and space, just like a dream disappearing in time and space, a time of weather.
    Under the stupa, there is no natural wish for a blessing, and since ancient times, ascending and praying have always had an inseparable connection. Look at these brightly colored wish cards, filled with the good wishes of tourists for themselves, as well as friends and family. Every time I see this, my heart is also infected. I want to follow the tourists in front and pray for family peace and joy.
    Don’t listen to the wind tower, we come to Xiangshan Lake at the foot of the mountain, where we can go to Xiangshan and the top of the wind tower from another angle. Xiangshan Lake is located on the south side of Xiangshan Mountain. As an emerging attraction, Xiangshan Lake does not seem to have its popularity peak. However, for those who like to be clean, it is a great pleasure to come to Zhangjiagang to enjoy the beautiful lakes and mountains in such an undisturbed environment.
    Xiangshan Lake is a representative of the beautiful scenery of the entire mountainous area. There are no strange rocks, steep cliffs, no towering old trees, and dense jungles. Throughout the entire Xiangshan is the meandering mountain road, the winding stream and the scent of flowers in the air. Whether it is overlooking from the top of the mountain or on the edge of the lake, the plum-shaped Xiangshan Lake surrounded by pine trees, the mirror-like lake is full of crystal light, and the clear lake is deep in the bottom, giving a fresh feeling.
    There are also a large number of herb gardens on the shores of Xiangshan Lake, such as lavender, verbena, luke flower, gemsang, victoria, cornflower, sunflower, whitefly, sulphuric chrysanthemum, lyric, rosemary, evening primrose and so on. Vanilla, which blooms all year round, allows every visitor to Xiangshan to find incense, which makes the Xiangshan of Zhangjiagang a true “fragrance” mountain. It is a pity that the verbena that I most want to see is only in the viewing period from June to October. It seems that the red leaves and verbena are not compatible with the fish and the bear’s paw.
    Xiangshan Lake has a long wooden bridge that leads to the opposite bank. The bridge is called Rainbow Bridge. The bridge is like a famous name. It is like a flying rainbow on the lake. In spring, you can see the bright flowers on both sides of the bridge. In the fall, you can also look at the gorgeous red maple and snowy reeds.
    Although Xiangshan in Beijing is famous for its red leaves, the red leaves of Zhangjiagang Xiangshan, although not in the form of momentum, are also bright and colorful. Autumn is the last bright color of nature in a year. Even if the temperature is cool, it is visually full of warmth.
    You can visit the Xiangshan Mountain, you can see the tower, you can enjoy the flowers in the spring, you can go hiking in the mountains, you can walk the mountain trails, you can worship the temple. . . You deserve to spend half a day enjoying the lakes and mountains that both Su Dongpo and Xu Xiake are amazed at.A pleasing natural picture; comprehend the ancient charm of Xiangshan history and culture and the splendid culture of Jinxiu Jiangnan.
     Accommodation recommendation: Shuangshan Golf Resort
    The sun in November has made people feel that the time of day is no longer generous. From the Xiangshan, the sky is getting dark. We booked Shuangshan Golf, the hotel’s 24-hour speedboat waiting at the pier, and not afraid of the night. Speaking quietly, the speedboat at the resort is a bit tall, and the dock we are waiting for is also vip-level.
    [Shuangshan Island Ferry Tips]
    Ticket price: 4 yuan for one way, 8 yuan for round trip (free on the island)
    Departure: Suzhou Shuangshan Island 05:45-21:00
    Arrival: Suzhou Shuangshan Wharf
    Departure time: 05:45, 06:30, 07:00, 07:30, 08:15, 09:15, 10:15, 11:15, 13:15, 14:15, 15:15, 16: 15, 16:45, 17:15, 17:45, 20:00, 21:00
    Shuangshan Island is located in the Yangtze River waters of Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang City. The total area of ​​the island is 18 square kilometers and the coastline around the island is 17 kilometers. On the island, you can indulge in the calm and simple Jiangnan water town style, and you can also feel a good ecological environment. Shuangshan Island is not only the main producing area of ​​“Changjiang Sanxian”, but also one of the best preserved islands in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Eighty years ago, it was formed by the accumulation of sandbanks in the middle of the river. Today it is a quiet oasis lying across the Yangtze River.
    The night streamed and sprinkled over the surface of the Yangtze River. The utopian life that was once out of reach is now on the other side. The idyllic pastoral is very close, and the urban dust mites are isolated but not too far away.
    Because the car is forbidden to enter the island, guests can only take the speedboat to the island, and then the hotel car will be responsible for the terminal transfer. Shuangshan Golf is the only resort hotel in Zhangjiagang City that enjoys the natural beauty of the 27-hole golf course. The hotel has a building area of ​​25,000 square meters and 150 rooms with various golf views. Most rooms have a golf course view. When the weather is good, the sights are all rolling greens. It is also a pleasure to watch golfers swing!
    The Shuangshan Island is sparsely populated, and the resort is naturally more massive than the data. Entering the door is the domineering lobby. The combination of Southeast Asian holiday style elements and Chinese classical style makes people feel relaxed and relaxed while the holiday mode is open.
    Great hotel, naturally also has large rooms. Even if the reservation is the basic standard room, the space of the roomAlso, our two girls feel that they are very calm. There is also a large balcony with a view of the greens, and the curtains are opened to see the green grass. Staying at Shuangshan Island Golf Hotel, the window is the lake light, and you can swing the ball when you open the door.
    The overall space of the bedroom is based on white gold, with warm colors such as dark wood and gold hardcover as the main color. Feel the “luxury” in every detail, with soft and linen comparable to the international five-star hotel standard. At night, the room has been dimmed with light, and the warm atmosphere is soft and the sleep is very helpful.
    The bathroom is also spacious, wet and dry design, easy to get a comfortable wash and bath experience.
    Due to the relatively original ecology on Shuangshan Island, there are not many commercial catering facilities. So on the night of the stay, we chose to dine at the resort’s own Chinese restaurant. Although there was a daytime view of the Moon Mountain Villa, the production of the hotel restaurant did not disappoint us.
    The secret Yangtze River shrimp, the head of the river shrimp is between the river shrimp and the sea shrimp, but the meat is more tenacious. The secret system is really secret. After seasoning, the taste is especially fresh. It is a bit like drunk and a bit like oil explosion. It’s a pity that after eating one, I still don’t understand how to eat the second one. The big plate is empty…
    Although the hawthorn is a cold dish, the decorative plate is also very particular. With this large disc, a bit of big beads and beads fall into the mood of the jade plate.
    Poinsettia, for red meat, this is a typical Jiangnan cooking technique. The pork tastes crisp and the color is red. Even the chestnut, which is not easy to taste, also absorbs the aroma of high-quality meat protein. This is a bit high in calories. If you want to lose weight, the girls will be able to stop.
    Qingshuijiang Baisi, did not expect the white silk fish in the Yangtze River so domineering, one end of the table will immediately stop the chopsticks to prepare the camera in hand to prepare for poisoning. Half a meter long, when the white silk is on the table, it can be said that there is a sound, and other dishes are instantly eclipsed. Indeed, this Jiang Baisi meat is tender and delicate, and the steaming technique retains the original flavor.
    The purple sweet potato glutinous rice cake is soft and bitter, but the sweet smell of purple potato and the soft glutinous rice, and the dense bean paste in the middle, make me a sweet tooth lover. Um~ With this snack, I can not eat rice~
     Yangtze River slow island, sand on the oasis
    Wake up in the morning, the first thing is to open the curtains of the room, because the night did not see the scenery, at this moment with the morning breeze blowing. The green grass is full, the greens are stretched, and the artificial lakes are dotted with stars. It turned out that we were sleeping in such picturesque scenery last night.
    Although the hotel’s breakfast is not as rich as Xinyuan, the hot noodle soup and soup powder are suitable for Chinese stomach that likes hot food.
    Living in a golf hotel, it is natural to experience the golf facilities of the hotel. The hotel is very large. You can choose to take a golf cart or go cycling. Of course, walking is also a good choice. After all, the air from the island is much fresher than the urban area.
    The Shuangshan Stadium is designed by the famous Canadian golf course designer NELSON. The total length of the fairway is 11002 yards. The entire stadium is based on the Yangtze River and retains many original topography. It is a rare island-type golf course in China and is equipped with With 200,000 square meters of landscape greening, the combination of noble golf and the ancient Jiangnan Wuyue culture will be combined to highlight the fresh and refined atmosphere of the entire stadium.
    The environment of the entire stadium is very good. The characteristic of this is that the artificial lake area of ​​the stadium accounts for one-third of the entire course land. Seen from a height, a large plum-shaped bunker, the undulating greens constitute the main scenery in front of you. The mobile computer is much more interesting, and the green golf course is really eye-catching.
    For our zero-based whites without golf experience, the experience naturally begins with the driving range. Golf is a ball game that hits the ball with a stick. Nowadays, modern golf has become synonymous with the aristocratic movement, and it has evolved from an ancient Chinese game called “The Pills”. Although it is simply a shot of a stick, it is full of learning and skill, and it is not easy to get started in a short time.
    I will first have a coach to pay how to swing the stick, although it is just a simple way to teach a few words.Not much, but it’s not easy to start playing. It’s just a simple kick-off action. If you follow the coach’s requirements, you will be awkward. It is obvious that the masters are so natural. So for Xiao Bai like us, swinging the pole is also a common thing. At first I was worried about getting the ball into the lake in front. Later I realized that the worry was purely redundant. It was very good to get into the lake so far!
    If you really hit the ball into the lake, would you be a little embarrassed? In fact, the hotel originally built this driving range in order to let the guests hit the ball in the water. Because the golf ball provided in the workbook is a floating ball, the density is lighter than the water, so it will float after being hit into the water, and finally it will be recycled.
    Golfing has a very strict standard. Keep your body in a straight line, bend your knees slightly, and tilt your upper body slightly forward. The center of gravity is placed on the foot in front of the ball. Then turn around and hit the ball with the strength of the waist to force the ball out, not the strength of the arm. Although it is particularly simple to say, this technique can only be fully acquired if it is practiced. If you can hear the loud noise of “砰”, it must be a good ball!
    Although the costumes and postures are very unprofessional, it is awesome to think that this trip has unlocked the new thing of golf. Shuangshan Golf Hotel makes this luxuriant aristocratic sport no longer far away from us. There are many online group purchases about this hotel. I checked it. The room + course experience is actually more than 600, which is incredibly cheap.
    Leaving the driving range, we took the golf cart to the next stop. On the side of the mini golf course, I also saw an outdoor children’s paradise. The bear big bear at the paradise is especially popular with children. Adults play golf, and children will not have no place to play.
    The mini golf course is just a venue mini, but the elements of the golf course are here. Due to the limitations of the venue, the practice putt is the main point here, so it is completely different from the experience of the kick-off area where the swing is practiced. Putting the jack into the hole, there is a sense of accomplishment in golfing.
    Because the venue is small, it is easier to experience here. With the warm autumn sun and the Yiyi weeping willow, playing golf in such an environment is a sensory enjoyment.
    Although I am not very good at all kinds of ball games, I am also good at picking up the ball! Can the posture be OK? In fact, it is not important to be a professional. In Shuangshan Island, you only need to let go of the exhaustion of the intense work in the city, and devote yourself to the slow life of Shuangshan Slow Island. Accompanied by wetlands and rivers, poetically inhabited.
    For many years, Shuangshan Island has always been the “no-development island” of Zhangjiagang. So far, no industrial enterprises have settled in, and it is one of the most intact islands in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. From the hotel to several attractions on Shuangshan Island, we chose to take a more convenient hotel tour bus. The car is driving on the road around the island, looking at the past and ridiculous; in the late autumn, the most common on the island is a large golden reed, looking at the original ecology, and even can see the chickens and ducks walking around. Listening to the tour guide said that there are thousands of residents on the island, away from the hustle and bustle, it is really the ideal holiday resort for people who have lived in the city for a long time.
    Walking along the path of the wetland into the depths of the reeds, the view in front of you is not difficult to remind people of the scrolls depicted in the Book of Songs, a scene of sorrow and sorrow. Through the reeds, the distant ports and terminals are looming, sometimes real and sometimes distant. The quiet and beautiful reeds and the hard industrial lines on the beach are really a wonderful combination.
    Although autumn has always been a symbol of sorrow in the poetry of the ancients, the fall of Shuangshan Island gives a faint tranquility. The air here is so fresh, walking on the plank road, slowly strolling, I really hope that time can stop.
    Autumn is picturesque, and the red trees are yellow. Although the frost forest is not red, but the watersides that have quietly turned red on the roadside, still quietly telling that it belongs only to the graceful grace of autumn, reflecting the dazzling and cold autumn sun. Everything is beautiful.
    Shuangshan Island makes it easy for me to think of Chongming Island, our magic city, which is also in the modern city, but it is hidden in the city. Everything here is incompatible with urban life. The wooden plank road, like the Yangtze River to the east, turns around the heavens and the earth and draws a beautiful curve. It is full of grace and fullness, and it fits the autumn poetry of exclusive Jiangnan.
    Yuxiang shallow bottom, birds dance blue sky, into the Shuangshan Island, a quiet and indulgent ink, Danqing, green shades, water bay connected. The good one is full of vitality, and people and nature live in harmony. The Yangtze River in the distance makes the pattern of the wetland suddenly broaden. It reminds me of Fan Zhongyan’s famous sayings: Guanyuan Mountain, swallowing the Yangtze River, Haohao Tangtang, and no boundaries; Zhaohui Xiyin, meteorological.
    Walking on the island of Jiang, between the rivers and the sky. Take a deep breath and breathe the aura between heaven and earth. The floating light on the island is flowing in front of the frame, hereTime is so beautiful because of the slowness, and the soul can’t help but soothe.
    In fact, for most people who do not live in Shuangshan Golf Hotel, take the ferry to Shuangshan Island, Shuangshan Old Street will be their first stop. Therefore, along with the wetland landscape here, the old street has become a two-story business card with a double-mountain style.
    An ancient street, appealing to the feelings of Jiangnan. Different from the narrow rain lanes of Wuzhen and Xitang, Shuangshan Ancient Street has a wide atmosphere. This is a fusion of the river style and the south of the river, the wide and clean main street, the tall and thick camphor tree, the patchwork of the horse head wall… But my favorite is the real life of Shuangshan Old Street.
    There are no shops that are row upon row, no tourists who are shoulder-to-shoulder, even so quiet. But this is a real old street. Because of the most vivid life, she always exists in the most common posture.
    Strolling through the old streets of the “small bridges and flowing waters”, the islanders’ style is in the old buildings of the south of the Yangtze River. In the words of warm greetings, in the comfortable life.
    Time has passed, the old street has long had no previous prosperity. Today, most of the people living here are old people and children. The young people have been working outside the home for many years, making this old street less angry and slightly uncomfortable.
    In the streets of Shenxiang, the houses with mottled traces are arranged on both sides. They spend a day, a month and a year quietly. They gradually become old people with vicissitudes of life, rusty copper locks and wooden doors with a little paint. The slightly chaotic corrugated and the food crops basking in the sun have made this a world described in “Slow in the past.” However, if it is old, it will have its meaning. It is obviously different from the urban construction of reinforced concrete.
    Before entering the old street, you must first pass under the Chinese-style castle. This tower is like the patron saint of Shuangshan Island, and it is quite a majestic statue of “One husband is off, Wanfu is open.” Visitors board the only city tower on the island, overlooking the scenery of Shuangshan Island from a height, lazy time, can be like the past, the wild autumn rhyme of the wilderness.
    Passing through the towers of the tall and stalwart, the Shuangshan Island behind it is soft and moving, fresh and high. In the fascinating scenery, Wu Hao softly whispers. If you can have a cup of fragrant coffee, it is even more wonderful! Shuangshan Old StreetThe tranquility is like the mood of the Wenqing people. Bathed in the sun, infiltrated in the temperament of Jiangnan. Such a literary art is so moving.
    Often in a slow-paced place, time will go very fast, and in the blink of an eye, when we waved for another time, we will once again come to the dock on the island yesterday, and it is still the east of the river, the mountains and the mountains. This slow island of the Yangtze River hides the unparalleled beauty, like a quiet southern girl. In just two days and one night, we overlooked the river bank and looked at the island. After all, we are the passers-by here. Only the endless wilderness, the blue river, and the silence surround it until eternal.
    Roaming Shuangshan Island, it is good to meet you. Food, beauty, and a wonderful life, waiting for you to start a different kind of trip in the romance of the Yangtze River.
    1. There is another convenient transportation on Shuangshan Island, which is the bus, 10 yuan / person. You can get off at six attractions: Dapodun Wetland Park, North Beach Park, Dujiang Battle Monument, Shuangshan Old Street, Golf College and our hotel.
    2, Shuangshan Island is not small, it takes half a day to travel through the six major attractions. If you want to feel the “slow island slow life”, then it is recommended to stay on the island for one night.
    3. If you need to eat on the island, there are many restaurants opened by locals on Shuangshan Old Street. If you have a request for a dining environment, you can choose the restaurant that comes with Shuangshan Golf Hotel.
     Lunch: Man Tingfang Restaurant
    After the last meal at Zhangjiagang, after leaving Shuangshan Island, we chose to go back to the city center of Zhangjiagang for food. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the Mantingfang Restaurant has a typical white wall and tile in Jiangnan. And since you dare to claim to be a garden restaurant, it must have a good environment. Indeed, the row of ginkgo in front of the restaurant is the goldenest time. There is also a small pond with flowing water in the entrance of the restaurant. There are carefully designed and thoughtful thoughts everywhere.
    Restaurant Address: No. 97, Renmin Middle Road, Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou
    Business hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00-14:00 16:00-21:00
    With an antique appearance, the interior of the restaurant is elegant and modern. Not yet seated, the restaurant has prepared appetizing fruits and hot towels in front of everyone’s seat. This small detail of the service is actually a good impression.
    It is the season of eating crabs, even the crab meat in the drunk crab claws is extraordinarily full and full, which is more solid than that seen in Guanyue Mountain Villa.
    Sautéed shrimp with salted egg yolk, the original sweet and sour shrimp has a layer of mellow salted egg yolk, and the taste is very layered. It is salty and sweet, crisp and tender outside, and the shrimp is full and full, and it is very satisfying to eat.
    Dried wild mushrooms, mushrooms have always been my favorite in the mushroom, the mushrooms here are not fresh but dry goods, after the hair has a unique fragrance. Plus the thick red sauce, the aroma is overflowing, making people want to stop.
    Oatmeal fried pine nuts with lettuce, the oil after the pine nuts are fried will infiltrate the original dry oatmeal, with the greasy lettuce, although not seen, but the taste of this dish is very gorgeous.
    Clay pot chicken soup, the most frequently mentioned topic in autumn is health. The Chinese pay attention to the food supplement, so that a pot of hot air, golden color, and aroma of chicken soup come up, no one can refuse. I don’t know how others drink chicken soup. I especially like to take chicken soup to make rice. I feel that even eating two bowls is not a problem!
    Su Gang dishes are mostly light, so occasionally such a pickled cow bullfrog, as if accustomed to the light and light taste of the bud cast a blockbuster, the meat of the bullfrog is tight and tender, it is too enjoyable! It is definitely a food with “hands are fast, hands are slow”!
    Compared with the previous bullfrog, the fish head of the pepper is actually hot, and the actual taste is actually OK. But the noodles on the plate were more good at “disguise” than the fish head because they were full of the spicy food in the soup. I tasted it and felt the limit of my spicy taste.
    In the end, this crab cake is a dish that the boss sees us and gives us extra. Originally thought that the dish will not be too amazing, I did not expect this crab cake hold a table of different spleen and stomach from all corners of the country, everyone shouted deliciously, saying that it is not overwhelming. The method of crab cake is similar to the shrimp cake in Thai food. The crab meat is chopped and wrapped in flour and fried in a pot until golden crispy. This locks the delicious mellowness of the crab meat itself. It can be said that the drops are “fresh” and taste. Get up with happiness!
     Practical information
    [about traffic]
    First, external traffic
    1, the car
    Zhangjiagang Gangcheng Bus Station and Long-distance Station are the largest passenger stations in the city. Long-distance stations mainly originate from long-distance buses in most cities in Zhejiang Province. Zhangjiagang Gangcheng Bus Station is located at the intersection of Hexi Road and Nanhuan Road. In addition to the main long-distance bus, there are also a large number of buses to neighboring cities in Jiangsu Province.
    The long-distance bus journey from Shanghai to Zhangjiagang is basically between 2 hours and 2.5 hours, which is convenient and quick. Long-distance buses are also the most recommended way to get to Zhangjiagang.
    2, train
    There is no train station in the urban area of ​​Zhangjiagang. If you choose to take the train, you can take the Wuxi Railway Station.
    After getting off the train, take the bus bound for Zhangjiagang to Wuxi Long-distance Bus Station next to Wuxi Railway Station. There are many trains, every 20 minutes, and the operation time is 05:30-18:00. The journey takes about 1.5 hours and the fare is about 18 yuan.
    3, self-drivingShanghai is about 150 kilometers from Zhangjiagang to Shanghai, about 2 hours drive. It is also very convenient.
    4. Aircraft
    The major airports near Zhangjiagang are mainly Shanghai Hongqiao, Pudong and Nanjing Lukou International Airports, as well as Wuxi Shuofang and Changzhou Benniu two regional airports.
    Second, the city’s traffic
    Most of the buses are unsold tickets, 1 yuan in the city, and there are many bus lines. Some attractions can be reached by bus.
    The bus details of travel are as follows:
    209: Xinfengqiao Parking Lot – Shuangshan Wharf, passing through Gangcheng Station and Jingang Town; Operation Hours: Xinfengqiao Parking Lot (Early shift: 6:00 Last shift: 17:30), Shuangshan Wharf (Early shift: 6: 00, last class: 17:30)
    201: Gangcheng Station-farm, passing through Luyuan Ancient Town; operating hours: Gangcheng Station (early shift: 6:00 last shift: 17:30), farm (early shift: 5:40, last shift: 17:30)
    211: Xinfengqiao Parking Lot – Miaoqiao, passing through Luyuan Ancient Town, Tangqiao Town, Taiping Bridge, Miaoqiao Mall, Operation Hours: Xinfengqiao Parking Lot (Early shift: 6:00 last shift: 17:30, Miaoqiao (early Class: 5:40 last class: 17:25)
    212: Xinfengqiao parking lot – port, passing Phoenix Town; operating hours: Xinfengqiao parking lot (early shift: 6:00 last shift: 17:30, port early shift: 5:40 last shift: 17:30)
    Bus 18 or 2 bus between Hong Kong City Bus Station and Long-distance Station can be used.
    [about local entertainment]
    As a city, Zhangjiagang also has many delicious places to visit. The pedestrian street in the urban area (Shazhou Middle Road), Yangshe Old Street, Manbat Shopping Plaza, Xiaochenghe Leisure Shopping District, Jiyanghu Commercial Street and Wuyue Square are all places worth visiting in Hong Kong. Going to these places, you can relax and dine, and you can see the rapid development of Zhangjiagang in the past few years and the high degree of urbanization.
    [About shopping with gifts]
    Zhangjiagang is rich in products and has many special products. In particular, the “Salmon, Swordfish, and Pufferfish” of the “Yangtze River” make tourists drool, and its meat is delicious, fat, not greasy, and nutritious, and it has become a unique local cuisine.
    In addition, Luyuan Chicken, Shazhou Youhuang, Phoenix Peach, Toaster Cake, Liangfeng Chocolate, Peak Deer Liquid Tea, etc. are also good products for tourists to buy and gift to relatives and friends.
    [Best travel season]
    Spring and Autumn are the best time to visit in Zhangjiagang.
    Zhangjiagang is a humid climate zone in the southern part of the northern subtropical zone with a mild climate and four distinct seasons. The whole terrain is flat, the rivers and rivers of the large and small rivers are horizontal and vertical, and the spring blossoms and the autumn winds are cool to the Xiangshan Scenic Area and the Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area. The scenery is charming and the scenery is infinite.
    During the hot summer months, Shuangshan Island in Zhangjiagang is also an ideal place for tourists to spend their holidays. The island preserves the tranquility of the natural scenery, the water town style and the farming ecology. It has a fishing center and an international standard golf course with the reputation of “the first pole of the Yangtze River”.
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