Riding Tibet – Guide to loading

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    Most of the riders will have an ultimate dream – ride to Lhasa!
    It seems that in 2012, “ride to Tibet” and “resign to travel”, “city open cafe” and “Lijiang open inn” were speculated by a group of people to become the four common customs recognized in China.
    In fact, I don’t need to think about it with my head. The people who make up these four vulgars must be some guys who like to eat and still want to vomit!
    Anyone who can really think about it with his head will understand that any of these four vulgarities is not something that can be achieved casually. Those who do not need to dream give up and pay a lot…
    Who has no dreams, but many people’s dreams can only be in bed – dreaming!
    The most important thing you need to embark on the road of dreams is courage. If you have the courage, you will dare to give up.
    All men are created equal!
    However – it is also different!
    Take the meal to say:
    Some people think that they are born to be abalone.
    Some people think that they are the best match with stinky tofu!
    Some people love to drink coffee and feel very special;
    Some people love to eat garlic, feel a belly, especially cool!
    In fact, this has nothing to do with coffee and garlic, but you can be ridiculed because you can’t eat garlic. It is really a matter of character.
    A person who lacks courage is like a fox who can’t eat grapes. He can only say that grapes are sour.
    The questions that don’t understand our people asking us the most are:
    “Brother, why do you want to ride to Tibet?
    Is it useful for you to go to Tibet by bicycle? ”
    In fact, I understand that what they want to say is:
    “Brother, you are stupid, riding a bicycle to Tibet!”
    I generally answer: brother, want to dress up and play!
    In the era of busy work and chasing fame and fortune, the prosperous city, the rich life, the impetuous material and the unpredictable days of change, the human heart has changed, many things that were thought to be very precious before, gradually changed. It’s worth it…!
    Brother is also a laity, and he is busy all day long. When life is crushing me, I will leave for a while, the world is so big, ride to see!
    To tell the truth, every time I ride in Tibet, my brother is thinking about various problems while riding a bicycle. Of course, it will also include the above two problems (maybe really because the brain is too busy), many have always thought If you don’t know anything, you can spend three days, four days and five days to think about it. After all, you can understand it!
    The brother finally found that there is no more important in this world than eating full and sleeping scent, and there is no more difficult proposition than living.
    In fact, for those who do not agree with each other, don’t waste a lot of tongues.
    In fact, there is no need to make the problem so complicated. It is really not mysterious to ride Tibet. I don’t want to pretend to be cold.
    But it’s just a couple of days along the different national roads leading to Tibet…
    Some people eat during the day and live in the evening. In addition to climbing the mountain, sunning the sun, and suffering from the conditions, the other is similar to riding a bicycle in the gym!
    It seems to be right!
    By, your uncle, you will come and talk to me after riding a 5-hour spinning bike!
    For you, Tibet is on the map;
    For us, Tibet is in the heart;
    If the heart is longing for it, it will be rewarded;
    How far is the heart, how far the car can ride! (This seems to be an advertising word?)
    Every time I ride to the Potala Palace, I want to cry, but I am a man, how can I shed tears?
    But in my heart, I’m really crying.
    Riding Tibet, regardless of the process, has become a story in the past, but that’s it!
    Yes, weak and tell everyone: brother ridingA few times, I really didn’t tan, didn’t tan, didn’t tan…
    Because I was already very dark!
    Brother likes photography. When I bought the first 600D, the brothers warned me: SLR three generations, photography destroyed a lifetime!
    Indeed, all the way, the camera bought three, the lens bought five, a set of two-home down payment is gone!
    But we are not stable, there is a suite that can’t be raining. The photography equipment is almost the same, the shutter saves a little bit, and it is enough to play for many years. The tight belts are all together, and it can’t be three generations.
    In the previous year, the brain-depleted information of selling kidneys and buying apples made the Internet popular: “The fruit powder is poor for three generations, and the love is crazy for a lifetime.” Brother believes that Apple is really nothing, if you have not really sold the kidneys. Buying an apple is a ruin.
    But I believe that riding this thing really can make the smashing of the smashing “single and poor three generations, riding a ruin for a lifetime”!
    In fact, no matter what hobbies you have, the key to the impact on your life depends on a word of “money”. Money can turn everything into a theory of relativity. For local tyrants, bicycles and bicycles can make him poor. Three generations? Destroy a lifetime?
    As the saying goes:
    Poor car, rich play table, silk play computer; poor chicken, rich base, silk XT…
    (Hey, how is the truth so vulgar!)
    Therefore, the phrase “three generations of bicycles, three generations of bicycles, and ruining a lifetime” is only suitable for us. It does not have much money, and we like to wear the silk. Therefore, we welcome everyone who loves cycling and are seated. Are you like me?
    Visitors to Tibet are generally divided into three levels:
    The first category: also the most one level – stop at enjoying the scenery;
    The second category: doing some homework on Tibet and Tibetan culture, and having thoughts in the heart – persistently looking for faith;
    The third category: a small group of people who are deeply poisoned (such as me) – use life to ask and listen to other lives.
    When you decide to ride to Lhasa, you will always look very high, but the final height depends on which level your heart belongs to, because the level determines the process of “on the road”. , forced to only on the road, not at the end!
    Ok, now calm down, make a cup of tea, listen to my brother:
    One person, one car, one bag, one SLR, one road, one heart, one west!
    The humanity is forced to fill the sky, soaring to Everest, dissipating between the clouds…
     First, ready to go
     (1) Bicycle
    Since it is riding, in addition to cycling people, the bicycle is of course the first, so the first loaded artifact is of course this shovel!
     1, getting started
    Most of the riders haven’t become embarrassed when they get started. The idea is very simple. Maybe it is to travel. Maybe it is to look at other people’s bicycles. It is very handsome and beautiful. Maybe it is because the weight is soaring to lose weight. Maybe it is the legend that thinks cycling. Can pick up a girl sister…
    I don’t understand myself. I can only ask the owner and buddy of the car shop, or the big god around me, and ask them to point the way.
    The great gods will ask you some professional questions, such as “Why are you buying a car? Which bicycles have you been riding? What are the main roads?…..” These problems sometimes make you very embarrassed.
    But the owner and the guy in the car shop will be very pragmatic, they will ask you “How much do you budget?”, usually you quote a number, they will definitely recommend you buy a car that is one gear higher than your budget!
    The great gods will suggest that you start from the middle and lower grades, buy a brand of the whole car, try to see if you can stick to it, if you can really stick to it, it is not too late to upgrade.
    After you buy the first bicycle, if you really have the talent and fall in love with the ride, then congratulations, you are on the road to no return!
     2, upgrade
    I bought a car and I was riding, and I was very excited. I started to accompany my riding gods in the past and made up my mind to “make full use of this bicycle and learn to ride.”
    From the beginning of 20 kilometers a day, “the leg hurts”, and the 150 kilometers a day on the weekend can also be stuck, when the sisters around you like to say to you: “You are handsome in cycling! Feeling good professional! Hello youth! !……”
    Listening to these beautiful and long-lost praises, my heart is so beautiful, you begin to admire yourself, you can also be very good.And think that sooner or later, you can become a great god!
    But one person silently looked back on the road that came over and looked at his own riding record: the fastest speed of the flat road was 36km/h, and the fastest grading was 48km/h. The pure dirt road did not dare to rush the slope, and the corner should be slowed down. … a few months of riding is shocking, unremarkable!
    Then look at the value of the professional that the layman thinks is very professional only 4K mountain horse: ordinary aluminum alloy frame, tires with less grip, the low-end disc brakes on the original vehicle, (come with the strange screams when going down the mountain) Finger sore), intermittent foot pedals…
    All of this, compared with the tens of thousands of carbon fiber + XTR electric + carbon knife wheel ….. I am going to go, I just want to die, there is a voice in my mind Say to you, “I want to change the car, I have to change the car, I have to change the car…”
    Because at this time you have firmly believed that changing a good car, all this can be changed, God, you are not just a car than me! I am riding a car like you, I am no worse than you!
    When you have this idea, congratulations, you are poisoned, and your money is unlucky.
    So you go to ask the masters and gods around you.
    When you have no distance to communicate with them about professional issues, the sentence you are afraid of still comes back. “What is your budget?”
    The eyes of the gods are scornful in their eyes, looking at the number spit out in your mouth, then shrugging your shoulders, then spitting a cigarette ring, telling you from slow to fast: the advantages and disadvantages of the aluminum frame and the carbon frame, The distinction between wire disc and oil disc (feel, brake, control….. reveals a professional taste, the feeling of picking up a girl!)……
    In the end, I only tell you a sentence, “Buy the most expensive car you can afford!”
    Your heart – very moving!
    Wallet – very shy!
    The heart of the turmoil calms down, you are still riding around, still spreading your photos and videos in the circle of friends…
    But whenever you flip through the magazines, or browse the videos of the “God” on the website, you will feel extremely frustrated, “manipulation”, “bending”, “flying bag”… those professional words are in the mind It is fascinating but out of reach!
    You start looking online every day, the lover like a dream, silently make a wish for the next birthday, one day, the baby that the grandfather locked back.
    One day you rushed to the mountain, the bumpy and undulating road covered with stones, straight back your back pain, neck pain, hands and feet cramped hair dizzy.
    When you are sitting on the side of the road, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone. When you look at it, you can rely on it. Today is a good day for paying wages. The blood of tyranny is still boiling. The reason is that the high fever is not retired. You The dream lover in my head flew out and lingering. When you bite your teeth, you have two words: I am fucking…!
    Maybe you changed the carbon fiber, 10km ultra-light weight, let your mountain bike fly like a wind on the road!
    The relaxed, elegant, free and easy, and the surpassing of the eDonkey, you will suddenly feel that the road can let you freely gallop.
    Maybe you changed the soft tail, and after the soft car, let all the pits on the mountain road go with the wind!
    The comfort, stability, calmness, and confidence in the face of a small drop, you will suddenly feel a door that you never thought of.
    Maybe you directly changed the section of the forced cargo road, of course, it is TREK or big C super six, or colnago!
    About 20K of silver, take an entry colnago, oh, it hurts!
    But the lightness and speed of the road bike make you fall into it!
    Good workmanship, light weight, price (squeaky teeth) also… not counting… too – too… expensive!
    In fact, the empty wallet has already made the blood flow like a spring….!
     3, poisoning
    After 3 years of riding, maybe you have 2 cars, 3 helmets, 4 backpacks, 5 Jerseys, 6 pairs of gloves… and some useful useless equipment and tools.
    However, you are tired of the boring ride of the Hummer Party. You are beginning to understand what is called “chicken ribs” in the face of the mountain bikes and various helmets, backpacks and equipment hanging in the wall! Silently ask yourself, why was it so stupid at first, if you go directly to the road, you need to reduce the amount of money and time to become a “big god”!
    In fact, most people buy the first bicycles are mountain bikes. The reason is actually very simple. Compared with road vehicles, the entry threshold of mountain bikes is much lower. The price is on the one hand, and the technical weight is also great!
    In terms of price, the road car of 4-8K is the 4XXX kit + aluminum alloy frame outside the door, the aluminum alloy front fork, the ordinary high-frame aluminum wheel… As a novice, no one will recommend it to you, recommended You can hardly choose.
    However, after a few years, when you really understand the bicycle completely, you will think that the ones you have riding before are really not “cars”.
    But when you really join the ranks of the highway party, congratulations, you have already goneGot a path of no return to a bottomless abyss! ! !
    Road bikes, if not local tyrants, can really make your blood flow into the river.
    The road party said “poor play, rich play wheel, silk play kit”!
    After riding the road, you will find that there is almost nothing available in your previous equipment. Your old mountain bike can not be used on the road bike because there is no cadence.
    After brain filling, you know, in addition to the cadence, you need to integrate a heart rate monitor, and under what circumstances, what kind of heart rate can be achieved to achieve what purpose…
    Those who are just beginning to obsessed with the road will soon find a shortcut to improve their ability – carbon knife!
    When the names of fulcrum, campagnolo, shimano, lightweight, madfiber and the carbon wheel, aluminum side carbon wheel, open tire and tuber various materials and systems are familiar to you, the wallet can no longer hold back.
    However, your money will not be white. If you put a pair of C50 and C24, your road bike will have almost unlimited passability and can adapt to any winding pavement.
    When “race” completely replaces “riding” in your mind,
    Is it possible to ride a 14 kilogram AM to be a mountain horse party?
    Is it possible to try to climb the Purple Mountain from Fan Tomb regardless of the ostrich?
    Is it possible to have the interest and energy to get up in the early morning and drive to the Hongze Lake to watch the sunrise?
    Racing is the highest level of cycling, and as you enter this stage, you are beginning to approach the professional level infinitely.
    When I started racing, I opened a Pandora’s box. In addition to the constant flow of money, I had to devote more time and energy. In addition to work, you almost dedicated all the time you spent to the cushion.
    Life really differs from this.
     4, return
    When we experienced various competitions, excitement and anger, joy and anger, honor and pain…
    In a few years, you have left a 10K XC in your garage, a 35K AM, a 40K road bike (with a flat road knife and a climbing knife), and an accessory worth 60K. Value: 150K.
    In fact, there is still an invisible, you can’t count, that is, in order for your wife to agree to buy these stuff, please pay for her money, which may be higher than the cost of this pile!
    I have been tossing for a long time, and there are always accidents. When you are hanging your arms (breaking the collarbone), standing on the side of the field, talking and laughing, watching the wind and the sky, when the tide rises and falls, you begin to understand: cycling and cycling are not life. All, glory and dreams will gradually calm down!
    I can ride a bicycle again. You start to take the XC, AM and road cars in the garage freely. The horses, horses, cross-country and racing are no longer deliberate. After the entertainment, ride a shared bicycle to go home. You sway a little song, blowing a small wind, no need to refuel, don’t chase, go back safely…
    Life and work are no longer delayed, cycling – just the biggest hobby in life.
     5, forced
    By bike to Lhasa, these words have already given you an infinite amount of force.
    But what kind of car to ride, it must be different.
    The most you see on the Sichuan-Tibet line is the Giant ATX7 series and the Merida Warrior series.
    Although there are many cars in these two cars, they do not necessarily mean that they are the most suitable or compelling. That is because the Sichuan-Tibet line is beautiful and classic, but a large part of people who ride in Sichuan and Tibet are on the road because of their dreams. There aren’t many old drivers with really high levels. The riders who know the car will not choose to use these two 21~24 speed entry-level student cars to ride.
    Haha, that is to say, if your car is such a car, it is equivalent to telling others that “I am a rookie”.
    What is a bit forced?
    XC around 10K!
    The price of tens of thousands must be a professional mountain horse, light frame + flexible 30-speed shift, which makes you feel like a dog every day.
    When you are quietly surpassing the previous rookie, leave a “refueling” when you can imagine a pair of “envy and hate” eyes behind you!
    What is the real high force?
    No matter how much silver is folded with the road!
    Those who can use the most casual folding and the most professional roads, but are not suitable for the two mountains and rivers across the river to ride to Lhasa must be the top of the crazy force, that is definitely the highest mountain Unexpected!
    But there is still the highest, please see the following: twenty-eight big bar plus two snakeskin big bag!
    This kind of force is the ultimate in the same level, unparalleled!
    How to pretend to understand?
    If anyone says in front of you that he has been to Tibet by bicycle, you will say to him indifferently:
    “Your conditions are really good. When we were too poor, we bought the Phoenix 28-bar in the second-hand market in Chengdu and went on the road. It took 26 days to get to Lhasa. There is no shift to climb the mountain, bitter!”
    After the words fell, brother estimated that in addition to quiet or quiet…
     (two), equipment
     1, helmet
    The equipment for riding is not as much as the layman can imagine, but the helmet must be ranked first.
    For cyclists, the helmet is a must, because it is used to save lives!
    If you have been riding a car for a few years, there is no wrestling experience, then you can go home and sleep!
    If you haven’t been a “King of the Kings”, then you will never be a “big god”!
    What kind of helmet to wear is also very particular:
    XC helmet – lightweight breathable, AM helmet – super protection, road bike helmet – in line with aerodynamics.
    When you decide to ride Tibet, no matter how poor you are, it is necessary to buy a helmet of 1K~2K. Maybe you won’t wrestle, the money will be white, maybe it’s not stones but stones, it’s useless, but Wan One?
    With it, you may not be deprived of oxygen forever, maybe it is a chance of oxygen poisoning!
    The price of a expensive helmet is:
    When you are in danger, it can help you live to see the Buddha light of the Potala Palace!
     2, riding clothes
    If you are professionally riding a professional car, but you have been licking the “butt hurts”, then brother tells you that you have lost a professional riding pants!
    Even if you have already become an iron butt, your little brother and little sister need strong protection when riding Tibet.
    Every day, dozens of kilometers of high-altitude mountain climbing, cheap riding pants to protect your younger brother and sister is small, in order to have a possible affair on the road and the happiness of the latter half, having a professional riding pants is a must Otherwise, the tool at the critical moment is broken, then you can only do it!
    How do pants show strong? Oh, simple, combat power explains everything!
    If someone learns from you, then tell him:
    Your “back riding pants” pad material is “oily leather”, the rookies need to pick up the phone immediately to ask the mother to understand!
     3, shoes
    Shoes must be comfortable, anti-storm Colombia is the best, but the force is still high professional SID mountain bike lock shoes and new military liberation shoes.
     4, the package
    Of course, it is the “Gao Dawei” bag, but if it shows the force, it must be a 60L big backpack. Look at my brother, and put a small flag on the bag.
     5, gloves
    Of course, the gloves of the windstopper fabric, but if you want to force the grid, the white gauze gloves used by the migrant workers, no one can compare!
     6, socks
    Of course, the preferred wicking merino wool socks, but also forced, but also convenient to take the family usually do not wear or are ready to throw away 15 pairs, two days a pair, put on throw, no need to wash, and bold !
     7, glasses
    A decent pair of glasses is a must. Usually oakley will be the first choice. In addition to the rhodium-plated lenses, you will need to choose another polarizer, a brightening yellow film and a transparent film. But it costs 4k, which is too expensive. Forget it, the roadside Danyang produces 10 The plastic “Ray-Ban” of the money is more than the professional riding glasses!
     8, tools
    In order to prevent accidents such as punctures on the plateau above 4000 meters above sea level, it is a “big king” on a picturesque mountain, an integrated tool with a hexagon socket, a chain cutter and a tire stick, plus a spare tire. Pumps and magic buckles, chain oils, etc. are a must. If you are a good-looking girl, good at being a good man and have a dedication, then well, you don’t have to bring anything!
     9, supply
    Going to Tibet is not at home, not drinking water when you are thirsty, eating when you are hungry, because you don’t have to have it when you want it, and it’s probably not, so you have a few snickers or energy bars when you leave every day. In the water bottle or water bag, add effervescent tablets… The uninhabited road can save lives.
    To force the grid, simple, bring 20 hoes or 10 large cakes every day, 5L big bottle, put on boiled water, a pack of money, Wujiang mustard, how can you ask for it!
     Second, where to go (into the Tibet route)
    There are six routes for traditional riding: the Qinghai-Tibet Line (G109), the Sichuan-Tibet South Line (G318), the Sichuan-Tibet Northern Line (G317), the Yunnan-Tibet Line (G214), the Xinzang Line (G219), and the Tang Fan Ancient Road.
    The most beautiful is the southern Sichuan-Tibet line, which is also the most mature commercialization. The second half of the Yunnan-Tibet line meets the southern Sichuan-Tibet line. The national road 318 where the southern Sichuan-Tibet line is located has been hailed as “China’s landscape by China National Geographic”. Avenue, most of the rides have chosen this road to be a dangerous and infinitely beautiful road. How many people have gone to the bottomless valley.
    However, due to excessive commercialization, it is necessary to change the way when it comes to pressing.
    The desolate desert of the Chaidamu Basin in the Qinghai-Tibet Line, hundreds of kilometers from the Kunlun Mountain to the Tanggula Mountain, and the 1200-meter-high sea, has created a desolate Qinghai-Tibet Road with a sigh of relief. The ever-changing weather is much harder and harder than you can imagine.
    The Sichuan-Tibet Northern Line and the Tang-fan Ancient Road to Naqu are all on the Qinghai-Tibet line. Since these two roads are no longer the main roads, the road conditions are relatively poor, which adds a lot of difficulty to the ride.
    The hardest thing is of course the new Tibet line. It is still the same sentence. If someone tells you the story of the Sichuan-Tibet line in front of you, just tell him:
    “I am a talented person who has finished the new collection…”
    The new Tibet line is the most difficult and difficult one in the normal route of entry. The G219 has already represented everything. All languages ​​are pale!
    Brother wrote in the desert of Qaidam:
    Only the most painful experience can become a beautiful memory!
    The force and difficulty coefficient of riding Tibet is directly proportional to the pain index!
    In fact, no matter which line you enter into Tibet, as long as you ride, and the whole ride is over, you are your own hero, that is the highest force in your life!
     Third, with whom (team)
    If you want to go which way, let’s decide who to go with!
    The people who entered Tibet for the first time wanted to find a group of like-minded people to walk together because of various concerns.
    Some people are teamed up at home, some are online, but the solidity of this unorganized and undisciplined team can be ignored.
    If you really want to team up, a team of 3 to 5 people is the best combination.
    If it is a big team, whether you are going to worship the son or the name of the vote before you leave, or kill the chicken and kill the duck, bloody alliance, a big poison oath:
    We must never give up, we must ride together to Lhasa!
    But as soon as you get on the road, you can’t hold it for three days, it must be broken, and it will be terrible.
    For example, in the fluent Sichuan and TibetOnline, during the peak season, you will see a large group of people starting from Chengdu every day, more than 5 people, Day 1: Chengdu to Ya’an, everyone is like a family, love each other, help each other; Day 2: If it is a team of 7 or 8 people, when they arrive at the new ditch, they will generally be divided into two groups, but everyone is still a team. The person in front will inform the teammates behind the road, pay attention to matters, help to book meals, accommodation, etc. Day 3, the third day of the key, when you arrive at the top of Erlang Mountain, everyone will wait until all the teammates arrive. After the photo is taken together, they will settle down and enjoy the scenery of Dadu River, and they will win the battle like a brother!
    Next… In the afternoon, someone will go to Kangding, but some people will no longer want to stay in Luding, so I will make an appointment. I am waiting for you at the Duotang, the first time I have separated!
    In fact, when these two people meet again, they may already be in Lhasa. If they are in different places, perhaps they will never see each other again in this life!
    Later, when crossing the mountain, some people will take a hot spring at the Duotang, and some will cross the Xinduqiao in the past.
    Later, in the Gaoersi Mountain, in the shearing of the mountain, in the back of the dozens of mountains above 4,000 meters, some people fell behind, some people took the car, some gave up, the people who walked every day have already changed, fast Slowly, there are new accomplices, then separate, and then acquaintance with the people in front of the front, with you to Lhasa, almost did not start in Chengdu with you.
    Even if you have the ability to be a accomplices, but with everyone walking 24 hours a day, everyone’s bad habits, living habits, and even small details will be revealed in front of everyone, coupled with different ages and identities, the economic ability is huge. The difference is that the white-collar workers who have entered the 10,000-month-old and the private-sector bosses and the working-class, the consumption power and habits of the students may be the same. Maybe for a plate of pork, maybe a fierce quarrel can be made for the beds of 20 yuan and 30 yuan. The team collapsed completely…
    The Buddha said: The millennium has been repaired with the boat!
    Brother said: In the vast sea of ​​people, you can ride Tibet together, how many years can you cultivate the fate?
    Therefore, it is true that all the way to the same boat, the wind and rain with more than 2,000 kilometers to Lhasa, must be the fate of the past three lives!
    Sleeping together on the national road in the desert of Qaidam;
    Together with the last hoe on the Kunlun Mountains; hiding behind the boulder in the Mira Mountains in the snow, the frosty eyebrows are looking forward to the shivering look of your arrival;
    Leave the last bit of water in the sand of the Guge Dynasty;
    When Gang Rinpoche turned to the mountain, he silently promised to wish each other a peaceful life!
    Quietly accompanying along the way, along the way, with the two wheels and obsessively over all the difficulties and peaks across the road… I often screamed “I have you along the way, bitter and willing…!”
    Brother believes:
    “All encounters are the old dream fronts on the Sanshengshi, and they are reunited for a long time. They are the good fruits of the past compassion!”
    This paragraph is so affectionate and literary, is this still my style?
    In fact, it is so difficult to do this, so all the gods and the two will make the same choice, that is:
    Brother, go alone!
    Is it cool to walk a few thousand miles or even thousands of miles?
    Don’t be responsible for who, and have a super high force, absolutely wise and correct choice!
    Unless you are like me, there is such a home in the family that is more powerful than your brother!
     Fourth, where do you live, what to eat (food and accommodation)
    Many people who are going to Tibet have been fooled by the so-called big gods on the Internet. The humanities and customs of Tibet are extremely simple. The bosses of all ethnic groups are also consciences of the heavens and the earth. Every day, all kinds of resolutely helpless everyone!
    and soEveryone thinks that “Tibet” is a place where you can swim in poverty. If you ride Tibet so high, you should travel poorly. The people you meet in Tibet must be very kind. If you have difficulties, everyone will help us.
    Oh, rely on you, don’t use your brain, think about it with your heels. People from all over the country are leaving their homes and traveling to Tibet on the road to Tibet. Isn’t it because people are stupid enough to do good deeds? They are also going to make hard money!
    Tibet’s various materials are seriously scarce. All of them are transported from the mainland for long distances. How high is the cost? Who can afford it?
    In the era when commercialization is so developed, there are still people who have a bad idea. Please think at home, go out or ask for food, or sell your body, or come back without twisting your ass!
    Someone has been asking brother, how many things do you need to ride Tibet?
    My brother’s answer has never changed:
    Dreams, body (health), ability, time, money, perseverance, and a heart that is self-reliant and self-reliant!
    Poor to swim, is also a rare spirit, but poor travel is not a migration, we save as much as possible, we can reduce some money to achieve our dreams.
    In fact, everyone still admires the riders who are riding to Tibet along the way, and will provide appropriate assistance.
    Brothers often play in the desert on the Qinghai-Tibet line, and then they stand on the side of the road with an empty pure water bottle. Up to three cars, there must be one stop, they will definitely reserve the car. The water is selfless to me, and I would like to thank all the people who parked for us on the road, thank you!
    Going on the subject, going back to the topic, riding Tibet, must be prepared to suffer hard, sometimes, some problems, money can not be resolved.
    No matter which way you go into Tibet, in fact, you can have a good meal every day, maybe only dinner, and then buy the next day’s breakfast (bubble, big cake, gimmick) and noon road meal (only On the Sichuan-Tibet line, you can have food early.) In fact, as long as you want to get up early and go to Tibet, you can only eat boiled water.
    At noon, the road meal is mainly composed of big cake, steamed bread and eight-treasure porridge.
    Eat taro, big cake, drink eight treasure porridge, and then put the mustard in the eight treasure porridge empty cans with a boiling water in the moisturizing cup, haha, delicious mustard soup is a good thing to make up the salt water.
    If you can bring an apple a day, it is a vitamin supplement and a high anti-reverse!
    Dinner can be rich, but the price of vegetarian food 25, leeks 50, is still worth a lot of people hesitate!
    Live, you have almost no choice on the road, one point, just a few, the conditions and prices are similar, really into your eyes, the amount of money to pay will make you open mouth!
    It is very simple to eat and drink. Bring your own tent, find a picturesque place, set it up, order the plateau gas stove, cook a pot of fragrant “red braised beef noodles”, add a few pieces of yellowish green leaves. Dish, then redeem the oatmeal, take out the old godmother, wait for the stars to eat when you are full of the sky, your stomach and soul, and at the same time get unlimited and noble comfort.
    It’s good to save money, so romantic, so good!
    But beware of wolves! ! !
     Five, on the road (riding)
    No matter which one rides the road, it is not flat. The beauty of entering Tibet is beautiful and hard.
    On the road, the most people sent out on the circle of friends and Weibo are the beautiful scenery and some photos with extremely poor road conditions.
    Although the road is much better now than before, the individual sections may still be so bad that even the tanks can’t move.
    It is not uncommon for people to ride into a car rider. It is a compulsory course for carts and trains to pass through those bad roads. The painful experience can not only be a good memory for the future, but also satisfy the needs of the audience.
    Many people are on the road of fear and time.I am waiting for the hardships and hardships of the legends. After passing by, I will show my “great” and “bossy” journey into Tibet with the feeling of ecstasy and pain.
    Sustained hardship has also caused many people to become irritable and mad, and to squirt all the things they encounter at any time and anywhere!
    Road rotten-spray, slope length-spray, unclear mileage-spray, poor accommodation and food-spray, rain-spray, headwind-spray, chased by wild dogs–spraying…..spraying air, Sprayed the Unicom spray movement, sprayed the telecom spray traffic, in short…
    As long as you are alive, panting will be sprayed, almost everything you encounter in the whole process must be sprayed!
    Brother wants to say: You have to be so angry and go home!
    If you like hardship, why are you so arrogant?
    No matter which way you go, the last day to Lhasa is Kangzhuang Avenue, and there will be a stupid X-state:
    This big flat road, really can’t ride!
    Brother only wants to say at this time: “The swearing is the temper!”
    In fact, all of us ordinary people have the same feelings. After we have finished the bad road, when we see the asphalt road, it is like a sudden reunion with the lover who has been lost for many years. Maybe it is ecstatic, maybe it is like a spring!
    On the road to Tibet, hiking, cycling, driving, and group tours…
    Everyone feels that they are a very powerful person, carry a marker with them, where to write, where to go and where to draw.
    I wrote it on the street sign, on the traffic sign, on the mountain and the stone, on the wall of the hotel (the Green Traveler is willing to paint you a crow), all kinds of invincible calves, these have become the practice, everyone does not matter It is.
    But with some brain damage, there are many wonderful ideas.
    Such as:
    Someone wrote XXX on the quilt of the inn to cover the quilt; on the TV set of people, a knives were used to engrave a line of XXX to visit this place; what is more, there is no one in the temple’s stupa: it is said that there is a dead.
    Tasang is the highest level of funeral in Tibetan Buddhism, which can be enjoyed by high morals. You write these on the stupa of others. In fact, there is a 2B written on your grandfather’s tombstone:
    I buried a 2B here.
    2 goods, how do you feel?
    In fact, the reason for riding on the road is to make yourself ordinary, with the heart of an ordinary and kind Han Chinese to feel the strangeness and beauty you have encountered.
    I believe that when you really need help, if you push open the door of any Tibetan citizen, you will feel the enthusiasm of Tibetans admiring the entrance. The stove burning with cow dung will definitely make you warm, fragrant butter tea. Definitely the most delicious drink you have ever had.
    These ordinary, beautiful in your circle of friends and on Weibo, is high.
    Without a touch of sensation on the road, use the flesh to practice your dreams, and harvest the most expensive ones in your life!
     Six, an affair
    The last time I said, Tibet is the legendary affair capital of Lijiang, Yangshuo and Gulangyu!
    If you are not hiking or riding to Tibet, it must be a legend of deception!
    On the way to the west, there are blue sky and white clouds on the road, the moon is full of stars, and the palace of Qingshan Green Water Temple has everything.
    No matter who you are, where you come from, as long as you step on the bicycle, everyone is already the same. No one cares about your income, background, age, and even looks. Both 1K and 4W shovel are to be used.
    Everyone shortly bid farewell to the original one, slow down the body, put the light soul, put hardships, enjoy the suffering, turn loneliness and loneliness into romance!
    If in such a journey, he or she (she) who has the same feelings as you, will there be a different romantic factor in the air, and how can there be no cremation?
    Riding Tibet is the easiest way to encounter a bright and colorful encounter, so Tibet’s affair must be “on the road”.
    But on the way to the road, although the sun on the plateau shines on your lower body, it may not be beautiful when you encounter it, because your scarred ass and your younger sister are out of sync with your hormones: one wants to fight, one wants to rest!
    Ok, let’s make a compromise, let’s take a look at it all the way, and talk to Lhasa!
    Going to Lhasa, huh, huh, brother can only hehe…!
    In fact, this event is not something that everyone can meet, and not everyone can enjoy it.
    Because affair is not equal to love, so the affair of affair is that it really meets, you can sing it, the journey is over, the story is over, let this 邂逅 become the most beautiful memories buried in the depths of memory!
    Brother said: Aventure has risks, encounter caution, remember – take it lightly!
     Seven, Lhasa forced
    The raging servant came to Lhasa, who wouldn’t want to be unique in the flow of flowers and greens?
    Walking on the streets of Lhasa, my brother just wants to say a little to the men and women riding the donkey–wearing!
    Although the wind, sand and rain along the way have already ruined the vicissitudes of our men, we don’t need a fading hiking shoe assault trousers to decorate ourselves. It’s too “tourist”, and we must understand that “the more professional, the more amateur” Being able to ride to Lhasa does not mean that you are not a “novice” or a “raw melon”.
    In fact, the men just have a little bit of it, the whole pair of old pure leather Zhongbang shoes, a hole in the jeans, a slightly messy haircut, a Ray-Ban in the face of the black suede, SLR tape in Wrap around the neck for two laps, you can stroll up the street, see a few beautiful women, maybe, there will be accidents.
    Better packed, wrapped in a large shawl, a skirt with long ankles, a colorful silk scarf around the head (shade and color), a bronze face with Ray-Ban (color film frog mirror), plus some Tibetan accessories, coral wax, turquoise, or something, can be freshly baked. If you have the eyes and posture of Maggie Cheung in “New Dragon Inn” and “Evil Toxic”, it is POS, it is directly The swaying posture and the style of the wind are all kinds of, oh, how many men can withstand such awkward!
    Friendship reminds you beautiful:
    If you are not a versatile clothes rack, don’t challenge the collection!
    Brother believes that the most worthwhile place to visit in Lhasa is the Barkhor Street with the Jokhang Temple Square as its core. If you want to marry, there may be a chance there!
    Barkhor Street is a city of Lhasa that has transformed the big money. It is definitely a classic of the protection and transformation of the old city. It is worthy of our mainland’s parents who like to demolish and build new ones to learn!
    The slate in front of the Jokhang Temple Square has been polished by the long-standing believers for centuries. The years have accumulated too much piety and faith here, and people can’t help but feel awe.
    The present Jokhang Temple Square is more and more like a Tibetan floating shelter. All kinds of “驴” people come here. The people in the square are not only people but people. However, unlike the mainland scenic spots, no matter how many people there are, this is orderly.
    Too many boring people are soaking in the Jokhang Temple Square, or relaxing in the sun, or sitting in a slap in the air, or watching the tourists come and go, and pretending to be a believer. Nine worships…
    You can also be one of them! ! ! ! ! !
     Eight, meaning
    Many people say: going to Tibet is a journey to wash the soul!
    Do you believe?
    Brother said: rip eggs!
    No one can deny that every road to Tibet has the most beautiful scenery in China, and it is beautiful and suffocating.
    Not to mention far, Tibet 20 years ago, traffic was blocked, the degree of Chineseization was light, natural scenery and originalThe ecological humanities are very well maintained. Entering the Tibetan area is really like entering another world. Now, when you go to Lhasa, the Tibetan old grandmother is playing with iPhone7 WeChat, you said you Specifically to purify the soul, I can only be to you: Hehe… Hehe!
    So riding a bicycle to Tibet, for the rider, can really make people understand the meaning of life and some changes to our three views, but the more you feel may be the mountains and dumbs that make people collapse to the extreme. It’s the pain of going up the mountain and eating down the mountain like a diarrhea!
    Cycling is not sacred, no matter how hard the process is, and it will never be forgotten, but it is still a very difficult trip that reminds us of our lives, nothing more.
    To say that it is a journey to wash the soul, it is absolutely ridiculous!
    So what? ? ?
    Hey, the meaning of brother is to enjoy loneliness!
    Brother is a busy day ants
    If the wind is in the middle of the year, enjoy the dust
    Loneliness is not a decadent
    Loneliness is just an excuse to find noisy
    Loneliness is the paradise of soul retreat
    Brother “on the road” alone to enjoy loneliness!
    On that day, I’m carrying my bag, not for worship, just for the arms of you.
    That month, turning the economy, not super-degree, just to touch your fingertips.
    That year long all the way, not for a glimpse, just for the tenderness of your
    That iron rides to the mountains, not for the afterlife, only to meet you on the way
    Every departure
    It’s all because of the holy Hada that yearns for heaven.
    Every time I return,
    It’s all about the hardships of the red dust.
    Thanks for riding all the “on the road”…
    Because of you, my luck, my destiny, it is inevitable…!
    The Qinghai-Tibet line ride was a painful experience since I entered Tibet. After I came back, many people consulted me about riding a boat. I was a little tired of answering.
    I started to get busy again, one month, one year… I was so scared, I forgot my pain, and I started to want to go to Tibet again.
    My previous article, “Walking Tibet – Guide to Loading” was reprinted by many people, pirated, and I really didn’t want to write another word for a while.
    But then I seriously thought about it. People like me can be really satisfied with the old mother who has never been able to stand up in heaven and heaven.
    Well, it is still necessary to write down again, do something for those who have the dream of entering Tibet, fake, false, old, new, and new, to brush the sense of existence, to control the stolen stolen, articles such as Like your son, you stole it, and you are still a brother. You dare to give up your name. Under the sorrowful publicity, I also recognize it. This is no different from wearing a green hat. In addition to admire, I have nothing to say. Can be said!
    After all, the invincible brother is just a little rumor of a small culture. The cultivation does not meet the realm of “reporting grievances” demanded by the Master. After the welfare is issued, he will spit out a bit, please everyone!
    Brother’s article can not be said to be 100% original, always want to find some materials online, but more than 70% of the original must be achievable, doctoral thesis is also the standard, so everyone should not ask again How much is Uncle Lang, I copied it.
    Even so, I must first pay tribute to the original author of my reference material! (I am also trying to force it, it can seem that my rogue and personality are much higher than those of pseudo-cultural people, haha, you say it!)
    Let’s get down to business, the last one is called walking Tibet – the guide to force, so this next article is called “riding Tibet – loading guide”, which is considered a sequel to the guide guide, oh, so it seems that there is a Hollywood style , not bad, you can like it!
    Author: Yangliulang (benevolent invincible), bicycle rider, travel photographer.
    WeChat: (yhj0898)
    [email protected]江苏杨六郎.

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