Mountain and sea illusion

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This travel is longer, it is recommended to read under wifi, local tyrants!
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    Xixiakou Village is located in Rongcheng, Weihai. It is a well-known Xiaokang Village in China. It is a village where enterprises and enterprises are integrated and enterprise management is implemented. In recent years, Xixiakou has successively invested in the development of six scenic spots: Chengshantou, Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park, Haitang Island, Furu Donghai, Futongtianhe Paradise and Motianling. The six scenic spots include folk performances, fireworks, fountains, water curtain movies, floating restaurants and many other entertainment and participation projects. Today’s Xixiakou is an ideal destination for a summer vacation.
    1 DAY: Qingdao – Weihai – Xixiakou – Summer Villa
    2 DAY: Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park – Chengshantou – Jinshiwan Art Hotel
    3 DAY: Haitang Island – Motianling – Boxia Mountain Villa – Weihai – Qingdao
    Weihai Xixiakou Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park
    Attraction Address: Xixiakou, Chengshan Town, Rongcheng, Weihai, Shandong, China Map
    Opening hours: 7:50-17:30
    Tickets: Adult tickets 150 yuan Online shopping has a discount
    Same-time ticket online shopping link:
    Preferential policy
    1. Persons with disabilities (by disability certificate), active servicemen (by soldier’s card), 60 years old (inclusive) – 69 years old (including) elderly (by age card or ID card), 1.2 meters (inclusive) – 1.4 meters (not Including children can enjoy the ticket discount, the specific preferential price for the scenic hotline: 0631-7834888.
    2, 1.2 meters (excluding) the following children, 70 years old (including) older people (by age card or ID card), revolutionary disabled soldiers (by disabled military card), journalists (by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued a press card ) Tickets are free, and all free tickets must be purchased in the scenic spot to enter the park.
    Chengshantou AAAA Scenic Area
    Attraction Address: Chengshantou Scenic Spot, Chengshan Town, Rongcheng City, Weihai, Shandong Province Map
    Opening hours: 7:30-18:00
    Tickets: Adult tickets 170 yuan Online shopping has a discount
    Same-time ticket online shopping link:
    Preferential policy
    Preferential policy
    1. Active military personnel (by soldier’s card), 60 years old (inclusive) – 69 years old (including) elderly (by age card or ID card), 1.2 meters (inclusive) – 1.4 meters (excluding) children can enjoy the ticket discount. For the specific preferential price, please contact the scenic hotline: 0631-7834888.
    2, 1.2 meters (excluding) the following children, 70 years old (including) older people (by age card or ID card) can enjoy free tickets, all free tickets need to buy insurance tickets in the scenic spot to enter the park.
    3. During the Women’s Day of March 8th, the scenic spot launched a preferential policy for female users. For specific preferential prices, please contact the scenic hotline: 0631-7834888.
    Rain God Hades: landscape photographer, time-lapse photographer, traveler, freelance writer. Running all the year round, just looking for the most beautiful moment! The net name is Hades (meaning Hades Hades), and it has been named Rainy because it has been raining for many years.
    Camera: Canon 5D SR
    Lens: Canon 50 1.2 L, Canon 8-15 4 L, Canon 16-35 2.8 L III, Canon 24-70 2.8 L II, Canon 70-200 2.8 L II
    Auxiliary equipment: carbon fiber tripod, notebook, mobile hard disk, strong head light, laser pointer, card reader, SD card, charger
    1. Weihai is located in the Shandong Peninsula, bordering Yantai in the north and Qingdao in the south. Weihai Airport is small and the number of flights is limited. You can choose to fly to Yantai or Qingdao to transfer again.
    2, Weihai is far away from Jinan, high-speed rail takes 3-4 hours, Weifang, Qingdao, Yantai high-speed rail to Weihai drive within 2 hours;
    3. Xixiakou is located in Rongcheng, but it is closer to the high-speed railway Weihai Station. It is far from the high-speed railway Rongcheng Station, and there are relatively many vehicles to and from Weihai Station.
    4, Xixiakou in summer is sunny, strong sunshine, sea breeze and sunshine is easy to make the skin black and red, so outdoor activities must do a good job of sun protection;
    5. There are many fogs in the summer and evening in the summer. It is very cautious to drive in heavy fog. There are many military areas around Xixiakou. Don’t be familiar with the road sections and don’t easily drive in to avoid misunderstanding;
    6. There are more mosquitoes in the seaside in summer, especially in the evening, be sure to prepare for mosquito and insect prevention;
    7. The Shendragon Mountain Wildlife Park is very large. It is more cramped to visit in the morning. It is recommended to reserve a full day to play more fully and enjoyably;
    8. There are many seabirds living on Haitang Island. Every year, the seabirds spawning season, in order to protect the seabirds, Haitang Island is forbidden to board the island. Visitors who want to go to the island should pay attention to the time of the island;
    9. During the closure of Haitang Island, tourists can still take a passenger or a speedboat to visit the island around Haitang Island, and they can also feed seabirds normally;
    10, Xixiakou is rich in seafood, summer is also the peak season for seafood products. When eating seafood, you should pay more attention to the freshness of seafood. Do not eat long-term or fresh seafood, so as not to cause diarrhea.
    I have been to Weihai many times, and every time I have friends and I recommend Xixiakou, because there is Chengshantou, because there is Haishu Island, because the atmosphere is full of aura.
    In the midsummer, I finally have the opportunity to set foot on the end of this sea and see the magic and grandeur of this sea of ​​mountains!
    Xixiakou’s three words can be described as famous. Before I came, I thought that these three words were the names of the scenic spots. After I came, I found myself wrong!
    It turns out that Xixiakou is the name of a village. Because of the rich tourism resources in the village, the village-run tourism company was established very early, and the tourism resources in the village were developed in unison. There are 6 scenic spots in Xixiakou Village, namely Chengshantou, Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park, Haitang Island, Furu Donghai, Futongtianhe Paradise and Motianling.
    Today’s Xixiakou Village is already a well-known Xiaokang Village in the country. Because the people are rich, here has reached a harmonious state of “the night is not closed, the road is not picked up.” Living in a villa by the sea, you don’t have to close the door at night, and the safe environment makes it easier to travel.
    Living in a summer house, standing on the balcony, you can overlook the Fuhai East Sea, and watch the group of giant statues appear in the clouds, and the fairy is full of dreams. When the weather is fine, you can go down to the beach, pick up the sea, and walk along the plank road to slowly enjoy the sculpture.
    The Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park in Xixiakou can be said to be a very special zoo. There are not only many kinds of animals, but also rare species. The most important thing is that the zoo is big enough and fun enough for children to laugh and play all day!
    Once you enter the Shendiao Mountain Zoo, it is the beast area. This kind of design is both domineering and straight to the subject, which can not help but make people instantly squirt.
    From the domineering Siberian tiger, toThe white tiger like a white snow, and the golden tiger of the golden tiger Bengal tiger, the tenants in the beast area are not only pretentious, but also cherish endangered. Especially the so many kinds of tigers gathered in a zoo, it is rare.
    In nature, tigers and lions cannot be neighbors, and here, tigers can not only be neighbors with African lions, but also walk with jaguars.
    Someone has to ask, the tiger and the lion are both neighbors. Can you come out and play the next king? This is too likely! In the beastly area of ​​the Shenzong Mountain Wildlife Park, the love crystal of the lion and the tiger is lived – the lion and the tiger.
    The lion and tiger beast is a descendant of the male lion and the female tiger. It looks like a lion, but has a tiger pattern on the body. The probability of a lion and a tiger falling in love is extremely low, only 1% to 2%. The survival rate of the young beast is only about one-fifth. At present, there are only about 20 tiger beasts in the world, and here you can see three lions and tigers at the same time! Single lion and tiger beast, this ticket is worth it!
    Clouded leopards, cougars, and wolves that look like Mickey Mouse, the animals in the beastly area have both fierce and wild side, as well as lovely relatives. Walking here, I saw the strangeness, and I learned the awe.
    Do not think that the beast area is the climax of the whole park, in fact, more exciting is still behind! In the Shenzong Mountain Wildlife Park, it is said that there are rare animals and animals around the world. The Australian animals such as crickets, ostriches, and kangaroos seem to have become accustomed to it, but the crickets of the American crickets are just too unexpected!
    Do you think you are an alpaca? Wrong, this is a sheepThe old ancestral camel of camel. The llama is a docile herbivore that belongs to the camelid family and has four subspecies. It is a wild ancestor of domestic camels and alpacas. They have lived in the “Torres del Paine” National Park in southern Chile for thousands of years, while in other places their fate is not optimistic. The camel is a wild camel that lives in groups. The camel includes a main male, several females and their camels. Mainly grazing, the original camel hair texture is excellent, feels very good. They are mainly distributed in Genyan, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and other places.
    This kind of sheep is called strange, and the correct name should be called a multi-horn sheep. The two horned sheep are everywhere, and the four-horned sheep are afraid that few people know it, let alone see it. This multi-horn sheep is produced in the Bayinbulak grassland in southern Xinjiang, China. It was once an ancient species of herdsmen’s large-scale population farming, but with the introduction of high-yield new varieties, it has gradually eliminated extinction. Only a few genes exist in the existing flock, and occasionally one or two are rare and precious. These multi-horned sheep were found in the Shendiao Mountain Zoo for two years in the Babayin Brooks Prairie.
    A variety of primates can be described as rich in variety, and they can’t be photographed all the way. The weird mountains, the chimpanzees of all kinds of treasures, the red-haired chimpanzees… I feel that these circles are not animals, but the piles of expression packs.
    The bears holding the thighs of the breeder, the little raccoons in the dark circles, and the little pandas who are struggling, the reality of the cute pets is to let the tourists move, even if the heat is hot, they can watch them for a long time!
    There are many interactive areas in the zoo, and children and friends can get close to some non-aggressive animals. I personally give my favorite Mengbao a meal, and my heart will be germinated.
    The yellow-billed storks are distributed in the rivers, lakes and shoal areas of the African continent and Madagascar. They are paired or small group activities and are daily scorpions. It mainly collects fish, frogs, reptiles, crustaceans and insects. It is distributed in the rivers, lakes and tidal flats of the African continent and Madagascar. It is a pair of or small group activities. It is a daily scorpion. It mainly feeds on fish, frogs, reptiles, crustaceans and insects, and occasionally eats aquatic plants. , occasionally eating aquatic plants.
    Guanhe is also known as Dai Hehe. It belongs to the genus Helicoptera. Elegant and feathery, it is a precious ornamental bird in the zoo. The crane is mainly produced in Senegal, West Africa, to Nigeria in Central Africa.
    The blue crane inhabits the hilly grassy marshes. Omnivorous, mainly feeding on insects, worms, small fish and other small animals. Distributed in southeastern and southern Africa.
    There is also a parrot garden in the garden. Although you need to pay an extra 30 yuan ticket to enter, but really recommend it. After entering the door, everyone will get a dish of bird food. When you pick up the dishes, the parrots will fly in with enthusiasm. It is so close and exciting.
    The dinosaur hall is also very good, the area is not large, but the dinosaurs inside will not only call for various realistic movements.The atmosphere is very good. This dinosaur is called Amagaron. It can live up to 12 meters in length and survived in the early days of the White Moh, mainly in the Argentine and Amag River basins. This is a very strange lizard dinosaur with two rows of hairy long thorns on the back, but still do not know what its purpose is.
    After the dinosaur pavilion, there are large areas outside the area where animals such as alpacas and dwarfs are kept. Fans of grass mud horses can enjoy the close contact with these honest guys here.
    I saw the active little panda in front, the national treasure giant panda in front of me, this time is a lazy lunch break.
    Close to a large area of ​​the sea, sparse vegetation, dry land, needless to say, we have arrived in the African region. It is home to a variety of large African animals, friendly and gentle, and every time you eat, you can cheer everyone.
    The fine-tailed pheasant is the cat python that we usually say, also called the gray raccoon, the island cat cockroach. The prototype of the cartoon “Lion King” is the fine-tailed pheasant, which actually lives only in the open plains and rocky areas of Angola, Namibia, Bobotswana and South Africa in southern Africa. The pelican likes to eat insects, and sometimes eats small lizards, plants and bird eggs. The largest of them has a total length of only 50 cm and a weight of no more than one kilogram.
    The ear fox is commonly known as the “big ear fox” and “desert fox”. Mainly living in the arid deserts of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. With the ability to dig a hole, the running speed is also very fast. They are small in size, weigh 2-3 kg, and the ears are more than 15 cm. The strange appearance of the auricle fox is to survive. Their large ears are as sensitive as radar, capturing the tiny sounds of insects, lizards, and hares.
    Hahaha, in the nursery, I met a cute white tiger baby! The little tiger is the real tiger head, the hair is soft, the temperament is mild, it is so cute! Decisive photo!
    Before coming, my friends who came here told me that the aquarium of the Shenzong Mountain Safari Park is different from all the zoos, because the aquarium here is really connected to the sea. Seeing is believing, it’s not true, it’s really open!
    Among these pools connected to the ocean, there are various sea lion seals and large whales. The design of the Unicom with the Ocean has turned the aquarium into a real aquarium, allowing visitors to experience the life of marine animals more immersively.
    The Shendiao Mountain Zoo went to the afternoon and hurriedly walked around. The lunch time was already after 2 pm. So if you want to have fun, you must give the zoo a whole day of play time!
    Exclusive sea view villas have full cooking utensils. The butcher’s seafood market, which is not far from the morning, buys the freshest ingredients for us. After simple cooking, it will stimulate the most delicious taste.
    Black fish, oysters, conch, sea anemone, sea rainbow, all kinds of delicious seafood are full of tables, minutes to forget the tired, hot to eat!
    Good weather, good afternoon, we went to Xixiakou’s most famous Chengshantou to see Haitian Shengjing.
    When it comes to Cheng Shantou, you can’t help but say Qin Shihuang. Qin Shihuang once visited this place twice in the past, repairing the bridge and seeking medicine for immortality.
    There is the Shimao Temple in the foot of the mountain. In the Qing Daoguang “Rongcheng County”, it is the Qin Palace. The local folk custom called it the First Emperor Temple. This is the oldest one in the history of Chengshantou. It is also the only remaining in China. A special commemoration of the “Emperor of the Ages” Qin Shihuang.
    Chengshantou is known as the “good luck corner of China” and is known as the “Southern End of the World, and the East is Fuhai”. Chengshan heads a dragon that sucks the sea, and stretches to the east of the sea, straight ahead of the island of Taiwan, 68 points. You can watch the magnificent Eastern Sunrise here in the morning.
    “Suddenly there are fairy mountains at sea, mountains are in vain!” If you don’t see it with your own eyes, the fairy tales in the poems are only in poetry! Ascending the Chengshantou of Xixiakou, the huge rocks are towering, the sea is covered with mist, and the distant mountain islands are hidden, which perfectly fits the portrayal. This piece of Qin Huang Hanwu has worshipped the hills, and it really deserves its name!
    The natural eroded landforms of the Chengshantou and the natural relics such as the red sapphire layer are highly valued by geologists at home and abroad and have valuable geological research value.
    Recently, a seaweed song on the Internet is very hot. While being brainwashed by seaweed songs and seaweed dance, I don’t know if you have heard of seaweed houses.
    The fascinating but fairy-tale house in front of the house is a unique seagrass house. As the name implies, the seagrass house is a house built with seaweed. It is said that the roof of this seaweed house does not absorb water and does not rot, and can not be replaced for about 100 years. Nowadays, the craft of building and making seagrass houses has gradually disappeared and has been listed as a non-legacy protection.
    The stretch of reef coast, coupled with the unique ancient seaweed house, the sunset of Jinshiwan can be said to be a fairy tale in reality, the world in fairy tales!
    In the world, only beauty and food can not live up to! The view from the window is intoxicating and the window is delicious and enticing. Another wave of fresh seafood, this time we put on the cooking method, lock the fresh juice, and enjoy the seafood dinner again!
    The fine weather is best for the sea. From the pier to Haitang Island, there are two choices of big ships and speedboats. At the moment the ship sailed out of the dock, the greedy seagulls followed, chasing the ship all the way.
    The big ship is more stable than the speedboat, and the play time is relatively longer, attracting more seabirds. However, the speedboat is passionate and can be in closer contact with the seagulls. Both boats have their own merits and are worth a try.
    For Xixiakou Haitang Island, it has long been known. This small island is known as the “hometown of Chinese black-tailed gulls”, which is home to a large number of black-tailed gulls and various seabirds.
    When you get close to the island by boat, you will be attracted by many seabirds. The scenery is spectacular! Island rock formations, like mysterious islands in science fiction movies, mysterious dreams!
    Returning to the sea, we will take the cable car and overlook Xixiakou from a high altitude. On one side of the sea, while ploughing the fields, the ropeway leading to the Ferris Ridge is soothing and comfortable.
    “Motianling” is surrounded by the sea on three sides, which is the result of the drift of the mainland hundreds of millions of years ago. Motianling used to be an ancient battlefield. When the anti-smashing hero Qi Jiguang once personally commanded the Ming army to fight, the two sides fought a whole night, and the hustle and bustle of the Yellow Sea formation was completely wiped out. Today, Motianling still stands the bronze statue of Qi Jiguang.
    A good trip always ends. The good times in Xixiakou for three days are fleeting. Here, the sky is blue and the sea is covered with mist. The products here are rich, the stories are numerous, and it is delicious. Finally, let us make a successful conclusion to the Xixiakou trip in the hearty seafood dinner at Boxia Mountain Villa.
    Looking forward to seeing you next summer!

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