Rizhao Qingdao two-phase look, relying on the sea to enjoy the wind

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    For the first time last year, I went to Rizhao and Weihai in two cities in Shandong Binhai. It was really a sea and sky, with beautiful scenery and a well-deserved reputation. Although Weihai is also very
    Beautiful, but it feels more convenient for the traffic of sunshine. From the perspective of playing the sea, it is more interesting to see the sun. Because the beach here is better, the fisherman is very mature. It’s all along the beautiful coastline of Rizhao.
    In the small fishing village of accommodation, living in Yujiale can get closer to the sea and you can come to the beach at any time. When you are in the tide, go swimming, play in the water, play in the sand, go to the sea when you are in the tide, pick up the shellfish, go fishing, whether it is playing water projects, or
    Just taking a photo and looking at the scenery is very convenient. Living in a fishing village, you can also feel the real life of coastal fishermen. It is a unique experience to eat the delicious seafood that fishermen themselves catch, and the most important thing is that the cost is not yet
    Compared with sunshine, Qingdao can be much more famous. I have been there twice on a business trip, and I have been passing by once, but I have no time to visit. I have always felt very sorry. This time, when I return from sunshine, I decided.
    Dingshun will turn Qingdao forward. Qingdao’s tourism resources are particularly rich. You don’t have to go to those places that charge for it. Along the beach, the number of free attractions is countless. Historical and cultural relics are scattered all over the place, making it not only the sky but also the scenery.
    Beautiful, and simple and dignified, quiet and elegant.
    In fact, Rizhao is very close to Qingdao. It does not need to take the high-speed. It will travel along the 204 National Road on the beach, more than 100 kilometers, and pass through the Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Undersea Tunnel. from me
    The Wujiatai Village where we lived opened a dozen kilometers to the north, and entered the scope of Qingdao. All the way, with the sea and the wind, walking on the beautiful coastal road, walking between the two beautiful coastal cities, the view of sunshine Sea view and Qingdao architecture are also a very rare experience.
    Old rules, first a few town buildings
    First of all, I would like to thank Hanbang Shangpin for sponsoring the ice rock skin windbreaker, a must-have weapon for seaside travel. Skin clothing is a term that has only become popular in China in the last two years. It is called this name, meaning that it does not feel on the body. It seems to be integrated with the body. It is ultra-light and breathable.
    With the direct protection of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the effect is the same as that of the sunshade. The biggest feature is that it is cool and sunscreen.
    [Rizhao Beach Bath Raiders] (exclusive, 2016 latest version)
    1. The first bathing beach: Ishigaki Beach (disappeared)
    Now there is no first bathing beach in Rizhao. The original beach was originally located in Rizhao Port Area. It was later abandoned due to the expansion of Rizhao Port. The Shijie Bathing Beach in the 1980s has become a memory of many Rizhao children.
    2. The second beach: Wanpingkou Beach (charged bath, charges starting June 1, 2016)
    This is the closest bathing area to the city. Haiqu Road has been eastward across the Wanpingkou Bridge. The Wanpingkou bathing beach is from Wanpingkou to the coastline of Taiji Island, which is a few kilometers away. It was originally free, but now the entire scenic area has been upgraded and upgraded. The fee has been charged on June 1, 2016. Students who attend school in Rizhao are free of charge with their student ID card. Military officer ID, soldier ID card, disability certificate, and senior citizens over 70 years old are free of charge. Although it is charged, the scenery is beautiful, the coastline is straight, and the facilities include the most complete coastal entertainment. The beach also has free parasols and loungers for tourists. The disadvantage of the second beach is
    The sand is coarse, the slope of the beach is large, and the wind and waves are fierce. The advantage is that there is a well-built comprehensive landscape and entertainment plaza, and there are perfect facilities such as a shower room, a dressing room, a storage cabinet, a restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop, and a tourist souvenir street. Facilities, convenient transportation, regular parking. There is a sun-drenched architectural tidal tower, not far from another iconic architectural lighthouse in Rizhao. There are also free open attractions such as the World Sailing Base and the Olympic Water Park. As a window for Rizhao tourism, Wanpingkou is still a must-see attraction for Rizhao, especially with children, sand sculptures, small trains, acrobatic performances, children’s tourist facilities, surfing, boating.Going to the sea, etc., are very attractive. The bus station here is called “Wanpingkou Ecological Park”, which can be reached by 5, 6, 32, 33.
    3, the third beach: the mountain sea bathing beach (free bath, the only regular free beach in Rizhao)
    The coastline here is also very long, ranging from Taigong Island to the north to the coastline of Daquangou, because it is the only regular free beach in Rizhao. It is not far from the city, so it should be the most popular. Wang, the most visited beaches. Taigong Island is mainly a reef, so it is more suitable for catching sea and playing with sand. It is not suitable for swimming. It is a beach that has not been opened yet. It is forbidden to swim in the sea. To the north of Taigong Island, it is the third bathing beach. It is characterized by fine sand, shallow sea, small wind and waves, and many recreational facilities on the sea. The beach area is very large at low tide and children can enjoy the sand. Some places here are relatively low-lying, small pools will appear after the ebb, and it is very pleasant to take pictures. The beaches of the third bath and the beaches of the second bath are actually connected, but they have now been cut off by the isolation belt of the Wanpingkou scenic spot. The bus stop here is called “Wang Home Soap
    Folk Village, “Professor Garden”, “Shanhaitian Resort”, “Qiaojiadunzi”, 8 Road, 10 Road, 33 Road, 35 Road, 36 Road can be reached, these stations get off to the east Walking, all beaches.
    4. The fourth park beach forest park bath (charged bath)
    The fourth bathing beach mainly refers to the bathing place inside the Rizhao Seaside National Forest Park. It is also called Dashayu Beach. The sand is very fine and the sea water is clear. The coastline here is very long, the beach is the widest, and there is a large block on the north side of the forest park.
    The original undeveloped beach, the southern area is the regular bathing area developed. Because it is necessary to buy tickets for the park, it is also a chargeable beach. There are various entertainment facilities, as well as resorts, hotels and meals.
    Halls, supermarkets, facilities, but the consumer price is very high, because the quality of the beach here is much better than Wanpingkou, so the same bathing beaches have their own advantages and strengths.
    5. Wujiatai Bathing Beach of the 4th Bathing Beach (free bath, also the best bathing place in Rizhao, highly recommended)
    The beachfront National Forest Park is just outside the free beachfront of Wujiatai Village, which is of course also the fourth bathing beach, which is closely linked to the beach in the forest park. The sand is as delicate as the sea, the water is as clear, here and all
    The formal bathing places are different. There is no tourism company to develop. It is the original pure natural beach. Only the Wujiatai villagers organize clean-up beaches and some supporting facilities. The beach at Wujiatai Bathing Beach is a few minutes walk from Wujiatai Village, and
    The toll baths in the Forest Park are separated by a barbed wire. Every year after July, it enters the peak season, and there are many entertainment facilities on the beach. But some dangerous activities are exciting, but because it is not here.
    Standardized companies manage, so the price is cheaper, but there are security risks, everyone should be careful.
    [Rizhao Attractions Raiders]
    Rizhao currently does not have a 5A scenic spot, but the Wanpingkou Scenic Area has been upgraded and upgraded. It is said that it is building a 5A scenic spot. According to the scale and scenery here, there should be no problem.
    In addition to the Wanpingkou Scenic Area, the main scenic spots of Rizhao include the National Marine Forest Park, the Lighthouse Scenic Area, the World Sailing Base, the Olympic Water Park, the Wulian Mountain Scenic Area, the Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Area, the Rizhao River Mountain Scenic Area, and the Huaxianzi Scenic Area. , Zhudongtian Scenic Area, Taigong Island, Taohuadao Fengqing Garden, etc.
    The main seaside attractions of Rizhao are basically tens of kilometers of golden coastline. Some of the scenic spots are flower sea, bamboo forest and mountain climbing. They can be used as a supplement to the sunshine holiday trip. I divide them into several areas, each of which can be based on its own I like to arrange a day or a half-day, and finally combine according to the length of my trip.
    1. Forest Park + Wujiatai (fourth bathing place)
    Key recommendation: Wujiatai Sunrise, playing in the water, catching the sea
    2, Renjiatai Reef Park + fishing, Lijiatai Reef Park + Zhangjiatai Reef Park + Taohuadao Fengqing Park
    Key recommendation: Renjiatai Reef Park, the closest to Wujiatai
    3. Taigong Island + Shanhaitian (third bathing place)
    Key recommendations: Taigong Island reef sunrise, catching the sea.
    4, Yingxu Square + Bath Moon Plaza + Lintao Square + Pohang Square + Yangfan Bridge + Colorful Bridge (Dream Beach Park)
    Key recommendation: coastal wood boardwalk in the evening
    5, Wanpingkou + Lighthouse + World Sailing Base + Olympic Water Park (Second Bath)
    Key recommendations: Chaoshan Tower, World Sailing Base, Lighthouse Reef
    6. Zhudongtian Scenic Area + Huaxianzi Scenic Area
    Key recommendation: Flower Fairy, in addition to winter, each season has a corresponding flower bloom
    7. Wulian Mountain + Jiuxian Mountain, Rizhao Heshan Scenic Area
    Key recommendation: Jiuxian Mountain, Rizhao is building the concept of mountain and sea tour, mountaineering to see the sea, not too happy
    【Rizhao Accommodation Guide】
    According to the experience of Rizhao travel last year, it is mainly to catch up with the sea, fishing, swimming, leisure and vacation. The most suitable accommodation method is Yujiale. Of course, Rizhao’s hotels are also very numerous, but the price is very expensive in the peak season, and it is not convenient to eat. It is better to live in a fisherman’s house, close to the sea, and convenient to eat, saving money and worry.
    Rizhao’s fisherman’s music is very famous. It is said that there are more than 2,000, including North Miaojia Village, Dongjiatan, Wangjia Soap, Qiaojiadunzi, Taohuadao, Renjiatai, Wujiatai, Zhangjiatai, Lijiatai, Dongxiaotun, Feijiazhuang. Da Chenjia Village,
    There are more than a dozen beaches in the back, and they are all beachside folk tourist resorts. Among them, Wujiatai Village is the best, next to the best fourth beach and sunshine forest park in Rizhao. The free bathing area next to Wujiatai belongs to a very natural bathing beach, which is relatively rare. Although Wujiatai Village is farthest from the urban area, because the fisherman music is the earliest, the related facilities and conditions are the best in sunshine. Even in the peak season, the accommodation cost is much cheaper than the hotel.
    We live in Rongsheng fishermen. There are three advantages to seeing his family. One is a large parking lot with a few hundred square meters in the south of the village. Free parking is very convenient, and 24-hour comprehensive monitoring is safe and secure. Some fishermen are far away from the parking lot and can only stop in a narrow alley. The main road of the village is very narrow. There are shops on both sides, let alone a small alley. It is easy to be embarrassed. Second, there are more than 400 households in Wujiatai Village, with fishing boats.
    Not many people, many people have not sailed to the sea, but Rongsheng has fishing boats, so he can eat real sea catching seafood in his home, and it is given to us at wholesale price. This point we go to the village
    The seafood supermarket has verified it. The third is that his family’s dishes are especially good, especially the dried squid, braised fish, sauce and snails. The taste is definitely more than the big hotel, and his family’s squid dumplings are also very delicious. It is highly recommended. . day
    According to the tourist attractions in the peak season, the consumption is not cheap, or the fisherman’s music is really some, sometimes playing outside can not come back at noon, you can eat casually, eat at the fisherman’s house sooner or later, that is, health, and affordable. As long as I have come to Rongsheng’s fishing house once, I will definitely not go to other families. All of them are repeat customers, because the boss Xiaoying and the boss’s Xiaoan couple are very real. They take tourists as their relatives. Let’s feel it. Got it. So of course, I went to Rizhao this time and chose his home.
    [Qingdao Baths Raiders] (exclusive, 2016 latest version)
    1. The first bathing beach (sand, small waves, close distance, large scale)
    The first bathing beach, also known as Huiquan Bathing Beach, is the most famous bathing beach in Qingdao. It was built in 1901 and was once the largest bathing beach in Asia. It has a history of more than 100 years. The bathing area is located in Huiquan Bay in the eastern part of Qingdao City. It has a half-moon shape. The water in the bay is small and clear, the beach is flat and gentle, and the sand is soft. There is no hidden reef and no whirlpool. As a bathing beach, the natural conditions are extremely superior. Surrounded by mountains and greenery, modern high-rise buildings and traditional villa architecture are the essence of Qingdao seaside scenic spot. Ride 6/15/26/31/202/214/219/223/228/231/302/304/311/312/316/321/368/370/411/468/501/604/605/Urban Sightseeing 1 Line / City Sightseeing 3 Line / Tunnel 2 Road
    / Tunnel 6 bus “Beach Bath” station can get off.
    2. The second bathing beach (sand, small waves, close distance, small scale)
    Second bathing beach
    Because it is located in Taiping Bay on the east side of Huiquan Bay, it is also called Taipingjiao Bathing Beach. Because it is adjacent to Shanhaiguan Road Waterfront Park, it was once known as Shanhaiguan Road Bathing Beach. It has a quiet environment and beautiful scenery. This is the villa area with Badaguan
    Adjacent to a beach bath, the summer is a private bath in the interior, closed management, free access in other seasons. The beach is flat and gentle, the sand is soft, the wind and waves are small, the sea feels, the beach area is large, and many international friends often
    Sunbathing here. The western beaches of the bathing beach are full of cobblestones, which attract many tourists to come and pick them up. Multiply by 26/31/202/206/223/228/231/304/311/312
    Get off at the “Wushengguan Road” station on the /316/317/321/370/501/604/605 road, take the 214/219 bus and get off at the “Zhengyangguan Road” station, take the 468 bus “Ningwu turn off
    Get off at the road and walk on foot.
    3. The third bathing beach (sand, small waves, close distance, small scale)
    The third bathing beach is located in Taipingjiao East
    side,Zhanshan Bay, also known as Shanhaitian Bathing. It is not as big as the second bathing beach, but the sea is very clear, the reef is beautiful, and the scenery is particularly good. There is a variety of dressing rooms on the beach, and the dressing room is bathed.
    The water is hot water, which is especially suitable for those who are not used to cold water. The second bathing beach of Shanhaiguan Road and the third bathing beach of Taipingjiao 6th Road are very close to the Badaguan Scenic Area. It can be said that it is within the scope of Badaguan Scenic Area.
    There are both beautiful seascapes and Western architecture with different styles in eight different styles. Multiply by 26/31/202/206/223/228/231/304/310/311/312
    /316/317/321/370/501/604/605/ City Tour 1 line to get off at the “Two Treatments” station.
    4, the sixth beach (sand rough, big waves, close distance, small scale)
    The sixth bathing beach is located in the west of Qianhai Trestle Bridge, adjacent to the railway station, also known as the Trestle Bathing Beach. Perhaps here is a lot of foreigners, the first impression of Qingdao as a seaside city. The coastline here is also very beautiful. There are both trestle bridges and modern high-rise buildings. The only regret is that the bathing area is small and can only accommodate more than a thousand tourists, and because it is near the railway station, the traffic is convenient. People are messy and not recommended. Here is the distance from Qingdao to Qin
    The island is not far away. Every night, the navigation lights on the Qindao Island and the sparkling light of the baths complement each other to form an intoxicating night scene. Ride 2/5/8/25/26/202/217/220/223/301
    /303/304/305/307/308/311/312/316/320/321/325/412/501/504/Tunnel 1/Tunnel 2/Tunnel 3
    / Tunnel 5 Road / Tunnel 6 Road / Tunnel 7 Road / New District Tourist Line L2 Road to “Qingdao Railway Station”.
    Many people will ask if Qingdao has the first, second, third and sixth beaches, then there must be a
    Fourth, the fifth, indeed, obsessive-compulsive disorder like me is very concerned about this problem, just here to give you some confusion. The fourth bathing beach in Qingdao was originally the Zhanshan Bathing Beach. It was located in Zhanshan and was expanded in 1934, but it has been idle.
    Set for many years. Qingdao No.5 Bathing Beach was originally a boathouse, located in Xiaogang. It was a member bath in the first day, and it is now idle. In addition to the fourth and fifth, Qingdao also has a seventh bathing beach, also known as the sea pass.
    The site, located under the Licunhe Railway Bridge, was once infinitely beautiful, but in 1990 the Jiaozhou Bay Expressway was built to cut off the sea, and the Seventh Bathing Beach was no longer traceable.
    5, Shilaoren Bathing Beach (sand in general, the waves are large, the distance is long, the scale is large)
    The Shilaoren Bathing Beach is located at the southern end of Haier Road in Laoshan District. It is one of the largest bathing beaches in Qingdao. The beach is about 3,000 meters long and the 17-meter-high stone pillar is about 100 meters from the left side of the sea. It is like an old man sitting in the blue sea. It is called “Stone Old Man” and is accompanied by a mythical legend. Here, the water is fine and the sand is smooth. The shortcoming is that the sand is slightly worse and the wind and waves are relatively large. However, the advantage is that the scenery is particularly beautiful, and there are fewer people than the first bathing beach. It is far from the city, and the traffic is not very convenient. If there is a car, you can go. If there is no car, it is not very convenient. Take the 102/104/110/125/301/304/311/321/382/501/623 road bus and get off at Haier Road Station. Take the 313/362 road bus “Qingdao Grand Theater” and get off at 317. /504/Urban Sightseeing Line 1 Get off at the “Shishi Old Baths” Station, and get off at the 386 Road “Haier Road South Station”.
    6. Huangdao Development Zone Golden Beach Bathing Beach and Silver Beach Beach (the best sand, large waves, long distance, large scale)
    Jinsha Beach is located in the southeast of Huangdao Development Zone. It is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea. It is a crescent-shaped east-west stretch. It is one of the finest, largest and most beautiful beaches in China. It is called the first beach in Asia. Here, the water is clear, the wind is small, the water is transparent, the sand is fine as powder, the sand is golden yellow, the scenery is beautiful and the weather is tens of thousands. On the golden sand beach, look at the gold beaches like gold to the horizon, the waves like silver hurriedly kiss the golden sand beach, listen to the symphony of the sea weaving, the whole person is intoxicated in this fairyland world. Golden Beach has the most beautiful beaches and waves in Qingdao, and the east side of Golden Beach is near the mountain. The open horn makes the strong sea breeze blowing from the Yellow Sea.
    The waves rising in the sky are always on the beach in threes and fives, making the narrow 3km beach look extraordinarily spectacular. Silver Beach Beach is located on the southwest side of the Phoenix Island Tourist Resort in Huangdao District. It is in the shape of a crescent in the southwest of Jinsha Beach. It is a natural bathing beach. Because the sand is fine and even, the sun is shining, so the sun is shining. Famous silver beach. There are no shortcomings except for the distance from Qingdao.
    [Qingdao Attractions Raiders]
    Qingdao is rich in tourism resources. It usually comes here for two days. It is a day trip to the sea and one day. To be honest, Qingdao sceneryThere are too many points, and playing for two days is not enough, so I suggest you arrange your attractions according to your time. There are a lot of free attractions in Qingdao. If you only have one day like us, then the free attractions will definitely not be played, so don’t consider the paid spots.
    1. Trestle: The world famous Tsingtao beer label is engraved with the trestle bridge of the same age as Qingdao. Long lines, straight into the deep sea, as if to the center of the sea, stop and turn into a pavilion, named back to the pavilion, octagonal
    The pavilion is not uncommon in ancient Chinese architecture. It is only the scenery in the sea. It is rare. On the coast of the north of the bridge, it is turned into a “Trolley Park”. The park has flowers and trees, green pines and grasses, and stone chairs for tourists to sit and watch the scenery of the sea and the sky. On the west side of the bridge, there is a lantern, and the night is like a plant. The trestle itself can also be docked on a tourist boat, so you can see Qingdao by sea.
    2. Qingdao Catholic Church: This is a masterpiece of Christian architectural art.
    Designed by German designer Bishop based on Gothic and Roman architectural styles, people used to call it the Catholic Church. It can be seen from the Governor’s Office roaming along Dexian Road in the west. Under the blue sky, the church is in the shape of a Latin “Ten”. There are two symmetrical and towering bell towers on both sides. There are four huge copper hanging in the upper part of the tower. The bells are melodious and harmonious. There is a huge rose window above the gate, with crosses on each side. The church stands between the thousand buildings of Wanyu.
    The lush greenery is so busy that it can’t hide the solemnity and solemnity.
    3. Eight Great Passes: refers to eight roads named after the eight gates of the Great Wall (now increased to ten). Because Guanzhong concentrated on Russia, Britain, France,
    More than 20 national architectural style villas such as Germany, the United States, Japan and Denmark are known as the “World Architecture Exhibition”. Among them, the most famous ones belong to Huashilou and Princess Building. In addition to the most famous exotic buildings, the Badaguan Park
    Combined with the courtyard, the seemingly ordinary road is actually romantic. Each side of the road is planted with trees and flowers, so the years are flowing, the four seasons are everywhere, and therefore there is the reputation of “Flower Street”.
    4, May Fourth Square: “Five
    The wind of the moon is centered and extends westward. There is a romantic European-style music plaza, and the east is extended to the Olympic Sailing Center. Similar seaside scenery, different landscape styles, compared to the coastline of Huiquan Bay and Zhanqiao Scenic Area ,
    The scenery here is more fashionable, and Qingdao here is more modern. Around the square is the CBD with the highest land price in the city. Leaning on the railings of the sea, looking back at the modern landscape created by the modern economy, would you say that it is the same as the other cities you see? Not quite, here, there is Qingdao’s unique heroic and warmth.
    [Qingdao Accommodation Guide]
    Qingdao accommodation is different from sunshine, because the seaside is full of urban areas, so unlike Rizhao, which has very good fishing and music conditions and resources, it is convenient to book a hotel here. There are a lot of hotels to choose from, there are five-star hotels, luxury resorts, and economic chain hotels. High school and low-end hotels can choose according to their own budget and preferences.
    The Qingdao urban area is divided into three parts, the old city in the west, the modern city in the east, and the Laoshan area. Most people who come to Qingdao will choose to live in the Old Town of the West or Badaguan. The transportation is convenient and very close to the main attractions, some of which can even be reached on foot. Most of the high-end hotels are in the southern part of the city, and they are blessed with sea bathing during the summer. Some hotels also have a saltwater swimming pool to enjoy the blue sea, blue sky, sunshine and beach.
    Of course, there are also many popular hotels in the urban area of ​​Qingdao, mainly concentrated in the railway station area. If you are coming to experience the Tsingtao Beer Festival, or those who like to enjoy more nightlife, it is more convenient to live in the eastern part of the city.
    It is also closer to Beer City, Bar Street and Dengzhou Road.
    There are a variety of farmhouses and family hotels in the Lushan Scenic Area. Lushan Liuqing Tourist Area is mainly based on farmhouse music, among which Shanhai Renjia Resort is located in Lushan Mountain Scenic Area.
    The District Liuqing Tourist Area is a combination of family-style hotels built by Ximaiyao Village as a unit of villagers’ households. The hotels in Yangshan Yangkou Tourist Area are mainly concentrated in the area of ​​Yangkou Bay. The accommodation is very convenient and you can visit Yangkoujing the next day.
    District landscapes. The Shilaoren Scenic Area belongs to the new urban area of ​​Qingdao. Compared with the old and yellow-red old houses in the old district, the new area is a piece of high-end residential. But the cost of accommodation here is better than Qingdao.
    There are a lot less inside, suitable for long-term vacation visitors. The beaches of the Stone Man Scenic Area are much cleaner than the first bathing beaches. They also have a sea garden, a sea paradise, an international beer city, an international food and entertainment city, and an international golf course.
    Leisure venues such as sports venues and sports centers. It is close to the Lushan Scenic Area and is especially suitable for self-driving tours.
    In Qingdao, living in youth hostels is also a very good choice. Most of Qingdao’s youth hostels are concentrated in the southern part of the old city. It is a concentrated area of ​​Qingdao’s scenic spots. It is distributed around the trestle business district, and most of them are built in old houses for some years. In addition to various star-rated hotels, budget hotels and youth houses, there are many “seascapes” hidden in various residential areas.Apartment”.
    Rizhao Forest Park, tickets 60 yuan, self-driving can drive in, 10 yuan parking fee. This is a place of mixed feelings. The last time I didn’t go in because of the charges, this time I came to Rizhao, Wanpingkou has been charged. I think there are not many forest parks by the sea. This seaside forest park in Rizhao is the earliest toll scenic spot in Rizhao. Still have its own unique features, should go and see.
    The trees in the forest park are lush and basically planted. There are mainly black pine, cedar, poplar, metasequoia, amorpha, and hedgehog. Although they are not tall, it is very powerful to think about the soil and water here. It’s gone.
    There are many flowers in the forest park. In the summer season, you can see the lotus flowers. In addition, there are forsythia, cherry blossom, lotus, cosmos, magnolia, peony, etc. It is like a big botanical garden. Although it is more monotonous than the botanical garden, the species is monotonous. some.
    The shade of the entire park is absolutely a good place for summer heat. The air here is also very fresh, and the negative oxygen ion content is definitely high. It is especially comfortable to take a walk inside.
    It is a pity that tickets are required here, otherwise they live in Wujiatai Village, only a few steps away from the Forest Park. It is also a beautiful thing to stroll and run in the fresh air of the morning or evening. It’s a pity that the forest park should have a pass.
    Outside the forest is the beautiful sea. Ding Yuzhong, a famous experimental physicist with a ancestral sunshine, said that the beach here is better than Hawaii. We have not been to Hawaii. I heard that it is very good. Of course, it should be very good here. I don’t know if Ding has a bragging. Wrong.
    The long dam extends along the coastline of the forest park for a few kilometers. It is especially convenient to drive. If there is no car, it is not far from the gate to the beach, but if you want to turn around in the forest park, then I can only rent a bicycle, but the bicycle here is very expensive.
    There are some simple props on the beach, probably for the decoration of the wedding photos here, but no one manages, no one charges, you can take pictures as a background.
    The most important thing is that all the props are simple, but in the background of such beautiful blue sky, sea and beach, they are all beautiful.
    The fourth bathing beach is well-deserved. The coastline here is very long, the beach is the most vast, the beaches developed in the south are a few kilometers away, and there are large original undeveloped beaches in the north.
    The beach here is gentle, the sand is fine, and the sea is clear. It is the best beach in Rizhao.
    Because I needed to buy tickets for the park, it was originally the only beach in Rizhao, and it has been collected for many years. It may be because there are not so many tourists because of the charges, but it protects the environment, especially the off-season. Almost no one here is a secluded and beautiful beach.
    Even in the peak season, there are not as many people as there are free beaches outside the park. If you can have a place where you can watch the sea quietly, it doesn’t matter if you collect some money.
    There are various entertainment facilities in the forest park, as well as resorts, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, complete facilities and high consumer prices. Because the baths here are much better than Wanpingkou, it is now more advantageous here.
    Only Wanpingkou is close to the city, and its popularity is very high, so there will be more tourists than here. This is also good, let this best sunshine beach keep some of its original features.
    The beachfront National Forest Park is just outside the free beachfront of Wujiatai Village. It is a few minutes walk from Wujiatai Village, which is also the fourth bathing place. It is separated from the toll bath in the Forest Park by a barbed wire.
    The sand is as fine as the sea, and the sea is as clear as it is. It is different from all the regular baths. It is not the development of the travel company. It is the original pure natural beach.
    There are a lot of fishing boats on the shore code, which are fixed on the brackets with wheels. Because there is no fishing port in Wujiatai Village, the small fishing boats here must be used to dump the beaches that cannot be overwhelmed by the tide.
    There are more than 400 villagers in Wujiatai. There are only so many fishing boats. Many people have already gone fishing without fishing. But the fishing boats of the Shengsheng fishermen we live in are among them, so they can eat real sea catching seafood in his home. And it is given to us at the wholesale price.
    Now the beach is still relatively empty, but it enters the peak season every year after July, and there are many entertainment facilities on the beach. Some dangerous activities are stimulating, because it is not a regulated company to manage, so the price is cheaper, but there are security risks, everyone should be careful.
    The seaside is still very romantic, but it doesn’t take us to abuse us. Why is my focus on the small hips of the male pig’s feet?
    The beach here is a natural beach, but it is very clean and very beautiful. Now because there is no peak season, there are not many people on the beach, but there are already many people on the rocks next to the sea and taking photos.
    It has almost become a free shooting base. Every day, countless people come here to take pictures and take wedding photos. But it is also very beautiful here, no matter what season, there are beautiful reefs, invincible sea views.
    This reef is adjacent to the fourth bathing beach. After a long ebb, it will reveal a very large reef group, but it is a good place to catch the sea for free. This is also an advantage of living in Wujiatai Village, because it is the largest reef group in Rizhao and the largest seafaring garden in Rizhao. It’s fun and rewarding to catch up with the sea. You must experience it when you live by the sea.
    Today is almost noon, and the weather is good in the afternoon. I am going to go to Wanpingkou and go to the sea. Anyway, I live at the beach, and every day, the tide will rise, so I will catch the sea.You can enjoy it at any time, or come back to enjoy the gift of the sea tomorrow.
    The weather in the afternoon is even better than the morning. When I came to the parking lot in the Wanpingkou scenic spot, I saw the blue sky and white clouds, and the weather was particularly good. The advantage of Wanpingkou Scenic Spot is that it has convenient transportation and there are several regular parking lots. It is not a busy season now.
    But there are already a lot of people here, the parking lot is basically full, the parking fee is 10 yuan, the parking fee for the regular parking lot of sunshine is 10 yuan, and the price is the same as stopping for a while.
    Wanpingkou Scenic Area is much more beautiful than last year, but it is worth not worth 60 yuan. In fact, I think this kind of scenic spot charging is not necessarily a good thing. Although it will make some money in the short term, it is not good for it. The overall development of a tourist city, the West Lake of Hangzhou does not collect money, the same is not to delay people to make money by tourism, but also fell a good reputation.
    The comprehensive landscape and entertainment plaza in the scenic spot is well-built, and the newly-built tourist comprehensive service center is also very stylish. The fitting facilities such as changing rooms, showers, storage cabinets, public toilets and restaurants, bars, cafes, and tourist souvenirs are concentrated. Together, very convenient.
    Because the scenic spot is very large, there are scenic cars that can be used, but we only see that the two cars are parked here, and we have not seen anyone riding, and we have not seen the tickets for selling scenic spots. It may be because of the opening of the service and various services. Not quite perfect yet.
    This tomorrow’s sculpture is still so eye-catching. The sculpture consists of an anchor, a rudder and a base. The rudder is surrounded by neon lights. When the night light is on, it is a time-displayed timepiece with a tide timetable on the base.
    Although the entire square is more spacious, the artificial scenery is too heavy, and the feeling of flowers is like the decoration of the civic squares that come on holiday, but it makes people feel a bit too deliberate.
    This sightseeing train was not available last time. It looks like it is very interesting. The Wanpingkou scenic area is now very large. From this ecological square, you can go north to the Taigong Island. So if you don’t drive a friend, I suggest you can take a small train and go north. When you go out to Gate 5 from Taigong Island, you can go directly to Taigong Island.
    The stone that says the Taipingkou sign is too powerful, this form is notKnowing that it is naturally formed, it is really very powerful.
    The biggest advantage of Wanpingkou is the sea view here. Although the seascape of Rizhao is very beautiful, Wanpingkou has been the port where ships have been docked since ancient times. The sea is wide and the sky is high. From time to time, sailing and yachts pass by, which is more powerful.
    The beach of Wanpingkou is of course the second bathing beach. The bathing area is very wide. It is a coastline from Wanpingkou to a few kilometers near Taigong Island. Although the sand is thick and the slope is steep, it is close to the urban area. Complete, popular is also very prosperous.
    Wanpingkou Scenic Area’s supporting facilities include the most complete coastal entertainment projects, especially with children. The sand sculptures, small trains, acrobatic performances, children’s tourist facilities, surfing experience, boat trips, etc. are all very attractive.
    It may be the biggest amusement park in Rizhao now. Although there are only a few rides, it is very classic, and the price is not expensive. It is acceptable to take 20 yuan once.
    This perfect storm, my favorite, the feeling of turning around, fascinating, sitting twice, especially enjoyable.
    There are facilities for adults and children to play here, and they are very happy to play. Although these water projects can be played by adults, but I see that all the children are playing, I am not very embarrassed to go up.
    The most classic pirate ship, this is also a traditional project that is not enough to play, very exciting, and this pirate ship has a particularly long time to go backwards, 20 dollars is really fun to play.
    There are of course a lot of water sports here. I think this small drag umbrella is more interesting than a big drag umbrella.High, but the speed is especially fast, the time is longer, especially exciting.
    The water bike is of course a project for girls to play with. It can’t be far away for a long time, but it has to be awkward and always awkward. It feels like an activity of a gun.
    The mature scenic area is fully equipped, so it looks beautiful. Wanpingkou Beach has free parasols and sun loungers for visitors to use, which is a bright spot, because it is quite expensive to rent parasols and sun loungers on the beach.
    The sand sculpture is also a point of view of Wanpingkou. The contents of each sand sculpture here are different, but they are all made very beautiful and can’t be forbidden.
    Although the exquisite sand sculptures are reinforced with special glue on the surface, they can be kept for a long time, but I don’t know how long it can be kept every day at the seaside such as the sun and the rain.
    Most of the projects in the scenic spot are now open, but some are not fully built. It is said that the children’s water park will be completed and opened to the public at the end of June. The air walk will be completed and opened to the public in early July. The rock climbing will be completed in early August. And open to the outside world.
    The people who came to live last year are Rongsheng fishermen. What they are looking at is that the bosses and couples are particularly simple and kind, and they are very moving in this environment where they are greedy. Living here is the same as going home, maybe his house may not
    It is the best in the village, but visitors who have lived in his home once will not choose another home. At the same time as we went there, there are many other friends who come to travel in the city. I feel familiar with the fishermen’s owners. Most of them are here.
    They are all repeat customers. Some people come to Rizhao vacation almost every year. The fancy is also the reality of the boss Xiaoying and the boss Niang.
    The main thing about living in Yujiale is that it is convenient to eat seafood, and the price is cheaper than eating outside. The Rongsheng fishermen have their own fishing boats. The boss Xiaoying has been fishing in the sea all year round. Therefore, his character is rather awkward and he does not like to talk. The reception work of the fishermen is basically responsible for the boss’s mother. There are very few fishing houses in Wujiatai that have fishing boats. Therefore, the real sea fishing fish that can be eaten by Rongsheng fishermen is also a special kind of his family. This is very rare. Not only is the seafood rich, but the dishes are also well done. Eat, and the price is particularly affordable. Many tourists can’t book his room in the peak season, and they will come over to eat, just because of this.
    The seafood caught in the sea every day, except for some tourists who don’t eat it often, will always be eaten in the fish tank, and will also buy some kinds of cultured or transported species that can’t be caught in the sea, and they can be picked up at any time. .
    Rongsheng fishing home’s own peanut oil cooking, color and flavor, green vegetables are also picked from their own garden, pure green pollution-free, plus fresh seafood, so live here to eat, live, play is very convenient, you can enjoy Enjoy the fun of fishing.
    This is the shuttle crab specially intended for the boss to stay. The small camp owner caught it this morning. If it is not booked in advance, such a good shuttle crab will be sold to the market for acquisition. The big shuttle crab now sells 130 pounds in the Shijie market. If you can buy enough gold and two. Eat at Rongsheng, plus processing fees are cheaper than the market. In fact, it should be said that it is much cheaper, because you can hardly buy enough gold now.
    Because there will be changes in prices at different times, I will not say much money. There are many seafood supermarkets in Wujiatai Village. If you ask for the price, you will know how much Rongsheng is.
    The low tide time will be delayed by about 40 minutes every day, so everyone should determine the best time to catch the sea every day according to the time of their sunshine. The fisherman’s boss knows best, he will tell you how to arrange the time. After the ebb tide in the morning, I came to the super sea park next to Wujiatai Beach to catch the sea.
    In fact, it is necessary to skill in catching up with the sea. People who grew up on the beach in Rizhao certainly know the most about catching the sea. They also know what sea goods can be picked up here. Asking more with the fisherman’s boss is a good way to get some tips on how to catch up with the sea.
    If you don’t prepare in advance, or can’t remember so much, it doesn’t matter. It is also very effective to come to the beach and ask the locals who are catching up with the sea to ask for advice. The locals are very kind and simple, and will certainly teach you patiently, but they may not understand them when they speak.
    If you want to gain something, you should prepare some professional tools like them. The ordinary nets and small shovel that catch the sea are all for children. There is no practical use, so grab the gloves for crabs. Knocking iron tongs for oysters and scorpions for shell digs are essential.
    The red plastic buckets are sold to tourists here. If you look at other colors, you will know that they are locals. It is not wrong to learn from them. Keep your work with half the effort.
    Of course, the locals also use red kegs, but people also have a backup vat, look very professional.
    It is said that the local catcher of the sea can dig up a hundred pounds of oysters in an hour, but autumn is a good season to dig oysters. Now it may not be able to dig an hour.
    Look, this is the result of our labor. Although I have dug a few days, I feel very good. This is a wild oyster. It is absolutely impossible to eat from the beach.
    This is a small conch, this tool can be picked up with no tools, but this color is similar to the reef, there are many dead conch shells and other things on the reef, it looks black, so pick it up. It is also very laborious.
    This is the cockroach dug out of the mud, which is harder to dig, and only one day has been dug. I feel that this catching the sea is definitely an individual’s strength. It is OK to play. I want to get two people’s dinner out. It’s really not enough to work for two hours.
    There is a large block of reefs, and there are small reefs like the pieces. After the ebb tide, such a shallow otter area is formed. This is a good place to catch crabs.
    However, the crabs are very small this season, so the professional sea hunters do not catch crabs.
    But I am different. I am a generalist. I can do anything. You see, a shot is a big crab.
    Small, just retired, or soft. The big sister next to the sea told me that the crab would grow up a little and grow up a little. It will grow up after a few fades, so I will release it, mainly because this little crab has no meat, or wait for it to grow up. Point, I will catch it again next year.
    This oyster is oyster, but the big ones are all farmed. This kind of wild is not big, but the taste is not much better than the culture.
    And it’s not big than looking at it, but the meat is really a lot. Look, fat is all meat, white and tender and very sexy.
    This reef is really a treasure. Every day, you can find a variety of delicious seafood. I want to wait until the fall. At that time, the crab will be much bigger. You can grab a bigger crab by the sea. How delicious it is.
    There are small shredded reefs and complete large reefs. I don’t like to catch the sea. It is also very good to come here to take a look at the scenery and take pictures.
    The reef that we rushed to the sea, although it is next to the Wujiatai Beach, is actually part of the Renjiatai Reef Park. Renjiatai Reef Park has a special fun place. The fisherman’s owner told us the location. After dinner in the afternoon, I went straight to the place.
    There is a small road near Renjiatai Village that leads directly to the beach. The car can be driven over. There is a sign of Renjiatai Reef Park, but it is very hidden. There are very few tourists coming here, and the scenery is particularly beautiful.
    Now that the tide has started, the wind and waves are also a bit bigger. If the tide is low, the reef group can go deep into the sea and far away.
    When the tide is high, the waves will be bigger. Sometimes the waves will be hit on the reef, and the waves will be a good scenery.
    This antique fishing village is a village left behind by TV dramas. It has been completely abandoned. I don’t know why the villagers here have not developed such a good place, but have kept it here.
    Walking in such a seaside village, I feel a bit of a taste, as if I have returned to the 1930s and 1940s of the last century, and it seems that I can smell a little bit of war.
    The abandoned fishing boat is quietly placed on the shore. Although it is no longer necessary to experience the wind and waves, every day, watching the ebb and flow, the rough sea, we will not forget the days when the wind and the waves were broken.
    The cute baby, seeing me take pictures, also gave me an OK gesture.
    When I was a child, I hope I can have such a sister.
    Even such a calm sea gives people a very vigorous power. Maybe the sea has more than just a color. It has a spirit and is the vitality that breeds everything.
    I also like to see the sea on such a reef. This kind of sea has both the potential of swallowing mountains and rivers and the amount of inclusiveness. It carries history, holds up huge wheels, nurtures life, and inherits civilization.
    Here, you will find that the sea is just like you, with joys and sorrows, and sadness and sorrow. Facing the sea, it is as if the human mind is facing an infinite future.
    Take a stroll along the beach and you will find flowers on the waterfront of Rizhao everywhere, and the coastline of the sunshine is full of beauty.
    Here is the Taohua Island Customs Park. The only shortcoming of Rizhao is that there is no relatively large island, tens of kilometers of coastline, only this small peach island with no scenery, so it has become a scenic spot.
    However, the shore near Peach Blossom Island is full of flowers and beautiful scenery, especially the beautiful sea and blue sky, which is more golden.
    There are also a lot of tourists here. In fact, there are many quiet and beautiful corners in Rizhao. Even in the peak season, you can find the peace that belongs to you.
    Although it is an inconspicuous place, there are days, seas, reefs, sand, trees, flowers, and grass. This element is quite rich.
    There are more than a dozen fishing ports in Rizhao. This Peach Blossom Island fishing port is a small fishing port between Renjiatai Fishing Port and Zhangjiatai Fishing Port. Although it is inconspicuous, it is a very beautiful fishing port.
    The fishing port of Rizhao seems to be so clean, neat and orderly. The entire coastline is basically beautifully planned, which is more in line with the style of Rizhao, a tourist city. Nowadays, the sunshine feels more and more beautiful, and it is coming. The more mature.
    From the unidentified beautiful scenery that can be seen everywhere in Rizhao’s waterfront, Rizhao is increasingly becoming a popular seaside tourist city. In the future, more and more people will not only come here to swim in the summer, other The season will also come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
    Because the Peach Blossom Island fishing port does not buy the 80 yuan ticket + ticket for Peach Blossom Island, it is not allowed to enter the dock, so we will go to Renjiatai fishing.Let’s take a look at the port. Even if you don’t go fishing in the sea, you can enter the fishing port and visit. Moreover, a large parking lot has been newly built here, and there is no charge for parking in the peak season.
    This is the big boat for fishing in the sea. Nowadays, fishing in the sea is already a relatively modest play project. It is not a real fishing boat, but a yacht like this. It is very stylish, but it can go out to sea to experience the whole fishing. The process is also very good.
    The fishing port has been remodeled and it feels that the dock has expanded a lot. The edge of the pier and the fishing boats that are parked seem to be so worn, but they are not messy, but it is a very natural and very real picture.
    The fishermen sorted and salvaged the small fish and shrimps here. This is really a bad effort. So many seem to be picky and smelly, when to pick.
    The sorted ones are sold here, and they are mainly sold to tourists, so they don’t know the price. However, some small fish and shrimps are still very cheap. You can buy some back to let the fishermen help you. If the high-priced seafood, such as crabs, pimps, or not, you don’t understand it well, let the fishermen help. You buy more suitable.
    This large fishing boat is definitely a fishing boat that is really fishing in the open sea. This kind of boat can fish in the wider seas and catch bigger and more delicious seafood. Unfortunately, it has already started to ban fishing.
    Not far away is a naval education base at Renjiatai, where a retired warship is parked, which looks pretentious and powerful.
    I am going to go out to sea soon. Everyone is very excited. I feel like I have to go for a few days. In fact, it is a very close place, and I will be back in half an hour.
    The boat sailed to the hustle and bustle of the sea, set off with hope, and came back with the harvest.
    There are big shells sold here, which is much cheaper than what we saw in Long Island and Penglai. If you are interested, you can buy some back, as a small display.Still very distinctive.
    Because of its peculiar shape, the spider snails are rich in color, beautiful in color, bright and lustrous, and can be used to make decorations. Therefore, the value is very high, but this color is slightly worse.
    I think this big hexagonal snail looks very beautiful. Although it doesn’t belong to the four famous snails, it is quite powerful and it is quite stylish.
    This should be the Tang Guanluo in the four famous snails. The shape is really like the crown cap of the Tang Dynasty. The color is from grayish white to golden yellow. This white feeling is very elegant. It seems to be selling 30 yuan, and it is cheap to die.
    There are a variety of sea goods sold here, such as sea dragons, seahorses, sea urchins, the sea three treasures are still very popular, the price is also cheap. The three treasures in the sea also say that it is sea dragon, seahorse, petrel, or sea dragon, seahorse, sea cucumber, it does not matter, anyway, it is a good thing.
    This is the hippocampus, but I don’t know why it is so small, is it not yet adult, and I don’t know if it has any effect. The hippocampus has a protein content of more than 70% and is rich in 17 kinds of amino acids. Seven of them are essential for the human body, and there are 13 kinds of fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids, especially DHA, account for a large proportion. DHA is the main material basis of prostate and sperm. It has the effect of tonifying kidney and strengthening yang. It’s amazing, it’s said that you drink wine and gang.
    This is a sea dragon, also very small, as fine as a matchstick, rich in total phospholipids, containing 23 kinds of macro and trace elements, of which Mm, Zn content is high, and the effect of Chinese medicine for kidney and impotence is also consistent. In short, all of them are right for kidney and impotence. Of course, it is said to be excellent for women.
    There is also a sea urchin. I have eaten fresh in Sanya. It is much more than this one. The sea urchin steamed egg is especially delicious. This kind of dried sea urchin can not make up the kidney, but it has the effects of resolving phlegm and softening, dispersing, making acid and relieving pain. It is often used for sputum nucleus, asthma, rib pain and stomach pain. So I suspect that this is not one of the three treasures.
    I bought a little hippocampus. This stuff looks very fun. I have a small one for 3 yuan. The bigger one starts to say that it is 2 yuan. I look at it almost the same, it is slightly bigger, and finally the price changes. 3 yuan for 1 dollar.
    This is the cuttlefish bone, which is the cuttlefish, commonly known as the hard bone of the squid. The Chinese medicine is used as a hemostatic medicine. It has the functions of acid-relieving pain, hemostasis, bone fixation, bone defect repair, anti-radiation, anti-tumor and anti-ulcer. This is the folk recipe for stomach pain. It is ground into powder and water. It is said that it will not hurt immediately.
    There are also packages of small shells and small conch, which are also very beautiful.
    Back to Rongsheng fishermen, everyone has already had a hot meal. In fact, it’s interesting to have a fisherman’s house. It’s also a lot of fun to eat. That’s the real seafood dinner. We have fewer people. I feel that no one is more addicted. I must call some friends next year to eat a lot. pause.
    Although this shrimp is not big, but the real sea-filled prawns, also the small camp boss caught this morning. The processing method is simple boiled, the meat is very porcelain, especially delicious. Some shrimps are big and look good, but they are farmed, some are not even local, and the taste is slightly bitter, and the shrimp can only be steamed, not boiled, it looks good, but it looks good, but The taste and price are far worse.
    This raw simmered juice is awesome, blending with the freshness of the oyster itself, definitely exceeding the standard of the big hotel.
    Rizhao is a well-known “water sports capital of China”. It is the only city in China that can host all water games and is one of the best cities for water sports tourism and fitness and fitness tourism. It has hosted many international and international major sports events such as the International Sailing World Championships, the World Windsurfing Classic, and the two China Water Games.
    The World Sailing Base is free and open, and the car can also be driven in. The parking fee is also 10 yuan. The main facilities here are sailing club, water control center, boat storage room, parking plaza, container parking lot, outdoor sports ground, sailing landscape sculpture, leisure plank road ecological garden and so on.
    Although it is not a tourist attraction, because of its beautiful environment and unique architecture, it can represent the characteristics of Rizhao’s “water sports capital”, so it attracts many tourists who are interested in it.
    Last time I opened the secret landscape of the ultimate landscape hidden in the World Sailing Base. Of course, I have to explore it again to confirm that the level is still stable. It is this sailing-type Blue Ocean International Hotel. The right side of this building is sitting on the 18th floor, which is the two bridges connecting the two buildings in the middle. The bridge below is the next layer, 18 floors or more. It is an office area, and it is not allowed to go up.
    On the 18th floor, there is a small balcony at the end of the corridor. The door is unlocked. Opening is the best view point. Although the angle is somewhat limited, the view point of such a good free aerial view is still very good.
    The entire marina can still be seen. This angle is much better than the one below. The only regret is that there is no island near the sun, so the sea view is somewhat monotonous.
    The yachts above the pier are neatly arranged. From this point of view, it is like a toy, just like our parking lot. It is very busy to go in and out.
    There is a balcony facing the west of each elevator room. Here you can see the panoramic view of Rizhao city. Compared with last year, there are more buildings in the sunshine, which are not prosperous, but clean and tidy, and have the characteristics of a coastal city.
    In addition to the hotel, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers are also available in this World Sailing Base. If you have money, you can live here in a way that is more high-end.
    This sea water does not know why it is so turbid. When I came last time, I felt that the water was very clear. I don’t know why the sand was rolled up today.
    Follow the boardwalk next to the base to the direction of the lighthouse scenic spot. There are several viewing platforms on the road, you can enjoy the scenery of the World Sailing Base from different angles.
    There are also several small docks here, and there are also many amusement projects. In addition to the yachts, there are also many fishing boats parked. These small fishing boats have also become a major feature of sunshine.
    Walking along the plank road, you can walk to the scenic spot of the lighthouse. It is recommended that everyone drive to the car. You can park the car at the base of the World Sailing Competition, then walk to the scenic spot of the lighthouse. After the game, walk back from the lighthouse and then from the outside. The World Sailing Base takes the car, not far from the distance, only paying one parking fee.
    Look back at the beautiful and tranquil World Sailing Base, a place that represents the characteristics of the Rizhao Water and Transportation Capital.
    Into the lighthouse scenic area, the scenery immediately switched to the invincible seascape of Rizhao. There are also large reefs, and the shape is more complete, which is not the same as the reef group on Wujiatai.
    The scenic area of ​​the lighthouse is very strange. There are only a small beach, which is a large piece of reef covered with more than one kilometer of coastline, forming a very unique landscape.
    Therefore, it is not a bathing place, but it attracts countless tourists to look at the scenery and play with water. The degree of enthusiasm is no less than that of Wanpingkou, and it is still a free scenic spot. When it comes to the peak season, it will definitely be crowded.
    It is also very interesting to catch such a reef in the sea in Shanghai. This place can only enjoy this kind of fun when there are not many people in the peak season.
    There is still a little beach in the middle of the reef, but the sand is thick, the slope is steep, and the wind and waves are big. Basically no one is going to the sea here.
    In the distance is the famous lighthouse, which is also the origin of the name of the lighthouse scenic spot. It has been a famous scenic spot of Rizhao since decades ago. It really is a well-deserved reputation and unique scenery.
    The boulder and the reefs on the shore of the scenic spot are all carved by nature. When the tide is high, the reef is mostly submerged by the sea. When the tide is over, the area of ​​the reef can reach tens of thousands of square meters.
    This reef landscape can be said to be the most beautiful in terms of form, and the reef park in Renjiatai is also inaccessible. Therefore, this place is really highly recommended.
    Finally, look at this famous lighthouse. This lighthouse looks more ordinary, but it is not so eye-catching in such a beautiful scenic spot.
    I originally wanted to go to Bamboo Cave, but the bamboo hole was too far away. The locals said that it didn’t mean anything. So when I passed the Haiqu Park, I decided not to go to the bamboo hole, and went to the free Haiqu Park. I didn’t expect an accident. Harvest, there is a zoo inside, although I want tickets for 10 yuan, but we think it is quite fun, haha.
    Although the sculpture inside is a bit cheesy, it is very cute, and it is really appropriate to bring children.
    We have always felt that the rabbit is very fun, especially stupid. This time it was found that it was so special. It was especially embarrassing to think that it was to feed them and catch it tightly.
    And still three together, this is really too cute.
    The most funny thing is that I rushed to the fourth one. You look at the expressions of the two in the middle, hahahaha laughed at us.
    I finally squeezed in, but I didn’t eat it. I felt like a liar in an instant. It was really embarrassing to deceive the feelings of these pure children.
    So I picked up a grass, but I was scorned by the children, and I ignored me.
    Although there are not many animals here, it is quite interesting, and there are not many tourists. The locals bring their children to play.
    Wow, the peacock here saw that we all opened the screen. Of course, it was not necessarily to see us, but for the first time we saw all kinds of peacocks competing to open the screen.
    White peacocks are rare, but they are also open, and there is no variegation on the whole body. It is beautiful.
    Some people say that the peacock’s opening is good-looking, but turning to the asshole is too common sense. Anyway, I only saw the ass.
    There is also a lion and a lion, but this is the lion is too lazy, lying still does not move, how to tease it does not take care of it.
    I always feel that the ostrich has a very low IQ, and the head is so small that it looks like a silly feeling.
    The monkeys here seem to be stupid, and may be silly, not as clever as wild monkeys.
    The bears don’t look very popular, the taste is still very big, and the unpleasant smell of the game is dead.
    Haiqu is the name of the ancient county, the Qin Dynasty to the Western Han Dynasty, and Shandong Rizhao belongs to Haiqu County of Shu County. Haiqu County was one of the economic and cultural developed areas of the country at that time.
    Haiqu Park is built in the middle of Rizhao City. In addition to the small zoo, there is something to be said. Others have nothing to watch. So I don’t recommend everyone here. I heard that the scenery of the Galaxy Park in Rizhao is quite beautiful. If you are interested, you can go there and have a look.
    On the return trip, after passing the Daquangou seafood market, the reputation was not very good, and I decided to check it out. In fact, this is a fishing port, but the road is not wrong, there is to go to the hotel, this water Furong Hotel is a high-end seafood hotel in Rizhao, it is said that consumption is not low.
    Of course, there are fishing boats moored here. The fishing port of Daquangou is also a small fishing port. There are not many fishing boats here, and it is especially quiet in the evening.
    In fact, it is said that it is a seafood market. In fact, it is a booth placed along the roadside of the pier. At night, there are not many booths. It is better to buy seafood in the morning or in the morning.
    There are not many people in the evening, and only a few stalls are about to be collected. The entire pier has a faint smell of sea otters. This may be the unique taste of the fishing port.
    Not far from the fishing port of Daquangou is the famous third bathing beach in Rizhao. From here to the south, it is a mature seaside tourist area, and there is no fishing port.
    There is a advantage in the Bohai Sea, that is, the price is cheap. Of course, if it is said to give enough, it is really cheap. If it is insufficient, it is not easy to say. Generally speaking, unless it is bought directly from the fishermen, buy it from these vendors. There is certainly no claim.
    There is still a way to be sure not to be slaughtered, that is, to buy by one, by bar, by pile, or to round the price of the remaining seafood, so that the most appropriate, you do not have to consider the weight.
    The fishing port in the evening is quiet, but it is also very good to come here and buy some suitable seafood to go back and process.
    These fishing port terminals in Rizhao are very good, including the Renjiatai fishing port and the Daquangou fishing port in the morning, and the Zhangjiatai fishing port next to it. These places can buy seafood. If you are not sure, buy some cheaper seafood. It’s also fun to try it, but it’s not too big.
    I will leave the sunshine tomorrow morning, and I have to say goodbye to the Xiaoying couple. I really feel a bit reluctant. I have lived in his home twice. I feel very warm when I get along with my old friends. I was very satisfied with the last time I saw all the tourists in his house. They said that they would stay in his home next time, so that they really treat every guest. The current tourism market, the people are getting colder and thinner, can feel this warmth, really is
    It’s hard to be valuable.
    On the return journey, I decided to go to Qingdao. The sunshine is actually very close to Qingdao. I don’t have to take the high-speed road. I can walk along the 204 National Highway on the beach, more than 100 kilometers, and cross the Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Cross-Harbour Tunnel to reach Qingdao downtown. From Wujiatai Village to the north for more than ten kilometers, it has entered the scope of Qingdao. All the way, with the sea and the wind, walking on the beautiful coastal road, walking between the two beautiful coastal cities, Rizhao sea view, Qingdao Reward the building,It is also a very rare experience.
    The first stop in Qingdao is undoubtedly the trestle. It is located at the southern end of the Zhongshan Road where tourists are woven. The bridge is from the coast into the depths of the Qingdao Bay, and the “Flying Pavilion” with the main view of the trestle is also new. Selected “Qingdao Ten Views”
    The first scene in the middle. The Trestle Bridge was built in the 18th year of the Guangxu Emperor of Qing Dynasty. It is the earliest military-dedicated artificial wharf building in Qingdao. It is now an important landmark building and famous scenic spot in Qingdao. It is almost a must-see for tourists in Qingdao.
    Qingdao is awesome. It is totally different from sunshine. There are tourists all year round, and there are many people. This time, when we look at us, we don’t want to squeeze.
    Fortunately, the scenery on both sides of the trestle is not bad. Now just the ebb tide, revealing a large reef, although it is far worse than sunshine, but because it is Qingdao, so the number of tourists and sunshine is not a level.
    From here to the west, it is the sixth beach in Qingdao. Although it is the smallest one in the urban bathing area, it is very popular because of its proximity to the railway station and the bustling Zhongshan Road and of course the famous trestle.
    The reef on the east side of the trestle is relatively small, and it is good to catch the sea here.
    It seems that as long as it is the seaside, there are such unique conditions. With a little labor, you can enjoy the gift of the sea for free.
    There is an advantage in catching the sea here. The beautiful bay has moored ships and western-style buildings. The surrounding scenery is particularly beautiful and the water quality is very clean. The only drawback is that parking is not convenient.
    So when you travel to the beach, especially for self-driving cars, you can prepare a set of tools for catching up with the sea. As long as you meet the low tide, you can catch the seafood at the end of the day, so that you can have more than one dish for lunch or dinner, and it is especially fresh. why not?
    The price of shrimp in Qingdao is still a lingering fear. Although the price here is higher than the sunshine, it is acceptable as long as it is not slaughtered.
    The restaurants in the coastal areas should not be considered, they are all prepared for tourists, and the price is expensive to die. It is recommended to go to the city away from the seaside to eat, it is best to buy, or just eat snacks on the side of the road, everything, the price is more cost-effective than ordering.
    There are also live seafood that can be made at present, the price is slightly more expensive, but because it is sold on the roadside, there is no rent, so it is definitely cheaper than the restaurant, just do not know if it tastes good.
    These snacks are very kawaii. When the girls saw them, they generally couldn’t move. I also ate a lot and tasted very good.
    After watching the trestle, don’t rush to pick up the car. Going a few hundred meters to the north is the famous Qingdao Catholic Church. The real name here is St. Michael’s Church, but if you ask for directions, you can just say the Catholic Church, and no one knows the St. Michael’s Church.
    This Catholic church is very beautiful and was designed by German designer Bishop based on Gothic and Roman architecture. It is said that the proposed church should be 100 meters high, but it coincided with the outbreak of World War II. Hitler strictly prohibited the outflow of German domestic funds, so the church had to modify the drawings, which is now a 56-meter high. But this is already the tallest building in Shandong Province before the founding of the People’s Republic of China, or the only church in China.
    The church is also very beautiful, but it is a pity that we didn’t open the door on this day and didn’t go in and visit. It’s a pity.
    Along the beautiful coastline of Qingdao, take a look at the famous first bathing beach, which is also called Huiquan Beach, because it is next to Huiquan Square. Huiquan Square was originally a training ground for Germans. After the construction of the racecourse, after the liberation of Qingdao, it was changed to People’s Square. The parking lot is just below the Huiquan Square. When you come out, take the stairs to the ground. Crossing the road is the first bathing beach.
    The first bathing beach is well-deserved. It should be the most famous bathing beach in Qingdao. It was built in 1901 and was once the largest bathing beach in Asia. It has a history of more than 100 years.
    It is now the largest bathing beach in downtown Qingdao. It is estimated to be much larger than the second, third and sixth, so it is the preferred bath in Qingdao.
    The bathing area is located in Huiquan Bay in the eastern part of Qingdao City. It has a half-moon shape. The water in the bay is small and clear, the beach is flat and gentle, and the sand is soft. There is no hidden reef and no whirlpool. As a bathing beach, the natural conditions are extremely superior.
    Surrounded by mountains and greenery, modern high-rise buildings and traditional villa architecture are the essence of Qingdao seaside scenic spot.
    Compared to the trestle, because there is no summer vacation, so there are not many tourists. It is also more and more people will be in July every year. When the beach is over, it will be a sea of ​​people.
    Once the summer is over, the tourists will gradually decrease, but it is said that even in the winter, there will be no loneliness, there will be tourists on the beach, and many winter swimmers will be able to swim in the sea.
    Not far from Huiquan Square is the Badaguan Scenic Area. This eight-gate scenic spot is the same as Tianjin’s Five Avenues. It has a unique architectural style and is home to many national architectural styles. It is known as the “World Architecture Exhibition”. The difference is that Tianjin Wuma Road is a historical concession area, and Qingdao Badaguan is the villa area of ​​the former bureaucratic capitalist.
    ThisIt is the most scenic area that can reflect the characteristics of Qingdao’s “red tile green trees, blue sea and blue sky”. The quiet and cool roads are in the middle and the cross. The main roads are named after the eight famous Guanyin of China, so they are collectively called the Eight Great Passes, but the current road has been increased to Ten.
    Like the Fifth Avenue, self-driving tour is very inconvenient. First, the scenic area is too large. If you don’t drive, you don’t know how to play, and many buildings are not open. They are hidden behind the courtyard wall and have a dense shade. on
    They all have their own names, but it is difficult to see the true face of the mountains. Second, even if I saw a beautiful building, I found a suitable angle for shooting, but I couldn’t stop nearby, so I had to keep going.
    There are more than 20 national architectural style villas in Russia, Britain, France, Germany, the United States, Japan and Denmark, but most of them are not open, so look at some of the famous ones, such as the most famous flower stone building. And princess floor.
    In addition to the famous exotic buildings, Badaguan also merges the park with the courtyard. The seemingly ordinary road is actually romantic. Each side of the road is planted with trees and flowers. Therefore, the years are flowing and the seasons are everywhere, so there is The reputation of Huajie.
    Before the liberation, this was the villa area of ​​the bureaucratic capitalist. After the liberation, the People’s Government carried out a comprehensive repair of the Badaguan, making it one of China’s important sanatoriums. Many party and state leaders and important international friends have stayed here.
    The variety of architecture makes it the best choice for film locations, and many of the singers’ MTV locations are also here.
    The third bathing beach is purely an occasional encounter. It is here. It is the east side of Taipingjiao, the bank of Zhanshan Bay, also known as Shanhaitian Bathing. This bath is very small, of course, the size of the first bath is not comparable, and the sand is not as good as the first bath.
    Although the baths are small, the reefs are beautiful and the scenery is particularly good. Qingdao Seashore has many beautiful sea otters, and Taipingjiao is one of the most beautiful.
    This place was called “Rookou Island” in ancient times. After China took back its sovereignty, it remembered Qingdao, which has been repeatedly abused by the powers. Looking forward to the peace, it named a group of places named ‘Taiping’, such as Taiping Road, Taiping Mountain, Taiping Bay, Taipingjiao and so on.
    There are wedge-shaped reefs at the junction of Haitang, forming a beach, hereIt is suitable for fish to inhabit, so it is also a good place for fishing. Standing on the top of the sea reef, looking around the sea, it will produce the feeling of “the end of the earth”.
    It is within the boundaries of the Badaguan Scenic Area, where there are both beautiful seascapes and Western architecture with different styles. The boardwalk at the seaside is definitely a good place for a walk.
    Continue to move forward is Qingdao’s May Fourth Square. It is also a representative landmark of Qingdao. Although it has similar seaside scenery with the Trestle Bridge and Huiquan Square, it does give people a completely different feeling. The scenery here is more fashionable. Qingdao is more modern.
    In front of the May Fourth Square, it is a beautiful bay. It is called “Foshan Bay”. Qingdao is the only venue for Beijing to host the 2008 Olympic Games. This is the venue for sailing competitions.
    The May Fourth Square stretches eastward to the Olympic Sailing Center.
    From here, you can clearly see the entire Qingdao International Sailing Center, which is the original site of the Beihai Shipyard, all the necessary facilities for the 29th Olympic Games and the 13th Paralympic Sailing Competition in 2008, all of which are currently located in the venue area. Imagine the scene of the game must be quite spectacular.
    In the Olympic sailing competition, Qingdao has become more famous: China’s sailing capital.
    The Wusi Square extends westward and is a romantic European-style music square.
    The sea is clear, the sea breeze is very cool, and the sea view is very unique. The shape of the bay makes the view here open and not monotonous. The colorful buildings make it beautiful.
    The May Fourth Square was named after Qingdao for the great May Fourth Movement in China’s modern history. This “May of the Wind” sculpture is a striking symbol of the May Fourth Square. This is actually not a torch, but a spiraling wind. The shape is red, reflecting the patriotic tone and national power of the “May 4th Movement” against imperialism and anti-feudalism.
    Around the square is the CBD with the highest land price in the city. Leaning on the railings of the sea, looking back at the modern landscape created by the modern economy, would you say that it is the same as the other cities you see? Not quite, here, there is Qingdao’s unique heroic and warmth.
    Qingdao is really a beautiful place everywhere. I have thought about it several times, but it is the first time I have turned roughly this way, which is just a short half-day. It’s a shame to miss so much beauty. If you want to go home this evening, you can only pass it in a hurry. It seems that you will have to arrange a trip to Qingdao in the future. At that time, let’s take a look at Qingdao.

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