Rainy days can be played like this – Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Day Parent-child Travel Guide

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Some friends asked me, there is something fun in Shanghai, I want to bring my baby together, I will never come back, because those are tired of it, but now, there are new attractions, that is Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, a place where parent-child travel is no better.
    To say that the four seasons of Jiangnan are distinct, I really disagree with this. Jiangnan Mingming has three seasons, the rainy season, the dry season and the winter rainy season. This will happen to be the season of winter rain. It is drizzle and slightly cold, so it is connected. It’s raining days to go out several times.
    Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park opened on November 16th, and went to school on the 16th. The 17th is just the baby art examination. It can only come on the 18th. The result happens to be raining.
    However, it’s raining like this, because there are so many pavilions indoors, no problem at all.
     About the route:
    Entrance of the Park—Security Inspection and Check-in—Tianmu Theater—Sea Beast Quest—Bingshan Arctic Pavilion—Knocker Whale Theater—Antarctic Penguin Pavilion—Time and Space Cable Car—Volcano Whale Shark Museum– – Dolphin Theater – Underwater World Pavilion – Children’s Fun Park – Coral Jellyfish Pavilion – Arctic Bridge – Mermaid Treasure – End the day’s wonderful journey.
     About tickets:
    There are two types of tickets and an annual card. This depends on your needs.
    Year card
     About food:
    There are four special theme restaurants in Pengu Restaurant, Time Restaurant, Shata Restaurant and Aurora Restaurant. There are also leisurely snacks such as coffee shop, water bar and dessert house.
    Surprise is a limited children’s package.
     About transportation:
    It is recommended to drive by yourself, there is a parking lot outside the park, which is relatively large.
    Public transportation goes like this:
    Subway Line 16 Lingang Avenue Station – Haichang Park Shuttle Bus / 1135 Road Ocean Park Station / Lingang 4 Road, Linglan Road, Qingqing Road Station, 1077 Road, Hucheng Road, Yinfei Road Station.
    The driving interval is:
    Shuttle bus: 5 minutes peak; Pingfeng 15 minutes
    1135 Road: Weekday peak driving interval 5-8 minutes, Pingfeng driving interval 5-10 minutes; Weekend peak driving interval 4-8 minutes, Pingfeng driving interval 5-10 minutes
    Lingang 4 Road: Peak 15-20 minutes; Pingfeng 10-25 minutes
    1077 road: 8-15 minutes
    For public transportation, it is recommended to use the subway, and the relative speed is relatively fast.
     The most interesting little attraction TOP3:
    Of course this is a personal opinion.
    TOP1-Tennis Cinema:
    The picture is shocking and worth watching.
    The photos are motionless and the scene is better.
    TOP2-killer whale theater:
    Because the things are rare, the killer whales are rarely seen, and the value is high, and they are cute and cute, and they will spit out their tongues.
    TOP3-Antarctic Penguin Pavilion
    The penguins are embarrassed and the restaurant is delicious, and is very popular among children.
     About shopping:
    The park has the first seven Mengyou flagship stores, penguin stores, whale shark shops, mermaid treasures, and snow.Eight major theme stores such as the country.
    Things are so cute that they can’t move.
     About accommodation:
    Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Theme Resort opened on November 16th, 2018. Dolphins, penguins, clownfish, seahorses and mermaids are the five ocean-themed rooms of the concept. It is convenient to live here.
     About the map:
    The map is directly attached.
     About opening and closing time and performing time:
    Performing time is divided into off-peak days and peak days
    1. It is a must to carry rain gear on rainy days. If it is not convenient, the poncho in the park can also be purchased. It is not a disposable poncho outside, but a very limited edition.
    2. There are bicycle rentals in the park. There are also special areas for parking baby carriages. You don’t have to worry about how to park your baby carriages. There are also indoors, and you don’t have to worry about rainy days.
    3, the killer whale theater to watch the show, if you sit in the first 7 rows, it is recommended to hold an umbrella or a poncho, the splash of water is very large, it is really wet.
    4, the park can not carry food, but there are many restaurants, so do not worry about the baby’s diet.
    5, be sure to calculate the performance time.
    6. Some outdoor projects in the rainy days are not open. Performing arts programs, such as the float parade will be cancelled, depending on the specific situation, but these are actually open enough to play for a whole day.
    7, if you buy tickets online, you need to swipe your ID card to enter, don’t forget to bring it.
    Say so much, follow my route and go over it.
    In fact, going out on a rainy day is a very annoying thing, but there is no way to choose your own time.
    Fortunately, it is still very fun to play, enter the park at 9 o’clock, leave at 6 o’clock in the evening.
    The park itself is divided into five major thematic areas – Mermaid Bay, Polar Town, Ice Kingdom, Haidiqi and Marine Tribe.
    On the door is the mermaid harbor.
    There are logos of killer whales and WOW at the gate. WOW actually hopes that everyone will scream after entering the park.
    The entrance to the park is very fast, and the ticket checking is very fast. It is OK to swipe the ID card. The daughter also has an ID card, so it is still very convenient.
    Just opened the garden, there will be some dolls at the door, and the sorghum staff will play together.
    The polar town and the ice kingdom are relatively close, so there is no problem in the mix and match.
     Sky theater
    Go straight to the sky theater, because you just opened the park, almost no queue, you can enter directly.
    This is the only 360-degree holographic marine theme dome theater in China. The original film “The Sea of ​​Time and Space” is being staged.
    After entering, don’t lean on the door, in other places, stand by the railing, sit on the ground, or even lie down and look better.
    According to my family, lying downThe look and feel is better, there is a feeling of facing the universe and the ocean, and people are not immersed in it.
    From the beginning of the planetary universe, to the ocean, from the shallow sea to the deep sea, the appearance of various marine animals spread out in front of you, and the sense of layering and depth is very rich.
    The WOW sound of the next child is really uninterrupted. This film is a perfect interpretation of the wonders of nature and the mystery of life. Beside you, dolphins, whales, and even feel that you can reach it.
    The meaning of seeing is still unfinished, and the place where I go out is full of scientific and technological sense.
     Sea Beast Quest
    The architecture of this area is characterized by Eastern Europe and is reminiscent of the Red Square in Russia.
    South China Sea lions, harbor seals, and walruses are very cute.
    There is a head in the Nanhai lion, probably the leader, and the biggest one among the sea lions I have seen in recent years.
    There is a small fish to feed in, which is probably one of the children’s favorite projects.
    Occasionally, I can see sea lions fighting, hahaha, it’s fierce to call, it’s awkward, but in our opinion, it’s called fierce, it looks super fierce, but because of the body shape, it’s only cute, there is no other feeling. .
    The seals are used to sell purely. Others seem to have no feelings with them. They are comfortable to lie down and sleep in the blink of an eye.
    In addition to the outdoor, there are indoors.
    There are a lot of shopping malls, we bought a hat and put it on.
     Iceberg Arctic Museum
    When the weather is good, there is a snow country train outside, you can walk around the pavilion.
    Entering the doorIt is an arctic fox and an arctic wolf.
    How good is the Arctic fox being raised, the long fox face, smiling, silly, the hair is long and thick, and the Arctic animals can survive.
    The funny thing is, probably because the hair is long, the body is heavy, and the legs are not long. When I want to climb to a high place, I haven’t gotten up for three times. I turned my head and looked at someone who didn’t see it. I am, pretending to go away without incident! ! There is a wood in the fine, and it can’t be refined after the founding of the country! !
    Look at the Arctic wolf, it is too lazy to die. I am lying there and sleeping.
    Polar bears are of course also essential.
    There is still the same thing here, the white whale.
    Faces are always smiling.
     Killer whale theater
    Two games a day, so count the time, don’t miss it.
    The theater is still relatively large, but it is still recommended to queue up early.
    It is not very recommended to sit in front of 7 rows, hahaha.
    Before starting the show, there will be interactive mini-games on the big screen, and you will see yourself on the big screen if you are not careful.
    The daughter is quite happy.
    In fact, to play in the Ocean Park, there is also the role of a popular science, to understand some animals in the play.
    Killer whale (Orcinus orca), a killer whale, is a large toothed whale, a dolphins, which in principle can be considered a whale, a dolphin. Among them, Atlantic type 2 and Antarctic type A killer whales are mainly whales and even blue whales. Ocean-type killer whales use sharks as the main food and are well-deserved sea kings. It can reach 8-10 meters in length and weighs about 9 tons. The head is slightly round and has an inconspicuous sputum. The dorsal fin is tall and erect, bending up to 1 meter; the body is black and white. The two wing bones are far apart. The armpit is big. The mandible is relatively short. There are 10-12 conical teeth in each of the upper and lower jaws. The mouth is slender, the teeth are sharp, the temperament is fierce, and it is good at attacking prey.
    Whales are extremely high-intelligence animals, rich in emotions and no less than primates, with a strong language system and few dialects in animals.
    Although fierce, the value is really very high.
    As for why not sit in front of 7 rows, because the cute killer whale will play naughty water, look at this splash.
    I will also spit out my tongue.
     Antarctic Penguin Pavilion
    When the killer whale theater comes out, you can go to the Antarctic Penguin Pavilion. Why is it so arranged? Because you can eat at the Penguin Restaurant, you can also see penguins while eating.
    eat first.
    The Penguin Restaurant is based on Hong Kong-style fast food. There are 5 special flavor packages and a set of children’s packages.
    We have chosen a children’s menu and Hainan chicken leg rice to see if other people’s squid rice is also very good.
    The restaurant features a viewing experience. It is divided into two levels. When dining, the first floor visits the temperate penguin’s sultry appearance. On the second floor, you can see the life of the polar penguin. The individual prefers the second floor because there is a A pyramid-like glass platform can see the penguins underneath.
    There are quite a few penguin varieties. If you like, you can study it.
    After eating, I strolled through the hall.
    The museum has the world’s first “Super Penguin Bowl”, which can not only watch the polar penguins such as emperor penguins jumping from the land ice world to the water on the second floor of the Antarctic Penguin Pavilion, but also raise the eye on the first floor of the same pavilion. Looking up, I saw the polar penguin penguin swimming in the “super bowl” above the head.
    The first floor is like this.
    The second floor is overlooking, and the perception is different.
     Time cable car
    Take the time cable car to go directly to another area and reach the Volcano Whale Shark Pavilion.
    Need a little queuing, but also can look at the scenery of the polar town.
    The cable car overlooks the scenic area.
     Volcano Whale Shark Museum
    The whale shark has not yet arrived, but the super aquarium is ready and the breeder is feeding.
    There are sharks swimming from time to time.
    Shark mouth feeding.
    The beauty of the ocean is difficult to describe in words.
     Dolphin TheaterThere is a water curtain show, the effect is good.
     Underwater World Pavilion
    Naturally there are undersea tunnels.
    There are also some popular science exhibitions that you can watch.
     There is a deep sea adventure next to it, you need to bring 3D glasses to watch, the experience is not bad, very suitable for children.
    UsuallyThere was a parade of floats and the rain was suspended.
     Children’s fun park
    There are a lot of rides here, so it’s okay for children to play.
    From the opening of the park, to the dark, our physical strength is really good.
     Coral jellyfish pavilion
    In fact, it is also very recommended here, because it is really dreamy, especially under the illumination of mirrors and light.
     Arctic bridge
    There will be lights and fountains in the evening
    The exit is here in the mermaid treasure.
    After playing for 9 hours, I feel that both of our mother and daughter are also amazing.
    I also thought about it once again, and the marine animals really attracted me.

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