North of the North, the fairy tale world of ice and snow

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Written in front
    In November, Nanjing is still full of autumn, and Heilongjiang, 2,100 kilometers away, is already a snow and ice.
    Going back and forth 4 times in Harbin, in different seasons
    But this time only in the winter, watching the snow fluttering and listening to the melodious bells.
    Habitually buy a Martell popsicle, walking aimlessly on the streets of Central Street
    The cold wind blows over my face, and it turns out that winter is really coming.
    Stayed in 1903
    On the first night in Harbin, I chose the 1903 Hotel on the edge of the Central Street. As the name suggests, it was built in 1903. It is one of the oldest buildings in Harbin. Not only is it elegant and elegant, but the decoration in the building is also magnificent. It is very luxurious, even today, it is no less than a five-star hotel.
    As you enter the hotel, you can see that the overall decoration is like a palace from the beginning of the 19th to the 20th century. The splendour, including oil paintings on the walls, classical chandeliers and floor tiles, is very luxurious and temperamental.
    The entire hotel not only has more than 280 paintings, but also various things for more than 100 years. For example, this 100-year-old record player can still be played today, and some antiques that were more common in the Soviet era can be seen here. To.
    In addition, the room is also very exotic, including mattresses and curtains, and then the wall lamp and sofa in the room are full of romance, seemingly a hotel, more like a palace, including hotel restaurants The place of the class is also very luxurious, and it is not old enough.
    Although it has a long history, it still considers every room very human, including the humidifier in the room, there is still a large bathroom, some rooms have a modern large bathtub, and the intimate service can be said to be Not inferior to the super five stars.
    But if you think this is just a hotel, then it is wrong. What you have to mention in this hotel is this century-old elevator. When the building was built 115 years ago, the Jews moved the elevator. It has been here for 115 years.
    This is one of the earliest elevators in China and is still operational today. Guests staying at the hotel can take it for free, and there are only two elevators in the country, and the other is the Waldorf Astoria hotel on the Shanghai Bund. .
    The old elevator still uses the iron fence door at that time. During the lifting process, the visual sense is quite transparent, and the antique style, the dim light shadow is also full of nostalgic taste, attracting a large number of tourists every day. And this hotel now exists like an attraction.
    You can clearly see the inside of the elevator. It is very interesting to run the door by manually pulling the elevator every time. Compared with today’s elevator, this century-old elevator is a bit old and has a small capacity. The speed is also very high. Slow, probably only 1/3 of the speed of the ordinary elevator, so when you ride, you can feel the heavy sense from history.
    If the Grand Residence 1903 Hotel is a stop that Harbin can’t miss, then the 100-year-old elevator is a must-have project in the hotel. Just like when you have to go to Snow to watch the snow in Harbin, listen to the story about the hotel and learn about Harbin’s 100 years ago. Life, maybe, this journey will make more sense.
    [Four seasons light food, can you eat thin? 】
    Before I came to Harbin, I heard that there was a net red shop that had been opened for two years. It was called a four-season light food. It was a healthy food, so I didn’t have breakfast at the hotel early in the morning. Food store.
    Compared with many old stores, the Four Seasons Light Food is a new online red, which was founded in 2016. It has been more than two years since then, but it has suddenly become a popular gourmet restaurant in Ice City, a light diet based on health and fashion. , won the favor of the Northeastern people with heavy taste.
    The whole season of light food advocates all seasons, healthy living, with 52 kinds of fresh ingredients, plus 9 kinds of homemade low-calorie sauce, daily fruits and vegetables are freshly purchased, as well as imported New Zealand beef tenderloin, American Tyson chicken breast Deep-sea fish, using Michelin low-temperature slow-cooking process, mainly used to make chicken and beef. The meat, gravy and nutrients are very complete, and the taste is very good. The chicken breast is soft and tender, and the beef grain is full. tooth.
    It is said that they have more than 10 branches in Harbin, and the environment in the store is relatively small and petty. Of course, for lazy people like me, their takeaway delivery is also very powerful. It is said that these low-calorie light foods are very helpful. For fitness and weight loss, just like the store’s advertisement, eat for 13 consecutive days, at least 8 kilograms of weight.
    No. 78 Old House Cafe
    I have been to Harbin four times, and I have been to many coffee shops, but most of them have not left any deep memories. The only old coffee house No. 78 that I went to this time is my favorite one, maybe not only It’s just the taste, but more about the feelings and history here.
    Its name is not as foreign or petty as other coffee shops. As its name suggests, it is located at No. 78, Company Street, Nangang District, Harbin, so it is directly named 78 Old House Cafe. Its appearance looks somewhat broken, in many buildings. In the middle, it seems even trivial.
    However, there are a large number of tourists coming here every day, because this old house has been here for 110 years. Some of them are here to drink coffee, but more people want to come here to listen to the story, about the old Bungalow, the old story about Harbin.
    This is a private old house, with Russian-style roofs, old yellow vines, small yellow-based buildings, and faintly scented coffee hidden in this new twentieth century. Art movement building.
    Originally belonged to a grandfather, he lived here every day during his lifetime, sunbathing, telling stories, chatting with tourists who came and went. After the grandfather left, his granddaughter changed this place into a coffee shop and wanted to use it as an understanding. History, a place to learn about Harbin culture.
    Pushing the four-story wooden door, you can walk into this seemingly dim old house, and the oncoming can make you feel the heavy sense of history. The owner of the house has a lot of things here, including many paintings of the Soviet era. Fireplace and some gadgets.
    The table is full of old cameras, and it is more intriguing with this old house. The bricks and tiles in the house, a table and chairs, and even a painting have their own stories. Just like every visitor we visit.
    On the wall, you can see a lot of old photos about Heilongjiang or Harbin, Russian-style buildings, dome cathedrals, and unmanned streets and smoky green leather cars. The years are like a fading agent. A brightly colored house was fixed in gray.
    Here, in addition to a variety of coffee, there are 78 best desserts, red velvet, matcha mousse, the old house is like the coffee after years of carving, bitter and intriguing, and the dessert here is with The story of the taste will always bring a little sweetness to our journey. This is a feast of taste buds and visual enjoyment. Every cup of coffee produced by the old house comes with its unique humanistic feelings and historical stories. In the aroma of coffee, it leads the past 110 years of this old house. And there are secrets that come together, maybe you will be amazed that Harbin is not only the ice world and the Martyr popsicle.
    After sitting for two hours, I feel like I know a little more about Harbin. This cup of flame coffee is the masterpiece of the old house. I heard that people who come here will point.
    In the hustle and bustle of the city, there is a quiet old house. If you have time, you must come to No. 78 here to experience a cup of unique coffee. It will alternate in the four seasons and land in the lives of the people. It will be bitter and sweet. endless.
    Fort Worth German Pavilion
    This shop is not strange to many people in Harbin. It is famous for its German craft beer. The environment is very good. The decoration style is petty and romantic. The heating supply is very good. When you eat, you can wear short sleeves. The service is also very good. There are performances.
    More recommended are: German-style salty pork knuckle, Frankfurt roast chicken wings, German sausages, Friedberg thickened bull’s eye and Hawaiian fresh fruit love, etc., crispy and tender outside, eating meat here is a great enjoyment Things, less than 100 yuan per person, the price is still good, it is worth punching.
    For me who loves to eat meat, it is simply too much love for this place. All kinds of chicken wings and pork knuckles are crispy and tender, and the flavor is rich. The key is to match the French fries and tomato sauce, which is not greasy.
    In addition, their German sausages and steaks are also very famous. Although the outside is cold and windy, it is very pleasant to chat while eating meat in the house. Then come twice to brew the German beer, don’t mention How embarrassing it is.
    If you want to eat petty bourgeoisie and delicious food in Harbin, there is a high-stricken meal, then you must not miss this German small restaurant, which has been the first German food in Harbin, and it is well-deserved.
    Audi Q2L 邂逅 Harbin Grand Theatre
    I believe that many people who have not been to Harbin know that Harbin and even the whole of Heilongjiang have a very modern and very beautiful net red building, which is the Harbin Grand Theatre.
    As a new car for our self-driving travel, I didn’t expect the Audi Q2L to match the Grand Theatre, so I couldn’t help but take a few shots. The white building behind it is the Grand Theatre. It adopts the unique shape of the hyperboloid. It is the iconic building of Harbin. It was once selected by ArchDaily as the “Best Cultural Building in the World’s Best Buildings in 2015”.
    In addition to the Grand Theatre, the car is also very beautiful, as an influential SUV, and the first member of the Audi even family, it represents Audi’s young, personalized design trend, the new Audi Q2L model Smart design and strong performance.
    This body is also available in a variety of body colors, customizable C-column design with the same body color and optional interior stitching design, with all the standard polygon LED headlights and dynamic indicator LED taillights, so The appearance of high-value values ​​is unforgettable, and it highlights the trend of the new Audi Q2L.
    The dynamic body streamlines, sharp edges and corners, and the degree of relaxation, let people immediately want to control the driving, experience the hearty driving experience, and the space in the back row is beyond my expectation, much larger than the imagination, the rear row ride The comfort is also very good.
    When the bright body color is matched with the bright black C-pillar and the prominent S line logo, it is really dazzling. Whether you are passionate or ruthless, the new Audi Q2L always gives you the best answer.
    Most importantly, the optional Audi Active Lane Keeping System helps your vehicle stay in the lane at all times. When the vehicle is traveling at speeds above 65km/h, the HD camera on the windshield can monitor the road markings. . Once the vehicle has a tendency to deviate from the lane without being prompted, the steering wheel will alert you in the form of vibration feedback and slightly correct the steering.
    In short, in the past few days in Harbin, driving is very easy, much better than I expected, and the price does not seem expensive, the lowest is only 210,000, is also a very cost-effective new model.
    In the wind and rain, I am waiting for you in “Jiu Li”
    How can I miss the string in Harbin?
    Jiuli is a shop where I have seen a few transparent kitchens in Harbin. You can see the cooking process in your seat. The whole store is clean and the service is good. The people who come here are all directed at craft beer. It comes from the barbecue and is usually open until the early hours of the morning. It is a good place for Harbin to eat late at night.
    Australian crispy beef, flavored roast goose egg, and long-baked potatoes, it is my favorite three-course dish for a long time. The beef is spicy and chewy. It is a good dish for the sake of roasting. The roast goose egg is quite creative. Potatoes are a feature of the Northeast.
    Raw baked homemade sausage, it is also one of the must-order dishes here, and the taste of the Russian red sausage is a bit like, but not exactly the same, rarely eaten in other places, is a long-term special dish.
    “In the wind and rain, I am waiting for you for a long time.” The most not to be missed here are all kinds of craft beer, white beer, yellow beer and dark beer. It is about 300ml. According to different types and quantity, it is also named. Quite a poetic, such as “good luck again and again”, “everyday long” and “golden jade full house” and so on.
    I really like this small shop, it always allows you to live in the cold and plain northeast.In the living, there is a lot of fun. With such food and wine accompanied by, this is full of stories.
    Comment on Central Avenue and my favorite crayfish shop
    When I came to Harbin, I didn’t have a soul when I didn’t visit the Central Street, and we just lived on the edge of the Central Street, so I walked a hundred or two meters, and it was very close. After dinner, I would just stroll around. After all, Harbin A representative street. (It seems like every time I come to Harbin to go shopping).
    In the winter of Harbin, it was dark at about 4 o’clock, so it looked like midnight time. There are so many people on the street. It is actually only seven or eight o’clock. In the middle of the night, the central street is also very empty. There are almost no tourists. There are also few stores that are still open for business.
    About Baidu Encyclopedia, Central Avenue is a prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Harbin. It is a flood control memorial tower on the riverside in the north and Xinyang Square in the south. It is 1,400 meters long. This long street was built in 1900, and the street building It includes 71 buildings of various styles such as the Renaissance and Baroque. It has a history of more than 100 years and is a point of Harbin travel must-have card.
    And the same as the central street, everyone will not be unfamiliar, that is, the Madiel popsicle on the central street, which has been a representative of Harbin since 1906, and should be tasted after coming.
    For the southerners, you will find that in the winter in the northeast, selling popsicles does not require a refrigerator. It can be sold directly in a box. After all, it is almost minus 10 degrees in the evening of November.
    At the end of the central street is the flood control memorial tower, and then you can see the Songhua River. The Songhua River in the winter season is a big playground with various snow projects. This season, it begins to freeze slowly, so it is not. It’s fun.
    When we were about to finish the Central Avenue, we found the Net Red Restaurant, a tavern, a very personal network red.The shop, the interior mix and match style is extremely interesting, a tablecloth, an old TV set, a string of bells, all have different stories.
    These things decorated in the store are bought by the boss when they traveled from Lijiang, Thailand, Tibet and other places. The things with ethnic characteristics are combined, and there is a little petty charm in Jiangnan. Whenever the night is quiet, come here. The tavern, drinking and drinking, eating crayfish, and listening to the simple folk songs, always feel very at ease.
    Need to say that many of the dishes in this store are homemade, such as black pepper tomato sirloin pot, wow squid, spicy crayfish, etc., here are the spicy of Sichuan cuisine, the thick of Shandong cuisine, the northeastern cuisine. The enthusiasm is as big as the decoration in the store.
    However, my favorite is the crayfish in the tavern and the Sansei Shishi Peach Blossom. The crayfish that is not lost in the squid has become a must in Harbin. For those who love spicy food, don’t miss the spicy here. Crayfish, of course, you can choose garlic without spicy.
    The selection of peach and peach wine is also rich in mellow taste. It is not suitable for the nightingale. It is said that it is the only restaurant on the central street that is open to the early morning. The environment is really superb, suitable for dating, privacy. Better.
    Literary Grande Hotel
    Harbin has a church called St. Sophia. It is an important monument of the invasion of the northeast and Harbin. It is because of this history, strolling in Harbin, maybe you will see a Russian retro style building, and I Also near the central street, I married the Junyi Hotel.
    The hotel is conveniently located at No. 68 Dongfeng Street, Daoli District. The transportation is very convenient. It is about 40 minutes drive from Taiping International Airport. Harbin Railway Station and West Railway Station are also within easy reach.
    As soon as I entered the hotel lobby, I was given a surprise feeling. The intimate butler service, the service staff took the luggage with enthusiasm and helped to check in. The taste of the hotel is very elegant, the interior decoration is also Russian retro, the lighting is very warm, it seems that this is the end of the traveller, giving me a feeling of returning home. I can’t help but think that if it were me, I might decorate my home like this.
    There is a communal lounge area on the first floor of the hotel. It is quiet and offers guests desserts, tea and fruit, making it the perfect choice for afternoon tea. For those who love tea, the choice of tea sets is a very important thing. The hotel’s tea set and the tea area are really making me feel full of petty bourgeoisie. Tea is a taste of life. Therefore, people who like to drink tea must also love life. In the leisurely afternoon, a person quietly holding a book, soaking a cup of fragrant tea, looking for a corner from the sun to the sun, isn’t it beautiful?
    I usually like to drink a little wine before going to bed, which has the effect of helping sleep. The Junyi Hotel also satisfied me. The wine bar offers guests a fine selection of red and white wines, sparkling wines and whiskies. For those who like cigars, the hotel also has a cigar bar. It feels like going back to the Renaissance.
    In addition to the intimate butler service, the hotel’s overall facilities are also relatively complete. Five-star decoration quality, whether you are traveling alone, business trip, couple outing, or family play, there is always a room for all your needs.
    The whole room is simple and warm muji style, every detail reflects the hotel’s intentions, from wall design to refrigerator, TV, coffee machine, air purifier, weight scale, bluetooth speaker and other electronic products to improve the quality of life. .
    The small lights on the bedside table are also very delicate. The marble tiles of the bathroom are full of ins winds. The details of the hotel are exquisite to the provided toiletries, using the British plant essential oil series SEVEN PLUS, the petty style runs through the corners of the hotel.
    The soft Simmons swept away the tiredness of travel, even those who sleep so shallowly have no dreams overnight. A good day, starting with breakfast. Junyi Hotel’s private custom breakfast uses a semi-buffet area + zero mode, both Chinese and Western dishes to meet the needs of different guests. The dishes are free to mix, go out, need to add enough vitamins, plus I am a person who enjoys vegetarian food and fruits and vegetables, freshly cut fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy and natural, with a few pieces of homemade chocolate cookies with excess heat Biscuits, life is so beautiful.
    In such a typical northern city, it didn’t make me feel a little rough. Every detail considered for the guests made me think that Junyi Hotel is the best choice. Living here makes me feel that my heart has been healed. Maybe we have all been hurt by the world, but when the sun rises the next morning, you are still willing to curious, hug, believe, and discover the beauty of the world. .
    Harbin-Snow Township
    From Harbin to Xuexiang is not too far, about 300 kilometers, but basically open for 5 hours, halfway through a small rest stop, starting at 9:30 in the hotel, until 3:30 in the afternoon to Xuexiang When you walk halfway along the way, you can basically see some snow.
    Tickets for Xuexiang are adult tickets for 115 yuan, and then you need to transfer to the sightseeing car at the door. In order to protect the snow, private cars cannot enter, and the sightseeing car is 5 yuan.
    Then I chose the first home in Xuexiang. At first I thought it was a name. I didn’t expect it to be the first family hotel in Xuexiang. It has been 20 years since 1998, so it is quite trustworthy.
    Although we are two people sleeping in a house, we still choose the plumbing raft for four people. After all, this will be more spacious. It will not be overturned by a few people. The snow town that has just opened the door has not yet reached the peak season. The price is 360 yuan a night (non-weekend), still cheaper than you think, if you are embarrassed, the Northeast should be almost the sameThe conditions are not very good, but you can wash your bath.
    When you go out, you can see the snow scene, because it is approaching the evening, so there are still a lot of tourists arriving in the land, especially the brand of “China Snow Township”, and many people are waiting in line to take pictures.
    Dinner is the first to eat in Xuexiang, basically northeastern cuisine, the price is more expensive than Harbin, but it is not as expensive as online. If you don’t order a little more expensive food, the basic per capita is fifty or sixty. The amount of food in the northeast is large. Generally, one person has enough food. Basically, several people order a few dishes, and even less.
    You can still eat some Northeast specialties, such as chicken stewed mushrooms, pot roast meat, pork stewed noodles, etc., have to say that the pot of meat, more authentic than all the pots I have eaten in Dalian.
    All are clearly marked, there is nothing to worry about (although I was worried before going), I saw that the instant noodles are 6 yuan a box, it is said that some family hotels sell 8 yuan or 10 yuan, I feel acceptable, other things The price is not very expensive, higher than the normal price.
    The snowy days are basically dark at 4 o’clock, and you can go out to watch the night scene at night. The northeast night is still very cold. If there is wind, it will be colder. If it is not particularly thick, you can Before going out at the hotel, wear a thick coat and they have a large cotton coat.
    Regarding Xuexiang, there are still many people who don’t understand it.
    Xuexiang, also known as Shuangfeng Forest Farm, used to be a warm shooting place for “Where is Dad?”, and it is also the location of the film “Watching Weihushan”; the snow period lasts for 7 months, and the amount of snow is called China. The most, and the snow is good, the viscosity is high, and it is known as the “China Snow Township”.
    The unique “China Snow Town” Shuangfeng Scenic Area is an important part of the Hailin Scenic Area. During the snow, the white snow is shaped by the wind and is in various poses. Whether it is the ice in the early winter or the smog in the early spring, the charm of snow is always present.
    The snow season in Xuexiang can last from October to May each year. Generally speaking, the first snow in Xuexiang will land in early October. After that, snow accumulation continues until the formation of “snow mushroom” and “snow hoe”, which is basically the end of November and mid-February of each year. This period is the best viewing period.
    To talk about dreams, the night in Xuexiang is no longer dreamy. Did not see the night scene, I have not been to the real snow town! The essence of Xuexiang is the night scene, and there are three best places to watch the night scene in Xuexiang: Dream Home, Xueyun Street, Fairytale World View Boardwalk.
    The snowy house lights and red lanterns illuminate the dark night, the cold air and the steaming smoke, the quiet snow and the bustling crowd. Therefore, the night of Xuexiang naturally becomes the most unmissable scenery. In the night, there is a world of ice and snow fairy tale, and at night, it is not beautiful.
    Xuexiang is like a dream, weaving another world here, I want to use a transparent glass bottle to fill everything here.
    I listened slowly, the sound of snow falling
    After becoming a popular scenic spot, Xuexiang is no longer burning firewood. It is basically concentrated for heating, so it is said that each bedroom has a very comfortable temperature, so that you can sleep at night more than your home. In the morning, it is a long time and I don’t want to get up.
    Therefore, the second day we are in Xuexiang, starting at 11 o’clock.
    After a night of snow, I didn’t expect the next day to be a sunny and cloudless weather. It is said that such weather is not common in Xuexiang. Maybe it’s really our luck. When passing the Xuexiang sign, I found out that No one took pictures.
    At noon, I chose to eat at the Linzi Caotang. This is also a family hotel, but it is more expensive than the one we live in. The basic minimum is four or five hundred, and there is also a traditional northeastern monk. It is very exciting to watch. After all, I read in the Northeast. I haven’t slept in college for 4 years.
    The basics of eating in the Linzi Caotang are also Northeastern cuisine. The house is quite spacious and the service is good. For example, the blood sausage, the dried potato chips, etc., the taste is still good, and the price is slightly more expensive than the previous night.
    This cold water fish is said to be one of the characteristics of Xuexiang. The meat is very tender and the price is relatively high. A plate is about 188 yuan. In addition to these, the meat is back, the wild mushrooms and the like are also very good, and the per capita consumption is about The look of 100 yuan is still acceptable.
    Then I looked at the fire of their home. It was really what I imagined. A room can sleep up to 8 people. If you are traveling together, it is much more lively.
    The snow scene at the entrance is also very good. They also built their own observation deck. They can see the rows of houses below and the mountains behind them. It is very beautiful.
    In Xuexiang, whether it is snowing or not, as long as there is a breeze blowing, you can feel the snowing picture, the snow fluttering in the sky, really don’t be too romantic, it is worthy of the same place in the fairy tale world.
    After having lunch, taking advantage of the good weather, I went to the viewing path with my friends again. Don’t ask me why I didn’t go to other places, but I have to take a repeating road because Xuexiang is really small and small. You have perseverance and walked through in 60 minutes.
    Looking at the rows of houses below this day is another general scene. For the southerners who rarely see heavy snow like this, it is simply the best, and the little friends have been repeating a sentence, too beautiful, too beautiful. .
    Every door is hung with a string of corn, and one red lantern. It is especially festive under the snow, so this place must be very lively.
    From the observation deck, it should be the widest and most lively street in Xuexiang. At noon, there are not many tourists, because many tourists return in the morning, and newcomers are basically at 4 or 5 in the afternoon. So, so the tourists are the least at noon.
    Practical strategy
    1, Harbin – Xuexiang, you can take the bus, 120 yuan a person, one-way about 4-5 hours.
    2, the national – Harbin, the most convenient aircraft, but also high-speed rail, but the high-speed rail basically to Harbin West Station, a little far from the city center.
    3, hat, it is best to use the kind of Lei Feng hat commonly used in the Northeast, especially warm, online sales, basically tens of dollars.
    4, warm baby, I think in the northeast no matter how thick your feet are worn, basically it will be cold, so put a warm baby, can warm a lot
    5, SLR camera, in many places in the Northeast, the phone is useless, special iPhone, so the photo has to rely on SLR.
    6, clothes can be warm clothing + sweater + down jacket, pants are warm pants + trousers, shoes, then everyone looks at it.
    7, drones, God’s perspective, and some can be carried, although cold, but the effect of the rough is great.
    8, St. Sophia Church has been repairing recently, the photo is basically unable to shoot, can only look.
    9. When you arrive in the Northeast, you must try these recommended online red stores.

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