“Sanya” blue sea and blue sky, coconut palm warm sun, this winter, meet it! [starting]

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[Traveling broken]
    There must be at least two impulses in a person’s life.
    Once for the love that is unwilling to take care of you,
    A trip to go on a walk.
    Sanya is a place that has been spoiled by God.
    God has the most pleasant climate, the freshest air, the most harmonious sunshine, the blue waters, the softest beaches, the most fascinating ethnic groups, the most delicious seafood…
    They have been given the southernmost coastal city of Hainan Island.
    In Sanya,
    No one is not moved by the sea here,
    Here, you can stretch your mind and body and get in touch with the magical ocean world.
    Here, you can lie quietly on the beach, let the sun kiss the skin, listen to the sound of the sea,
    Here, you can blow the sea breeze and leave a row of deep and shallow footprints on the beach.
    it’s here,……
    Looking forward to meeting!
     壹 / Yalong Bay, enjoy the “first bay in the world”
    “The sea is wide and the fish is flying, and the sky is high and the birds are flying.” I think this is the perfect interpretation of Sanya. Every visitor to Sanya is the beach and the sea. I am no exception. During the trip to Sanya, I married the beautiful Yalong Bay.
    Yalong Bay is a half-moon bay at the southernmost tip of Hainan. It has a total length of 7.5 kilometers, an annual average temperature of 25.5 °C, and a sea temperature of 22-25.1 °C. It can swim all the year round and enjoy the title of “the first bay in the world”. It is the best vacation. select.
    Walking into the scenic spot, the beach that stretches for 7 kilometers is flat and wide, the sand is white and soft, and slips away from the toes. The sea is blue and clear, and there is no flaw. The sky is like a seawater dip, the blue is translucent, and a few white clouds are hanging leisurely. As the sea breeze floats, people feel warm. Occasionally, a few seagulls swept through the sea and flocked in groups. They seemed to be not afraid of being alive. They flew over and naughty and greeted me. Everything was exceptionally beautiful.
    Strolling in the shallow waters, the sea water is crystal clear, you can clearly see the swimming fish, large and small shells are clearly visible, strange shapes, decorate every beach.
    The depths of the sea are different in color, showing a variety of colors. The deeper the sea, the more blue, and finally the blue sky is at the end of the disappearing, and the water and the sky meet, it is extremely spectacular. Occasionally, a wave turned over, like a cracked large dyeing tank, soaking the shallow water area, such as the same ink painting, it is shocking.
    If you don’t experience the thrill of surfing in Sanya, then your trip is meaningless. I can’t remember that this is the first time surfing, but every time there is a different experience. This time, we chose a more exciting motorboat, galloping on the boundless sea, the rushing waves slammed on the body and hit every inch of the skin. The thrill of exuding from the cells is unspeakable. If you are lucky, you canThe beautiful reef passes by and has a romantic encounter. Listening to the fierce friction between the motorboat and the sea, there is a kind of “the wind and the waves will have time, the meaning of hanging the clouds and sailing the sea”, warm and free.
    The happy time is always very short. Unconsciously, it is nearing the dusk. The sea in the sunset is like a shy girl. It looks beautiful and moving. The afterglow of the setting sun is scattered all over the sea. The waves in the distance are like golden fish scales. Constantly beating, lively and moving.
    Lying on a lounge chair overlooking the fire in the distance, the layers are clear, the red, blue and white are constantly blooming, and my heart becomes tender with a slanting sun.
     贰 / Unclear is Sanya or Jiangnan?
    There are always some hometowns that have become hometowns. Once upon a time, Sanya has become a part of my heart that has been difficult to give up. I have walked through the roads of the north and the south, and I have seen people of all kinds, but I have a different complex for this fertile soil. Taking advantage of the cold winter, once again set foot on the trip to Sanya, looking for the stove in my heart.
    Every trip that says to go is a wandering heart to support. However, in a hurry, the hotel has become my warmest sustenance. As a traveler, the hotel has already become another home for me. Every trip to Sanya will always bring me a homestay experience, which is probably why I am so fascinated by Sanya. During the trip to Sanya, I chose Yalong Bay Huayu Resort Hotel to give this trip a different color.
    When I first saw the hotel, I was attracted by the thick Jiangnan style. It is hard to imagine that in such a modern and enthusiastic city, there is such an elegant bridge. Surrounded by coconut trees, the tropical style blends perfectly with the charm of the south of the Yangtze River. The hotel story is adorned with modern elements such as marble.
    When you walk into the hotel, you will see a towering tree standing quietly. The Haitian loft is not in the coconut tree group. The surrounding cornices are magnificent, the retro railings are pavilion, and the thick Soviet-style gardens breathe. Come.
    Walking into the lobby, there is a feeling of being at home. Unlike the Southeast Asian-style hotels, it is full of Chinese elements, and the antique atmosphere pervades every corner, showing the oriental temperament. Under the enthusiasm of the front desk, I successfully completed the check-in procedure and went to the room with joy.
    Strolling in the quaint public corridor, it seems to be in the royal garden, surrounded by green plants, the trees in the courtyard, the strange rocks, and occasionally the bridges and waters, as if to bring people into the poetry of Jiangnan. Just as I was immersed in the charm of Jiangnan, the coconut tree at the corner made people shine and instantly felt refreshed.
    Along the way, a huge open-air swimming pool greets you with a Mediterranean atmosphere in the arms of the coconut trees. There are scattered lounge chairs next to the pool for guests to rest. The blue sky is opposite to the swimming pool, and a few white clouds float leisurely, lazy and cozy.
    Entering the room, the ceiling fan made me refreshed and evoked memories deep inside. The rooms are decorated with ornate, mahogany floors and white walls, and the graffiti pillows echo the delicate murals. The red lights illuminate the shimmer, and the warm light fills the room. Fresh fruits and snacks were placed on the table, and the neat white beds were dotted with a few petals. After a thin glimpse, the towels on the table were folded into a couple of bears, and the roses were decorated in a heart-shaped shape. Does not reflect the temperature of the hotel.
    The bathroom in the room is semi-open, and the quaint hollow wooden screen divides the room into two. The bathroom is bright and white, the wet and dry partitions are unified, and the standard shower equipment of the five-star hotel is used in Kolle. The bathtub is white and bright. The net is exhausted. The exclusive custom-made four bath towels and two face towels are neatly placed together, clean and clean, and everything is so beautiful, making people nostalgic.
    Only love and food can’t live up to it, and the food here is also my heart. The most recommended is the Baihua Night Banquet at the Baihua Valley Commercial Street Center in Yalong Bay. This is the exclusive large-scale open-air performing buffet theme restaurant in the bay. There are nearly a hundred kinds of international cuisine in the restaurant, from fresh marine fresh to authentic flavors, from tempting Brazilian barbecue to exquisite Japanese cuisine, all of which stimulate your body’s taste buds and make you feel full.blessing.
    Every night falls, there is a lively singing and dancing performance, a lively clown, a sexy hot girl, and invite you to burn calories together.
     叁 / In Sanya, enjoy a variety of tropical fruits
    In Sanya, in addition to enjoying the beach view, there are also essential tropical fruits. Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, traditional offline purchases have long been out, and online shopping allows us to satisfy our customers without leaving home.
    One day’s journey made people hungry, went back to the hotel, and suddenly wanted to eat some fresh fruit, but I had already squatted on the bed with my legs weak, and I didn’t want to move at all. I have long heard that the “calling a gorilla” micro-shop has received rave reviews, and the mobile phone is on the rise. The fruit of the home page makes me ecstatic. I can’t help but sit up and have a full range of tropical fruits. The variety is beyond me. The imagination is simply feasting.
    The fruit delivery speed is very fast, and it is not long before the order is received. The fruit is very eye-catching in terms of packaging and color. The baby orangutan doll is full of childlikeness. The fruit is unified in a green box and conveys the concept of healthy green. Cut the fruit with a knife, the eyes are full of bright colors, the white and condensed coconut is full of elasticity, the surface is covered with coconut, and the box is opened. A thick coconut scent comes to the surface, making people covet.
     肆 / dividing the island, the dividing line of the mind
    If you say that you are a fireworks on the sea, I am a foam of the waves… From the ancient times to the present, the sea conveys a special kind of emotion. Haizi said, “facing the sea, spring blossoms,” Cao Cao said “澹,山岛竦峙”, if the sea is nurturing life, then the island is the first child of the sea, and it is in harmony with the sea, and spends thousands of years.
    There are many islands in Sanya, the most famous of which is Wuzhizhou Island. I don’t like the liveliness. In order to avoid the crowds and better sea contact, I came to a worldly and independent border island.
    Divided on the island, commonly known as “beauty island”, as the name suggests, this is the boundary between Hainan’s north and south climate, and is also an important human boundary between the minority areas of the Hainan Island and the Han area, and is also called “the dividing line of the soul” by the locals. The island is horizontally saddle-shaped, like a sleeping beauty, so it is known as the “beauty island.”
    From Yalong Bay Huayu Resort Hotel, the scenery along the way, the local customs and customs. When you first see the boundary island, you will feel that it is extraordinary. The sparrow is small but complete. It not only provides tourists with basic marine tourism such as diving and sea fishing, but also provides many intimate with marine animals (dolphins, turtles, etc.). The opportunity to contact.
    Walking into the border island, I was greeted by a lively commercial atmosphere. I was greeted by a bustling commercial street. The streets were big and small, and I was dazzled. The shops are full of specialties from all over the world, and the exquisite pendants are so popular that people can’t put it down.
    Going forward, an island octagonal pavilion, the view of the sea, is reflected in the sea, surrounded by coconut trees, the ancient pavilion looks very simple, the air is filled with a strong marine atmosphere, the fragrance of coconut is refreshing. There is also a sightseeing car to the top of the mountain. In order to avoid any beauty, we still choose to watch on foot.
    Along the way, the coconut trees are covered with a variety of hanging chairs. People are lying leisurely on the hanging chairs, feeling the sun shining through the leaves and kissing the cheeks, humming the little songs, sunning the sun, and enjoying the slow time. All the way to stop and stop, a giant human body wall captures my sight, people use natural boulders to subtly engrave a variety of postures of the human body, visitors can be close to the groove, staged a variety of big coffee show, casual concave shape.
    There are many interesting statues or ancient tools along the way that make the monotonous journey full of fun. Ancient shipwrecks, statues of the Seven Desserts, submarine villages and old fighters are just some of the highlights, especially for girls taking pictures here.
    The rock formations on the island, under the scouring of the sea, gradually smoothed the edges and corners, surrounded by plank roads, wooden fences are simple and long, adding a bit of charm to the island. Slowly pace along the plank road, the sea breeze gently licks the cheeks, the air is mixed with salty taste, making people intoxicated.
    As the commanding heights of the dividing island, Huanxitang stands quietly, staring at the people coming and going. Standing on the side of the joyful hall, the island’s style is unobstructed. Looking at the waves that are tumbling in the distance, there is a kind of ambition. If you can, I really hope that time will stay here forever.
     Wu / the first market, come to Sanya must punch the seafood
    If the hot pot is the soul of Chongqing, then the seafood must be the city card of Sanya. Come to Sanya without eating seafood, such as walking dead, no interest. As a foodie, you can’t satisfy me if you can eat it. If you can feel the joy of choice, you can feast your eyes on it while you are full of food.
    Before coming to Sanya, I was forced by my friends to make Amway the “first market.” To be honest, I was not interested in the market of this kind of market, but I was so grateful that I had to go. When I first saw the first farmer’s market, it made me shine. The style of the traditional farmer’s market was changed. It was overcrowded. It was not so much a market, but rather a new attraction.
    Entering the first market, the seafood next to me is so dazzling, the enthusiastic stall owner introduces various marine life with a strong local accent.
    It is said that the seafood here is harvested from the sea on the same day. Various sea treasures are lively and beating, and the whole market exudes the taste of the sea. I am like a child who first saw the market, stopped and stopped, and curious to explore the new world. Crystal clear crayfish, creepy scorpions, overgrown conch, naughty hairy crabs, everything, such as a few treasures. The price of seafood here is much cheaper than that of the restaurant. It is inexpensive and attracts many tourists.
    From the first market, strolling all the way, a small shop called “Chongqing Yingjie Seafood” captures my sight, hot pot flavored seafood? I was so unable to move. The storefront signs here are unified and decorated, blue and white, all of which reveal the marine style.
    When I walked into the store, I found that the store was small but full of everything. The narrow corridor was filled with tables, and there was a red brick path in the middle to facilitate guests. The other side is full of large and small coconuts, a variety of tableware drinks, dazzling, no mess, use this small space just right.
    The business in the store is very good, but the service is not discounted. We didn’t wait long to enjoy the delicious food, and it was completely ready in a while. I finally understood why such a small shop, business is so good. Looking at this delicate setting and attractive color, people began to swallow, smelling, smelling, and appetite increased instantly.
    We ordered all the specialties in the store, hairy crabs, shrimps, scallops, conch, etc., no one fell. The seafood here changed the traditional steaming method, combined with the simmering method, the taste is hot and spicy, the sweetness in the sesame, and the essence of the seafood is preserved. The most touching thing is the conch here. This is probably the life I have eaten in my life. It is best to eat conch, a small dish actually tasted the nostalgic taste.
     Lu / Sanya, you can’t miss the special hot pot
    Sanya has a lot of food, the most distinctive of which is coconut chicken, which is a food that can’t be enjoyed in the field. When I first heard the name, I felt that it was incredible. Coconut and chicken were mixed together. Isn’t this a dark dish?
    It is said that the biggest feature of coconut chicken is the selection of materials. Coconut chicken has high requirements for ingredients. The coconut must be freshly extracted. The chicken must be authentic Wenchang chicken. Both are indispensable. The coconut chickens in Hainan are uneven, and the most authentic one is the coconut chicken. I heard that there are often star-studded patrons here. If you are lucky, you can also hit the favorite idol.
    Into the store, the fresh and elegant decoration makes people happy, if not say this is a hot potThe store is more like a tea restaurant. The verdant wall is inlaid with the signboard of “嗲嗲 Coconut Chicken”. The font is round and lovely, and the cartoon old man is wearing a high hat. The light blue translucent curtains and the white brick floor reflect each other. The wood-colored dining table is neat and orderly. The gold and bronze chandeliers are very modern, and the tables and chairs show the temperature of the restaurant.
    Under the enthusiasm of the clerk, we found a good place to sit down. The store is full of green plants, which are in harmony with each other. While purifying the air, the eyes are relieved and the exhaustion is exhausted. With hungry, we ordered a lot of dishes. The vegetables here are very fresh. Occasionally, the water drops are coming out. It is cute.
    Different from the spicy hot pot that I used to eat, the original soup of coconut juice and the fresh Wenchang chicken are not too delicious. The soup base is thick and delicious. After using it, the scent of coconut milk remains in the mouth and the aftertaste is endless. Strongly push the horse squid slippery and hydrangea here, the fish is slippery and thornless, the taste is fresh and not sloppy, and the taste is great. As a person who does not like to eat fungi, it is not resistant to the mushrooms here. Maybe The coconut juice tastes too mellow, and most of the cooked foods are left with coconut scent. The taste of the food itself is combined with the coconut scent, and it is entangled at the tip of the tongue, and happiness is born.
     柒 / The highest sculpture in the whole island of Hainan, “Luhuitou”, the only good place to overlook the panoramic view of Sanya
    As we all know, Sanya is also known as “Lucheng”, but the origin of its name is little known. During this trip to Sanya, I took a beautiful deer back to the scenic spot in a busy schedule, a touching mythology in me. I am coming in front of my eyes.
    Located in the southern part of Sanya, the Luhuitou Scenic Area is 3 km south of Sanya. It faces the sea at the southernmost tip of the island. It faces the sea and looks like a slope deer. It is 275 meters high and stands at the top. Sanya has a beautiful view.
    The name of Luhuitou comes from a beautiful legend. It is said that a long time ago, a shooter named Ahei met a flower deer while hunting. A black all the way to catch up, the deer had nowhere to go, then they turned back to love. Looking towards the shooter, the shooter was finally touched by him, and he fell in love with him and became a husband and wife. Although the story is somewhat absurd, in order to retain this romantic legend, people named this place “Lu Huitou” to commemorate this love that crosses the world.
    Walking into the Luhuitou Scenic Area, you will see a triangular corridor pavilion. Under the illumination of the sun, the pavilion is antique and surrounded by flowers, pulling the tourists to find the story of Ah Hei and the deer.
    As a breeze goes, a giant sculpture is born and independent. The statue is made up of a deer and two portraits. The woman’s body is soft and beautiful, as if it is the embodiment of the deer. The man is heroic and refreshing. In the middle of the flower deer pretending to look back, revealing reluctance in the expression, to explain the legend of the old.
    Opposite the deer statue is the “love at first sight” stone monument, standing on the side of the semi-mountain return yard of Luhuitou Park, inscribed by the former Minister of National Defense Zhang Aiping personally. The red font is free and easy, sparkling under the sun, expressing love for the lover, and expressing love for Sanya’s beauty, both romantic and festive, attracting many couples to take a group photo, using film to freeze the immortal love. The “LOVE” vending machine next to the stone monument is full of creativity, and it is against the stone monument at first sight. The “V” character is painted with a portrait of a deer in front of it. The color is gorgeous, the body is graceful and lifelike.
    Continue to go forward, greet me is the “Fu Lushou Samsung” statue, standing in front of the mountain, the momentum is compelling, the statue with a smile, demeanor and dignified, Lu Xing wearing an official hat holding jade Ruyi, the gesture of throwing an effort is extraordinary, revealed With a fairy temperament. The flower pots in front of the statue are patchwork, prosperous, and surrounded by trees, creating a sense of tranquility.
    Along the mountain road to the highest point of the scenic spot, an old tree stands tall, and the curved branches are covered with red ribbons, carrying the beautiful wishes of travelers.
    Standing on the top of the mountain overlooking the entire scenic spot, surrounded by coconut trees, the refreshing road entwined the scenic area, occasionally clustered with flowers, dotted with scenic spots, the beach in the distance is illuminated by the sun, the golden glow, the white seagulls lightly touch the sea, quiet And beautiful.
     [Preparation before the trip]
    1. Cards: ID cards, bank cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses (if you have them) are brought well, and other special certificates are included. But also pay attention to bring some cash on the body. Although the Internet is now very developed, not all places can be swiped or WeChat paid.
    2, ticket class: determine the travel time, choose the travel vehicle in advance, the plane or the train, it is best to download an app.
    3, digital categories: including mobile phones, charging treasure, patch panels (especially photographers, a variety of messy equipment), a variety of chargers, photographic equipment (tripod belt, can shoot sunset), USB data cable.
    4, clothes: according to the length of time to decide the clothes to bring.
    5, drugs: with heat, detoxification drugs or granules, band-aid and so on.
     【About the Author】
    Weibo: @奔跑的小东东, @旅行走天下
    Public number: running small Dongdong
    My travel footprint:
    Domestic: Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jilin, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hainan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities.
    Foreign countries: Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.
     [Photographic equipment]
    Mobile: iPhone6s
    Camera: Canon 6D (Canon 16-35/2.8, Tamron 24-70/2.8, Canon 50/1.4)
    Retouching software: Photoshop, Lightroom
    Video software: Premiere, After Effects
    Other equipment: portable tripod, mobile phone delay bracket, video capture stabilizer, Apple notebook, mobile hard drive, card reader, SD card, charger, etc.
    Sanya, located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, is well-connected and has very convenient transportation.
    Aircraft: All localities can fly to Sanya Phoenix International Airport. The airport is 11 kilometers away from the city center. The Hainan Island Expressway is connected to the city and has long-distance buses, buses and taxi service stations to major cities in the province. And there are airport buses to Dadonghai and Yalong Bay. In addition, taxis take about 25 minutes from the airport to the city. The fare is about 50 yuan, the airport is about 60 yuan to Dadonghai, and the airport is about 100 yuan to Yalong Bay.
    Trains: The train stations currently used in Sanya mainly include Sanya Station (also known as the main railway station), Phoenix Airport Station (Airport Station) and Yalong Bay Station. You can also choose trains or high-speed trains to Sanya. In addition, if the flight ticket to Sanya is too expensive, you can choose Feihaikou and then take the high-speed train to Sanya.
    Bus station: Sanya City Bus Terminal is located in the center of Sanya. The left and right sides are Wangmao Supermarket and Sanya Pedestrian Business District Street, with convenient transportation. Every day, the main station has long-distance buses from Sanya to all parts of the province, as well as long-distance buses to Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, and Jiangxi provinces.
    Tips: There are more than one express bus to Haikou every day in the province. The fare for the limousine bus is 79 yuan, and the fare for the ordinary bus is 49 yuan. There will be one class for about half an hour.
    Bus: There are many buses in Sanya. There are also buses available for various attractions. The bus fares take the ladder fare, which is the basic fare of 2 yuan. The distance is increased by 2-12 yuan. Coin, pay attention to prepare for change. Operating hours are generally around 6:00-19:40, depending on the bus. In addition, the private line of CMB is also very many, many hotels (resorts) also have free sightseeing cars to the city and attractions, very convenient.
    Self-driving: There are many companies in Sanya that offer car rental services. You can find out and compare prices online. A deposit is required for the rental of the car, along with an ID card, return ticket and driver’s license.
     [Distribution of attractions]
    Sanya has a lot of attractions, but there are fewer types. If detailed points can be divided according to regional location and type:
    One: divided by regional location
    Urban area: Jingrun Pearl Museum, Bailu Park, Sanya Fenghuangling Park
    Sanya Bay: West Island, Coconut Dream Corridor, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area, Big and Small Caves, Yazhou Ancient City, Orchid World Theme Park, Tropical Sea World, Penang River, Haiyue Square
    Dadonghai: Dadonghai, Xiaodonghai, Luhuitou Peak Park
    Yalong Bay: Yalong Bay Underwater World, Yalong Bay Butterfly Valley, Tropical Paradise Forest Park, Yalong Bay International Rose Valley, Yalong Bay Central Square
    Haitang Bay: Haitang Bay, 蜈Zhizhou Island, Zhujiang Nantian Hot Spring
    Other (peripheral): Ganshiling Betel Valley original ecological Limiao Cultural Tourism Zone, Nanwan Monkey Island Ecological Scenic Area, Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Area, Luobi Cave, Dijiezhou Island
    Second: by type
    Island beaches: Sanya Bay, Yalong Bay, Dadonghai, Haitang Bay, Wuzhizhou Island, West Island, Dijiezhou Island, Nanwan Monkey Island, etc.
    Theme parks: such as Yanoda Rainforest, Betel Valley, Butterfly Valley, Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, Sanya and the ancient times.
    Humanities and historical sites: Tianya Haijiao, Xiaodongtian, Nanshan Temple, Haiyin Guanyin, Yazhou Ancient City, Luhuitou and so on.

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