Open the year to the original year in Kanas

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This travel is longer, it is recommended to read under wifi, local tyrants!
    A detailed travel guide is placed behind Mito.
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    The increase in age increases people’s meat. In the increasingly light year of the year, the New Year and the New Year have gradually become a sly festival and a period of no longer lively. After more than 30 identical Spring Festivals, this new spring is a change of taste.
    Before the New Year’s Eve, take a ticket to make a big break, fly to Kanas in Xinjiang, go to the northern Xinjiang to snow, go to the herdsmen’s house, this time the New Year spent on travel!
    Big route: Dalian – Shenyang – Urumqi – Altay – Urumqi – Beijing – Dalian
    Small route: Burqin – Hemu – Baihaba – Hemu – Beibei
    “Kanas” is Mongolian, meaning “beautiful and mysterious lake.” Kanas Lake is located in the northern part of Burqin County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The lake comes from glacial meltwater and local precipitation. The lake is 1374 meters above sea level with an area of ​​45.73 square kilometers. The deepest elevation of the lake is 1181.5 meters and the lake depth is 188.5 meters. 5.38 billion cubic meters, it is the deepest ice lake in China. It is a mountain lake and inland freshwater lake located in the deep forests of Altai.
    The Kanas Lake Scenic Area consists of bizarre natural landscapes such as mountains, rivers, forests, lakes and grasslands, historical and cultural relics such as the Genghis Khan Western Expeditionary Point, ancient rock paintings and the unique folk customs of the Mongolian Tuva. The main attractions such as Neck Bay, Hulun Lake, Wolong Bay and Guanyutai have extremely high tourism, nature protection, scientific investigation and historical and cultural value.
    Compared with the beautiful lakes and mountains, the most famous of Kanas Lake is the legend of water monsters. In 1980, the water monster’s sighting news was published in the Guangming Daily, which attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. Since then, some tourists have claimed to see the water monster. This monster is called the Kanas water monster. According to research, the Kanas water monster is very likely to be a giant Jewel in a size of 15-20 meters. Countless tourists come here for a long time, just for a glimpse of water monsters.
    The Kanas Scenic Area is a national AAAAA-level tourist scenic spot, a national geological park, a national forest park, a Chinese nature reserve, and a national natural heritage. It is known as the “land of heaven, the garden of the gods”.
    There are 55 large and small scenic spots in the scenic spot, including Hanas National Nature Reserve, Kanas National Geological Park, Baihaba National Forest Park, Jiadeng National Forest Park, Kanas River Valley, Hemu River Valley, Naren Grassland. Hemu Grassland and Hemu Village, Baihaba Village, Kanas Village and other famous natural and scenic areas and three major cultural landscapes at home and abroad.
    Rain God Hades: landscape photographer, time-lapse photographer, traveler, freelance writer. Running all the year round, just looking for the most beautiful moment! The net name is Hades (meaning Hades Hades), and it has been named Rainy because it has been raining for many years.
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    1. The Kanas Scenic Area is located at the northernmost tip of Xinjiang, more than 700 kilometers away from Urumqi and about 200 kilometers away from the city of Burqin. It is recommended to plan the route centered on Urumqi;
    2. Kanas Airport is located near the Kanas Scenic Area, but it is closed from the beginning of October to the end of April of the following year. You can choose Urumqi to fly to Altay Airport or train to Beibei City and then transfer to Kanas Scenic Area. ;
    3. There are more terminals in Urumqi Airport. Before departure and arrival, you must be optimistic about which terminal the flight is in, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles;
    4. Urumqi Airport implements the most stringent security standards in China. When it comes to security inspection, it is necessary to take off shoes, belts and jackets. Cameras, batteries, laptops, charging treasures and other electronic products must be taken out for inspection;
    5. All hotels in Xinjiang must be inspected for safety. Alltay is located in the frontier. There are many security checkpoints along the road. All tourists need to get off the bus and go to the examination room to swipe their ID card for security check. Therefore, the ID card should be carried with you during the trip.
    6. The Kanas scenic area closes the mountain every winter, but the self-driving car can enter and leave the scenic spot normally. Although the self-driving is not affected by the closing of the mountain, the supporting facilities around the scenic spot are all closed. Accommodation, catering, refueling and other issues need to be done well in advance. fully prepare;
    7. Burqin City to Hemu Village, Hemu Village to Baihaba Road is better but the road width is narrower. There are many mountain roads along the road. The snow on the road in winter is thicker. Vehicles must use snow tires.
    8. In winter, the Altay area is thicker in snow, and you need to wear long boots when you travel. In the snow, your eyes will be burned by the snow reflected in the snow. You need to prepare sunglasses or snow mirrors to avoid snow blindness.
    9. The temperature difference between day and night in the Altay area is large. The temperature in the daytime is generally around minus 5-10 degrees. It is not very cold. The outer pants and cotton trousers can be equipped with thick down jackets. Hats and gloves must be equipped. Scarves are not necessary.
    10. Xinjiang has better heating in winter, mainly based on geothermal heat and heating. The indoor temperature is higher and drier. The wet towel can be placed on the bedside to increase the air humidity before going to bed to ease the drying;
    11. The Kanas scenic spot is mainly Kazakh and Mongolian. The Kazakhs generally believe in Islam. To visit the herdsmen’s homes or contact Kazakh residents, it is necessary to remember Muslim taboos;
    12, local residents mostly rely on nomadic life, there are more livestock in the scenic area, especially horses are very common, remember to stand behind the horseshoe when playing, so as not to be kicked by horses.
    Not in Xinjiang, I don’t know the greatness of the motherland! This area, which occupies one-sixth of the country’s territory, is a distant existence for most people. Kanas, who went to this time, is at the northern end of Xinjiang, so flying alone is a long journey.
    Kanas Airport is located near the Kanas Scenic Area, but it is closed from the beginning of October to the end of April of the following year. In winter, you can choose Urumqi as the transit point, then fly from Urumqi to Altay Airport or train to Beibei City and then to Lunas to Kanas.
    After 30 new years at home, there will be new changes in the 2018 New Year and a new journey. In the Spring Festival, the Altay in Xinjiang, from the Gobi Yellow Sands into the snow-capped mountains, the spectacular scenery along the way is dazzling. The first stop of the opening year is full of expectations!
    It takes 100 kilometers from Altay Airport to Burqin County, and then drives more than 200 kilometers of mountain road from Burqin County to reach Hemu Township. It is often said that the Kanas scenic spot is actually a large area, mainly composed of Hemu Village, Hanas Village of Hemu Hanas Township and Baihaba Village of Tiekeketi Township. Kanas Lake is located in Baihaba, and accommodation and dining facilities are basically concentrated in Hemu Village.
    Hemu Village is the seat of Hemu Hanas Township Government. The relatively mature tourism industry has been formed here, and the infrastructure is very good. It is the best place to travel to Kanas.
    Entering Hemu Village, in addition to the white snow, it is a log cabin built of logs, which is very fairytale. The look at the Golden Lotus Hotel is also the style of this wooden house. I have been worried about whether this wooden house will be cold at night. I didn’t expect to walk into it and found that the hotel is full of solid brick walls, which can keep the low temperature and strong wind out, plus the complete geothermal heating system, no need to worry about it outside!
    The hotel’s rooms are clean and tidy, cable TV, wifi are complete, the signal is very good, the bathroom is fully equipped, 24 hours hot water can be taken at any time to take a hot bath, the most praise is the daily replacement of fresh fruit and dried fruit in the room, also There is a free gift of yogurt, which is very popular!
    After a long journey, I have been hungry for a long time. To say that this Xinjiang, things are notoriously delicious. What is Hetian’s jujube Turpan’s grape Korla’s pear, fruit dried fruit, needless to say, this large plate of chicken, lamb skewers, grilled clams, hand-picked rice are also all delicious, one hook population! These delicacies in the Golden Lotus Hotel’s restaurant are not only delicious, but also full of weight, not to be delicious! The taste of the dishes here is really good. Every time I come to eat, I don’t have the heart to shoot. I’m afraid that the turntable will be delicious when it’s turned into a delicious circle!
    Snowy mountains, snowy fields, snow houses, here are everywhere white, like a fairy tale world. Sit on the snowmobile, ride in the snow, or ride the horse on the snowfield, you can make this different spring boil!
    In the impression, Xinjiang has always been a place with drought and little rain. The desert and the Gobi are synonymous with Xinjiang, but the experience of two Xinjiangs has given me a deeper understanding of this vast and magical land. There are not only Gobi deserts, but also large grasslands and numerous lakes, rivers and valleys.
    In the summer, the herdsmen graze in the lush green vegetation, and in the winter, the herdsmen are indulging in the snowy illusion. Abundant precipitation, the melting water of the glaciers nourish this beautiful land.
    When I came here, the most heard was that the herdsmen felt that the amount of snow this year was too small. This year’s snow here has not been a calf, and the snow depth here is above the knee. The reduced amount of snow may have a greater impact on the production and life of herders, but it does not prevent tourists from playing snow.
    Riding on a snowmobile, all the way to the beautiful peak. There are towering mountains and flat snow fields, which are good places to play with snow.
    Riding on a snowmobile, all the way to the beautiful peak. There are towering mountains and flat snow fields, which are good places to play with snow.
    It’s too embarrassing to play, don’t remind you that today is the New Year’s Eve! The scenic spot has long prepared a rich New Year’s Eve for visitors to this New Year. There was also an Assac-style singing and dancing banquet, and the festive atmosphere quickly soared. When everyone is watching the Spring Festival Gala, the Spring Festival Evening of Kanas is in full swing! Unlike CCTV Spring Festival Evening, here we are no longer spectators, but also participants. Tourists from all over the world gather here, singing and dancing together to celebrate the New Year!
    After eating New Year’s Eve at Hemu Mountain Villa, I enjoyed Kazakh song and dance, and then went to the Tuwa home for a primitive year. The Tuva belong to a branch of the Mongolian. Legend has it that their ancestors were the vanguard of Genghis Khan, because the leader of this vanguard was blue, so it was called the “blue collar” army.
    In today’s Russia and Mongolia, a large number of Tuva people gather, while in China, only 2,000 Tuvals live, and Hemu Village is their largest settlement. The portraits of Genghis Khan are enshrined in the households of the Tuwa people in Hemu Village.
    They have their own language, but no words. As a nomadic tribe, they still retain the lifestyle left by their ancestors. The customs of the New Year here are very different, and the bones of the bones are the most distinctive.
    In the New Year, the Tuva will choose a highly respected elder in the family, use an axe to open a piece of beef leg bones, and let the bone marrow overflow, meaning the New Year’s rich harvest. Every family member must pick up this leg bone and suck a bite of bone marrow. As the Romans do, we also suck down the bone marrow and sip the joy of the New Year!
    It’s been a long time since I’ve been snowing for a long time, and I’m in the night of the New Year’s Eve. In the morning, the door was opened, and the original silver-covered land was covered with a soft coat.
    In the traditional Chinese year, every New Year’s Day, everyone has to go out to visit relatives. In the New Year’s Day of the Tuva people, every year on the New Year’s Day, they will gather in front of the snow-stacked bag and pray for the fire to worship the ancestors.
    They tied the colorful ribbons to the branches and prayed around the fire. The men in the family exchanged Hada with each other and embraced each other’s blessings.
    At the end of the ceremony, the elders of the family will sit in a row and accept the tea and tobacco that the young people of the family worship. As nomads, drinking is a constant tradition. It is said that in the small village of Hemu, the Tuva can consume 45 tons of wine every winter.
    Every year in the new spring, local residents hold a grand horse racing conference. Every family will carefully dress their beloved horses, and the shepherd will go with the owner. Under the snowy mountains, the horses are like a rainbow, making a good start for the New Year!
    Before coming, I always thought it would be very cold. In fact, although Kanas has a large temperature difference between day and night, the temperature during the day is not too low, only a few degrees below zero. The general down jacket can resist the cold. Playing in the snow, hats and boots are a must, gloves can be thin, because there is no wind scarf can be worn. In the snow and ice, the horses are rushing, everyone is vying for the first time, meaning the new year is taking off.
    After watching the wonderful hot horses, we will switch to the snow park not far away, and feel the charm of the fur skis together.
    Altay is known as the origin of human skiing, and it is snowy winter for seven months a year. In the painted rock paintings more than 10,000 years ago, there were ancient skiers. To this day, the oldest fur-tree skiing is still maintained here.
    Fur snowboarding techniques have been listed as a world intangible cultural heritage. At the beginning of the new year, the young people here will still wear this ancient fur snowboard and ride in the snow, not only for the commemoration of the ancestors but also for the love of this land.
    After enjoying all kinds of wonderful snow performances, I finally got the chance to show my talents. There are many snow entertainment projects in the snow park, snow circles, banana boats, snow yo-yo, snowmobiles… Every project can make people feel awkward and rejuvenate!
    When I was tired, we lay down on the snow sledge and let the horse pull us to the Harden platform. The road to the Harden platform is an uphill mountain road. The ground is covered with snow. It is difficult to walk without hiking with snow sledges. The scenery along this road is very good. Lying on the snow sledge, you can enjoy the scenery while you are resting and comfortable.
    The Harden platform is a hillside flat opposite the Hemu Village. The terrain is flat and the location is high, giving a panoramic view of Hemu Village. The Harden platform is also an excellent sunrise, but unfortunately the weather is not strong, it has been cloudy.
    Do not think that this village in the mountains is only a local atmosphere, nomadic life. In the village there are not only bars but also warm and fresh cafes. Staying in the snow for a long time, you can go to the coffee shop to order a cup of coffee on the Internet, and you can enjoy the picturesque scenery through the spacious window.
    Hemu Village is more than 100 kilometers away from Kanas Lake and it takes about 3 hours to drive. When the day is not bright, we will leave.
    It was a cloudy day, and this time I finally met a sunny day! Under the sun, the snow is more pure and beautiful. The road to Kanas Lake is beautiful, and from time to time, stop and stop to take pictures.
    Everyone knows Kanas Lake, but few people know the Kanas River. The Kanas River is formed by the lake flowing out of Kanas Lake and the melting water of icebergs along the way. The blue bay that emerges from this icy river is the fairy bay in the Kanas River. Because this corner is always foggy, it is like the fairyland, hence the name of the fairy bay.
    Not far from Shenxian Bay, there is Moon Bay. Here the winter is covered with snow, the color of the enchanting is less than a lot of color, when the autumn forest is full of dyeing, this water bay is gorgeous.
    At noon, we finally arrived in the dreamland, the pure land of the world – Kanas Lake! The Kanas Lake in winter is covered with snow, and it is difficult to see how the lake looks like it is more like a huge ice rink.
    Walking along the shore of the lake, you will see the clear lake water that breaks out of the ice. The lake here is so clear that it can reflect the color of the sky, and the color of the ice will be fascinating at a glance.
    The waters of Kanas Lake are blue and green, with white snow and winding mountains. It is worthy of the pure land of the world!
    Whether it is blue or green, the beauty of Kanas Lake is so bright and moving. Hold up the camera, turn on the phone, and open the fire to this beautiful view!
    In the shoal of the lake, the stones are covered with white snow, forming countless lovely snow mushrooms. The rising clouds on the surface of the water also add a mysterious color to Kanas.
    At night, return to Hemu Village, have dinner in the tavern, have a drink, and relax.
    To celebrate the Spring Festival, the most indispensable part of the Tuva is singing and dancing. He took the guitar, played the songs of the grassland, and opened the scorpion. Humai is a peculiar form of singing. The singer sings two voices at the same time with his own voice. The voice is loud and high, and it is clear and pleasant.
    Dance together and sing together, pick up this glass of wine and spend the different Chinese New Year together!
    Kanas is here, the beauty is here, the warm and hospitable herdsmen are here, although the sky is far away, the road is far away, only the dream is not far away!
    Happy New Year! Goodbye Kanas!

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