Love Shanghai on the rafting – Tianhai cruise experience

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    On New Year’s Day this year, I took a Tianhai cruise and fled the cold Nanjing to Japan. In the United States, I have already taken two cruises. This is the first time I took a local cruise. The experience is even better. After all, it is tailor-made for the Chinese, from diet to activities.
    Preparation before the trip
    It arrived in Shenzhen one afternoon before the schedule and lived next to the window of the world. At noon the next day, take a taxi from the Window of the World to Shekou Ferry Terminal. If you take the subway, go to Exit C of Shekou Port Station on Line 2, then take the shuttle bus to the cruise center and pick up the bus for about 15 minutes.
    Carrying items
    1. Be sure to bring your passport (valid for more than six months from the date of disembarkation) and 2 copies of 1:1 passport (A4 size). The photocopy is used when shopping in a duty-free shop in Korea. .
    2. Clothing (including swimsuit), water cup (with kettle on board), conversion plug (the American standard on the boat, but the iphone does not need to be converted), the wiring board may not be able to take it (when you get off the boat, you see a pile of books on the table, I don’t know Is not confiscated), no one to eat and drink.
    Boarding precautions
    1. Arrive within the agreed assembly time, we are half an hour ahead of schedule.
    2. There are banks and institutions in Shekou Ferry that can exchange foreign exchange. The currency can be obtained in time. It took two days for the ICBC in Nanjing to change the yen before it was received. It was not too late. The exchange rate is estimated to be general, but only a small amount of yen is needed. Important shopping places are swiped. I changed the 4w yen and only spent 2w less.
    3. After the arrival, find the team leader, collect the baggage check-in card, and check the big baggage on the first floor.
    4. On board the counter on the first floor to take the boarding electronic camera, bind the bank card, UnionPay logo single-label credit card and double-label credit card (currently Everbright Bank’s credit card does not support binding and use) or issued outside the mainland with VISA The single-label credit card of the MASTER and JCB logos (the single-label foreign card issued by the Chinese mainland bank does not support binding and use), and the bank card I have in the United States can be used.
    5. Line up to the right side of the first floor to pass the security inspection, exit, customs and quarantine exit inspection. After the exit inspection, take the valid certificate + ticket + health form to the boarding gate. Boarding the ship, the ship collects the passport.Here, the boarding procedures are super fast. When I see the hundreds of people in front of the company, I have already completed all the work and praised them.
    6. After boarding the ship, download Tianhai’s app, called SkySea for me, and connect to the cruise ship WiFi to send messages and audio to the friends and relatives of the same ship without a mobile phone signal on board. If you are not sure, go to the information desk on the fifth floor and have a Chinese crew to help you. In addition, the ship wants to go to the Internet for six days and five nights, 50 knives, and buy it on the ship, the speed is much faster than I thought. Mobile computers can be used, but only one can be connected at a time.
    There have been many events held in Tianhai, and there are many celebrities.
    Guest room
    The rooms on Tianhai Cruises are really super satisfied. In the United States, the two cruises bought the Jack’s silk cabin of the last minute. There wasn’t even a window. This time, it was finally upgraded to Ruth White, a beautiful cabin with a double sea view balcony. The moment I pushed the door open, I really couldn’t help but exclaim, great! The round bed is extremely romantic, very suitable for small couples. The tea table on the window is ready to welcome the fruit basket and red wine, while the window, the sea breeze, the sea is bright, sitting on the wooden table and chairs, really can talk One of the best loves in the world. . .
    There are a lot of lockers in the room, and all the luggage can be spread out like a home. The home of the sea is really well-deserved.
    As for the room service, it is really intimate to say nothing. These room attendants were very busy and busy, and I was deeply touched. The waiter who manages our house is from India. I finally met us who can speak English. I talked excitedly for a long time and also trained me to be a master of stacked towels. He said that he has served on cruise ships in Europe, America and Asia. He likes Asian guests very much. The only regret is that the language is impassable and can only be expressed through the body. It is also said that after the observation, the guests on the shores of Shenzhen are very good at English, and the guests who come to Shanghai on the shore are very strong in purchasing, hahahaha. It is conceivable that the life on the cruise is much boring for them. Even if they can’t see their loved ones for a long time, they can only have fun. I asked him if he would go ashore after he arrived at the scenic spot. He said that there is time, but it is rare to apply to the boss and go shopping after going to Hong Kong. They managed 20 rooms in one room. The diligence of cleaning made me think that I installed a camera at the door. As soon as we got out of the door, we immediately came over to make a bed. During the trip, I saw the cabin attendants vacuuming the stairs from time to time, wiping them around the glass, and always smiling, and really praised them.
    There are many restaurants in Tianhai.There are two free ones, one is the Pujiang Hotel on the 5th and 6th floors, which is the place to eat dinner at night.
    Free Restaurant – Pujiang Hotel Restaurant
    Open hall
    Careful decoration
    Mediterranean beet
    Orange kiwi milk jelly
    One day, the menu of the Magic Hotel is really super interesting. The names of the dishes are all taken from the Chinese literary classics. It takes a lot of thought and looks at the picture below.
    Like this dish called Zhang Fei Xi Shi, it is preserved egg tofu. Did you think of the “indifferent paddy field egret” of Lagerstroemia, hahahaha.
    Boiled Three Kingdoms – Vegetable Mushroom Soup
    Chen Qiang old copper hammer chicken – honey sauce fried chicken wings haha
    Taoyuan Jieyi – Thai Coconut Milky Winter Soup
    Farewell My Concubine – Hainan Chicken Rice, this super super delicious
    Sweet two brothers – is the big pork chops
    Free Restaurant – Lido Buffet Restaurant
    There is also a Lido buffet restaurant on the 11th floor. This is the place to eat Chinese buffet. Sitting at the window, watching the blue waves and savoring food, it is a happy life.
    On the special ice cream area on the cruise, you can get a free ball for the mobile phone sweep.
    Food summary
    The food in Tianhai is generally satisfactory. Even if it is not good to taste, it is definitely higher than the level of home cooking. Especially the villagers like me who have been in the beautiful countryside for seven or eight years, I saw that there were lean meat porridge with salted duck eggs, red jujube yoghurt in the morning, and magical red meat in the evening. I was so excited. What is worth improving is that the type of hope can be enriched.
    Crystal Palace
    Magic all red meat
    Omelette, stick made every morning
    Paid Restaurant – Everlasting City Restaurant Hot Pot
    This time I also tasted a toll restaurant, the hot pot of the city that never sleeps, the evaluation is two words: delicious! The price of 25 knives, all kinds of beef and mutton, squid scallops to eat casually, also sent a lobster pp from Miami by air, really super large.
    The freshness of the ingredients is far more than I imagined, because it seems that a plate of self-service is not eye-catching, so I don’t have much hope, and I think the taste is generally the same. The result is the entrance, ha, beef and mutton are very fresh, at first glance, the ingredients are too good, how can you not get old, the squid ring is not as painful as it is sometimes eaten, but very Q bombs, other ingredients in each The mushroom and cheese mochi are also great.
    Other bars and restaurants
    Haha, chemical bottled wine, you can ~
    It is worth mentioning that this time there has never been a wait and congestion in the dining of the sea, and it is far from the imagination of my previous meal. In the hot time of the morning and noon, the waiters in the cafeteria are personally giving you a meal, orderly, avoiding looting and wasting, and the restaurant is serving fast, and the dining experience is far better than my two US cruises. It should benefit from the number of sailors on the sea.
    Tianhai’s intimacy is also reflected in all aspects. For example, in order to prevent disease, someone must hold a disposable hand sanitizer to disinfect you before entering the restaurant. The elevator also has a small bag to prevent you from seasickness.
    Kitchen tour
    I have always been very curious about the kitchen of the cruise ship. I want to make meals for thousands of people at the same time. What is the size of the kitchen? On the second day of the boat, there was a kitchen visit at 10 am, and of course I attended on time.
    Culinary appreciation
    At the end of the visit, there was a live cooking show by a foreign chef, and the propaganda restaurant on board was promoted. Red wine crepes, butter and lobster, the production process is very windy, you can also taste it after you finish it.
    The most impressive thing about Tianhai Cruises is the wonderful show at the Magic Capital Theatre every night. Li Qian, the entertainment director of the ship, has a group of cadres, including a dance team from England, a Malaysian three-person singing team, and four right-handed assistants, responsible for all the game hosting gags, and special guests every day. . The big show at night and the localization of the game are very good. They are all forms of performance that Chinese audiences like to see. The actors are very high-level and want to give a big compliment.
    On the first night, it was a hot song and dance performance. The dancers from England all wore a small motor, and they jumped on the stage. The youth was full of youth, and it didn’t hurt at all. I thought I learned to dance. After that, it will be uncomfortable to move every day. More than an hour to perform the classic dances of the world, including tap dance, flamenco, etc., and the music of the most dazzling national style sounded, the audience burst high. Looking at the blond girl guys dressed in cheongsam horses singing and dancing, there is a huge joy.
    The next night, it was my favorite show, magic show. This magician has won a grand prize, not only the magic is good, but also a good hand, it is a double plus of magic and humor. The key is that every magic has invited the audience to perform together, the audience you know, all kinds of naughty, difficult to control. . . I specially picked the first row and looked at it carefully. As a result, I still didn’t see anything. . . A table, covered with a tablecloth, floated up, could not see the line, and the classic escape of 1888, clearly a perfect lock, the magician’s hand is free to go.
    On the third night, the Golden Clown Award winner from France performed acrobatics. The young man was able to bear the extraordinary ability to play five balls. The dancers on the shoulders of the ballet made us feel the power and beauty.
    Activity song
    In addition to the big show, there are various activities, Teresa Jun song will attract a lot of aunts excited, remote broadcast to my mother, she is naturally excited, these experiences are impossible to obtain on overseas cruises.
    In the middle of the night, the first classic song of the cruise atrium, so that everyone’s body can not help but swing, the music is really magical, so that everyone is smiling, passionate, let me feel “pattern The stars who dance in the “Sisters”, it is really involuntary to dance in a word. Suddenly a thought arises, the child should learn to dance, and the small universe that bursts in the body will make the whole life cheerful.
    Every time I go to the cruise, I will try my best. Of course, I only have slot machines. I can’t afford to go to the table. . . In order to attract everyone to the casino, the free slot machine vouchers will be issued the next morning. Of course, the free ones can’t be missed. I didn’t expect to throw in five knives. In a few seconds, the machine was taken as a pawn, and then fifty knives came out. Ha, the most earned one is actually a free chip. Of course, the most important thing for a casino is to accept it. The result of a love war is obedience.
    Tianhai’s shopping is very rich, from cosmetics to bags, to Japanese snacks, to electrical appliances, tax-free, and the price is OK, check Shiseido facial cleanser, and the price of Japan Amazon is similar. On the last day, everyone obviously didn’t buy enough on the shore, and the store was really popular.

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