Looking for a dream in Huizhou, I want to listen to you with the story of time [starting]

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    I was so obsessed with life that I had no dream of going to Huizhou. What kind of landscape is it, I can afford the word “depression”.
    Sometimes the fate of a place is so subtle. In this summer season, I once again set foot on the land of Huizhou, the high white wall, the flat-colored ink-colored eaves, and the houses in this landscape. It is like being born.
    I have been to Huizhou several times, I have seen the sun, I have seen the smoke and rain, I have seen it, the seasons are flowing, the most beautiful moment is still early morning, the morning light is gentle and bright, even some people smoke, there is a three-point fog, a little squat, 10,000 kinds Style.
    There are high and low slopes, horse head walls, and raised eaves, like the right year that passed through the ancient Huizhou. It is like a faint ink painting, a fresh and refined poem, and the alternation of the years makes it precipitate. Charming charm and style.
    Huizhou on the tip of the tongue, to understand a place, the essential one is to taste the food here. Sometimes, a meal during the trip will make this trip a memorable and memorable memory. Fish, butter tofu and Huangshan biscuits are the foods that must be tasted.
    “These hairy things can be eaten?” Yes, this is the famous hairy tofu, don’t look at the whole body is hair, after burning, a little hair is gone, is it amazing!
    Huangshan Biscuits: It is recommended to eat plum and vegetable flavors. It must be eaten hot and crunchy.
    Skunk squid: This dish is also a famous dish in Huizhou. The food is not to be missed. The fish is very delicious, but many of my friends are not used to it. I can’t smell the smell, but like durian, I like people. Will love it.
    This two nights, we all chose to live in Huangshan Qishu Wonderland Zhongkun International Hotel, very close to Hongcun Scenic Area, driving about five minutes, just on the edge of Qishu Lake, the room is quite satisfactory, the standard room is 400 More, the view of the lake outside the curtain window is unobstructed.
    It is surrounded by the green hills. It is not necessary to find a destination. It is enough to relax and enjoy the lake and mountains of this beautiful fairyland.
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    There are some roads that can’t be worn by high-heeled shoes, some air that can’t be smelled by perfumes, some people who can’t be seen in the office forever, those who are independent and lonely, those wonderful and charming, you have never been to I will never know that there are different kinds of beautiful scenery on this planet…
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     [Nan Ping, I want to spend time with you]
    Sometimes the reason we fall in love with a place is simple because it loves at first sight.
    I want to share with you the morning fog in the mountains, the damp air after the rain, the stars in the dark night, and the beautiful scenery of Huizhou.
    In the morning, I woke up in the misty Qishu Lake, pushing the window like an ink-and-dark painting, without extra colors, but it was extraordinarily quiet.
    Mingchuan Dachuan, it’s enough to see it once, only the shun time in the secret world can convince Virgo like me to pick the turtle, and come here again…
    The clouds rise in the valley, and the cool breeze in the midsummer floats with the fairy in Qishu Lake. Every pore is instantly opened, taking a deep breath and quietly sucking oxygen…
    It took about 20 minutes to drive from the place where you lived to Nanping. It was raining all the way, and the mood was very calm. When it arrived at Nanping, the rain stopped. The south screen that had just rained was like a fairyland. Nothing to fight, so that it is more of a kind of wilderness in the mountains, so in this way, I immediately liked this small village.
    Between the distant mountains, the mist did not scatter, and looked up at the sky. The clear visible cloud behind it was a touch of fragrance.
    The S-shaped path at the entrance of the village has attracted us’s footsteps. It is a green postcard with a shot. I want to go on with you all the time, without end.
    In front of it is a large white wall and black tile building in Huizhou. Not far away is the green hills in the clouds. Walking and running on the country roads, breathing fresh air in the morning, the morning is perfect to impress me.
    The old cow grazes in the field and the birds are flying freely.
    From the perspective of the drone, Nanping Village can be seen surrounded by a piece of green. It is a paradise. It was built more than a thousand years ago. It was originally called Ye Village. Because the southwest corner of the village is leaning against Nanping Mountain, it will Changed its name to Nanping Village, although it is not big, but it is to be casually strolled. For a little purpose, the seventy-two lanes that criss-cross will immediately turn dizzy.
    Traveling through these alleys, it is very easy for us to get lost in the road, and we can only go where it is, everywhere is the scenery.
    The green hills in the distance are covered in green fog. The air is humid and fresh. The children in the village are playing and the old cows are eating grass in the village. This kind of tranquility and self-satisfaction has touched me.
    The foot is stepping on the bluestone road that has been polished by the years, and it is shuttled between the ancient houses of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is actually more suitable for people who like to be quiet. The villages that are photographed on the vicissitudes of life are simple and simple, just like both of us are quiet. I liked this place in an instant.
    For the crazy dream of Huizhou, not only picturesque scenery, but also in that old house, thatIt’s really fascinating to see the hustle and bustle of time in a quiet place.
    Touching the walls of the millennium, these lines are clearly visible, and they are engraved with the imprint of history.
    I always feel that Nanping silently tells a story about Huizhou merchants. If you are a movie fan, you can definitely look like a picture of a deja vu. The preface is the place where Zhang Yimou shoots “Judou”, and the Ye’s branch is Li An. The place of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
    The location of “Ju Dou” also retains some traces in the movie. 54 large and straight wooden pillars enter the front of the gate. The dyed pool and dyed cloth have already had the vicissitudes of history. Judou and Yang Tianqing are as cruel as suffocation. And repressed love is born here…
    Walking into an old house, it will flip a page of history, stepping on a stone everywhere, it will touch a dynasty, I especially like the door of the Ye’s branch, colorful and not losing the sense of the times, quickly let Liao Mr. left a tourist photo for me.
    There are many interesting experience projects in the ancient village. In the branch of Ye’s branch, I also encountered a group of summer elementary school students’ study courses. I followed the local craftsmen to learn how to make bamboo weaving, so there is no fun.
    There was a light rain outside. We strolled around the alley and strolled into the Huangshan Seven-Year Farm to hide from the rain. It turned out that we could personally experience the production of Huihuan cakes, rich in patterns, like bricks on old buildings. The film is delicate and delicate, crispy and crispy. It is called “Huizhou carving that can be eaten”.
    Under the guidance of the boss, I learned it in minutes. The carved cake made of sesame was particularly fragrant, and I couldn’t help but taste a few mouthfuls.
    A small piece of emblem carving cake condenses the charm of Huizhou and the soul of Huizhou architecture.
    In Nanping, it is said that many people who like to hide in the world have stayed here. At first, I don’t understand the thoughts of those who fled the big city, but I will really pick up the idea at a certain moment and want to be with you. Together, spend time here, see the green hills and white clouds, escape from the secular disputes and the pressure to fight in the city, Nanping, rather than you are an ancient village, it is better to say that you are a paradise hidden in the rain.
     [Hongcun, I want to hear you tell the old stories]
    Hongcun and Nanping are very close, and the memory has entered Hongcun for the third time. The last time I came there was a few friends who came together during the Dragon Boat Festival. Compared to the holidays, this time it was quiet, and every time I stopped. I was given different surprises. At the foot of Huangshan Mountain, there are many people in the wall of the powder wall. The seat of the house is like a piece of ancient painting, which is left in the depths of time…
    After seeing the photos of Hongcun, the friends in the circle of friends asked: “Small, you went to Hongcun again! Are you still sending old photos?” Yes, I am back, only I can say that I loved this land too deeply, hahaha.
    The ancient village of the cow shape is the picturesque Hongcun. The Leigang Mountain is the head of the cattle. The two old trees at the entrance of the village are the horns. The springs of the springs are the “bovine stomach” and the south lake is the “beef belly”. Qushui’s waters are “cattle intestines”, residential buildings are “cows”, and four ancient bridges are “bull feet”. It is called “the mountain is the head of the bullhead tree and the bridge is the body of the four-hoof house”. After careful construction of the merchants and sages in the village, the whole village is like a leisurely buffalo lying in the green mountains and green waters.
    As soon as you enter the scenic spot, you can see the South Lake. The South Lake has a large bow shape. The water here flows unscrupulously in the village. It has been flowing for more than 600 years. When the water arrives, it adds a bit of aura and agility to the village, guarding this quiet. The mountain village guards the tranquility of Hongcun for thousands of years.
    Water has always been the place of Hongcun’s aura. It doesn’t need to be wading. Just take a slow step, and you can make a simple and pure.
    In the early morning when people are sparsely populated, listening to the waters of Nanhu Lake flowing quietly, it seems that this thousand-year-old village is talking to itself.
    Every year, art students from all over the country sit under the tree, draw the Hongcun in their hearts with a brush, and paint bright colors for the villages with ink painting.
    When the ink reaches the paper, it has spirituality. It seems that the next second can be called out, the water is quiet, the village is simple, the mountains and rivers are in phase, and the poetry is picturesque.
    The painting bridge that passes through the lake is the place where Li Mubai took the horse in the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. He skillfully divided the South Lake into two. The arch bridge is like a rainbow, just like a painting has entered the hearts of many people.
    “Boundless rain and wet spring mud, smell the birds when the fog. The willows contain peaches and laughter, while crossing the bridge.” When I walked here, I did not forget to freeze a frame of beautiful pictures. In the memory.
    In the midsummer season, the lotus flower blooms, and the lotus pond next to the painting bridge reflects the Huizhou architecture, which is transformed into a soft and artistic conception.
    In this small village surrounded by mountains and rivers, there is such a place to talk about books, which is the Nanhu Academy. It is an ancient building with a strong Huizhou architectural style, exuding a strong book fragrance.
    Into the village, the village entranceThere are two ancient trees of 500 years old. Many tourists like to enjoy the coolness here. One is a maple poplar tree, and the other is a ginkgo tree. The acres of land at the entrance of the village are covered in greenery.
    Walking along the bluestone path, occasionally raising your head, the mottled stone walls, the carvings of the doors and windows, the gullies of the beams, can make people fantasies of countless moving stories.
    Huizhou has been talented since ancient times. These literati like to name their residences. Whether they are rich or expensive, or they are poor and poor, almost every household will give the house a elegant name.
    The deep vicissitudes of the courtyard have a little more sense of tranquility, the feeling of time is old, the years of revolving, a kind of memories that keep the bottom of my heart.
    The Huizhou architecture has the reputation of “no house, no carving”. It has three styles of stone carving, wood carving and brick carving. When you walk into an old house, you can see the exquisite carvings.
    The brickwork is made up of delicately carved gray bricks and exquisitely carved. It is often used in gates, door covers, door sills, eaves, roofs, etc., to make the building look more elegant and solemn.
    The Huizhou architecture has a saying: “Thousands of silver and seven hundred silver doors.” If you build a house with one thousand two silver, you will spend seven or eight on the facade. No matter the poor and the rich, the facade has beautiful brick carvings.
    Woodcarvings are mainly used for the decoration of old buildings and household appliances. The screens, columns and columns, daily use beds, tables and chairs can be seen in the courtyard. Every corner can make me stunned.
    The stone carving texture is hard, rainproof and moisture proof. It is mainly used in stone arches, stone leaking windows, etc., and can be seen in the exquisite craftsmanship of Huizhou stone carving.
    White walls and black tiles, black and white lines, clearly outline the beauty of Hongcun, blue sky and white clouds, distant mountains and mountains, the ancient dwellings in the village, the faint colors are extraordinarily quiet, dignified and delicate.
    Some places, although you have been there many times, will still be as fresh as the first time you meet, unable to control your own hands, pick up the camera and press the shutter, not letting go of any beautiful corner.
    The Moon Lake is a half-moon shape, shaped like a beef stomach. This lake was born in 1407. The lake is green all the year round, and the level of the pond is like a mirror. It reflects this ancient village and tells the story of history day after day.
    The calm water surface reflects the white wall and the tile, and the faint scorpion is instantly deposited…
    The red squid happily swims in the lake. The ancient dwellings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties are lined up in rows, exuding the quaint taste of the years, letting people see their shadows, as if it is the most beautiful singer of angels.
    Along the side of the Moon Lake, there is a simple and elegant building, and on one side is a green lake, which runs through every brick and rubble in the lane and smells the time.
    Walking on the bluestone road in Hongcun, we don’t need to know what stories are behind these alleys. We just need to walk slowly between these mottled horse-head walls, listening quietly to our echoes with footsteps. drift……
    Walking on the old streets, there are some inns and exquisite shops everywhere. If there are cities, there will be strangers. Hongcun is no exception. Some people become passers-by in the hoof, and some people come. Going away, staying home to open a small shop, watching people come and come to live a quiet life.
    The handicraft shop called “吖吥嘻嘀” on the old street is liked by many literary and artistic girls. The name of the store didn’t know what it meant at first. Later I heard that it’s “I don’t know”, it’s very interesting. There are some small fabrics made by hand. It is good to buy a few pieces to go back to be a souvenir.
    In Hongcun, write a few postcards to my friends and bring my good wishes.
    When night falls, the village is missing the hustle and bustle of the day, and I also like this blue-tone moment, strolling in the dim light, feeling the heart that has never been seen in the city.
    Moonlight like the moon, the lanterns hanging by the river, swaying against the wind, there are countless tastes and stories under each light…
    In the evening, quietly watch a performance of “Hongcun Aju” on the shore of Qishu Lake. Here are the most touching love songs, the most beautiful love, the strongest Huizhou woman…
    Huizhou men go out to do business is the only way to survive and develop in ancient times. Aju and her husband can only endure the pain of separation. Fortunately, the ending of the story is complete. If the night darkens the loneliness, the lantern The flickering of the Huizhou woman gave hope to these beautiful Huizhou women.
    The three-day and two-night trip to Huizhou with Mr. Liao has come to an end. It is always time to go back when there is no time to say goodbye. In Huizhou, there is always a kind of scenery, warming the heart, entering the dream, and always There are some large and small villages that make people feel heart-felt. For decades, the quietness and calmness of the day seems to be the same from the day of existence. It still looks like this many years later.
    I have never been a dream, I have no dreams to Huizhou, ancient bridges, ancient buildings, streets and alleys, I have been immersed in a strong Huiyun culture, and I have created a different kind of aftertaste here. I only walked into this fascinating landscape. Only to understand the poetry.

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