Looking for the lost horizon – [Shangri-La]

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    I roamed “Lijiang” and leisurely stayed in the ancient town for a few days. The next step was to play “Lashihai” and “Shangri-La”.
    “Shangri-La” is not in the itinerary, but after thinking about it, let’s take a look at the lost horizon – Shangri-La
    Graduation trip 37 days
    6th Station of “Graduation Trip” – Shuhe Ancient Town – [Lashihai] Lashihai, Chama Ancient Road, Horsebacking, Leather Yacht – Lijiang Ancient City – [Shangri-La] · Yangtze River First Bay · Tiger Leaping Gorge Tibetan Home Visit Pudacuo National Park
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    Every place, different people have different ways of playing, I just want to share my travels with you, encounter interesting things, delicious things and beautiful scenery. I want to share with you the first time, even If you encounter bad things on your way to travel, you will want to tell you, to help you, and to answer your questions as patiently as possible. Because when I was traveling, I also got some help in other people’s travel notes. I got the strategy and solved some travel difficulties for me, so that I can continually modify the itinerary and make the trip more fulfilling and enjoyable!
    Therefore, my travels can help others, and I will feel very happy! ?
    In fact, writing a travel note is also a very heavy workload, not only to organize photos, but also to edit some information to avoid misleading others, so if you like it, I will be more motivated! If you have any good suggestions, you can tell me that I can improve my travels better. After all, I am the first time to go to those places.
    After that, I will also update the travel notes of [graduation trip 37 days]! However, this takes a little time!
    Some things do not have the imaginary difficulties as long as they want to do it. For example, travel, many people will use excuses for various reasons. In fact, the only reason is that you do not particularly want to do this! So, you can all!
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    Recommended photographer to win the red award
    2014.7.4: Lijiang·Shuhe Ancient Town
    2014.7.5: Lashihai
    2014.7.6: Lashihai?? Dayan Ancient Town
    2014.7.7: Shangri-La, the first bay of the Yangtze River, the Tiger Leaping Gorge, and the Tibetans’ home visit2014.7.8: Shangri-La Pudacuo National Park?
    “Lashihai – Shangri-La” for five days and five nights, the total cost is ¥1634.6/person
    [Tourist transportation fee]¥23
    [Tourist Accommodation Fee]¥103
    [Tourism and entertainment expenses] ¥781.5
    ¥All kinds of tickets +¥Guide +¥ Buy photos
    【Tourist Dining】¥325.5
    ¥All kinds of snacks + ¥Food
    [Other expenses] ¥401.6
    In the Shuhe〗 We are living in the Shuhe Cat Eye Blue Inn, the location is a little hard to find, but the stay is not bad! When you check in, the boss will pick you up on a tricycle. We live in a family room, three people live, because when we go to the off-season, we can bargain with the boss, so it will be relatively cheap! As long as ¥140/night
    Sleeping in the morning to wake up naturally, then go to 〖 Shuhe Ancient Town〗!
    The first thing, of course, is to solve the problem of eating first.
    There will be a lot of visitors on this street. We will go to the shop we want to eat in diameter. It is much better than other places to visit!
    〖Xi Ni Naxi Cabin is a famous snack bar! The chickpea jelly inside is very good!
    “西娘纳西小屋” · ‖鸡豆凉粉‖
    This chickpea jelly is delicious, and it is much more delicious than the 〖88 snack bar in my 〗 〖Dayan Ancient Town! ¥15
    This is a local speciality, it tastes good and must be tasted!
    “Xi Ni Naxi Cabin”
    Well, it tastes like a general, we have not finished eating, and then packaged as an afternoon tea snack, and then, waste is shameful!
    Shuhe, the Naxi language called it “Shaowu”, because the village behind the gathering of the shape of the treasure mountain, such as the peak of the pile, the name of a mountain village, spread and mutated, meaning “village under the peak.”
    It is one of the earliest settlements of the Naxi ancestors in the Lijiang dam, and is an important market town well preserved on the ancient Tea Horse Road!
    Compared to the 〗 〖Dayan ancient town, I prefer 〖Baohe〗, it is quiet, it is simple, with a bit of charm, is a place that people are very comfortable to stay!
    This wishing card is another beautiful scenery in Lijiang!
    Dangdang, Dangdang, leisure afternoon!
    In the ancient city, there are many different kinds of jewelry stores, and girls like to visit these things most!
    In fact, if my luggage can’t be loaded, I can’t help but buy something that is messy but not practical.
    In this 37-day graduation trip, sometimes the old clothes that were thrown away while walking, and a big bag of things to go home.
    On the road, it’s fun to play light!
    My beautiful girl is carefully picking postcards!
    I often see online Raiders saying that I have to pay the ancient city maintenance fee.
    For individual passengers, 〖Baohe Ancient Town〗 does not charge tickets, and there is no ancient city maintenance fee!
    〖Baohe Ancient Town Sifang Listening Square〗
    If the ancient square street is a traditional market, then the modern “four-party listening” is the cultural square of the ancient town, where people flow and art exchanges here.
    It is said that there will be performances when there are festivals.
    In Lijiang, take a taxi to 〗 〖Baohe, the general fare of the taxi is about 30 yuan, don’t be pitted, the journey is only 20 minutes.
    In the Shuhe Ancient Town, there are also such carriages. Generally, it is not recommended to sit here. The 〗 〖Bundle River is originally very small. Secondly, there is no feeling of sitting on this, and the taste of the horse is a bit heavy!
    Visiting the ancient town is nothing more than slowing down and looking around! Quietly enjoy the bit by bit!
    There are quite a lot of clothing shops with ethnic customs in Shuhe. Sometimes it is quite interesting to go shopping.
    The next day, the clothes we wore were purchased on the street of Shuhe!
    I am waiting for you here. ??
    Do you want to be so cool!
    〖Baohe〗 is actually not big, but it is also very easy to get lost!
    Very creative sales billboard!
    Shuhe is a quieter place than the ancient city of Lijiang. Strolling through the ancient towns, you can see Naxi houses everywhere, and the houses are patchwork.
    People in Shuhe like to put bottled drinks, water or beer directly into the river in front of the door. The river is cool and can act as a natural refrigerator. The drinks from the river will also become very cold.
    In the hot weather, a bottle of iced water in the river is absolutely cool and hearty.
    Mango juice, it feels like a good bottle, it will be finished in a minute! Suddenly I thought of the Xishuangbanna mango juice, super delicious!
    This looks like a potato cake! It smells very sweet when it is fried, but it is eaten, it feels dry, it is too deep, not very delicious!
    In the ancient city, signs on the stone wall can be seen everywhere.
    There are inns everywhere, plus one sentence, the ancient city is paved with large stones, uneven, it is best not to pull the suitcase, otherwise the pulley is easy to break, and pull will be very laborious!
    Lijiang, such a Taobao shop abound!
    “At this moment, I found out that you are by my side…”
    In the ancient city of Lijiang, the songs of local resident singers are flying everywhere. It is from a small Taobao shop like the ancient city, which spreads the customs of Lijiang to the whole country.
    Come to Shuhe, it is to feel such a slow time!
    In Lijiang, you will feel that time is precious, because you don’t want to waste every minute of every minute, but you will feel very lazy, spend time, sleep and wake up naturally, sunbathe, stunned, funny Teasing the dog of the innkeeper’s house, you can even hide in a cafe to have a cup of coffee, read a book, write a few postcards sent to a distant place, and feel the time quietly.
    Just let the time go quietly, I hope the years are good!
    After a long walk, we also found a favorite shop to sit down!
    Looking out from the window of the shop, the old wooden board facade, dark red paint, and the black stone in front of the store are the quaint colors of Shuhe.
    “Apricot Dessert” ·‖云石芝‖
    This dessert is good, like to eat cheese!
    “Apricot Dessert”
    This yoghurt is very thick, it is sent by the boss, not bad!
    “Apricot Dessert” · Cinnamon Apple Juice ‖
    This taste is very special, sour, okay!
    “Apricot Dessert” ·‖云南小粒咖啡‖
    This is a bit bitter, I am not suitable for drinking coffee!
    “Apricot Dessert”·‖素人牌牌奶茶‖
    This tastes good, just a small cup!
    This boss is also very romantic, the wall is full of photos of his travels with his lover, super love, so enviable!
    I hope that I can find such another half!
    In fact, you can also use Lishui to describe the Lijiang River from June to August. It can be said that it is the rainy season in Lijiang. You can see the rain in Lijiang. It is recommended to bring rain gear when you go out, but Lijiang The rain will not go down very long, so don’t be depressed, find a place to avoid the rain, maybe it will rain fine in a while.
    This is the weather I have encountered in Lijiang in the past few days. The mood of playing is not disturbed at all!
    We were lucky, I sat down at a small shop and had a big rainstorm outside! It suddenly became a river outside.
    The weather is fine, the sky is blue and beautiful! Can’t help but press a few more shutters!
    Due to the geographical location, Lijiang is still very bright at 6 or 7 o’clock. When you feel that the sky is dark, it is estimated that it is already 8 o’clock in the evening!
    Walk into a boutique and meet the cat star! ??????
    The ancient city after the heavy rain has been extraordinarily clean, and even the air has a faint fragrance.
    China on the tip of the tongue – Yunnan Eighteen
    Stuffed tofu → tofu wrapped in soy milk for sale
    (Fragrance shop)
    This is a very small shop, but there are quite a lot of people waiting in line! taste good!
    ??#Today single #!!!
    But I believe that in this city, there must be such a person, thinking about the same thing, with a similar frequency, holding full of blood and heavy love, at a lonely exit, God arranged for you Meet him! You must wait!
    Tea, chat, daze, sunbathe is the whole of life!
    What is travel, some people say that it is to go to a place where others have been tired to find some surprises and fun.
    Today is my birthday, my first birthday in a different place!
    Good Kaisen! Thank you my friends~~??????
    I love you!
    The next day, the route we took was the package taken on #淘在路上#!
    Take a photo and book it three days in advance, as you will arrange accommodation and horse riding.
    This package is really very good, we are also very happy to play. At that time, the price we took was ????¥347/double, using #淘在路上# Direct payment will be reduced????¥20, quite cost-effective! These include horse riding, boating, a lunch, a one-day fare for two people, and a one-night stay. They live in Lijiang Yijing Camp, where they live in a super-feeling and invincible recommendation!
    Now the price has changed????¥689, the price has increased. If you want to go, just wait for my travel notes and plan!
    Is it too exaggerated for us to wear such a horse???????
    The day before, I called the master to make an appointment with the master today. The master picked us up at the hotel entrance at 8:00, and then took us to the horseback riding.
    ?? Riding to buy insurance???? ¥ 5 / person
    Horse pot head tow riding tour
    Basically, the horse is holding the horse, and a horse and a horse are connected together and taken away.
    The meaning of the horse pot head is the leader of the caravan on the ancient tea-horse road. The caravan on the old tea-horse road must have a leader to take the lead. This leader is the horse-head. Now it almost means the person in front of the horse, pointing the direction.
    The scenery that has been riding all the way!
    At first, I would think that it would be very meaningless for the horse to take it like this. You can sit up and ride it, look at the scenery passing by, because riding on the horse, the vision is wide open, the so-called standing The feeling of the giant’s shoulder is different, still feel very interesting! ??
    Come to a vulgar V-hand! ?
    At halfway up the mountain, we will come down from the moment and enter from the path. We must pay attention to those roads that are very slippery and take care when walking!
    Pony, look over! Hard work for you, all the way to the bottom of me! ????????
    〖Talking about the pavilion
    Shouldn’t this be the place where the Naxi people talk about love? ??
    A photo of me and my little pony! ???
    The clothes I wore were bought in the Shuhe Ancient Town. The headwear???? ¥35/2, we talked with the store for half a day to talk about the price, in fact, it can be cheaper, go to some larger boutiques. The store is almost???? ¥15/1, vest + pants???? ¥45, shawl???? ¥15, gloves???? ¥10/3 pairs, mainly to prevent hand scratches, and There is a smell on the horse.
    These clothes are very cheap, and they can also be bargained. This dress is more ethnic! Very interesting!
    The sky here is really blue and blue!
    On the way back, there will be photographers to help you take pictures, good-looking photos can be kept???? 10/ Zhang, now every attraction will have such a consumption form, when others take pictures with you, don’t be surprised , try to smile, so the photos taken are better!
    By noon, the sun is very big, very sun!
    You see us like this, you know! Keep your face! ??????
    ?? It is recommended to ride in the morning, then go boating in the afternoon, this is more OK, otherwise the horse riding in the afternoon will be too sun!
    Lunch is eaten on the caravan, it is wrapped in the itinerary, six dishes and one soup, we three people eat, the weight is just right!
    After the lunch is finished, the person in charge of the caravan will take us to kayaking. The scenery here is very good, the sky is blue!
    Whether our two dresses are very unique, this is mainly because we are in Lijiang, this place with ethnic customs, it will not make people feel particularly strange, if it is in the city, this rate should be very high! ??
    〖Lashihai Wetland〗 This place is quite good!
    The scenery is very beautiful!
    The level is like a mirror, and kayaking here is really enjoyable!
    really beautiful!
    ?White clouds? Blossoming
    We really feel that this day trip of my group is good, almost 〗 〖La Shihai can play, riding + boating, and cheap, service quality is also good!
    Have a good time!
    We are rowing and we are exhausted!
    Leaning on the boat, blowing the cool wind on the head, if it is not the sun is quite big, really enjoy it!
    Enjoy the view while rowing a boat.
    As long as you don’t stand up, or sway vigorously, don’t be afraid that the kayaking will turn over. It’s very safe. Even the stupid people like me are very well-planned and fast. Come and go!
    Sometimes I got tired, I put the paddles away, let the rowing boat float freely, and it feels good!
    The Lashihai Wetland is an important migratory channel for migratory birds in China. It is also an important area for the distribution of wetland biodiversity in the western part of China. There are many species in the wetland and various types of ecosystems. It has unique natural conditions and attracts more than 100,000 migratory birds every year. Come here for the winter.
    Look at them eating grass and eating hard!
    After an hour of boating, the driver’s master was very enthusiastic. I told us about the customs of Lijiang. I not only took us to visit his home, but also ate the plums of his family. It was super delicious, pure and natural. Then take us to visit a temple.
    〖Yunyun Temple〗
    Built in the Qing Dynasty, the temple is famous for its mystery. “The Buddha’s finger cloud is pure land, and the Zen heart will prove Bodhi.”
    Lijiang Shuhe Renli Xiangyuan made a living with bamboo stalks, and then went to Fuguo Temple to shave. In a certain year, the Dabao Fawang of Tibet came to Lijiang and summoned all the monks to assess the practice of Kung Fu. Because of the deep efforts of Daxiang, Dabao Fawang took him to Tibet to study Buddhism. Li Xiangxue returned to Lijiang to promote the Dharma, and was choosing to build the temple address. According to legend, there was a stranger. The finger west of the sky said: “This can build a temple.” The statue was built under this cloud, named Yun Temple.
    This is generally in a certain order, from beginning to end, very sincerely dialed in, if not, still do not arbitrarily move!
    My friend said, I am wearing this set, walking in this corridor, I still feel quite!
    The temple behind is still being built, and it is said that it is to be built magnificently!
    After the visit, 〖Yunyun Temple, the master will send us to the place where you live. 〖Lijiang Yijing Camp〗
    The cost of living is also included in the package, so we all think it is quite cost-effective, and a place that is super beautiful, when I saw the picture, I thought it was a lie, not so beautiful, I didn’t expect it to be visible. One bright!
    We live in a single room in Pantouyan, although small but very delicate! It is a special refreshing mint green color, so it is good!
    Very cute little house!
    Not only is it beautiful, but the service here is really good! Mainly we are on #淘在路上#, as long as???? ¥347/double, including horseback riding + boating + chartered transfer + one lunch + accommodation.
    I saw the price list hanging on the hall, my heart was dark, I felt like I was looking for money, so happy!
    Otherwise, the price of their hotel is like this on weekdays.
    Bantouyan single room????¥760
    Bantouyan double room????¥960
    Heihe Lake View Room????¥1280
    Heron Sea View Room????¥1780
    Perhaps it is because this holiday camp has just opened soon, so it will be relatively cheap, I feel that I have earned it!
    There is no blackness in the sky, so hurry and walk around.
    Like the larger one, there are two rooms in the room type.
    This is the Black Pelican Lake View Room. The photo shoots look very small, but it is quite big!
    ????¥1280/night In the off-season, the price will be half a fold!
    This definitely has a holiday feeling!
    Heron Sea View Room
    It has an invincible and spacious terrace with a large view. Its backyard is a wetland and the scenery is quite good! You can enjoy the birds on the terrace and drink tea and chat in a daze!
    Seriously, when I saw this piece, the whole mood was so good!
    This is awkward, worth it!
    There is a wetland on the edge of the camp, very beautiful!
    Sitting here and just drinking something is a treat! Definitely recommended!
    Colorful tents are also seen in the distance, and camping here is also a good choice!
    Around the camp, the scenery is not bad, the only drawback here is that there is no restaurant to eat, only to eat in the hotel, it will be slightly more expensive!
    Take a walk along the path.
    Walking around the hotel, there are many unexpected surprises!
    The service here is very good, the little brother is very enthusiastic!
    Here is the restaurant in the camp. You can eat here at night, but you have to book in advance, and you must prepare the ingredients in advance!
    I love this color. ? Small and fresh?
    The black boudoir built in a triangular state is very romantic, and it is absolutely suitable for a holiday here!
    Come here to get in touch with nature, avoid the hustle and bustle of the ancient city, return to peace.
    Because it is a wetland, there are many mosquitoes and insects, and the doors and windows must be closed!
    Sit and watch the sunset!
    I feel that this place is as beautiful as a fairy tale! Love it too much.
    The money I spend is absolutely worth it!
    I really feel like it!
    Dinner, we are here to buffet barbecue, I feel pretty good, the dishes are quite rich, three people!
    We chatted while chatting and got more than 11 o’clock in the evening. The camp staff were off work. We were still roasting. We left us there for barbecue. They cleaned it up the next morning!
    Because it is still a low season, there is no special accommodation here, it seems a bit deserted, but it is also very quiet. It feels like there are many people here. It will be very fun. It is very interesting. You can participate in campfires and camping!
    The next day, after eating breakfast at Yijing Camp, I drove back to Lijiang Old Town.
    We are letting the master yesterday carry us around the ancient city???? ¥50, the hotel also has a help to call the taxi, but more expensive???? ¥100
    Naxi text on the wall
    I have been in Lijiang for a day before, and I decided to go shopping here again. I am going to 〖 Shangri-La the next day.
    The temperature in the ancient city of Lijiang will be a bit cold in the morning and evening, and it will be very hot at noon.
    Note that if there is rain, you must wear a little more, the temperature will drop a lot, you need a small jacket!
    ???? My little friend pulled my leg too long! ??
    I am a very crazy person. Although I have been to Lijiang a few days ago, how do I feel that every time I see the scenery is different, I don’t know how to recognize the road!
    I like this very much, quite a feeling!
    This is a Naxi palace-style building that was rebuilt in the original site of Mufu. Wooden archway, stone archway, instrument gate, council hall, Wanjulou, Hufa Hall, Guangbilou, Yuyinlou, Sanqingdian, Mujiayuan form a central axis of Mufu, and the whole building group is quite avant-garde.
    I want to take a picture of the ancient city panorama
    You can go to the 10,000-year-old building, not only can you look at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, you can see the whole city, you can also see the surrounding rural villages, watch the Wenbi Peak, Beacon Hill, the scenery is very beautiful, the appearance of the building seems to be??¥10
    Secondly, you can also go to the observation deck of some inns, you need to spend before you can take pictures.
    The observation deck I boarded is the Dongba Observation Deck. I can say that the two cups of the house are simply expensive and difficult to drink, just to overlook the panoramic view of the ancient city.
    Sitting here and watching the scenery of the ancient city is also a very good thing!
    On the observation deck, the wind is very strong, it is very cool, and the mood is also relaxed!
    I want to say that when you don’t believe in love, look at the things written on the wish card, you will feel that there is still love in the world! Looking at my heart, I feel so sweet, so sweet, so sweet.
    I picked it out and chose not to choose a more satisfactory viewing platform. Although the Dongba Observation Deck has a resident singer in it, the angle of shooting the ancient city is general. What is important is that its home is not good. drink!
    In the evening, I will eat 〖花花私房菜, which is quite delicious!
    “Flower Flower House” · Ao Lang Lang Soy Sauce Chicken
    It’s a little greasy, and everything else is fine!
    ????¥50/large serving
    “Flower and Flower House” · Susie Fried Pumpkin Nursery
    This dish is quite delicious, very tender! Have you eaten this kind of vegetables before??
    “Flower and Flower House”·‖ Secret Beer Fish
    I just want to drool when I look at it! ??
    “Flower and Flower House” · ‖素炒野菌‖
    ??????Not bad
    In the ancient city, you will often see people dressed in national costumes, they are all taking pictures. There are many photo studios in the ancient city, and many tourists will take pictures here.
    The cost is almost the same?? ¥250-?? ¥500 or so
    The next day, we are the tour group reported in 〗 〖Where to the net, two days and one night’s itinerary,???? ¥328/person, I want to say that I really haven’t played so much, it’s not a pure play group. Every day, there is a shopping spot, so it’s a waste of time. It’s not a long time to report such a cheap group, mistakes! Mistakes!
    In the evening, everyone has to participate in Tibetan home visits???? ¥280/person,It just feels that this is not worth it. However, the mood of the game is still not disturbed! The next time you have to choose carefully!
    Go to 〖Shangri-La, generally reported to the group to play, because it is more convenient, and 〖Shangri-La〗 〖 far from the 〗 〖Lijiang, traffic is more difficult to solve, there are many beautiful scenery along the road, therefore, the newspaper is still necessary . But don’t be greedy and cheap, report to the cheaper group, or report high-quality pure play group, about ¥600-800, it should be more cost-effective to include Tibetan home visits and some oxygen bottles.
    Like in the ancient city of Lijiang, there are many travel agencies, ask a few more, and then compare absolute, not too casual.
    Far from the first bay of the Yangtze River, I have always thought that I can see the panorama when I have not been here before. It is only on the plane that I can see the truly complete Yangtze River First Bay. The other ones are seeing half a bay, even if it is I can only see this on the viewing platform!
    Take a shrug of travel photos! ??
    It’s almost like going to the observation deck to look at the first bay of the Yangtze River, and then walk down the long and long stairs, and the game is over. ??
    Next attraction〗 〖Tiger Leaping
    People are not quite a lot!
    Don’t climb over!
    Tiger jump stone
    The Tiger Jump is 9 kilometers away from the Tiger Leaping Gorge. It is the narrowest section of the entire canyon. The width of the gorge is only a few meters. The heart of the river is a 13-meter-high stone–a tiger-hopping stone. The boulder is like a solitary peak. Respect, the river and the boulder fight each other, the mountain bangs, the momentum is extraordinary.
    It is biting my head!
    Close to a point, you can touch the splash of water!
    The Tiger Leaping Gorge is relatively spectacular. The Jinsha River rushed to this place, and was smashed by the two snow-capped mountains of Yulong and Haba. The narrowest part of the river was only twenty or thirty meters, and with the huge drop, the river was rushing.
    It was the first time I saw this ups and downs of the field. Very spectacular!
    In fact, this season to 〖Shangri-La〗 should be very beautiful, but it is cloudy and cloudy with a little rain.
    There is fog in the distance, and nothing can be seen. So go on a trip to see the beautiful scenery, there is a good weather is still very important!
    Here, you can get away from the crowds of busy people, there are no colorful neon lights, no noisy supermarkets and restaurants, and there will be no crazy traffic jams and overwhelming sandstorms. Temporarily let go of the troublesome trifles, bring a playful heart, and watch the world bustling. Although the life here is lonely and bitter, but with the beauty of the paradise, really make yourself a health spa!
    〖Shangri-La〗 This road should be the most beautiful way to ride, you can see the beautiful scenery along the way, I think, if the flowers on this side are in full bloom, it is absolutely heaven and earth!
    I think, I want to go to Shangri-La to see it, but also because of this wonderful and charming name.
    Shangri-La – the sun and the moon in my heart
    Tibetan architecture
    The bigger and thicker the support column of the building of the house, the more valuable the family is.
    On the way to Shangri-La, you will often see such a rider, carrying a large baggage in the back.
    Sometimes, I still admire the warriors who ride, so brave and persevering! ??
    In the Tibetan colony, you can see a string of strings, a slave, a piece of film with a cursive image printed on cloth, hemp, silk and earth paper. These square, angular, and strip-shaped flags are fixed in order on the door, rope, family, and branches, and sway between the earth and the sky, forming a realm of heaven and earth. These are also called Fengmaqi.
    The Tibetan primitive religion believes that the mountain god is a local protector. It keeps watching the safety of all beings in the area all the time. It often rides on the jurisdiction to protect the water and soil and the safety of people and animals. Therefore, it is believed that the “wind horse” refers to the person’s gas number and the transport path in a deep sense, or specifically refers to the five elements; in the place where the aura gathers (Shenshan Shenghu, etc.), the wind horse with the wishes of fearing the gods and praying for blessing is placed. The wind blows, which is conducive to the communication and realization of the desire to the gods. In order to repay the mountain gods and the gods of the heavens, every time the festival is held, people will pray vicissitudes and devout the “Ronda”. Therefore, the production of “Ronda” has become an indispensable ritual.
    Whenever the wind horse flag is blown over by the wind, it is equivalent to the Buddha once read a scripture.
    In the evening, we participated in the 〗 〖Tibetan home visit, in fact, should be more a tourist activity, because they are over-packaged, very commercial. They are typical tourists coming here, but they still have a good time! Everyone watching the show together, drinking, shouting, lame!
    〖Butter Milk Tea〗
    When you drink butter tea, don’t smell it. Drinking it directly will be better, otherwise you won’t want to drink it. It has a very high calorie, is mellow and delicious, and is not as difficult to imagine as it is. Sweet and salty, the taste is a bit strange, but it is very physical, you need to drink this on the plateau!
    The tour guide first gave us this full stomach, “my chicken noodle rice noodle”, my???? ¥280, just eating these things is too pit!
    Mainly to feel the Tibetan culture and taste their food!
    〖Yak meat〗
    Why is it so small, can anyone tell me?
    But the taste is quite good!
    Yak meat! ?????? The taste is still ok!
    Big stuttering meat!!!
    Drinking a lot!!!!!
    While eating food and watching the show, it is still very good!
    Respect the heavens, respect the land, and respect our unchanging friendship! ?
    longlive friendship!!! Ten thousand years old!!!
    This Tibetan, very humorous! ?
    To go to Shangri-La, where the national characteristics are, the most important thing is to respect, respect their culture and respect their customs!
    The degree of barley wine is still a bit high!
    Its characteristics are: not on the head, not dry mouth, hangover fast, and unisex!
    Eat the perfect food, watch the show, the so-called bonfire party!
    just sing! Jump! Let’s vent it!
    I learned a Tibetan language: “Zhasidler”!
    Can be used anywhere
    Hello, Tashidler!
    Thank you, Tashidler!
    Blessing, Tashidler!
    The next day, our trip is to go to Pudacuo Forest Park.
    The night before, the tour guide made the Pudacuo Forest Park a special horror. It was a long-time sightseeing car along the Panshan Highway. The altitude was very high. Some people couldn’t stand it, and said that it had nothing to look at. Many of the uncles and aunts of the tour group changed their other simple route to go to Napahai!
    And we are resolutely determined to go to Pudacuo Forest Park
    First, we originally went to Shangri-La to go here. Secondly, the tickets for Pudzta Forest Park are obviously much more expensive. It is not worth it to go to Napahai. Third, it is not like the tour guide. So difficult, just the tour guide wants everyone to go that route, avoid trouble!After repeated tour guides, I actually bought two bottles of oxygen tanks. I may feel that the car is a little uncomfortable, so I bought it. In fact, the elevation of 〖Pudacuo Forest Park is not particularly high, almost at 4159-3200, there are 959. The difference in height, general insurance to buy a bottle is enough!
    Oxygen bottle???? ¥68 is a box of chocolates.
    〖Pudacuo Forest Park is not as beautiful as I imagined, it may also be related to the weather, because it is cloudy, it is still raining! I can’t feel it at all. Once again, it’s really important to have a good weather!
    〖Pudacuo Forest Park has three attractions. When you take the sightseeing bus to the first attraction, try to get off the bus and walk for 3.3 km of the wooden plank road. The scenery is good. Don’t take the sightseeing bus. You can’t see anything at all. The scenery can only be taken on the viewing platform of the genus Dudu Lake, which is of little significance.
    Taking pictures, it is also gray!
    I still love 〗 〖La Shihai!
    〖Mi Litang Grassland〗
    It is very flat and open, and it feels quite good! Pudacuo National Park – Mi Litang
    〖Bitahai is the last stop of the eco-car route. After getting off the bus, you can follow the boardwalk and go all the way to the exit! It’s about an hour or so to walk!
    The altitude here is higher, the temperature is lower, many people have rent down jackets, and we love water is not afraid of runny nose, we wear this point, but also a variety of mix and match style. Because we really feel that those red and fat down jackets are so ugly, and secondly, they are not particularly cold, and they can still be tolerated. Move more and drive cold!
    So harmonious from the beauty.
    Vaguely visible drops!
    Although there is no beauty in my imagination, there are different discoveries.
    Traveling, it was originally to see what you want to see. In some places you haven’t been there. How do you know what it is like?
    It’s always just a hearsay, living in imagination.
    The shore of Bitahai Lake can not only walk along the plank road, but also take a boat trip to the lakeside pier in front, but when it is found cloudy, I feel that there is nothing to look at by the boat, or it is cost-effective.
    10:45 share 00 delete edit
    If the weather is better, it should be beautiful!
    Take some things while you are hiking. If you are hungry, you can take a little pad.
    In the Tibetan language, Bitahai means “the sea of ​​eucalyptus,” as the name suggests, the lush green luster of the lakeside. There are a lot of rhododendrons growing in the eucalyptus forest. When the spring blooms in May-June, the rhododendron petals fall into the water, and the fish eat the poisonous azaleas, which are floating on the water. This is the famous scene of Bitahai: Du Fu Drunk fish.
    Look at the little red in front, all the tourists wearing down jackets!
    Here is a wetland, some tourists will jump to take pictures, this is not particularly good, not only trampled on the lawn, but also blocked by the administrator, and some beautiful scenery, if you can not take it, just enjoy it. Cherish the environment is still very necessary!
    Quietly enjoy the blessings of nature!
    Finally went to the exit, before getting on the bus, solve the oxygen that has not been sucked out!
    In order to avoid sitting on the eco-car will feel uncomfortable.
    This is the Eden of people’s dreams – Shangri-La.
    Quiet lakes, fertile soil, flocks of cattle and sheep, everything is so peaceful, the harmony between man and nature is verified here.
    Shangri-La, this is a place full of magic, where the crowd is low and it feels very wide! It is a pure land that is rare in the world to preserve the natural ecology of Grenada and the traditional culture of the nation.
    The tourist bus will stop for two hours in each form and rest. At this time, you can get off and take a look at the scenery.
    After playing 〖Pudacuo Forest Park〗, it took almost six hours to get to the 〗 〖Lijiang Ancient City, playing 〖Shangri-La〗 is still very hard, one is because of the high altitude, the second is because the distance is too far, the car must long time!
    When I arrived at the ancient city, I had a big meal, a big pot of chicken, and it tasted good.
    ????¥188/ whole, ¥98/half
    The beef is very fragrant and quite tasty.
    I have to leave Lijiang, and go to the next station, Dali!
    〖Graduation Travel〗 is still going on…
    [Flower の Time Travel] Why do you want to live in the same way, I will love toss!
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