Pingyao ancient city travel guide, see this one is enough!

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Before the holiday, I want to say: If you don’t prepare, it’s really late~
    Let me inspire your desire to travel!
    Pingyao Ancient City, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 2,800 years. It is also known as the “four best preserved ancient cities” in Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, Lijiang, Anhui Province, and the second batch of national historical and cultural cities. It is also one of the ancient county towns in China that have successfully declared the world cultural heritage in the whole ancient city.
    Pingyao Ancient City Scenic Spot Tickets (No tickets are required for entering the ancient city, you need to buy the sights in the ancient city)
    (1) Ticket office: (The ticket office is available in every main street in the ancient city)
    Outside the city: Pingyao Ancient City Ecological Parking Lot, Pingyao Ancient City Xixiamen, Pingyao Ancient City North Gate.
    Inside the city: the front and back doors of the Temple of Literature, next to the Grand Theatre, next to the Chenghuang Temple, next to the Rishengchang ticket, next to the county, and inside the South Gate.
    (2) Full fare: 130 yuan / person half price: 65 yuan / person (the ticket valid period is 3 days, only one attraction can be entered once) Pingyao ancient city tickets include: City Wall, Temple of Literature, Chenghuang Temple, County Hall, Rishengchang, Baichuan Tong Museum, Synergy Qingzhuang, Qingxuguan, Ancient Dwellings, Tongxing Public Escort, North China First Escort, Weitaihou Museum, Hui Wulin Museum, China Chamber of Commerce Museum, Tianxiang Museum, Weishengchang Museum, Lei Lutai Residence , China Escort, China Jane Newspaper, Erlang Temple, Majia Courtyard, Wentao Knife Square.
    (3) Shuanglin Temple and Zhenguo Temple (local attractions in Pingyao County, not in the ancient city, need to buy another ticket)
    Shuanglin Temple: Full ticket: 35 yuan / person, half price 15 yuan / person;
    Zhenguo Temple: Full ticket: 25 yuan / person, half price 10 yuan / person.
    (4) Preferential policies:
    Free of charge: Children under one meter, active military, disabled, elderly over 60 years old with valid documents
    Half-ticket: Adolescents and students aged 18 (including 18 years old) with valid ID (ID card, student ID).
    (5) Opening hours of ancient city attractions:
    8:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Tour Guide: The ancient city officially listed tour guide 80 yuan / person, there are also electronic guides can be rented.
     Must-see attractions
    1. Ancient city wall: South City Wall, North City Wall
    It is amazing to see the “horse road” along the ancient city of the city as a city, and to take a bird’s eye view of the Pingyao city wall. There are six gates in the city wall, one each in the north and the south, the first and the tail of the turtle city; the two things in the east and the west are the hands and feet of the turtle city. The total perimeter of the city wall is 6157.7 meters, and the whole is flat square; the wall is about 10 meters high, the east, west and north walls are straight, and the south wall is built with the Zhongdu River; plus 6 Yucheng, it is a delicate spirit. Turtle shape.
    2, Gu County 衙:
    Pingyao Ancient City Ancient County 衙, the main building is orderly, the former dynasty, the left and the right martial, one of the most complete ancient Tuen Mun in China, and the largest county magistrate, called the miniature of the palace.
    3. Temple of Literature:
    Pingyao The Temple of Literature is the earliest extant temple in the country. The Kuixing Building and Wenchang Pavilion in the southeast corner of the city wall form the most complete cultural complex in the country. It is also the largest scenic spot in the ancient city. The first volume of the ages (the champion volume), the monopoly of the Shantou, the Yuelongmen classic attractions are here.
    4. Ticket number:
    Rishengchang: Located in the West Street of Gucheng, China’s financial sector is the birthplace of China’s ticket culture. Yu Qiuyu said that it is “the country grandfather of all kinds of banks on the land of China today”.
    Synergy: Located near the city building, the underground treasury and the Shenlong Baozhu are located.
    5, Escort: North China First Escort, Tongxing Public Escort
    North China First Escort: The biggest dart board
    Tongxing Public Escort: The main body of the large-scale sitcom interpretation of “Seeing Pingyao”
    6. Courtyard: Majia Courtyard
    The Ma Family Courtyard is the former residence of the “Four Modern Family of Pingyao” and the former residence of the giants of the Qing Dynasty. It is also the first house in the ancient city of Pingyao. The overall layout of the compound overlooks the big “Ma” shape, which is a metaphor for the Majia cause “to be successful, and to be a thousand miles away.” Here, the original Majia artifacts are preserved in more than a thousand pieces, and the value is even in the city. It is known as the “family of furniture, a must of China”, and there is a saying that “the unfinished and unsatisfied Majia underground treasury” is circulated by the people. One of the typical mansions in Pingyao County.
     Tour route
    Situation 1: If there is sufficient time, the three-day tour in-depth tour route:
    first day:
    1. Near the North Gate, Youbei Street and Financial Street, North City Wall – Rishengchang – Wei Taihou – Ancient Dwellings – Hui Wulin – Chamber of Commerce – North China Escort – Qingxuan
    the next day:
    2, near the South Gate, the South City Wall – Temple of Literature – Chenghuang Temple – County 衙 – the former residence of Lei Lutai
    Third day:
    3, Ming and Qing Street (South Street), from south to north, rare newspaper exhibition hall – Baichuantong – TongxinggongEscort – China Escort – Synergy – Tian Jixiang – Wei Shengchang
    4, outside the city, Zhenguo Temple – Shuanglin Temple
    Situation 2: Time is tight, the surrounding two-day tour route
    Day 1: Pingyao Ancient City Attractions
    Many of the attractions in the ancient city and the Escort are very similar. There are not many time to choose to visit the big attractions: the city wall, the county seat, the Rishengchang (the earliest bank), the North China First Escort (the largest dart board), collaborative celebration Qianzhuang (the most local place), Confucian Temple (Confucius Temple, the oldest temple in the existing Chinese temples at all levels), Chenghuang Temple (also known as the Temple of Fortunes, Zaojun Temple)
    Day 2: Wang Family Courtyard or Qiao Family Courtyard
    Go to the Wang Family Courtyard (Lingshi County, Xi’an direction) or Qiao Family Courtyard (Ji County, Taiyuan direction), these two places are relatively close to Pingyao Ancient City.
    If you can only go to a recommendation to go to the Wang Family Courtyard, because the Wang Family Courtyard is relatively large, it belongs to the official residence and is quite stylish. The Qiao Family Courtyard is a commercial house. Because of the ancient seal, there is no such thing as the Wang family, but it is the Shanxi merchant culture. One representative is the shooting place of “The Red Lantern High Hanging”.
    Traffic can be found in the inn of the hotel to find a carpool, a scenic spot to pay 50 yuan / person, Wang Family Courtyard full ticket 66 yuan / person, Qiao family compound full ticket 120 / person, half-price tickets for sale, may be reduced in the off-season.
    The transportation also chooses to take the car. The Wang Family Courtyard (Pingyao-Lingshi) arrives at Lingshi. You can transfer to the local bus No. 1 to the Wang Family Courtyard.
    Qiao Family Courtyard (Pingyao-Taiyuan), because Pingyao, Qiaojia and Taiyuan are a line, you can take the Taiyuan coach to the Qiao Family Courtyard.
    These two scenic spots are full of play for half a day, so I will return to Pingyao on the same day, and I can continue my unfinished tour of the ancient city and stay in Pingyao.
     Living in Pingyao Ancient City
    Pingyao Ancient City: Express Hotel, etc.
    Pingyao Ancient City: Folk Inn, mainly the antique residential inn of the courtyard, with special rooms such as bandits and dragon and phoenix beds.
    For example, the Qiaojia Manor Inn in the South Street of Jin Merchant Culture has a simple and architectural style. Although it has been repaired, it maintains the ancient charm of Jinyun. It is recommended that holiday travel is best booked in advance.
     Eating in Pingyao Ancient City
    Pingyao Ancient City cuisine includes Pingyao beef, Pingyao bowl, glutinous rice dumplings, decoction steamed buns, Shanxi oily meat, honey juice long yam, Pingyao seabuckthorn juice and so on. Shanxi is the home of pasta, mainly based on pasta. There are many specialty snack bars on both sides of Pingyao Gucheng Street. There are many kinds of noodles, including cat ears, noodles, knives, and cymbals. The breakfast in Pingyao Ancient City is mainly porridge, steamed buns, fried dough sticks, and tofu brain.
    Take the dining show of Tianyuankui Hotel at No. 73 South Street as an example
    Pingyao Beef is one of the most profound and long-standing Chinese food cultures. It is very particular about the procedures and methods of slaughtering raw meat, raw meat cutting, pickling, pot cooking, and seasoning with salt, water and processing. The beef produced is ruddy in color, fresh in flesh, fat but not greasy, thin and not chai, mellow and delicious, nutritious, and has the effect of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen.
    Pingyao bowl support, a plate of good bowl noodle texture, smooth and delicious. When making the bowl, first mix it with white flour, warm salt water, vegetable oil, etc. into a paste, then put it into a five-inch small dish and steam it on the basket, and let it cool. The bowl can be both cold and hot. This snack can be seen everywhere in the streets of the ancient city, but the health of the street stalls is worrying.
    In fact, “莜面栲栳栳” (栲栳kǎolǎo) is a specialty pasta snack in the Luzhou area, which has gradually become one of the special foods in the whole Shanxi region. “栲栳栳” is a noodle food made with kneading fine work. Its name is because it is shaped like a “bucket”, and Pingyao folk is called “栲栳”.
    Honey yam, the main material is Pingyao Changshan, which has been called “Chinese ginseng” at home and abroad. It is a famous specialty in the region. Its products are rich in nutrients, warm and sweet, and it is fitness, spleen and stomach. Wait for nourishing drugs.
    Wipe the bucket, a special pasta of Pingyao, put the good dough on the sharp-pointed bed (the tip-bed must be placed on the boiling water pot), press the bed frame with the left hand, and hold the dough with the palm of your hand. Rub it into the boiling water pot with a little bit of it, cook it and use it to remove it in a bowl and pour it with marinade of meat or vegetarian.
     Purchased in Pingyao Ancient City
    In Pingyao Ancient City, there are many choices for hand-picked gifts, in addition to snacks Pingyao beef, Xianxin bowl, hand-made vinegar, promotion tea, long yam powder, etc., as well as hand-painted lacquer ware, old cloth shoes, Liuhetai pillows and Paper cutting, etc.
    Shanxi Laochen Vinegar is a local traditional famous product. It belongs to one of China’s four famous vinegars. It has a history of more than 3,000 years and is known as the “first vinegar in the world”. Shanxi Laochen vinegar is famous in the world for its five characteristics of color, fragrance, alcohol, concentration and acid. Travel to Shanxi, vinegar is a must eat! Pingyao Ancient City Traditional Handmade Vinegar Square – Niangjiao Vinegar Square, the store also has wine sales, wine as the intermediate link of vinegar, are pure grain brewing, authentic specialties, many stars punched the shop.
    The lacquer ware of one of the four famous paints belongs to the most famous specialty of Pingyao Ancient City. Due to its complicated and unique production process, it is widely loved by the public. In the ancient city lacquer shop, jewelry boxes, screens, table sets and other lacquer wares. Dazzling. South Street Yonglong No. lacquerware, front hall sales, backyard production, is a paradise for lacquer lovers.
    Hand-made shoes, traditional practice, layered soles, breathable sweat, comfortable to wear, is the necessary equipment to visit the ancient city street.
     Entertainment in Pingyao Ancient City
    1. “Seeing Pingyao”: It tells a story about blood heritage and endless life. It is a rare large-scale situational experience drama. The whole performance is through “chosen wife”, “dart teacher bath”, “soul back” The “home”, “face show” and other fragments highlight the moral tradition of Pingyao people and the tragic feelings elucidated by this tradition. Many people come here, so I highly recommend it. The entire play time is one and a half hours, with at least two performances per day except for the weekly actor break. Because it is more popular, tickets must be booked in advance during the peak season (most inns offer and see Pingyao tickets for sale, there will be different degrees of discount). The theater is outside the ancient city, near the Ximen parking lot in the ancient city.
    2. Traditional performances in the ancient city:
    County Taiye Shengtang:
    Pingyao County 衙 morning: 9:30, 11:00; afternoon: 15:30
    City Grandpa Yingbin, County Taiye Street, etc.
    3. Dream back to Pingyao: The venue of the performance is at No. 154, Gucheng South Street. The story of Pingyao is seen in the form of passing through and the unique “movie+” form. It witnesses the relationship between the city and the people, enhances the spiritual character of the people, and shapes the Chinese dream. And the spiritual world centered on the China National Park.
    4. Pingyao Film Palace: A movie theater built on the west street of the ancient city. It can satisfy the tourists who love to watch movies and do not want to make a premiere due to travel.
    5, Fengqing Yunlu Street: In the ancient streets of Pingyao, there are many cafes, bars, and bars and streets – Yunlu Fengqing Street, the night of the ancient city is colorful.
    6, play through: my life travel photography studio, professional service to love the dress in the ancient costumes dressed in ancient makeup, walked around the ancient city streets, while leaving a commemoration with the lens.
    In addition, there are many clothing stores in the ancient city, and the national style costumes are dazzling.
    7, aerial photography ancient city:
    You can also have a plane addiction in Pingyao Ancient City. The helicopter takes you around the ancient city and enjoys the shocking experience of overlooking the whole city.
     Pingyao Ancient City Traffic
    (1) Passenger traffic
    1. Pingyao has a railway station (Pingyao Station), a high-speed railway station (Pingyao Ancient City Station), and a bus station. The transportation is very convenient.
    2, Pingyao outside the ancient city traffic bus 1, road 1, 103, etc. Pingyao Railway Station to Pingyao Ancient City North Gate take the 1st car;
    Pingyao High-speed Railway Station to Pingyao Ancient City North Gate, take No.108, about 40 minutes;
    Pingyao Bus Station can be walked to the north gate of Pingyao Ancient City.
    There is a taxi outside the ancient city of Pingyao, starting at 5 yuan (except at night).
    (2) Self-driving tour traffic
    Pingyao Ancient City can enter at any time. Remember that foreign vehicles without a pass do not enter the ancient city gate. The photo is fined by three points and the fine is 200 yuan.
    There is a large parking lot outside the city. The parking fee is:
    7 or less – 8 hours for 8 hours, 30 yuan for overnight;
    7 seats (including) -15 seats – 8 hours for 15 hours, 45 yuan for overnight;
    15 seats (inclusive) or more — 20 hours for 8 hours, 60 yuan for overnight.
    There are the following parking lots:
    A. Visitor Center: The visitor center and parking lot built by Pingyao County Government, which is invested heavily, is located at the exit of Pingyao Expressway and goes straight to the right of the second traffic light. Visitors need to take a battery tour bus to arrive.
    B. Shangxiguan Parking Lot: The parking lot is relatively simple and the scale is not large. It is located outside the west gate of Pingyao Ancient City. It is close to the west gate of Pingyao Ancient City and the Pingyao Performance Theater. It is best not to walk into the ancient city from Shangximen. Easy to get lost.
    C, Xixia shut downDepot: It is a large-scale parking lot built in 2014. It is located outside the Ximen Gate of Pingyao Ancient City. It is close to the Xixiamen of Pingyao Ancient City and the Pingyao Performance Theater. After entering Xixiamen, it is one of the ancient streets. The flow of people is relatively large, and the Xixiaguan parking lot is close to the commercial center and snack street of Pingyao County.
    D. Beiguan Parking Lot: Located outside the north gate of Pingyao Ancient City, it is a parking lot closest to the ancient city gate of Pingyao. It is close to the family hotel street. This street is more prosperous. After entering the ancient city, it is Pingyao Ancient City North Street. You can directly purchase the north gate of Pingyao Ancient City and enter the ancient city from the city, and climb the city wall.
    E. Nanguan Parking Lot: Located outside the Xiaonanmen of Pingyao Ancient City, the scale is small. The visitor center can go forward. The neighboring is the south gate of the ancient city. It welcomes the smoke-free square and can directly enter the ancient city and wait for the Nancheng Building.
    (3) Traffic within the ancient city
    Pingyao There is a battery tour bus in the ancient city. You can take a ride for 10 yuan per person, but not every attraction, you can only send it to several big attractions.
    With particular emphasis on
     With particular emphasis on
    Pingyao Ancient City Travel Notes
    1. Enter Pingyao. It is not mandatory to purchase tickets in the ancient city. If you only visit the scenic spots in Pingyao Ancient City, you do not need to purchase tickets. You can go in and out at any time.
    2, self-driving cars do not drive into the ancient city, there is a camera at the entrance of the ancient city, the camera scores fine.
    3, book hotels or inns in advance, especially in the tourist season, it is necessary to book many days in advance, because of the difficulty of housing. Even in the off-season, it is better to book in advance.
    4, it is best not to accompany the tour guide into restaurants and shopping stores, I recommend several famous and not smashed reputation stores, the first quality can be guaranteed.
    Accommodation: Qiaojia Manor Inn (near South Gate, No. 175 South Street)
    Dining: Tianyuankui Hotel (73 South Street)
    Specialty: Niangjiao Vinegar Square (8 Chenghuangmiao Street) (No. 1 West Street)
    Beef: Beef Museum (58 North Street)
    Lacquer: Yonglong No. lacquerware museum (57 South Street)

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