Playing in the Lijiang River, a mountain in Zhangjiajie

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    The most loved phoenix rain, get up at five in the morning and go to the riverside happily.
    Oh, there is no one on the rain bridge.
    Sitting on the edge of the Lijiang River, looking up at the clouds on the Nanhua Mountain in the distance, and then looking at the Miao Amei, who is playing on the rock nearby.
    It’s like taking the entire wind and rain city into your arms and blending in with it.
    The mood of that moment is difficult to express
    In Zhangjiajie, at the highest point of the Tianzi Mountain
    When the clouds are over the sky, the tourists hurried away.
    Sitting leisurely in the Lord of Heaven, blowing the mountain wind, waiting for a mountain rain
    Just for the rain after the pen
    I think of Xu Wei’s “The beginning of the stream, the sun is falling, and the rain is coming from the wind.”
    I also remembered, “Zhu Lou is hooked on all sides of the foil, and I look at the mountains and rains.”
    And the clouds are coming, but suddenly
    Waiting for the mountain rain, hiking south Tianmen down the mountain
    A visitor on the road did not encounter
    Rarely elegant, rare and quiet
    This one, Xiangxi
    I wrote to the “Border City” that I saw Shen Congwen many years ago and I cried myself.
    Write to yourself in the rain of the Zizi Pavilion
     Hey, that is the smoke and phoenix
    Like the ancient town of Jiangnan, being a gentle Jiangnan woman, sleeping on the pillow is the ultimate expectation of life.
    Later, I went to the ancient city of Pingyao and found that the ancient city in the north also had a flavor. It was the heart of the dart board.
    I want to go to Phoenix, I have been thinking for a long time.
    Some people say that Phoenix is ​​very commercial and very boring and stopped.
    And this time I stepped into the phoenix, I have never regretted it. What is more important than the scenery is the state of mind and feelings.
    And my feelings are Shen Congwen and Huang Yongyu.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Phoenix does not have a railway station. From Changsha to Phoenix, you can take the high-speed train to Huaihua. From the Huaihua high-speed railway station, you can find a travel agency to have a minibus to Phoenix. The fare is 50 and it is sent to the parking lot in the ancient city. In the Phoenix, it is best not to bring a suitcase, all of them are bluestone roads. One person has to drag the suitcase on the bluestone board to find a good trip. It is also a bitter pain.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    In a relatively remote alley, the Youth Hostel has fewer people, and there are few other small partners except me.
    Alone to contract the entire three-story old house in the backyard, only 100 nights, very cheap.
    The boss is a little fat big brother, like the literary youth boom in the early years, the poisoning is too deep, every night in the front yard hall drinking a small wine, playing the folk guitar, sleeping during the day to wake up naturally, do not care about the amount of guests.
    Clear and clear, safe and easy
    It is not the life I have always envied, opening a coffee shop, opening a home and bed and living this life.
    On the first day, I went to sleep like this.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    The next day, it was raining outside.
    Because the Youth Hostel is near the former residence of Shen Congwen, at 7:30, it is still not fortunate to be awakened by a tour guide with a loudspeaker outside.
    I admire the uncles and aunts who are traveling with the group.
    Get out of bed quickly, grab the seats with the tour group, the photographers with the guns and cannons
    After the rain, Nanhua Mountain really started the cloud.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    The paper umbrella hanging freely in the alley is the best match for this sparse rain.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Grandpa reading a book, selling knit grandma, warm little
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Holding the umbrella, falling rain, wandering around the ancient city, walked through the Lijiang River, walked through the four bridges of “Wind, Snow, Rain and Fog”, walked through Huang Yongyu’s studio, walked through the Huilong Pavilion, and the Hangjiang Hanging House.
    Lunch at Hongqiao, the name of the store is called the leeks in the stockade. Later, I went to Zhangjiajie to know that the branches in the stockade have been distributed in various scenic spots in Xiangxi.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    The sun gradually got out at lunch.
    Return to the Youth Hostel after dinner
    It’s sunny at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    In the alley in front of the Youth Hostel, I was dragged by a grandmother to sell my flowers. I was very annoyed with the fake dress of the top of the head.
    But Grandma said she was 80 years old and bought a bunch.
    Selling flowers in this life, beautiful in the afterlife. Grandma must be very beautiful when she is young, always beautiful
    Later, I wrote in the circle of friends: When I wait for white hair, I will be a florist.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Phoenix ancient city wall
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Passing through the north gate tower, across the rusted iron gates of the Qing Dynasty, it is the rock jumping of the Lijiang River, and it is also the place where tourists like to take pictures. There are a lot of aunts and sisters who will ask if they want to write a lottery. One dollar will be annoying. Later, a big sister told me directly that no one would ask you after you edited it. Edit a few. = = manual black line
    There are also rental Miao costumes, very good-looking, mainly because the big sisters like to rent this photo, and then all the people take a photo gesture, pull the skirt angle out of a 120 degree arc. There is only one sister, knocking on the look, sitting barefoot on the rock, the following is the flow of water, and the uncle who passed by wants to take a photo. Haha, knocking like this pleasing little cute.
    But I didn’t rent clothes to take pictures. I must have been teasing at the time, or maybe the aunts who were rented and rented clothes were asking for conditioned reflexes.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    The bridge with a small pavilion is one of the four bridges of the rain bridge and the phoenix “wind, snow, rain and fog”. Donated by Mr. Huang Yongyu to his beloved hometown
    This cultivated the place where the Hunan prodigy Xiong Xiling of the Republic of China and Shen Shenwen wrote “Border Town” and let Huang Yongyu think about it. The mountains, the water, the pavilion and the first floor are full of humanity.
    The top bridge is the Nanhuamen Bridge. As soon as the night falls, there are many professional photographers shooting the night view of the ancient city.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Look for a hanging house next to Hongqiao, sit by the window, order a summer ice drink, listen to light music, watch the tourists rafting outside the window, so good.
    However, the water in this piece of the Lijiang River is not natural or what is the reason. The yellow-green green is very strange.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    After dinner, the sky is getting darker
    Happy to shoot the night scene
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    On the Nanhuamen Bridge, you can take a photo of the entire city.
    The only thing is not good. Under the light, the insects fly around their heads. Do you even have their heads shining? Meow meow meow. . .
    This phoenix logo is still pretty.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Premier Zhu Rongji’s personal title
    Late at night, go back to the folk songs of the Youth Hostel
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    At 9 o’clock in the morning, the car went to Zhangjiajie, and the ticket was just booked by an inn.
    In the last morning of the phoenix, I got up at 5:30 and went to the Lijiang River to take pictures.
    Fortunately, good days, you can also see the clouds on the Nanhua Mountain.
    Fortunately, there are few people, most of the tourists are still asleep at this time~
    Hey, only a group of Miao Amei on the rock, and photographers in the distance, should be shooting a promo.
    Sure enough, the hero sees the same thing. To avoid the crowd, you must be numb.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Travel Guide Picture 35
    Miao Amei’s shots are finished, hey, go to the rock to take pictures, don’t worry about passing people into the mirror.
     Wulingyuan, the core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Jumping on the side of the rock, the first is the coffee shop, super love
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Cat cat
    So good
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    Telling the truth, although I had a cat in school at the time of my undergraduate degree many years ago, I can’t love cats, but I’m still a little scared of other cats.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     Fenghuang Ancient City
     It’s the misty Zhangjiajie.
    Zhangjiajie is actually a tourist city. You need to pay attention when buying tickets. Tianmen Mountain, which has a terrible glass path, is located in Zhangjiajie City. The often seen rock formations are Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, which belongs to Wulingyuan Scenic Area. When buying tickets, you must buy Phoenix to Wulingyuan.
    The journey takes about 4.5h.
    Accommodation is selected near the sign gate, many home inns, are newly renovated in recent years, the conditions are very good, the price is very nice
    Tickets for the Forest Park look like 245, very cheap, tickets for four days, the first time to enter the fingerprint, the next few days with the ticket card to brush the fingerprint.
    And the scenic green car can sit indefinitely, it can be said that gray is often convenient.
    As a sister paper of an undergraduate GIS, I can only draw such a ugly scenic road map, and I can’t help the teachers. After all, there is no use for ArcGIS.
    The forest park has a large scenic spot. If you are not familiar with the route, you can ask for a tour guide to avoid repeating the route.
    I feel ok, follow me, and do as much as I want.
    On the first day, I set off at 9:00 in the morning and went to the hotel to pick up at around 2pm. Only one ten-mile gallery can be transferred.
    The next day, the first Bailong ladder, then transferred to Yuanjiajie (the first bridge in the world, the Avatar Suspension Mountain), to the Helong Park in Tianzishan, and walked from the Tianzi Pavilion to the south gate. At night, at the foot of the mountain, Xibu Old Street strolled around. WeChat movement steps burst table, showing the door travel hahaha.
    On the third day, walk to Qili Jinbianxi, take the Yangjiajie cableway to Wulongzhai, then continue up to Tianzishan and take the Tianzishan cableway down the mountain.
    ————————————————– ———————-
    Day 1 Shili Gallery
    The weather is very good, Shili Gallery is the closest attraction to the sign gate, you can use the first day of the afternoon to go around.
    I can take a small train up and down, but as a hiker, I still like to go up and down. In fact, it is not far away, and it is five kilometers away. One-way walk 1.5h.
    At the end of the Shili Gallery, it was the way up the mountain, and it was only four o’clock. I want to climb to the rooftop and then go down from Nantianmen. Well, gray is often naive. Although my friends and I had climbed Mount Emei in the early morning to climb the early morning, we climbed from the Baoguo Temple to Leidongping, but the Zhangjiajie scenic spot could not be accommodated. The scenic eco-car was last at 7:00.
    So, I climbed for an hour and went to a small shop on the mountainside. Five yuan a cucumber, add water, and returned on the same road.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    ————————————————– ———————————
     Day 2 Yuanjiajie & Tianzi Mountain
    The scenic eco-car is the first shift at 8:00 in the morning. Listening to others said that they have to go to the queue at six o’clock in the morning, because there are many tour guides who will line up for their tour group, so be sure to hurry in front of the tour guide.
    I was going to get up early, but I can’t get up. I got up at 7:30, packed up and had breakfast, just eight o’clock. To the sign gate, there are a lot of people, but I found that I didn’t use the queue. Because there are so many eco-cars, I still have a seat and I am very happy. Therefore, Zhangjiajie is considered to be the best city for domestic tourism.
    The first stop, Bailong ladder. At this time, there were still clouds lingering in the mountains, and a little excitement.
    The ticket for Bailong Elevator is 70. The three sides are all transparent glass, similar to the sightseeing elevator in the mall, but the feeling is not the same, the speed is super fast, about 100 meters rise, less than a minute. As a senior high-risk patient, it is terrible. And some people say that if the floor below is also transparent, it is very cool, I really want to call him.
    About one kilometer from the Bailong ladder, it is the environmental protection station. I went to Yuanjiajie. Although I don’t know what Yuanjiajie has, I still feel cool when I see the “first bridge in the world.” Get off the bus
    There was still some coldness on the mountain, and it was hot when the sun came out.
    It’s important to have a jacket
    The Yuanjiajie attraction is also very good, the floating mountain of Avatar, the first bridge in the world.
    The first bridge in the world is a natural bridge formed by the mountain. It looks terrible from afar, or it is fearful. It feels like it may fall off at any time, and there is no feeling after going up. The bridge deck is five meters, thicker
    There is no direct eco-car from Yuanjiajie to Tianzi Mountain. You need to go to Yangjiajie to change to the minibus. The journey takes about one hour. The car was coiled in the mountains, looking at the rice fields and houses of the locals outside the window, so that they envied their lives.
    Turning over a few mountains, to the Tianzi Mountain Scenic Area, the scenery is really different. More majestic and magnificent, because the altitude is higher, the canyon is deeper and more artistic.
    No wonder it is called Tianzi Mountain. It is no wonder that the king is here to make a king.
    Yubi Feng, super love this name. It is said to be the mountain peak formed by the royal pen discarded when Wang Tianzi was defeated.
    Looking at the clouds in the West Sea, the peak of the Imperial Pen refers to the sky. Qifeng Yishi Observation Deck, Sanshan Wuyue defeated the wind
    It’s a pity that I didn’t see the misty peaks of the Yubi, the royal pen peaks under the sunset, and the Yubifeng under the moonlight.
    Fairy flowers, really like
    Looking at Helong Park, there is a small pavilion in the east. Looking for a lap, McDonald’s at the top of the mountain had a lunch and continued to move forward.
    Name: Tianzi Pavilion
    Tianzige is similar to the role of the exhibition. It tells the story of the king, the mysterious Xiangxi, the witchcraft culture, and the Tema. I am fascinated by it.
    From the emperor of the emperor, a cloud of dark clouds was on the top of the head. It seemed that it was going to rain. In a few minutes, the tourists disappeared.
    It’s raining, does it mean that there is a cloud after the rain, does it mean that you can get the Tianzi Mountain and Yubifeng after the rain?
    On the outdoor chair on the first floor of the Tianzi Pavilion, I was looking forward to the rain.
    The young lady in the tea room came out to collect the flower pot and said, “I’m going to have a rainstorm soon.” Hey, isn’t it just waiting for the rain?
    However, the weather in the mountains is changeable, and the clouds will slip away.
    Go down the mountain, take the rooftop, and circle the South Gate.
    It’s still far away. Although there’s not going up the mountain, there’s no pedestrian on the road, I don’t know where the end is, I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know if I’m going to drill a few snakes.
    Haha, I am obsessed with hiking.
    It took about three hours to go to the fire station. It’s five o’clock in the afternoon, waiting for the eco-car, back.
     Xibu Old Street
    ————————————————– ———
    Going back to the ground for food in the evening, I don’t know where I saw Xibu Old Street, I followed the map and walked over. I thought it was an old street composed of several ordinary hotels. It was only when I found out that there was a world.
    Similar to Huangyang’s Liyang in the alley, day trip to Huangshan, night parking Liyang
    It’s almost the same here. Visit Wulingyuan during the day and come here for a walk in the evening to see the bonfire party. How good. The bridge of Huangshan is Wenfeng Bridge, and the bridge here is Baofeng Bridge.
    Xibu, is a Tujia language
    There are restaurants, tea rooms, water bar streets, cafes, bridges, and Baofeng Lake. What a wonderful ~~~
    Impression. The feast is a Tujia restaurant, an intangible cultural heritage. It is a doll fish, but it is a bit expensive. There is a small balcony on the second floor, and dinner on the balcony is very good. There is just a sunset, just to see lanterns, waterwheels, Baofeng Bridge.
    Zhangjiajie features, rock ear stewed chicken, very expensive. Because the rock ear is difficult to pick on the mountain, 168 copies. But it’s really delicious, the rock ear is crunchy and very novel. When I left the next day, I bought a rock ear in the supermarket, 980 pounds, slightly expensive. After returning to Beijing, I made a rock ear chicken with great enthusiasm. The absolute dark dishes, the rock ear was completely boiled, and I watched the little brother next door eating hard. I really couldn’t help it.
    Rice wine is also a feature, there are many wine shops in Xibu Old Street. It is called bowl of wine, five bowls of rice wine, and when the drink is finished, the bowl is dropped. It is very enjoyable to see the bowl smashed. I feel like I am floating, and I have a lot of rumors.
    At nine o’clock in the evening, there was a campfire on the square outside the swing hall, and no tickets were needed. Therefore, there is no need to spend money in the phoenix to see the bonfire party in Miao Village. There are several small programs, one is the Tujia love songs singing and singing, very interesting, and later went to listen to it many times; one is the Tema wizard to perform oral nails. I admire you
    Hand in hand
    Later, everyone surrounded the city with a big circle, jumping around the bonfire, jumping up and dancing, very embarrassing
     Day 3 Golden Whip Creek & Yang Family & Tianzi Mountain
    ————————————————– ———————————
    In fact, I wanted to come to the Golden Whip Creek on the first day. As a southern girl, I liked the small stream. Round-trip 14 kilometers, took a one-way trip, about two hours. There are a lot of little monkeys here, unlike the monkeys of Emei Mountain who are looking for food. The little monkey here is quite reserved, only taking things from the tourists.
     Fenghuang Ancient City
    The magic is that I actually brought a peach. Originally, I wanted to eat it myself. After a few mouthfuls, there was a big monkey who came slowly toward me. He took a few more hours and threw it to him. Excessive
    From the Golden Whip Creek, it is the oxygen bar square, a very high concentration of negative oxygen ions, and a few more mouthfuls. Take an eco-car and climb a step. It is the lower station of the Yangjiajie cableway and take the cableway up the mountain. The fare 72 looks like a local big sister selling a group ticket outside, a few dollars cheaper, still quite reliable.
    Take the eco-car from the Yangjiajie cableway to Tianzi Mountain and take the cableway down the mountain. The one-way ticket for the Tianzishan cableway is 72, the same as Yangjiajie. The embarrassing thing is to only collect cash and swipe bank cards. It’s still a bit confusing to go out with only one mobile phone.
    Yangjiajie is the cableway up the mountain, Tianzi Mountain is the cableway down the mountain, the feeling is still different, and the Tianzishan cableway is longer and the canyon is deeper. The ropeway was only five or six minutes, but yesterday I went down the mountain but walked for three hours. I even admire myself on foot yesterday.
    At this point, the scenic spot has basically turned over and satisfied.
    Take a half-hour bus from Wulingyuan and return to downtown Zhangjiajie. Eat the last meal, the three pots in the stockade.
    May next time, in Wulingyuan, in Tianzishan
    Look at the clouds to see the fog, watch the rain and see the snow, watch the rainbow and see the moon, watch the moon

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