On the rooftops of the world, come to a journey of meditation

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    This summer, flee the city with me and enjoy a romantic romance. This time I came to the rooftop to play, and the rooftop was famous for its Buddhism Taoyuan and Shanshui Shenxiu. Guoqing Temple became the ancestral home of Buddhism Tiantai, Tongbai Palace was the Taoist Southern Ancestral Temple, and Chicheng Mountain in Chicheng Mountain was the sixth largest Taoist temple.
    After coming to the rooftop, I stayed at the Yitian Tiantai Hotel here, where I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, tasted the delicious food, and felt the strong Zen atmosphere of the hotel. I organized this most playable guide and shared it. for everyone.
    Yijing Tiantai Resort Hotel is located in the vicinity of Guoqing Temple, a thousand-year-old temple. The surrounding attractions include Qiongtai Xiangu, Chicheng Mountain, Shiliangfei Waterfall, Huading Temple, Huading National Forest Park, Longchuan Gorge, and Jigong Former Residence. Attractions.
    As soon as I approached the lobby of the hotel, the new Chinese-style decoration style made me shine, elegant and quiet, yet spacious and bright, quite Zen.
    The dilemma is inspired by the idyllic poetry of “carrying in the human world, without cars and horses”. The brand is built by the Yuanzhou Tourism Group, which has been deeply cultivating the Chinese hotel industry for 19 years. The experience store is located on the rooftop. In the glory of the millennium history, it shows the beauty of the “Embarrassed Rooftop”. In 2017, the Futian Tiantai Resort Hotel was named “China’s most anticipated new opening hotel”.
    The impression is that the service of this hotel, from the moment you enter the hotel door, the hotel staff will say hello to us, and will give us a wet towel.
    The check in of the hotel also made me shine. It doesn’t need to be in the same way as the average hotel check-in. The lobby here has become a home feeling. There are a lot of sofas, tables and chairs. Come to the hotel and go to the lobby. The hotel staff will handle the procedures. We need to sit comfortably on the sofa. Drinking tea and playing with your mobile phone, it’s good to sign a word and the service is in place.
    In order to reflect the atmosphere of Zen, the hotel’s mosaics are hand-picked by employees.
    Good service is reflected in every detail, the hotel’s service staff will take the initiative to take care of the guests, explain the guests, help the elevator, etc. Their intimate service and arrangement will surprise us everywhere.
    The hotel has activities every day, and the small blackboard is full of activities that can be attended every day. It is not boring to stay in the hotel.
    The hotel design team is the G20 national banquet design team. It once brought the scenery of Hangzhou West Lake into the national banquet and surprised the world. Now it is very good to integrate the local scenery and culture of Tiantai into the hotel. For example, the hotel’s art installations are based on the Huathuang azaleas that are abundant in Tiantai County. The elevator and room number guides are written in a brushed handwriting font. Even the hemp fabrics and decorative paintings in the elevator are not interesting.
    I have been running all the year round. For the hotel, I pay more attention to the details. The roof is very good in detail. Whether it is the handwritten card on the table or the delicious fruits of the plates, this delicate care makes me feel very Warm.
    The hotel’s rooms are clean and spacious, in addition to a very good quality of service, the infrastructure is also an important consideration for a good hotel. The bed linen used in the guest room is the Slim Bailan bed set by the Hidingan Group and one of the top ten luxury bedding brands in the world.
    The curtains in the wash area are fully automatic and some rooms are also equipped with a private bath. There are dozens of rooms in the hotel. There are three different types of rooms, such as 庐, 庐, and 庐, each of which is a different experience. The 300-square-meter multi-purpose hall on the first floor can accommodate wedding banquets and various theme banquets. It can accommodate 300 people for round table wedding banquets, conferences, and fully equipped LED electronic display and audio equipment. Since it was only opened in 17 years, the room facilities are very new and more advanced.
    The hotel’s bathrobes are very good in texture and offer a meditation for the guests to use during the meditation experience.
    The toiletries in the hotel rooms are made by Bayan Hara’s Rhodiola series. This toiletries are rich in Rhodiola. The main function is to effectively eliminate fatigue. It is said that the world’s luxury resort hotel Anzhen also uses the same washing equipment.
    The third floor of the hotel is the Twin Towers Restaurant, where every piece of cuisine is carefully prepared. Not only can you stay late for local specialties, but you can also eat food from all over the world.
    A well-prepared breakfast is available on your own.
    Whether it’s a dinner or an afternoon tea, the food in the world has brought us many surprises and extraordinary tongue-to-tip experiences.
    The chef is giving us the local specialties of the rooftop.
    Buffet breakfast, a wide variety of nutritious.
    This cake, the girl’s favorite.
    The vegetarian restaurant in the hotel is not to be missed. Compared to the simple dishes in the temple, the food in the dilemma is more refined, and the meal is full of satisfaction.
    From the platter to the serving, it reflects the hospitality and exquisite cuisine.
    Looks like meat, if you don’t say vegetables, you don’t think these dishes are vegetarian.
    In addition to eating and living, the hotel also provides special services for the guests staying in the hotel: for example, the walking tour of the small masters, the mountain bike riding tour, the local “Ten Scenes and Ten Texts” Appreciation, the Garden Book Folk Activities (Tao Yuanming) Appreciation of poetry collection, art paper-cutting activities, etc.
    For those who like to ride, the hotel has a free mountain bike rental service.
    The design of the hotel lobby is warm and the sofa is very comfortable. If the weather is too hot and you don’t want to go out, it is a good choice to have a sofa in the lobby.
    Parents with children can not be bored because there are a lot of activities to attend.
    The “Garden College” on the third floor of the hotel is an ideal utopia. Special experience activities such as meditation and meditation are regularly offered here. The masters of the Millennium Temple will also be invited to lecture at the hotel, change to Zen clothes, meditate and enjoy a journey of communication with the soul.
    This time we learned to meditate with the teacher. There was a Zen suit in the room, and then I went to the third floor and started. Meditating on meditation can calm yourself down, get closer to your heart, reach a state of emptiness, and the troubles of the week can be swept away. This feeling is great.
    In addition, the hotel has another secluded place called Qiongtai College. The academy is surrounded by mountains, the environment is quiet, the air is fresh, suitable for guests who like quiet, and there is a lecture hall for training lectures.
    Playing chess on a piece of stone has a feeling of crossing back to ancient times.
    Here, in addition to being able to breathe the fresh air of the mountains, there are more entertainment activities waiting for you to discover.
    The indoor ping pong table has aroused our desire to exercise and slap on the pk.
    There is a tea room hidden in the forest, a cup of tea, and a few friends have spent the afternoon in the afternoon.
    Qiongtai College, surrounded by forests.
    The rooftop is not big, the hotel occupies a great location, so it is especially convenient to go to the various scenic spots from the hotel. This time we go to the Guoqing Temple, we can book the experience tour to the front desk, the hotel will have special staff to lead everyone. Visit the ancient temple of the Millennium Temple.
    Guoqing Temple was built in the 18th year of Emperor Wendi’s Emperor (598). It is located in the foothills of Huading Mountain. It is one of the famous ancient temples in China and was the birthplace of Buddhism in China and Japan. Most of the ancient temples in China are located in the valleys surrounded by mountains, while Guoqing Temple is located in the paradise surrounded by mountains. Even if there are more tourists, it feels always clear and secluded, like the old man of Qing Dynasty, Xianfeng The bones, specializing in distracting thoughts.
    Into the National Qing Temple, scholars and literati can look at the cultural relics and caress the past; the people who believe in the Buddha burn incense and worship the Buddha, pray for blessings and wishers; the impetuous people in the mood can find the spirit in the Fanyin Tianzhu.
    The sun shines on this temple, which has survived for thousands of years. The mottled courtyard tells the vicissitudes of history and likes this clean feeling.
    The candlelight sways and sways the hope of the believer.
    As night fell, we decided to visit the Feifei Tower at night. The Liangzhu Tower stands on the top of Chicheng Mountain. It is surrounded by seven levels. It is like a sword that pierces the sky, and it is spectacular.
    Chicheng Mountain is the back garden of the Tiantai people. It is also known as the Burning Mountain. It is named after the mountain and the stone screen is like the city. It is the only Danxia landform in the Tiantai Mountain. In order to see this tower, it took a lot of effort.
    Climbing up the top of Chicheng, I saw the Liangzhu Tower, the mountain breeze, blowing away the tiredness of climbing the mountain, and looking far and wide, the panoramic view of the night.
    The two-day trip passed by and was in a hurry. If you were short, you would like to come here and have a good time. The Loutian Tiantai Hotel has given us a lot of surprises. Don’t miss out on friends who come to the rooftops to come and come to a spiritual journey like Zen.

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