[Original starting] Jinci Shaoxiang worship worship roots ancestors Deep feeling experience iu Liuxiang hotel

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    Brother, you go west
    I am really difficult to stay with my little sister.
    Holding the hand of the brother
    Send the brother to the gate
    Brother, you go out of the village
    Little sister, I have a sentence to stay
    Walk to the big intersection
    People come to solve the problem
    Pulling my brother’s sleeve tightly
    Wang Wang’s tears flow
    I only hate my sister, I can’t walk with you.
    I only hope that your brother will go home early.
    This is the true portrayal of the separation of the flesh and blood, the tragic and tragic when Grandpa walked out of the West Exit.
    Whenever Grandpa hears this grief, it is like a mourning tune, it is very sad, tears are raining, and sleep is difficult.
    When I was young, I often listened to my big (father’s meaning): In the old days of the disaster, the grandfather carried his ancestors.
    Her Majesty’s grandmother and her younger son and daughter, carrying the 7-year-old, went to the west and went out.
    Poor grandmother and aunt, uncle, did not have any news until after liberation.
    But only the unscrupulous aunt who was known as the “Jin Merchant” was sold back to her aunt.
    Grandma who can think about it, the uncles of the uncle family?
    Oh, sad, the lungs are hurt…
    This trip to Taiyuan Jinci, holding a mixed feelings, continues to rush to achieve the long-cherished wish of the world’s fathers.
    Nowadays, the vast majority of the majority of the central and western regions of Inner Mongolia are old times.
    The well-being of the descendants of the Shanxi people who went out of the mouth of the West, and many of their relatives had no news.
    It is difficult to renew. Over the years, the transportation has developed, the communication is convenient, and the life is rich. Every spring and summer,
    On the Wutai Mountain and the Lower Taiyuan Jinci, the incense is worshipped, and the people who seek the roots of the ancestors are endless.
    The roots of the three generations of the family’s roots have been continuing.
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    – Preface
    First, Jinci burns incense worship, seeks roots and ancestors
    Second, strolling the “May 1 Garden” Square
    Third, visit the Twin Towers Temple
    Fourth, affectionate experience Internet + iu Liuxiang Hotel
    Five, chic in the elegant environment of Yingze Park
    Traffic Raiders:
    2 days in advance (this passenger ticket is sufficient, no need to book in advance) Online shopping has a unique one to Baotou passenger section of the Ningnan—Taiyuan station train ticket (the fare is slightly adjusted: hard sleeper 122 yuan).
    At 8:10 pm on June 1st, I arrived at Taiyuan Station on time at 4:15 on June 2nd.
    After getting off the bus, after a short break, I ate a bowl of authentic hometown “scratch bucket”. I took the bus No. 848 at the bus station of Yingze Street in front of the station. I only took 2 stops (in fact, I walked for 30 minutes). I came to the “Youth Intersection” site and got off the bus.
    After getting off at the “Youth Intersection”, go back 50 or 60 meters, turn left and look at the corner of the 100m east road. There is a very striking beige high-rise building “磐古壹号国际酒店”, downstairs is “ Iu Liu Lane Hotel”, a few minutes walk to the hotel downstairs.
    Take the elevator directly to the 8th floor hotel lobby (there are tips in the door, pay attention to check)
    The check-in procedure is completed properly (the hotel experience will be detailed later), and you will take the bus to “Jinyi (Jinyi Park)”.
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    First, Jinci burns incense worship, seeks roots and ancestors
    Traffic tips:
    Upon check-in, you will return to the “Youth Junction” bus stop on the original road and take bus No. 308 (the train station goes to Jinci Park and there are 308, 848, 804, 856 buses passing through the youth intersection), passing the “Youth Junction”. Waiting for 28 sites, I arrived at Jinci Park in about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
    From Taiyuan Wusu Airport, it takes 20 minutes to reach Jinci via the expressway.
    Opening hours: 8:00-18:00 in high season and 8:30-17:00 in low season
    Ticket information:
    70 yuan in the peak season (disabled, primary and secondary school students, half-prices for the elderly over 60 years old, children, military personnel, 70-year-olds and older people free of charge), 50 yuan in the off-season.
    The purpose of this trip is to burn incense and worship in front of the temple, to find the roots, and then to watch the Jinci.
    Jinci Park is located in the hanging hills of the southwest of Taiyuan City, 25 kilometers southwest of the city. It was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty. It was built by the later generations to commemorate Zhou Wuwang’s second son and Zhou Chengwang’s brother-in-law. It is a national key cultural relic. One of the protection units.
    Jinci is a Chinese classical garden resort with dozens of ancient buildings. The environment is elegant and comfortable, the scenery is beautiful and beautiful, and it is famous for its majestic buildings and superb statue art. It is said that Youjin can be carried out along the middle, north and south lines. Tour the middle line, from the gate, from the water mirror, through the Huixian Bridge, Jinrentai, Dia Yuefang, Xiandian, Bell and Drum Tower, fish and fly to the Virgin Mary. From the Wenchang Palace, there are Dongyue Temple, Guandi Temple, Sanqing Temple, Tang Shuzhen, Tang Beiting, Chaoyang Cave, Waiting Fengxuan, Santai Pavilion, Reading Desk and Lv Zu Pavilion. On the south line of the tour, from Shengtuo Building, there are Baihe Pavilion, Sansheng Temple, True Fun Pavilion, Difficult Spring Pavilion, Jellyfish Building and Gongzizi.
    The Jinci Temple was built around the Temple of the Virgin. The temple is full of ancient flying dragonflies, and there are some plaques in the middle.
    The main attractions of Jinci are “Three Famous Names”, “Three National Treasures” and “Three Great Men”.
    “Three famous names”
    NO.1 is the “water mirror table”. These three words are soft and powerful, and they are smashed and hanged high on the stage, meaning “clear as water, as bright as a mirror”, which is full of praise. At the same time, the stage was the location of Sun Wukong when he turned into a temple. It has great value.
    NO.2 is “Yi Yue”, its words are vigorous and powerful, making people sigh.
    NO.3 is “difficult to be old” taken from the “difficult old” in the “difficult old spring”, meaning that immortality is not old.
    “Three National Treasures”
    The first is “the temple”, where the tribute was placed in ancient times, it was ventilated on all sides, and it was easy to put the fruit.
    The second is the “Fish Marsh Fly Beam” bridge. The left side is engraved with “fish marsh”, and the right side is engraved with “flying beam”, which is in the shape of a cross. It is placed on the lake, such as flying in the air, so it is called “flying beam”.
    The third is the “Church of the Virgin”. There are seven big cymbals hanging outside the temple. The meanings are different. The temple is dedicated to the dry daughter of Jiang Ziya, and the entire hall is magnificent.
    In the middle of the 3,000-year-old Zhou Bai and Tang Yin, they have different forms, but they have gone through the storms, the lychee, and the perseverance.
    The Temple of the Virgin is a grand palace built for the mother of the uncle in the Northern Song Dynasty. Because this palace was built very magnificently, and the ancient officials had to go to the Temple of the Virgin to sacrifice and pray for rain, this temple became the main building of Jinci, and the original Tang Shuxuan turned back to the secondary position. It is. The temple of the Virgin Mary has a gallery on all sides and two front porches. It is the earliest surviving palace in ancient Chinese architecture. The temple is seven wide and six deep. The top of the temple is trimmed with yellow-green glazed tiles. There are forty-three colored sculptures in the temple. The main image is the Virgin Mary, and the remaining forty-two are eunuchs, female officers, and maids. Our Lady of the Phoenix crown robes, sitting on the phoenix chair. The maids are holding the things they serve. Some serve the diet, some are responsible for grooming, some special cleaning, eyebrows, natural posture, exquisite plastic work, is a boutique in the history of Chinese sculpture
    Difficult Spring is the main spring in Sanquan. The source of Jinshui flows out from here. It has been around for a long time. The water temperature is kept at 17 °C, and the flow rate per second is 1.8 cubic meters.
    . Regarding the difficult old spring, there is a folk story about “Liu’s sitting, drinking horses and whip”. It is said that Jinsheng Village in the north of Jinci has a woman named Liu, who is married to Gutang Village. She is abused by her mother-in-law and goes to the distance every day to pick up water. One day, on the way of picking water, she met an old man riding a horse to ask her for water. Although this water is not easy to pick from the distance, the good Liu will give this water to the old man. When the old man left, he gave Liu a whip, saying that as long as the whip was inserted in the water tank, the whip would be raised and the water would come up. After Liu’s return home, he tried it. Later, the mother-in-law discovered that the daughter-in-law no longer picked the water, but the water in the water tank was always full, and the heart could not help but have doubts. The wife was not at home, secretly inspected and found the whip in the water tank, thinking that this is a Baby, reaching out and putting the whip out of the cylinder, for a moment, the water in the tank spewed out and flowed around. Liu, who is combing her head, found that the water was pouring out. She ran back to her husband’s house and saw that it was difficult to block the water. She used the slate in the courtyard to cover the cylinder mouth and sat on the slate. The raging water suddenly turned into a trickle of sputum, constantly flowing out of the body of Liu. In order to commemorate this kind woman, the descendants called her a jellyfish, and built a jellyfish building on the west side of the difficult old spring. The building has a dignified and beautiful jellyfish statue.
    I want to grasp the key points of “Jinyi Zhibao” and “Three Treasures and Three Treasures”. “Tangzhen Zhibao” is the “Ming and Zhiming’s Ming and Preface” written by Emperor Taizong. The “Three Treasures” is the Temple of the Virgin and the fish. The marsh beam and the temple, the “three musts” are Zhou Bai, Dian Laoquan and the Song Dynasty. We can feel the great changes of the sea and the wisdom of the ancestors of the past!
    Daxie, Jinci! Beautiful, Jinci! Yalong, Jinci!
    —————————————————————————————————————— ——–
    Near noon, take the 848 bus route back to the youth intersection site, dragging the heavy and dizzy body, walked back to the iu Liuxiang Hotel less than 100 meters.
    The hotel manager personally went to the door and said that it was a feast for the meal. Because of the fatigue of the body, dizziness, and retreat from the rest, it is worthwhile to go to the manager who is hospitable. Because of the discomfort, I only need a “clear egg” and “faced soup”.
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    Second, strolling the “May 1 Garden” Square
    After the lunch break, more than ten minutes walked to the “May 1 Garden” Square, where the overall layout is beautiful and elegant.
    Taiyuan Wuyi Square Tour Park is divided into two parts, the north and the south, with flower fountains, “Sound of Jinquan” fountain sculpture, flower beds, small fountains and hedges. Taiyuan Wuyi Square Tourist Park is located in the eastern section of Yingze Street. It is a square garden with unique design and beautiful shape. Surrounded by a geometrically symmetrical pattern of lawns. The ground on the granite floor around the green space has seats for visitors to rest.
    It’s a hot day and it’s a lonely person. It’s just a quarter of a square park. It’s just a quarter of an hour. I took a few photos, went to the bus stop, found the 820 bus stop, and took the bus to Taiyuan’s landmark building – Twin Towers. Temple
    ************************************************** *******************************
    3. Visit Taiyuan Shuangta Temple (Yongyao Temple)
    Opening hours: 8:00-17:30
    Self-drivingCar route: 4th inner ring to Shanxi newspaper station walk to Shuangtasi Street
    Shuangta Temple bus route:
    Take bus No. 812, 820 and 873 to the Shuangta Temple Station.
    Note: (Taiyuan Railway Station is only 1.2 kilometers away from Shuangta Temple, and it takes less than half an hour to walk)
    Scenic area related service facilities: There is a parking lot available for parking nearby, which costs 4 yuan per hour. The scenic spot is located in Yingze District, the center of Taiyuan. The facilities are complete, banks and gas stations are not far away.
    Twin Tower Temple Ticket Price:
    Shuangta Temple tickets 30 yuan, the booking price of 25 yuan
    Child ticket / student ticket / senior ticket 10 yuan
    1 child height less than 1.3 meters free of charge
    2 elderly tickets over 60 years old with ID card to buy elderly tickets and half tickets
    3 officers, disabled, senior citizens over 70 years old, free of charge
    4 off-season time is 11.1 – next year 3.31, peak season is 4.1 – 10.31 days
    Introduction to Shuangta Temple:
    Sanjin Mingsha Shuangta Temple is located in the southeast of Taiyuan City, about 4 kilometers from the city center. Here, the green tree red wall, the pagoda hall, the pavilion exquisite, the monument, the pine and cypress, the quiet, quiet.
    The architectural orientation of the Shuangta Temple is a traditional habit of sitting on the south facing the temple building in China for thousands of years. It is built on the topography and is condescending, facing south and facing north. It can be said that it has a group of peaks in the Taihang Mountains. Immersively, with the ancient tower body, I can see the whole picture of the ancient city of Taiyuan, and the wilderness of the Jinzhong Basin.
    The Shuangta Temple in the southern suburbs of Taiyuan is the landmark building in Taiyuan City and the theme pattern on the city emblem of Taiyuan City.
    Shuangta Temple, formerly known as Yongzheng Temple, was built around the middle of the Ming Dynasty (1597-1602). Because there are two towers in the temple, it is commonly known as the Shuangta Temple. Nowadays, local people are also used to calling this the Shuangta Temple, but they are relatively strange to the original name. The architectural pattern of Shuangta Temple is not complicated. It consists of three parts: the front yard, the back yard and the tower courtyard. The famous “double tower” is in the tower courtyard. The mountain gate of Shuangta Temple is opposite to most temples facing south. The mountain gate of Shuangta Temple is open to the north. After entering the mountain gate, visitors can walk from north to south. During the tour, you can see the Daxiong Hall and the monument. And the twin towers, these three places are the most worth seeing in the temple.
    The ancient city of Taiyuan has a long history, famous cultural relics, and splendid brilliance. The Yongsong Twin Towers, especially standing side by side, are the symbol of Taiyuan.
    The main hall of the Twin Towers is a brick-like imitation wood building. The whole building has no beams, no wood, all made of bricks, and the bricks are fine and generous. When you enter the Great Hall of the Great Hall, you can see the statues of the Three Worlds in the temple: Amitabha, Sakyamuni and the pharmacist. Among them, Amitabha is a bronze statue, while the other two are iron statues. It can be seen that these three Buddha statues are not the original match in the temple, but moved from different places. The Daxiong Hall of Shuangta Temple is a two-story structure. From the east side of the main hall, there are steps to climb the second floor. On the second floor, there is the “Three Sacred Courts”, which enshrine the three majors: Guanyin, Manjusri and Puxian. These statues of Bodhisattva are also moved from other temples.
    This 13-story Xuanwen Tower, the stairs are stone ladders, very narrow, can not accommodate two people side by side, and there is no handrails next to them, can only support the wall, but fortunately, there are voice-activated lighting, not in I groped in the dark.
    It is recommended that visitors and friends can feel a little on the floor, not necessarily on the top of the tower, otherwise the tower is also a chore.
    After watching the twin towers, you can also enjoy the beauty of the temple. The sun shines on the flowers and plants, and it is a leisurely afternoon.
    Near the evening, it took less than an hour to walk back to the Yingliu Street iuliuxiang Hotel.
    ************************************************** *******************************
    Fourth, affectionate experience Internet + iu Liuxiang Hotel
    Over the years, I have experienced nearly 100 hotel rooms in a lonely journey, spending nearly 10,000 yuan. Always living alone, no one talks, feels lonely and lonely. This is good, look at how the old man is like a young man, and he is eager to get fashionable.
    Recommended accommodation:
    The hotel is located in the commercial, political and economic center of Taiyuan (the city’s central avenue Yingze Street and Liuxiang Commercial Street), the hotel is only 30 minutes walk from Taiyuan Railway Station, 15 minutes walk from Long-distance Bus Station, 15 minutes walk from Wuyi Square, welcome Ze Park is a 10-minute walk; the hotel entrance is Liuxiang Commercial Pedestrian Street, Taiyuan Food Street, Causeway Bay Commercial Center; leisure, entertainment and shopping are very convenient; the hotel provides parking for guests, where you can experience 50M speed wifi, 40 inch stereo Audio mobile screen TV, tropical rainforest bath, Simmons five-star mattress, free coffee, black tea, mineral water.
    Take the elevator to the 8th floor and walk out of the elevator. The set of beautiful pictures on the elevator door attracts the eyeballs.
    100 dollars will make you sleep, don’t think too beautiful, it is a bed instead of a sleeper, hahahaha.
    The versatile hotel lobby and elevators are ubiquitous posters, telling you that this is not just a hotel, but also an Internet community, which continues the 7-day hotel’s orange-yellow main color, complemented by cool black, and stylish design. The sense of the lobby is dynamic and the room is quietly coloured for a better sleep experience.
    As the first Internet hotel in China, IU Hotel adheres to the value proposition of “the most self, NO OUT”, and provides innovative products that subvert the hotel tradition for the new “young” group that pursues the ultimate self and desires to have various links around. On the basis of ensuring exquisite design and comfortable enjoyment, IU Hotel is committed to using Internet thinking to create “online hotel space”. Its original WeChat interactive platform, multi-screen interactive system and temperature service instantly activate young factors and let the hotel No longer strangers, let every guest stay with the trend, show their personality, and be the most authentic one.
    This is a standard design room type of IU Internet Light Boutique Hotel. The color combination of dynamic and static, there may be some differences in the area of ​​IU Internet light boutique hotels. The room of Liuxiang is large and looks very bright; the room design is more Pay attention to the sense of spatial hierarchy and three-dimensionality.
    The room size of this hotel is very large, more than 30 square meters, there are several room types; because many people fear the new hotel, this hotel does not have this trouble, all types of rooms are environmentally friendly, no decoration, floor It is A0 level, there is no complicated decoration cabinet and wine cabinet, indoor wallpaper and interior latex paint are also environmentally friendly.
    The phone has only one button and goes directly to the service desk, eliminating all kinds of harassment.
    The independent tea area is designed with mineral water, Nestle coffee and Lipton’s selection of black tea, member guests staying on the same day, and boxed bedtime milk.
    The disposable cups in the room have a great grip and are the same as the Pacific Coffee Takeaway Cup.
    The oversized rainforest sprinklers surround the drain; the bath is a two-in-one shampoo shower gel; the hot water is quickly released in a few seconds, the bath is comfortable, and there are sealed bath towels that follow the seven-day hotel.
    Washbasins and toiletries are also available with the IU logo.
    There is no small handkerchief, instead it is an environmentally friendly disposable wipes and toothbrush for this clean face.
    The IU Hotel is a masterpiece launched by the Platinum Group’s budget hotel segment. It is positioned as a light boutique hotel with the concept of Internet. It is also a brother brand with 7-day hotel and 7-day superiors. Adhering to the value proposition of “The Most, No Out”, IU Hotel is committed to using Internet thinking to create “online hotel space” based on the guarantee of exquisite design and comfortable enjoyment. Its original WeChat interactive platform and multi-screen interactive system. And the big data customization service instantly activates the young factor, making the hotel no stranger, letting the customer keep up with the trend, show the personality, and be the truest self. No network is not alive, no, no, no friends, no joy, come to IU! Let us meet together, walk together!
    According to the instructions of the TV, it is easy to connect the phone to the TV, supporting Android and Apple.
    IU Internet Light Boutique Hotel is the abbreviation of Shenma IU is I and YOU, which means breaking the gap between I and YOU and making communication more unobstructed. The reason why IU Hotel is called Internet Light Hotel is because there are such a group of people who are afraid of being outdated, not living, sharing, living, and moving. IU Hotel is tailor-made for this group of consumers… Isn’t that me?
    The hotel room adopts TCL custom large-screen TV, and upgrades on this basis, adding multi-screen audio-visual interactive system, without the transmission of data lines, the video content of the mobile phone can be projected onto the TCL large-screen LCD TV screen.
    The display on the lobby wall, scan the QR code to interact with the WeChat participating in the IU and the guests, and chat privately, carpooling, rice-selling, smashing spots, and spelling people!
    Come to the store, not about the type.
    Old girl, can we fight it? Hahaha
    After scanning the code, look up and vote at it.
    Xiao U shouted at me,
    Haha, I am echoing, but unfortunately nobody cares.
    Look at this posture, destined to sleepless tonight!
    ************************************************** **********************************************
    The hotel’s breakfast is good, although not so high-end, 10 yuan for you to let go, the most cost-effective to fill the stomach, huh, huh.
    ************************************************** ******************************************
    Five, chic in the elegant environment of Yingze Park
    Standing at the hotel of iu Liuxiang Hotel, you can see the “Yingze Park” 200 meters southwest. After breakfast, walk into the park with your camera.
    Yingze Park, named after the ancient Taiyuan city gate. It is located in the middle of the wide Yingze Street in the city center. It has convenient transportation and wide view. It is the largest park in Taiyuan. The layout of the park is basically divided into topographical areas, which are divided into Beihu Scenic Area, Central Scenic Area, Southern Scenic Area and Nanhu Scenic Area. The main building in the center of the park is a spectacular building. The various bridges, galleries, pavilions, plaques, scaffoldings, sculptures and other garden pieces are scattered all over the trees, so you can visit and watch the small rafts. .
    ************************************************** **********************************
    Dining recommendations:
    The basic taste of Taiyuan is mainly salty, supplemented by spicy acid. The world pasta is in China, and the Chinese pasta is in Shanxi. In Shanxi, Taiyuan’s noodles are the most famous, with many varieties, long history, different production methods, and toppings. Stir-fried noodles, ramen noodles, cat ears, squid, kneading noodles, red noodles, shredded pork noodles, noodles, fried noodles, rubbing buckets, etc., will definitely let you taste it. Eat well and feel good.
    The rubbing bucket is almost the same as the noodles, but there is a slight difference in taste.
    The picture below is surrounded by potato beef simmered noodles (cat ears)

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