(Phoenix Ancient City + Zhangjiajie National Forest Park) × 2 people × 5 days poor tour = 1600 yuan

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[About poor travel]
    What do you think about poor travel?
    Many people are paranoid that they don’t want to travel when they have no money. If you can’t eat well, why not? But I don’t think so. The poor travel that I understand is a kind of tourism with high cost performance. It is to spend the least amount of money to enjoy the greatest happiness as much as possible. The first stages of travel for many travellers are poor travel. So, what is shameful about poor travel? In the process of poor travel, what you harvest is not a point.
    Once, I went to the two scenic spots of Fenghuang Ancient City and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan with two men, and spent a total of about 1,600 yuan in five days. It may be seen that many people have questioned here, how is it possible? ! Well, nothing is impossible. Let me share with you the experience of a poor tour. Put a wave of previews first~
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Day1: Nanyang City, Henan Province – Jishou – Fenghuang Ancient City, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province;
    Day2: ancient city of Fenghuang;
    Day3: Fenghuang Ancient City—Zhangjiajie City—Zhangjiajie National Forest Park;
    Day4: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park;
    Day5: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park – Zhangjiajie – Nanyang.
    On the transport, we chose the train. In the early morning, we took the train from Nanyang (taking the train in the early morning, saving time during the day and saving one night’s accommodation), arriving at Jishou at 11 noon. Take the shuttle bus from Jishou to Fenghuang Ancient City. I want to go to Zhangjiajie from the ancient city of Fenghuang, and I can only return to Jishou by car. Jishou only has one stop from Zhangjiajie, so we did not hesitate to choose a train. Similarly, we still chose the train when we returned.
    Most of the accommodations we booked online, the price is very high, this will be introduced later. According to our painful experience, the accommodation must be booked in advance during the peak season.
    Transportation fee: Nanyang-Jishou Railway Station, 98 yuan/person; Jishou Bus Station to Fenghuang Gucheng North Bus Station, shuttle bus 25 yuan/person; Fenghuang Gucheng Bus Station to Fenghuang Ancient City Scenic Spot, bus 2 yuan/person; Jishou Railway Station to Zhangjiajie Railway station, 19.5 yuan / person; Zhangjiajie City Bus Station to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park ticket station bus, 10 yuan / person; Wulingyuan to Zhangjiajie Railway Station, bus 12 yuan / person; Zhangjiajie City – Nanyang train, 81 yuan / person.
    98×2+25×4 (two round trips)+2×4 (two round trips)+19.5×2+10×2+5×2 (on the way, “thrown” on the road, re-take the car) +12× 2+81×2=559 yuan.
    Accommodation fee: 38 × 2 + 70 + 138 = 284 yuan.
    Entrance fee for the scenic spot: 20×2+168×2=376 yuan.Food + other: about 380 yuan.
    [saving tips]:
    1. Transportation: Every trip, I believe that transportation costs will occupy a large part of the travel expenses of many people. Then, if you like to take the train, you may wish to choose the night shift. This saves the daytime travel time and saves one night’s accommodation. It’s a good thing to do both. If you are a small partner who likes to fly, you can pay attention to the ticket in advance and book a special ticket in advance. Many times, the special fare is really the price of cabbage. If you can grab it, it’s cool. In many places, the train station or bus station is a certain distance from the scenic spot. In general, the local station has a shuttle bus to the scenic spot. Take the regular bus at the station. If it is a local tyrant, then you can choose to take a taxi. But bear the risk of being hacked~
    2, accommodation: accommodation can be booked online in advance, so many apps, why not use it? In the case of the hotel, sometimes the price will fluctuate and you can pay attention to it in advance. If it is a family hotel, you can also discuss with the boss, you can give the boss cash according to the online price, or a little lower than the online price is a few dollars. Because the boss hangs the storefront online, the platform will draw a certain commission. Therefore, if you pay the boss at the original price or slightly lower than the original price, the boss is still very happy to accept. When traveling during the peak season, remember to make a reservation.
    3. Tickets: Almost all the attractions have preferential treatment for college students. If you have a student ID card, you must bring your student ID card! Make full use of it. When you buy a ticket at full price after graduation, you will find out how important the student ID card is. Reporter cards, photography certificates, and the like can be used. Another point is that many places have local tourist annual cards or annual tickets. You can play many local attractions for free with the annual card or the annual ticket. Generally, the price of these annual or annual tickets is not expensive, and it costs 100 yuan. If you can do one, why not? Also, you can search for local free attractions before you go. For example, museums in many cities are free and you can check them out.
    Although it seems cool to go on a trip, it is really necessary to do a travel strategy in advance.
    Ok, let’s formally introduce the experience of Phoenix and Zhangjiajie’s poor travel.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Discuss with the male ticket to travel, where to go? In the end, we locked our destination in the ancient city of Fenghuang. The male ticket said that since I went to Fenghuang Ancient City, I also played together in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. I was a bit worried about the budget when I was a poor student party. However, after the man’s ticket was settled for me, I agreed to include the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. To go to Fenghuang Ancient City, you must first arrive in Jishou City. The journey between Jishou and Zhangjiajie City is only a one-stop distance. If you don’t go to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park this time, you will have to go again in the future. So, don’t you spend more on the transportation costs? Well, I went to Fenghuang Ancient City and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Before going there, of course, you must first check the local weather conditions. Going to Zhangjiajie to climb the mountain, but there may be light rain in the first two days, then go to the phoenix first. Escaped the three-day class, and then made a double break, walked up!
    Day 1: Arrive in the ancient city – night tour of the ancient city
    It is already more than 11 o’clock in the morning to arrive at Jishou. Exiting the left turn 50m is Jishou North Bus Station. After simply eating something, we sat on the bus to Phoenix. There are a lot of flights, the single fare is 25 yuan, the whole journey is high speed, and it can reach the Phoenix North Bus Station in an hour or so. There is a bus to the scenic spot in the station. We haven’t waited for us to take out the mobile phone to check the route. The aunt on the bus eagerly rushed to the ancient city of Fenghuang to get on the bus. Bus fare is 2 yuan / person, remember to have a change.
    We sat down at Nanhuamen and got off. Nanhua Gate is next to the South China Bridge, and the bridge is the Lijiang River. The river surface is not wide, but the river is very clear, surrounded by rich green, coupled with unique ethnic architecture, the first feeling to come here is suitable for falling in love. No wonder so many couples come to Phoenix to travel. The inner joy is hard to suppress, and I ran to the Lijiang River to start taking pictures. At this time, the sky is floating in the rain, the amount, you have to find a place to live first. Opening the US group and flipping it over, the accommodation in Phoenix is ​​simply too affordable. We chose a family hotel in the scenic area, which is really cheap and unbelievable, 38 yuan / night. The room is very spacious, with a hot shower and a separate toilet. Clean and tidy, the decoration is also very distinctive, the bed is 2m wide. Although the room is not on the river, there is no advantage of not being on the river. The nightlife of Phoenix is ​​very rich, and there are many bars on the river. If Linjiang is very noisy at night, although it takes a few more steps, it will be quiet. very good.
     Lijiang, which was just taken when he arrived in Phoenix.
    At that time, the ancient city of Phoenix was for tickets, 148 yuan / person. Although it is possible for the owner of the accommodation to pick up, the relatives who are the bosses are free to enter, but it is inconvenient to go in and out of the check-in, and eight attractions such as Nanhua Mountain and Shen Congwen’s former residence are included in the ticket. We did not hesitate to buy a ticket, and the student ticket is only 20 yuan / person, valid for 3 days, the little girl who sold the ticket is also thoughtfully written on the ticket to buy the ticket. After entering the scenic spot, we went straight to the family hotel. I am quite satisfied with the men’s ticket. It can be said that it is the most cost-effective place for us to travel abroad.
    After sitting for more than a dozen hours, let’s take a nap to ease your fatigue. When we wake up, the sky is already dark. After the belly, we decided to stroll around the ancient city.
    The night view of Phoenix is ​​beautiful. Although there are many tourists who spit the commercialization of Phoenix, they have to admit that its night view is really good.
     Jumping the cliff.
    At night, it’s a wonderful thing to go to the Lijiang River with a male ticket and blow the hair and let the night view of the ancient city. At that time, I was not careful, the camera of the male ticket almost fell to the Lijiang River. Haha~
     Night view of the ancient city.
    Bar, I have never liked it. The male ticket also likes to be quiet. When I walked around, we went back to rest.
    The second day: Ancient City, Hongqiao, Shen Congwen’s former residence, Nanhua Mountain, etc.
    We have a habit of going out for a trip. It is almost impossible to get up early in the morning and go to the scenic spot, but it will be a good night’s sleep. The bed was about nine o’clock the next day. When I got out of the door, I found that it was drizzling again. However, this drizzle does not require an umbrella. Strolling through the ancient city with drizzle, it adds a bit of romantic feeling. The ancient city is full of tourists, many tourists wear the Miao clothes to take pictures. However, when you take pictures of Miao costumes on the banks of the Lijiang River, you should ask about the price. Almost every way, I will encounter a few grandmothers who sell hand-woven garlands. Some sell for 3 yuan, and some for 2 yuan. The male ticket also bought me one, and I was happy for a while.
    Eight small spots in the ancient city of Shen Congwen’s former residence, Xiong Xiling’s former residence, Hongqiao and so on, we quickly strolled. Among the eight attractions, Nanhua Mountain is the most recommended. The first impression that Nanhuashan gave us is green, which is the kind of dazzling green. The mountain is not high, and the Nanhua Mountain can overlook the entire ancient city. When climbing Nanhua Mountain, the rain is intermittent, but it will not affect our mood. When I was resting in Nanhua Mountain, I met a learned old man. The male ticket talked with him very speculatively. However, there was an episode when I first entered Nanhua Mountain. After checking the tickets, people wearing national costumes blocked our way and stopped us from taking pictures (I don’t know if it was charged). They spoke Mandarin with the taste of dialects. At first we didn’t understand what was going on. We went straight ahead and they started to pick us up. It’s really a heart. But think about it or forget it. Therefore, if someone in South China Mountain stops you from taking pictures, if you don’t want to shoot, you can euphemistically refuse.
    The next day we strolled through the small attractions, and also turned back and forth in the ancient city, ate the powder of the phoenix and tasted some special snacks. The plan went to Zhangjiajie in the afternoon of the next day, but the male ticket and I both liked the Phoenix and wanted to stay one night. Also checked the weather in Zhangjiajie, saying that there was heavy rain. So we decided to stay in Phoenix for another night. The next night, we still lived in that family hotel.
    The third morning: Fenghuang Ancient City – Jishou
    In the morning, we strolled around the ancient city, and near noon, we left reluctantly.
    In the early morning, slow down and walk around the ancient city to welcome the arrival of the ancient city. At night, blow the hair to the Lijiang River and enjoy the night view of the ancient city. Or after the rain, walk on the Qingshiban Road to enjoy the Lijiang River. On the side of the hanging foot; or boating on the Lijiang River, feel the beauty of the ancient city at a close distance… When you slow down to appreciate the ancient city, you will find that it is so beautiful.
    Bloody ducks, ginger sugar, etc. are the specialties of the phoenix. Because I don’t dare to eat duck blood, I don’t know the taste of bloody ducks. Many friends who travel to Phoenix will bring a few packets of ginger sugar to go home.
     Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
    The third day of the afternoon: Jishou-Zhangjiajie-Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Ticket Station
    Return to Jishou from Fenghuang Ancient City, then take the train to Zhangjiajie City. From Zhangjiajie Railway Station, the left hand side is Zhangjiajie Bus Station, and there is a shuttle bus to the Forest Park Ticket Station and Wulingyuan. We are taking the shuttle bus to the Forest Park ticketing station, 10 yuan / person. On the way, the driver asked if we had a place to book. We said no, the driver said that let us get off at a place, where there is a place to live, everything is very convenient. As a result, the driver put us at the FIT reception center. We thought that the driver was kind, and the car was found to be fooled. It is simply a wilderness ridge. There is only one individual reception center, but it is necessary to know that the individual reception center is the beginning of various pits. We were thinking about living in the scenic spot, we didn’t stop, we passed through two tunnels and waited by the roadside. Fortunately, I didn’t wait long before I waited for a car. Because the journey was over halfway, the driver master received us 5 yuan/person. However, such a toss, when we arrived at the scenic spot, the scenic spot has stopped selling tickets.
    How to do? Have to find a place to live. Helpless, after watching it online for a while, most of them were booked, or it was too far. Many people outside the scenic spot are mostly family hotels. No way, we had to go to her house with a warm aunt. Her family was on a hill outside the scenic spot and it took a long time to arrive. 70 yuan a night, no single health, the environment is not bad, but not as good as the Phoenix. Then move on for one night. The next morning, I got up, wow, I found it quite quiet, and the sound of the stream and the sound of the birds were very clear. We retired and went straight to the scenic spot.
    Day 4: Zhangjiajie—Yuanjiajie—Tianzishan—Shili Gallery—Wulingyuan
    The ticket and insurance for Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is 248 yuan/person. After we used the student ID card, it was 168 yuan/person. Well, after using the student ID card, it is still very affordable. After all, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a price-performance ratio.Very high scenic area. The ticket is a card, enter the fingerprint information of each person, and swipe the fingerprint to enter the scenic spot. Tickets are valid for 4 days. We have limited time and only played for 2 days.
    You can hear the sound of the golden whip stream outside the scenic spot. Entering the scenic spot, I finally saw this famous “long-term drought and continuous flow, and even the rain and blue rivers flowed for thousands of years.” Going forward, it’s full of green eyes. We did not go to the Golden Whip Creek without a tour guide. Along the way, there are various shapes of mountains, the Condor whip, the Lushan rescue mother, and thousands of miles to meet. Because time is not sufficient, we abandoned Huangshizhai and went to Yuanjiajie.
    On the way from Zhangjiajie to Yuanjiajie, I met many cute little monkeys. Perhaps it’s been a long time in the scenic area. They are not afraid of people, but they are not as aggressive as the monkeys in Mount Emei. If visitors don’t provoke them, there is usually nothing wrong with them. Many tourists stop to take pictures and others feed them. Clearly remember that there is a monkey holding a bottle of mineral water, but can’t open it. That gesture attracted the tourists to laugh. They wandered around the mountains, adding a bit of aura to the area and bringing a bit of fun to the visitors.
    Yuanjiajie is one of the core scenic spots of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Its Qiankunzhu is the prototype of the suspended mountain in the movie “A Development”. The main attractions of Yuanjiajie include the back garden, the ecstasy platform, and the first bridge in the world.
    I wanted to go to Yangjiajie from Yuanjiajie, but I was told that the Wulongzhai of Yangjiajie was too dangerous, and we turned back to Tianzishan. Oh, forgot to say that there are buses in the scenic area that can be used free of charge. When there are many people, they need to wait in line. When we went to Tianzishan, we waited in line for a long time.
    The peaks of the Tianzi Mountain are spectacular, so don’t miss it. After watching the peak forest and sunset in Tianzishan, I began to descend. From Tianzhishan to Shili Gallery, about a fifth of the journey, the sky is already dark. I would like to remind everyone that you must pay attention to safety when going down at night. At the beginning, only two of us, saying that we are not afraid, it must be a lie. So I stepped up. Well, fortunately, I met other tourists who went down the mountain. On the way, everyone encouraged each other, using the flashlight of the mobile phone or the light of the charging treasure to light the road, the male ticket has been holding my hand along the way, protecting me. Then I was not so scared.
    The peak forest of Tianzi Mountain.
    Arriving at Shili Gallery is estimated to be seven or eight in the evening. I thought that Shili Gallery had a place to stay, and the result was not. Shili Gallery has a bus bound for the Wulingyuan ticket station, and fortunately caught up with the last bus, we took the bus out of the scenic spot.
    The problem is that we have not yet booked a place to live. However, there are no hotels or hotels near Wulingyuan. After playing for more than an hour, finally, there was a hotel because a member of a tour group had not vacated a room, 138 yuan / night. Arrived at the hotel is almost 11 o’clock in the middle of the night.
    Day 5: Wulingyuan – Shili Gallery – Water around the four doors – Bailong ladder – Wulingyuan – Zhangjiajie Railway Station
    On the fourth day, each person took a backpack and climbed the mountain for a day. On the fifth morning, we did not get up early. After a rest, the physical strength recovered a lot. But this time we were smart, and the backpack was stored in Wulingyuan before entering the scenic spot. Although I have already walked through the Shili Gallery last night, why don’t I look at the daytime appearance of the Shili Gallery I am thinking of? There are sightseeing trains in Shili Gallery, but we chose to walk. Perhaps the expectations of Shili Gallery are too high, and I feel that Shili Gallery is not as beautiful as I imagined. However, the weather was exceptionally sunny that day and the sky was surprisingly blue.
     A small train from Shili Gallery.
    After that, we took a bus to the four gates, Bailong ladder and other attractions. Oh, yes, I went to the Zhangjiajie Geological Museum.
     Bailong ladder.
    They all said that “the Five Sacred Mountains are not coming back to see the mountains”, but after seeing the mountains in Zhangjiajie, the reputation of the “Three Thousands of Qifeng, Eight Hundreds of Silks” in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is not a name.
    The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is very large. Although there are still many attractions not seen, we must return. At about 4 or 5 pm, we returned to Zhangjiajie Railway Station by car from Wulingyuan. After eating dinner at the shopping mall near the railway station, we waited for the train to return to Nanyang.
    To put it more, many tourists feel that Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is very pit. In fact, most of the pits have encountered a black heart travel agency or chose the wrong guide. It is recommended to do a good job before going. We are free and do not ask for a tour guide. In general, we are quite satisfied with the trip to Phoenix and Zhangjiajie.

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