[Sanya] Take the goods and take you to the wild! Walking tropical hormones!

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    No matter how far you travel, the footsteps are accelerated by industrial strength by a factor of n, and how many times you look out from the window in the porthole, I think, full of emotions must be placed in place. There is always a place to pour the most of your calories and tolerate your most enthusiasm. It must be Sanya.
    Studies have shown that the secretion of dopamine is temperature dependent. So, is it just temperature that makes me excited? NO, NO, NO.. is everything here.
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     Preparation before the trip
    1. Cards: ID cards, bank cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses (if you have them) are brought well, and other special certificates are included. But also pay attention to bring some cash on the body. Although the Internet is now very developed, not all places can be swiped or WeChat paid.
    2, ticket categories: determine the time of travel, choose travel in advance, aircraft high-speed rail or train, it is best to download an app, you can book tickets anytime, anywhere.
    3, digital categories: including mobile phones, charging treasure (remind if it is an aircraft, can only bring up to two charging treasure, not too big), a variety of chargers, photographic equipment (wide angle, tripod anything with good), USB data line.
    4, clothes: according to the length of time to decide the clothes to bring. Check the weather in Guangyuan in advance. The weather in the mountainous area of ​​Guangyuan is relatively large, and it will be a bit cold, reminding you to bring thick clothes.
    5, other categories: basic toiletries, personal supplies, etc.!
    6, drugs: with heat, detoxification drugs or granules, band-aid, cold medicine and so on.
     Shooting equipment
    Body (double body does not need to change the lens back and forth)
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     Seafood and fruit gathering place in Sanya
    If you don’t walk on the street and press the road, there is no real sense of true involvement here. Mixed into the local stream, in the evening, we followed the taste and went to the first market. Bustling, passing through the crowd, the ear can also distinguish Hainan dialect, Mandarin and even foreign languages, really is the largest seafood trading market in Sanya.
    But there is more than just seafood here. It feels more like a big market in the market, everything is in the east, clothes, shoes, seafood, fruits, crafts, everything.
    Let me continue to hang around here or snacks. At the intersection, when I didn’t go in, there was a burst of food in the air, and I held my nose tightly and led me to explore. This is a magical attack, which makes me lose my armor immediately.
    The fruit of the first market also made me scream, and overflowed from the light of a small shop. The big yellow scented mango, the unscented durian, the red and beautiful dragon fruit, the green sable green awn, the mature purple The mangosteens are full, and they are piled up. The fresh tropical fruit fragrance makes me feel uncomfortable. The price is still very touching, and people feel a sense of simplicity and sincerity. Can not help but sigh, here is really not the creator’s preference!
    It is also a gathering place for seafood processing shops, and many tourists are the first choice for seafood. The seafood here is fresh and cheap. After buying seafood in the bazaar, it is close to the processing shop, which is much cheaper than going to the big restaurant. It is the first price/performance ratio.
    There are so many seafood processing shops in the first market, and the competition is fierce, so there will be a lot of visitors here, don’t be led by them. In addition, if you want to buy seafood back to your own processing, then when buying seafood, you must make more inquiry, shop around and then start, but also need to beware of seafood package.
    When I got here, I went to the processing shop, just the street opposite the first bazaar. Dinner is here to solve.
    The plump Boston lobster that you choose yourself, just wait a moment in your seat and you will become a bright red savory sauce that you want to eat on your forefinger. The garlic is open, and the white and tender shrimp is close to the eyes, making it difficult for people to drool.
    We also selected sea shrimp, pimp shrimp, scallops, mango snails, oysters, simple plates, full of food, and you can feel the original taste different from the mainland.
    There are also fresh sea urchins, which are fresh and delicious without the need for additional accessories. The chefs in the store really know the taste of food and the heart of the diners. The balance between the two is just right.
    Oversized sea prawn, the spicy taste is easier to appetite, and the tender shrimp meat has a hint of sweetness;
    Spicy fried mango snails, spicy and refreshing, the whole body is relaxed, and suddenly integrated into the “summer” night market in Sanya. There is a little bit of sweetness in the southern spicy, and the seafood is deliciously blended. This plate is quickly swept away.
    Pipi shrimp tastes crispy and tender, the meat is strong, and the soup is better to eat. It is the best choice for the practice of pepper and salt.
    The scallops are very clean and full of weight. The fans steamed the scallops, the meat is very chewy, the fans are served with garlic, and the taste and taste double attack.
    Garlic oysters combine garlic with fresh raw oysters and meat, and go down one by one. The happiness is bursting. I really want to feel the emotion. Natural generosity gives the smile on the faces of people living here. Simple plates, full of food, you can feel the original taste different from the mainland;
    Of course, the table is still indispensable. Hainan local cuisine in the coconut filled with sweet and soft coconut rice made of glutinous rice, refreshing and delicious fried four-corned beans;
    Eat more seafood, take a sip at the straw, sweet to the heart of the fresh coconut juice poured into the lungs, all the troubles can be thrown away. All are good to say, it is good to say that this is the current mouth, this meal is the most important. The warm, yellow light of the store’s fresh and unappealing feelings comforted the long-distance flight.
     Sly coconut chicken
    For lunch, I came to the famous long-awaited restaurant, the coconut chicken, and tasted the coconut chicken hot pot combination of coconut and Wenchang chicken.
    The restaurant’s layout is fresh and elegant, with a touch of tiffany blue, green grass and warm yellow. The dishes and spoons are green. They also combine ethnic paintings. The partitions in the store are decorated with lush coconuts. In front of the store are the green plants in Hainan. People can’t help but say that the store’s intentions are integrated into the local fish and water.
    What surprised me was that I ordered a good meal. The service lady came over and poured the whole coconut water into the hot pot to boil. The hot pot can still eat like this! Beyond my imagination. Only then did I know that this coconut juice came from the old grandfather who had been cutting the coconut at the doorstep. From picking to opening, it is a short time to ensure the freshness of the ingredients.
    After boiling, add chicken to simmer and simmer slowly. Because the meat is tender and tender, you can enjoy it for five minutes without the inverted hourglass on the table. This practice is actually passed down from the “naked cooking” of the Li people, and only sweet coconut water can be used to cook sweet chicken. The cascading of chicken and coconut juice stimulates your taste buds. It is juicy and juicy, allowing you to get rid of the salty and spicy Sichuan hot pot and taste the authentic taste of Hainan.
    In addition, Hainan Sibao, which is freshly blended by the Li people, will be seasoned with green kumquat, sand ginger, finger pepper and assorted sauce, and seasoned with freshly cooked chicken, biting a savory, tender and sour. With your teeth, you can’t stop.
    Really carefully selected ingredients are always wrong, and every heart can be reflected in the taste of food. “Others eat hot pot ingredients, we eat the taste of ingredients”, Hainan’s local ecological ingredients will carry this healthy concept into the end and turn it into reality. The pot is first simmered in a small bowl of coconut milk pot bottom, Wenchang chicken is not much oil, coconut milk and coconut meat have their own sweet taste and taste the texture of the chicken soup, the most sweet.
    Just like eating hot pot in the usual way, you can also add other side dishes in the pot. The hydrangea that must be ordered, after rolling in a pot, looks like a blooming white flower, like a fairy’s skirt, not only good-looking, but also delicious.
    Signature dish – the hand-operated horse squid slips, just put the fish that has been placed in the ear spoon in advance and hang it on the side of the pot for a while, and the taste is Q-bomb. The taste of coconut water is not too overbearing at the bottom of the pot, and the fish slides complement each other. The sweetness and the tenderness of the two sides set off against each other. No one will grab a half of the limelight, but instead highlights the fresh and moist fish, which is worthy of signature.
    Also tasted a snack – Hainan black pork chop. As a northerner who doesn’t love meat, I am not used to the meat of Jiangnan or Weinan. I didn’t expect Hainan meat in Sanya to touch me. One bite down, there is no irritating greasy feeling, but it is very delicious. The glutinous rice is full of pork, and the combination of lean meat and glutinous rice is just right. The true taste of the ingredients is fully reflected.
    The coconut jelly is also very good, and it is not the same as the original packaged enchanting goods. It is still necessary to go to the local area to taste the taste of the ingredients.
    I know from the clerk’s sister, I thought that the super invincible small fresh shop name “嗲嗲 椰子 coconut chicken”, I did not expect the meaning of the grandfather’s coconut chicken restaurant, no wonder the restaurant’s image design is a head chef Cap cute old grandfather.
    Address: 1st Floor, Chenguang Clarke Quay Hotel, No. 167, Sanyawan Road, Tianya District, Sanya City
     a must-see performance for a lifetime
    Sanya The ageing scene is a must-see for you to play cards. Walking through the totem ancient road is the South China Sea Goddess Square, and the strong southern country style has attracted my attention. The South China Sea goddess built by the rock is solemn and compassionate. It is the patron saint of the Sanya people. It stands 28 meters high and stands majestic in the distance. The group sculptures next to it are colorful and bold, and they are like a group of tall and powerful. The frog gods on the elephant group are the auspicious beasts of the Li nationality. The whole sculpture is unique in style and profound in meaning, giving a strong sense of sacredness. Under the sculpture is the entrance to the gate of Sanya’s ancient scene.
    Walking along the antique wind chimes and love streets, there are many local specialty shops, you can walk slowly and take pictures.
    The Li nationality is the largest ethnic minority in Hainan. There are many quaint Li people’s dwellings and dense betel trees in Li Village in the scenes of the ancient times. It is a unique and unique Li folk customs. Many small shows are concentrated here. Hunting dance, wooden drum percussion, Chengfu toads and so on have been staged. Throughout the afternoon, there are quite a few actors and dancers who also perform and dance around you. You must let them feel their enthusiasm and folk customs.
    There are many novel and fun projects to experience in the Science and Technology Recreation Hall. The opposite of Li Village is the focus of the game. The Li nationality is the largest ethnic minority in Hainan. There are many quaint Li people’s dwellings and dense betel trees in Li Village in the scenes of the ancient times. It is a unique and unique Li folk customs. Many small shows are concentrated here. Hunting dance, wooden drum percussion, Chengfu toads and so on have been staged. Throughout the afternoon, there are quite a few actors and dancers who also perform and dance around you. You must let them feel their enthusiasm and folk customs.
    There are many novel and fun projects to experience in the Science and Technology Recreation Hall. The opposite of Li Village is the focus of the game. The Li nationality is the largest ethnic minority in Hainan. There are many quaint Li people’s dwellings and dense betel trees in Li Village in the scenes of the ancient times. It is a unique and unique Li folk customs. Many small shows are concentrated here. Hunting dance, wooden drum percussion, Chengfu toads and so on have been staged. Throughout the afternoon, there are quite a few actors and dancers who also perform and dance around you. You must let them feel their enthusiasm and folk customs.
    It is not easy to experience the ice and snow in the “hot steam” Sanya. There is a chance to make you enjoy the scenery. The Sanya Ice and Snow World, which is decorated with various lights, is a bit like being mistaken into a world of ice and snow fairy tale. There are ice skates and cute ice sculptures to evoke your childlike heart and your memories of ice and snow.
    Sanya Color Zoo, feeding giraffes, watching it down the long neck, long tongue rolls drafting leaves;
    The embarrassing pony is trying to make people feel its head;
    A kangaroo is facing us, “Ge You Li”, and leisurely;
    The zebra is drinking water quietly… It is a paradise for children. Whether it is a big child or a child, you can always find the fun of contact with animals and satisfy your childlike heart.
    After a lap, I went to the door of the Sanya Ancient Love Theater. I came to watch the song and dance performance of Sanya Love in the Sanya.
    The whole performance is a review of the history of Sanya, which is slowly unfolding in chronological order. From the birthplace of human civilization in Hainan, the opening of the pen hole, echoing for thousands of years; using songs and dances, acrobatics and other forms to tell the beautiful legend of Lu Huitou; Mrs. Yu’s heroic spirits sighed; the prosperous development of the Maritime Silk Road and the determination of Jianzhen Dongdu The mermaid show at the end of the giant water curtain is even more impressive, and you can reach out and interact with the actors on your head…
    The 360° panoramic screens are endless, and the stage design breaks through the traditional performance mode. The interactive experience of space and sense makes me concentrate on the whole story from the beginning to the end, afraid to miss the details that I did not notice.
    The costumes, makeup and props of the actors are very refined and rich in Hainan’s ethnic customs.
    After the whole performance, I can’t return to God for a long time, because I can’t express this feeling in words. I have to experience it myself to meet and meet with your imaginary or unexpected things. I can only say that this is a must not miss. The audio-visual feast, Sanya’s leisure, ethnic customs, and tensionful temperament were perfectly expressed. It is no wonder that it won the “Five One Project” award in Hainan Province as an excellent travel performance.
    At night, stay in the family room of Sanya Qianguqing Inn. Because it is in the scenic area, the stay is very convenient, the customer service is also very enthusiastic.
    The wood decoration reflected in the room echoes the wooden structure of the hotel. The decorative painting and the background wall use a lot of plant elements. Living here can really feel the style of Hainan.
    I like the smog blue fabric chair in the living room. The cute little dolls in the children’s room and the small tents built in the sea make my mouth tilt up. If my family travels with the children, it is definitely the first choice.
    For lazy people, living in the ages love inn is a great gospel. At check-in, the front desk will ask about the next day’s breakfast delivery time, yes! It is the kind that is sent to the room! Breakfast lunches, sweet potatoes, corn, poached eggs, toast and yogurt, can be said to be rich and healthy.
    In the hotel, I also tried to order fruit take-outs – called an orangutan fruit takeaway, and sent it directly to the hotel room. (On the WeChat search “call a gorilla” you can place an order)
    Open the light green packaging box, full of chopped dragon fruit, honeydew melon, pineapple, papaya and sacred fruit, jackfruit; the whole green skin Katemang, lotus fog, green orange is not easy to start, take out the heart of the fruit knife And tableware, also comes with a box of coconut jelly and two cute orangutan dolls, a little surprise.
     China’s Maldives
    When I arrived in Sanya, how can I not complete the experience of the island? We went to the most popular Wuzhizhou Island, but it is the place where I have the most scenery in my camera. Clear sea water, soft sandy beaches, strange rocks, and flowers and plants dotted in it, it is hard to feel free to feel happy. There are many wooden house buildings in the sea. Beside the blue sea of ​​the blue sky, the texture of the wood is warm in the sunlight, so that the people who see it feel warm.
    This is a reef standing on the sea, and a cable bridge is connected to it. Because every time you walk, you need to grasp the hands of people around you, so it is called “Lover Bridge.” Now the cable bridge is no longer, the boardwalk is replaced, but the beautiful meaning of the lover is still left, so that the couples who pass through this place will stop by the expectation and wishes.
    Lover Island, in fact, is quietly looking at the two big stones. Because of the legend of Angkor and Weaver, they have been remembered by future generations. It has become a symbol of the love of young men and women, and one of the places where couples must go.
    There is also a Mazu Temple on the island, which is dedicated to the maritime protection of the islanders. It is said that the sincere wish is quite effective here. This is the Mazu Temple in the south of China. The travellers from afar came to the island and burned incense at the Mazu Temple. Just as the former generation of fishermen prayed for the sacred protection of the gods, they made a silent wish. It seems that because of the distance, the sincerity has also increased.
    Under the view of the rock, there is also a rock carved out of the sea, like a huge sea turtle. It looks like a huge back shell. It can also see the lines and the glans that are found out. The name of the sea explores the amazing nature of nature.
    Wuzhizhou Island There is also a must-see place for the movie “Private Customization”, the freshwater pool next to the pirate bar, which is surrounded by blue water and coconut trees. The poolside has a white building resembling a “Bird’s Nest” constructed between the sea and the sky. The dome-shaped white mesh structure is particularly quiet and secluded against the bougainvillea, the blue sky, the blue pool and the coconut palm. Dim. The lens that appears in this place in the movie becomes the memory point of the audience, and the scenic spot has become a new destination for countless tourists.
    The sea near the island has high visibility and the underwater world is a colorful diving spot. At the same time, it is a good place for water sports such as motor boats, banana boats, and water parachutes. When you take a photo tour on the shore, you can feel the “heat waves” that play in the offshore waters. This is the true meaning of tropical island travel.
    The “HAPPY” “LOVE” logo, which is set up on the beach by various white branches, is also popular with tourists. The creative ingenuity adds a romantic touch to the beach. Putting a pose is a natural background board. Together with the blue sky and blue sky of Sanya, it is a computer desktop.
     China’s only tropical rainforest at 18° north latitude
    Sanya is also characterized by its tropical rainforest. It is separated from most parts of the country during the cold weather of Siberia. It seems that there is a natural barrier covering it and protecting it. summer. The “Yenoda” scenic spot is a treasure land that is spoiled by the sun. “Yanoda” is the meaning of one or two in Hainan dialect, and it is given a welcome and good friendship in this scenic spot.
    Yanoda Rainforest Scenic Spot is the only tropical rainforest in China with an latitude of 18° north latitude. It is the concentration of the five tropical rainforests in Hainan Island. It is the most valuable tropical rainforest resource expo, and it is called China’s diamond-level rainforest scenic spot.
    Entering the scenic spot, it was immediately taken to the eye by the tall travellers on both sides. These herbaceous plants, native to Madagascar, Africa, are tall and burly, about three or four tall, and the stems are very large, resembling a tablespoon. I heard that it is a “container” for storing water. It can store several kilograms of water during the rainy season. It.
    Walking through the trestle surrounded by vines, the roadside stretches out the giant roots of the trees. The posture is extremely stretched, coiling from the rock to the top of the pedestrians, and some even intertwined into a green net to form an “air basket”. Old stems and flowers, this is the “language” of the vegetation of these trees, and their communication is silent and intimate with us. Walking in the meantime, it seems that the gas exhaled by the lungs is connected with this nature, breathing with the same heart, and the mind and chest become transparent.
    The sea otter is much shorter than the traveler’s banana, and it also has a beautiful Chinese name called dripping Guanyin. In the north, dripping Guanyin is difficult to raise, not too small or the leaves are easy to yellow. But here it is growing wildly, the leaves are green and fat, like elephant ears that are dyed green. It seems that “Orange is the best in Huaibei”, and it really needs to be cultivated in the most suitable soil and water to grow into the most comfortable way of the plant itself.
    Taking pictures under such huge green leaves, people seem to become naughty elves sneaked out from the country of small people, and the leaves can cover the wind and rain for you, quite interesting.
     Practical Raiders + Notes
    I. Sanya Climate Temperature:
    Sanya belongs to the tropical ocean monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 25.4 °C. The lowest temperature is January, the average temperature is 21 °C; the highest temperature is July, the average temperature is 28.4 °C, which is lower than most cities in the country. The annual sunshine time reached 2,563 hours. Some people think that Hainan’s summer heat is hard to bear, it is a big mistake! In fact, the best season to go to Hainan is summer. The temperature here is 25-30 degrees in summer, the beach is breezy, the warm sea is suitable for swimming, picking up shells, etc. On the contrary, the winter here is like the spring in the mainland, the water is not good. Swimming will feel cold.
    Second, Sanya Tourism in the off-season and peak season:
    The off-season in Sanya is from the end of April to September. In July and August, there will be a small peak season due to the summer vacation. September and October each yearIn the third and fourth months of the second year, it is the peak season of the year, and tourists will suddenly rise.
    Third, Sanya Tourism, with the group or self-help tour?
    Sanya is a place for self-help travel, and you can feel free to be a lazy person and better appreciate the charm of Sanya.
    The benefits of the group: Some people take care of the tube and sleep. Don’t worry too much.
    The downside with the group: not free, it is likely to have fun. Many of the fun attractions are arranged at their own expense, with shopping points, and there may be some consumer traps.
    The downside of self-help travel: you must go online and know how to distinguish the authenticity of all kinds of information on the Internet; you must have some time to plan your trip.
    The benefits of self-help travel: free and free, how to play if you want to play, what to eat if you want to eat. As long as you will arrange, the cost of self-guided tours may be lower than that of the group.
    Fourth, essential items:
    Choose spf50+ highly effective waterproof sunscreen products. The texture of sunscreen is best to be refreshing and non-greasy. It is easy to push open when applied, and it is better to absorb. Sunscreen must be applied half an hour before going out, and then applied every two or three hours. This can effectively resist the damage of UV rays to the skin.
    [Backpack] Many women love handbags, but if you are traveling, it is best to bring a simple, lightweight, space-shoulder backpack. After all, the traffic in the scenic area is large, and the handbag is too easy to be forgotten. Once lost, it is basically difficult to find it. With backpacks, whether you are walking or visiting the sights, you can have fun and avoid losing.
    【Sun Hat】
    Try to choose a big visor, which can effectively shade the sun and make the face small. It’s really three things. There is also a fisherman’s hat on the canvas, which is also very suitable for a seaside outing. Many straw hats with holes in the shape should not be taken. The ultraviolet rays will cause uneven skin color through the slits and will still be tanned.
    Although it can be bought in Sanya, the price is relatively high. The price of the seaside vendors is cheap, but the style is single and uniform. So everyone can pick it up at home and take it straight. It is recommended that you choose a beautiful sexy swimsuit or a light and elegant long skirt. This has the best visual effect and is more attractive to women.
    [beach shoes]
    Don’t miss this one. A pair of comfortable beach shoes is enough to travel throughout Sanya. The most recommended is the hole shoes or flip flops. This can be chosen according to personal habits.
    The sunshine in Sanya is strong and glaring, especially at noon. So sunglasses are also a must. Otherwise, the problem is serious if the eyes are stabbed. And taking a photo with a photo is always unsightly, and sunglasses are also a small weapon for girls.
     Sanya buy seafood fruit notes
    1. When eating seafood, drink some white wine and rice vinegar, but it is not advisable to drink beer when eating seafood, because drinking a lot of beer when eating seafood will produce too much uric acid and cause gout.
    2, after eating seafood, do not eat cold drinks, watermelons and other foods within an hour, and do not go swimming immediately.
    3, seafood is rich in high protein, people who are allergic to protein, please do not eat bulimia.
    4, coconut and seafood should not be the same food.
    5. When buying seafood, remember to poke the bottom of the bag through the drain.
    [fruit articles]
    1, with a small name. The shortcomings are the most common tricks used by small traders, and we should be equally careful, and support the purchase of multiple items. (First talk about the price and then light the scale)
    2, go to the formal fruit market (such as the first market, Honggang fruit wholesale market), more shops, can be cheap.
    3. If there is an acquaintance in the local area, you can ask him to take you to buy it.
    4. The fruits that are often purchased are fresh and cheap.
    5, check whether the packaged box is mixed with cement, sand and other debris, and then pay attention to the placement of the fruit, so as not to be stuffy or crashed during the delivery or flight for several days.
    6, fruit prices, the price of the market in the market every day announced, you can pay attention before buying, so you are not afraid to buy expensive!
    This travel contains a total of 7874 words and 123 pictures. Helped 9 Sanya tourists.

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