My Dali travel travel, Dali travel guide must know

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    Colorful Yunnan, beautiful scenery, Yunnan tourism has three major directions namely northwestern Yunnan, southern Fujian, southeastern Yunnan. With Kunming as the center, there are four popular tourist routes: 1, Kunming, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Wuhu; 2. Kunming, Dali, Tengchong, Mangshi, Ruili; 3. Kunming, Jianshui, Yuanyang, Pu’er, Xishuangbanna 4, Kunming, Shilin, Puzhehei, Bamei. And this time we chose the first line of the legendary Kun Dali, haha, and the next three will talk about it next time~
    A good travel note should tell you where to play is the most authentic, which is the most cost-effective
     Travel essential
    1. Trolley case (can be lost on the car or hotel), carry it with you.
    2, skin windbreaker, thick coat, beautiful dress, change clothes.
    3, thermometer, antipyretics, cooling oil, cold medicine, stomach medicine, band-aid, motion sickness medicine, Rhodiola capsule.
    4, sunscreen, lip balm, mask, hand cream, moisturizing fog (the ultraviolet light in the plateau area is too strong, the girls must bring high-power sunscreen)
    5, a variety of digital products and chargers, batteries, charging treasure.
    6. Prepare enough dried fruit and chocolate and drinking water every day.
    7, towel toothbrush, folding hair dryer.
    8, sunglasses, sun hats, umbrellas, walking shoes, casual shoes.
    9, ID card with you, the right amount of cash.
    Yunnan is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural place with an area of ​​390,000 square kilometers and abundant tourism resources. To the south is Xishuangbanna, the only tropical rainforest nature reserve in China. There is a Tengchong in the west of the literature, and Kunming, the capital city of the four seasons in the middle. No matter which line, it is worth a deep tour. If you are like us, only a week, I suggest you make a good choice.
    At the end of the year, life suddenly fell into chaos, and only by travel to ease the mood, so I decided to take an annual vacation.
    Relax for a few days and don’t want to be too tossed, the destination is locked in the country. Speaking of domestic travel, the only thing I want to go is that there are people who are going to explode Shanghai Disneyland and the negative to the explosion of Yunnan. Disney is not a busy weekend, just go to Yunnan on annual vacation~
    Wind and snow, lively fragrance, flowers and wine… Yunnan has been in the heart for many years, many friends have been there, and I have also seen some Raiders travel notes, plus the beauty of “Dear Inn”, so the annual leave is locked in Dali, Lijiang, and Wuhu, and Wuli晗晗 hit it off, a happy holiday venue~
     how to get to
    As can be seen from the above picture, the traffic in Yunnan is not complicated. Many people chose to transfer to Kunming first. However, Kunming has nothing to attract my attractions. In addition, Changsha has direct flights to Dali and Lijiang, so the traffic will be fixed. For Dali Jin, Lijiang, small traffic is Dali → Lijiang → Wuhu → Lijiang ~
    Regarding transportation within the province, Dali and Lijiang are already mature tourist cities, and it is good to use taxi software directly. Practice has proved that with platform supervision, taxi software really saves a lot of things, not only cheap and easy to use, but also avoids some risks that black car passengers may face, recommended ~
     (Raiders) about Dali’s traffic
    Dali Railway Station – Caicun Wharf: It is 60 in the dark and 50 in the morning. Look at the road conditions, about 50 minutes.
    Cai Village Wharf – Dali Ancient City: You can take 2 Road, 1.5 yuan, and take a taxi 20.
    Ximen (Cangshanmen) of Dali Ancient City – Chongsheng Temple 1KM, you can walk,Can charter,
    Caicun Wharf – Shuanglang: You can take the 2nd road and get off at Dali Road Station. There are many vans at the crossroads. It is 20 in the off-season. It is said to be 50-60 in the peak season.
    Dali Railway Station – Dali Ancient City: You can take the No. 8 bus, the fare is 2 yuan, then get off at Fenghua Xueyue Hotel, which is the east gate of Dali Ancient City.
    Dali-Xizhou: You can choose to take the shuttle bus to Xizhou in the passenger car park next to the ancient city west gate (Cangshanmen), or to Dali Road next to Fenghua Xueyue Hotel in the east gate of Dali Ancient Town. , Jiangwei, Shuanglang shuttle bus.
    Dali-Lijiang: You can choose to take the bus from Shuanglang or Dali to Lijiang. The general inn or chartered driver can help you book tickets. The price from Dali Ancient City during the Chinese New Year is 85 yuan/person, about 2 more. I will go to Lijiang in an hour. Of course, you also choose to fight with the business car in the past, when asked about the driver is about 120 yuan / person.
     Where do you live?
    The first stop in Dali, Dali has more choices, can live in Shuanglang, Dali Ancient City, downtown, Caicun Wharf. Due to the environmental protection rectification around the Bohai Sea, the sea view rooms of Shuanglang Meimei have been sealed, so stay in Dali for two nights, and leave the sea view room to Wuhu~
    In Lijiang, the most famous of the inns is of course the Huajiantang. This time we have set two of the yards, among which the Yinquanyuan is super recommended, and also recorded a video~
    In the villages around Huanhu Lake, the development time of Yufang Village is the latest in the area with the best accommodation conditions. In the goal of staying in the first line of lake scenery, we finally chose Chunshu Lakeview Inn, which is also super beautiful~
    All the transportation and accommodation are booked, thank you for your leadership and signature, let go, the south of Caiyun, let’s come.
     Text Changsha→Dali Ancient City
    Escape from the cold Changsha, and when we are out of Dali Airport, we will take pictures of ourselves in the warm winter sun.
    Dali Airport is very small. It feels built on a mountain that has been flattened. The airport is in good order. People who have not seen the passengers are better than Changsha.
    The pick-up is booked in the way, the driver is very responsible for the car is also very clean, we quietly wait for us when we take a selfie in the parking lot…
    However, the driver on the way to the hotel began to tell us that he could pack his car where to play, and then almost every time the taxi driver would sell the chartered business with us. This can be understood, but I think it is necessary to take a formal operation or take a taxi under the supervision of the platform, so that security is guaranteed~
    So we didn’t have a private charter for the entire 7-day trip, and we also reminded here.
    When you arrive at the ancient city of Dali, you can’t avoid a few standard tourist photos.
     Dali Ancient City
    Dali Ancient City: The ancient city of Dali is referred to as Ye Hao, also known as Zicheng. Its history can be traced back to the Tang Tianbao years. The Nanzhao Wangge is located in the Yangshuo City (near the West Third Tower of the city), which is its new capital. The ancient city was built in the fifteenth year of Ming Hongwu (AD 1382), with a radius of twelve miles. The wall is two feet five feet thick and two feet thick. There is one door for each of the east, west, and north, and there are city buildings, and corner buildings at the four corners. At the beginning of the liberation, the city walls were demolished. In 1982, the Nancheng Gate was rebuilt, and the word “Dali” at the door was made by Guo Moruo.
    Foreigners Street: It was named after many foreigners used to sell things here. Now it is a foreigner street without foreigners. Foreigners Street is divided into upper, middle and lower sections. The upper section sells Dali’s characteristic ethnic ornaments. The middle section has many bars and restaurants, and the lower end is also a restaurant. Take a photo here! very unique! Come here at night, it is a taste.
    Fuxing Road: Fuxing Road is the central commercial street of Dali Ancient City. The things sold here are almost the most complete of Dali Old Town, but it is also the most expensive. It is also possible to buy counterfeit and shoddy products. Just go shopping and buy things. this! The ancient city is now the most popular with Fuxing Road and Foreigner Street.
    In fact, there is not much in the ancient city of Dali, that is, the general sense of the ancient man-made city + pedestrian street, we strolled, tasted several local specialties, I feel the general ~ the only harvest is to buy a national style in a clothing store Dress, good to go to the sea to take pictures the next day, 159 one does not counter-offer, turn down to see
    We went back to the city gate to take pictures, jumped for ten minutes, and then came out to play the first day to have such a spirit, do not know how, just like the ancient city wall. Quietly taking a walk on it, everything here is unspeakable.
    I am really amazing in jumping ability. I can squat for ten minutes without taking a break. In contrast, Mommy is…
    The ancient city of Dali is very large, but like most popular attractions, it has been occupied by many tourists, foreigners, street singers, artists and various bars, inns and shops. It is full of people, noisy and full of commercial atmosphere.
    Although the commercial taste of Dali Ancient Town is too strong, many tourists come to Dali, and they will choose to visit the ancient city. After all, it is a historical and cultural city of Nanxiu and Dali. If you want me to recommend it, in addition to the ancient city gate building, Wuhua Building and Foreigner Street, you can also go to the farmer’s market in the ancient city to find a variety of local snacks. In addition, the ancient city has a Chinese-style Christian church and a Catholic church. It is also very worth seeing.
    (Raiders) Tips:
    1. The best way to visit the ancient city is to ride a bicycle or take a seat on the ancient city battery car. And I chose to walk on foot, avoid crowds, and go to some remote alleys, often with unexpected discoveries.
    2, Wuhua Building is the landmark building of Dali Ancient City. It is possible to take a panoramic view of Dali Ancient City on the Wuhua Building, and there is no need to collect tickets. From the south gate of the ancient city, you can also board the ancient wall of Dali and take a walk on the city wall. Especially in the evening, you can see the sunset in the sea on the wall. It is beautiful.
    3. Many tourists who drive to Dali Ancient City will park their cars outside the South Gate, so it is always very crowded. It is recommended to bypass the north gate and park the car in the municipal government compound. There is no charge, or the road will be farther away.
    4. Students who like to send postcards, the post office is in the center of the ancient city, you can buy local postage postcards in Dali, and you can also cover the special Dali ancient city commemorative postmark.
    5It is not far from the south gate of Dali Ancient Town, and there is a literature building, which is also worth seeing.
    The sun is gradually coming down the mountain, the sky is dyed with a golden pink, so beautiful~ Every day in Yunnan, the sunset is so golden, although it is not as strong as the fire on the beach, but there is also a beautiful beauty~
    Friends who have been to Dali told me that the natural scenery of Dali is summed up in four words: Fenghua Xueyue – Xiaguanfeng, Shangguanhua, Cangshan Snow, Bohai Moon. The famous scenic spots in Dali are basically around the Bohai Sea, and the city center is in Shimonoseki. The main ethnic group is the Bai nationality.
    Dali is 2,000 meters above sea level. It is a low-latitude and high-prototype monsoon climate. The seasonal changes are not obvious. The annual temperature difference is small. The annual average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. There is no obvious severe winter heat, moderate heat and cold, and the seasons are like spring. In general, Dali is a good place for travel in all seasons. She is also one of China’s “Top Ten Tourism Cities”.
     (Raiders are coming.) Let’s first get to know the next Dali attractions.
    First, the ancient city of Dali (have been played before)
    With a history of more than 1,200 years, the center of the ancient city is the famous Wuhua Building. The city’s foreigner street is now the most prosperous area in the ancient city. Shops, restaurants, bars, cafes are almost all gathered here, and you can have a bar street revelry at night.
     Second and third towers
    It is one of the most exquisite buildings in the ancient pagodas in China. It is located at the first peak of Cangshan, about Xiaoli Peak, about three miles northwest of Dali County. It was built in the opening of the Tang Dynasty. In the local Dali Kingdom of the Song Dynasty, nine of the 22 generations of kings went to Chongsheng Temple to become a monk, and together with Jin Yong’s Tianlong Ba Bu, it was full of legends.
    Shooting location tips:
    1. The best place to shoot the Three Towers is the “Three Towers Shadow Pool” in the three-tower reflection park behind it. Here you can take pictures of the three towers and the pool. Many tourists take photos here.
    2. There is a very wide “square” in front of the three towers. If you encounter a good weather with clouds and sunshine, you can indeed shoot the effect of Buddha’s light.
    3. The Wanghai Building, which is located at the rear of the scenic spot, is best to go to the building. The scenery of Dali Ancient City and Erhai Lake is unobstructed, and the scenery is beautiful. It is also a good place for photography.
    4. Shooting time: When the sun sets in the evening, the position of the sun is relatively low.
    Tickets: joint ticket 121 yuan / person (including Dali Santa Park, Three Towers Reflection Park), student voucher half-vote 60 yuan / person, active military card, disabled card, 70-year-old senior citizen certificate free
    Opening hours: 08:00-19:00
    Play time reference: 2 hours
    Ticket purchase recommended to the Dali Ancient City Visitor Center to buy the “Chongsheng Temple three towers + scenic area through train” package, not only can take the car directly to the three towers of Chongsheng Temple, as well as explain with the car, you can learn about Chongsheng Temple before the tour The history and culture of the Three Towers.
     Third, Tianlong Babu Film City
    From the three towers, you can directly carpool to the Tianlong Babu Film and Television City at the door. The distance between the two places is less than 5 kilometers, and the fare is about 3 yuan. Dali Tianlong Babu Movie and Television City is a film and television base similar to Hengdian, in which you can appreciate the historical style of the Tang and Song Dynasties, especially the various architectural and historical cultures in the Jinyong novel Tianlong Ba Bu. It is divided into three major areas: the first part is Dali, including Dali Street, Dali Palace, Zhennan Wangfu; the second part is Liao State, including Liaochengmen and Liaojie Street; the third part is Xixia Royal Palace and Jurchen Tribe. Tourists who like Jin Yong culture are worth it.Look inside. And every day at 9:00 am and 13:00 pm, there will be a ceremonial team to announce the opening of the city.
    Transportation: riding 8 yuan / person, carriage 5 yuan, 10 yuan by taxi, about 30 minutes on foot
    Tickets: 52 yuan, preferential policies: A. Free policy: children under 1.2 meters free of charge; elderly people over 70 years old with free of charge for the elderly, active military personnel with military officer card free of charge. B. Preferential policy: Children’s tickets are purchased at a height of 1.2-1.4 meters.
    Opening hours: 8:00-17:00
    Play time reference: 1-2 hours
     Fourth, Cangshan
    Cangshan now has three ropeways:
    One is: Washing Horsetan Cableway, Tianlong Babu Film and Television City has a cableway to Xiematan (also known as the Grand Cableway). This route has the longest route, and the end point is the highest altitude in Xiematan. The cableway is divided into two routes, namely: The whole line and the Qilong female pool line.
    The second is: feeling the ropeway. The Tongtong Temple has a sensation ropeway (also known as the middle cableway), and the end point is to Qingbixi, where you can see the Cangshan Grand Canyon.
    The third is: Zhonghe cableway. Next to March Street, there is Cangshan Cableway (also known as Zhonghe Cableway), which belongs to the old-fashioned hanging basket. The terminal stands at Zhonghe Temple, and there is Zhonghe River next to it, which leads directly to the head of Yunyou Yudai Road.
     Five, Butterfly Spring
    It used to be very hot. Now there is nothing to look at, only the existence of green trees and creeks. If you don’t like it, don’t go in. What’s more, the tourist bus here is one after another, which is a popular choice for tour groups. It is inevitable that people are stunned.
     a circle around the sea
    The Bohai Sea is the second largest freshwater lake in Yunnan. It looks like an ear. You can often see such a slogan on the road along the seashore: Bohai Qingda Lixing, it is quite reasonable. Most of Dali’s attractions are located around the Bohai Sea, such as Caicun, Xizhou, Shuanglang, Dig, Haidong and other villages and towns. The island has beautiful environment and beautiful scenery, such as pearls scattered in the water, which is the essence of Dali attractions. . Nanxun Fengqing Island and Little Putuo are among the most famous attractions.
    The Tour of the Sea is the most classic tourist route in Dali. It is divided into two types, one is to take a boat ride, and the other is to ride a bicycle, charter a car or drive around. Now the distance between the Bohai Sea and the Sea is about 140 kilometers. Therefore, ride a bicycle for at least two days, charter or drive for one day.
     Double gallery
    Very hot town, on the northeastern coast of the Bohai Sea. There are a lot of characteristic inns, you can see the sea view of the Bohai Sea, you can also see the sunset of the Bohai Sea, there are Yuji Island and Nanzhao style island, and there is a small Putuo in the south. More than 50 KM from Dali Ancient Town, driving more than 1 hour.
    All the way along the Huanhai West Road, you can go to the famous double corridors in recent years. It is worth seeing that there are Shuanglang Kuixing Pavilion, Ancient Stage, Yuji Island, Nanxun Style Island, and many traditional Bai architectural styles. Folk house. However, since Yuji Island has covered the private villa of the dancer Yang Liping and the photographer Zhao Qing, many social celebrities and businessmen have successively built villas in Shuanglang, which has driven the local tourism industry and made it popular. Nowadays, most of the double corridors are built in hotels. Visitors describe the double corridors as a large construction site. The streets are full of electric motors of chainsaws and sanders. The dust is flying and it is very noisy.
    1. If you want to see Yang Liping’s private villa, you need to buy 10 yuan tickets to enter Yuji Island.
    2. Nanxun Fengqing Island is one of the three islands in the Bohai Sea (the other two islands are the small Putuo Island and Jinsuo Island), and the ticket to the island is 50 yuan. For this small island, it is full of antique buildings and commercial places. I don’t recommend it.
    3. During the daytime, the foreign vehicles are not allowed to enter the double corridor by themselves. The vehicles need to be parked in the surrounding parking lot, and the cost per vehicle is 20 yuan.
    4, in fact, swim double corridor, not to enter the street, but to the hillside behind the double corridor, there is a viewing platform, standing here, is a good place to overlook the panoramic view of the double corridor. It is also the easiest place to get a good photo. The image of the double gallery is taken from here. Cangshan in the distance, the Bohai Sea in the vicinity, and the Shuanglang Fishing Village, Yuji Island and Nanxun Fengqing Island have a panoramic view.
     Dig color
    It is not far from the double corridor to the south, which is another attraction that is emerging around the Bohai Sea. Like the double corridor, the color mining is also a coastal town where the Bai people live on the east coast of the Bohai Sea. However, the excavated scenery does not look good in the double corridor. There are also some Bai architecture and the main temple in the town, but they are scattered. The only thing that attracts tourists is its proximity to the Bohai Sea. Although most of the houses on the seafront have been transformed into inns and restaurants, most of the tourists are only passing by to dig a short stay and do not spend too much time on sightseeing. The residents of the town have not been affected much, and they still live a quiet life that is not disturbed by the world.
    (There is a very special pier for digging. This pier is very long. It is almost flush with the water level of the Bohai Sea near the shore. The lower the level is, the lower the level is. When the sea level is at a low level, visitors can walk to the Bohai Sea. In the depths, from the shore, the tourists seem to float on the surface of the sea, so this pier has become a holy place for wedding photos.)
     Little Putuo
    From the excavation, continue along the Huanhai East Road for ten kilometers, you will see a small island in the Bohai Sea – Little Putuo. In the Bohai Sea, the little Putuo can be said to be a “pocket island.” Although the island is small, its reputation is great. Its shape is very similar to a round seal, so it is also called Haiyin. It is said that Guanyin stayed in the seal of Zhenhai in Dali Erhai.
    The small Putuo has a circumference of more than 200 meters and is composed entirely of limestone. The island of more than one hundred pings is now almost occupied by the villagers’ fried barbecue stalls. It is recommended to take pictures on the shore or by boat. It is also the easiest place to get good photos, especially in the evening.
    After the game has been done, you will start. (Before you play, it is a must for you to do the Raiders.)
     First stop: Xizhou Ancient Town & Haitang Park
    Xizhou Town is the hometown of the movie “Five Golden Flowers”, one of the famous historical and cultural towns and key overseas Chinese towns in Yunnan Province. We slept until we woke up naturally and took a taxi to here. However, we were pitted.
    As soon as the drip driver got on the bus, he said that Xizhou Old Town had to collect tickets and so on… How could it be that the various Raiders travels I saw didn’t say that I had to accept it. When the car drove to a place with a memorial, the driver said, so we got off…
    Sure enough, he pulled us to a place to collect tickets but at first glance at a tourist attraction. This is a stranger… There are many negative news in Yunnan tourism. So, I can only give the driver three stars. Later, the platform still called me to verify the situation. Well, I hope that the driver will stop doing the pit tourists again!
    Fortunately, there is mobile navigation. After ten minutes, we went to the real Xizhou ancient town.
    When we arrived at Xizhou, we came to the Yan Family Courtyard. After we entered the hospital, we found that it was really big. Listening to the lecturer told a lot of stories about the Yan family compound, combined with their own understanding, outlined two words, that is – have money!
    The Yan Family Courtyard was built by the famous Confucian merchant Yan Zizhen. He traveled in the late Qing Dynasty and operated two generations to create the “Yongchangxiang” business name. He created tea, and transferred it to and outside the country through the ancient tea-horse road, opening up the Southeast Asian market centered on Myanmar. It is said that the assets of the Yan family during the heyday are now equivalent to five or six billion yuan, and the status of the Yan family can be seen.
    Compared to the noisy Dali ancient city, I prefer the original Xizhou ancient city.
    I have never been to an ancient city, so that I can stay in this way. From the time I entered the ancient city of Xizhou, I liked this quiet ancient city.And it’s a few hours to go shopping.
    The ancient city of Xizhou is adjacent to the Bohai Sea in the east and Cangshan in the west. It has a history of more than a thousand years. It is still relatively primitive, and it has not been developed. There is no such thing as Dali and Lijiang Old Town. Xizhou still retains many Bai residential buildings in the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. The most architectural styles are “three squares and one wall” and “four in five patios”. Some houses also have the characteristics of foreign culture. The Bai people’s dwellings are almost all two floors. No matter the main house, the opposite hall, or the wing room, there are three floors. The Bai people call this three-open house a “square.” “Three squares and one wall” means three houses with three open rooms and one side of the wall, facing the wall. The “four-in-five patio” is a closed courtyard house consisting of four “squares” without a wall. There is a “leaked corner patio” at the corner of the house, plus a large patio in the courtyard with a total of five patios. Affected by foreign cultures, Xizhou residences have the style of Central Plains culture, especially Huizhou architecture, as well as the shadows of Tibetan dwellings and Southeast Asian architecture.
    1. There are no tickets for the ancient city of Xixizhou, but there are several attractions that are independently charged, such as Yan Family Courtyard. However, in the entire ancient city, especially in the Great Lane and Dyeing Lane, there are many Bai people’s courtyards. Under normal circumstances, with the consent of the owner, you can enter the tour for free.
    2, Xizhou’s snacks are very famous, come here must not miss the famous broken crisps, mainly concentrated in Sifang Street, there are two flavors of sweet and salty, each 6 yuan. Yulan Xuan’s chicken rice noodle is also worth a try, each serving only 6 yuan, the taste is very good.
    3, Xi Caifang, the end of the dyeing lane, the main point of view is the living intangible cultural heritage – Xizhou embroidery, which belongs to the embroidery of the embroidery, has been introduced to Xizhou for more than 500 years. There are embroidered embroidered embroidered embroidered in Xixiufang, and there are also embroidery for sale, but the price is generally high. An embroidery of 20 cm in length and width, asking for 300 yuan, is indeed expensive.
    Xizhou is a special snack of Xizhou. The taste is sweet and salty. The system uses two layers of charcoal fire. The upper layer of charcoal is a fierce fire. The lower layer of charcoal is a simmer. After the lard is brushed, it is baked in a pan. During the baking process, the oil is repeatedly brushed several times and roasted until it is baked. Just like the 18th peak of the Cangshan Mountain, it is really beautiful.
    There are many electric tricycles in the entrance of Xizhou Ancient Town, carrying tourists to the nearby Haitang Park. I didn’t even think about going to the park, I just asked a master price, 10 yuan a person can’t go, we casually agreed to go out and look for him after playing the ancient town… As a result, the master has been Waiting for us at the door
    Ok, we got on the bus and the master introduced the scenery along the way with enthusiasm.
    The roadside saw the beautiful Gesang flower field
    Passing through a golden paddy field, the afternoon sun passed through a thick cloud gap, laying a thick golden yellow on the rice fields.
    The beauty along the way makes the shutter stop
    At the sight of the couple tree, the master also deliberately drove the car under the tree. When we took pictures, we kept waiting on the side, praise
    The husband and wife tree is two trees growing side by side. It is very conspicuous in the middle of a rice field. It is said that many people come here to take wedding photos.
    An hour later, I came to Hai Tong Park. There is a place to charge at the door. I am worried that students who have no electricity can charge the motorcycle for 10 yuan, about 45 minutes. It takes about 2 hours to play while playing in the sea tongue park. The famous couple tree is also in the rice field next to the entrance to the park.
    I have always thought that Shuanglang is the best place to watch the Bohai Sea. In fact, Haitang Park is a holy place where few people care about it. As the name implies, the sea tongue is a long and prominent one in the center of the Bohai Sea. Both sides are in the Bohai Sea. You can see the landscape illuminated by different directions of the sun. The car parked at the gate of the park, and there were hundreds of meters of road going straight to the tip of the tongue. It is not so much a road, it is a soft soil in the forest, and the aquatic plants such as green radish are stepped on the foot, moving one step at a time, for fear of falling into a swamp.
    The beauty of the Bohai Sea, in the morning, in the evening. The small fishing boat that was once busy on the beach, still quietly staying on the shore, and the sunrise, formed a beautiful picture, as if telling the whisper of it and the Bohai Sea.
    The shape of the sea tongue park is from wide to narrow and deep, such as the “tongue”, hence the name “sea tongue” ~ here is surrounded by water on three sides, the waterfront or the white sand, the clam shell, or the water is full of vicissitudes. Dead branches of dead wood, the park is a forest in the center, has been dyed golden yellow in the early winter season~
    Haha, happy five consecutive shots~
    There is a red spot on the beach, called a tree lying in the water… We didn’t look for it, but in the sea tongue park, there is a tree that is very suitable for taking pictures, the location is near the tip of the tongue~
    Under the reflection, the water and the sky are not very good. After we finished shooting, we queued up here. Everyone followed and took pictures.
    The park is not big, there are not many people, we take pictures while walking~
    1. Haitang Peninsula is located in Jinhe Village, Xizhou Town. Tourists coming by car can take the bus from Xiaguan or Dali to Xizhou, get off at Xizhou Old Town, and then rent a bicycle along the sea. West Road will arrive.
    2. At present, the Haigu Peninsula has not developed fees, but it is said that this peninsula has been sold by a businessman and is ready to be developed into a resort, but it has not been moving. But if you want to go here early, you may be charged someday!
    From the Hai Tong Park, the former tricycle master is still waiting for us… Because when I get off the park, I am going to pay him. Don’t say that we will return to Xizhou anyway, and it will be good to give money together. In other words, the master earned us 40 dollars from morning to noon.
    The gap between people is so big, we are also swept away by the haze of the drip driver before the happy end of the journey by the sea.
     Cangshan Day
    In Dali, Cangshan is the same as Bohai, but before I saw someone on the Internet recommending the silence in the depths of Cangshan, it is still very long~
    Going to Silence, you can take a taxi directly, you can drive to the gate, but we don’t know when we go. We got off at Cangshan Road, so we climbed a mountain road and came back to the temple to drive directly to the temple. We are picking up the parking lot.
    A glimpse of Cangshan, listening to the flower language in the stillness~ This nunnery does not seem to be deserted, but it is like a mountain garden with birds and flowers. It has a lot of beautiful flesh. It can be said that it is a martial art. There is a literary atmosphere in the quiet~
    There is a very strict teacher in the yard. As long as you see people getting too much meat, you will come forward and say, don’t touch
    Um… I will take a look
    If you want to drink tea, you can get a tea set by sitting at the deposit, sitting in the tea room or drinking tea outside the sun.
    However, we took photos in the tea room and the yard, and did not have time to drink tea.
    The main event is coming~
    The most famous of the Silent photos is its vegetarian food. More visitors come here than they have imagined, and they have become a long-term team before they arrive at the meal. The vegetarian time is 11:30-12:30, 20 yuan, you need to buy a meal ticket in advance.
    Well, I have eaten the best vegetarian meal, with potatoes, broccoli, eggplant, clams, pumpkin, bean dregs, jujube cakes, sour radish, fans… and a very crispy cake, which is very full-bodied and rich in taste. Slightly spicy oil, I will eat it all at once.
    Haha, this is a devastating sample of paper… I am eating at a speed that is not as fast as it is. After eating it, I ate half.
    The crunchy cake we took in our hands was particularly fragrant. It should have been fried in rice. After the meal, I went to the kitchen and took two pieces.
    “Deng Cangshan, visit Dali, travel to the sea”, many tourists come to Dali essential projects. Cangshan Scenic Area is very large. It starts from Dengyuan in Wuyuan in the north and Tiansheng Bridge in Xiaguan in the south. There are nineteen peaks and eighteen streams, which are 50 kilometers long. The highest peak Malong Peak is 4122 meters above sea level. There are three cableways to go up the mountain in Cangshan. They are the Sensing Cableway, the Shumatan Cableway and the Zhonghe Cableway. It is obviously impossible to visit all the Cangshan attractions in one day. You can choose one or two main routes. The main peak of Cangshan has snow all the year round. Visitors cannot climb to the top. If it is an outdoor enthusiast, you can choose the activities of the local outdoor club to climb the main peak of Cangshan Mountain. It is safer.
    (Raiders) Tips:
    1. The ticket price of Cangshan is relatively expensive. It is 50 yuan for one-way cableway and 80 yuan for round-trip cableway. The one-way route for the horse-riding ropeway is 100 yuan, round-trip 200 yuan. If you take the cableway up the mountain, you must purchase the ticket for Cangshan District (40 yuan). . However, there is no need for tickets for hiking up the mountain.
    2, recommended route: from the Tongtong Temple hiking uphill or take the cableway up the mountain, starting from Qingbi River along the Yudai Road to the direction of the Yunfangfang (18 kilometers in length), you can look at the panoramic view of the Bohai Sea along the way, especially in the evening, the sea of ​​the Bohai Sea It is blue and very spectacular. Go to the Xiematan Middle Station and visit the Seven Dragons Pool. Then you can choose to wash the horsetan cableway to climb the summit, or continue along the Yudai Road and go down to the Zhonghe Cableway.
    Special Note
    1. Cangshan Mountain is strong and the mountain road is complicated. It is recommended not to deviate from the jade belt road during the tour, otherwise it will be easy to get lost in the mountains.
    2. Cangshan has a higher altitude, and the temperature is lower in the morning and evening. In addition, because the mountain wind is cold, it is recommended to carry warm clothing when going up the mountain.
    3. Some locals will provide services for riding the Cangshan Mountain, but the comfort and safety factors are relatively low. It is recommended to try carefully.
    After Cangshan tour, we went back to the inn to pick up the luggage, and then took the Dicheng cross-city car to Lijiang ~
    However, I have a whole car instead of a carpool, but there is already a person in the car. The driver is still on the phone. The original people are all a few mobile phones, and then they join each other. The passenger who asked us to wait for half an hour…
    Therefore, I will blow up the hair on the spot. Even if I have to fight a guest, I have to wait for someone to do it. I have to complain… The driver sees that I am angry and rushed to pay for it. In the end, both sides took a step back and one car and four people sailed to Lijiang… Well, I said, if two months earlier, tourists like me are going to be beaten.
    Along the way, the driver took a “sister” sales promotion business, but he not only did not make business with us, but also robbed us of business ~
    The northeast brother who is carpooling with us will drive, and we can go to Penghu to drive a number of sub-class drivers. So the two sides hit it off, leaving a driver who is still trying to persuade us to be dangerous.

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