Niu Shoushan self-driving tour – the origin of the cow head, quietly enjoy the Zen heart

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One: First sight. Niu Shoushan
    The cow first saw the crane forest, and the trails were winding around.
    Spring light Fushan, Tianhe Su Dian Yin.
    There is no day in the light, and there is gold in the cloth.
    Hugh is mad, and I can’t remember my heart.
    Throughout the ages, there have been many poems describing Niu Shoushan, and his favorite has always been Du Fu’s “Watching the Niutou Temple”. This poem not only depicts the beautiful scenery of Niu Shou Mountain, but also expresses the grand scene of Niutou Zongdao. It is quite Zen.
    In the ancient capital of Nanjing, there has always been the saying of “Spring Bull First, Autumn Qixia”. In fact, the fall of Niu Shou Mountain is also beautiful. A Niu Shou Mountain is like a half history of Nanjing. Just a mirror in this life, you need a lot of incense in the past. Although I don’t believe in Buddhism, I am deeply awe-inspiring, because my elders in the family worship Buddha and worship Buddha from a lifetime.
    Niu Shou is the most concentrated place in the “400-year-old temple of the Southern Dynasties”. In the forty-eight scenes of the ancient Jinling, Niu Shoushan monopolizes three scenes: “the first head of the smog”, “the flower of the Qing dynasty”, “the ancestral hall of Zhenxi”, its all-or-nothing People who believe in Buddha are yearning for it. So no matter when you visit, there is no shortage of popularity here.
    From the Liang Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty for more than a thousand years, Niu Shou Mountain has always been a salty and sacred place. As the birthplace of the Chinese Zen head, the Zen culture and other cultures have been merged here for thousands of years, and the deep Buddhist Zen source has graced the temple tower.
    Autumn tour Niu Shou Mountain, let the season flow,
    A peaceful side between heaven and earth,
    Listen to the wind and rain, listen to the mountain, listen to Zen.
    A quiet heart, the lotus is everywhere.Two: Come to the head of the cow, enjoy the Zen heart
    On the weekend of the early autumn, the family suddenly wanted to visit Niu Shoushan. It is said that it is very convenient to go by car in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. So there is no reason. Just say it and leave, come to Niu Shoushan in the early autumn to worship Buddha and listen to Zen.
    The entire Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Area covers five functional areas, such as the Buddha’s Holy Land, Baoxiangxianhua, Yinlong Zen Valley, Qianjing Temple, and Tianzhu Town. It is quite large. I parked the car in the parking lot and entered the scenic spot. Under my suggestion, everyone bought the internal transportation ticket. The 20-yuan free ride on the same day saved the time and physical strength of the walk. I suggest you still take the bus. far.
    The scenic area provides self-service voice interpreter rental service, 10 yuan / Taiwan, need to pay a deposit, in addition to provide Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese explanation services, the cost of the whole process is 160 yuan / person, single Buddha top holy region to explain The fee is 95 yuan / person, everyone can take what they want.
    In the early autumn, the Niu Shou Mountain, the ginkgo has turned yellow, and the maple leaves have a red meaning. Everything is so beautiful. From the main entrance, you can get off at the station you want to go. In order to save time, we will go straight to the Buddha’s Palace in the first stop.
    The Buddha’s Palace is located at the peak of Shanxi’s Shanxi Peak. It is one of the cores of the Buddha’s Holy Land. Personally, for the entire scenic spot, the core attractions are the Foding Temple, the Buddha Pagoda and the Buddha’s Roof. The three parts are also the most interesting.
    Walking into the holy place of Foding, there is a group of children reading in the Sanssou Square. Dressed in costumes, they are surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers, reading ancient poems, reading classics, studying etiquette, and perceiving profound and profound Chinese culture.
    Just this year, Niu Shou Mountain Scenic Area specially set up an auditorium, named “Niu Shou Culture Small Classroom”. The vast number of young friends can come here to study traditional Chinese studies, reading poetry classics, quite good, there are wood?
    Take the elevator to the square of the Buddha’s Roof Palace. Although the Niu Shou Mountain Scenic Area is large, except for the transportation vehicles, there are also elevators up and down, and there are few climbing stairs. It is really intimate for many elderly people who burn incense and Buddha, and we When I went there, there was a ritual water transfer ceremony.
    Before I came to Niu Shoushan, I saw photos of the Buddha’s Palace from many places. I always felt that it was so magnificent. Today, I saw it quite shocking. There is a burning incense and blessing place on the square. The incense is a Buddha’s ambassador, and the heart is fragrant.
    Very curious, seeing a lot of young boys coming to pray, they seriously focused on writing the wish card to attract my attention, as the saying goes: Shangxiang is not much, you are sincere, I hope their true prayers can reach their own wishes.
    The Buddha Pagoda is one of the landmark buildings of the Buddha’s Holy Land. It is a Tang Dynasty style building. On the eighth floor of the Buddha Pagoda, there is a copper-plated Buddha-top King Kong Clock. The full text of the Diamond Sutra, on the ninth floor, the temple is dedicated to a Buddha sitting in the Vishnu. As far as the tower,It overlooks the four seasons of Niushou Mountain.
    The entire Buddha’s top tower is magnificent in shape, showing the ancient charm of the Tang Dynasty. Looking at the Buddha’s Palace from another angle, it is not the same charm. However, it is a pity that when we came, due to the needs of the construction of the scenic spot, the Foding Pagoda was temporarily closed for construction and was not open to the public.
    Can’t board the tower, we are going to look inside the Buddha’s Palace. Looking at the Buddha’s Palace from a distance, the shape of the big dome is like a Buddha’s ancestral temple, and the small dome is like a Buddha’s hair. The big dome and the small dome symbolize external support and internal support. Zen is full. When the weather is good, you can take great photos at this angle!
    The Zen Grand View is located on the 6th floor of the Buddha’s Palace. It consists of the Zen Garden, which was born by Buddha, the Zen Garden of the Enlightenment and the Lotus Theatre in the middle. It represents the story of Buddha’s life.
    Entering the Zen Grand View, I was quietly calmed down. The scene that appeared in front of me was amazing. The Buddha’s wall, the Bodhi tree, the lotus seat, etc., the entire temple reflects the rich Buddhist culture.
    In the middle of the Grand View, it is a reclining Buddha with a length of 7.5 meters of white marble. The reclining Buddha has an excellent posture and elegant posture. It can rotate slowly with the base lotus, showing the quiet and serene Nirvana of the Buddha.
    At about one and a half in the afternoon, there is also a ceremony of offering flowers to the Buddha. Visitors can be at the door.I bought a lotus lamp in my hand, waiting for the lotus heart lamp, boarding the prayer table, offering flowers to support, and presenting the Buddha to the Buddha.
    The audience was quiet and silent, and the music of the ethereal spirits sounded. The petals of the lotus rose on the four sides of the stage, one layer after another. In the constant change of color, a huge lotus flower appeared in front of our eyes. Suddenly, the door opened. The reclining Buddha inside is full of colorful, we hold the lotus lamp, walk into it, circle the Buddha, make a wish, and put a heart lamp with its own name on the temple.
    After the lotus lamp was given, we then took the elevator to the basement of the relic hall. When we entered the hall, we first put on the shoe cover. The stairs came down and the wall was composed of small Buddhas. The scene was magnificent.
    The Thousand Buddha Hall is dominated by red, yellow and dark gold. The space of the Thousand Buddhas is sinuous and the plane is elliptical. There are Wanfo Gallery on the outer circle of the Thousand Buddhas Hall. The Wanfo Gallery covers the underground three floors in the space. .
    It is based on the five-party and five-buddha of the Huazang world. It is centered on the relic of the resurrection of the Golden Circle, plus the four paramitos on the tower, the four-party Buddha around the corridor, and the sixteen statues of Huimen. Bodhisattva, the four-photographed Bodhisattva, and the Buddha inside and outside the Buddha, the three-dimensional representation of the sacred scene of the fourth sacred meeting of the Buddhism Tantric Kingdom Mandala.
    The most striking thing about the Thousand Buddhas Hall is the worship of the Buddha’s top bone relic. The height of the tower is 21.8 meters. The shape is based on the shape of the Dabaoen Temple, the Golden Seven Treasures of the Ashoka Tower. It is taken from the inverted center of the Sumi Mountain in the Mogao Grottoes of Dunhuang, symbolizing the clean and solemn world of Huazang.
    The heart is open to understanding, such as flower blooms, walk out of the Thousand Buddha Hall, everyone seems to be relieved, I like a word: practice, is to maintain the consciousness of the heart in daily life, live at this moment, live a peace of mind.
    From the main hall, there are a few shops to visit, one of which is more comprehensive selling shop and Wenchuang shop, I personally like it, this will be detailed later.
    There was some regret in this trip, that is, there was not enough time to go through the sights of the entire scenic spot. It was still raining in the afternoon. Fortunately, after waiting for a while, the rain stopped. We went directly from the Foding Palace to the hidden dragon lake.
     Three: net red powder scorpion grass understand
    Why would you give up other attractions and come to Hidden Dragon Lake? The biggest reason is that there is a net red scorpion grass here, of course, the same photo of the network this year will come to punch the card.
    On the bank of Hidden Dragon Lake, a large piece of “pink cloud” is quietly coming. The breeze is like a pink mist. It is enough to look at it with a glance. Remember to bring beautiful clothes and friends to take a photo.
    Walking into the pink ocean, walking lightly, dreamlike, as if in a fairyland fairyland, this autumn has a little warmth. The flower spikes are connected in one piece, and the wind rises and falls, picking up a wave of waves, and taking a shot, can capture romance.
     Four: Niu Shou Zhai
    The original intention of fasting is to cleanse the body and purify one’s thoughts and behaviors. From the Buddhist point of view, it also strives to be quiet and inaction, to cultivate self-cultivation, and to achieve the goal of seeking Buddhism, downsizing all beings, prospering the Fa, and renewing the Buddha’s life. realm.
    Since I came to Niushou Mountain, I have to experience Su Zhai. Liang Wu vegetarian lunch is self-service, rich in dishes, reasonable price, can be called the representative of the environmental value burst table, it is recommended, the address is at the entrance of the Foley Hall of Foding Palace.
     Five: accommodation recommended
    This self-driving, stayed near Niu Shou Mountain for one night and found Nanjing Enxiang Bodhi Hotel. It is mainly a special hotel with the theme of traditional Buddhist culture. The Chinese-style decoration design is very popular among family members.
    The rooms are also Chinese style, quite spacious, and the details reflect the hotel’s elements of Buddhist traditional culture. There is a kind of meditation and meditation, which makes people sleep peacefully.
     Six: Wenchuang recommended
    Everywhere I like, I like to visit Wenchuang Store. There are two places where you can go shopping in Niujiao Scenic Area. One is the Niu Shou Mountain in the east entrance, the other is the Yinxintang in the Foding Palace, Yijiangnan, and the view. , one mind Qibao, Niu Shou Yan Chan Zen Tea House and so on.
    “Meeting Niu Shou Mountain” is a self-owned store brand of Nanjing Niushou Mountain Cultural and Creative Development Co., Ltd. It integrates natural, healthy, environmentally friendly and positive life concepts with the design and development of cultural and creative products. Through creative products, you can feel Niu Shoushan. Unique cultural charm.
    There are many shops in Foding Palace. I like it very much. I can enjoy it for a long time. Every cute little.Everything you want to bring home, as well as the ornaments related to the Buddha’s elements, is also exquisite, and you can’t put it down.
     Seven: Traffic Raiders
    1. Shanghai Directions:
    Beijing-Shanghai Expressway G2—Hurong Expressway G42—Changhe Expressway S38—Airport Expressway—Nanjing Ring Expressway—Ningdan Road—Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone.
    2. Nanjing Direction:
    Ring Expressway – Ningdan Road – Niushou Mountain Scenic Area or Ring Expressway – Airport Expressway – General Avenue – Focheng West Road – Niushou Mountain Scenic Area.
    3. Anhui Direction:
    Hefei Around the city – Shanghai-Shanxi Expressway G40 – Nanjing Ring Expressway – Ningdan Road – Ningdan Road – Niushoushan Cultural Tourism Zone.
    4. Zhejiang Direction:
    Changshen Expressway (G25) – Changhe Expressway (S38) – Airport Expressway – Nanjing Ring Expressway – Ningdan Avenue – Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone.
     Eight: practical information
    Ticket information:
    Full price ticket: 160 yuan, half price ticket: 80 yuan
    Scenic ticket sales time: 8:30-16:30
    Half price ticket applicable to:
    1, 6 years old (excluding 6 years old) – 18 years old (including 18 years old) minors
    2, age 60 (including 60 years old) – 69 years old tourists
    3. Full-time undergraduate and undergraduate students with a student ID
    Free ticket applicable to:
    1 or 6 years old or children under 1.4 meters in height
    2. Tourists under the age of 70
    3. A retired cadre and accompanying staff member holding a veteran cadre certificate
    4. Active military personnel holding a valid military officer’s card or soldier’s card
    5, with a valid disability certificate
    6. Hold the effective annual card of Niu Shou Mountain Scenic Area

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