Linbaitan Mushui, swim the continent of the sky, meet the most beautiful time of the early spring

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    I can’t wait for the spring blossoms, and when the earth is slightly warmer, I took my family from Shanghai to Qiandao Lake. It is to accompany the family, but also to give yourself a small holiday before the season. If there are only three days of vacation, in the vicinity of Shanghai, where there are mountains and waters, the first thing I think of is Qiandao Lake. In just 5 hours, I was able to come from the reinforced concrete stone jungle to the really lingering mountains and rivers. Along the way, the scenery along the way changed from urban to rural, and it became a mountain that could not be seen at the end. Until the most iconic lakes of Qiandao Lake, the small and small lakes appeared in the small lakes. In the field of vision, it is still a long time to be excited.
    There is an unexpected smog at the turn of winter and spring in Shanghai. The weather in Qiandao Lake is warm and breezy, and the weather is so incredible. Just rushing to this climate makes people feel that they are right. For the elders and children, good air is the first luxury after the winter. What’s more, Qiandao Lake in memory is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are thousands of mountains guarding Wanshui, and it is rated as the most beautiful place in China by CNN. Travel and vacation are suitable.
     About the trip
    DAY 1 Shanghai – Thousand Island Lake – Check in hotel – Sunset over the lake – Hotel dinner
    DAY 2 Self-driving open line – Wenyuan Lion City – Longchuan Bay – Qiandao Lake Xiushui Square
    DAY 3 Hotel is empty – return trip
     Accommodation – InterContinental Thousand Island Resort
    Qiandao Lake is a holiday resort where many people enjoy watching the lake and seeing the mountains. Here, it is the back garden of the Yangtze River Delta. Maybe you know that there are countless landscapes in Thousand Island Lake, but maybe you don’t know, there are many resort hotels worth visiting. Even for these hotels, it is worthwhile to arrange a trip to Qiandao Lake. The cruise ship is struggling between the islands of the Thousand Island Lake. The tourist taste is a bit strong. Choose a resort hotel that depends on the mountains and mountains, and enjoy the morning fog with the family on the balcony. Rent a bicycle on the lake without the bicycle lane. Walking and stopping, and enjoying the beauty of Qiandao Lake from all angles, is the way I want Amway to give you the most.
    The InterContinental Thousand Island Resort is located on the Lushan Peninsula. The hotel’s private 10km winding mountain road keeps the hotel away from the hustle and bustle. One island and one hotel, although not in the busy city, enjoy the natural beauty of the natural peninsula for those who live in the city for a long time. And luxury is a precious holiday experience.
    The green mountains, the turquoise water, the sweet air, sitting on the lake, the mountains are not spoken, the birds are low, is the truth, calmness, and quietness not the spiritual home that is deeply rooted in the heart? There is no such thing as the best in the world, so when you calm down and think about a journey, comfort and full of pleasure are the main reasons why you are willing to stay in this hotel.
    When driving down the highway, less than 50 meters away is the private road to the hotel – Wanxiang Road. Crossing the lake and mountains, there is a lush forest on one side and a beautiful lake view on the other side, which feels more comfortable than the US Route 66. The hotel blends in with the natural scenery of the island. It is said that all the landscaping and greening of the hotel are made of ready-made grass and trees on the island, which is also to maintain the original ecological environment.
    Walk into the lobby and see the 360-degree round transparent glass window that gives a panoramic view of the lake. Most of the lobby furnishings are made of solid wood, bamboo and rattan and fabric, and the design concept of closeness to nature is everywhere. The tall, high-rise, symmetrical Chinese-style column corridors reflect the luxury and atmosphere of the hotel, and there is no lack of a relaxing holiday.
    The round glass window on the side of the lobby is the hallmark of the hotel. Almost every person who comes to Intercontinental Thousand Island Lake will take a photo of this window. At different times, different skylight colors are reflected. The glass window frame is the green mountains and green waters of Qiandao Lake, and it is also the heart of everyone’s pursuit of freedom and relaxation. The hotel fully integrates the topography and features of the Laoshan Peninsula and the delicate softness of the Jiangnan Water Village. Within the picture, outside the silhouette, the lake is slick and clear.
    Opened for 6 years, it is still a must-have hotel in Qiandao Lake. The Intercontinental Thousand Island Lake emerged in 2011 and became the hottest net of the parent-child world. It must have its own two brushes. As the hotel is exclusive to the Laoshan Peninsula, guests can follow the hotel staff to explore the scenery resources of Lushan. The landscape on Lushan Island is outstanding, and it is also known as the “Huaguo Mountain” of Qiandao Lake. The island’s attractions include Lotus Peak, Thousand Island God Cow, Story Harbor, Muju Sewing, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Lovers Gap, General Cap, Xia Chengyu Tomb, and Lushan Bay. From the hiking for young people, the picking of the family in the family, to the best viewing point for all ages, the hotel has a clear arrangement for the guests, just ask the daily event at the front desk. Arrange the list.
    The eye-catching rooms feature a lot of solid wood elements, which are both environmentally friendly and luxurious. But if you live by the lake or the beach, as long as the price is not too far off the mark, I will choose the lake view room or the sea view room, so that you can enjoy the skylight clouds, sunrise and sunset, with a cup of tea or a cup without leaving the house. Coffee, with your family, slowly savour the scenery in front of you, so that is the ultimate pursuit of vacation.
    The room is large, the room is close to the groundThe windows and the outdoor balcony all have landscape sofas. It is up to you to decide whether you want to be exposed to the sun or the most pure fresh air of Qiandao Lake. The angular office desk is replaced by a more suitable round table for the family. Since it is a resort hotel, let go of all the annoying business. Look, the sun in the afternoon outside the window is just right!
    For the suyi children, they changed a new place to play with. If you are a family, the advantages of the hotel in parent-child are even more obvious. The room is equipped with a baby toothbrush and a bathrobe for the baby, which is cute and intimate.
    The bedroom and bathroom are separated by sliding doors, and the shower room and open bathtub are available. The bathroom is fitted with an egg-shaped bathtub and sink, while the stone water valve reminds me of the island holiday. The shower is made by Agraria, the most famous and oldest luxury aroma brand in the United States.
    The room is facing the pool and lake, and the lake is picturesque at sunrise and sunset.
    As one of the best parent-child hotels in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the biggest killer is this intercontinental park. Arrive in the room and take a suyi to check out. Shortly after opening in August 2017, all facilities are very new, and it is said that it is currently the largest indoor a snail theme park in high-star hotels in China.
    The Intercontinental Park covers an area of ​​1,800 square meters and has more than 20 kinds of indoor activities such as naughty castles, bumper cars and expansion. The variety of interactive gaming experience projects is also the most detailed hotel park in terms of age for children.
    The park has a naughty castle suitable for children to play and play; an expansion area suitable for children’s experience; a bumper car suitable for family and children to experience together, and a billiards facility suitable for teenagers. More than 20 kinds of rich indoor activities, such as egg painting, create a new experience for parents and families to create a warm and interactive experience.
    When suyi saw the ocean ball, he madly plunged into it, and all kinds of thumps climbed. What is fun? Please see the demonstration. There are not many children in the afternoon on the working day, and the whole ocean ball pool will be used for a long time. Don’t line up with all kinds of slides, cool! Experience is great!
     Lushan Peninsula view sunset
    In order not to affect the official schedule of the hotel to watch the sunset, the suyi “dislocated wild horse” was taken out from the children’s playground in time, followed by the large forces to the best scenic spots.
    After walking through a park-like trail, I followed the staff to the best places to visit in the Intercontinental Thousand Island Lake. There is a wooden plank road extending to the center of the lake. There is no shelter around and the view is very wide. It is indeed a rare sight to watch the sunset. Good place.
    We leaned on the glass fence next to the plank road and watched the only remaining sunsets in front of us. The setting sun evolved into a long strip of color, silently squatting on the lake, and the over-curved moon hangs over the contours of tall and low houses. Recently read “Literature and Feeling”, talking about all the literature originated from the overflow of feelings, a kind of “primary melancholy” that Stendhal tried to describe, probably similar to my mood at the moment, it is a gentle and deep The emotion, “burning a vague flame.”
    Just like the moment when the long journey is about to end when I am on the plane, I wake up from sleep, look down through the small window, the sky and the water, the sunset and the starry sky side by side, the romantic factors in the brain begin to move. , derived a slightly sweet taste.
    When the sunset finally ended and the sunset glowed red, the round glass window became the best shooting position. Adding a watery landscape like a mirror, it reflects a beautiful picture. The hotel’s exquisite and luxurious details and natural and interesting decoration style are wonderful!
     饕餮 at the door of the room
    Due to the privacy of the hotel, there are not many commercial facilities around. The dinner of the day was chosen in the hotel’s buffet restaurant. There was a discount on the first day of stay, and the price of 200 people in the first place was very reasonable for the intercontinental buffet dinner.
    Although the buffet dinner is not particularly varied, it does not win by volume. The types are very fine. Even the ice cream comes from Haagen-Dazs. A lot of seafood makes people feel worthy of returning fares. And the Intercontinental Group understands the Chinese people’s habit of eating hot food. There are many hot stalls in the restaurant. It is most suitable to bring the elderly and children to dinner.
    Of course, if you want to try the farmhouse dishes outside the hotel, drive for 3 or 5 minutes, there are some good farmhouse restaurants with good reputation on the hotel’s private Yingbin Road Wanxiang Road. If you have a large number of days, you can try both inside and outside the hotel and feel more comprehensive.
    On the night of Qiandao Lake, the sentence should be said: If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time on earth. The child who is eating in the belly is bored in the lobby chasing the hotel robot.
    Because it is far from the city, there is less light pollution. If visibility is strong, the Intercontinental Thousand Island Lake is also a good place to watch stars. The light on the side of the pool at night is the only light source in the night, and the light of the world shines with the stars in the sky, sighing with dreams. The night is flowing, the lights are burning, and the stars are drooping. At that time, there was nothing in the wind, and it was a curse.
     Self-driving open line, all the way to the spring
    From the hotel to Wenyuan Lion City, 74 kilometers, the journey takes about one and a half hours. We did not take the boat and chose to drive around the lake. After the opening of the Shangjiang River Bridge in 2011, the towns around Qiandao Lake were all connected by a road around the lake. This is the road that we drove around the lake. This mountainous landscape road overlooking the mountains once again made us realize that the most beautiful scenery is always on the road, the truth.
    The length of the Qiang’an section of the Qiankai Line (Thousand Island Lake to Kaihua Highway) is 75.6 kilometers. The starting point is in Qiandaohu Town and the end point is Qikou Town. Most of the roads are covered with mountains, trees, trees, flowers and flowers. The Millennium Green Road is precisely because of the construction of this road, and it has won the reputation of “Zhejiang’s most beautiful highway”. For Qiandao Lake, it is certainly not the attractions that attract tourists. Instead, drive and stop, drive in a good view, breathe a fresh air with negative oxygen ions in the mountains, enjoy the unknown corners that are so beautiful, but this is what I want to see. Thousand Island Lake.
    The road conditions of this road are excellent, and there are not many cars.The car is really enjoyable. There will be an attraction at the side of the road. There will be a simple parking lot near the signboard. You can park your car and watch the photo. It is really pleasing to see us along the lake. Accompanied by the lake, and the splendid rapeseed field in the early spring, when you are tired, you will feel tired and tired.
    In recent years, the infrastructure of Qiandao Lake has been improved a lot. There are many riding stations along the lake, as well as the exclusive greenway for bicycles. The small partners who like to ride are strongly recommended to ride in Qiandao Lake. The observation deck is set in a place with a good view. The Meifeng Observation Deck is very worthwhile to stay. Meifeng is the core attraction of the central lake area of ​​Qiandao Lake. Although the observation deck is not as pleasant as the Meifeng Peak, it can also be overlooked. It is dotted with numerous islands.
    The end of the opening line is the mouth of the mouth. In the mouth of the mouth, you can bypass the south line and return to Qiandao Lake. The real ring line is like this. We only experienced the Northern Line because of the relationship between time and energy.
     Wenyuan Lion City, a secret ancient city hidden under water
    In 1400, four years after Tang Wude, an ancient city called the Lion City was born in Qiandao Lake, Chun’an, Zhejiang. Due to the occupation of Xin’an River and the ancient commercial road, and convenient transportation, it has quickly become a major town for Huizhou-Hangzhou commercial trade. Since then, the Lion City has become the birthplace of “Xin’an Civilization” and “Xian’an Civilization” and is known as “Zhexi Xiaotianfu”. After the millennium of the dying mansions, the history went through 1959. Due to the need to build the dam of the Xin’anjiang Hydropower Station, the residents of the ancient lion city moved, the dams flooded many ancient villages and towns, and the ancient lion city was also permanently Submerged under the water, it has become the beautiful Thousand Island Lake today, and it has become China’s Atlantis.
    In mid-June 2016, at the core of the Qiandao Lake Resort in the national 5A-level scenic spot, the original scene of the underwater Millennium Lion City was completely restored in Jiangjia Town, Chun’an County, the old site of the Lion City. White wall, black tile, and reproduction The local local customs and historical and cultural connotations have recreated the legendary life of Xiaotianfu in the west of Zhejiang.
    According to the results of the underwater archaeology of Qiandao Lake, Wenyuan Lion City restored the essence of this underwater ancient city to Wenyuan Lion City: not only the most prosperous East Street, North Street, but even the whole city of Lion City The North Street reproduces seven famous arches, such as the famous Yaoshi, Gongde archway, and the festival archway in the ancient lion city. This unique archway street has also become a real museum of real Jiangnan archway culture in China. With the form, costumes, sculptures, and ancient writings of each period, we tell the story of this ancient city that has happened for thousands of years.
    Wenyuan Lion City completely restored the ancient architectural style of the year. Of course, it was not only the appearance, but also the interior was retro-styled. Even the big theaters, workshops and craftsmen restored the scenes of the year. Of course, if you want to have a glimpse of the whole picture of the underwater city, there is also a way to experience the 360-degree underwater ancient city panorama experience in the VR Pavilion! Visitors can fully enter the ancient city of underwater, and explore the prosperity of the ancient city of the underwater.
    Suyi, who came to Wenyuan Lion City for the first time, happily touched it here, touched it, and felt very curious about everything.
    The 600-meter-long main street, the streets and alleys, the next store, the quaint town house, the featured goods are dazzling.
    Very creative street scene. In this complex with a novelty-themed theme, the cultural experience is placed in a very important position. Here, the essence of all cultures is visible to visitors, touched, and displayed to visitors in a quiet and silent way.
    Strolling through the ancient streets of such ancient streets, listening to the tune of the Pingtan, let people pass through the time.
    The landscape of Qiandao Lake is unique, but for a long time, there has been a lack of support from cultural factors. Visitors have come to Qiandao Lake. Apart from taking the boat to the island and enjoying the scenery of the lake and mountains, there are no other things that can be resident in the hearts of tourists. Wenyuan Lion City is famous for its beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, rich cultural atmosphere, exquisite ancient architectural art and the mystery of underwater storage. The cultural heritage of the ancient city under the Thousand Island Lake will make the visitors feel the rich cultural heritage of Qiandao Lake through the Wenyuan Lion City and in a more modern way.
    Although Wenyuan Lion City is far away from the central lake area of ​​Qiandao Lake, there are also commercial facilities such as hotels and restaurants in the scenic area. The Lion City Platinum in the scenic spot is also a very unique boutique hotel. Although we didn’t stay here, we went to the public area of ​​the hotel to visit. It is also a good angle for shooting Qiandao Lake.
    In the spring, the Wenyuan City of the Republic is full of exquisite retro feelings. The waving flag of the wine whispers the civilization that has been sleeping for thousands of years with the warm spring breeze.
    Address: Jiangjia Town, the famous town of Qiandao Lake, Qian’an County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province (the Qiandao Lake Bridge to the direction of the mouth).
    Ticket price: 100 yuan (online purchase in advance)
    Opening hours 9:00-21:00
     Performance in the Lion City (free):
    Church: Every Wednesday to Sunday afternoon at 14.30; address the stage of the Baiqin Opera, Yue Opera, Lion City Knife King.
    Grand Opening Show: 9 am every day, 15 minutes from the gate of the city
    淳安竹马 : 9.40 / 13.40: Wenyuan Market
    Street Acrobatics: 9.00-10.30 11.20-13.30 15.30-17.30
    Folklore Performing Arts: All-day pavilion
    Shadow Play: Every Monday to Sunday 20 minutes per game 9.30 10.30 13.30 15.30
    Saturday, Sunday plus 18.00 19.00 20.00
    Street Magic: 9.30-11.30 13.30-17.00
    Lion dance on pile: 10.10 14.20 15.30
    Evening: waterside performances, acrobatics, etc.
     Longchuan Bay, the place that best represents Qiandao Lake
    Longchuan Bay is not far from Wenyuan Lion City. Before we returned to the hotel, we deliberately turned around. It’s only about 3 o’clock at this time, and we still need 2 hours to drive back, so for Longchuan Bay, it’s just a bit of a stop. But this place still makes us feel amazing, you want the Qiandao Lake, Longchuan Bay.
    The entire scenic area covers an area of ​​2.31 square kilometers. The islands are surrounded by small and large islands. The port has a tortuous circle and forms the “Lake in the lake with a lake in the island”. It is the only lake-type wetland in Qiandao Lake.
    The Longchuan Bay scenic spot is divided into two main points, the Xudao Island and the Zhiqing Farm in the Lake District. To visit Longchuan Bay, you need to take a boat, take a battery car and walk. You can’t swim in one day. We didn’t go deep into the scenic spot, just take the traffic boat into the bird migratory bird area and walk through a small bird migratory bird area. The wild ducks are in groups, and the mountains are reflected in the lake. Longchuan is beautiful in our eyes. The most beautiful thing in Longchuan Bay is autumn, where nature has knocked over the palette.
    I think that people who like to be busy should not fall in love with this paradise. The fresh air makes it extraordinarily quiet, and the turquoise water creates a beautiful view. In this impetuous era, only by calming down, can you realize this beauty!
    Transportation: After driving or going to Qiandaohu Town, take the “Jiangjia” car at the Sunshine Station to Jiangjia Town, and charter from the town to the scenic spot for about 30 yuan, about 5 kilometers away.
    Tickets: starting from 90 yuan
    Opening hours: 8:00-16:00. Longchuan Bay Class Time: 9:30, 11:30, 13:30, 14:30 (Should not arrive at the time of the boat, please drive to Longchuan Bay Scenic Area, the boat fee is not refundable).
     Xiushui Square, the leisure style of Qiandao Lake
    Xiushui Square is the place where we first came to Qiandao Lake. This time on the way back to the hotel, we deliberately stayed again, ready to have a dinner here and return to the hotel. Before the official opening, the suyi children were attracted by the children’s playground on the square. Skilled to climb, compared to the first time here six months ago, it seems to be a big baby.
    The modern and beautiful Xiushui Square is a jewel on the shore of the Thousand Island Lake. A red steel ribbon float makes people look bright and beautiful. It is as graceful as a girl and light in shape. As night falls, facing the gentle breeze, you can stroll along the lake or dance a little, then quietly enjoy a cup of coffee and experience the true mountain life.
    There are not many tourists here, and there are many uncles who come to the gym. I am very envious of the local people. No matter what they do, they are in the lakes and mountains in front of them. It is a kind of poetic poetry to raise their hands. The waterfront of Xiushui Square is close to the lake, and it is characterized by the “One City, Mountain and Half City Lake”. Where there is water, people always want to slow down and take a closer look. So whether it is by the river, by the sea, or by the lake, as long as it is suitable for vacation, it is full of lazy and pleasant atmosphere. The town of Qian’an in Qiandao Lake gave me this feeling.
    This trip is a special kind of weather, and every day there is a magnificent sunset. Whether it is the sunset in the hotel or Xiushui Square, the sunset with the lake is more beautiful and quiet than the seaside. The lake and mountains that were rendered by the setting sun faded the gentleness of the day and became rich and colorful. The shadow of the mountain peaks into the sparkling lake, the shadows are getting thicker and thicker, and gradually blend into the night. Between the shackles, the color of the sky keeps changing. From warm yellow to purple to blue, the sky is the splash of nature to the stage, and people can’t bear to look away.
    On the day of the dinner, I chose a popular restaurant in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, which is very popular in the square. There is no other reason to choose this one, because only this one does not need to wait for a long time when we arrive. Compared to the fish head restaurant for tourists in the center of the city, this restaurant has many locals, diverse dishes and reasonable prices.
    Backing up the mountain to eat the mountain, relying on the water to eat water.” The restaurant has freshly gathered together the mountains and lakes, and the plate and the food utensils are very suitable for the taste of young people. I ordered the plum ribs, the tofu, the red dates, the silver carp and other reviews. The rate is relatively high. Basically, there is no thunder, and the taste is not so much. The price is not too much. It can only be said that for restaurants on the road, such a cheap and good restaurant is very popular.
    Restaurant Address: No. 85, Sunshine Road, Qiandaohu Town (west of Qiandao Lake Xiushui Square, next to Starbucks)
    After dinner, I finally saw the night of the last missed Silk Square. After the nightfall, Qiandao Lake is like a beautiful and enchanting beautiful woman, graceful and graceful, telling the romantic style bit by bit.
    I have always liked the night, I like the most original and natural silence, I like the most authentic and thorough self. At the beginning of the Hua Deng, the lights were dim, and slowly walked with the family to relax every tired nerve that had experienced the day. The lights are reflected on the lake, like a fairyland on earth.
    Night tour Xiushui Square, I feel that the people of Qiandao Lake should live a very high happiness index, and the aunts who danced in the square dance, everyone’s face is a satisfying smile.
     Hotel is empty, the last vacation time
    In the last morning of Qiandao Lake, I thought that I would leave at noon, and I couldn’t help but feel that I couldn’t see enough of this piece of money. Holidays are always short-lived.
    Walking freely in the public areas of the hotel, but never leaving the embrace of Qiandao Lake. The huge infinity pool of the hotel makes people feel like they are in the tropical Southeast Asia. Even if it is winter and spring, it can’t be used for swimming. In order to please the children, the hotel puts many electric boats on the pool and rents them to families with children. Often children see this and they will never go any further. So there are only a few electric boats, and there has never been a gap.
    The person who came up with this trick is a rare talent.
    At noon, the sun is the warmest, simply help suyi take off the socks, step on the shallow water of the pool, and have a dry addiction that can’t swim, it can make her happy enough. A few strong young people have already swayed in the swimming pool for the first time of this year, and they are not afraid of the cold spring after landing.
    The lakeside lighthouse, whether it is the best location for shooting during the day and night, has become a popular wedding photo shoot in Qiandao Lake.
    The hotel staff told us that if you come to Qiandao Lake in the summer, you can experience the real lake swimming, the hotel is near the lighthouse.Deliberately blocked a lake area as deep as 4 meters for tourists to use. If it is not summer, boating on the lake is also a very good choice.
    The holiday is always short, although I don’t expect the suyi who was only 2 years old to remember the lakes and mountains and poetry. I just hope that she can know that the world is full of surprises because of the unknown. I hope she can be as eager to start again and again as we are, and to be full of the desire to explore and seek knowledge in this world. From suyi less than 1 year old, we took her short distance and continued on the road. On the road, she is a sweet burden and a source of happiness. I hope that this time will be a bit more and more, so that the years can not rush to memories, let time take no joy.
    The text is finished.
     Practical strategy
     1. Traffic
    (1) Departure from Shanghai: Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway (about 141km) to Hangzhou North Interchange (Qiaosi), Hangzhou North Ring Road (about 46km) to Hangzhou South Interchange (Yuanpu), transfer to Hangzhou New King (Hangqian) Expressway 129km) Direct access to Qiandao Lake.
    (2) Departure from Hangzhou: From Hangzhou South Hub, Hangzhou-Hangzhou Expressway (Hangzhou Xinjing Expressway), turn right at the Yangxi Hub and take a scenic high-speed view of the Qiandao Lake branch line to Qiandaohu Town. The whole journey is 129 kilometers, about 90 minutes.
    (3) From Huangshan: Huangshan Tangkou-Hetong-Huanghuang Expressway (about 50km)-Huangshan Tunxi-Huangchun South (Huangtao) Expressway (about 30km)-Taolin-205 National Highway (about 25km)-Qiaokou-淳开公路(Millennium line, about 75km) – Thousand Island Lake. The journey takes about 180km and takes about 2 hours.
    Public transit:
    (1) Departure from Shanghai: Shanghai Long-distance Passenger Transport South Station (No. 666 Shilong Road), two shifts a day, starting at 8:14 in the morning, the fare is about 120 yuan; the departure at 14:25, the fare is about 110 yuan; the terminal: Qiandao Lake Town, Chun’an.
    Return: Chun’an long-distance bus station, two shifts a day, starting at 7:25 in the morning, the fare is about 122 yuan; the train departs at 13:50, the fare is about 122 yuan; the terminal: Shanghai Long-distance Passenger Transport South Station.
    (2) Departure from Hangzhou: There are more express buses from Hangzhou to Qiandao Lake. Every morning, every morning from 6:00 to 18:50, it is sent to Qiandao Lake.
    Location: Hangzhou West Bus Station (Address: No. 357, Tianmushan Road, Hangzhou), the journey takes about 2 hours and the fare is about 60 yuan.
    (3) Directions of Nanjing and Suzhou: There is no direct train. You can take the train or car to Hangzhou first, and take the direct train to Qiandao Lake at Hangzhou West Bus Station (No. 357, Tianmushan Road, Hangzhou).
    2. About Qiandao Lake
    Qiandaohu Town is the seat of the government of Chun’an County, Zhejiang Province. It is the political, economic, cultural, transportation and information center of the county and the location of Qiandao Lake, a national scenic spot.
    It was built in November 1965. The main resident is the immigrant of Xin’anjiang Reservoir Area. It was originally named Pailing Town. In 1991, it was renamed Qiandaohu Town. This is a young and beautiful mountain city and an old new city. The whole city is surrounded by water on three sides. It is known as “one city, half color and half city lake”. The town area is 356 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 17 administrative villages, 10 communities and a population of 100,000.
    Thousand Island Lake water ranks first in the Great Lakes of China. The national first-class water body has reached the drinking water standard without any treatment, and is praised as “the world’s first show of water”.
    Qiandao Lake is located in the western suburbs of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province (partly located in Qixian County, Anhui Province), 129 kilometers east of Hangzhou and 130 kilometers west of Huangshan Mountain. It is the famous city of Hangzhou-Thousand Island Lake-Huangshan. A bright pearl on the famous mountain gold tourism line.
    Nearby attractions: West Lake, Huangshan, Putuo, Wuzhen, Hengdian, Sanqingshan
    Qiandao Lake is mainly divided into six tourist areas, namely, the Southeast Lake District, the Central Lake District, the Northwest Lake District, the Southwest Lake District, the Northeast Lake District and the Fuxi Lake District. However, the Qiandao Lake scenery we now refer to mainly refers to the Central Lake District, the Southeast Lake District and the rural tourist attractions. . The Central Lake District and the Southeast Lake District are included in the Qiandao Lake Scenic Area and need to take a boat to “play” the island. At present, other lake areas have not yet been fully developed, relatively small, and generally needGo by car.
    The central lake area of ​​Qiandao Lake is civilized with “mountain green, water show, cave odd, stone strange, beautiful people”. The lake is wide, the harbor is densely covered, the mountain scenery and historical sites are in harmony, including Meifeng, Yule Island, Longshan Island and Lake. The bay is deep and colorful, and the distant mountains are picturesque. It is the most popular lake area in Qiandao Lake. The Brattle Hotel is very close to the Central Lake District Marina and is very convenient if you want to board the island.
    The green lake in the southeastern lake area of ​​Qiandao Lake, the lake is quiet and the stone forest is the essence of the natural scenery of Qiandao Lake. It is also the earliest scenic spot for the development of Qiandao Lake. In particular, the Huangshanjian, located in the Pearl Peninsula of the Southeast Lake District, is on the foothills of the mountains. More than 90 islands are in sight. It is like a string of pearls on the lake. It forms the word “the world is the public”, the natural nature, the wonderful Unspeakable.
    Comparison between the Central Lake District and the Southeast Lake District
    The central lake area is both historical and cultural and natural. The sculptures and archways of the pier and the “Zhu’an Family” houses are themselves places to understand the history and culture of Qiandao Lake: there are Hairui on Longshan Island; Meifeng Range Rover is a landmark; on the fishery island, you can eat fish at your own expense. , low cost performance), watching performance (at your own expense); Moonlight Island consists of Lock Island, Love Island, etc.
    The southeastern lake area is mainly natural scenery and ornamental animals. On the tip of Huangshan Mountain, you can see “the world is the public”, Tianchi Island to watch fish and birds, eat (at your own expense, low cost performance), Guihua Island view monkey.
    To say which one is more worthwhile to visit, the first to push the central lake area, to understand the history and culture. Everyone chooses according to their own situation.
    Qiandao Lake Stone Forest
    Qiandao Lake Stone Forest combines the characteristics of “secret, fan, strange and dangerous”. It is famous for its natural scenery and scenery. The peaks and forests in the scenic area are strangely shaped, with various pictographic stones, or like humans, or objects, or birds and beasts. It is known as the “Natural Animal Museum”. Its area is large, the scale is large, and the landscape is strange. It is in East China. It is a must, known as “the first stone forest in East China.”
    Longchuan Bay
    Longchuan Bay, located in the southwestern lake area of ​​Qiandao Lake, is surrounded by small and large islands. The port is twisted and twisted, forming the “Lake in the lake and the lake in the island”. It is the only lake-type wetland in Qiandao Lake. Call you amazing. Not only that, but there are also many communes, such as the 70 Commune and the 80 Commune, which are easy to evoke memories of that era.
    [ride route]
    [1] Classic route of Qiandao Lake around the lake: Qiandaohu Town→ Qiandaohu Bridge→ Jieshou Township→Jiangjia Town→ Langchuan Township→Qiaokou Town→ Maple Ridge Town→Dashu Town→Anyang Township→Lishang Township → Shangjiangyu Ferry (Shangjiang Bridge) → Return to Qiandaohu Town
    The classic route is suitable for sports people. The whole journey is 150 kilometers. The asphalt road has 3 sections along the steep slope of the road. It is about 18 kilometers. Most of the routes run along the lakeshore. After passing through many scenic spots, you can fully appreciate the scenery of Qiandao Lake. Suitable for cycling professionals.
    [2] Millennium Line Reentry: Qiandaohu Square-Thousand Island Lake Bridge- Jieshou Township-Jiangjia Town- Jieshou Township-Thousand Island Lake Bridge-Thousand Island Lake Plaza
    With a total length of about 92 kilometers, this line can effectively combine tourism products and market spillover effects. It has a long riding route, a large amount of movement, and a small slope. It has beautiful scenery along the way and is suitable for cycling enthusiasts. It also has competition, fitness and sightseeing. .
    [3] Huanzhong Lake Line: From Qiandaohu Square-Huanhu North Road-Pearl Peninsula-Xiushui Avenue-Two Tunnels and Two Bridges-Huanhu South Road-Qiandaohu Square
    The total length is about 18 kilometers. The route is mainly at the junction of Qingxi New City and Qiandaohu Town. The road surface is relatively flat, the line is not long, there is no steep slope, and the amount of exercise is not large. The route basically runs along the lakeshore line, which can basically appreciate the style of Qiandaohu Town. Qiandao Lake scenery, suitable for fitness, experience and sightseeing, suitable for all ages. The disadvantage is that the car is relatively more and there is some interference. At present, the average bicycle enthusiasts and local enthusiasts in the Qiandao Lake tourist are more involved.
    [four] Ring Northeast Lake District Line: Qiandaohu Square-Xin’an North Road-Sunshine Road -05 Provincial Road-Wenchang Town-Linyi Town (Guangchang)-Zuokou Township-Thousand Island Lake Bridge-Thousand Island Lake Plaza
    The total length is about 50 kilometers. The route is mainly in the towns and villages of Qiandaohu Lake District. The road surface is good (asphalt road). There are 2 sections along the steep slope along the way, about 8 kilometers. Most of the routes run along the lakeshore and pass through several scenic spots. More complete experience of the scenery of Qiandao Lake.
    [playing advice]
    It is recommended that if you take your baby in Qiandao Lake for two or three days, you can choose some hotels like us, so you won’t be bored even if you don’t go to the attractions. The hotel is in the mountains or by the lake, remember to bring warm clothes and anti-mosquito sunscreen products. Don’t forget to bring your baby with your baby!
    If young and friends recommend cycling and forest oxygen, the air is really good, very comfortable, the mountain is not high, and the whole journey is over.Not too hard, I am not very cold when I am on the island of Thousand Island. But for the first time, it is still recommended to take a look.
    If you like historical humanities, you can go to Qinchuan Ancient Village and Wenyuan Lion City. It is convenient to go anywhere by car.
    [Best travel time]
    Spring (April-May): Qiandao Lake, water show mountains and greens, there is fun on the boating lake, you can also go to Qinchuan to see rapeseed, come to Licha to pick tea, and go to Linqi to dig bamboo shoots… But at this time it’s rainy, don’t forget Have a good rain gear.
    Summer (June-August), recommended water projects, drifting is a popular choice. Forest oxygen bar, Qiandao Lake stone forest can also be visited, but there is rain from time to time, a little stuffy.
    Autumn (September-November) is the most beautiful season in Qiandao Lake. At this time, overlooking more than 300 islands on Meifeng Island, the sky is high and the visibility is the best. In addition, Hongye Bay is full of colors, the island is full of fruit and fruit, and the fruit is very fruitful. The fish in the lake is delicious… everything is very pleasant.
    Winter (December-February): The waters of Qiandao Lake after the winter solstice are the clearest. At this time, the lake can be described as refreshing, and it will never be troubled by people.

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