love story in Shaoxing city

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Shen Yuan: Lu You’s Love Tragedy
    I am not hungry for worrying about the country – Lu Fang Wen Qiren
    The general trend of the world, the long-term must be divided, the long-term must be combined, the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, the Golden Army captured the Jingjing, Shenzhou Lu Shen. At this time, Song Gaozong Zhao Zhe established the Southern Song Dynasty in Lin’an. During this period, countless heroes and children emerged on the land of China. And our story today begins with the experience of a poet Lu You.
    Lu You, the word view, the number of people, Shaoxing people, is the grandson of Wu County, the founding father of the Northern Song Dynasty, and the right-hander of the Shangshu. Lu You’s life was bumpy, and he was born just when the Northern Song Dynasty died. When he was a teenager, he was deeply influenced by family patriotism.
    After the establishment of the Southern Song Dynasty, he had participated in the examination of the Ministry of Rites, and his career was not smooth due to the exclusion of Qin. After Song Xiaozong was in the throne, he was given a scholarship. Because he persisted in resisting gold, he was repeatedly rejected by the Lord and the Party. In his later years, Lu You lived in Shanyin for a long time. When he died, he left the pen poem “Shower”.
    Second, the tragedy created by the times – the love between Lu You and Tang Yin
    In the Song dynasty Chen Yu’s “Old Continuation”, Liu Kezhuang’s “Post Village Poetry Sequel” and the careful “Qidong Wild Language” three biographies have recorded a common story, that is, Lu You and his cousin Tang Yan’s love tragedy.
    It is said that at the beginning of Lu You’s, he was a cousin’s wife, Tang’s wife, and the couple’s love, but because Tang’s has not been pregnant, Lu’s mother is currently very unhappy. Subsequently, Lu You’s mother intimidated Lu You and Tang Yan’s divorce. Lu You was married to Wang’s heart and married Wang’s wife. Tang Yan was also forced to marry the Zhao’s relative Zhao Shicheng in the same county.
    After more than ten years of divorce, one day Lu Youchun tour, encountering the Tang and his wife in Shen Yuan, and seeing the loving couple, Lu You’s sadness, inscribed on the wall of Shen Yuan the famous “Shantou Feng” words: “Red crisp hand, Huang Teng wine, Mancheng spring palace wall willow. Dongfeng evil, happy, thin, a few years away from the cable. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Spring is old, people are thin, tears are red Peach. The peach blossoms fall, the leisure pool pavilion, although the mountain alliance is in the Jinshu difficult to care. Mo, Mo, Mo!”.
    Later, Tang Yin unwittingly saw this word, feeling very sad, and also gave a “Shantou Feng” according to the law: “The world is thin, people are evil, the rain gives the dusk flowers easy to fall. Xiaofeng dry, tears and debris, desire笺 笺 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , “.
    This time, it caused a great impact on Tang Yin, and then died in depression. After hearing this news, Lu You was very painful. Later, he repeatedly wrote poems to write about the time when he and Tang Yan met in Shenyuan. Shen Yuan also had a long-standing reputation.
    Third, passionate should laugh at me – Shen Yuanyi dream
    The well-known Shenyuan is located in Chunboong, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, and has a history of more than 800 years. Shenyuan, also known as “Shen’s Garden”, was a private garden of a wealthy surname in the Southern Song Dynasty. It was built in the Song Dynasty. It was very large at the time, covering an area of ​​70 acres. In addition, Shenyuan is also the only Song Dynasty garden preserved in many classical gardens in Shaoxing.
    Shenyuan is divided into three parts: the historic area, the Dongyuan and the Nanyuan. The three courtyards are relatively independent, but each has its own characteristics. During the walk, my heart silently remembered the love story that happened here, and people can’t help but feel sad.
    Shaoxing is really a city about love. There are Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai in the past, and Lu You and Tang Yan in the back. The reason why people are superior to animals is probably because of people’s feelings.
     Lu Xun’s hometown: the spirit of inheritance
    First, the starting point of Lu Xun’s literature – Sanwei Bookstore
    In the late Shaoxing city of the Qing Dynasty, Sanwei Bookstore is the most famous private school in the area.A generation of writer Hao Xun from 12 to 17 years old is studying here.
    The Sanwei Bookstore is a small flower hall in the Sankai Room. It is the study room of the Shoujia, so the Sanwei Bookstore is part of the Shoujiatai Gate. Speaking of Sanwei Bookstore, you have to mention Mr. Shou Jingwu, Lu Xun. Shou Jingwu, Ming Huai Jian, and Zi Jing Wu, is a scholarly scholar. He is good at character, straightforward in character, serious in teaching, and disgusted with his life. Since he was a scholar, he has stopped taking the test. He has been a teacher for life. It is said that he once said to Lu Xun: “Zhou Shuren, I hope you continue to work hard.”
    It is said that Shou Jingwu has been teaching in the Sanwei Bookstore for 60 years. Today, the Sanwei Bookstore, from the building to the interior furnishings and the surrounding environment, basically maintains the original appearance of the year. The Sanwei Bookstore itself is about 35 square meters. The plaque of the “Sanwei Book House” is hung above the center. It is the title of the famous calligraphy writer Liang Tongshu of the Qing Dynasty.
    In his essay “From Herbs to Sanwei Book House”, Mr. Lu Xun wrote: “Going east, not in the first half, walking through a stone bridge, it is the home of my husband. From a black The bamboo door of the oil goes in, the third is the study room. There is a squat in the middle: Sanwei Bookstore…”
    Second, the “three flavors” meaning and the interesting things of Mr. Lu Xun
    After visiting the Sanwei Bookstore, many people may be curious. What do the three flavors in the Sanwei Bookstore mean? This point is not expressed in the work of Mr. Lu Xun. According to the tour guide, the three flavors refer to the three meanings of warm clothes, vegetable roots, and poetry.
    As everyone knows, cloth refers to the common people, cloth warm is to say that the people of Gan Dang, not to be an official to be a master. The vegetable root fragrance is satisfied with the rough tea and does not yearn for the enjoyment of the mountain and the sea. The long taste of poetry is to seriously understand the profound content of poetry, and thus gain a deep taste.
    In addition, it is said that Mr. Lu Xun’s seat is in the northeast corner of the Sanwei Bookstore study. A hardwood desk in the bookstore is the original used by Lu Xun. There is another anecdote about this desk: once Lu Xun was late for a reason, and was criticized by the gentleman, he engraved the word “early” in the upper right corner of the desk to encourage himself.
    3. Memories about Kong Yiji – Xianheng Hotel
    Qiuguandi, not far from Lu Xun’s former residence, is the famous century-old shop, Xianheng Hotel. This south-facing hotel has a strong description in Lu Xun’s novel Kong Yiji.
    According to historical records, during the Jiawu Period of the Qing Dynasty (AD 1894), Lu Xun’s uncle Zhou Zhongxiang and others opened a small hotel in the place of Duchangfangkou. They used the word “Xianheng” as the name of the store from the “Yi Chuan” of “Yi Jing. Kun Yu”, which contains the words “Xianheng”, which means that the hotel business is prosperous and prosperous.
    Entering the hotel, it seems to be in the novel. On the east side of the hotel, there is also a four-column tower-shaped signboard. The tower is tall and two-footed, with a roof and a raft, and a large “wine” is hung on the outside of the raft. The word is a very historical vicissitude. “When a bowl of mellow yellow wine, come to a dish of fennel beans,” the layout of the Xianheng Hotel is similar to the description in the novel. It is said that the “over-wine” (that is, the appetizer) in the restaurant is very pure. If it is leisure time, whether it is self-disciplined or about two or three wine lovers, it is an excellent choice.
     Gubei Courtyard: The inheritance of Shaoxing culture
    First, into Shaoxing – this Shaoxing you have never seen
    The long bridge bends, the ancient street is long, the small bridge flows around the people, and the winding and winding bluestone road reveals the unique vicissitudes of the ancient city. Whether it is the simple and elegant celebrity house, or the clear and transparent stream, it is full of people. Aura. This is Shaoxing, a historical and cultural city located in the northern part of Zhejiang Province.
    There is no doubt that Shaoxing is a historic city that has a long history and is weather-beaten. Whether it is Xiaoqiao Liushui, Shaoxing Yellow Wine, and Yue Opera, both famous Chinese and foreign, it is the first understanding of Shaoxing’s profound cultural heritage.
    When Jun came to see Shaoxing, everyone would like to sleep in the river. Please invite your friends to enter Shaoxing with the eagle to see a different Shaoxing ancient city.
    Second, different from the North – Shaoxing Lotus
    Lotus is a Chinese traditional rap and art. Basically, one person sings a story, and the lyrics use self-speaking and self-speaking in a narrative manner.
    According to historical records, the lotus flower originally originated from the “Shu Hua Le” in the late Tang and Five Dynasties of the Tang Dynasty. At that time, it was a war song that sang the propaganda of Buddhism. After the Song Dynasty, it began to be popular among the people. It was not until the Qing Emperor Qianlong that professional artists appeared.
    The Shaoxing Lotus Falls, before the founding of the country, more performances in rural or urban teahouses. Many of them are farmers and workers, and they are regarded as low-level and vulgar dramas. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the lotus flower gradually developed and became an art that was popular among the public.
    Third, the Chinese opera – Yue Opera
    Yue Opera is one of the five major Chinese operas. It ranks second among the five major operas and is also known as the “most widely spread local opera” or “the largest local opera drama”. In foreign countries, it is also known as “Chinese opera.”
    At the beginning, “Vietnamese drama” originated from “flooring sings”, and later called “women’s class” and “caotai class”. On September 17, 1925, it was first called “Vietnamese drama” in the “Report” advertisement.
    It is said that because of the initial time, most of the “Vietnamese drama” troupes and troupes have a wide variety of names. In 1939, Fan Dimin, a journalist of Ta Kung Pao, was inspired by Li Bai’s “Vietnamese Women” and considered that Shaoxing was the revival base of Yue Wang Gou Jiansheng’s lesson and defeated Wu Guo, and the birthplace of Yue Opera was one of Shaoguan. The name of the Yue opera, Yao Shuijuan, “I just want to sing more and more, the more I sing higher, the more I sing the farther away,” the rhetoric touched, and wrote the “Drama” written by Zhu Boxun, which was published as “Vietnamese”. The articles on motivation and meaning have been widely affirmed by the troupes and troupes in various places. From then on, the name of “Vietnamese Opera” was truly defined.
     Raiders, itinerary, and food, clothing, housing and transportation
    [about the itinerary]
    DAY1: Hangzhou → Shaoxing.
    Upon arrival, visit Shenyuan, the hometown of Lu Xun, and the ancient city north courtyard for dinner.
    Returning to Hangzhou early the next morning
    [About pre-departure preparation]
    1. Shaoxing is located in Zhejiang Province, and the temperature is suitable. Visitors from both the north and the south can accept the temperature here.
    2, if you are planning to stay here, it is recommended to book through the network in advance, it is quite convenient to order the hotel on the way.
    3, motion sickness medicine, cold medicine, these are the basic commonly used drugs, it is recommended to be prepared.
    4, ID card, wallet, camera battery should be viewed, especially the camera’s memory card, be sure to check, the province forget to bring.
    Great traffic: Shaoxing is very close to Hangzhou. If you come from Hangzhou, bus and high-speed rail and general express can be. It can be reached in an hour. Therefore, Hangzhou tourists can not live in Shaoxing, and return to the same day.
    Small traffic: Shaoxing’s small traffic is very convenient. There are buses that arrive at various scenic spots in the railway station. You can take a 1-2 yuan coin. As for taxis, Shaoxing taxis are a little cheaper than Hangzhou and are acceptable to normal people.
    When you arrive in a city, you must taste the unique food. Then you will briefly introduce the local dishes of Shaoxing. Shaoxing cuisine is a famous dish with rich water culture in the south of the Yangtze River. Shaoxing cuisine is made from freshwater fish, shrimp and fresh rivers, poultry and beans. It focuses on crispy and fragrant, raw soup juice, light oil and spicy sauce, and the fresh flavor is often used together with steamed food. It is accompanied by Shaoxing rice wine, which is unique in Shaoxing. It is sweet and sweet and has a long aftertaste.
    Anise beans, since coming to Shaoxing, this is essential. If you have seen Kong Yiji’s little friends, you should know that he likes this.
    This dessert is called Xiao Xiao Pan, an imported old Shaoxing snack. The traditional “small climb” is made from the upper house, eggs, miscellaneous grains, fruit pulp, etc., and the taste is very good. Here is purchased near Shenyuan, according to a friend, there is more authentic.

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