One thought, 31 days, 26,000 miles! 2018 coolest self-driving tour tour (on)

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Far in the distance, the wind is farther away than in the distance
    I returned the distant far to the grassland…
    Driving in the desert of June
    September in the car with Haizi
    Tears and tears became the norm of the journey
    In the past two years, the number of trips that have been taken away has been unclear several times.
    But in 2018, I circled half of China’s ring road, perhaps the coolest and most insane travel before I was thirty…
    I am looking forward to Xinjiang, like San Mao, who missed the sand and drifted into my field of vision. The fate always jumped into my life with a wonderful kind. Because in one sentence, one thought, then thirty days, 13,000 kilometers! Crossing Xinjiang, Tibet, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Henan, and Hebei finally arrived in Beijing.
    For the jealousy of many people, this seems to be the road that can never be completed. But for me, the small flames that are pulled out can’t stand the feeling of being able to stand still. The journey is long, the scenery is beautiful, and there are many stories…
    Remember the days of every night, remember the songs all the way, remember the sunset at ten o’clock, remember the rainbow in the air, remember the wind and snow, remember the thunder and the hail, remember a well-known unknown road. Uni-Li, CMB, Medog, Desert Highway, 219, 318 National Road…
    Remember Kuitun, remember Kashgar, remember the flash of the end, remember the night of Dahongliutan, remember the city of Shiquanhe. Remember Sa Sa, remember to pull, remember the mountains of Mount Everest, the rain of the sheep lake, remember the performances of Lhasa’s bookstore and Princess Wencheng. Remember the fog of Medog, the glaciers of the rice heap, the starry sky of Wuhu, remember… I remember the direction of the distance to the distance…
    The journey of the ring line came to an end, and the journey back to sorting out these pictures seemed to have embarked on a journey. The significance of the trip was not only the passing, but also the traces left by the years. The people and scenery that I have seen may gradually dissipate as the memory disappears. However, the story that has been frozen has always warmed the blood of the rogue…
    A car, seven regions, thirty-one days, twenty-six thousand miles… The last gathering, 48,000 words, 877 pictures… About the South Xinjiang, the Xinzang line, the Sichuan-Tibet line What is your impression? What evaluations did you hear? Please don’t misunderstand them after 2018. The gentleness and shock here are worthy of personal feeling…
    There are a lot of things, and the travel is very long. This is a complete self-driving strategy. Because of burning the brain, I am trying to mark the itinerary at a glance. I hope I can read it patiently.
    In the past year, I have grown too much, groping for progress, traveling through various people, touching a society that has never been known for a long time, meeting people of all kinds, meeting beautiful scenery, and finally meeting myself…
    Sometimes I will be grateful, even some grateful for a small boarding life, exercise my independent thinking, and the typical Aquarius character, three minutes of work, although the lack of perseverance, but also let me more love life, love this much Become a fun world!
    Finally, photography hits my college life like a brick, knocking on another world of mine, and it has become my longest-lasting interest from beginning to end, so I’m doing it myself.What I want to do, life is always my own, and I am also free…
    Life is always confused, but I know that there are pure scenery on the way to travel, long-lost feelings, warm people…
     Itinerary for Xinjiang
    A Tianshan Mountain divides Xinjiang geographically into two parts, north and south. In the eyes of the world, the northern Xinjiang, dense vegetation, grassland lakes, magnificent scenery. In southern Xinjiang, the vast sky and the desert Gobi are slightly deserted, but I have never felt that the scenery of southern Xinjiang is inferior to that of northern Xinjiang.
    From Karamaylama to Kuitun Grand Canyon, to Sailimu Lake, to the end of Lianhuo Expressway, to Lavender Manor, see Gossip City, Kala Jun, Nalati, walk through the Duku Highway, desert road, pass through Hetian Kashgar, went to the first village in the west, went to the Pamirs, and the most beautiful scenery is always on the unknown road…
    Crossing five characteristic highways and crossing seven administrative districts in Xinjiang, self-driving is the most beautiful way of travel I can think of. Pajero is called “Bobcat”. It is just that it is a super-selected four-wheel drive off-road system that allows us to go all the way. Exile yourself with the heart, and between the world and the world…
    I still remember the unknown hill ditch that was curious because I was curious. I remember the picnic there, remember the portrait I took, remember the saxophone that my friend brought, remember the music that surrounds the air…
    There are also tens of kilometers of the Kuitun Grand Canyon, and the gully of all the way is the mark of time. And the deep night sky of Sailimu Lake, the blue morning, standing on the lakeside in June, the cold wind and the wind are coming on the front…
    Huocheng, full of lavender flowers, the Horgos port at the end of Lianhuo Expressway, Tex Bagua City without traffic lights, it was a rich day, and there was a missed Kala Jun, two hundred kilometers away. Hour of the hour…
    From the first day to Xinjiang, the only road, there is no road closure, often outNow, in our conversation, because we have to walk the ring line and because some sections of the road are collapsed, it is regrettable to abandon the Dushanzi to Nalati section. Even if the second half of the rainy day is still rainy, the charm is not reduced. A self-driving road that is worthy of experience in the northern part of Vietnam.
    From the Devil City and Kuitun Grand Canyon, I saw too many karst landforms, but I was still deeply impressed by the red gravel in the Grand Canyon at the end of the Duku Highway!
    From the wheel platform, pass through the Tarim Huyanglin Park, pass the edge of the Qiemo County, and travel across the entire Tarim Basin to Minfeng in a flowing desert, with a total length of more than 500 kilometers. It is the first desert grade road built in the world’s second largest desert, where the story of the old couple is hidden…
    At the end of June in the hottest days, in the hot sun, you can feel the hot sand through the cold wind in the car. This stretches the 500-kilometer desert corridor, and the window is the golden sand dune that you can’t see at the end. Staying in the bottom of my heart is spectacular and shocking. In addition to the hinterland where Sanmao lived, this is another real desert in my heart!
    Kashgar, who is deeply in memory, has changed my inherent view of Xinjiang. The warning of insecurity before travel has long since been forgotten. Of course, I have never really imagined the danger of the frontier! Contrary to what many people have said, I want a kind-hearted smile, a harmonious and happy life is the main theme of this small town.
    I still remember that I didn’t go to the Pamirs at the foot of the snow-capped mountains. I remember the way to the Baisha Lake. I remember the tears in the way…
     Itinerary notice for Tibet
    Some stories have been flowing in the blood of youth. They are young, go a little more, and see more people, let life be full of adventures, let the emotions spread to the chest, let the years live up to the time…
    Turning over the Tianshan Mountains, across the desert, climbing the Everest, and reaching the top… 5,000 kilometers tour Xinjiang, 6,000 kilometers down the river! Countless how many mountains have climbed, and the memory is still fresh in the day. In vain, it rises to 5,300 meters. There is still no high altitude.
    I remember the army that was first pushed into the 219 National Highway and was forced to follow the lucky double flash. I remember that after entering the no-man’s land, the weather was changing and the weather was changing. I remember the twists and turns of the mountains and mountains. I remember this is a new journey…
    I remember the sky-high oil price of the 30-mile barracks, the conditions of the red-yellow huts, and remember the aunt’s sad past. I remember that after a few hours of jumping, I’m going to sleep, and I remember the sorghum, Dumma. I remember the night shift to Gonghu Lake, and I remember the day-to-day checkpoint that I didn’t understand. I remember seeing the late night of Ashi Shiquanhe Town, and the light that suddenly appeared seems to bring us back to the modern city!
    Remember the holy beauty of Gang Rinpoche, remember the stools at the foot of the mountain, remember the bowl of rice, the cup of yogurt, the villagers who chanted, and the passers-by who came and went…
    Lonely late at night, the dark mountain road, a white car rushing forward, all the way to the late night of Satun. I remember walking to the end of the Xinzang line in a large rape field. The place with a mileage of 2,139 kilometers has a beautiful name called Lahu!
    I remember watching the map showing the Everest Road, which is like a small intestine. I also remember the sequelae of No. 92 oil brought to Pajero. Remember the prayers for me, remember the injured hand, remember the postal postcard, remember the whole picture of the five snow-capped peaks of Mount Everest, I remember the fortunes and misfortunes here, tears and gratification…
    It’s often the most common thing in July, and the beauty of Yanghu Lake is changing. The clouds and mountains that turn around the bend will never be erased. Walking on the muddy country roads, the rain will not be able to. Cover the beauty here…
    Linzhi, without peach blossoms, is filled with warm green. Since the scenery that has entered the Shannan area has gradually changed into a mountain with mountains, it is still unforgettable that there are stone pot chickens, Tibetan pigs…
    I remember that I have been in the Motuo Highway for many years. I need to drive for six hours in just 117 kilometers. I remember the delicious garden restaurant in Bombay. I remember the silver bracelet I bought. I remember the passing town of Lulang. Long Zangbu, I remember the Ranwu Lake that greeted me at two in the morning, and the grand starry sky…
    I remember looking at the Mihegan Glacier, the alpine valley that passed by, the Nujiang River and the Jinsha River passing by. I remember that it took eight hours from Zuogong to Mangkang to Batang for just over 200 kilometers. Because of a small uphill, it was blocked for six hours, so that it arrived at the hotel at five in the morning…
    There is also the Litang, known as the High City of the World, where Zangyang Gyatso dreams to go! Then there is the smoky mountains, the scent of Kangding
    There are always some people who let you feel the softness of life. There are always a few friends who let you treat them. All the stories can be shared with you, but travel can’t be empathy. Some good things should be left for yourself, stay in your mind and remember. in……
    I look forward to what I should expect, forget what I have forgotten, and leave a clear-minded heart. Even if life is going back and forth, as long as you are on the road, everything is fine…
     Specific route
    30 days, 13,000 kilometers, almost every day on the road, and even went a lot of night roads. If your time limit is limited, please refer to the travel guide. This trip can be roughly divided into: Northern Xinjiang Line, South Xinjiang Line, Xinzang Line, Sichuan-Tibet Line. South Xinjiang includes two branches of Kashgar: the CMB Highway to the Pamirs and the West Pole Highway to the village of Smhanna. There is also the end of the new Tibet Line, Lahu to reach Everest Road in Everest Base Camp.
    Here I want to emphasize that although many road sections are dangerous, please don’t misunderstand the current real road conditions. When you check the online Xinzang line and the Sichuan-Tibet line strategy, you must see the release time, because the road conditions and years in 2018 There have been great improvements before. Most of the roads are newly built asphalt roads. You should be cautious, but don’t be alarmist. The beauty here is worthy of more people to discover.
    Northern Xinjiang Line: Xinjiang North Line is the most routine route to Xinjiang tourists, including Altay, which I did not go to during this trip. The autumn is especially beautiful. The vast majority of road conditions in northern Xinjiang are very good, and the tourism supply along the way is perfect.
    South Xinjiang Line: From Nalati, you walked through the Duku Road, and over the Tianshan Mountain, you reached the border of South Xinjiang, Kuqa – Luntai – Desert Road – Kashi. It is said that there are many landscapes in northern Xinjiang, and many people in southern Xinjiang. The humanities in Kashgar are really good, but the scenery in southern Xinjiang is not the same as that in northern Xinjiang. Because the beauty of southern Xinjiang is far away, the traffic is inconvenient and few people recommend it. From Kashgar to the village of Smhanna, from Kashgar to the Red Flag Lapu Port, the scenery of this road deserves our stay and is worthy of nostalgia.
    The new Tibet Line refers to the 219 National Road: from Kashi to Yecheng, here is the zero kilometer of the Xinzang line, to the 30-mile barracks – Doma – Ritu – Shiquan River – Satun finally arrived at the stone monument of 2140 kilometers , the tail 318 national highway. This is the third road to Tibet after Sichuan and Tibet. The Xinzang Highway runs from 1360 meters above sea level to an average altitude of over 4,500 meters. The air is thin and the annual average temperature is -9 °C. Along the way, there are 5 large mountains over 5,000 meters, 16 icebergs (ie Yamaguchi) and 44 glaciers. It is the world’s highest and most difficult road in Shanghai, and some roads are difficult. The desolate area is long, with several sections of no man’s land, and the bad roads are concentrated in Yecheng to the 30-mile barracks.
    Sichuan-Tibet Line: The combination of Chuankang Highway and Kangzang Highway, with a total length of 2,142 kilometers and a maximum altitude of 4,700 meters, is known as Litang, the world’s high city. From June to August, it is the peak period of tourism on the Sichuan-Tibet line. At this time, the Sichuan-Tibet line has a pleasant temperature and abundant sunshine, but the rain is also abundant. However, the Wuhu-Batang section is mostly a gully-like geological fracture section, with many mountains and rivers. It is also the most dangerous section of the Sichuan-Tibet line. It is very easy to encounter landslides, mudslides and other disasters during the rainy season. Going out, life is first.
    Day 1: Zhengzhou – Urumqi [Flying Urumqi Picking up the car: All Seasons Hotel]
    Day 2: Urumqi Airport – Devil City [400km/5h Accommodation: Wuerhe Hanting Hotel]
    Day 3: Devil City – Dushanzi Grand Canyon – Wusu City – Bihu Wetland Reserve – Sailimu Lake [580km/6.5h Accommodation: Tent]
    Day 4: Sailimu Lake – Fruit Ditch Bridge – Huocheng – Horgos Port – Yining City [220km/3.5h Accommodation: Yining Ruiyang Crown Hotel]
    Day 5: Yining – Kertes Gossip City – Karachi Prairie – Nalati [ 296km / 6.5h Stay: Farmhouse]
    Day 6: Nalati Scenic Area
    Day 7: Nalati – Bayinbulak – Kuqa Grand Canyon – Round Wheel [470km/10h Duoku Road Accommodation: Korla Crowne Plaza Hotel]
    Day 8: Round station – Bosten Lake – Korla – Round station [450km/6.5h Accommodation: Korla Crowne Plaza Hotel]
    Day 9: Luntai – Minfeng – Celle County [780km/12.3h The plan to stay in Hetian, catching up with the road at 2 am, and immediately decided to tie the tent on the spot]
    Day 10: Celle County – Hotan – Yecheng – Kashgar Old Town [600km/10h Accommodation: Kashi All Seasons Hotel]
    Day 11: Kashgar – Pamirs – Kashgar [300km/6h Passing the White Sand Lake China-Brazil Highway, the border is the Red Flag Lapu Port Accommodation: Kashgar All Seasons Hotel]
    Day 12: Kashi – Irkeshtan Port – Kashgar – Yecheng [700km/11h Smhanna China’s West Village This is the place where China is the last to welcome the sunset in the morning sun. The last sunset is the business card here. The scenery on the road is very beautiful, there are almost no tourists: Yecheng iu Hotel】
    Day 13: Yecheng – Thirty-mile camp – Dahongliutan [500km/12.3h The starting point of the Yecheng New Tibet Line, this road is called the most difficult road, and the altitude is 5300 in one day, over the countless Oh, the most impressive thing is Mazza: Staying at the farmhouse]
    Day 14: Dahongliutan – Quanshui Lake (dead people’s ditch) – Jieshan Daban – Doma – Bangong Lake – Ritu – Ali Shiquanhe Town [580km/10.3h Tianli Ali, the most prone to high anti-section : Huahui Yintai Hotel】
    Day 15: Shiquan River [Sit around for a day of repairing, test the car. Stay: Huahui Yintai Hotel]
    Day 16: Shiquanhe Town – Gangrenboqi – Zhongba – Satun County [735km/11h This section can be used to stay in Pulan, in order to catch the road in the middle of the night Sasang: Yalong Zangbo Hotel]
    Day 17: Sasang County – Sansang – Angren – Latuan County [300km/5.3h Accommodation: ibis Hotel]
    Day 18: Lahu County – Everest Base Camp – Lahu [390km/12.3h Everest Road, special windings: ibis hotel]
    Day 19: Lahu – Shigatse – Yamdrok’s wrong – Lhasa [488km/9h The section of Yanghu Lake also needs to be driven carefully. Accommodation: All Seasons Hotel]
    Day 20: Lhasa [Stay: All Seasons Hotel]
    Day 21: Lhasa – Linzhi [412km/6h This section of the road can clearly feel the change of surrounding vegetation. Accommodation: Starway Hotel]
    Day 22: Linzhi – Lulang – Bomi – Medog – Bomi – Ranwu Lake [478km/14h Medog Road halfway back to the night Accommodation: Ranwu impression]
    Day 23: Ranwu Lake – Bomi Miedui Glacier – Ranwu Lake [66km/2h Resting Accommodation: Ranwu Impression]
    Day 24: Ranwuhu – Baju – Zuogong – Mangkang – Batang [450km/10h Accommodation: Grand Hyatt Hotel]
    Day 25: Batang – Litang – Yajiang – Xinduqiao – Kangding – Ya’an – Chengdu [833km/16h Accommodation: Hotel]
    Day 26: Chengdu [Sleeping, rest, food, food, accommodation: 禧玥 hotel]
    Day 27: Chengdu – Mianyang – Guangyuan – Hanzhong – Xi’an [750km/10h Jingkun Expressway Accommodation: Manxin Hotel]
    Day 28: Xi’an [temporary decision to return to Beijing by night]
    Day 29: Xi’an – Sanmenxia – Zhengzhou – Shijiazhuang – Beijing [1140km/12h Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway arrived at Beijing at 9:00 in the morning and went straight to sleep.]
    Day 30: Beijing [Stay: Manxin Hotel]
    Day 31: Beijing – Zhengzhou [Home! I would like to thank the friends of Tibet for their advice and general directions and precautions before departure.
     Photographic equipment
    Mobile phone: iPhone8, iPhone7 handheld PTZ: Zhiyun SMOOTH4 [shooting video anti-shake weapon, there are different modes such as follow, zoom, etc.]
    Camera: Canon 5D IV, Canon EOS5D MarkIII; double machine to avoid frequent lens replacement; since the car is recommended to carry a windproof and stable tripod [for delay, star shooting is very important], in addition to a blotted monopod, On the way, I feel that it is very convenient when the tripod is troublesome, and the stability is not bad.
    Lens: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM, EF 16-36mm f/2.8L III USM, EF 24-105mm f/4 II, TS-E 17mm f/4L, EF 50/1.4USM . Hanging lens: telephoto 100-400, wide angle 16-35, to facilitate the needs of different scenes.
    A: 100-400 is an indispensable lens for vast areas such as Xinjiang, and the most common shot for this trip.
    B: 24-105 is the most lightweight lens for lazy cancer. Under special conditions, the picture quality is slightly worse, and it can be taken without personal needs.
    C:16-35 is naturally an indispensable wide angle for shooting scenery. Compared with the second generation, whether it is dispersion or vignetting, there is a comprehensive improvement. It is also a good shot for shooting stars, although it is not as wide angle.
    D: Large aperture fixed focus is the best choice for shooting portraits and stills.
    Filter: HAIDA 150 bracket; HAIDA 150mm NanoPro night sky mirror [photographing starry sky, city night scene, reducing light pollution, reducing yellow light]; HAIDA NANOPRO CPL 77/82MM polarizer [avoiding still-life reflection, such as reflection of car body when shooting car]; HAIDA ND1000 77/82MM Lightening Mirror [literally, reducing the amount of light entering, scenery shooting, the filter necessary for drawing white clouds)
    Drone: DJI MAVIC PRO, the pixel is not as good as the Elf 4, but for me, the MAVIC side is portable, and the camera bag is equivalent to adding a telephoto lens.
    My Weibo: Domi Lee
     Travel precautions and preparations for departure
    For many people, Tibet is a dream, a place that must be touched in life! Even if the conditions are tough, the scenery, humanities, and beliefs here are like a wave of people. However, in addition to having a heart that says to go, Tibet tourism needs to know some common sense. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time and money, and even have certain dangers.
    [Travel mode: self-driving]
    A: Since this trip is self-driving, the choice of transportation is an indispensable thing.
    Due to the long route formation and the large amount of baggage, the space is first enough to be one of the criteria for selecting a car. Due to the complicated road conditions, the off-road performance is one of the important criteria for selecting a car; the economic conditions of the Tibetan area are more expensive. The comprehensive final result Pajero two-wheel drive four-wheel drive at any time to switch to the super-selection four-wheel drive off-road system is not only ready to adapt to various road conditions, but also can save fuel consumption in a better section, just to meet all needs.
    B: Many high-altitude areas in the distance, low air pressure, insufficient oxygen content will lead to a decline in car power, Pajero needs 95th gasoline, some areas only have 92th gasoline, it is best to add fuel treasure, Tibet try to refuel in PetroChina Sinopec. The no-man’s land is optimistic about the mileage, try to ensure that the fuel tank is full and then start, the trip is not wrong, there is no need to worry about no gas station in the middle.
    C: If you are worried about safety and other issues, it is recommended that you use a local master to play with you. In addition to chartered cars, riding, hiking, etc., no matter which travel method is chosen, safety is always the most important. Comprehensive inspections, proper preparation of the itinerary, and insurance for the personnel car are essential.
    [Best time for travel]
    Xinjiang has a vast territory, and the climate varies greatly from region to region. The annual average temperature cannot be defined. The overall evaluation of the four seasons is clear, the winter and summer are long, the temperature difference between day and night is large, even on a hot summer night is relatively cool. Dry and less rain, June-October is the tourist season, flowers and trees are eager to see, the fruits are fragrant.
    From June to August, it is the peak period of tourism on the Sichuan-Tibet line. At this time, the Sichuan-Tibet line has pleasant temperature and abundant sunshine, but the rain is also abundant. It is easy to encounter landslides, mudslides and other disasters. If there is weather such as heavy rainfall, Don’t choose to take risks and be safe first.
    “There are four seasons in one mountain and cold clothes in the whole year” is the most appropriate description of the weather in Tibet. The temperature difference between day and night is large, the temperature difference between day and night in winter is fifteen degrees, and the temperature difference between day and night in other seasons is about ten degrees. Since ancient times, there have been sayings that there are four seasons and ten different days. The places with high altitudes (such as the observation decks) are often windy. When the altitude rises by 100 meters, the temperature will drop by 0.6 °C. June-August is the most comfortable temperature in Tibet. In the end of October, the peak of Mount Everest will be closed and the base camp will not be opened.
    The best time to travel is in terms of seasons, landscapes, folklore and safety. The new collection is beautifully landscaped all year round, and every period is an unmissable sight, worthy of experience and crazy…
    If you are going to a high-altitude scenic spot such as Namtso, Everest, and Ali, you will need to wear warm sweaters such as sweaters and downs whenever you go.
    Casual wear, outdoor wear, sportswear are suitable; long-sleeved T-shirts, shirts; June can bring a thin autumn pants; change underwear; long-sleeved pajamas; hard bottom travel shoes, outdoor shoes, sports shoes is appropriate. Going to Everest, Ali, Medog, and high-end outdoor shoes are more suitable. [Try to prepare for more than three days of clothing along the way, when you are lazy or when conditions are not allowed, you can not wash clothes]
    The new Tibetan ultraviolet rays are strong and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. You must do well in sun protection, body lotion, skin cream, sunscreen, sun hat, sunglasses, lipstick and so on.
    Photographic equipment: camera, tripod, camera bag and other private shooting equipment…
    Car: It is recommended to equip the car inverter, navigation bracket, daily cleaning towel or dust mites…
    Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, facial cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, laundry detergent, personal moisturizer. The weather is dry, accommodation is limited, and the toiletries are as self-contained as possible…
    Daily necessities: towels, bath towels, sleeping bags, mats, tents, GASTON LUGA backpacks, Klasse14 watches, outdoor flashlights, charging treasures, various chargers, outdoor folding chairs for improving travel quality, folding dining tables, neck pillows, pillows, carry-on Audio, kettle, tea, hanging ear coffee…
    Supermarket: The first stop to buy dry food [chocolate, beef jerky, biscuits and other high-calorie foods, as well as instant noodles and self-heating rice] mineral water, kettle, picnic tools, etc.
    It is recommended to prepare small gifts, candy, pencils, etc., along the way will meet a lot of local children, see bad conditions, innocent smiles always have the urge to help them, and fear that their women will let them have a mentality of getting a job, so try not to give money.
    There are not many hotels with elevators on the Sichuan-Tibet line, especially at high altitudes, where luggage handling is handled as appropriate.
    [Document Type]
    Some ports in Xinjiang need border defense certificates. Lhasa, Namtso and Linzhi do not use border defense certificates, but the Everest, Zhangmu, Yadong and Ali areas must have border defense certificates. The border defense certificate should be completed at the place where the account is located before departure. With the ID card and the account book, two one-inch photos can be done on the spot. Because my line is long and directly requires the handling of Xinjiang Tibet.
    ID card [especially important, all places in Xinjiang all the way to show ID card, must not be lost] preferential documents [such as student ID card, military officer card, old age card, etc. can enjoy preferential discount certificate] aerial passport or photography certificate [Xinjiang many Local aerial photography needs to be filed, and aerial photography is prohibited in the border area] driver’s license, driving license, auto insurance contract [the triangle card, fire extinguisher, sometimes these will be checked, the minimum fine is 50]
    [Physical conditions: high anti-medication]
    Low altitude air pressure, the body is hypoxic, the more vigorous the metabolism, the more likely it is to have high anti-high, and the high anti-health is not too strong, so there is no need to exercise in advance, and high anti-reverse is not to avoid What can be avoided, what you need to go to Tibet is fate and a normal heart.
    When you first arrive in the highland area, try not to take a shower and wash your hair. Do not exercise too much. Do not overeating, avoid increasing the burden of digestive organs; drink less alcohol, eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water. People with strong adaptability may disappear in 1-2 days, while weak adaptability may take 3-7 days.
    Mildly high, don’t rush to get oxygen, try to adapt to it and avoid dependence. Severely high, timely medication and medical treatment. The general situation is not easy to be severely high. Don’t catch cold, because the cold can be big or small on the plateau, and serious people can threaten life.
    Commonly used drugs to prevent altitude sickness: Rhodiola, glucose, high altitude, etc., start taking before entering Tibet, and take it on the road to prevent mountain reactions. And some commonly used drugs: gastrointestinal drugs, cold medicine, heat painkillers, band-aid, iodine and so on.
    [Local folk customs, precautions]
    Many customs in Xinjiang are related to Muslims and Islam. They are afraid that women are too sexy and short to dress. Taboos also include watching on Bazaar for a long time without buying; fasting pigs, dogs, donkeys and beasts, Eat the blood of any animal.
    Tibetans are forbidden to eat meat, horse meat and dog meat. In some areas, they do not eat fish; taboos touch the tops of others with their hands; when they encounter temples, Mani heaps, Buddhist pagodas and other religious facilities, they must bypass from left to right. The round can not be reversed. The stones of Mani can only be added up and cannot be taken down. The major festivals in Tibet include the Tibetan New Year (the first day of the Tibetan calendar in January), the Snowton Festival (the first day of the Tibetan calendar in July), the exhibition of the Buddha Festival, the Linka Festival and the Lantern Festival. In March and April, there is also a grand peach blossom festival. Come, be sure to respect local customs.
     Accommodation about the trip
    The new tourist tourism season is more obvious. In the tourist season in July and August and the 11th holiday season, house prices are about 30% more expensive than in the off-season. Sometimes the room rate is even doubled, and there will be tight accommodation. However, booking online or by phone one day in advance is generally no problem. Due to the variability of our itinerary, the whole hotel was booked on the same day, and only the Sailimu Lake shop did not book more rooms.
    The itinerary is summarized as follows:
    All seasons in Urumqi, Hanting in Devil City, Ruiyang Crown in Yining, farmhouse in Nalati, Crowne Plaza in Korla, all seasons in Kashgar, Yechengiu, farmhouse in Dahongliutan, Ali Shiquan River Huahui Yintai of the town, Yalong Zangbo of Saqi County, ibis of Lahu, the whole season of Lhasa, the star of Linzhi, the impression of Ranwu of Ranwu Lake, the Grand Hyatt of Batang, the coffin of Chengdu, Xi’an Beijing’s heart…
    This accommodation is limited in terms of accommodation, and the hotel of the same class is one or two grades lower than the mainland. Xinjiang’s consumption [catering, accommodation] is relatively low relative to the mainland. Tibet’s consumption is higher than that of the mainland, and even slightly higher than that of first-tier cities.
    New accommodations can be broadly divided into three categories, youth hostels, family hotels and hotels. Some places cannot build permanent buildings because of environmental protection or limited conditions. For example, the accommodation in Everest Base Camp is a tent. The section of Dahongliutan is mostly a board room. There is no washroom in the room, and there will be regular power outages at night. Compared to Nalati’s farmhouse conditions will improve a lot.
    In addition to Chengdu, Xi’an and Beijing at the end of the trip, there are three, four and five-star hotels in Urumqi, Lhasa, Shigatse and Nyingchi, and there are no listed three, four or five-star hotels in other places. Such as Yining Crown of Yining, Crowne Plaza of Korla, Huahui Yintai of Ali, and Grand Hyatt of Batang, these are all just looking at the name and then synthesizing the price.The hotel of the spectrum, all the way to the servant, plus the contrast with the no-man’s land, the business facilities here, comfortable bathing water, clean and warm bed, has been regarded as the land of happiness in the journey…
    Yalong Zangbo in Sayong County, and the impression of Ranwu in Ranwu Lake, these are local individual hotels. The price is combined with the change of the tourist season. It is also good from the appearance of a few floors. The bed is clean and clean. Just if you don’t see the elevator in this type of hotel, please don’t be surprised. When you can’t move your luggage, it’s right to find someone to help. Looking back at Yecheng’s iu hotel, summing up this type of accommodation, I feel that chain fast is the best choice in remote areas, organized, service, brief, clean and assured!
    I don’t know if you found out that I lived in a hotel owned by Chinatown, the whole season of Urumqi, the Hanting of the Devil City, the whole season of Kashgar, the ibis of Lahu, the whole season of Lhasa, the star of Linzhi Cheng, the hustle and bustle of Chengdu, the heart of Xi’an Beijing… In just a few years, China has operated more than 3,900 hotels in more than 380 cities in China, from high-end to low-priced, from business travel to leisure, in recent years. Living has become the choice of more young and middle-aged, and naturally became the standard of accommodation for this trip.
    Presumably, the hotel has been seen in many cities in the past two years. In my eyes, natural bamboo and natural comfort are synonymous with it. The reason why Urumqi prefers is its cost performance and convenient parking lot. I have habitually taken a look at the Chinese Housing App in the whole season of Kashala. Lahu’s ibis should be the best hotel in the area, and I remember that I happened to meet the passers-by of the past few days…
    I was fascinated by the last year’s Beijing wandering tour. The courtyard house located in the front door made me very impressed. One brick, one tile, one stone bench, one table, one chair, one pot of tea, two or three friends, the world of slow, Beijing’s slow time seems to come to me through a hundred years. This small quiet courtyard touches me with a long life mark. .
    Beijing’s heart is a special existence. Although Xi’an’s heart is not as good as the Beijing Siheyuan, it does not lose its novelty and warmth.
    Chengdu is a high-end hotel owned by China Life. From the moment the car enters the Chengdu city, the moment it turns into the parking lot, suddenly there is a kind of excitement that finally returns to modern times. All the way to the mountains, wading, tired and exhausted at the moment of lying down to the soft bed…
     Dining about the trip
    This way, if conditions permitAlways choose a good hotel, a good restaurant. If you use the wind and food to describe the trip, it is not appropriate, but the conditions are limited, and hardship is inevitable. For the meal, it was already prepared before the departure. More than a thousand snacks were enough for ten days. Fortunately, Pajero’s space was large enough, and there was a small refrigerator with yogurt in the car. Later, it was counted that the 12-day trip to Xijiang included only eight times of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the rest of the time was solved on the road…
    The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Xinjiang food is the lamb, which is also big. The biggest feeling of this trip for Xinjiang kebabs is that southern Xinjiang seems to be better than the taste of northern Xinjiang. Red willow barbecue is essential to taste.
    In addition to roast lamb is roasting, Xinjiang’s cockroaches have changed my previous cognition, especially the Bosten Lake was cut into small squares. The taste of grilled fish sprinkled with ingredients is also very good!
    The friend who arrived in Urumqi on the first day went to a local restaurant nearby. Because I didn’t worry about it, I can’t remember the name so far, but the spicy chicken is very good, but also the fresh dish on the picture, the beef stuffing. After the cake is cut into pieces, it is fried. The taste is similar to that of the scum cake. It is more delicate and more delicious.
    I still remember the barbecue shop called Kashi, which is called Hailu, and the boss. The attitude of the boss seems to be that I love to eat or not. Love doesn’t come, but the taste is not bad. Besides a little bit of oil, I was surprised when the package was served. .
    As well as the Ding Ding noodles that can be seen in all regions, the taste is similar to that of fried salad. The hand-picked rice in Xinjiang is the staple food here, which is equivalent to the rice in the mainland. It has a good value no matter where it is, but the taste seems a bit sweet.
    Typical of Tibetan foods are roast sheep, beef, clams, butter tea and barley wine. The taste is light and peaceful. Many dishes, except salt and onion and garlic, do not put any spicy spices, I am not used to eating. Therefore, all the way to eat is home cooking, hot pot, barbecue and so on.
    However, it is hard for me to forget the Tibetan pigs that I have eaten in the fire ponds, the crispy skin and the tender meat. I heard the boss say that they are pigs that put their sheep on the mountain. Every one of them must be produced several hours in advance. Stone pot chicken is the birthplace of this place, and it is also a must-try food for Linzhi, Lulang and Medog. In addition to the natural ingredients, Tibetan fragrant chicken, palm ginseng, pine mushroom, and other nutrients are extremely rich, and the soapstone from Medog is the most magical place of this dish.
    There is also the first Roche home cooking in the popular list. It is the most fragrant meal after taking the new line, boiled pork, pickled fish, vinegar, cabbage, small green vegetables… I didn’t change the hotel, so the boss remembered us…
    It is Chengdu cuisine that is branded in Chengdu. The spicy flavor of the fragrance is unconsciously drooling every time. There is a home-cooking red shop in Xiaotong Lane. The shop is small, the decoration is simple, and the dishes are rich. Colorful, there are steaks, barbecues, pizzas, and there are also vegetables…
    The fruit pizza has never been rejected. It is said that it is the characteristic of this shop. It is natural to taste it. The sweet and sour taste is very good. There are also my favorite scallops, the fans are extremely delicious, and the meat of the filet mignon is relatively tender. It is said that taking a dish is the food that his family must order. The taste is free to choose. With the side dish, I suddenly feel that Chengdu cuisine is the gospel of this road. From Lhasa, I have already missed Sichuan cuisine! Natural Sichuan Restaurant must also go.
    Kuanzhai Alley is especially famous in Chengdu, and it is almost necessary for every foreign tourist to visit. Naturally, I also thought that I would be dragged there by my friends. Sure enough, a shop called Cockfighting in the alley, I heard that this is the most authentic Sichuan restaurant on the edge of the alley. The retro-yellow decoration style in the store is also unique and full of the sense of the times…
    Cockfighting fish, pineapple barbecue, and boiling chicken slices are the characteristics of their home. This spicy color seems to be very appetizing, and per capita consumption is about sixty or seventy. You can try it.
    Zhengzhou – Urumqi
    I have always liked to go out and go out. The time to reach the airport is 40 minutes earlier than the previous one. I can handle the boarding pass and baggage without hesitation, just free to buy the ticket. Sit in the VIP lounge for a while. I haven’t had a feeling of excitement before I left for a long time. Maybe it’s the special nature of this trip. I couldn’t sleep when I got on the plane.
    There is also a small episode here. The original seat is next to an exotic person with a great taste. Because I have always smelled too much, even the fragrance, the taste is too heavy will cause me dizzy, but fortunately there are a few positions on the plane, the flight attendant can understand, a few people silently changed position. Actually, I don’t want to be emotional, but…
    Less than Xinjiang does not know China, the 1.66 million square kilometers of land has created a magical Xinjiang due to the longitude of the latitude and longitude and altitude. Before the departure, a friend from Tibet told me that the route you took covered all the landscapes! Desert, Gobi, glaciers, lakes, snowy mountains, meadows, virgin forests…
    Under the height of 30,000 feet is a magnificent and beautiful country. The distant place I went to is called “frontier.” The ear is the whistling sound from the flight, the white glare outside the window, the visor under the armpit, the sleepy attack, the consciousness gradually dissipates…
     DAY 1, first met Urumqi
    “The plane is going down. Please go back and sit down, fasten your seat belt, put away the small table, open the visor…” As the cabin broadcasts, the flight attendant takes my sight out of the window…I Almost as soon as I heard the heartbreaking voice, is this… Xinjiang? The ridiculous sky is full of eyes, except for the yellow sand dunes, which are occasionally seen in a cluster of dark green.
    Until a few minutes later, there were green grass fields, lonely mountains, no roads at the end, and then there were cities with tall buildings. The hanging heart was put down a lot. It is at least changeable, Urumqi is at least Vibrant.
    Pick up the car, apply for the contract, check the vehicle, shoot the initial mileage… When I open the trunk and put a 24-inch suitcase, a 20-inch suitcase, and a 20-inch camera liner into it, the hanging The heart worried that the three people couldn’t put their luggage down was finally put down.
    It takes 4 hours and 10 minutes to fly from Zhengzhou to Urumqi. It is just like flying to Bangkok. Because it is far away from Xinjiang, it is already in the afternoon. The first thing to do a good vehicle handover is to gather friends who arrived last night.
    Driving to Hongshan Park, I also witnessed the prosperity of Urumqi along the way. It is not the backwardness that many people imagined. It is more real and modern compared to the rush of the plane on the road in the urban area.
    I waited for half an hour at the door of Hongshan Park. I didn’t wait for my friend but waited for the police uncle… “I am sorry, I am waiting for a friend, he is in the park, but the phone cannot be contacted.” “I see you.” It has been stopped for a long time, no parking here or else you go to the parking lot behind?”. Yes, the police uncle is very friendly, then I turn left, turn left, and stop at the underground parking lot opposite the Hongshan Park. Just stopped the car and received a call from the panda, saying that there is no signal on the mountain and now it is going to the door…
    Self-driving travel For me, shopping is the first and most important thing before departure. Water, snacks, dry food, heating, folding chairs, washbasin… Considering the way you can use it, you can’t carry it at home. All of them are completed in the supermarket. For details, please refer to the baggage prepared before departure in the above catalogue.
    From the supermarket, almost ten o’clock in the evening, the bright yellow light of the horizon is about to usher in the sunset, look at the watch, still not used to it, like the white more than two hours of cheap. But what I am wondering is that the time when the mall is closed, the residents’ work time is the same as the mainland…
    After receiving a friend’s invitation, I chose a home restaurant in Xinjiang. The big taste is my first impression of the spicy chicken. On the way to the restaurant, I encountered an old shop and packed eight bags.
     DAY 2, Departure Devil City
    I am asleep when I am asleep, and the hour hand of the clock is still before 7 o’clock. This morning has been going on for a long time, and since I started to adjust my work, I gradually got used to getting up early. Washing, breakfast, packing, going to the airport to pick up another partner, this trip is officially opened.
    The flight from LR is at eleven o’clock, and it takes half an hour from the city to reach Diwopu Airport. I haven’t seen it for more than half a year. Except for the hairstyle, I haven’t seen any changes. I need to talk about it when I meet. I can go out after a good meal. The panda found the number one restaurant near the airport on the public comment. I remember that the three people commented on the name of the restaurant, but now they can’t remember it. But remember that the decoration is very special, the amount of food is very good, and the taste is not bad.
    There are many places in the Devil City. I believe many people have heard of such name spots. I have little interest in the Devil City. However, this nice name of Karamay is more attractive to me.
    From high-speed to provincial roads to high-speed provincial roads, the first day was stunned by the high-speed charges in Xinjiang. I don’t know when to start the high-speed and high-speed, I don’t know if the next checkpoint is for charging or taking cards, dozens of kilometers. The toll fee of 20 to 30 yuan is probably accustomed to this segmented fee after three or four rounds.
    From the speeding out of the city, the window is the endless deserted Gobi. There is no difference between the scenes and the plain scenes in the mainland. The mood of being excited for an hour is gradually becoming dull. Hey, why is it different from the imagination? Until the roadside had a lot of mining oil fields, Karamay gradually appeared, and the scene in front of them was enriched. The prosperous city in the distance continued for several tens of kilometers on the left side. It must be said that Karamay is really big. And the oil and gas resources here account for 80% of the world!
    Going forward may be to the Urho District. The scene outside the car has been replaced by the Danxia landform. The high and low ditch shovel carries the deep and shallow red-yellow brown, and today it is the first time to give a stunning praise. If it is not cloudy, I stopped driving and filmed.
    The scenic spot stopped selling at 8 o’clock. We arrived at seven o’clock, and the sky was drizzling again. Since I came, I decided to go in. How can I waste the card cartoon? Tickets for Devil City are 46 yuan, and the shuttle bus is 52 yuan. Because there is a card cartoon, you can take the tickets directly, and you can pay for the shuttle bus. Ps: Private cars are not allowed to enter the scenic spot, the scenic spot is very large, small trainTake a full one-and-a-half-hour walk, and stay at each of the four points for ten minutes. It is very good for shooting.
    [Explain here card cartoon: Xinjiang tourist attractions annual ticket, including Devil City, Tianshan Tianchi, Coco Tuohai, Sailimu Lake, Nalati, Kuqa Grand Canyon, etc., the number of individual attractions limit, the fare is 268 yuan a It can be self-booked on the Wechat public number of “Kaka Travel Network”, and it can be picked up by the ID card in the scenic spot. ]
    The small train that was sitting in the continuous rain, with the explanation of the radio tour guide, followed the thoughts into the story called “Carat” and “Ma Yi”.
    Here is the windy area in the northwestern edge of Muir. There is a saying that “one year is a minute, from spring to winter”. Whenever the wind came, the yellow sand covered the sky, and the wind swayed in the windy city, screaming and screaming like a ghost, and the “Devil City” got its name. Wind and rain erosion, under the long-term role of nature, has formed a dreamy maze world.
    Walk through a strange world and feel the magic of nature. Every time a point is reached, there will be corresponding introductions in the broadcast, such as similar faces, eagle, sphinx, and broken bridges, which are weathered without carving, and maybe the bridge will not be broken after a few years. Re-existing, this is one of the reasons why he is so focused.
    In Xinjiang, the weather is changeable, and in the afternoon, the gloomy main tone will occasionally take a hint of blue. There are many devil cities. It is called the World Devil City. It has its truth. If it is not the weather, or can catch up with the sunrise and sunset, I think it can be a shocking photo.
    In addition to the small trains in the scenic area, you can also choose to charter a tour, hundreds of thousands. It is also a famous film and television base, “Guests on the Iceberg”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Seven Swords under the Tianshan Mountains” have been photographed here.
    After the train passed the last dinosaur valley, it was already 9:30 in the afternoon, and the scenic spot was immediately cleared to work and closed. At that time, I decided to go to the Yadan Landform Valley just passing by to shoot the sunset. It was unexpectedly small and heavy rain, so I gave up and returned to Wuerhe Town, not far from the scenic spot.
    The town is not big, but it is the main resting place of the Devil City. Although there is a street for eating and lodging, it is recommended that the hotel be at least half a day in advance.Ding, the most obvious Hanting Hotel at the intersection sign, the accommodation conditions are better than expected.
     DAY 3, from Danxia landform to Sailimu Lake
    Today’s plan is to return from Devil’s City. Karamay. Midway way Dushanzi Grand Canyon, and finally to the sunset of Sailimu Lake, it takes six or seven hours to travel nearly 600 kilometers. However, the plan is always unable to keep up with the changes. The episode of a small ditch on the road has become the most interesting memory!
    The gas station in Xinjiang is nine to nine, and only the driver has to swipe his ID card to enter the station. I arrived at the town gas station last night and have already left work. Get up in the morning, pack up the bag, and catch up with the first wave of nine points without having to line up to fill the fuel tank, so the peace of mind opened a day.
    Along the way, the Danxia landform appeared in front of our eyes in various colors until a hillside marked with a crater. The long-awaited voice led us to turn into the unknown dirt road and then turned down. An unknown ravine!
    The beauty of self-driving is that it is casual and safe. You can hurry for hundreds of kilometers a day. You can go on and off with curiosity. You can also set up a stall to eat and drink.
    When we turn down the mountain road, we suddenly have a sense of vastness of “the sea is wide and the fish is flying, and the sky is high.” Like a bird that breaks free from the cage, it is all the blood of the body. The earth under the feet is the most authentic feedback left by the years. The Danxia scenery is as good as many scenic spots. We decided to have a picnic here!
    So the chair bought has played its biggest value. Pulling out the suitcase instead of the function of the table, remember the bag that was packed on the first day? Just automatic heating of hot pot, canned mackerel, eight-treasure porridge… A lunch is a runny nose and tears, because the hot pot is too spicy.
    I watched a solo before dinner and took a few photos. After dinner, I felt that I was not addicted. So I took a portrait shot. I haven’t taken a portrait for a long time. I always feel that it’s more troublesome to fix. I don’t know what happened today. Take a photo!
    In this way, we spent three hours happily and willful in this unknown valley, completely ignoring the original plan of the itinerary. It seems that the sunset of Sailimu Lake is going to be ruined. The monthly trips are almost always spent in the wayward, which may be one of the biggest reasons why I like to drive.
    Followed by the navigation, passing Kuitun, arrived at Dushanzi, but did not find the specific location of Dushanzi, opened to a sealed road to inform the correct direction, so we finally know the specific location, it was on the Duoku Road, After Dushanzi saw a road on the right to the end of the road to the observation deck of the Grand Canyon.
    The gate of the Tianshan Mountain is also the starting point of the Duku Highway that we hang from the beginning to the end. Because we have to circle the loop, the first half of the Duku Highway is not gone. I heard that the most dangerous part of the road is also this half. I can only regret that I will feel it later.
    Now that I know the specific location of the Dushanzi Grand Canyon, and I know that there are still a few kilometers in the distance, I can see that this straight road can’t help but stop playing, and of course, to solve the urgent problem. A few hundred kilometers of empty space along the way, talk about the toilet, the number of trips in the month of the trip more than the sum of my life…
    There are a lot of cars coming and going in this section, and the speed is very fast. In fact, it is recommended not to stop in this section. Even if parking, pay attention to safety first. Later, after the photo was tired, the box was pulled out again. This time it became a mobile stool. It also became the base of the wisdom cloud when a friend took a video… ThinkingJump mode estimation is something that many people don’t understand…
    The weather in Xinjiang is always changing, and the weather is elusive. Continue on the road, indulge in galloping, and rush to the mountains and valleys in the distance!
    Dushanzi The Grand Canyon is also known as the Kuitun Grand Canyon. The nine songs are up and down for 20 kilometers. The gully that appears on the road can feel the majestic atmosphere. I have been driving along the road to the end and there is a built parking lot. I walked to the inside of the parking lot. I thought I could see the long-awaited Grand Canyon. Who knows that it is a large flat lawn with hundreds of flats. The steps are linked to the foot.
    This road was built for the canyon, and the steps are also, and perhaps the undeveloped natural scenic spot will begin to charge in the near future. Look around the mountains, then lift the skirt and sigh down to the lawn and walk to the edge…
    It’s no exaggeration to describe the feelings of the first eye. After hundreds of millions of years of rain and snow, the wind and snow sculptures have created an erosion wonder that has amazed the world. This is the Dushanzi Grand Canyon!
    It is said that watching the scenery is not as good as listening to the scenery, but for Xinjiang and Tibet, the words and pictures are barren and scarce in front of nature. Many feelings are also incapable of describing and expressing the language. If these years of accumulated precipitation are not in the middle, how can they Can feel the power of nature. How can the shock of awe-inspiring be transmitted by a plane picture?
    Therefore, I chose to go to the world in person and feel the beauty of life and the magic of nature.
    At ten o’clock in the evening, the sunset glow replaced the dark road. I thought I missed the sunrise of Sailimu Lake. I have already dispelled the idea of ​​taking pictures, but I don’t think that the sunset here is not a short flash. The more red glow, the inextricable excitement, let the pandas hurry to see the map where the high speed, the laughter will not be bad luck, just read the map, he told me that “there is A mouth, hurry right turn, here seems to be a lake, looking quite big, um, it seems to be…” Just turned around and saw the sign of the Aibi Lake Wetland Reserve, there are signs of road closures Panda guessed that this is a road inside the scenic spot, but I have already come down, then let’s go and see. A straight road can’t see anyone, only the sunset on the left, the rainbow on the right…
    We are fortunate for this sunset. Fortunately for this trip, I am proud to turn the car down without hesitation, and I am glad to finish the whole journey. Every time I think this is a meaningful trip.
    The eleventh finally ended the filming of this episode. The jump up and down for an hour passed, and the sunset lasted for more than an hour. This is the longest sunset I have ever experienced. It also made me understand in Xinjiang these days. You don’t have to rush for a sunset.
    It is still 100 kilometers to reach Sailimu Lake and still decides to drive to the destination. The window was gradually replaced by darkness. Looking at the elevation of the central control, we discussed this topic. It’s about twelve o’clock, but I saw that the mobile phone jumped back to ten o’clock. I joked and said that I had earned two hours…
    There is a checkpoint in front of the Saimu Lake. All the people have to get off the train. The cold temperature makes the body chill at the moment of getting off! When the signature was written, the date was also told to prohibit aerial photography…
    I saw two hotels in the scenic area. I don’t know that the accommodation in Sailimu Lake is so scarce. We were told that there was no room reservation. We had no choice but to tie the tent or have a night in the car. It was also an accidental experience of travel. But the night here was so cold, I was woken up in the car several times in a down jacket with a thin quilt…
     DAY 4, the end of Lianhuo Expressway
    After huddled in the car for a night, the time zone on the phone still showed a delay of two hours. I woke up in confusion and saw that it was very early at 6:30. I thought it should be almost nine o’clock, so I got up and packed up. Ready to enter the scenic spot.
    Tickets are 90 yuan per person, and when you swipe your card, there is a feeling of being very cheap. When entering the scenic spot, the guard said that you really will be in a hurry. After nine o’clock, the private car will not let in. This is really a big bargain! I heard from my friends that the private car in Saimu Lake last year was still free to enter and exit. In the future, as more and more people are traveling, it is an inevitable trend.
    Many places have gradually changed their taste over time, saying that travel is early, and now I really regret that so many free time in college days did not go out! Many times I hope that I have not grown up, but I hope that the richer and better the travel and life experience, but the years are complementary, then, in the year of life, try to do as much as you like…
    Sailimu Lake is known as one of the most beautiful lakes in Xinjiang, and is the largest mountain lake in the Tianshan Mountains. Also known as “the last tear of the Atlantic” is located in the skyThe Sailimu Lake in the Shanxi section does not seem to have anything to do with the distant Atlantic Ocean. Because it is close to the Ili Valley. Located on the windward slope, it is the easternmost point where the warm and humid air currents of the Atlantic can reach.
    The warm and humid airflow from the Atlantic Ocean traversed the plains and penetrated into the distant Tianshan Mountains. It stopped in the Ili Valley, and the sufficient water vapor was lifted by the terrain, forming ample precipitation, which created a “drop of tears”. It is said that this is the last Atlantic warm current. A place to look after!
    Everything that the soul can see here is a deep, shallow blue, rich in light and deep, and rich in layers. Backed by the white snow-capped mountains, it stretches over the ever-changing grasslands of the four seasons, and is complemented by various flowers and plants. This is my deepest impression of Sailimu Lake.
    The newly built wooden plank road adds a human atmosphere to nature. In the early morning of June, the lake is quiet and cold. The photo is not the purpose of this trip. It runs to the lake and the excitement is seeing some pictures. At that moment, memories came down! This is the meaning of the record…
    Driving on the lake line, there are not many people, there are very few cars, and each angle is a beautiful picture. The mountains in the distance, the grass in the vicinity, the blue in the lake… away from the noisy, the journey back to nature is the greatest comfort to the soul.
    Speaking of the Guogou Bridge, I didn’t have any impression at first. I never looked at the history of the bridge. Under the emphasis of the panda, we circled a lot of circles, and finally found that the shooting point.
    The fruit ditch bridge has an investment of 220 million yuan. It is the first cable-stayed cable-stayed bridge in China and the first high bridge in Xinjiang. A tunnel from Sailimu Lake will take you to the Guogou Bridge. But how can you see the whole picture of the bridge on the bridge? To see the heroic posture of the bridge, it is best to walk slowly along the original national road.
    The Guogou Bridge makes me really feel that it is the wrong way. The dirt road sand directly passes under the bridge. The pier with a height of more than ten meters is above the top of our head, and the forests covered by the original trees are on both sides. One month’s travel is deeply touched by China’s super-engineering. Every road that eliminates difficulties and obstacles is implied by the great power of the Chinese people. I am deeply proud of this!
    Because I have been afraid that I can’t turn back when I go to the wrong speed, but I have to mention that the high speed in Xinjiang is really amazing. When we re-routed from the dirt road to the high speed, we were sure that we had already gone wrong. Only this is a lucky trip. On the wrong road, I saw the most authentic beauty. The villagers who rushed the sheep, the children who rode, the pure grassland, it seems that this is the most authentic and original Xinjiang.
    From the Danxia landform that entered the window of Yili District, it gradually turned into a green landscape. When it comes to Yili, many people think of lavender, and Huocheng is the main planting area of ​​lavender.
    Continue along the Lianhuo Expressway to the west. When the car walks to the side of Qingshuihe Town, you can see a large piece of purple from time to time. It is a flower-like sea of ​​farmland scattered in this city. Just mid-June is the flowering period of lavender, and it is another kind of luck.
    The plan is to go to the most famous Lavender Manor, and it is full of cars around the door. The ticket for 30 yuan has to be arranged for more than 30 minutes. Later, my friend said that this year’s lavender did not open well in previous years, so we gave up. Go to the “farmland” elsewhere.
    Compared with the crowded manor, in fact, the lavender near the 65th Corps can be seen everywhere, but these “farm fields” are also costing ten yuan, but it is not inferior to photographing. A small bouquet of flowers placed on the tip of the nose is light to the hard-to-capture aroma, but I did not expect to have a strong floral fragrance after drying overnight…
    Lianhuo Expressway is a high-speed name that is familiar and familiar. In order to finish the Lianhuo Expressway, it is really just a Khorgos card at the end of the road.
    The Khorgos port is also the largest port in Xinjiang. It is bordered by Kazakhstan. It is a special economic development zone and a free trade zone. There are many people coming and going on the road, and tourists are also a minority. The Chinese are curious. The heart is really strong, and the country can always succeed as a scenic spot attracting waves of people. I ran a few hundred kilometers in the afternoon to see the country gate and look at the flowers. This is a wayward way, but it is always a happy thing to go to the end, and this is also a pleasing city.
    Turning back Yili, the capital city of the Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, has finally returned to the modern feel, except for the different styles of clothing styles and the mainland cities. Looking for a local restaurant, lamb and lamb chops have won our praise.
     DAY 5, missed Kala Jun
    The planned itinerary before departure is the same as the specific implementation, but due to our waywardness and reasonable time, we have temporarily changed many original plans.In particular, Xinjiang, which is closed on the road, is still a temporary decision!
    Slowly ate the local breakfast that I was not used to. After the discussion, I canceled the Zhaosu grassland that needed to detour, and chose to go directly to the Eight Diagrams City. I said that the weather changed all the time, but I still didn’t get used to the change. I just got out of the hotel and the gray sky was a bit blue and clear when I was eating breakfast…
    The short 180-kilometer navigation from Yining to Bagua City shows that it takes four hours to open. Most of the roads are actually more like a wild road. Many roads are under poor road conditions. Most of them are bumping before the cross-country. Row.
    I have been holding the air card punching and admiration on the road. When I walked outside the city of Turks, I felt that the Eight Diagrams City was so big that I wanted to take a full picture. It must not be too close, so I will fly first to see the situation. Zhang had a heavy rain, and after a while he fled back.
    After receiving the plane and driving directly into the city to eat, I did not see the traffic lights on the way, and occasionally I saw a small traffic light that was temporarily pushed over. The city is clean and tidy, almost every road is very similar, it is really easy to get lost…
    Here is a must-have break for self-driving Yili. There are also many natural restaurants. After eating the barbecue, it is clear that the sky is clear again. Continue to raise the plane and take a few panoramic and partial pictures and continue to Kala Jun. On the roadside of the city, I met a stall selling fruit and bought a watermelon.
    Kala Jun is very close to Turks, the sky is clear, the scenery is more and more charming, all the way to talk and laugh and follow the navigation to the scenic spot, so that we overlook the tourist center 20 kilometers away from the scenic spot…
    Self-driving to the scenic spot can only be parked outside, you need to take the scenic car to go, because there is no detailed strategy in advance, to the ticket center to know that the original scenic spot is so large, divided into East Kara Island Scenic Area, West Kara Mountain Scenic Area In the scenic area of ​​the Grand Canyon, each scenic spot needs to buy tickets and scenic cars. While studying the map while watching the online Raiders, ask the staff which scenic spots are better…
    As a result, the scenic spot car was at 8 o’clock last night, the ticket sales time was at 6 o’clock at the latest, and now it is about 6 o’clock! If you want to go in, you must buy tickets immediately. If you want to buy tickets, you must set up the accommodation. If you don’t have accommodation, you can’t buy tickets.
    Finally, after some heated discussions, I decided to go to the beautiful Grand Canyon of the Prairie for two hours. I came back at eight o’clock and counted the cash to buy tickets. The staff was told that the scenic spot would buy tickets at the visitor center, what? The little house that I accidentally glanced at 20 kilometers away? It will definitely take more than six o’clock to go back…
    The card cartoon contains Nalati tickets, excluding Kala Jun, and Kala Jun is also the only place to be stunned by tickets. Because it is recommended by several people, it is planned to go to Kala Jun first, then go to Nalati tomorrow, but experience It’s really bad, of course, it’s also related to the fact that we didn’t do the Raiders. It’s too capricious.We had to go straight to Nalati.
    In more than six o’clock in Xinjiang, the sun is still shining. On the way back to the mountain, I saw the mountain grassland that is rising and falling. It is no worse than the scenic spot. When I found an open space, I parked the car on the side of the road, after the aerial photography, and the telephoto shooting. The canyon on the left, the grass slope on the right, really stopped right, and the most beautiful scenery is on the road. [In the middle of the picture above, on the roadside empty space, that special small white car is us, the mountain road parking must pay attention to safety, not free to stop on the road]
    I took some photos, took the chair out and sat in the shade of the car, blowing hair, listening to music, and it seemed that the vehicles that came and went were hungry and then ate a bowl of noodles… This kind of free and easy is always attracted to the past. The envy of many people in the vehicle.
    It’s eight o’clock from Karachi to Nara, and it’s eight o’clock after sitting down. Today is destined to be another day of the night. It is still accompanied by the sunset. Maybe you will say that every day there is something on the road. Then you must not understand that for those who love to drive, the biggest meaning on the road…
     DAY 6, hug Nalati
    At one o’clock in the morning, Nalati had no sound. On the dark road, I looked up at the night sky numerous times. The stars were twinkling and dazzling. When I was near the town of Nalati, I began to pay attention to the location where the stars were photographed. That road, turn right into an open space, a galaxy visible in the air is quietly hanging in the air!
    The night of Nalati reminds me of Namco in December, the same starry sky, the same cold wind, the difference is that Namco’s air is also filled with cold. The tents are isolated behind the cold wind, and you never want to forget the night when you eat snacks and shoot stars. This time is wonderful, and Nalati is also planted in my heart…
    I haven’t slept almost overnight, so I have to wake up again in the afternoon, and simply go to the Nalati grassland after lunch. The scenic spot is very large, and the visitor center is not small. The first thing we care about most is whether we can drive by ourselves. The answer is yes! After the patient’s patient explanation, we carefully compared the following conclusions:
    1, self-driving 300 per person, at least three start, meaning that a car enters a minimum of 900 yuan, including tickets for 95 yuan. The second half of the Panlong Ancient Road route cannot be taken.
    2, card cartoon contains tickets for 95 yuan, if the car, card cartoon tickets are invalid, can not be offset.
    3, the cost of the shuttle bus is calculated separately, three lines, 60 yuan in the air grassland, 40 yuan in the river valley, and 100 yuan in the Panlong Valley.
    The aerial grassland is a single direction. It is the earliest and most classic route for scenic spot development. It takes two hours to travel.
    The river valley route is another direction, mainly Kazakh style and forest scenery, and it takes two hours to travel.
    Panlonggu Road is a newly developed route that covers 60% of the river valley route. It takes three hours to get back and forth in the virgin forest.
    No matter how you choose the route, you need to go back to the visitor center and take another route. Finally, consider taking the Panlong Ancient Road first and then walking the grassland in the air.
    From the ride on the shuttle bus, there is no excitement that can’t be seen. It is completely different from the endless grasslands in Inner Mongolia. It is more like a high and low hill covered with grass! Sitting in the last row of the sightseeing car, twisting to the back, the cool breeze blowing toward the back of the head, the scenery fell from the front, and then slowly pulled away, the shutter in the hand could not stop, because every eye is beautiful !
    The blue sky above the head, the snowy mountains in the distance, and the Nalati in June are the world of green grassland covered with grass! Not only the alpine grasslands, but also the straight cedar trees, and the heart of the rapeseed field.
    A circle of Panlonggu Road has come down for three hours. It has been more than seven o’clock to return to the visitor center. The discussion is to go directly to the shuttle bus in the air grassland. The ticket seller asks us that the driver can’t walk away… Run back to the bus. The local driver is 7 o’clock, and does not start the car. For a while, I wonder if I still need to take up tomorrow. Who knows the driver asked a few more people, “Three!” “Okay, then go buy tickets.”
    The car that went to the grassland in the sky was a bus. After sitting for a while, a couple of lovers came up. The driver waited for a few more minutes. When no one came up, they carried the five of us. They went all the way to the mountains they saw before. It is an open view, as well as a viewing platform. On the last bus, we barely encountered other tourists along the way. However, many people left at the last stop at the foot of the snow mountain. The driver reminded us that the last bus was at 8:30, and there were twenty minutes to pay attention to the time.
    The grassland is full of various kinds here. The slanting light is sprinkled on the hillside, pulling the cedar tree out of the light and shadow. I really want to take a sunset here. I just think it is beautiful. Today is still lucky. I don’t know that the front will be better than the last stop. The air grassland is the most worthwhile for those who love light and shadow…
     DAY 7, over the Tianshan Mountains, into the Grand Canyon
    The information on the Duku Highway is the biggest change, and we are more concerned about it. When the landslide occurs, I don’t know when it will be closed. It is planned to go directly from Lanathi to the Duku Highway. The navigation shows that it travels east along G218 and then passes through S321 to Bayinbulak and then enters the Duku Highway. Later, when the car drove to the Duku Highway, it was known that the front collapsed, so it was forbidden. The navigation was quite accurate. Fortunately, it was only a short walk.
    Because the circumstance just entered Bayinbulak and passed the Swan Lake Reserve, it was also a stop on the roadside. These stops have now evolved into scenic spots on the roadside. In fact, the most beautiful scenery along the way is On the road, those pictures that are too small to be frozen are the most attractive souls of the Northwest.
    Starting from Dushanzi is the starting point of the Duku Highway, but because we have to go to the Yili ring line in the northern Xinjiang, we have bypassed that road and started to take the road from Nalati to the Tianshan Highway.
    Gradually approaching, in the hinterland of the Tianshan Mountains, there is rain in the air, the clouds are lingering in front of me, and the cliffs are within easy reach, even in the rainy weather can not cover the charm here. Only by personal experience can you understand the passion of this place!
    The Duku Highway is a monument in the history of China’s highway construction, which has shortened the distance between the north and the south. In order to build this road, tens of thousands of officers and men have fought for 10 years, and 168 of them have given their precious lives. This is another road full of awe.
    There will be many riders along the way, always admire those who are hiking, maybe someone is just fresh, experience once and never have another time; maybe they want to challenge themselves and challenge the limits they can reach; maybe They want to meet themselves… because the realm is not enough, so there is no way to understand their feelings. But I like to drive on the road, it is to throw away all the secular, away from the crowd, return to the original ease! Look, undulating, and coaching, the soul is growing, touching the softest oneself…
    After 1895 meters, the Tielibu tunnel was truly crossing the Tianshan Mountains. It was also a leap from the northern Xinjiang to the southern Xinjiang. The front was always driving LR, and the second half of the trip was for me to drive. The scenery around me was still the same. Turn corners one by one until there is no slope. The scene in front of me was suddenly replaced by the reddish-brown Yadan landform. It was only a moment of effort that seemed to cross into another world. The pandas next to them rushed to take pictures, and the car walked like this. Almost the landforms in Kuche County gradually disappeared. ……
    From the Duku Highway, it’s not too far away. It’s the Kuqa. The Grand Canyon is also called the Tianshan Grand Canyon. This piece of Khmer’s mountain is so bright, so shocking…
    Kuqa The Grand Canyon is completely passing by. The card cartoon also contains tickets, but it needs to buy insurance. Later, the ticket seller was told to buy travel insurance before we came out, and it is more comprehensive than yours. Later, it was exempted from insurance. I paid a parking fee to drive into the scenic spot, but it was only a distance of one or two hundred meters…
    Stop selling tickets at 7:00, and it’s just seven o’clock from Nalati. Did not do the Raiders, but it was so clever! The lucky halo is still covering us…
    To visit the scenic spot, you need to walk in the middle of the canyon. The road is a gravel road that has been washed by the water. It is also a skill to walk the shoes to keep it wet. It is very reasonable to ask for insurance in the scenic spot. The valley where the wind and rain erodes may be collapsed, so the tour has certain adventure interest and threat coefficient.
    From the outside, the color is not too deep, but when I get more and more, I am getting more and more shocked! The erosive erosion of rain and rain over the years has left a clear impression on the mountain.
    The contrast between the deep canyon and the tourists’ journey is that in the face of nature, you can feel the fragility and awe of life. I can give the most meager feedback to nature!
    Before entering the Duku Highway, I had to go through the checkpoint to open a list of speedometers. Later, I played in the Grand Canyon of Kuqa for a long time, so the time has passed. It is only a few kilometers away from Kuche County, in a dust. Fei Yang did not meet the checkpoint after the village did not meet the store!
    On the way, we are still wondering if the project is such a difficult road, is there no charge? Yes, yes, it charges. When I was near the county, I finally passed the only toll station today!
    Kuche County is an important station in southern Xinjiang. It is the transportation hub of the Great Cross. The left west is Aksu, the right east is Korla, the north is the Duku Highway, and the south is the Alar desert road.
    The temperature first came to the first feeling of the Kuche, the temperature increased significantly, and the air dried a lot. Arriving at Kuqa The county town is close to dark, and dinner is the biggest contribution of Kuqa in this trip, because there are more than 100 kilometers in the next station, and the board is decided together.
    In the Kuche, I found the number one sac kebab, where the sac is really delicious, and the outer fragrant cake is cut into biscuit-sized squares. Hongliu barbecue six dollars a string is very delicious and highly recommended, the meat of southern Xinjiang is indeed better than the northern Xinjiang.
     DAY 8, Interlude, Korla Airport, Bosten Lake
    The wheel station is the starting point of the desert road, and today it can be regarded as a day of rest and entertainment. Because LR’s father had served in the Korla Air Force for a while, he proposed to go to the airport, and I readily agreed. The second reason is that there is a ticket for the scenic spot of Korla Bosten Lake in our card cartoon. We are so stupid to believe that this 5A scenic spot is worth going to…
    The city of Korla is the state capital of the Bayin Guoyu Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture. It is four hundred kilometers from the round. For those who have been in Xinjiang for so many days, the distance of 200 kilometers in one way is far from the far side.
    There are still forty or fifty kilometers from Korla Airport to Bosten Lake. After the high speed, take the county road and the township road… For the omnipotent BobcatsI have never worried about the road! However, this scenic spot is remote to let us doubt whether it has gone the wrong way… Finally, I asked the villagers and navigation guides to find the Dahekou scenic spot of Bosten Lake.
    Bosten Lake spans Bosi County and Heshuo County and covers an area of ​​tens of kilometers. There are more than one scenic spot around the lake, including Ahongkou Scenic Spot, Haixinzhou Scenic Spot, Bailuzhou Scenic Spot, Golden Beach Scenic Spot, and now Dahekou. Scenic area. After some research and comparison, I feel too big. There is no need to turn around, so I am in Dahekou.
    Change the ticket at the visitor center and enter the scenic spot. After watching so many days of natural attractions, suddenly there is a feeling of stepping into the folk scenic spot. It’s a good episode, but it’s a pity that today’s photo seems to have been deleted by me. Except for the rest of the four pictures, I haven’t figured out where the rest of the photos go. Up…
    There are not many tourists in the scenic spot. There are almost no ones who have rushed over hundreds of kilometers like us. However, the grilled fish grilled fish here is worth a taste. When you go, you will smell the fragrance far away. The other dishes that are roasted taste very much. Like, there are also delicious sacs here!
    After entering the scenic spot, a promenade is a wetland, a lake with a pavilion for visitors to enjoy the cool view, and the reeds growing in the lake swaying in the wind… For the northwest, the scene is leisurely.
    It is also a coincidence that in a few days it was the opening ceremony of the annual fishing festival in Bosten Lake, we just caught up with the rehearsal here! Most of the actors are local residents. This is a Mongolian autonomous prefecture. The performance costumes are mostly decorated, dressed in costumes, performing various programs, lion dance, drumming, square dance, choir… very lively.
    It is said that there is no sea in Xinjiang, standing on the shore of Bosten Lake, looking at the beach in the distance, and the other side of the side, it seems that there is some sea taste. No wonder the locals call it the West Sea.
    According to the data, Bosten Lake is the largest inland freshwater lake in China. The lake area is 55 kilometers from east to west and 25 kilometers from north to south. The total area of ​​the water is more than 800 square kilometers. The main source of water supply is the Kaidu River and the source of the Peacock River. The Peacock River is the mother river of the ancient country of Loulan. It is also the seat of the ancient Shu Kingdom. The ancient Shu Kingdom is an important transit point on the middle line of the Silk Road and one of the five major city-states in the Western Region.
    Korla is the most prosperous city encountered in the past few days. Since the purchase of the city is our greatest interest, although the snacks bought in Urumqi have not yet been eaten, there is no desire to read such a stomach, and it should be updated. A wave.
    The Korla pears that have been stalked by them have naturally bought them, but it is not the taste of the fruit in the current season. The peaches are not as good as the waters in the mainland.
    In the evening, I plan to go camping in the Taklimakan Desert and watch the stars, so I have added a sleeping bag and a mat. It was said that it was not a leisure time. From Korla back to the round, it was already 11 o’clock in the evening. I wanted to start the desert journey earlier. Who knows that it is going to be dark, but we have become accustomed to walking the night.
    More than 500 kilometers of desert roads, plan to go tonight, and then camp in the desert, for this oneFor the more anticipated, imagine the scene of sitting in the desert watching the stars is unusual.
    When I saw the boundary pillar at 0 km in the desert, I stopped without hesitation and took a tripod to take a photo. The result was that this time I got off the camera and dismissed our plan. There are too many mosquitoes, and each one More fierce! For a while, we were bitten a lot of bags, and the mosquito repellent water we bought in Thailand didn’t work…
    Fortunately, there are no mosquito living conditions in the desert, but they seem to think that it is too late to turn around. The dark road can’t see the scenery, and it is dangerous to live in the desert. Finally, I decided to go back to Luntai County to rest and start tomorrow.
     DAY 9, crossing the desert road
    Yesterday, I slept too late. I opened my eyes in the morning and the mobile phone showed that it was already half past eight. The discussion yesterday was at 7 o’clock this morning. I sent a message in the group and I quickly dressed and washed. I pulled the baggage and went out to the grass. In one go! The two people were really funny. The car was almost finished in the yard, and no one called to wake me up. After eating a few mouthfuls of breakfast, I checked out and waited until 10 o’clock last night, but it was a very early departure. I used the two words to summarize the whole process: freely, no self-discipline!
    The Tarim Basin is the largest inland basin in China. It is located between Tianshan Mountain, Kunlun Mountain and Altun Mountain, covering an area of ​​more than 400,000 square kilometers. Located in the center of the Tarim Basin, the Taklimakan Desert is the largest desert in China and the tenth largest desert in the world. It is also the second largest mobile desert in the world with an area of ​​330,000 square kilometers.
    When I was a child, I thought that the Tarim Basin and the Taklimakan Desert were particularly far away. At this moment, we are at our feet! It’s a brand new day, a different landscape, and a high level of enthusiasm. It seems that the energy of the road is endless…
    This desert road from Luntai County to Hetian Minfeng County, with a total length of 552km, was completed in September 1995. It is the longest road in the world’s mobile desert, and it has conquered a series of graded highways in the mobile desert. World-class puzzles.
    This is a road that cannot be missed by self-driving in southern Xinjiang. Starting from zero kilometers, there will be many bushes on both sides of the road. It is not like a desert zone. It continues to drive for dozens of kilometers. The green on both sides is less and less, only the Populus euphratica is scattered. The distribution is far from the dunes, and it should be not far from Huyanglin Park.
    The millennium is not dead, and the millennium does not fall after death. It is immortal after thousands of years. This is the toughness of Populus euphratica. Autumn is the most beautiful season for Populus euphratica. The Huyanglin Park here is much less than the Ejina tourists. The scenery is no less than Ejina. I really want to come again in the fall.
    Although the green Populus has less golden enchanting, the desert is more vibrant and full of hope. At the end of June, in the hot sun, you can feel the hot sand through the cold wind in the car.
    At this time, I took the 100-400 end and I took these photos in the car. It’s too dry, I’m afraid that I’m in trouble with sunburn, in order not to burden others…
    Continue to drive Hu Yang has gradually disappeared, and after the 0KM boundary pillar of the Tarim Desert Highway, it has entered the real Taklimakan Desert, and will also usher in the desert scenery.
    This stretches the 500-kilometer desert corridor, and the golden sand dunes that can’t be seen at the end of the window are vast and vast. I can’t imagine how much difficulty I have to overcome to build this road. Only the spectacle and shock are left in the bottom of my heart. In addition to the hinterland where Sanmao lived, this is another real desert in my heart.
    Every few kilometers on the roadside there will be a small house. There are three houses in the house. The two are on duty. The guardian pours the fertilizer in the warehouse into the machine for watering the machine room every day, turns on the switch, and the machine is pressurized to drip. The way to nourish the red willows on the side of the road, the black thin line next to the red willow is used for water.
    These are all known later when I chatted with my aunt. I didn’t go home every eight months, I lived in this room, and I was doing boring work every day. They were the real guardians of the desert road.
    This fate because the car stopped here to rest, asked a few questions casually, uncles and aunts especially warmly greeted me to sit down, but also brought water to let me wash my hands, in fact, listening to the sound is a fellow, and surely the couple from Kaifeng . Because it was just noon here, it was lunch time. Since there was a cool place, we decided to settle the lunch here.
    The eight-treasure porridge in the trunk was used to share with them. After the meal, I thought that the watermelon bought outside the city of Gossip had not been eaten. It just happened to be wiped out here. It might take a long time to roll back and forth in the car. However, the feeling of eating watermelon in the desert is only cool and delicious. Half of the uneaten was left to them.
    After eating the watermelon uncle told us that the skin can be thrown to feed the lizard, what? Feeding lizards?
    Yeah, if you put it in this place, there will be a lizard coming over.
    Curious, we just played with the lizard for a while.
    I asked the aunt every day that life is boring?
    Of course it’s boring, but there are always people who play like this to talk about it, but it’s okay. But here is better than the countryside. In the countryside, we can’t do anything, and there is no income. At least two thousand people here, and some money can be saved by the end of the year.
    How do you eat?
    Someone specially came here to deliver food, once every four days.
    Ten days? Will the dish not break?
    For four days, drive over and eat what kind of food, and if you want to eat it, you can tell them in advance.
    Aunt said that he also showed us the vegetable price list. The price is not cheap, but it is acceptable.
    What do you usually do?
    Just watering, there is nothing else to do every day.
    No TV?
    No, I can’t see the TV, no signal.
    What about mobile phones?
    The mobile phone has a signal. Look at the one next to the base station and move it. I looked at the mobile phone full of grid, Unicom’s signal will not work…
    Then you can download the game to your mobile phone.
    No, no play, only call.
    Oh fine.
    Someone who used to ride a bicycle left us a radio. After listening to it for three years, it is now broken and can’t be used…
    Unfortunately, we don’t have a radio, or we can send you.
    Hahaha, no, we are used to it now, chatting with people passing by every day, sitting at the door, feeling okay.
    When are you going home?
    When the winter is over, there is no need to water it here. I will come back next March and return to my hometown in August. The first two days were still sandstorms. In the ears, the sand was scraped everywhere! I really don’t know how so many young people are running here. Yesterday, someone was still holding a tent in me. You said that a piece of sand has a good look…
    I smiled and didn’t speak. They didn’t understand the young people. People are always used to the sights that are common in front of us, but for us, it is magical, beautiful and shocking, and another life experience. They will also look at the stars every night when they first arrive, but now the star arch is still in the sky.
    They gave me the various people I met, the stories I heard, the hiking, the riding, the self-driving, and the French girl on the scooter… I suddenly felt that the old couple were quite happy, etc. When I am older, where will it be?
    Aunt suggested that we go to the sand dunes next to the wells and see the desert scenery of Taklimakan. I only feel very hot. There is a kind of fish that is steamed to the shore and I am not too far away. I am already flushed. Go back. They said that in the past two years, someone lost their way in the desert. After six days, they actually turned back. It’s hard to imagine what kind of faith you have to be alive…
    Just stop and go, look at the scenery, listen to the story, and unconsciously, a few hours have passed, clean up the fine sand on the lens, tidy up the trunk, and mention the unopened mineral water and two cans. The couple who were left to the No. 30 water well house, with their popular stories, continue to move forward with the yearning and awe of the desert!
    I saw the shelter forest with only a few meters on the side of the road. It was full of bitterness and admiration. It was not easy to build. Maintenance was a big project. After many generations of careful care, this desert road was able to pass unimpeded!
    “Only the desolate desert, there is no desolate life.” Aunt said that you did not rain for eight months last year. In this desert where the average annual precipitation is only four or five millimeters, known as the “sea of ​​death”, the beans are cold. Raindrops are on my forehead! Desert, it’s raining! Suddenly think of the wonderful ability song… Travel, it is really amazing!
    Listen to the wind, watch the scenery, wait for the dusk! The monotonous desert has a rich story, changing time…
    The tower is the only recharge point for the entire desert road, but the island store is still desolate, and it is also the edge of the end. After walking through the tower, all the way to the south, the front is the terminal of the desert, Minfeng, and the desert scenes on both sides are gradually replaced by wetlands. Before the darkness, I finally arrived at the boundary of the folk customs. It looks more luxurious than the starting point!
    Arriving at Minfeng is part of the Hetian area and is also a true southern Xinjiang area. Before I came, I didn’t know how many people told me that South Xinjiang was dangerous. Everything that I said was well-founded, and I kept vigilant…
    Originally planned to stay in Hetian tonight, the willfulness to go to Minfeng is already ten o’clock, and there are nearly three hundred kilometers away from Hotan, because Tiangang secretly decided to continue along the G315…
    There are many checkpoints in Southern Xinjiang! It also cooperates with various speed limits for cards. The people here are very poor in Mandarin. Many times they are completely incomprehensible.Just like, Beijing’s license plate number is very respected here, and some of the checkpoints behind it are released directly. Here, I would like to remind you that the co-driver must wear a seat belt. Nanjiang is very strict, otherwise it is very likely to be fined.
    When I arrived at the checkpoint, I had to shake the glass in advance. At this time, a local person passing by suddenly suddenly yelled at me in the car, scared me and screamed! So angry… Nanjiang people are really bad, deliberately scared me…
    Minfeng is not big, the county seems to have only one or two main roads, and there are checkpoints in the city and out of the city. The obvious police force in southern Xinjiang has increased a lot. “Three steps, one post, five steps and one whistle” have been described as never going. There are several police patrol cars in the distance of several hundred meters. People wearing police uniforms can be seen everywhere on the roadside. We also joke here that the employment rate is very high, and when there is no job, we will come to the police.
    There are not many pedestrians on the road, but the night market is very lively, because it is too late, and because of some timidity in the heart, we directly passed Minfeng, Yutian…
    When I was out of town in Celle County, I was told that it was forbidden to pass between two and seven! At this time, 90 kilometers away from Hotan, helpless search for local accommodation, a total of only two or three hotels are full of rooms! LR said to set up a tent… I wouldn’t be unsafe in my heart. He said that you are afraid of something. There are so many cars here, next to the policeman with a gun. Um… a really different travel experience…
     DAY 10, Kashgar Old Town
    Early in the morning, I was woken up by the big car that was going to leave. I also set off on the road just after I let go. After an hour and a half, I finally arrived at Hotan. Most of the ridiculous scenes along the way, the wind and sand were relatively large, and I met the leader halfway. Inspecting the condition of the road closure, I waited for an hour on the roadside.
    Hotan is a big city in southern Xinjiang, with a large population, and the street is also very lively, but I have always been uncomfortable with this gray city. The leaves on the roadside are covered with dust, and the building is also a feeling of possession. It may be that the desert is too close to the desert…
    A Dicos on the side of Unity Square had a casual breakfast and drove around the city. He felt that it was not safe. Later, he felt that they were very friendly to foreigners. The bad impression that was scared last night has been reduced a lot.
    From Hotan to Kashgar, a lot of truths are being built, so I walked a lot of dirt roads along the temporary high-speed road, the dust is very big, the road conditions are general, and occasionally traffic jams…
    Today, all the way to truly understand the negative environment of the southern population of other populations, but after the Yecheng, Kashgar area, the weather is refreshing, blue sky and white clouds, exotic customs…
    The city of Hetian was nearly 500 kilometers from the city of Kashgar. It opened for ten hours and finally arrived at Kashgar at 8:00. Different from the old one I imagined, this is a bustling modern city with high-rise buildings, spacious and clean streets, and another big city after Urumqi!
    It was too early to decide to go straight to the old town of Kashgar, and turn to the place where the heart has been buried for a long time to touch the years that have not changed.
    A row of alleys, rows of houses are once the old city, here is the purest childhood, the warmest smile, the softest sun…
    Kashgar changed my inherent view of Xinjiang. The warning of insecurity before I traveled has long since left behind. It has never made me feel dangerous. Contrary to what many people have said, I want a kind smile, harmony and happiness. Life is the main theme of this small town.
    Still clearly remember to promise to post the photo to this little brother, unfortunately, I lost the address…
    All people have a kind smile on their faces, everything looks so harmonious and beautiful. This is the first time I have met so many children. They are ashamed and curious, talk to us, let us play with them, remember the ball that LR played with the child for a while, and it seems that I really returned to childhood. If I can, I hope that it will never be polluted… …
    Outside the old town is a square. At dusk, it is very lively. The lights will make the building more charming. There are large clouds coming to the old city. The rainstorm is approaching. After dinner, let’s go back to the hotel to rest? Panda proposes to go to the nearby night market. I can imagine that it is inevitable to meet a rain. So, eating ice cream, sitting on the side of the road, watching them rush to clean up the booth at the night market…
     DAY 11, China-Brazil Highway, via Baisha Lake
    The China-Pakistan Friendship Highway, also known as the Karakoram Highway or the Pamir Highway, starts from Kashgar in Xinjiang in the north and Takot in Pakistan in the south. It is more than 1,200 kilometers long and is the main thoroughfare to the capital Islamabad and the southern coastal areas in northern Pakistan. It is also an important channel for China’s access to the ports of Pakistan and southern Pakistan, Karachi, the South Asian subcontinent and the Middle East. It has strategic and military significance.
    Today we are going to take this section from Kashi to Hongqi Lama’s China-Brazil international boundary pillar. The 416-kilometer-long section is also the westernmost section of the G314 national road, but this is a short 416 km, but it has to cross the Karakoram Mountains. A series of geological conditions, such as the Kush Mountains, the Pamirs, and the western end of the Himalayas, show that road construction is a big problem at that time!
    Now it’s all roads with good road conditions. Because of the difference in geology, the scenery on both sides is also an indispensable self-driving experience in southern Xinjiang!
    Sitting in the car, you can pat the rock on the road. The towering snow-capped mountains are the mountains that extend from the Kunlun Mountains and meet the Kashgar Plain. Looking far and wide from the broad wilderness, the rolling snow peaks seem to stand on the horizon. The wide and tall barriers are so unobstructed to the north and west across the sky, endless and endless.
    In front, where we are going is known as the “world.”On the ridge of the Pamirs. After the detachment, Otaki, the car drove into the Gai River Valley.
    The word “cap” is gray in the Tajik language. Sure enough, the river flowing down from the heights was mixed with a lot of rocky sand, which caused the water to be turbid and finally turned into mud gray, so it seems that the river is like a taupe river.
    The Grand Canyon is the gateway to the Pamirs. The checkpoint is set up at the Kunlun Pass. All passengers must get off the bus and pass the border checkpoint with ID cards and border guard passes.
    From the border checkpoint to the Baisha Lake in Blumkou, the section is the most urgent section of the Kunlun Mountain Highway. It is already four kilometers and the air is relatively thin.
    Since the ancient times, the snow-capped mountains have been sacred and pure, and the mark of independence has been aspirational and awe-inspiring. The strong beauty of this road is not only shocking, but also the kindness of the heart. Every geological symbol has become the most beautiful in travel. memory.
    This is the only photo taken along the way, the position is better, the tripod is set up, and the moment of ten seconds running is set. We always walked and stopped very casually. When we saw what we wanted to shoot, we stopped to take a few shots. When we didn’t want to move the camera, we just listened quietly. I like to travel so easily, away from the crowd and get rid of the bondage.
    This lake is called the Shalunkou Sand Lake. The mountain on the snowy side of the lake is the unique colorful mountain of the Karakorum Mountains, but on the other side of the lake, the bare mountaines present a distinctive gray-white color, and those grayish whites are thick on the mountain. The sand layer stretched from the shore of the lake to the ridgeline, turning the original mountain into a sand hill.
    It is precisely because of the white sand mountain that is several kilometers away from the lake. This plateau lake is also known as the “White Sand Lake”. The fusion of sand and water not only sighs the magic of nature!
    The color of the lake to the other side is also changed from dark green to pure blue. It may have a certain relationship with the changing weather. It is just a bright day when the wind is turning. At the end of June, it was very cold here, and the wind outside the down jacket was not so cold.
    After a long time in Baisha Lake, I found that it was already four o’clock in the afternoon. It still takes two hours to reach the Pamirs. It takes two hours to return to Kashgar. It takes more than six hours to return to Kashgar. The clock… finally decided to return!
    Back in the urban area of ​​Kashgar, I ate the biggest barbecue I have ever seen in the sea, land and air. Today is the earliest time to go back to the hotel. Later, when I was resting in bed, I found that there was a sunset outside the window. So I called them to climb the roof of the whole season and took a few nights before the rainstorm in Kashgar…
     DAY 12, the village of Smhanna, the last sunset
    Smhanna is the westernmost border town in China, located in Jigen Township, Wuqia County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. At first I was very strange to this name. Later I checked the information and learned that it is a Kirgiz village that lives on grazing. It is the place where China welcomes the sun at the latest and the sunset at the latest! Today’s journey is also known as the trip to the West Pole.
    Kashgar to Irkeshtan is a passage from China to Xinjiang, Central Asia and West Asia. To the port of Irkeshtan, you must go up the river along the Kyzyl River to Jigen Township. This is a gorge with a length of several tens of kilometers. The mountains are undulating, with strange rocks and mountains.
    On the way from Kashgar to Wuqia, there is also a port that is also connected to Kyrgyzstan, which is located at the Torghut port in Toyun Township, Wuqia County. Now, going out from the Torghut port, it takes another 100 kilometers to get to the actual border.
    Driving all the way, the roadside is the Kyzyl Su River, which is mixed with a lot of red fine sand, which is reddish-brown in color. It has been called Chihe in history. This valley is also the middle line of the Silk Road Commercial Road. From the perspective of aerial photography, it is even more shocking!
    The scenery all the way is more shocking than yesterday. The panda said it is very similar to Zhang Wei. Why buy tickets to go there? Here are the Danxia landforms everywhere! Tears and tears are also the feelings here. The greatest charm of travel is that you will always encounter the shock of hitting the soul again and again.
    On the way, passing through the first township of Xiqiao, Jigen Township, Wuqia County, the last place in China where the sun was falling. Here, because the land is barren, the natural conditions are bad, and the winter has been reduced for half a year, although the government has solved the livelihood problem here, it can still be seen that the village is not big, but the scenery has not been said.
    Irkeshtan mysterious…?
    The most clear purpose of coming to the port is to punch in the card. The scenery along the way is the biggest gain. It is said that the scenery in southern Xinjiang is only desolate. You must have not walked through these two roads. The end is not the purpose, but the better on the road. ……
    Going from the port of Irkeshtan to Yecheng, I have to return to Kashgar again, wash the car in Kashgar, and eat a crabmeat. The roads in the next few days will be very difficult, so I will add some supplies in the supermarket. I wanted to buy some oxygen in case I have to ask the two pharmacies for it.
    It takes nearly four hours from Kashgar to Yecheng to be nearly three hundred kilometers. It was less than nine o’clock in Kashgar, so I planned to arrive in Yecheng before 12 o’clock. Who knows that after just a few kilometers, I have not yet left the city and caught up with the road closure. I tried to get around the two roads and I couldn’t pass. I had to wait for more than an hour. When I arrived in Yecheng, it was already two in the morning…
     DAY 13, New Tibet Line Tour
    Not everyone will come here, but no one will forget it.
    After crossing the border of Dashan, the trip to Xinjiang will end. In the half-month trip, almost all the geological features of nature are witnessed. The story in the itinerary is turned into every photo and every expression. The long travel record is a bit grindsome. I try my best to refine the itinerary and do the whole Raiders, but I have written 26,000 words here. I really don’t know if the daily description will resonate with you. In the following Tibet, I would like to briefly describe and put more scenery on the road.
    Although the itinerary has briefly described the characteristics of the Xinzang line and the Sichuan-Tibet line, these official dangers have never been a reason to hinder our travel. Before the departure, the alarmist words disappeared at the moment of the road. I couldn’t help but feel the emotion and shock of the alpine valley river glaciers. Enjoyment is the most worthy of admiration and display.
    There used to be a jingle as described:
    The new Tibet line is comparable to the martyrdom.
    Kudida’s danger is like a ghost gate.
    Mazza is sharp, and the bucket rises five thousand three.
    Black Kada is dangerous, ninety-nine bends,
    It’s really hard to breathe in the boundary of the mountains.
    I want to say that this may be a true portrayal of many years ago, but as a person who has just returned from the new Tibet Line in 2018, I have to defend this road. Today, the new Tibet line has already been reborn, and those who travel in the book do not know where to go from.Photographs from opy Have you asked which year to shoot? When I really finished this road, I realized that the so-called overwhelming new Tibet line has long been outdated. The dusty flying yang of ten years has been replaced by a flat asphalt road. Please don’t misunderstand the new Tibet line.
    Of course, this remark is a true portrayal of my trip. Although I feel that there is no problem with a good private car going this route, I still have a Bobcat who can go to the ground. The last remarks are just summing up and can’t summarize all the road conditions. There are still many places in the bad road section. Please see the mobile phone with the picture above. Perhaps the enjoyment of this road is not related to our good luck. There have never been any accidents in the halfway car, and we are not lacking in food and clothing for hundreds of kilometers of no man’s land. Hail thunder and lightning, the wind and snow do not work on the body…
    Everything has a double-sidedness. Next, look at the scenery and listen to the story… If you can, please experience it!
    I also fell asleep to wake up naturally. I came out from Yecheng. I thought I would go as far as possible. Who knows that when I first went to 219, I met the army on the national road. Later I saw the troops carrying the recruits, and then I could only do this. Followed by three or forty yards all the way, following the last car…
    There is also an episode here. When the car drove into a village and passed the checkpoint, because there were more villagers on the roadside, LR also opened the double flash. I still followed some of the police cars at close range, and the accident was harvested. The soldier’s salute, the first time directly opened the checkpoint, and then there is no one behind the car to follow up… You guessed it, the soldiers thought we were together, is this also related to the Beijing license? Then I was amazed to follow the team until I became safe and self-righteous after the peace…
    When the former army got out of the car and had a meal, we were able to enjoy the road for a while! All the way from the plains to the mountains, the road conditions also changed from flat to occasional sandstone. Panshan Highway is the most important of these days.The distance, various U-shaped, S-type, C-type, V-shaped or Z-shaped curved roads abound, fortunately, most of them are better, as long as the vehicle distance is maintained, the speed is controlled, and it is safe.
    Kudida is the first ice and snow on the New Tibet Line. It is famous for its terrain. The Uighur language means that the snowy mountains that even the monkeys can’t climb are 27 kilometers long. The contrast of the air pressure is very large. It is easy to cause eardrums when you first go up the mountain. Inflated.
    This is also the highest point after we climbed the team continuously. The road conditions are mostly tarmac roads, but there are also many road sections that are crushed, and there are many curved corners. One mountain is steep and the cliff is cliff. The probe looks forward to hundreds of times. The abyss of the rice always makes the heart tremble.
    Mazhada is the worst road in these sections. It is almost a gravel road. If you have not walked down the mountain, you will see the snowy mountains. The outdoor temperature in the car will drop rapidly with the elevation. The turning point is minus 1 degree when it reaches the summit. The snowy weather all year round, the visibility is low, the line of sight is blocked, and there are many big cars. Only the cautious and slow progress can be made, and the right leg will not be idle for a moment.
    Later, I learned that the New Tibet Line, who had met many times along the way, was stabbed in the tires when Mazda went down the mountain. The stretched steel bar on the side of the road, LR also discussed with me the danger of it when we passed by, so it is really good to drive the line of sight! This is also the Panshan Highway with the worst route and the worst line of sight in this trip.
    From Yecheng to Mazda, from short sleeves to down jackets, from an altitude of 1,000 to 5,000, from summer to heavy snow… this is a magical day and the beginning of the new Tibet. I am not afraid of this, but I have to feel here because you don’t know how many experienced old drivers have left their lives forever on this road…
    From Mazda, you can see the abandoned accident car every few kilometers. The broken car body lies in the mountains. Every car doesn’t know how much life is lost. Maybe they will be transported away. The cost is too high, or it is lost here to the world who is alert to pass by. Although the road conditions have been greatly improved, there are still too many dangers in this flat mountain road. Even a minor accident will be killed because there is no signal, no medical staff, and no timely treatment.
    From Yecheng to the land of more than 1,000 kilometers in the middle of the land, in addition to a few points, there is no gas station in the unmanned section, no signal, plus an average altitude of 5,000, is still no small challenge…
    Turning over a mountain landscape will also change. The initial alpine grassland was gradually replaced by quicksand, and there was a ridiculous beauty under the sunlight.
    Black Kada is also called Montenegro, and the mountain is black. Maybe it will be named. At an altitude of nearly 5,000 meters, the surface of the mountain is almost all gravel. It is not that “Black Kada is dangerous, ninety-nine bends”. There are many road bends here, but the slope is long and the slope is small. It is severely weathered here, and it is also a place with frequent natural disasters. Before you get closer, you will see the round snow-capped mountains and the signs of the frozen soil on the roadside.
    Since the beginning of the high-altitude Panshan section, the road has turned into a dirt road. However, the road conditions have been greatly improved. Even the dirt roads are not muddy. Although it is snowing, the snow here is very gentle compared to the heavy snow.
    When Black Kada went down the mountain, it was just the sunset. It was also the most special snow mountain that I have seen in a few days. The frozen soil is covered with thin snow, and the golden sunlight is scattered on the pure white. One day turned over the famous three Daxu on the Xinzang line. After the 30-mile camp was full, it was decided to stay at the next stop in Dahongliutan.
    The road has been worried about whether the oil will not be enough. As long as it does not go the wrong way, it seems that there is no problem. From Yecheng to the 30-mile barracks, to Dahongliutan, to Doma, and then to the Shiquan River, when passing through these sites, the fuel tank will always be filled up and the road will be safe. This is also the most bleak section of the so-called no-man’s land, and the oil price is also the most expensive.A section of road, an average of 9.9 liters, 30 miles of barracks and Dahongliutan can not be invoiced, and can not be credited only cash, here is no machine and no network.
    Listening to the leader of the Tibetan team said that the accommodation in the 30-mile barracks would be better than the Dahongliutan. Since it was not black, we decided to go ahead. The night from Kashgar to Yecheng, along with our lightning thunder, was once again staged. Without the ordinaryness of the city, there were many more taboos, for fear that the car in the run was hit by lightning…
    Rainstorms and lightning did not last for a long time, we also arrived at Dahongliutan safely. At this time, the weather was late, the road cards were sealed, just to see the opposite side of the gas station like accommodation, so I got off the bus and asked about the room. One hundred dollars a night, the car was parked in the open space under the road to pack the luggage into the house.
    The accommodation here can only be done, the simple board room is even simpler than the conditions of Namco. The two double beds in the house are the flowerbeds of the farmhouse, a dusty table, the water is washed in the yard, the toilet is in the backyard, and the sleeping bag is inevitable under such conditions.
    The boss is very good, personally sent a pot of hot water, wiped the table even if there is still gray. Then I took the carbon to help me raise the stove. This is a scene I have never experienced before. I looked at the stove of the red dragonfly. She said that if you don’t have a stove, you will be frozen at night, and you will sit on a pot. Water prevents the air from being too dry… I still ask if I have eaten, I have to give me the next bowl of noodles, and insist on not collecting money. A large bowl of egg noodles, a warm taste!
    A bunch of equipment is to be charged, but the only outlet in the house is not powered, so I have to put on a down jacket and go to ask the boss.
    There is only Auntie and her son in the store. She said that there will be a power outage after waiting here. You will take this charging treasure.
    But the charging treasure can’t be done. The battery of this plane and the camera should be socketed.
    Then what do you want to charge here, I will charge you with a small generator.
    ……generator? power failure?
    Yes, there is no electricity here. All the electricity is supplied by the generators of my own. When the generator is turned off at night, there will be a power outage in your house. I have a flashlight and you take one.
    Oh, nothing, I have a flashlight…
    Later, I accidentally asked for directions, but I talked about the aunt’s sad past.
    Are you high when you come from Xinjiang?
    No, but there is a slight head lice
    Then you are still very good, there are many people who have a headache here, can’t sleep at night, and vomit…
    So serious, then I should be lucky. I have been in a cold all the way from Xinjiang. My throat is a little inflamed. I have been worried about whether I will be in danger before I walk this road. I have been eating Banlangen for these two days. Fortunately, nothing, not so high!
    Yes, it’s really hard to see people when it’s not good. When you were a recruit on the army last year, when you had a child, you got a little cold. When you slept at night, you said it was uncomfortable. It didn’t take long for others to find that he was not right. The direct rescue of the Air Force also failed to rescue. It seems to be emphysema, a good child is gone…
    Then their parents are much more uncomfortable, oh, really pitiful.
    There is no way to feel uncomfortable. It’s hard to get through the life. Sometimes it’s really useless.
    I heard a word in the aunt’s words, seeing her eyes slowly invade, and sure enough… Later in the chat, she learned that her husband had a car accident when he went down the mountain in Mazda a few years ago. This is what I have been emphasizing the new Tibet line. The road conditions are getting better, but its danger is still great.
    In addition to the ignorance of several deaths, my life has always been smooth. I don’t know where the limits of hard work and hard work are. This is the hardest place in the environment I have lived in, but I don’t feel the hardship in my heart. On the contrary, there is still a trace of warmth. This is also the most restful night of sleep. .
     DAY 14, the most dangerous new section
    Waking up early in the morning, the fire was gradually extinguished. Yesterday, Aunt told me that I can reach Nippon or Ali today, but there are many places on this road that are limited in speed. You can go there and check the time of the inspection should be no problem, if you see The camera should not be more than 30 yards right…
    It’s understandable that the price is expensive when you buy a 70-dollar drink here. The materials here are the same as those on the desert road, all imported from outside. Windy sand is also relatively large when there is wind, but listening to Auntie said that although the living conditions are tough, it is safe to earn a few dollars in the past year.
    Unlike the black card, the Qitai Daban is not so many corners. The long gentle slope is far from the edge. After passing the Qitai Daxie, there is no speed limit, and the road conditions are very good. You can run the game, once you enter Tibet, the speed limit is…
    Not far from Qitaida is the sweet water sea [around K575], the so-called sweet water sea, there is no sweet water, it is bitter sea. It used to be said that drinking water should go to dozens of kilometers to pull, from sweet water to Jieshan Daxie It is a long no-man’s land, passing through the Aksai Chin Basin.
    From Kangxiwa, Dahongliutan to Jieshan Daxie, in the middle of the Qitai Daban, Quanshui hook, sweet water sea, Jieshan Daban, the unmanned area that has come hundreds of kilometers all the way is in the Aksai Chin area. Kesai Chin means “China’s Baishitan”, which belongs to Hetian, Xinjiang, and the Ali area of ​​Tibet. It is located between the Kunlun Mountains and the Karakorum Mountains. It is also almost 4,000 or more. The Lake Akesaiqin passing by is famous. The lake is 5100 meters above sea level.
    In addition to the sweet water sea and the Aksai Chin Lake, there is also a spring water lake called the dead man’s ditch. There are many stories about the dead man’s ditch. I don’t know which ones are true. Those are made up. In short, many people areIn the strong high anti-sleep, there are also accidental sudden death, locomotive crash…
    From the topography, it is a tens of kilometers long ravine, with steep mountains on both sides, changing climate and harsh conditions…
    After the so-called “White Rock Beach”, it is the secret of Tibet in the sky. Ali wrote a sign that welcomes you, and it officially entered Tibet. It’s really lucky to see the Tibetan antelope crossing the road soon. I can’t miss the shot while giving way. This time I finally saw their speed!
    After passing the brand of Ali’s secret, it soon went under the brand of Jieshan Daxie. It seems that there is a difference between the definition of the border with Dashan. It is said that Jieshan Daxie is not only the watershed between Xinjiang and Tibet, but also the new Tibet. At the highest point, more than 5,300 meters of boundary mountain Daxie will officially enter Tibet.
    That is to say, I took a few moments when I took a photo here, and then I started to have a headache and then I slept in the car for more than two hours. Although this is not a serious high, it is finally in these two hours. I understand how painful the encounter is.
    It is understood that another friend who has encountered the new line is more serious than me. Taking medicine and oxygen is only a relief… It’s hard to imagine whether this road is a torment for them. ?
    Fortunately, I recovered very quickly. When I was too busy, I was very hungry. I ordered the food under my proposal. I couldn’t eat it until the food came up, because it was really especially uncomfortable, and the nausea was vomiting. The feeling of fainting at the next moment… Finally, I took a few mouthfuls.It is strange to say that it is not so uncomfortable after eating. LR opened the car a little tired, asked if I can open it, I said no problem! Although he still has some peace of mind, but he didn’t sleep for a while…
    There are still a few Dalais behind the boundary of Dashan, which is still more than 5,000 meters. Today is the highest altitude of all the trips. It is also the most easy day for high and high. It is really heaven. Ali…
    It was a miracle to see the hail at the end of June. It was only the deep feelings of the weather on the New Tibet Line that I had felt yesterday. I was not surprised to see the hail today. The climate and scenery along the way are unpredictable. It is often seen that there is a black cloud in front of the road. Under the clouds is a gray thread, which is a trace of rain.
    After the border with Daxie, there is a lake named Longmu, which happens to be on the roadside of the Xinzang line. The towering snow-capped mountains and the lake with blue light make me memorable.
    This road met a lot of Yu brand cars, as well as Lati’s proprietress, the desert couple, and the Henan sister who grew up to meet WeChat payment. She seems to be very familiar with this place. She always receives her when she has a signal. The message “You should be coming to Bangong Lake now.” “You are going to pass the Japanese soil checkpoint in half an hour.” “Every day and Ali can stay.”
    Yes, the lake above is Bangong Lake, also known as the wrong wooden Angola red wave. The Tibetan language means “long-necked swan”. There is the world’s tallest bird island in Shanghai, located at the junction of Ali and Kashmir. Bangong Lake is large and particularly large. The eastern and western sections of the lake are in China and the west end is in Kashmir. It is an international lake. The magic is that the lake in Bangong Lake is fresh water in China, but it is salt water in Kashmir.
    In fact, from Doma all the way, there is a long and long way to see the beauty of Bangong Lake. The blue lake is near, and the snow peaks are faintly visible in the distance. In fact, you should not be greedy for the scenery before sunset. Because the tunnel passed the observation deck of Bangong Lake, the front is the most beautiful wetland, the green and yellow water plants, the snow-capped peaks of the mountains…
    It’s a pity that the sky is already dark and I can’t shoot the beauty here, because the light is dark and I don’t dare to stop it, so the most beautiful scenery is not only on the road! Because the road shooting has been delayed for a long time, the time on the speed limit list has already passed, this road is really running out of joy…
    The episode of the Japanese missed checkpoint is here. From the Bangong Lake, I actually saw the checkpoint of the Japanese soil, but we did not see someone on duty, and then it was very doubtful to open. We still wondered why there was no discussion. Check it? This is more assured that the speed limit bar is gone, what are you worried about? In fact, the best way to prevent sleep is to drive the car. The attention of the car is highly concentrated. Therefore, in the case where the road section is flat and can be safe, there are some roads in the road for occasional 170 or so… [must pay attention to safety]
    I can’t remember the arrival of the Ali checkpoint at the early morning, when the problem arises!
    What is your chapter of the earth cover?
    Ah, I don’t know. At this time, just a few big cars came, but they have chapters…
    You see, people have chapters, your chapters?No one has stamped us, I don’t know the Japanese checkpoint…
    After you negotiated with me, I almost angered them. I also took a meeting to re-seal to scare us. This is a few hundred kilometers away from the meeting. Don’t sleep for a night… Finally, let the hard foam finally meet us, but we did not see anyone, and later summed up the chat conversation. Out, it is estimated that we had just passed the checkpoint when it was 12 o’clock. They were in the shift period no one! However, after the shift, the road was closed at 12 o’clock. It was really lucky to be lucky, otherwise it would not be able to reach Ali tonight…

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