“Muilin Yangshuo” Miss Zhao, can you invite you to dance in the Yulong River?

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     [Looking at the beautiful sunset on the side of the Moon Hill in Yangshuo]
     [The most prosperous Yangshuo West Street in Yangshuo]
     [ Yangshuo The best Yulong River rafting]
     (Hands give me a hold… don’t ̄ω ̄=)
     [The small village of Yangshuo]
     [If you want to see a hot air balloon, you don’t have to go abroad.]
     [A must-see performance in a lifetime–Guilin’s ancient love]
     [Xiaozhong Ancient Town–Xingping Ancient Town]
     [Crossing the mountains and rivers, climbing the mountains and watching the sunset]
    【as well as. . . Let me miss the food of Yangshuo. . . Featured beer fish, Liuzhou snail powder, and especially special large mangoes]
    (This is a tasteful picture hahaha)
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    Day1: Tianjin Binhai Airport flew to Guilin Liangjiang Airport, then carpooled from Liangjiang Airport to Yangshuo. After staying at the hotel, rented a small electric motorcycle to stroll in Yangshuo, arrived at Yulonghe Wharf in the evening, and went to Yangshuo West Street to play.
    Day2: Go to the Yulong River for rafting in the morning. After the rafting, return to the B&B for a bath break. In the afternoon, go to the Yangshuo Yansha Aviation Sports Camp to take a hot air balloon. In the evening, go to the Guilin Ages Scenic Area to see Guilin.
    Day3: Sleep in the morning and pack your luggage. In the afternoon, ride a small electric motorcycle to Xingping Ancient Town, then go to Xianggong Mountain to watch the sunset, then ride the small electric motorcycle to return to Yangshuo.
    Day4: Sleep in the morning to pack your luggage and prepare to return. Take a bus at Yangshuo Bus Station and go to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport to return to Tianjin.
    When I was in the New Year this year, I went to the North Sea with my parents. When I came back, I passed Guilin. But I was only passing by. I saw several hills in Guilin City. I hurried home after eating bowl of rice noodles. However, in my heart, I have already planted grass in Guilin. I have been looking forward to when I will come back to Guilin again. No, the university has finally taken off the list in four years and met the lovely Miss Zhao.
    That’s right, this is the food.
    After that, I have been planning a trip, and of course I want to come to Guilin. In the process of checking the Raiders, I learned that the most beautiful scenery in Guilin is in Yangshuo! Therefore, it was decided to start a lesson while avoiding a trip to the Mid-Autumn Festival.
    We bought a plane ticket, flying from Guilin in Tianjin in the morning, 500 people, still very cheap.
    After flying to Guilin, we took the bus to Yangshuo directly at Guilin Airport to Yangshuo, and attached a car schedule to Yangshuo.
    Of course, if there are too many people, you can call Didi or taxi. From the airport to Yangshuo, it is about 200 yuan. If you take a high-speed 40, you will pack it in. If it is 4 people sitting on the drip or renting the same price as the bus. And faster and more comfortable
    As a person who went out to play and stayed at the B&B, he would not be able to stay at the hotel. When searching for the hotel, he was directly attracted by this hotel, so he did not hesitate to book the American Star Sky Loft.
    We dripped to the hotel, just as soon as we arrived at the hotel, we exclaimed: the decoration is too good to watch it!
    The hotel is entirely decorated with dark green and brick red as the theme of the decoration, it looks really special retro, just like the little castle in the fairy tale (I would say that as a foodie, I first saw the first floor thought it was a pizza shop. Well)
    The photo in the hotel lobby is really super invincible and cool. It is easy to shoot a big red movie like ins on the ins, and the hotel window and lobby are filled with mango. For the mango lovers, it is not too Great, and the service of the hotel is also very good. Ice powder and white fungus soup will be provided every afternoon and evening. It is especially good. It is also carefully prepared Guilin rice noodles and nutritious meals.
    We stayed in the American Star Sky Loft, the room was divided into two floors, the first floor living room was really very spacious, and it was also equipped with a bathtub. It was decorated like a small attic castle. The sofa was particularly soft and there was a special one. Balcony
    The second floor is a very spacious bed. I like the room layout of this duplex loft structure. There is a big skylight on the ceiling and a starry sky at night.
    Then there is the washroom, the basin that especially likes the sink, feels a touch of exoticism, the hotel’s toiletries are also very full, shampoo and conditioner shower gel are also very good.
    There is also a conference hall on the first floor of the hotel, so you don’t have to worry if you are traveling in a team. If you have a small meeting, you can open it.
    Hotel Address: No. 93, Longyue Road, Yangshuo, go to Yangshuo West Street, Yulong River, Guilin Qiangu Scene Area are very close, and there are electric cars rented next to the hotel, there are many supermarkets and fruit, the traffic is particularly convenient Recommended, everyone must go to stay in advance to make a reservation, it is said that the occupancy rate of this home in August is 100% every day, must be booked in advance! Otherwise there is probably no room
    And if you want to know more about the hotel’s room, you can take a look at the small video I took. The hotels I usually go out to play are all very good.
    After checking in at the hotel, after a short break, we rented a small electric motorcycle at the hotel. In Yangshuo, if it is not a self-driving tour, the most convenient way to travel is of course to ride a small electric car. Electric cars, and there are places to rent electric cars everywhere in Yangshuo Street. The normal price is 40-50 yuan a day, and then pay 300 deposits or a student ID card ID card. These small electric cars are pretty good. Generally, as long as you don’t go out of Yangshuo City, a small electric car will not run out of electricity for a day. If you are going to ride to Xingping Ancient Town in Yangshuo, you must remember to bring the charger and then go to Xingping Ancient Town. Find a shop to charge the electric car, for at least 3 hours, or the remaining power may not come back. Xingping Ancient Town is 30km away from Yangshuo City.
    We rode a small electric car to the Moon Mountain Scenic Area because of the Moon Mountain Scenic Area.It was surrounded, and it was blocked by trees outside, and the line of sight was not very good, so we strolled around the Moon Mountain Scenic Area. This time because the sky was already a little red at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.
    The wildflowers on the roadside are also very beautiful.
    [Motor Woman] Do you know?
    On the edge of the Moon Mountain Scenic Area, there is the Julongtan Cave Scenic Area and the Big Banyan Scenic Area. Because we look at the time is too late, we don’t go shopping. If you have time to play, you may wish to visit it.
    After we couldn’t see the Moon Hill on the side of the road, we thought about changing the angle. We walked along the left side of the road next to the Moon Mountain Scenic Area. It is getting better and better to walk and walk, and we will forget the Moon Hill. Hahaha, came to a place we didn’t know what to call, but the scenery was especially beautiful. We stopped on a bridge. There were ducks raised by the villagers under the bridge. Below the bridge is a small stream that leads to the distance. The mountain is like an ink painting, so I quickly took out the camera and took a lot of videos and photos.
    Of course, I have not forgotten to take pictures of the lovely Miss Zhao.
    Although the sunset we found was particularly beautiful, because we were riding an electric car and there were no street lights in many places in Yangshuo, and the Moon Hill was still some distance away from the Yangshuo West Street we were going to at night, we did not wait for the sun to completely descend. I went to Xiangyang West Street, and on the way to West Street, we went to the Yulonghe Wharf, the Gongnong Bridge. When we ate the goods, Miss Zhao immediately stopped and was attracted by the big mango on the bridge.
    The mango here is only 5 yuan a pound, and it will also be cut and packed for you. It is especially delicious. For me, I love Mango Stars, it’s just a paradise, so I bought two boxes.
    Then we were eaten up by us immediately. It was so delicious. When we reacted and prepared to buy more boxes, people would have already left. It is estimated that they went home to eat.
    Then, for a while, Miss Zhao bought another bunch of fried fish. . .
    The taste of the fried fish is very good, the fish is very crisp and there is no thorn, the taste is very good and the taste is not bad. It is recommended to brush the pepper. We buy a string of 10 yuan, and a big 15 string, the price is very cheap. Now, know where to eat such cheap fish in Tianjin, then we will watch the sunset on the Gongnong Bridge and grill the fish.
    The other side of the sunset is also very nice.
    Calm river, perfect reflection, like a mirror
    After watching the sunset, we are still not completely black, and we are coming to the most prosperous and most famous commercial center in Yangshuo–Yangshuo West Street. There are many snacks and fun shops in Yangshuo West Street, which are similar to Chongqing’s magnets. Mouth, Furong Street in Jinan, Hubu Lane in Wuhan, every city seems to have such a street. There is also a Yitian West Street next to Yangshuo West Street. Yitian West Street was built later, but for those of us. It’s also called “Yangshuo West Street”, because it’s all about eating it anyway.
    There will be free performances in Yitian West Street, but there will be a fountain in the Yangxi Old West Street. The view is not very good. I don’t know if it is intended to lead people to Yitian West Street or for the program effect.
    Yangshuo Old West Street is actually very well decorated. Hanging a bunch of red lanterns is very festive.
    Yangshuo West Street also has many interesting small vendors selling some small jewelry items.
    Miss Zhao bought some nice little earrings at this silver jewelry booth.
    The other side is still very bright
    After a long walk, my stomach creaked, so I was ready to try Yangshuo, which is famous for its local specialties–beer fish. In fact, Yangshuo is selling beer fish everywhere. Miss Zhao and I chose a place in Yangshuo everywhere. There are chain stores of the master Fu Jin Award beer fish, there are also packages on the US group, very affordable
    We chose the master beer fish on the second floor of the West Street entrance, the package of 128 on the US group, a total of 4 dishes.
    1. Farmhouse fried meat, tastes good, slightly spicy, but we have more fat meat, I don’t like fat meat, I eat lean meat.
    2. Cold fungus, fungus is very fresh, cold salad is also delicious
    3, Master beer fish, strongly recommended, the taste of the fish is very good and very rich, and there are tomatoes in it is also very delicious, sour and spicy taste, personal feeling is perfect, after we have eaten a meal for this Beer fish hahaha
    4. Wowotou grandmother dish, Wowotou is very delicious, steamed very well, grandma dishes are also very good
    I recommend everyone to Yangshuo can try to master the master beer fish, personal feeling is still very good and very cheap, and in the Yangshuo branch, there are 20 basic 500m, the price is also quite cheap, the US group on a 128 The package is enough for 2-3 people to eat, and strong Amway gives everyone
    After that, we bought a cup of freshly squeezed mango juice on the way back. Sure enough, the mangoes of Yangshuo did not disappoint me. This is the freshest and best mango juice I have ever tasted, and only 6 yuan.
    After that, we went back to the hotel to rest, and recharge our batteries for the Yulong River drifting in the morning.
    The night before we booked a ticket for the next day in a omnipotent pig. We bought a single ticket for 147. A bamboo pole can sit for two people, so it is 294. I recommend everyone to rent a small electric car early. The car rides from Yangshuo City to Jinlongqiao Wharf, and then to the Jinlongqiao Wharf, someone will say that you can move your car to the end of your drifting. It seems to be 30 yuan or 20 yuan. Then ride the bike and enjoy the two sides of the road. After the idyllic scenery has arrived at the Jinlonghe Wharf, you can ride back to Yangshuo City.
    Because I took photos and enjoyed the scenery during the drifting process, I didn’t take too many photos. We chose a section from the Golden Dragon Bridge to the old county. It will probably float for more than an hour, and there will be seven bends on the way. There will be a significant drop when cornering, so there will be water splashing. It is recommended that you prepare a waterproof bag in advance to waterproof the phone or bring a few packs of toilet paper to wipe the water. Anyway, I have wet the pants and the clothes are wet. The camera also has water drops but it was wiped clean by me.
    Forgive my heavy taste palette. . . Mainly want to show that this water is especially green
    The water is also very clear and calm
    After that, let’s take a look at the photos taken by the mobile phone and wash your eyes!
    When I was drifting, it was very comfortable and very comfortable. The weather was very cool and there were umbrellas on the bamboo poles. I don’t have to worry about drying. Looking at the beautiful scenery on both sides, I was intoxicated.
    At the end of the drifting, taking pictures of the old county pier is also very beautiful, so this is the source of my cover map!
    When we were drifting for the first time, we were so bad because of the wetness of the body. After returning to Guilin, we took another hour to go to the old county dock to take a photo. The aerial photos above and the photos taken to Miss Zhao behind. It’s not taken that day, but I’ve written this one.
    Ms. Zhao took a bunch of beautiful photos.
    Love is still going to show
    The scenery of the old county pier is really great, the green lake is near, and the green mountain is in the distance.
    Of course, in the old county dock, in addition to using the camera to take a good look, the aerial photography is also good-looking. Originally, I just wanted to use the drone to take a photo of me and Miss Zhao. The result was unexpectedly found that the drone rose. Especially good-looking, so I took a lot of scenery photos again, I can’t help but sigh that these small villages in Yangshuo are as beautiful as painted.
    Next, a large wave of high-definition ultra-American Airlines photos came!
    After the morning drifting, I ate something again. It was already 2 o’clock when I returned to the hotel. I drifted very tired in the morning, so I decided to take a nap for a small sleep. I didn’t expect to sleep directly to 4 o’clock. I thought about going to the Yansha Air Sports Base in Yangshuo this afternoon to take a hot air balloon, so I rushed to book the hot air balloon experience at Yansha Air Sports Base on Taobao. The price is 75 people. Of course, local tyrants can also try power paragliding. Sightseeing, will take you to fly high and then look at the scenery and then come down, the price is 355 one person
    However, Yansha Airlines Sports Base is not too far from Yangshuo City. It takes only 20 minutes to ride an electric car.
    However, it is a pity that we arrived at 5:30, and although we bought the ticket, the staff did not let us in, so I took the ticket back and took a few photos outside to watch the sunset, but Fortunately, I still see the hot air balloon. The red hot air balloon is very good. It is not a white one. We must come early in the future. Later, in Yangshuo, we also have no time to come. This leaves the regret that I did not sit on the hot air balloon. I must sit next time when I come to Yangshuo!
    When I came to Yangshuo, in addition to taste the food of Guilin Yangshuo and see the beautiful pastoral scenery of Yangshuo, I would like to know about the customs, folk customs and history of Yangshuo. I have checked a lot on the Internet and saw that everyone is generally saying Guilin. The performances in the age scene were particularly interesting. I booked the tickets for Guilin’s ancient love performances in advance. I didn’t catch up with the hot air balloon in the afternoon. I was so sad that I was full of more expectations for the Guilin Ages.
    Guilin The ageing scene is very close to the mango villas I stayed in the night before, about 10 minutes in the past, not too far from the west street.
    Guilin The ancient scene area is built on the mountain, and the decoration style is also distinctive. From the perspective of aerial photography, the statue of the four-faced Buddha is particularly attractive.
    The parking lot in the scenic spot is also very large. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking space when you come over by electric car or drive by car.
    I really like the photo below, it is very speedy like a big poster!
    At first, I didn’t know that there were a lot of fun things in the ageing scene. I thought there was only one performance in the ageing scene, so I asked the security guards. They said that at 6:30, the lights would be bright. At that time, the photos were very good. Waiting outside the scenic spot, after turning on the lights, I took a photo and flew for a while before I drove in.
    Black gold style comes in a group!
    Then we entered the hall and the ticket entered the scenic spot.
    I think the pattern on the ceiling is pretty good.
    After that, we entered the scenic spot and found that the scenic spot was particularly large. We could go shopping for a while, but the performance of Guilin’s ancient love was started at 8:00, and it was a little regrettable to come in late.
    There is a wishing gallery in the scenic spot. It is certainly appropriate to take such a hand-in-hand photo!
    The map of the scenic spot is for everyone to come, you can see that the scenic spot is still very big and you can go shopping for a long time.
    The decoration is very characteristic of the building, it is estimated that there will be a hydrangea performance during the day.
    Come to Yangshuo, almost every lively street can hear my little baby, this song’s clear and fast rhythm can make people inexplicably excited whether you are coming for a walk or shopping, whether you are happy or SAD before you come You can quickly enter a happy atmosphere.
    After that, we came to the ancient village of Yangshuo in the ages. In the ancient village of Yangshuo, there was a very gentle and beautiful lady who impressed me very much. Her smile was too quiet, too gentle, so that she could see her smile. My heart has become quiet, and the drums of Miss Sister are also very good, attracting a bunch of people to stop and take pictures.
    Yangshuo The ancient village has created a unique farming city life style. The handicraft workshops in the city street, the grandfather’s wine cellar in the street, the grandma’s cakes, the dad’s toys, etc., keep the homesickness, find the memories of the fathers, and it is really interesting to get the store.
    There is also a shop called Mama’s Jewelry, where some people are doing folklore ornaments with Chinese style.
    Also selling headgear, it feels like the Miao’s young lady’s sister is wearing hahaha.
    There are also hand-stitched small shoes, which should be worn for small babies. It’s super cute. Everyone who has a baby at home can bring a pair back. It looks very interesting.
    There are also small branch attractions such as haunted houses and wonderful streets in the scenic spot. It is also very interesting. When I go to the haunted house, I can scare Miss Zhao all the time. . .
    Below is the haunted house, only a few shots outside
    Then there are some interesting little attractions such as invisible houses, inverted houses, sloping houses, and it’s especially fun to take pictures.
    It’s almost 8 o’clock before the scenic spot is finished. Guilin’s ancient performances are about to begin, so we quickly went to Guilin’s ancient theater.
    The large-scale song and dance “Guilin Eternal Love” is a must-see performance for a lifetime. The performances are divided into “Guilin Legend”, “The Earth’s Flying Songs”, “Age of the Ancients”, “Liangjiang Love Songs”, “Looking for Liu Sanjie”, etc., Jin Ge Tie Ma, beautiful like a cloud, Reproduced a period of Sanxing III Guilin love. The show uses advanced sound, light, electricity, holography and other high-tech means and stage machinery. In general, the stage effect is very nb, it feels like being in the same situation. Hundreds of actors are performing deductively, three-dimensional in water, land and air. The space sings the true, good and beautiful legends of Bagui Earth through time and space, and brings the Bagui culture hidden under the 800-year-old mountains and rivers into everyone’s field of vision. For those who want to know about Guilin folklore and historical stories, it is worth seeing!
    As soon as we entered, the show began.
    Session 1: Guilin Legend
    Jiang Zuoqing Luo belt, mountains such as jasper, Guilin since ancient times enjoy the “landscapes of the world” reputation. The beauty of Guilin attracted the evil black dragon, which led to the burning of the spirits and the suffocation. General Fubo and Diancai Fairy descended from the sky to save the people. In order to ensure the permanent prosperity of this place, they have turned into mountains and rivers, and the life and the world guard this water and soil.
    The second game: the land song
    Guilin is a multi-ethnic area. Zhuang, Yao, Yi, Miao, and Dong ethnic groups live in harmony here, and many beautiful dances and beautiful songs are circulated. Every March 3rd is a grand singing day in Guangxi. The ethnic minority compatriots gather in Yangshuo, Guilin, and express their love and happiness for a happy life with cheerful melodies and light dancing.
    Session 3: Thousand Arches
    In 221 BC, after Emperor Qin Shihuang unified the Central Plains, he swept the 500,000 South to Baiyue. In order to get through the channels of transporting troops and transporting grain as soon as possible, Qin Shihuang ordered the generals to open the canal. After a thousand hardships, Qin Jun finally cut out the spiritual channel and realized the great feat of entering the Xiangjiang, Zhujiang and Lijiang rivers by seven points. He communicated the transportation of the Xiangjiang River, the Pearl River and the Lancang River, and sent the advanced Central Plains culture to the whole Lingnan. Qin Shihuang completed the great cause of great unification in Chinese history.
    (However, I feel like the Chinese version of the Dragon Quest Hahaha)
    Stage effects and sound effects are really great
    The ropes above are said to be the noodles in the audience. Hahaha
    Game 4: Lijiang Love Songs
    The folk song is like the spring river, and it is not afraid of the beach. One side of the water and soil to raise one person, Guilin This magical land has produced many legendary figures, and Liu Sanjie is one of the household names. She is a singer who listens to the wind in the moonlight and has the ability to export into a song. Her beautiful songs are spread over the hills, let the flowers bloom and Yunxia resides.
    (The green light of the stage effect of this field is like Aurora, very good looking)
    The end of the fifth game: looking for Liu Sanjie
    The sea is changing, and the years have changed. Today, thousands of tourists from home and abroad came to Guangxi to come to Guilin to come to this grand song and look for Liu Sanjie in their hearts.
    Who is Liu Sanjie? It is you, me, she is. We are all Liu Sanjie, we are all lovers.
    After watching the performance, we also participated in the campfire in the scenic area and played for a while. Because it was relatively high, we forgot to take photos. In general, the Guilin Ages Scenery Area is still very worthy to come. The love story of Liu Sanjie and A Niu Ge is also very touching, and the overall scenery is still very large. You can visit for a long time and there are a lot of performances to see. The special value of this ticket is spent.
    After watching the performance, we went to the master chef beer fish yesterday and I felt that the beer fish was really a special dish of Yangshuo, and it was delicious. Then I went back to another hotel in Mango, which is comfortable. Let me take a nap and miss the hot air balloon mango Yishu (this should have been written in the travel notes before, but I have forgotten it, so let me mention it here)
    I first lived in Mango Meishu, and I feel that everything is great. I checked it on the Internet and there is a mango Yishu, and it is closer to the most prosperous Yangshuo West Street in Yangshuo than Meishu, so the second night I lived in Yishu.
    As soon as I walked into Mango Yishu, I was still familiar with the mango style, dark green and brick red classical classic color matching. The hall still provided a large seating area. The sofa was very soft and comfortable to sit on. Will take your luggage and give you a bowl of jelly, the jelly is very sweet, five stars praise
    This time, due to the tightness of the property, I did not experience the largest room type on the top floor. It seems that the mango house is still very popular. The bed in the room is large and soft, the room is very clean, and there is a big window. Lighting is also very good
    The top floor of Yishu is quite suitable for taking pictures. In the morning, I can climb to the top of the building to take pictures. Breathing fresh air feels very good.
    There are a lot of essential toiletries in the bathroom, such as hair dryer, care kit, shower cap, and you can feel the heart of this hotel from small details.
    Mango Yishu’s dining area and rest area are different from Meishu. Yishu is an ingenious dining lounge area set up in the basement, and the basement decoration is also very attentive, very retro, there are many interesting gadgets like antique film camera sewing machine. It’s fun to take pictures!
    I have to mention the breakfast of Mango Yishu, super rich, freshly squeezed mango juice, fresh watermelon and dragon fruit, as well as delicious steamed dumplings, as well as tomatoes, corn, eggs, etc. I am almost because of this breakfast. I lived here again for a day, hahaha.
    In short, I think that the two mango hotels I live in in Yangshuo are not bad. Everyone comes to Yangshuo to play and experience the same. It feels like living in a fairy house.
    In short, I think that the two mango hotels I live in in Yangshuo are not bad. Everyone comes to Yangshuo to play and experience the same. It feels like living in a fairy house.
    The third day began, we still slept asleep, dragging and pulling the hotel and adding lunch to get two or three in the afternoon to start, travel, I and Miss Zhao are the kind of free travel, and then travel Mainly to relax yourself, so it is not so fast. (Hey, don’t make excuses for your procrastination)
    Today, our plan is to go to Xingping Ancient Town, and then go to Xianggong Mountain to watch the sunset after playing for a while in Xingping Ancient Town. Like the previous two days, we still chose to rent an electric car and then asked the owner of the rental electric car. The electric car that can be fully charged can run far, the store said that the farthest distance is 40km, and the slower the running toward the back, we use the map to check the distance from Yangshuo to Xingping, about 30km, about to touch the Xingping ancient town. But I had to charge it there, so I asked the store for a charger, and confirmed with him that the car was fully charged (it was later found that the store gave us only about 80% more electricity). Drive to Xingping Ancient Town!
    The first 10km electric car has been fully charged, and it is also very happy to run. We are all the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the field.
    After an uphill slope, the voltage began to be unstable. The full power was 6 grids, and the power was also fluctuating in full power and 3 grids. . . We are careful to ride and fear that it will suddenly turn off the fire. Then we have to push the electric car for more than ten kilometers to charge it.
    However, we obviously feel that the speed of electric vehicles has slowed down, but fortunately we are not too far away from Xingping Ancient Town.
    The pictures above are all taken by the mobile phone. The original picture is not p, the weather is still very good.
    Into the gate of Xingping Ancient Town, the electric car has only 2 grids, crawling on the road like a snail, and the speed refers to the bicycle you ride on the uphill. Fortunately, the town of Xingping is not too far from the gate of this scenic spot. Otherwise, we may have to push the car. . .
    As soon as I arrived at the town of Xingping Ancient Town, we found a young lady who sold the jelly. The sister was very good. I said that you will put it on. I will show you, thank you sister!
    Then solved the charging problem of the electric car, this time is also 5 o’clock in the afternoon.
    Xingping Ancient Town is actually just a snack street now, but the commercial atmosphere is not too strong. After all, tourists always have to eat something. I and Miss Zhao have a rough stroll and then go straight out from Xingping Ancient Town. Going to the edge of the Lijiang River
    At dusk, I took a few photos on the banks of the Lijiang River. In fact, there are a lot of things on the banks of the Li River. For example, take a bamboo pole, go to the framing area on the back of RMB 20, and go to the net red fisherman, or go for a trip. Lao Zhaishan can also be used, but we have chosen the farthest route – to go to Yangshuo Xianggong Mountain
    In fact, at the beginning, we were planning to go shopping on the edge of Xingping Ancient Town and then patted the fishermen. Then we went back to the river and took a picture when we asked a teacher to ask if we would go to Xianggong Mountain because now it’s more than 5 o’clock. When we got down the mountain, we were worried that we couldn’t see any scenery in Xianggong Mountain. Then the master said that it should be too late, so I talked about the price. The master sent us to the dock, and then we will come back to pick us up back to Xingping Ancient Town. Block money, because we didn’t have the means of transportation and the master had to wait for us for a while, so I agreed.
    After we arrived at the pier, the scenery was very good, of course, it was a pat.
    Waiting for a while to wait for a ferry boat, although the river is not too far from the shore, but can only rely on this ferry boat in the past, a person 10 dollars
    It’s already more than 6 o’clock on the other side. At this time, the sun has gone down. We are very worried that we can’t catch up with the sunset. There are people on the other side of the road, and we will send you 100 yuan for the Xianggong Mountain. So we decided to try our luck.
    It took about 20 minutes to get from the pier to the bottom of Xianggong Mountain. Xianggong Mountain still needs to buy tickets, 60 yuan a person. We are in a hurry, so we don’t ask if the student ticket can be half price. If we pay the money, let us go.
    The pictures above were taken during the process of climbing the mountain. Although the Xianggong Mountain is not too high, we want to go up to the sunset so we will go faster, carrying a heavy camera bag and going up, normal. It’s 15-20 minutes to climb up. We only took 10 minutes to get to the top. It’s too tired to put the bag on the top for a while.
    Fortunately, there is no blackness in the sky, and there is a little redness in the distance.
    However, this point is not known because it is too small because it is too late. There is only a couple from France on the viewing platform. The little brother and the younger sister are super beautiful and super handsome. They also invite us to give They take a photo!
    Then I went to fly my drone and took a bunch of good-looking photos.
    (First show love photos.)
    a piece connected by a drone
    This is the Xianggongshan Observation Deck where we are located.
    I also took a lot of videos in Xianggongshan. This is what everyone saw in my vlog. It will be dark after that.
    We returned to Xingping Ancient Town. At this time, our small electric car has been charged for 4 hours. It is almost full. We ride a small electric car and touch the black from Xingping Ancient Town and back to Yangshuo. They are all relatively stable, so I said that when the owner gave us the electricity, it was definitely not full.
    Here we are here to tell you about our stay in the third day of Yangshuo, because we are usually used to living in the city, come to Yangshuo, would like to experience the beauty of the original ecology of the landscape, so found on the Internet This home is very characteristic and is located in a deep mountain forest.
    Let’s put a video of this hotel first!
    The name of the hotel is Liran Hotel. We booked a single-family villa, which was originally booked on the Internet for more than 800 nights. It was very cheap and only spent 500 years. It is really worth it. Inside the hotel There are also a variety of room types to choose from, and the decoration is also very suitable for the theme of the forest. When you go out, it is all green plants and the sun is passing through the leaves and scattered on the ground. It is so beautiful, the air is also very good, you can sleep at night. Listening to the sound of insects falling asleep, you can also watch the stars when the weather is good. There is a very large hall in the hotel. There are hanging chairs outside the hall. The stars will turn on at night and it will look good.
    I really like this chair.
    The star lights at night are super nice
    In fact, I went to Guilin, and I found a food–Liuzhou snail powder, ah, ah, it’s so delicious, although there is a little smell, but the snail meat is good, the screw soup is good, it’s fried. The yuba is so delicious, sour bamboo shoots are also delicious.
    Here to recommend a snail powder to do a more delicious shop, called the rice noodles on the tip of the tongue, the online group a group of snail powder package 1 only 5 dollars and the amount of reimbursed special, I and Miss Zhao It’s still very good to eat, just not far from West Street, everyone can try it.
    Guilded in Guilin, rice noodles are actually no money! How much do you want to add, I just love Guilin, I can eat sour bamboo shoots and eat beans to meet
    On the fourth day, I flew back to Tianjin with Miss Zhao. We went to Guilin Liangjiang Airport from the bus station of Yangshuo. We shared the timetable here and everyone can save it.
    Yangshuo is about an hour and a half drive from Guilin Airport, so it is best to walk 3 hours before departure.
    Then these are a bunch of miscellaneous pictures! I took it, but I don’t know where to put it, so I’ll put it at the end of the article.
    In fact, it is some aerial photos of Yangshuo City, Yangshuo, this small city is still pretty,
    Everyone sees it here, just give it a little bit. Hahaha, let this travel book give more people inspiration and inspiration.
    I hope that I can travel to more places with Miss Zhao in the future, and then shoot more vlogs. This can be said to be the ultimate goal of my life (it is better to buy a RV)
    Finally, I want to say to Miss Zhao: I like you like a disease, medicine is not a doctor.
    【The End】

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