Punch the cards in Guangxi, the whole network and the movie and TV dramas competing for the scene

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    Sleeping in the autumn and innocent, full of squats in the moon. In the summer, it is already in July. After the beginning of autumn, it is a summer heat. This year’s autumn seems to have come earlier, the phoenix tree, three more rain, cool breeze, white dew, cold humming, and cool.
    The autumn rain of the puddle is rolling over the city. A few rolls of west wind outside the small building pick up a few yellow leaves. The withering may not be due to the seasons, but the old and new replacements. People live in this slightly crowded city, day after day, year after year, down-to-earth but flustered, wanting to enjoy the quiet but afraid of the alienation of the legacy.
    Suddenly, some are reluctant to go to the summer that is going to die.
    Maybe it’s because of the sea and the beach, and the flowers that reflect the sun’s waves.
    Maybe it’s because of the performance in the theme park, and the smile that blooms at that moment.
    Maybe just because of the aroma of the barbecue, the fresh and tender seafood accompanied by the rising foam in the hops.
    The thoughts that rolled in my mind seemed to be one by one. Now I reached out and tried to hold them, and I took the whole summer.
    Then hang on the tail of the summer and go hiking again. Go to Guangxi, the landscape of “Jiang Zuoqing Luo belt, mountain like jasper”, the land that echoes Liu Sanjie’s singing, and punch the fires of Ins and Vibrato. The movie and the TV series compete for the framing of the red tour.
     Beautiful preview
     INS giant fire in the sunrise of the Xianggong Mountain
     Lijiang postcard background
     20 yuan background
     The location of many movie and TV series such as “Veil” and “Red Seven Army” – Huangyao Ancient Town
     Ranked among the top ten amusement parks in the world – Guilin Ancient Love Theater
     Many Hong Kong dramas and the first episode of “Flowers of the Ages” – Mingshi Garden
     Asia’s first multinational waterfall, the Detian Waterfall
     “Twenty-four hours” recording place – Weizhou Island
     Practical strategy
    Practical strategy
    DAY1: Hangzhou – Guilin – Yangshuo West Street – Ji Lingshe Inn (Living) – First See? Beer Fish (Eating)
    DAY2: Picking Lingshe Inn – Lijiang River Drifting – Xingping Ancient Town West Street Asian Restaurant (Eat)
    DAY3: Charity House Inn – Xianggong Mountain – Shiwai Taoyuan – Xiaolongkan Hot Pot (eat)
    DAY4: Picking Ling Inn – Huangyao Ancient Town – West Street Snacks
    DAY5: Picking Lingshe Inn – Guilin Qianguqing – Yangshuo West Street – Nanning – City Express (Living)
    DAY6: Nanning-Detian Waterfall-Mingshi Pastoral–Nanning City Express (Living) (Eating a group meal)
    DAY7: Nanning – Beihai – Weizhou Island – Zhoushang Hotel (Living) – Shiyuechuan Restaurant, Huale Restaurant
    DAY8: Weizhou Island – Nanning – Hangzhou
    [about traffic]
    To Yangshuo, you can choose to fly to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, and the airport has a direct long-distance private car to Yangshuo. In Yangshuo Scenic Area, I basically use drip or chartered cars.
    (1) Yangshuo to the Lancang Pier for about 80 yuan.
    (2) Xingping Ancient Town to Yangshuo West Street took a taxi for about 100 yuan.
    (3) West Street to Guilin has a taxi for about 30 yuan.
    (4) West Street to Xianggongshan chartered back and forth 200 yuan
    (5) West Street to the world Taoyuan chartered back and forth about 100 dollars
    (6) About 70 yuan from West Street to Yangshuo Station
    (7) About 40 minutes from Yangshuo to Hezhou, about 50 minutes from Hezhou to Huangyao Ancient TownThe special line of the clock.
    (8) About 3.5 hours from Yangshuo Station to Nanning Railway Station
    (9) About 1.2 hours from Nanning Railway Station to Nanning Station Subway
    (10) Nanning to Detian Waterfall, if it is not self-driving, it will be very troublesome to take the bus. We reported a day trip to the group, which is relatively easy.
    (11) About 2 hours by train from Nanning Station to Beihai
    (12) About 1.2 hours (ship) from Beihai to Weizhou Island, 150 yuan/person in general class. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance on the official website according to your own time.
    (13) The Nanning station will take a taxi to Nanning Airport for about 1.2 hours and the public bus for about 2 hours.
    [About tickets]
    1, Guilin ancient love tickets + show audience votes
    Adult: ¥260/person, parent-child ticket (1 big and 1 small): ¥470, family ticket (2 big 1 small): ¥730
    2, Lijiang River drifting: ¥ bamboo 筏 60 yuan / person, 4 people a boat, if not enough 4 people to give the boat master a replacement boat fee of 30 yuan / boat position.
    3, Xianggongshan: ¥60 yuan / person
    4, the world Taoyuan + cruise adult ticket: ¥ 68 / person
    5, Detian Waterfall: ¥ 80
    6, Ming Shi pastoral bamboo row adult ticket: ¥ 120 / person
    7, the island of Weizhou Island tickets: ¥ 120 yuan / person
    [about food]
    1, talking about Guilin, can not help but think of Guilin rice noodles, Guilin rice noodles can be described as no one knows no one, including halogen powder and soup powder. The classic marinated dish is a dry mix of brine-flavored, with a few pieces of braised pork and sour side dishes. In the streets and alleys of Yangshuo, everywhere. Interested friends can try
    2, beer fish, Yangshuo’s streets and alleys put an eye on it, within 10 meters will be able to see a beer fish. The people who went to the first time basically had no choice, because there were too many choices. I followed the public comment, which one is the first to go to.
    3. My own way of traveling is lazy, so I recommend two cafes.
    (1), Mingyuan coffee, the environment is general, the taste of coffee is very good.
    (2) Yate café (Yangshuo shop), coffee in general, snacks in the store are also general, but the environment is very good, outside the window is the Yulong River, you can walk to the river, there is a box near the river, but there is a minimum consumption of 580 in the box yuan.
    [About accommodation]
    1. Yangshuo lived in 4 nights at [Jie Ling She Inn]
    2, Nanning 2 nights due to the time is compact and live on the side of the station [city convenient hotel]
    3. Weizhou Island lives in [Zhoushang Hotel]. I can’t exaggerate this hotel. I screened the Internet for two nights. Most of the hotels in Weizhou Island are family hotels, and the environment and health are not as good as me. The price of a hotel with a better location and environment is more than a thousand. The design and environment of this hotel as well as the location price are within my acceptance.
    In Yangshuo and Weizhou Island, most people choose to rent electric cars, and almost every hotel or inn has the service of renting electric cars. However, for those who don’t ride electric cars or ride electric cars. People still have to think carefully, because no matter whether it is Yangshuo or Weizhou Island, there are many people coming and going, so we must pay attention to safety.
     DAY1 first arrived in Guilin
    One river Qingxiu, surrounded by Yunshan, the landscape is in the world, no more than Guilin
    Jiang Zuoqing Luo belt, as picturesque as a illusion, is called the Lijiang River. The landscape of Guilin is graceful and beautiful. On the other hand, it is more than the Luditai Mountain and the Huashan Mountain of Shaanxi, but it is the world’s best. Former US President Nixon once praised: “I have been to more than 100 cities in the world, and no one is comparable to the beauty of Guilin.”
    At the intersection of Xianggui and the land, Yuechengling in the northeast of Guilin has nurtured the Xiangjiang River and the second canal, which has nurtured the world’s oldest canal, the Ling Canal. The rivers that flowed for thousands of years flowed slowly from here, flowing through Xing’an, Lingchuan, Guilin, and finally hit a few bends in the south of Guilin City. The mountains meet the water, and the clouds and the moon sang songs. This show is the land of the world, the most beautiful county in China. CNN CNN has selected 15 of the most beautiful rivers in the world that are worth visiting. The Guilin Lijiang River has been unanimously recognized by media, experts and tourists from all over the world, and has become the only beautiful river in China.
    The county town is not big. The hotel we booked is only 15 minutes walk from the West Street, but it is already a suburb of the county. This is a very literary atmosphere.
     Yangshuo West Street
    The ancient city is lit with warm light, and the moonlight sheds its brilliance. The breath that drifts with the wind is the brilliance of the lights and the smell of fireworks.
    Every ancient city will have an old street, which will precipitate history and stories, and cover up every brick and tile that has passed through it and the past, leaving a faint fireworks atmosphere. The warm light is accompanied by a refreshing wind, and the ancient atmosphere is filled with youthful overflowing. It is like an old record that has been dusted and dusted, and it has a taste of sorrow and eternal.
    Here is Yangshuo West Street, which was built in 1674 and faces the Dongling and the banks of the Lancang River. The ground is paved with beteled marble of local specialties. After hundreds of years of wind and rain, countless people have trampled and trampled. The buildings along the street still retain the style of the Qing Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty in the northern part of the Qing Dynasty, and the simple charm of the Lingnan small town is a little elegant.
    There is a unique bar, restaurant, coffee house and inn. It is a small fresh and refreshing punching place during the day and a lively nightlife in the evening.
    There are two or three foreign tourists on the streets. This is the most densely distributed place in Guangxi. The architectural styles on both sides of the road combine Chinese and Western styles. The simple rural style combines many international elements and has a petty bourgeoisie. The ancient ink paintings and fashionable graffiti, the traditional enamel and rice noodles mixed with the aroma of coffee and western food, within a street, the style is full.
    This is where most visitors start their dreams, and where the trip ends. We enjoyed our first meal here, and we sipped the last bite of coffee here. There are fresh fruit and milk tea, a snack street, a seafood and curry scent, a national chain of hot pot, but more, Guilin’s speciality – beer fish.
    Following the guidance of the public comment, we found a five-star beer fish shop – first seen? Beer fish. The sweetness of the beer fish is delicious, and the style of the home-made tofu is very special. The bread crumbs outside are crispy and delicious. The taste of the stuffing is like Japanese tofu, which is much smoother than the ordinary water-cured tofu. The taste of Tom Yum Kung Seafood Soup has been improved to suit the taste of the Chinese people, but it has lost some Thai style, but the shrimp in the soup is fresh and full and the mouth is crisp and sweet. The biggest highlight is his pineapple rice. The sweetness of the pineapple is mixed with the aroma of curry. It is sweet and salty, very tasty, ironed the stomach, and warms the soul of a day.
    The restaurant is hidden in the corner of West Street, there are not many tourists around, the environment is elegant and quiet, the decoration style is fresh and charming, quite a bit of petty bourgeoisie, and the sun room on the second floor in summer night can look up to the stars.
    The night in West Street is noisy and quiet. The big and small music bars are sung. The red singer who sings sings and sings the songs and plays the guitar. The people who rub shoulders seem to let me be in the metropolis. Walking street.
    But when you slow down and turn a few turns to avoid the crowd and taste the West Street, you will really enter the dreamy night scene of West Street. The breeze under the night of Yangshuo drove away the heat of the day, and the lights from the near and far sides corresponded to the stars in the sky. There may be a story behind each lamp. It is moving or sorrowful, sweet or sad, and the lights are shining. Hui concealed all sentient beings, but could not hide the faint, pyrotechnic flavor.
    Dongfeng night puts thousands of trees. More blows, stars like rain.
    If you are tired, you can buy a cup of tea and take a nap. Recommend a tea shop. The boss is a Taiwanese. His family’s milk tea and other drinks are smooth and mellow.
     DAY2 20 yuan RMB background
    Thousands of miles of searching, just for the first sight
    Since the millennium, the watermark of the Jiangjiang Mountain has been on the back of the fifth set of RMB 20 yuan. This small town in the northwest of Guangxi has become more popular in China and abroad. It has become the homepage of major travel platforms, the cover of Weibo and friends circle, and the tour of Guangxi. Go to the net red tour to shoot the land.
    The landscape of the motherland is also deeply imprinted into my mind. How many times when the night is tossing and turning to sleep, they will quietly emerge, become the power of peace of mind, and become the lingering enthusiasm of the heart. Read.
    Over the years, I have traveled around and traveled through most of China, and the famous mountains of Mt. Chuan are in the eye. The image of the background in my mind has also become full and three-dimensional.
    The target of this time is Xingping Ancient Town. We chose to take the bamboo raft from Yangdi Wharf and drift to Lijiang to Xingping. Yangshuo Bus Station has a direct bus to Yangdi. If you take a taxi from the county town, it is about 100 yuan.
    The latest voyage is around four o’clock, and it is recommended to take the boat earlier. Because now the Lancang River rafting can only sit from Yangdi Wharf to Jiu Ma Painting Mountain, and then take the scenic battery car to Xingping Ancient Town. If it is too late from Yangdi, it may be wrong to drive Xingping.
    There are many restaurants near Yangdi Wharf, and the taste of the food is acceptable. The fare of the bamboo pole is 60 yuan / person, four people and one boat. If not enough, the four people must pay the boat master a 30 yuan / boat position.
    The river is like a green Luo, and the distant mountains are like a dragonfly. The bamboo poles travel gently in the Lijiang River, as if they are driving in a natural ink and ink. The green hills on both sides of the strait are lined with clear water, and the shadows of the sky are clouded on the surface of the water. The breeze is over the ear. It is like a thousand years of elegance, and it is like the past and the present.
    The water flow is getting slower and slower, and the green hills on both sides stand still like the old elders. Laoziyun: The benevolent loves the mountain, the wise is happy, the wise is moving, the benevolent is quiet; the wise is happy, the benevolent life. In the ever-changing nature, the mountain is persistent and stable. It represents the thickness of the earth. After hundreds of millions of years, it has always stood majesticly, silent and inclusive, it is an unchanging stalwart. .
    Compared with the stubbornness of the mountain, the water is soft and sharp, and the water is inconsistent with the situation. It is like a wise man who is ever-changing. A leafy boat passed by, as if it had pierced the quietness of the Qianjiang River for thousands of years. We seem to be passing through the scrolls.
    Under the blue sky, between the mountains and the sea, a leaf boat, the Iraqis are relative, the piano and the sound, the toast invites the moon, and so on, even if the rest of the river.
    Standing in front of a straight stone cliff, like a knife and axe, the mountain is half a piece, standing on the wall, towering into the clouds. On the stone wall of the river more than 100 meters, the light and the shade, the class refusal, the boatman told me that this is the nine horse painting mountains.
    At the ferry in front of the mountain, we disembarked and changed to a battery car and headed for Xingping Ancient Town.
    On the right side of the road near the ancient town, we saw the 20 yuan background map – the best view point of the reflection of the Yellow Waterfall.
    The mountains are heavy and the ancient trees are covered with dragons and dragons. Under the cover of the mountains, the rivers are faintly visible and fishing bamboo rafts are floating. Looking at the fence, the mountains are green, the rivers are smashing, and the feelings of the mountains and rivers are like dreams. The world is like a smoke, and there is only a glimpse of the floating shadow. The breeze cuts the cold and gently touches my face, overlooking the fishing boat, the water and the sky, and the heart is also immersed in the innocence of no joy, no worries and no worries. I was in the smoke of the smoke, and it was irrelevant.
    I saw a lot of photographers flying in the vicinity, and the local uncle told us that there is a Unicom signal tower in front of it, there is a strong signal interference, there are often people flying here.
    It was still early in the day. We strolled around the ancient town of Xingping, walked on the old bluestone plate, listened to the breeze and walked the streets, and suddenly smelled a familiar smell. The rabbit said it was the taste of wood in the old wooden house.
    The car that returned to the county in the evening is not good. Fortunately, we just took the order and the driver took the order. He said that it might beIt was the last drop in the old town to return to the county, and he was lucky.
    Back and forth, the two driver masters left us a phone call and agreed to go to Xianggongshan to see the sunrise tomorrow morning. Which one to promise, it is better to grab it.
    The years are like the starry sky before dawn, melting silently in the dark pupils. I took off the faint light of the East and gave a shining glory in the palm of my hand.
    I ate at the Asian restaurant in West Street this evening. I chose this restaurant because the sound of the restaurant singer attracted me. Although the length is not very handsome, the singing is really good. I stayed here alone for two hours. As for the taste of the dish? It is not very important for me, but it is still good.
     DAY3 Xianggong Mountain The most beautiful sunrise
    The years are like the starry sky before dawn, melting silently in the dark pupils. I took off the faint light of the East and gave a shining glory in the palm of my hand.
    Five days, three and a half, the latest night scene in the city has just dispersed, the stars are bright and the lights are dim.
    We drove to Xianggong Mountain. This Yamamoto is not a popular attraction. The location is still very remote. From the West Street chartered to 200 oceans, you can’t find its location on the first page of Yangshuo attractions on major domestic travel platforms. However, its popularity in foreign countries is higher than that in China. Since the photographers of Guilin took the awards at the International Film Festival, it has become a gathering place for photographers. If you open the cat to look at the eagle, you will be surprised to find that Xianggong Mountain ranks first in Yangshuo’s scenic spots. Among them, only ten of the more than 150 messages are in Chinese, and other tourists include all the major languages ​​in the world. And its frequency in Ins is much higher than that in the vibrato. It can be said that the walls are fragrant outside the wall.
    When I arrived at the foot of the mountain, I found that the weather was not very good. I didn’t expect much from the sunrise. The driver’s master said that the sea of ​​clouds here is also very beautiful. The entrance to the scenic spot is not far from the top of the mountain. You can climb to the top in ten minutes without worrying about physical problems.
    The shadows of the forests in the darkness, only the wind blowing through the wilderness. When I reached the top of the mountain, the east had a white belly. The observation deck was very small. There was no space. The sky was far away. The clouds were thick, the morning fog was everywhere, and the stars were hanging on the sky like swaying lights. .
    The east gradually became white, and the hands finally fell to the sunrise time. Unsurprisingly, the clouds actually blocked the rising sun of Dongsheng. The light at this time was white, without the dazzling gold, still illuminating the landscape in front of the eyes, the earth was covered with a layer of white mist, and there was an illusory beauty.
    The sky is getting brighter and brighter, but the sun still hasn’t broken through the clouds. The Jiuqu River has emerged from the lush mountains in the distance, and it has made a bend in front of it and flowed further to the place. The misty mist is looming in the mountains, and it gives a beautiful poem to the landscape. Although there is no sunrise, it has a dreamlike beauty.
    After a while, let’s take a drone to see if the light is still not much changed. We packed up our rucksacks and prepared to go down the mountain. At this moment, the clouds in the sky reveal a vague golden light, and the sun gradually broke away from the shackles.
    There is a small road on the side of the viewing platform leading to the platform below. There are fewer tourists on this floor, mostly photographers with long guns and short guns. The scenes of the sky are changing all the time, just like a magical hand is moving the clouds, the light is like a group of ballet dancers, constantly changing their posture, more and more brilliant, more and more perfect.
    Wind-swept sleeves, the fog gradually spread in the line of sight, filled in the mountains between the distant, like a layer of white yarn, set off this side of the landscape like a fairyland. There was a burst of exclamation in the crowd. At this time, the light changed again. The scene in front of me, in the countless sunrises and clouds I have seen in the past few years, can be regarded as outstanding.
    At first glance, the amazing feeling made me lose my words for a while. What kind of scene is that? In the morning, the morning of Weimang’s misty mist in the mountains, the sun pierced the gaps of the clouds, and projected the golden light that could be discerned by the naked eye, so the mist that shrouded in the mountains flowed into the golden ocean. A breeze blew through, and it burst into a hustle and bustle, like a dream in a fairy tale. This is the light of Jesus, the light of Buddha, the most shocking light in the world.
    The flower-dyed window floats down on the shoulders and wraps around the fragrance.
    The morning sun smashed the clothes and the wind was cool.
    The nine verses of the porch of Fanghua are boundless,
    The breeze is in the clouds and the clouds are gazing back.
    The landscape is rising in the sun,
    The age of the moon is old, only watching the dawn.
    There was no regret in the trip to Xianggong Mountain. I didn’t feel that I was twisted when I got up at 3:30 in the morning. The road down the mountain is more relaxed, but the mood has been intoxicated for a long time.
     Shiwai Taoyuan
    Back to the inn to make up a sense, after lunch, drove to the paradise, Yangshuo just fired the net red brigade.
    When the forest is full of water, you will have a mountain, and the mountain has a small mouth, as if there is light. I will leave the boat and enter from the mouth. At the beginning, it was very narrow. Going back dozens of steps, suddenly and cheerfully. The land is flat and the house is in vain. There is a genus of liangsang. Traffic in the hustle and bustle, chickens and dogs. Among them, the men and women are dressed and dressed as foreigners. The yellow hair is coveted and enjoyable.
    This is the description of Mr. Wu Liu in “Peach Blossom Spring”, but the peach blossom source is in Hunan, Yangshuo’s paradise is only ten kilometers away from the county town. It is said that “the car is beautiful and the horse is listening to the sound of the waves.”
    As soon as you step into the paradise, the first thing that catches your eye is a lake and mountains. I saw the wind blowing the reeds, the water reflecting the peach blossoms, the wind and rain bridges such as Changhong lying waves, the drums and towers like the Qingfeng into the clouds, with the Qingfeng yellow rice green bamboo, floating and comfortable, there is indeed a feeling of paradise from the world.
    On the bamboo poles, we drove into the gentle lake, two wooden waterwheels, swaying, like shaking from the old age to the present, we crossed the ferry of the years, the sound of the oars How many spring and autumn have shaken in the cup.
    The long bridge short tower is reflected in the sparkling lake, and it is broken a little bit in the raft of the paddle. It is quite a kind of leisure and pleasure. The still water is deep and the years are quiet.
    After passing through the ancient songs in the villages and villages, the bamboo rafts drove into the deep and dark caves, and soon turned a corner to the other end of the cliff. The export is suddenly bright, the sky is near, the shore is wide and the waves are flat, and the peach blossoms on the shore are unbeaten. . . . . . Emmmm, that’s a fake flower, but it’s really hard to find.
    Fog, fog
    The year of the river, the bank of the river
    Long winds, heaven and earth
    Tonight’s meal chose Xiaolongkan hot pot, which is the only famous hot pot in West Street. Xiaolongkan insisted on the level of ta, and there was no surprise.
     DAY4 Huangyao Ancient Town
    Walking a lot of ancient towns, only ta makes me remember deeply
    I have traveled through many famous ancient towns in China, such as the four famous towns in the south of the Yangtze River, the Dali Phoenix in Lijiang, etc. The excessive commercial infestation has made me feel uncomfortable about the ancient town. However, when I walked into the ancient town of Huangyao in Hezhou, I was surprised by the unexpected surprise. The mountains surrounded and green waters preserved the most original natural and human elements. The ancient villages here and The lifestyle of the locals has a true ancient charm.
    I entered the ancient town of Huangyao in a rainy afternoon. The raindrops of the leaching hit the green roof of the piece, and the ancient town added a different flavor. The entrance to the main entrance of the ancient town is an ancient stage. The stage was built in the Jiajing three years of the Ming Dynasty. Although it has experienced more than 400 years of ups and downs, it still stands still. The ancient stage is like a broken redThe hermit of the dust, the small hidden in the wild, hidden in the city, I forget. A stage is a river. Every day, he plays a variety of life: how many talented people, love and hate love and hatred; a few rise and fall, honor and disgrace, joys and sorrows. At the same time for people to entertain and entertain, they also give people a warm reminder: all evils are done, and goodness is pursued; drama is like life, and plainness is blessing.
    Passing through the gate of the scenic spot and entering the ancient alley, the first thing that catches the eye is the dragon-jaw claws that cover the sky. The bunches are intertwined into a group and twisted into a thick and powerful root, such as a piece. Zhang Long’s claws, the claws of the claws, are guarded at the entrance of the village, as if they are hiding their descendants, so that Huang Yao, the ancient town that has undergone historical changes but has survived the historic sites, will once again flourish.
    The breeze blew, and I could hear the sound of the rustling of the leaves. There were a few sparrows on the tree. The sound of “Pak” flew from one branch to another. Under the banyan tree, it was cool and desolate, and the breeze passed. Cheeks, smelling a touch of scent of old trees, the heart will be calm and quiet!
    On the edge of the stream, there is a dragon claw, and its huge torso branches extend to the stream. The lychee hangs from the sky, one root is plunged into the water, the birds on the tree, the crystal clear water, and the water swim in the water. Fish, the shore to find food from time to time, “咕咕” calls for the companion’s chicken, the head is a densely covered tree, under the tree is a bare stone, sitting on the stone, there is a feeling of elegant and refined…
    Passing through the gate of the scenic spot, along the main street Xu Xing, the uneven gray stone road under the feet, has been polished by the touch of time smooth and shiny and proud.
    On the left and right sides are quaint old-fashioned shops, mostly two-story buildings. Some of the lonely bluestone streets have no old days and bustling. In addition to the footsteps of tourists, occasionally one or two sips of some yang, but more quiet . The colors of the carved columns and thresholds are no longer vivid, but still can still feel the old bustling and prosperous. The vicissitudes of history have left a deep impression on those mottled gray tiles and white urns. It is really bustling and faded, and the monuments still exist…
    Some of the shops operate local specialties of cardamom or pickles. There are also a variety of handicrafts and national costumes to hang around with her personality. Due to the tight time, I did not go straight to the end, but turned a corner in the lane and came to the favorite of all major TV series.A point – with a dragon bridge.
    “With Dragon Bridge on Longqiao Nightmare, Yaojiang Underwater River Watersong”, sit on the Long Bridge and look around, the clear Yaojiang River passes through the town, the rivers on both sides of the river are flying, the bamboos are crowded, the water is flowing. There are several awning boats moored, with the Long Bridge crossing the Yaojiang River. The bridge made of bluestone is simple and honest. Someone once described it as: “The ancient poems of Huang Yao, such as the same millennium, were forgotten on the secluded bookshelves of the library. When people walked inadvertently and opened this beautiful chapter, the simple and elegant style immediately conquered the hearts of the people. “”
    Huang Yao, there are no big cities, no high-rise buildings, no lights, no lights, no green trees, old water, ancient stone bridges, deep courtyards and winding lanes. That high house complex, the abrupt book building, here is a paradise surrounded by mountains and rivers, not to be dusty, in the rolling history of the wheel, calm and calm. The bricks and tiles here are as calm and calm as they were before the millennium.
     DAY5 Guilin Qiangu Scene Area
    From the spiritual channel of the Qin Dynasty to the folk song of Liu Sanjie, there are too many moving stories and legends on this land. Although Lingnan is located in southern Xinjiang, her unique style has been sung by thousands of thousands of people.
    As a child’s memory of summer, in addition to the cool sunshine and ice cream soda, the cartoons in the TV series, all other pages are paradise. Although the sunshine at that time was not gentle, the joy in the paradise was wonderful and carefree.
    I am interested in history and culture from urinating. I am more interested in historical figures and storytelling than the influence and lessons of the boring historical events on the textbook. These years of historical real-life song and dance dramas are in the ascendant in China. The series of ancient love, the series of impressions, and the song of long-song are the representatives, especially the series of live-action song and dance performances.
    I still remember the “Song City Eternal Love” I had seen in Songcheng Park in Hangzhou. The performing arts used advanced sound, light, electricity and other scientific means and costumes reappeared from the long history of the Song Dynasty. The poetic style is vividly displayed.
    Every historic city has its own unique cultural features and mysterious legends. If you only look for it from the text, it will be too thin. The most touching part of the live stage drama is that it will move the vivid historical legends from the long flowing years to your eyes, so that you can truly touch the time lost by history, and the blood and the soul in time. People, listen to their stories, feel their emotions, love and hate.
    In the early morning, I went straight to the Guilin Ages Scenic Area in Yangshuo. Due to the opening of the business, there are not many tourists in the scenic spot. As soon as I approached the gate of the scenic spot, the first thing that caught my eye was the simple and majestic sculptures on both sides of the avenue. It was the chronology of the past years of the Eight-Guizhou Earth. The sculpture was engraved with Guilin.Past and ever. They stood there quietly, like the totems that existed here in the ancient times. The breeze was over the ear, as if telling the legend of the earth, the mysterious and solemn.
    At the end of the road is the gate of the ageing scene. I saw a huge four-faced statue standing on a cliff. This is the protagonist of the famous story of the Eight-Guizhou Land, the statue of Liu Sanjie, the tallest and largest singer statue in the world. .
    Twilight circulates, and the singer looks at the water and soil that she once loved deeply. The quaint and mysterious scenic spot gates pull me into the age of the ancient wilderness. The ears are faintly echoing the ethereal sounds. Can’t tell if it’s the wind or the singer of the song.
    Xia Shangyi descended until the Qin and Han Dynasties. From the south of the Yangtze River to the west, the Kuaiji to the Huiji was the land of Baiyue. Nowadays, there are 11 ethnic minorities living in the Han, Zhuang and Yao ethnic groups, especially among the ethnic minorities. The architectural style of the tourist hall is to use the elements and patterns of the four famous Chinese brocades, the brocades, which are called “the pages of the sky” by Zhuang people, and to embellish the magnificent intangible cultural heritage of Guangxi.
    After printing the electronic ticket security check, the world behind the door suddenly seemed to completely separate me from the world behind me. The land that stood under my feet showed the old style of Guilin landscape thousands of years ago.
    The first thing that catches your eye is an open square. It is the place where the festival celebrates the Songkran Festival and the Fishing Fire Festival. You can blend into the carnival of ethnic minorities with the beat of the cheerful pot dance.
    Behind the square is the Songxian Temple and the Temple of Wealth. The wishing swaying on the wind and rain corridor next to the Three Sisters Street is filled with the most pious prayers and dreams of the visitors.
    The layout of the scenic spot has a ring structure, and the front gate is a replica of the house of the King Jingjiang of Zhuling, Zhu Yuanzhang. The construction of Jing Wangfu was 34 years before the Forbidden City in Beijing. It is also the epitome of the Imperial Palace in Nanjing. Since ancient times, it has been known as “Reading the City of Guilin”.
    Independent gate building, the wind will be sleeves, and there is a sense of returning to the wind. This is the commanding height of the scenic spot and the best viewing platform. The towering statue of the song fairy seems to be within reach.
    Going forward is another majestic building, which is the highlight of this trip – the performance theater of Guilin’s ancient scenes, the appearance of the theater is dominated by a large red, and the Xiangyun-like pattern depicts a pair of singing in the sun. The songs of the folk songs, but unfortunately have not yet reached the performance time, our scheduled performance is at night.
    The side of Theatre No. 1 is the No. 3 secret environment, which is a comprehensive area integrating casual food and entertainment. After a long day of sweating in the hot sun, the cool breeze in the leisure area calmed my body and mind.
    There are tens of thousands of square meters of leisure secrets to collect food from all over the country, as well as bumper cars and many other children’s play projects, live Qingming Shanghe map, machine Rubik’s cube and other high-tech entertainment facilities seem to bring me to a mysterious fantasy kingdom.
    The most desirable thing is the book in the corner. The tall bookshelf is full of books. The light shadow on the window gently sways, quietly and peacefully embraced in the air, a cup of milk tea, a song, and the whole world in the book smashed the whole afternoon, behind a shaft of Danqing.
    There is a water park on the side of the square outside the No. 1 Theater. It is a good place to cool off in the summer. Only three or two adults are entertained in the afternoon. In the evening, many family and couples have gathered around the water. .
    Behind the water park is Yangshuo Ancient Village. This is a city street that condenses the customs of Bagui, is it the true portrayal of Yangshuo Ancient City?
    Stepping on the Qingshi Stone Road, you can travel through the streets of the ancient village, as if you have been through the millennium. Shui Cun Shan Guo, the wine flag is on display, the shops on both sides of the road seem to have solidified the traces of the years, the sun is over the ridge, the breeze sweeps through the long lane, and occasionally pedestrians walk leisurely, leaving the memories of the hustle and bustle in the faint fireworks of the ancient village.
    The wind is over the ear, the sun-baked curtain, the name of the store on the flag is very interesting, grandpa’s wine cellar, grandma’s tea house, mother’s pastry, dad’s toy, grandfather’s iron shop, grandmother’s story. The rabbit joked that the family came out to do business, but I was thinking, it was nostalgia, it was the best memories of childhood.
    Passing through the haunted houses and labyrinths and other entertainment facilities, you will come to No. 4 behind No. 3 – Lover’s Bay, a white sand beach surrounded by clear water, there are many water sports such as kayaking and motorboats. There are mountains, waters and beaches, and it is increasingly felt that the ancient scene is like a mini version of the land of Bagui.
    In the shop on the shore, I bought a cup of tea and held it in a daze. The heat in the afternoon gradually subsided. There were more and more tourists on the street, and the ancient village gradually became more and more lively. The music coming from afar is like a folk song sung by a Zhuang couple. For a time, I was a little embarrassed.
    Among the bustling crowds, come, go, who knows who to meet each other to fall in love? Who is silently passing by, and adds another glimpse of the next world. Crying, laughing, awkward, and sighing that if life is just like the first sight, there are people who are parting or reuniting every moment. The world is in circulation, and fate has always been indifferent. Just timeThe river is still flowing quietly, and the red dust is disturbing like the breeze blowing through the breeze. Linyuan squid, I do not know that people are like the fish in the water, no matter how struggling, can not get rid of the shackles of fate, can not jump out of the river.
    Suddenly, I interrupted my thoughts. I decided to look up and look forward to it. There seems to be a lively look ahead!
    The number is not gentle, the road is not full of romantic, falling in the land of the Eight-Guizhou Jin Ge iron horse and the wind and snow, like falling into a dream of swaying for thousands of years
    Turning around, we returned to the entrance of the scenic spot. The theme performing arts activities in the scenic area have just begun. At this time, it is the singer of the singer, and the beautiful woman in the minority costumes stands at the gate and entertains the guests with rice wine.
    In front of the Tusi upstairs, Motosi is holding a hydrangea toads, and the site asks for the songs. The original son-in-law’s son-in-law is not so good.
    At first glance, I just watched the excitement. There is a bit of meaning behind the show. Mo Tusi is a character in the story of Liu Sanjie. The prototype is the toast family that ruled the city for more than 400 years. After three generations of the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Fulu Motu Department was called the “Zhuang National Palace” and is the most intact Zhuang in China. Toast building complex. At 2:30 in the afternoon, the toast master will throw hydrangea on the toast floor and reproduce the marriage customs of the ancient Zhuang people in a humorous and interesting form.
    The most admired performance of the folk juggling, especially the one who performed the fire and fire, only saw that he had a kerosene, he could spray the flame on the stick into a fire dragon. After a pause, he will put the torch on it again. The raging fire was stuffed into the mouth, and then the burner that was extinguished was re-ignited. The whole performance was extremely thrilling. I couldn’t play juggling in this year, as I guess I can’t do it.
    Whenever the performance of the ancient times ends, the gate of the No. 1 Theater will dance with a happy pot dance. The host and the actor enthusiastically greet every passing passenger. As described by Kelly Chen’s “It’s Better To Dance”, music and dance have irresistible magic, and the square instantly turns into a sea of ​​joy.
    Then there will be a stunning water flying show in Lovers Bay. I saw white waves flying. Stunt athletes wear water flying equipment to make a series of dolphin-style backflips, sharp turn 1080-degree one-hand sidetrack flying, superman flying and so on. Performing, draw a beautiful arc in the lake.
    With a cry, like the Qin Jun soldiers who came out from the ancient times began to routinely patrol the city, the prestige of the wind brought me back to the Spring and Autumn Warring States.
    Then in front of the No. 1 Theater, the soldiers of the Qin army swear to the swearing swearer to go to Nanyue to open the sacred canal. The majestic momentum made me suddenly remind me of the theme song of “Da Qin Empire”: The national disaster, the old Qin, the Fu River. The blood does not drain, and the battle is endless!
    With the direction of the Qin army, we stepped into the No. 1 Theater and walked into the long river of history that was eclipsed by time, to listen, to touch, to witness the ridiculous stories and legends of the Eight guildlands, and the various stories in the story. people.
     a must-see performance for a lifetime
    Every city with an annual ring will have a quiet reflection, hidden in the intricate lines, and shuttle through the light and shadow of alternating light and dark. The ancient love is like an ancient museum, carrying civilization, recording stories, filled with customs, collecting epics written in the years, interpreting ordinary or great life.
    If you want to understand the history and customs of a region, the large-scale real-life song and dance series of the ancient times is undoubtedly an excellent choice.
    As the performance began, the audience queued up at the entrance of the theater. In a short while, the 3,600-seat theater No. 1 was full of seats. It must have come to the forefront, setting a record for the world’s performances. The fire of this visual feast has been burned to Guilin.
    Before the opening ceremony, he was an exclusive interview with Mr. Huang Qiaoling, the chief director, chief planner and artistic director of the series of performing works of the “Eternal Love” series, to let the audience understand the predecessors of the “Eternal Love” series and the impetus of urban cultural legends.
    The first act is “The Legend of Guilin”, which tells the story of a fascinating ancient legend that took place on the land of Bagui in Zhongling. Jiang Zuoqing Luo belt, mountains such as jasper, Guilin landscape since ancient times is a landscape resort of nature. The fantastic scenery attracts the colorful fairy of Fubo General in the sky. They know each other in love, white elephants accompany them, and the clouds are companions. They enjoy singing and dancing in this boundless picture.
    Unexpectedly, it caused the dragon to be a disaster, and it took a stack of fairy tales to ravage the world. In the end, General Fubo and the Dian Cai fairy defeated the Black Dragon together, and the white elephant turned into the Elephant Trunk Hill. The Fubo General turned into Fubo Mountain, and the stack color became the Dian Cai Mountain. The Sanshan Heli suppressed the Black Dragon and returned a clean and peaceful Taiping. The ribbon of the fairy fairy is transformed into the water of the river.
    With the end of the legend, the stage turned to the second act – “The Earth Flying Song.”
    Since ancient times, Guilin has been a multi-ethnic area. A dozen ethnic minorities such as Zhuang, Yao, Yi, Miao and Dong have lived and worked here. There are many moving stories, beautiful dances and songs of nature. Guangxi is knownThe name of “歌海”, because there is no song in this place, no one can not sing, the folk song has been integrated into the depths of the people’s cells and blood in Guangxi. On March 3 of each year, ethnic minorities gathered in Guilin to hold the largest singing day in Guangxi. In this folklore festival from the Sui and Tang Dynasties, express their love for happiness and happiness with cheerful melodies and light dances. Longing for.
    They may be very ordinary, ordinary to the history can not find a trace, such as the most inconspicuous one in the starry sky, washed away by time, dark and dull. But they are the most dazzling one in their respective lives, and they have written many stories and legends on this land. Song Xian Liu Sanjie is one of them.
    The fireworks will be thankful, the songs will stop, the time is always in a hurry, and the years are inevitably ruthless. The wind swayed a few sorrows, and in the blink of an eye, the bustling and dying, the story turned to the scene of the strong mountains and rivers – “Age of the Ancients”.
    At the 69th International Executive Council of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage held in Saskatoon, Canada in 2018, Guilin Lingqu was selected as one of the world’s oldest artificial canals. And in the ancient times when the mansions were behind the hardships of manpower, what happened to the story behind the Lingqu project?
    The Xiangjiang River and the Lancang River are the two rivers that originated in Xing’an, Guilin. They have been quietly flowing for hundreds of millions of years in the depths of the mountains. Although they are close to each other, they never meet. Until the dam that was dug in 214 BC, the scorpio became a thoroughfare, and the Yangtze River Basin and the Pearl River Basin were connected.
    At that time, the Daqin Empire was first established. The emperor of the ancient times had just ended the disputes and turmoil in the Central Plains for more than 500 years. The first emperor of the great talents turned his eyes to the Baiyue Land in the south. Lingnanshan Road is very difficult to transport and inconvenient to transport grain and grass. After encountering the stubborn resistance of Yueren, Qin Jun solved the problem of grain and grass transportation, and used the “drilling channel to pass the grain road”, using the grin, the big balance, the small balance, and the south. Various construction techniques such as canal, north canal, drainage balance, water culvert, steep gate, dam, Qin dynasty, bridge, etc., communicated with Xiangjiang River and Lijiang River in Xing’an County, creating the wonders of the river and the river.
    The first two generals responsible for the construction of the spiritual canal were asked because of the slow progress. The third general, Li Mo, paid a tribute to the predecessors and vowed to complete the spiritual canal. During the performance, Qin Jun used stage technology to enter the ground and reappeared the hardships and difficulties. When the tens of meters high floods poured down, the shocking scene pushed the plot to a climax.
    This scene not only has grand scenes and tragic plots, but also has many humanistic historical details. It highlights the origin of Guilin rice noodles – that is a bowl of rice milled in Qin Jun Sixiang, a bowl spans thousands of mountains and mountains, the taste of hometown.
    There is the Great Wall in the north and the Lingqu in the south. As one of the two great projects of the Great Qin Empire, Lingqu Water has been flowing in the land of Bagui for more than two thousand years. Today, she still uses her sweet and clear river to moisten the thousands of households in Lingnan.
    With a melodious singing voice, the story was interpreted in the fourth act – the love song of the Lijiang River. The folk song is like the spring river, and it is not afraid of the beach. In the land of Lingnan in Lingnan, there are countless legends, and Liu Sanjie is the most widely circulated legend.
    She is like a lark who sings in the mountains and forests. It is like a nightingale dancing in the moonlight. The fish swims out of the water to listen to her singing. The migratory birds are not willing to fly north to the hometown. Even the breeze and the white clouds are quietly stopped. Under the footsteps of the wandering.
    Compared with the rivers and lakes, Liu Sanjie and A Niu Ge finally defeated the evil forces with the help of the folks, and then walked together, walked through Miao Village, Yaoxiang, Zhuangzhai, and led the birds to fly and lead the water to the sky. A song Pingsha Qiuyan, Beihai Silver Beach. Just as the wind comes from the sky, you can swim in the foothills of the mountains, look at the sky, the sky is high, the red dust is beautiful, and the lights are all in the river. At that time, the moon was shining, and Zeng Zhaocai returned to the singer’s singer’s singer’s singer’s singer’s singer’s singer’s singer’s singer’s singer’s singer’s singer’s singer’s singer’s singer’s country.
    Things have changed for the stars, and the sea has been turned into a beautiful story. The people in the story have disappeared. We came here and looked for Liu Sanjie in my heart on the stage of the ancient Chinese in Guilin.
    Hundreds of thousands of LED lights form a magnificent background. The center of the stage opens a folding fan with a diameter of more than ten meters. The landscape of the Lancang River reflects this place. Liu Sanjie stepped on the flying carpet and hung a colorful hydrangea, slowly flying from the air behind the auditorium to the center of the stage. The song is long and long, like the echo between the mountain winds, and the earth at this time has become a sea of ​​flowers.
    Who is Liu Sanjie? Some people say that the three-color fairy who turned himself into a mountain peak and lived in the black dragon is called Liu Sanjie. Others said that Qin Yingjun, who invented Guilin rice noodles, is also Liu Sanjie, and that the singer and the singer who is fighting with the landlord is also Liu Sanjie. Liu Sanjie is a thousand children in the land of Bagui. It is you, me, he is, we are all Liu Sanjie, we are all lovers.
    The end of the song has not been scattered, the audience has been reluctant to leave for a long time, the mountain song is like the spring river, all the way to our heart, turned into a sweet and sweet touch to nourish the heart.
     DAY6 Detian Waterfall – Mingshi Garden
    Thousands of shadows in front of the waterfall, the plague of the Galaxy
    Say goodbye to Yangshuo, we went to Nanning to visit the most beautiful two mountain business cards in southwest Guangxi – Detian Waterfall and Mingshi Garden.
    There are very few cars in Nanning to Detian. I don’t want to waste a day on the road. We booked a group tour of Detian + Mingshi on the Internet.
    Departing at 7:30 in the morning, it was a long drive. I slept and woke up and slept all the way. Four hours later we arrived in front of Detian Waterfall Scenic Spot.
    Here is the “Long Stay Wonderland” in the flower fairy bones. It is not only the largest transnational waterfall in Asia, but also the Niagara Falls between the United States and Canada, the Iguazu Falls between Brazil and Argentina, and the Victoria between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The waterfall is also known as the world’s four largest transnational waterfalls, and is also one of the six most beautiful waterfalls in China by National Geographic.
    The summer has passed, the scenic spot is already a tourist, the Detian Waterfall Scenic Area has just been renovated and expanded, and the building at the entrance is quite a visual impression of the modern urban CBD. We changed to a battery car at the entrance of the scenic spot and headed straight to the waterfall.
    The clouds cover the green hills and the waters reflect the forest. Holding a bamboo pole, stepping on a pair of mans shoes, walking through the mountain water, suddenly heard the sound of water in the distance like a golden horse iron horse roaring, stopping and looking, but can not find its sound. After a few wooden bridges, I just turned a corner and suddenly I was shocked by the mighty soul that hit me.
    The Yichuan Waterfall spans the two countries. The larger one in China is called Detian Waterfall, while the smaller one in Vietnam is the Banyu Waterfall. Going up to the waterfall and looking up, I know that “the suspect is that the Galaxy falls for nine days” is not an exaggerated description. The jade dragon that roars from the sky is not the Milky Way that has fallen for nine days.
    Standing behind the bead curtains of Ming and Qing Dynasties, I was accustomed to the sound of the deafening water, but it was a little quiet and quiet through the rising mist. The curtain of water curtains is like a curtain, which separates the noisy and turbulent red dust. I found some feelings of dust here, perhaps because of the diffuse fog, just like a fairyland.
    A bamboo umbrella, who ran into white clothes and dabbled in the clouds.
    Gu Shanchuan, who sees the smoke and waves returning to the wind.
    Relying on the dry, who hopes that the Galaxy will fall for nine days.
    Listen to the rain, who said that Yun Shu is a thousand volumes and half-life.Looking at the moon, who recalled the beginning of the Qingshi ancient pool.
    Smell the night, who sighs the moon and the year is not.
    Jun can see that the wind and the sun are warm and the smoke is burning.
    I don’t see you, that year, the iron horse glaciers are still in chaos.
    The mountains are empty and the peaks are crowded. There is only a narrow Guichun River between China and Vietnam. The Vietnamese people who sell specialty products can be seen everywhere. In 1979, it was the battlefield of Sino-Vietnamese self-defense counterattacks. In the past few decades, it has disappeared from the war. Detian has become a tourist attraction and border trade zone, as well as a line of monuments.
    The most famous of them is the “Boundary of the 53rd Annan, Guangxi, China and France” established by the Qing Dynasty, referred to as the boundary pillar No. 53. Behind this boundary pillar is a heavy history. It is said that the Qing government sent two soldiers to set up a monument. At that time, the Detianshan Road was rugged and inconvenient, and the two of them went to this place and they were still moving, and it was too late to see the sky. When you are lazy, you will set up the boundary pillar here, and hand over the vast territory to Vietnam. Moreover, the word “country” in the boundary of China’s Guangxi in the boundary of the boundary is wrong. So the 53rd boundary pillar has become the only national borderline with typos in the world, commonly known as the “wrong version of the national boundary monument.”
    A pair of clothes with water, a waterfall connected, two countries close at hand, is a completely different world. French perfumes and three-five cigarettes sold by Vietnamese vendors are far-reaching. As for coffee, Vietnamese coffee is good.
     Mingshi pastoral
    Years are long, and the past is going to turn into a loess. We bid farewell to Detian Waterfall and go to Mingshi Garden. The tour guide told us a small trip. The tour group in the morning mostly went to Mingshi Garden and went to Detian Waterfall in the afternoon. If you want to stagger the crowd, you can do the opposite. In the morning, Detian Mingshi.
    Mingshi Garden is another landscape business card in southwestern Guangxi. It is famous both at home and abroad. The “Hua Qian Bone” and “Shushan Wars” of the previous two years have been photographed here, and earlier, here It has always been the favorite location for TVB in Hong Kong. Hong Kong dramas such as “The Wine Is Hometown Alcohol”, “The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl”, “The End of the World” and “The Herbal Medicine” have been filmed here.
    The Mingshi River originated in Vietnam. The scenic spot explained that this is a river imported from Vietnam. We ride down the bamboo poles and enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the strait. Here, you will see the typical karst peaks and landscapes, see the phoenix xiaoxiao, the dragon river’s Bijiang bamboo shadow, see the ancient and rich Zhuang village, see the mighty generals, the Lingxiu cave, the strange Wanmao Cliff, as well as the naturally generated cliff murals. The State Post Bureau issued a set of 12 special stamps for the first time in the “Borders of the Borderland of the Motherland”. The Mingshi pastoral scenery was named “Guinan Karst Landform” (the seventh) was selected as the stamp theme.
    It turns out that the ant nest here is built on the tree instead of the soil. The instructor told us that the black spot on the tree is the ant nest, in order to avoid the river ants in the flood season.
    On both sides of the river, you will also meet local ethnic minorities to sing folk songs and perform national musical instruments, which is a simple rural scenery.
    After seeing the scenery of the land of Bagui, it is still unfinished. Fortunately, there are still two days, then go to Yizhou Island. There are mountains and rivers and poetry is a complete trip.
     DAY7-DAY8 Weizhou Island
    Half is sea water, half is flame, the original sun and the sea are the most suitable pair of love
    South of Nanshan, there is the city of Beihai, south of the North Sea, is called Weizhou. Weizhou Island is located in the Beibu Gulf area of ​​Beihai City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, north of Guangxi Beihai City, east of Leizhou Peninsula, southeast of Xieyang Island, south of Hainan Island across the sea, and west facing Vietnam. Weizhou Island is an island formed by volcanic eruptions. It has sea erosion, sea accumulation and lava. It is known as Penglai Island and is the youngest volcanic island in China. It is also the largest island in Guangxi.
    Going around, I took the high-speed train from Nanning to Beihai. It was still early to leave the boat, and let the driver pull us to the beach to drink a coffee. As a result, the driver pulled us down the Qiaogang customs street. The sad reminder is that it is not here. Qiaogang Street came out and turned a corner, found a restaurant with a unique decoration and used a rather unpalatable lunch, we should go on a boat.
    The ship from Beihai to Weizhou Island is in the Beihai International Passenger Port. There are five classes from 8:30 to 17:30. The journey takes about one hour. After you disembark, you must buy tickets to enter the island.
    It took me two days to find a very good hotel on the island. I proudly showed off to my friends that there is a swimming pool with a sea view. I wanted to make it look good. After the result, it was discovered that there was no water in the pool, but the sea view was there. The environment and decoration of the hotel were also very good.
    It was about a noon to the hotel, just in time for the meal, let the hotel arrange a simple lunch for us.
    When it comes to food, there is no restaurant on the island, and the consumption is not low. Two people just order a seafood and then order two dishes. The vegetables are basically above 200. As for the restaurant recommendation, I followed the review list. The taste is the same, and the variety of the dishes is similar.
    Most guests choose to go to the seafood market to buy seafood vegetables and return them to the inn. The processing fee for each dish ranges from 15 to 30.
    Buying seafood, basically in the South Bay market, there are two seafood markets in Nanwan, one big and one small, many choices, more price comparison, as for the purchase of other vegetables, it is also next to the Nanwan seafood market, there is a special vegetable market, kinds Basically, it is a daily vegetable, and the price is slightly more expensive.
    The main mode of transportation on Weizhou Island is public transportation and electric vehicles. We rented an electric motorcycle at the hotel and started a two-day and one-night trip around the island.
    The first stop is the Holy Hall. As the largest island in Guangxi, there is a small church on the island of Weizhou, the Shengtang Catholic Church. This is a traditional Gothic building, built in 1880 and built by the missionary missionaries of Paris, France.
    The hall of the church is filled with European style, and its area is more than the many famous churches I have seen in Europe.
    The sun shines through the colorful glass in the prayer hall, and it gives a solemn and holy radiance to the solemn church.
    At the back of the church is a delicate garden surrounded by a low dwelling house. The mottled walls exude an ancient vicissitudes of life, which is a whisper of years.
    The flowers are full of vitality. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the old and the young are mixed together and have a unique taste.
    One kilometer east from the Catholic Church, there is a beach called Shell Beach, which is the longest beach spot on the coastline of Weizhou Island.
    Compared to the magnificent sunrise of the colorful beach, the sunrise here is not bad. There is a European-style door at the entrance, which seems to be incompatible with the surrounding environment. The beach is not very delicate, but you can play some simple water sports, such as jet skis.
    Shiluokou is the best place to watch the sunset. When the sun sets, the setting sun will dye the sea and the sky into a gorgeous red, like a burning flame. When the sun sets into the sea, it is like falling into a deep and warm embrace, from the beautiful to the plain, and then in the horizon to bloom the rosy afterglow, like the falling maple leaves, and the falling petals.
    I rented a beach chair here, sipping cool and cool coconut juice, lazily looking at the red sun on the Haiping line, slowly blowing, blowing the gentle sea breeze, enjoying this rare slow time.
    The most famous beach on the island is the colorful beach, which is the best place for residents on the island to recommend the sunrise.
    Different from other beaches on the island, the coastline here is a sea cliff with a height of about 20-50 meters. The cliff surface is steeped like a knife and axe after hundreds of millions of years of wind and rain. The sea erosion platform has been laid out in front of the sea erosion cliffs. There is a sense of ancientity in the sea and the sea. Unfortunately, when we went, it has already risen, otherwise the sea erosion platform in front of us is more spectacular.
    The island is suitable for 3-4 days, 2 days to check the attractions, 2 days to enjoy the slow time at the beach. Since the schedule of our trip was relatively compact, it was regrettable to stay on the train for only two days.
    [West Coast] The traditional attractions of Weizhou Island are concentrated here, such as Danshui Danping, Crocodile Mountain Park, Shiluokou Beach, etc. Generally, sea sunsets can be seen on the beach. West Coast development is earlier, accommodation tourists are denseHigher degrees.
    [East Coast] The main attractions are the colorful beach, the east coast seaside scenic spot, the Catholic Church, etc. Generally, the sea sunrise can be seen on the coast. The beach on the east coast is gentle, the density of accommodation is not dense on the west coast, the number of people is relatively small, and the overall environment is relatively quiet.
    [North Coast] There are mainly shell beaches, wetland parks and other attractions, with the lowest tourist density and the clearest sea water.
    [Nanwan Town] is the most important commercial center on the island. It has the largest seafood market. Supermarkets, restaurants, diving, and purchase of dry goods, pearls, etc. are also gathered here. It is also a place where the island is more lively at night. Bars, dessert shops, etc.
    People said that the back pack is a passer-by; when you let go of the burden, you will find your hometown. In fact, everyone understands that life is not absolutely stable. Since we are all passengers, we should take a calm and indifferent heart, walk through the mountains and heavy waters, and laugh at the world.
    All the stories have endings, and there is no ending, it is the life we ​​are still on the road. The returning flight was at midnight, and I was fixedly looking at Nanning, where the lights were fading away, silently saying good night, good night, Guangxi; no, in the summer of 2018.

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