Listening to the wind in the sea, following the song “Going to Dali”

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    I first heard about Dali when I was a child.
    Perhaps it is in “Huizhugege”
    Meng Dan wants to go to Dali to live in seclusion with Princess Muxiang
    At that time, I always felt that Dali was far away from me.
    I don’t know where she is from far away.
    University time
    Hao Yun’s “Going to Dali”
    Singing how much lived in the moment
    But the voice of the unhappy office worker
    Huang Wei and Xu Wei starred in “Heart Flower Road”
    Even let the city of Dali
    Fire all over China
    Waited for so many years
    Dali, I decided to go to your side.
    Listening to the wind in the sea, following the song “Going to Dali”
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     It’s better to go all the way to Dali.
    When I first saw Dali, I got a pool view room in the silver foil spring, soaked a pot of ripe Pu, the osmanthus fragrance of the garden, and the birdsong from time to time. Everything told me that it was a holiday that escaped from work. .
    The chartered tour of the Bohai Sea was a day trip. When passing the double corridor, it was truly convinced by her hidden beauty. It is no wonder that many friends said that if time permits, they must stay in the double gallery for a few more days.
    The ancient city of Dali is a sleeping girl. When she finishes her dream, let her write the first poem to you. The time of the ancient city is lazy, and the time passes quietly, and it can be clearly heard in one minute and one second.
    Romantic flowers can not only convey love, but also become a flower cake here, the flowers after the transformation, still persist in that love, then since love, then give the flower cake to her.
    The yak hot pot must be essential. The rich soup is made for two days and two nights. So don’t rush the meat after the pot, drink a bowl of fragrant beef bone soup, it is delicious, beef, Tibetan pig. Eat slowly, don’t burn.
    Choose a holiday villa on the mountainside of Cangshan to see the entire Dali ancient city. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the succulent plants that steal the mirror look even more beautiful. Back to Cangshan and face the Bohai Sea, will there be spring blossoms?
     About the trip
    Day1 Kunming arrives in Dali by train and stays at the Silver Foil Springs Hotel
    Day2 Car Rental Tour of Bohai Sea, playing Dali Ancient Town in the evening
    Day3 punch card niche attractions, Silent Photo – Couple Tree – Guanyintang (local food street) stay in Dali Ziyuan Holiday Villa
    Day4 took the first train to return to Kunming from Dali
     Day1 all the way to the west, the final encounter Dali
    Since the opening of the train between Kunming and Dali, it has greatly facilitated the residents of the two places and the tourists who traveled, no longer have to take 7 or 8The hourly train is over. The earliest trains from Kunming are more than 7 in the morning, and the latest one is more than 9:00 in the evening. More than 30 trains per day take about two hours. From Kunming, you can reach Dali, an ancient city with a literary atmosphere. I am taking the D8710, which is just a bus in the afternoon. It is also very practical for office workers. It is available on Friday afternoon, plus weekends, beautiful and beautiful~
    I booked the hotel in the Silver Foil Springs Hotel in advance. This summer, my friends from Beijing took my family to recommend it to me. At the time, I watched the circle of friends he sent, and the environment was very good. I asked about it. After all, the summer vacation is the tourist season. The price is still quite high, so now that in mid-September, before the National Day, it is also a small off-season, and the price of breakfast at 899 yuan/night is acceptable. (I know what you are most concerned about, 2 kilometers from the ancient city of Dali, the price of the drip taxi)
    Only the eucalyptus embossed floor of the eucalyptus wood is used, and the wood-colored sauna wood of the wall is used. When you enter the room, you will feel the feeling of returning to nature with extreme relaxation. The strength of the top lamp and the bed lamp and the floor lamp are also Can be adjusted according to their own different needs.
    2m * 2m big bed, the mattress comfort is good, many people may get used to the hard mattress, they don’t like the soft mattress of the hotel, and I think the mattress that accompanied me to sleep is soft and moderate. Do not talk about the role of the four pillows, please adjust according to your sleep posture.
    At the time of check-in, the young girl at the front desk asked me if I wanted a courtyard room. Do you want the first floor or the second floor? Because I was friends by Amway, I said that I can directly see the outside swimming pool on the first floor, so I did not hesitate to choose the first floor (501). I really didn’t lie to you, open the curtains and see the outside pool clearly. And everything in the courtyard, and then from the outside can also … pros and cons have their own, worried students will remember to the second floor room.
    A tea-loving person, naturally every time you check in, you have to look at what kind of tea bag is in the room, cooked Pu + Sheng Pu + Dahongpao, the reason why their family is called Silver Foil Spring, because of the water of this tea, Ok, I’m selling it now, for a while.
    Because of the limited time, this Shangri-La in the city, which was placed in the room, also looked at a few pages. The most impressive thing about Shangri-La was that I read an article many years ago. What is the closest place to heaven? It’s not Tibet, but Shangri-La~ This sentence is extremely impressive. I don’t want to investigate whether Tibet is more beautiful or Shangri-La, but I think that since it belongs to Tibetan areas, I want to write on the cover of the book, the accumulation of time, It will seem more beautiful to experience her for a long time.
    The bathroom is separated by dry and wet, the area is much larger than the star-rated hotels that have stayed before. I like it very much, and the overall style is still wood color. The oversized bathtub can turn off all the lights at night, listening quietly to this. The rainy night of patter.
    In the lower right cornerLoofah, everyone guess what this is for use~
    In fact, this home is still quite large, divided into five major areas, and also corresponds to five different room-type themes, the reason why I chose this courtyard room, I want to go into the pool, think of the moment when I open my eyes and open the curtains in the morning. The clean pool is in sight and it is just a pleasant one.
    The pavilion in the center of the courtyard is more like a tea room. Three or five friends are sitting here drinking tea, chatting, and just burying the silver foil spring of the Guan. Here to explain, the nineteen peaks of Dali Cangshan gave birth to eighteen streams, while silver Foil spring water is the most famous. The spring water flows from Cangshan Xuefeng, which is more than 4,000 meters above sea level, to Chengdu. It has become one of the key water sources in the local area. It must be tasted if it is a bit sweeter than NFSQ~
    In the early autumn of September, there was a faint sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance in the courtyard. Some people said in the circle of friends a few days ago that some people did not like sweet-scented osmanthus? So it is really a keyword for vacation.
    The bamboo near, the bougainvillea in the distance, the sound of flowing water, all belong to this wonderful weekend. Suddenly remembered that I went to Phuket for a holiday on May 1 this year. It is also a resort hotel. It seems that I prefer the silence of Dali here. Is this the pursuit of all the literary youths? (I laughed for a while)
    Because when I arrived at Dali Railway Station in the afternoon, I was drizzling in the patter, and I didn’t see the intention to stop in the evening, so I went to the hotel with my friends. After recommending and thinking about yourself, it is natural to try a local dish.
    Spicy fried snail meat, the secret spicy sauce completely wraps each snail meat, and it is refreshing as a meal.
    The key point is that the so-called Yunnan 18 blame, milk tablets sold, this is the same, the milk that I usually see is liquid, but here is blown into pieces, this is the most representative dish in the local area. Or a snack.
    The cold hairy belly is very refreshing. The hairy belly itself is very crispy and boiled after being drowned quickly. It is also more delicious with a hint of red pepper and onion.
    Another way of milk tablets, in fact, the next night when visiting the ancient city of Dali, I also found a lot of roadsides to sell, so we will advanceTasting, the taste of this milk piece can’t be described, so friends from Dali must not miss it.
    There is no dish for close-ups, the green one in the middle of the left hand side of the picture – -! Named water-based poplar, don’t misunderstand, it’s just a dish that grows in the sea, it tastes nothing, but it is said that the nutritional value is extremely high, so why go to such a strange name, you can also go to the mother to see This dish is stir-fried with steamed bread. The first time is water-based poplar, the taste is quite good, so that the next day, the third day we have this dish.
    After eating the rain or pattering, I said in the afternoon to make a pot of tea, talk about Dali, and talk about life is now online. Under such circumstances, it seems that the pursuit of drama is extravagant, just want to quietly enjoy this beautiful – Dali.
     Day2, listening to the song, ringing the sea
    The Bohai Sea is like a pearl that is specially left in the world when the son-in-law is a man. It is beautiful and dazzling. There are many tourists who come here, and there are many self-driving cars. Three or five friends, singing in a car, it’s great to be here to relax. Soon after I drove off, I saw this net red open-top jeep. In fact, I went all the way down today. I really saw a lot of scenes that I once met, only because the vibrato poisoning was too deep and too deep.
    The price of a two-person smart is about 350-400 yuan, especially suitable for small couples to drive together, but the disadvantage is that if you want to drive around the sea for a week, it will take more than 100 kilometers, and it will be a little tired one day, so look at your own Choose whether to drive by car or chartered.
    The scenery around the Bohai Sea is so beautiful that you can stay in it, and you can be surrounded by mountains and sea. The sky here is extraordinarily clean, the air is extraordinarily fresh, the water is like a mirror, and you can clearly see your face. It was a smile that was a bit full.
    The elders who are fishing are sitting quietly on the seashore. When we see this scene, we don’t dare to sing loudly. It’s just the ear that reminds me of Hao Yun’s song. Since it’s not happy, I don’t like it, it’s better to go all the way. West, go to Dali. Yes, this is Dali, a place far from the big city, a place without work troubles.
    There is a piece of Yinqiao Huahai, also known as Dali Yunhai Fangcao Thousands of acres of flower expo gardens. The flowers are fascinating and colorful, and the large area of ​​flowers and seas is colorful, which is especially beautiful. However, there is a charge for the flower sea here, but even if it is charged, it will make you feel full of “eyes”, which is worth it.
    At noon, I arrived at Haitang Park very much. The sky was not beautiful. It was drizzling, so I didn’t go deep into it and explored it. So the carriage made us very interested, so this place is still a single dog. Don’t come, this is not a bad thing. In the afternoon, the net red road is the abuse.
    At noon, we don’t know where the bottom is. The rain is getting bigger and bigger. It is about 20 minutes before the sea tongue park. The chartered driver recommended a restaurant with a per capita price of about 40 yuan (the price is OK).
    In fact, the taste of local ethnic cuisine is biased, but fortunately, most of them are acceptable. Raw hides and burnt clams are famous local cuisines.
    Come here, this is the water-based poplar that was not given to the close-up last night. Today, it is not matched with steamed bread, but it is fried and still delicious.
    Children who lived in the north from a young age did not seem to have seen large areas of rice fields. The rice season of the year and the second season is approaching the mature season. Huang Cancan’s look is very beautiful. We just stopped parking and opened the door. Someone in the car passing by, shouting, wheat field! I think the expression is also instantaneous petrification. Although it is from the north, it can’t be so naive.
    Take you to look at the most famous way of the Bohai Sea – smart just started to think that a small couple renting a car is a little extravagant, after all, only two people can be done, but it is quite sentimental, but in the end I found out that if a small couple rents a Toyota behind the picture, really a little low, but then again, who is the red one of this smart ring sea day tour?
    Facing the sea, the spring blossoms, this kind of description is afraid of being close to it. The young artists will take a photo of the card. Every single dog will take a few more shots here. After a while, they will arrive at the Net Red Highway. I am afraid that I have to be fed by a pair of dogs.
    When I arrived at the double corridor, the weather was still a bit gloomy. It is said that after the political environment started last year, many hotels and hotels were closed. I heard that the double corridor was big.An important place in the tourism industry, many friends also came here, so it has become the most popular place after the ancient city of Dali. Standing here far away, the double corridor is beautiful, but the environment, nature still needs every visitor and local residents to protect, this is the double corridor we most want to see.
    After the double corridor, it is Huanhai East Road, open the window, open the music, open the heart, and embrace everything you have now, the blue sea, the white sky, this road is the scenery, all are unparalleled beautiful.
    The most beautiful thing on the road is the scenery, but you never know what it is like after the turn. What kind of scenery is the next intersection? A: I started to abuse dogs.
    The weather gradually turned better, and the car drove to the famous Net Red Highway. This is a good place for tourists to take pictures. At the same time, as the top ten wedding photos of Dali, it also attracted many newcomers. Many young people who want to get married come to this real scene to let the mountains and rivers here to witness their love. They let the landscape tell their witnesses of their pledges and keep their promises for the rest of their lives.
    Many newcomers take wedding photos while traveling. Weddings and tourism are combined. Every moment is the epitome of romantic time for newcomers. There is no fear of shooting without feeling, but the things that nature gives are more convincing and more realistic.
    From the net red road to the front about 300 meters, you can have dirt roads, you can also see a large flower sea, from this point of view, you know how beautiful the sea is, every place is full of a pair Newcomer. Gesanghua swayed with the wind, adding a bit of romance to this wonderful afternoon.
    Looking out from the window, the twilight mountain peaks are continuous, the sea water is like a mirror, reflecting the blue sky, blowing a small wind, we have to go out in the painting.
     Day2 see another ancient city, named Dali
    Xiaguanfeng, Shangguanhua, Cangshan Snow, Haohaiyue. “Wind and snow”, is the field difference. It was more than 5:00 pm from the Bohai Sea. We decided to go to the court with this gentle woman. It is said that this Dali ancient city is not a lot of people during the day, and gradually increases in the evening, so you don’t have to say much after the night. So if you want to take photos of not many tourists, it is recommended to come in the morning and want to take a lively scene.Then you must have a night.
    The sky and the white clouds are so close, the sun and the air are very transparent, and the whole ancient city street is filled with the smell of roses. I have been so drunk.
    The ancient city of Dali is a sleeping girl. When she finished her dream, let her write the first poem to you.
    As a tourist city, Dali’s busy, shoulder-to-shoulder, like a naughty and noisy doll, the ancient city located in Dali is very quiet, the time of the ancient city is lazy, the time is quietly passing, one minute and one second You can hear it clearly.
    The clear spring water flows from the Cangshan into the city, through the street and around the lane, through a house, washing dirt and pollution, the streets and alleys, the sound of the water is endless, such as playing the three strings. Here, the sky and the white clouds are so close, the sun and the air are so transparent, as if the world is filled with the smell of a rose, which makes me crazy!
    It is also a store that shakes the sound and red. 99% of the visitors at the door are holding mobile phones, ready to record the moment when the net red brother dances. Maybe he can add a few hundred to his own vibrato account. Thousands, they also have flowers and cakes for sale, but the price is slightly higher, no taste, so the taste is not much to say.
    The sun is gradually falling, I think the literary youths who traveled around the sea during the day are almost returning. So the ancient city is gradually getting more and more fun, and the music is also called up.
    The decor of each tavern is different, but the same is the decoration of the flowers and plants, adding a bit of literary atmosphere. We don’t talk about affair. Travel is actually a way of making friends. The so-called best friend is the most like-minded friend who made the trip.
    The most localized phytosanitary clothing seems to be plain, but it is said that it has been recorded since the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty. “Grasswood dyeing” is a technique of dyeing fabrics using natural plant dyes. It is a traditional Chinese method of dyeing fabrics. It has the artistic nature of natural, environmentally friendly and modern industrial dyeing and weaving.
    Another shop where the literary youth must punch the card is naturally a postcard shop, send it to a friend, send it to yourself, and all the postmarks of the place that you like, feel more interesting than the philately collection. Although the postcards are not big, there are not many words that can be written, but after all, it is a blessing and a beautiful sustenance.
    Every trip of every friend is called on the road, as the saying goes, “I have wine, do you have a story?” A: I also have a story, it is better to share it with us, so we have also become Friends.
    On the street, you can buy marble crafts such as four treasures, pots, vases, lamps and lanterns made of natural marble. The local performer is really dexterous, and in a short time, a flower can be carved in his hand, like a real one, in fact, it is just a handmade soap.
    “I have a pot of wine, enough to comfort the wind.” The ancient city is a place with charm. It is a very slow time. It is a city that can dream through the wind. There is a small bar here to welcome you from afar, to comfort everyone who comes here.
    When passing by, the elder has been talking to the people next to him, and can’t plug in words. I don’t know what is the ancient city of Dali in their hearts. It is an ancient atmosphere, or a modern literary atmosphere. Strong? What special significance does Cangshan Erhai have for him?
    As a gourmet speciality of Dali, the flower cake must not be missed as a tourist. Let’s knock on the blackboard and prevent the tricks! More famous is Jiahua, there are also specialty stores on TB, online and offline is a unified price, 3-5 yuan each, slightly expensive, but the taste is really better, the taste is more. But if you don’t like matcha, yoghurt, if you want to buy the original flavor, you can taste a few more, and then draw conclusions on the overall taste and price.
    Shops selling flowers and cakes can be seen everywhere. The cheapest one is 1 yuan. I have tasted it. In fact, the taste is not bad, so this can only be said to be personal taste. The cheapest one is 100 yuan. 15 boxes * 6 boxes, that is, 90, said above, Jiahua, 100 yuan 包邮 about 30-40, so it is still about 3 yuan.
    Here are the music you love to listen to, let you fall into it for a long time and can’t break free. What is left is chic, it is happy. How long have you been so quietly chatting with your soul? The two songs “Going to Dali” and “Living” are the masterpieces of Hao Yun, and the ears are ringing from time to time. Also, thinking…
    Gu Nanxun’s “the first floor of the world” – Wuhua Building, is the national guesthouse of the ancient Nanzhao Wang, also known as Wuhualou. Since the beginning of Nanxun, the Wuhua Building has been burned many times and has been rebuilt several times. Today’s Wuhua Building area has formed a certain scale of calligraphy and painting market. The business varieties include calligraphy, Chinese landscape paintings, figures, etc., as well as leather paintings and oil paintings. It can be seen that this ancient city of Dali is really a fun place.
    The weather in the ancient city is unpredictable. At this time, the ancient city was drizzling. At this moment, Jay Chou’s “Blue and White Porcelain” was faintly passed from the alley. How can this “miao” be used?
    Dreaming of the ancient city, lost in the state of mind, here we are enjoying.
    Still on the road…
     How can Day2 not eat a yak hot pot?
    This shop is searched on the online food list. It is located about 200 meters from the left hand side of the ancient city of Dali. It is called the antique garden Shangri-La yak hot pot. At the price, if you don’t eat the extra wild wild mushroom, just the simple yak meat + Tibetan pig + vegetable, the per capita 80-100 yuan is completely OK.
    In the middle is the shabu-shabu, the charcoal fire under the iron plate next to it, and it is also widely eaten by its own barbecue. It can be said that it is two ways of eating. This hot pot soup is said to be made from beef bones and simmered for two days and two nights. The aroma is fragrant, so don’t rush the meat after the pot, first drink a bowl of soup is the correct way to open.
    Another key point is that Shangri-La beer, and its seven different packages, are carefully compared to know that the malt concentration of each package is different, that is, the degree we are talking about, the lowest is the same as the ordinary beer we usually drink. , about 8 degrees, the highest is nearly 20 degrees, so be sure to see clearly before drinking.
    The amount of yak meat is still ok. One is in the form of 30-40 yuan (the price table is turned down). After the pot is cooked, the meat is eaten again. I am afraid that it is a unified step for all food, and the yak meat is cooked. Or the iron plate is baked, it is very tender and smooth, although there is extra dip, but I think that especially after cooking, the soup itself is full of aroma, basically no need to add extra accessories.
    Tibetan fragrant pigs are also a meat dish that can’t be less. Most of the meat on the day is used for roasting. The taste is very delicious. It is not so greasy with the lettuce.
    The key point is ~ now advocates less oil, then the barbecue I recommend to first bake this kind of pork belly, the iron plate is filled with excess oil for a while, so do not add cooking oil into it. And the focus is evening, every mouth said to eat food to lose weight, but my heart is not thinking like this.
    The vegetarian dish is usually around 10 yuan. This colorful potato tastes great, especially after the meat is baked. This colorful potato tastes a lot less than our common common potatoes, but the aroma is more adequate, especially when grilled to the outside.
    The intimate boss combines the different needs of the southern and northern people to eat hot pot, so whether it is a sesame sauce or an oil dish, the self-service small area can be matched with it.
    Look at the price list, yak meat 42 yuan, Tibetan fragrant pig 32-38 yuan, side dishes 8-12 yuan, plus the bottom pot, the average per capita consumption of 80 yuan that night, still quite affordable.
     Day3 moved to Cangshan – Dali Ziyuan Holiday Villa
    After breakfast on the third morning, we packed up our luggage and prepared to move to the mountain. The Dali Ziyuan Holiday Villa (Golf Shop) is located at Dali North Road, Dali, and can be clearly seen in the room or on the top floor terrace. Seeing the Three Towers, about 10 minutes drive from the ancient city of Dali, because the summer vacation has just ended, this small tourist off-season, several of us are also contracted the entire villa.
    “Love is like a blue sky and white clouds, a clear sky, a sudden storm.” Look carefully at the left side of the picture for traces of raindrops. And the right side is clear skies? It is also a coincidence that the first luxury villa to stay in this trip was Kandy in Sri Lanka last year. It was also halfway up the mountain. The high cost performance allowed us to temporarily cancel the next trip and stayed there for one night.
    This villa in Dali has four floors and more than ten rooms, one of which is a restaurant, a small kitchen and a KTV. The second floor is a public area. You can read books, drink tea, and have three floors and four floors. If you have a great view, be sure to go to the fourth floor. The small terrace is definitely beautiful.
    The succulents that no one loves are planted in a corner of the villa courtyard. Although they can’t say their names, they are particularly beautiful against the blue sky and white clouds. The day we arrived, it was about 9 am, and it was very quiet around. It was a different kind of holiday taste.
    After entering the hall, it is actually the second floor. On the left hand side is the butler, which is the front desk for check in. On the right hand side, there is the tea room. I still prefer the cooked food. After all, the effect on sleep is not too big, and the fragrance of the ripe Pu seems to be more intense. . There are various books on the bookshelf. In addition to the tea ceremony, there are history, travel, novels, etc., so even if you don’t go out this morning, you should be particularly comfortable here.
    The key point is to come to the oversized terrace on the top floor, as well as the anti-corrosion table and bench for rest and enjoyment. It is really good. The hand-made fleshy “flower pot” is placed in it, and there is a sense of nature and innocence.
    Standing on the mountainside of Cangshan, you can see the entire Dali city and even the most famous Dali ancient city. The famous Three Pagodas are also very close, so the observation deck on the top floor is a rare place to visit.
    The large Chinese-style suites have a warm feeling. The red-brown floor is decorated with mahogany lacquered doors and windows. It is a classic but yet luxurious style. The suite bedroom on the third floor is a corner, so there are so many windows and lighting. The nature is superb, and the 2m*2m big bed is very comfortable, and it is inevitable that there will be a feeling of going home.
    The living room is about 20 square meters in size, all of which are made of mahogany furniture. The faint yellow light is particularly chic, and it has a traditional Chinese style.
    It is said that the KTV on the first floor of the villa is awesome, and the sound insulation effect is very good. After the dinner of three or five friends, a few snacks, a few bottles of beer, sing and sing up~
     Day3 Guanyintang Food Street
    At noon, I chatted with the villa butler. He recommended us to eat near Guanyintang, because this street is almost all local talents. There are few foreigners who know it, and I have seen it before I came. No one mentioned.
    When I went there, it was just the busiest meal time at 12 noon. We watched this store a lot of people, so we sat down and saw the side after ordering. In fact, they also sell pea flour, so let’s try it first. Early adopters.
    Speaking of this pea powder is slightly different from Sichuan, the taste is slightly lighter, but the taste of the beans can be tasted by careful tasting. The homemade paprika sprinkled on it looks spicy and tastes really fragrant.
    The local restaurants are very interesting tableware. The basics we have seen before are basically plastic-packed tableware, but it is really paper-shaped. After opening it, you will find the following picture.
    No plates, no plates, no plates, small bowls + teacups, nothing more~
    Although there are many people, but the speed of serving is still OK, this is a relatively common chili fried meat, in order to use it for a while, I always think that ethnic minority cooking in Southwest China may be lighter, but the cooking oil of this dish is indeed A lot, the taste is still natural, the oily and salty dishes are generally delicious haha.
    The local speciality – raw hide, that is, pork skin, is called raw hide, but it is basically half-cooked. After the rice fire is slightly smashed, you can add various seasonings or dip. Practical, taste, may just start to eat. Too accustomed to it, after eating a few pieces, it was not as greasy as I thought.
    This is what I have seen before, but I have never heard of it. Pomegranate flower has a slightly bitter taste and is crunchy. It is matched with pork belly, and it is good for a little pepper. It tastes good. I am not used to eating, but I think it is really OK, mainly pomegranate flowers can be eaten, it is also the first time I heard.
    When you are ordering a bitter gourd, ask if you want to drown water, because if you don’t drown, you will really suffer very much! Fortunately, their family’s practice is within my tolerance. After all, bitter gourd is used to get angry.
    The last water-based poplar was still paired with the steamed bun as it was eaten on the first day, but this time it was soup, and the taste was still light.
    Their dishes are really the price of local civilians, the average consumption of 40 yuan, and the dishes are not less, the food is also very supportive. The hot sauce on the right side of the picture is also a kind of condiment for raw hides. If you come to Dali, you must try this hide with the most local characteristics.
     Day3 Niche Attractions – Silent Photo
    The shadows of the trees, shattering the afternoon sun, sprinkled in this quiet place, extraordinarily warm. Stepping up the stairs, looking at the antique paintings on both sides, the poetic style, the silence is in front of you.
    Walking into the stillness, the style is unique, and the unique style of the building is amazing. The house built of logs and stone is exquisitely shaped, with red windows and blue windows. Gray floor tiles, light-colored walls. Waiting until the rain hits the season of the banana fan, all the things will definitely play a beautiful and moving melody here.
    One flower, one grass, one world, colorful, colorful fleshy plants are the characteristics here, all kinds of fleshy can make you feast your eyes, crystal clear pockets of pearls, noble and elegant purple ball roses, magnificent and small Red, ice and jade, snow lotus, they are not only cute and beautiful, but the name is also very interesting.
    A little bit inside is the pilgrim tea room, you can send a WeChat red envelope with your smile, you can get a cup of tea, you can brew yourself, the only requirement is not to shout loudly~ I believe that if you come, you can do it. Let’s go.
    Here, most of the buildings are glazed windows, in order to allow more sunlight to enter the room, and the exquisite tea sets are placed on the tables and chairs that can be seen everywhere. In the pilgrim tea room, you can sip a cup of tea and look at the mountains, feel the poetry, and relive the life.
    The plain vegetarian meal is also a must-have magic to live a quiet life, forgetting the troubles, eating a small courtyard of vegetarian food, the practice of the mass family, but full of good taste. The tourists who have cooked the food are sitting in the courtyard and slowly enjoying the taste. The sun shines on the face and shines on the body. Here, it is not only a meal of vegetarian meal, but also the experience of Buddhist culture and diet. opportunity.
    Looking out from the tea room, it is a quiet corridor. The stone wall next to the corridor is engraved with Buddhist scriptures. In the heart, I feel the boundless Buddha and the Zen road is like the sea.
    The temple is a place of inspiration. Although the area is not large, the Zen space is quiet and elegant, away from the hustle and bustle. It is like a stream of water, not arrogant, not soaring, slowly flowing into your heart.
    Wherever you leave, there is also a greenhouse, which is full of all kinds of succulents, so since you are a meaty control, how can such a small attraction not come? Just be sure to follow the rules, don’t mess around and keep quiet~

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