Looking at the Mid-Autumn Festival, remembering the source

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    In the mid-autumn of the year, I recalled Wuyuan and counted the villages that I passed through…
     A glimpse of Rainbow Bridge, Shuanghe Village, Mid-Autumn Festival
     Rainbow bridge
    Arriving at Wuyuan’s first stop, Rainbow Bridge, less than 1 km from where you live, before sunset, heading for Rainbow Bridge, 15 minutes walk from the residence to Rainbow Bridge.
    The Rainbow Bridge described in the poem “Two Water Clips, Double Bridges Rainbow” was built in the wooden bridge of the Song Dynasty. It has 4 piers, 5 holes and 11 corridor pavilions. The pavilion in the bridge enshrines the ancestors of Hu. In the middle, the statue of Daxie is more concerned with the villagers’ fear of nature’s fear of the gods, the protection of the ancient bridge by the town, and the protection of peace and safety for generations.
    In a clockwise direction, from the Rainbow Bridge through the teahouse snacks to the Shijie Bridge, the quaint wooden teahouses have a lot of artificial scenery and restore the old work style.
    There are many bamboo rafts in the river, and you can visit Xiaoxi Lake. You can’t see the stone cliffs in the distance, the banyan tree, the town water iron bull. If you have enough time, you can experience it.
     Tsinghua Town
    I am a stranger in a foreign land. I am very lucky when I am in a foreign land, but I can participate in this dance dragon lamp in Shuanghe Village. Mid-Autumn Festival, the performance of this dance dragon lamp condensed the strength of the whole village, and was fortunate enough to participate in it, but also deeply infected by the atmosphere of the scene, praying for a good harvest in the fall, the wind and rain in the coming year, Guotai Min’an, family peace.
    Tsinghua Town After crossing the Shuanghe Bridge, it is Shuanghe Village. After dinner, the sky has just darkened. Looking for the light of the stars, the quiet street is unusually lively because of the dance grass dragon, children, the elderly, Men, women, almost all the people in the village came to the street with joy and laughter, surrounded by fire, incense, fireworks.
    In order to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, we must dance grass dragons for 3 consecutive days, starting from 7:00 pm, and the ceremony will officially begin at 8:00, except for Shuanghe Village, Hongguan, Wangkou, and Chaguan… I still have such a custom, and I have seen the friends of “Ode to Joy” are no strangers. Guan Guan and Xie Tong go to Wuyuan. The lively scene of attending the village at night is the dance grass dragon, Yu’s Ancestral Hall in Wangkou. Take the view there.
    The dance grass dragons of each village are unique. The funds raised by each household are used to purchase the materials for the preparation of grass dragons, incense, firecrackers, etc. Each family has at least one representative to participate in the dragon dance at night, but not Looking down on this seemingly simple grass dragon, he needs nearly a hundred people to work together to lift, and from the beginning to the end, he must always carry the grass and dragon dance, many people can not afford to eat in the middle, and then replaced by a second person.
    Everyone collects firewood with high flames. By burning the flames, they ignite one after another. The incense is then inserted on the grass dragon. The grass dragon dances. The dark night can only see the stars and the strings. The grass dragon is dancing.
    In Shuanghe Village, I stayed for 2 nights. There are still some differences between the two days of grass dragons, but they are all taken locally. I saw the dragon body weaved with grass before, and then inserted the incense, this is a red rope. They are scented and tied to the bamboo poles.
    The adults are fragrant, the children are playing together, seeing the long-lost childish smile… I remembered when I was young…
    We can wear beautiful new clothes during the New Year.
    Looking forward to the New Year’s Eve dinner while watching the Spring Festival Gala
    It’s the happiest to set off fireworks and firecrackers with your family.
    When the 12 o’clock bell rang, in the “Happy New Year” sound, we grew up another year…
    Gradually, we grew up…
    I don’t know when to start, grab red envelopes, sweep red envelopes, set Wufu… I have become one of the most anticipated things for the Spring Festival.
    We are more and more inseparable from mobile phones, and many people around us are getting more and more far away…….
    At this time, we complained that the taste of the year was light…….
    Have you ever asked yourself if the taste is light, or have you changed?
    Zheling, Wuchu source
    At 7 o’clock the next morning, the chartered driver arrived on time, starting from the place where he lived, all the way to the asphalt road, and the rural villages on both sides gradually awakened in the first sunshine in the morning.
    There are few tourist buses on the road, and there are no crowds of people on the National Day. The happiness of the green mountains and green waters is stronger. The people who are rare in the morning are quiet and quiet. They are going to go straight to Zheling and return to the original road. There is a foothill village below the Zheling. In the several hiking routes in Wuyuan, the hiking route from the foothill to the official pit is highly sought after by the friends. It hovers along the mountain road and the 180-degree turn will be I was awakened in a moment, and I subconsciously grasped the handle of the car and glanced at Lao Yu (the master of the chartered car). Seeing his exuberant opening, he said that this outsider didn’t know that they were The shortcut that the locals ran out to Anhui Province was steep. The mountain road was very narrow. The oncoming cars had to go slowly and staggered. The minibus bus didn’t even think about it. Lao Yu gave We stopped on the mountain road and looked for the best viewing position for a long time. This angle is just right. There are a few white clouds floating in the clear sky. The terraces and villages are clearly visible. It is the foot village.
    When I was about to reach the top of the mountain, I saw a sign of “Hiking Mountaineering” on the side of the road. I followed the guide down all the way down and I was able to walk back to the foothill village.
    After more than 20 minutes, I finally arrived at Wuchu’s source. The clouds haunted as if I really climbed the top of Yunshan Mountain and suddenly broke into a sea of ​​clouds.
    The stone monument of “Wu Chu is the source” is said to be based on the Wu Chu source boundary pillars of the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. The real boundary monument is currently preserved in the museum, and a burst of fog makes this 100-meter-long bluestone road mysterious. Feeling full.
    I don’t know if it is dew or fog.
    Wet the mottled bluestone road
    Step up
    Overlooking the Wuchu land from the observation deck
    I also experienced the grandeur of the ancients.
    Ji Zhiting, all made of stone, used as a place for tea breaks in ancient times.
    There is also a piece of “Wu Chu Diyuan” old boundary pillar
    Many successful people from Jiangxi and Anhui have gone through the road from Wuyuan to Anhui Xiuning, which was built by the famous Hong Kong businessman Mr. Wang Songliang. They feel that the traffic in the hometown is blocked, the school is simple, and the donation is 10 million yuan. Three million built schools and seven million roads. Mr. Wang is one of the ten richest men in Hong Kong, and he has generously contributed to the tens of millions of people, which has moved the simple villagers of the two provinces. In 2001, the highway was completed and opened to traffic. In order to feel the good fortune of Mr. Wang, the villagers used the stone as the monument to remember the virtue.
     Strong tree
    From the downhill of the Zheling Mountains, a broken and old eucalyptus tree is particularly eye-catching, detailed and detailed, riddled with holes, and drilled into the trees. It is full of holes, it is more like the works carefully carved by the artist, nevertheless, Supported by wooden sticks, standing still. In the words of Lao Yu, life is not as good as 17:89. Every time I come to see the tree is strong, it seems that all the troubles will not break. This tree is also a spiritual symbol of the local.
    This is a place where I didn’t do any homework before, but I came… I like the village.
    Tongjin Bridge is the first bridge to arrive at Hongguan. It is a stone-built single arch bridge. Although it is only 16 meters long, the bridge that is full of vicissitudes of life can stand on the bridge and bring people back to the middle of the Southern Song Dynasty. At that time, although the side of the bridge was connected with a neat asphalt road, I just walked into Hongguan Village, and the good feelings about it instantly intensified. I was greatly curious about exploring this ancient village.
    Through the narrow and long Lane, although most of the people in the village have left their hometown, nowadays more are left-behind old people and children. The silk flower patterns on the doors and windows, the carved beams and paintings are all displayed in the homes of ordinary people, no matter the years change, they have already changed. The masters, the exquisite craftsmanship of these Huizhou style buildings are still vividly displayed.
    Do you know that these hanging baskets are god horses?
    It is to prevent the rats from stealing food, hanging the basket full of grain with a rope, and putting a long flat piece of iron on the rope. Even if a mouse climbs down the rope, it will be because it climbs to the iron piece. One end is out of balance and falls. Although there were no advanced electronic devices and communication tools in ancient times, the small details hidden in life reflected the wisdom of the merchants.
    On the one hand, there is a fertile field, and on the other hand, it is a meandering stream. Although the neat houses are simple but not simple, there are occasional encounters with a group of leisurely big cocks on the road. The green hills in the distance, the blue sky and white clouds floating above the head, seem to be at your fingertips, quiet. The peaceful Hongguan, let me once again find the long-awaited paradise.
    Walking on the quaint bluestone road, these already colored walls seem to tell the history. At this time, I reminded me of the original appearance of Hongcun, which has now been corroded by more and more commercialization, and Hongguan, I still I can see the true appearance, follow the ancient emblem road, and keep going like this…..
     Practical strategy
    2017 just happened to catch up with the 11 & Mid-Autumn Festival, 8 days of “super long” holiday, for a busy office worker, it is a great gift, Wuyuan is not a destination for small groups, in order to Staggered the peak, deliberately chose to start at 10.3, returning on the 10.10th day, and choosing a chartered car also added to our trip. Let’s talk about traffic
    Wuyuan has opened a high-speed rail station. Considering the cost and time, you can choose to sleep in Hefei, then transfer to Wuyuan, high-speed rail and Hefei to Wuyuan as long as 2 hours, you can also feel the most beautiful high-speed rail of the high-speed rail.
    If you want to take the shuttle bus to visit Wuyuan, it is recommended to live in the county town or Tsinghua Town. The minibuses of more than a dozen people will stop and pay attention to the shuttle bus time. If you encounter the peak holiday season, you will add the car, get on the bus and the driver to confirm the last one. When the shuttle bus is available, it will not delay the return journey.
    Chartered car
    There are many online shopping trips on the Internet, mainly in the north line and the east line. Generally, they will start from the county. Fortunately, we met the master Yu from the high-speed rail station. A few days later, the north line, the east line, the west line, and the big Small and small, more than a dozen, Zheling (Wuchu boundary) – tree strong – Hongguan – Chaguan – Zheyuan Longtian Tower – Feifengxia – Jingangling – Yucun – Hedong River West Village – Likeng, Sixi Village – Xichong Village – Moon Bay – Likeng – Xiaoqi – Wangkou – Shangtan Village – Jiangling – Jiangwan – Guling. In the meantime, I went to Sanqingshan.
     Those villages worth visiting
     Say a few worth going, I recommend the village
    Zheling, very calendarThe meaning of history, overlooking the land of Wu Chu, imagine the era of Jin Ge Iron Horse;
    Hongguan Village has not been developed yet. There are basically no tourists. The emblem-style ancient road in the village is a special feature. The ancient banyan tree at the entrance of the village is worth seeing;
    Check the customs, check the village entrance, the net red opened, the TV series “To Youth” is where the scene is taken
    篁村, our driver’s master, Lao Yu’s home, did not know the village before, the village of Luo Luosong has a thousand years of history, fortunate enough to see the Luo Han Guo, full of spirituality
    River Donghe West Village is definitely a village in the painting. When encountering a group of sketches, there is a Sanxi Interchange in the village. The flat terrain is like a paradise, quiet and peaceful.
    Sixi Village, famous for its location in Liaozhai, can choose to live in Qiye Yanxiang for one night;
    Xichong Village, Sixi Village, Yancun Village and Xichong Village, these three villages are relatively close, and can be used for cycling or even walking. There are seven different ancient trees in the village of Xichong Village. They have a long history and are sheltered. This ancient village.
    Wangkou, the afternoon of Wangkou, unusually quiet, backed by the green hills and rivers, Wangkou’s special geographical location, so that the descendants of the Yu people who migrated here prospered and survived, the sculptures in Yu’s Ancestral Hall and The special decoration of the building is still impressive to me. The water in Wangkou is very clear.
    Shangtan Village, because of a movie, the famous Shangtan Village, not to mention the film, Shangtan Village is the only way from Wangkou to Jiangling, this road, even without rape, it is beautiful to me. All the way to Panshan Road, upstream, the water is crystal clear, the autumn is high, the green water is hidden in the green hills, all the way is to enjoy, every year when the rape blossoms open, this road is the most congested, rare leisurely at this moment, few people.
    篁岭, 篁岭 is my last stop in Wuyuan, 3 days and 2 nights, so I have a kind of little hidden heart, if it can shield the network, it is better.
    With the green mountains and green waters accompanied by the day and night, the emerald smoke, the sunset, and meet the mountains, is my little fortunate.
    ~~~About tickets~~~
    If you stay in Wuyuan for many days, it is recommended to buy a coupon with a valid period of 5 days, 180 online. I went to Rainbow Bridge, Sixiyan Village, Likeng, Likeng, Jiangwan, Wangkou, Jiangling, Xiao. From now on, if you buy tickets separately, about 60 yuan for an attraction, among which Wangkou and Sixiyan Village are worth going to, Jiangling and Rainbow Bridge can also be used, because I stayed for 5 days, take the North Line, the East Line, and zero. There are 8 scattered ones, and the value of the joint ticket is relatively high. If there is time, I have not had time to go this time. Shicheng and Yantian are good, and they are counted in the coupon.
    Rainbow Bridge There are two projects in the river. There are many bamboo rafts in the river, and you can visit Xiaoxi Lake. You can’t see the stone cliffs in the distance, the banyan tree, the town water iron bull. If you have enough time, you can experience it.
    Dalongshan Wolong Valley has been shut down for rectification because of an accident. The Tianmen Mountain waterfall group is more suitable for summer vacations. It is suitable for family-friendly travel, and the rivers and rivers are all along the way. There is no ticket office in the scenic spot. If it is self-driving, there is a parking space of 10 yuan. There is a farmhouse in Feifengxia. It is convenient to eat.

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