lucky! Ice and snow northeast!

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Watching snow is a luxury for the southerners. Although the winter in Changsha will be scattered with snow, it will never satisfy the feeling I want. There are snowflakes in the sky and snow blankets on the ground. The tree is covered in silver and it is white everywhere. It seems that these can only be seen from the textbook. Seeing the pictures sent by friends from Xuexiang, at the end of the year, not to the New Year, the off-season, the ticket was unbelievably cheap, so I decided to go with Mr. to go on a trip. We spent two nights preparing, I am mainly responsible for my own equipment, the husband is responsible for the travel agency, the hotel, the ticket ticket.
    About equipment:
    Dress: Set of Jackets Snow Boots Set of thermal underwear set (temporary enough to buy) Cashmere sweater one Qiuyi Qiuku Jacket Plus velvet hat and gloves (by colleague) Sunglasses Masks Bibs
    Medicine: Baoji Pill (our home essential medicine) cold medicine
    Other: Camera Selfie Stick Personal Care Products Mask
     Northeast, I am coming.
     For the first time, I took a long-distance flight and sat for more than five hours. In the middle, I stayed in Qingdao for more than 10 minutes.
    At 9:40 am on December 21, I left the house, took the subway, magnetic levitation, and finally arrived at the airport at 11:00 without delaying the check-in and passing the security check. At 12:30, the South Airline 320 took off on time and flew to Longjia Airport (Changchun City and Jilin City Shared Airport) in Jilin City, Jilin Province, and stopped in Qingdao for 30 minutes. Many people go to the northeast to play and choose to fly from Changsha to Harbin, but in that case, the ticket is worth more than two hundred yuan. China Southern Airlines had a good meal and made two meals. Arrive at Longjia Airport around 17:30 in the afternoon. It’s dark in the northeast, it’s dark around 16:30, and it’s about 30 minutes to get to the city of Jilin by the intercity train. The temperature is minus 15 degrees. It’s out of the station, the wind is biting, the road is thick with ice, and the streets are deserted. A few people. In the evening, the Hanting Hotel, which is owned by the China Housing Society, is not as good as a five-star hotel, but it is fast (no deposit, inspection), clean and warm. Settle down, prepare to eat, what to eat for the first meal in the Northeast? I decided to find a family in the public comment network. The result was a long-awaited iron pot stew. On the cold northeast night, I walked 2 kilometers on the snowy street and finally found it.
     Dinner in Jilin City – wok stew, a word “salty”
     When you first arrive in the Northeast, you must eat iron pot stew. The hotel is a double door. It is 20 degrees below the outside. It seems to be cold and clear. The house is really hot and red, and it is not suitable for more than 20 degrees. Two people consume nearly one hundred yuan, a large iron pot male fish head and noodles tofu, affordable, fresh fish, but more salty, simply did not finish.
     ready to go
    At 9 o’clock in the morning, at the entrance of the hotel, the congregation with the big forces, the tour guide Tang Cong, the northeast girl, young and beautiful, straightforward character. Let everyone call her “sugar candy”, group the whole car people into 8 families, we are the seventh, and give each visitor a “red scarf and 10 warm baby”.
     Vanke Ski Resort
    The ski area of ​​Vanke Songhua Lake Resort has a maximum drop of 605 meters. The snow field has 28 high-quality snow trails with a total length of 31 kilometers and a ski area of ​​151 hectares. The annual average snow and ice period is more than 150 days. The average snow thickness is about 1 meter. The snow quality is excellent. The skiing period is from mid-November to the end of March. Here we checked the ski once.
     Fully armed, helmets and glasses cost 70 yuan for rent.
     Sitting on the cable car, I met two handsome guys skiing, but unfortunately did not take pictures. Husband especially appreciates.
     In order to take care of the snow, it is also awkward!
     You can see that both of you are taking pictures with your mobile phone, self-portrait! !
     The first time I skied, it felt good. Skiing is a high-level outdoor sport. Now it has entered the life of ordinary people. It is just that this shoe can’t stand it. It took 30 minutes to take off your shoes.
     Dance is good
     In the northeast, ski resorts also need artificial snowmaking. Natural snow fluffy is not suitable for ski resorts.
     Erdaobaihe Town
    In an unknown farmhouse, I ate chicken and stewed mushrooms. The meal was 50 yuan per person. After lunch, I began to take a long road. After 4 hours, I arrived in the world’s 20 most beautiful cities. It is said to be ranked 13th (not verified, mostly blown) Erdaobaihe Town. Just don’t know where is Baihe Town?
     It’s already dark in the town, and the night scene is good.
     Two people in the northeast tunnel and another iron pot stew
     Northeast features: fish pot cakes and chicken stewed mushrooms
     There are also authentic northeast two people.
     Devil World – Photographer’s Paradise
     The day is still not bright, we went to the Changbai Mountain Devil Scenic Area in Hongfeng Village, Erdaobaihe Town. It is a paradise for photography lovers.
     Changbai Mountain is mostly volcanic ash, rich in nutrients, but too loose, the roots of trees are relatively shallow, occasionally storms, often uprooted.
     North slope of Changbai Mountain Scenic Area
    Changbai Mountain Scenic Area is located in the southeast of Jilin Province, adjacent to North Korea in the southeast. It is located on the north slope of Changbai Mountain, 34 kilometers away from Changbai Mountain and 65 kilometers away from the border of China and North Korea. The main peak of Baitou Mountain is named after white pumice and snow. The millennium snow covered Wannian pine, straight to the world’s first peak.
     85 yuan of the inverted train, boarded to the Tianchi, the ticket is a little expensive, but also worth, off-road performanceWell, the master has a good car skills, S sharp turn and speed climb, have the pleasure of riding a roller coaster, and also feel the feeling of climbing over the mountains, remember to fasten your seat belt!
     a list of small hills
    Tianchi is located at the top of the volcanic cone of the main peak of Changbai Mountain. It is the largest crater lake in China and the largest mountain lake in China. Surrounded by mountains, the master described it as a bad-tempered beauty, two-thirds of the year. Can’t see it, we are very fortunate, although the wind is big, a bit bitter, but still a glimpse of her beauty.
     The lake is already frozen and covered with a layer of snow.
     Volcanic rock is grayish
     Pointing Jiangshan
     China’s border guard post, here is the border line between China and North Korea, and the border guards are not afraid of the cold and guard the Chinese territory day and night.
     Beautiful ice waterfall
     Found a small hot spring
     Surrounded by snow and ice on the hills, the hot springs are full of heat and another view.
     What do you recognize when cooking hot springs?
     Boiled eggs are really different, the egg yolk is cooked, the protein is still thin, jelly-like, and the taste is really good.
     I realized the 30-yuan sled, which is similar to the pulley that my brother did when he was a child.
    About 2 o’clock in the downhill time, after returning to Erdaobaihe Town for lunch (again chicken stewed mushrooms, a large table dish) continue to take the bus to the next stop.
     Korean National Village – Hongqi Village
     National architectural style
     The first batch of national ecological villages of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Wanbao Town, Antu County, Jilin Province
     The difficult springboard became a sitting board.
     Staying at the Marriott International Hotel in Dunhua in the evening, the rooms are large, clean and clean. Opposite the hotel is the “Golden Ding Buddha” – the world’s tallest open-air sitting Buddha.
     Jingbo Lake – China’s largest and the world’s second largest mountain lake
     Jingbo Lake Ice Waterfall, commonly known as “hanging water building”, the ice waterfall is high hanging, like a curtain like a column, a thousand strange.
     Jingbo Lake has an area of ​​903 square kilometers and is rich in fishery resources. The annual icing period is 5 months and the ice thickness is more than 1 meter.
     Dog pulling hail
     The legendary snow circle is actually a transformation of used tires. It is easy to “drift” when the car is pulled.
     Sitting on the ice on the tractor, the front of the car is connected to the hail behind, the price is a bit expensive, 50 yuan one way.
     When I returned, I chose to walk, and there was snow on the ice.
     Jingbo Lake winter ice fishing, first of all by the experienced fishing head according to the color of the ice surface, after selecting the location, the ice eye is made on the ice surface, then the fisherman lays the net on the ice surface, and the net is in the ice Passing through, then gradually surrounding, and finally pulling the fishing net under the ice to the ice at the outlet, the fish caught will slowly be brought out of the ice with the net.
     The fisherman’s head is dressed in a white sheepskin, and after fishing, he starts fishing. This is the biggest fish – male fish.
     Watching a winter catch in an ice and snow environment is a rare opportunity for southerners.
     Artificial snowmaking, used to build snow castles.
     Too hungry, eat the first meal.
     China Snow Township, World Sharing
     The road to Xuexiang is more difficult. The road is covered with thick snow. The driver is cautious. It is estimated that there are more educations.
     Northeast Daxie – eDonkey (it is said to be worth a thousand dollars a night) looks more festive, we have a theory of sleeping position, and finally the mother to help us solve, pay attention to adjust the temperature.
     Snow Town, the world of snow, suddenly introduced us into a snowy, vast and innocent silver world, we are here.
     Dream home
     The fairy tale world is still a fairyland on earth?
     The white snow mushroom and the red lanterns complement each other and bring us into a fairy tale world. It is like a fairyland on earth. It is like a dream. It is beautiful to hold your breath, and you can’t bear to touch. The snow on the roof is layered and stacked. It is beautiful and beautiful.
     A good word is worth it.
     Fairy tale world
     Fairy tale world
     Fairy tale world
     Tickets for Dream Homes are a bit expensive, 200 yuan, two people can turn programs, one and a half hours, the real life is really a bit, the actors perform very hard, this thin guy’s steel lock throat – real Kung Fu
     When it was too cold, the tour guide changed our dinner to a buffet hot pot, and the dishes were full. I didn’t expect to enjoy such a authentic Sichuan hot pot in the northernmost part of China. (We are wearing sugar candy guides.)
     Early morning in XuexiangDay 5 (Sunny Day): In the early morning, under the sunlight, the snow and red lanterns everywhere, as well as the thick snow on the roof and the faint smoke, make the whole snowy dress more beautiful and charming.
     The beauty of Xuexiang is in the early morning, in the quiet, in the noise, in front of your eyes, in your dreams, it is necessary to slowly experience and feel with your heart. Maybe in another 10 or 20 years, I will bring my family to come and feel the beauty that nature has given us.
     Snow Valley, Big Bald Mountain
    Leaving Xuexiang, we drove to the Dabiaodingzi Mountain on the southeast side of Wuchang City in Heilongjiang Province. You can see the distant scenery along the way. The pine trees in the long forest are covered with white trees, which are very beautiful. At the same time, we also thoroughly felt the thrill of the road.
     Snowmobiles are dangerous and stimulating
     Vehicles over the mountains – off-road vehicles + snowmobiles, 280 yuan per person. First take the off-road vehicle to reach the motorcycle trail, the second is the snowmobile. This is a long journey. The motorcycle is shuttled in the jungle. It is fast, hat gloves and masks are necessary for the jacket, otherwise you will freeze. Popsicles.
     At the top of the mountain, the silver is wrapped up, the scenery is everywhere, the white snow and the blue sky complement each other, and the fog of the ground is more crystal clear under the sunlight.
     There is really so deep snow, no exaggeration!
     The branches are all dyed silver in snow, just like the ice made, so hanging in the sky
     The two enthusiastic little sisters taught us to shoot the fog, the effect is really good, just because it is too cold, the original one-and-a-half-hour trip is over an hour. When the snowmobile goes down the mountain, we know that we are the least afraid of freezing. of.
     Harbin under the night
     It took more than 6 o’clock to drive to Harbin after 5 hours of Chinese food. Because it was not with the group, we couldn’t have time to enjoy the night view of the central street, and unloaded the luggage and went straight to the world of ice and snow.
     Legendary ice lights, ice and snow gardens, fantasy world
     Ice and snow
     The beauty of ice sculpture is not only simple beauty, but also shows the artist’s fine craftsmanship. They use wisdom and skill to paint a magnificent picture and bring endless joy to people.
     Gogol Bookstore
     China’s most beautiful bookstore – Gogol Bookstore, it doesn’t look from the outside, but it is a completely different world after opening the door. The bookstore is divided into three floors. The first floor is the aisle. The second and third floors are bookstores. The overall color and decoration are particularly warm and literary.
     Songhua River
     When you arrive in Harbin, you must go to the Songhua River. The snowy white surface has become a good place for people to entertain. Although the sun is shining, it is chilly.
     Gyro on the river
     Daytime ice lights
     Ice dog
     Central Avenue
     Sugar-coated haws
     The old chef’s pot wrapped meat, the Tang dynasty meat in Harbin’s mind, sweet and sour, and the outside is tender.
     Martell ice lolly, latte
     Maddale Cold Drinks
     Harbin Railway Station
     Shenyang Middle Street
     Arrive in Shenyang around 7:00 in the evening, find the place to live, hurriedly put down the luggage, walk 10 minutes to the Liu Laogen stage to watch the show.
     In the evening, the main actors are the apprentices of Zhao Benshan. The famous one is Wen Song, and the others are not remembered.
     Former Residence of Zhang Xueliang, Shenyang
     Tiger Hall – Killing Changyin, Yang Yu’s place.
     Deciding the silver dollar of life and death
     Miss Zhao Si’s boudoir
     Shenyang Imperial Palace
    Before the Qing Dynasty entered the customs, its palace was located in Shenyang. After moving to Beijing, the palace was called the “Public Palace” and “Liudu Palace”. Later it was called the Shenyang Imperial Palace. Compared to the Forbidden City in Beijing, it is far worse. In 1900, the Russian invading army entered Shenyang City, and the Shenyang Imperial Palace was also the site of the Cossacks. During the two-and-a-half-year period occupied by Russian soldiers, the Shenyang Imperial Palace lost and damaged more than 10,000 pieces. At the end of 1913, the Beiyang government decided to establish an “Antiquities Exhibition Center.” Therefore, the Beiyang government ordered the transfer of the Qing Dynasty palace cultural relics from the Fengtian Palace and the Rehe Palace to the capital. The Shenyang Imperial Palace has completely become an empty “Guanghan Palace.”
    Ten Wangting
     Ten Wangting
     Dazheng Palace
     Dazheng Palace
     Phoenix Building
     Full garden spring cake
     A good spring garden
     go to the airport
     Take the tram to the airport at 5:00 pm and end the pleasant journey.
     Finally went home
    Along the way, we are always lucky to accompany us, and we met the good weather. Let us see the mysterious Changbai Mountain Tianchi. The Tianchi is 2670 meters above sea level. Can see the true purpose of the Tianchi, the three are just one of them, lucky Changbai Mountain. I met a beautiful and enthusiastic guide, Xiaoguliang, and the tour was particularly smooth. The travel companions from the same place came from Tiannanhaibei. They were very kind and good friends. We became good friends in a few days. The plane was not late, the train was on time, and the old driver of the coach was very safe in safety. There was no accident on the road. We are fortunate to come to the Northeast is lucky.
    This is the first time since my son went to school, he left him at home and gave it to his grandparents. We both went on a trip. In fact, when I started school, I expected the two children (prostitutes) to go to the northeast to watch the snow together. At the end of November, both of us took a vacation. My husband also wanted to go. I thought about letting go of the winter vacation, or I refused. This time, it was because I saw the photos that my colleagues had sent back. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist the temptation, so I came to a trip that said I’m leaving. Although we both eat, drink and play outside every day, Grandma is a teacher to study, grandfather manages life, no problem at all, but still a reporter’s son, always feel that he can’t help him. Seven days of travel, saying that the length is not long, short and short, although the northeast is cold, but we always feel warm. First of all, her husband made careful arrangements on the itinerary, including consideration of food and accommodation, and no unpleasant things happened along the way. Secondly, the whole team, especially our sugar candy guide and driver brother, always remind us to prevent cold and freeze, eat and wear warm, pay attention to safety. We played, watched, ate, and spent money, but the money was spent on the blade. The only downside is that there are a lot of food and beauty without taking pictures. There is no way to take pictures in the travels. I will take pictures when I go out for a trip. I will keep writing notes. When we are old, we will sit down and slowly remember.

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