Seafood, fishing port and film city and carnival, the perfect holiday of Zhejiang Xiaocheng

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    This time I went to Ningbo.
    Ningbo is not a very popular tourist destination in Zhejiang, but after you go, you will find that although the city is not big, it is beautiful and exquisite, seafood, fishing port, film and television city, and there are heavy attacks in Ningbo during the National Day. International Carnival, enough for you to play leisurely for three or four days!
     The first day, Nice International Carnival
    Ningbo Nice Carnival is one of the official activities of the “China-Europe Tourism Year”. It enjoys the French Nice Carnival, one of the world’s three “world’s three carnivals”, and feels the original French style, activity floats and large machinery. And 40 Nice mascots are shipped directly from France to Ningbo.
    The weather is so good, the clouds are white like cotton candy.
    During the parade, there were 12 beautiful floats, each with a beautiful “flower goddess”, and from time to time to send flowers to the audience!
    The actors are all from France, the younger brothers and sisters are all stunts, what back flips, sweeping the legs, stacking ladders… are all a piece of cake.
    Look at this actor who squats on a sorghum, a butterfly fairy!
    Is this the mountain of Taishan?
    The style of the whole car is related to this braided hanging head, which is extremely rough and has the taste of jungle and mountains everywhere.
    The two astronauts are responsible for the ribbons. The machines in their hands have the momentum. The soft colored paper tape can fly far and go directly to the audience, causing bursts of cheers.
    A warm and cheerful French folk dance.
    This is a group of actors who paint cute clown faces, old and young, male and female. They perform a variety of emotions, sadness, fear, dodge, happy, long time to reunite… not talking, but the group that most impressed me.
    This pair, found each other in the chaotic crowd, hug, gaze, the boy put a scarf on the girl, put on a hat – like a lingering love story in a chaotic way, suddenly for a moment, I almost have to cry. It is not easy to see you in the sea of ​​people.
    group photo!
    Yes, the actors interact very much. Everyone will come to the audience, shake hands, take photos, make faces, blame, and the atmosphere is very embarrassing.
    Passion Samba!
    The name of the float is much more, the queen of the universe, the clown of Nice, the king of the jungle… it is dazzling.
    What is important is not this octopus float, but the girl hanging on the front of the car!
    The actor in silver armor interacts with me.
    This car, called Yuet Musical Note, is the most eye-catching, when the number is invested in the command of the already invaded.
    The carnival at night is more exciting, the king of the universe comes to the town!
    Is this ugly creature coming from outer space?
    Colored confetti and ribbons are flying, so that you have an atmosphere of explosion, have you regretted that you are not at the scene?
     The next day, Xiangshan Film City and Shipu Fishing Port
    Xiangshan Film and Television City is located in Xinqiao Town, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, with a total area of ​​1176 mu. It is the first real-life movie in China based on Lingyan Mountain and combining natural landscapes such as mountains, rocks, caves, water and forests. The theme park is built with the Shendiao Xiacheng City, the Spring and Autumn Warring States City, the Republic of China City, the Journey to the West and other scenic spots. It is currently the largest film and television city in China.
    How many TV shows have you shot here?
    “琅琊榜”, “Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossom”, “芈月传”, “Prince Edward’s Promotion”, “The Condor Heroes”, “Journey to the West”, “Four Famous Names”… Is it enough to catch Human eye?
    Walking in the scenic spot, you can see the oversized posters of these TV series everywhere. You can also click on the map to find the “Jing Wang Fu” where Wang Kai lived, the “Su Zhai” of Su Gege Changsu, and the sneak peek “诛仙台”.
    Looking at this scene, are you familiar? Right, what’s in the peach blossoms!
    Satin stand.
    However, although it looks very realistic, only the outermost layer is wrapped in cloth, which is full of foam.
    There is also a bowl of wine on the old street.
    The succulent wine bowl, after drinking, fell into the pile of porcelain pieces, and suddenly felt the heroic cloud. Is it enough for the rivers and lakes?
    The corner of the street suddenly sounded a joyful snoring. It turned out that it was time to throw the hydrangea.
    The charming lady was helped out, and she looked around, and finally closed her eyes and dropped the hydrangea. The groom is of course a certain audience. She was pulled on the stage, draped in green, and made a temporary marriage. Both the participating and the spectators were happy.
    Recording studio.
    The thunder and lightning in the movie is a large piece of thin steel plate that can make a similar squeak when it is shaken. The wind is a long blower. When the handle is shaken, it can make a screaming scream; Thanks to the squatting of the toilet, you can play it on the small table.
    The small partners have dubbed a part of the scene, “Three Life III, Ten Mile Peach Blossoms”, and the killing scene, it is wonderful!
    Wu Dalang licks the cake. The key is that the background sound of the TV series is still in the store. Pan Jinlian shouted in the voice: “Da Lang, Dalang…”
    However, the building in the film and television city, today is Yichunyuan, and tomorrow it will become another house, all the story needs!
    The ribbon in the building is fluttering, and you can walk through it.
    The film and television city gathers the characteristic buildings of the east, west, and south. Here, it is a typical scenery of the south of the Yangtze River.
    Here is the home of the master, the water curtain hole.
    The master saw that he had the most shots, and immediately played a whole set of actions, which was called a flowing stream! Even for the extras, professional ethics is a lever!
    It belongs to the Spring and Autumn Warring States City. All buildings are full of simplicity and simplicity.
    Still encountering a group of soldiers, probably just finished shooting a certain shot, so it is really interesting to go shopping in the film and television city, who knows where to meet, which star will encounter!
    At the southern end of the Xiangshan Peninsula in Shipu Town, there was the title of “Zheyang Middle Road Heavy Town” in ancient times. It is one of the famous historical and cultural towns in China and one of the six major fishing ports in China.
    At the time of Shipu, it was around 4 pm, and the sunset began to thicken. The sky and buildings were as thick and oily as oil paintings.
    Bowl Street, this is a prosperous street built along the mountain. It is small because the street is not wide. On this side of the street, you can see the small pieces on the opposite table, saying that it is bustling. It is because the shops are one after the other, and the old times have no need to guess, but they are also in sight.
    There is also a small museum on the old street.
    China’s first film, “Yuguangqu”, was filmed in Shipu. Yu Guangqu is a masterpiece of Chinese cinema in the 1930s. He won the ninth place at the Moscow International Film Festival and is the first film in China to receive international glory.
    There are also specimens of whales. It is said that the fishermen caught it by mistake.
    This is exactly what I imagined, the ancient town of the seaside. The vines climbed on the ancient mottled walls, and people sat freely on the steps, smoking gossip, the sea smelled in the air, and there was a leisurely atmosphere.
    In the Ming Dynasty, the southeast coast was seriously affected. Shipu built the city and defended it. One door after another, it can be seen that the defense was tight at the time.
    Zhongjie was built in the Ming Dynasty, and was laid with slate and stone steps.
    This is the moon-hole door-type fire wall.
    Perhaps because of the late night, there are no tourists on the street, quiet and quiet, only the people who keep the store, have a chat with the neighbors.
    Look up, sculpt the porch, still can be seen in the past.
    Telling the truth, I have never seen a seaside town that is more delicate and tortuous than Shipu.The old streets are not long, but the stairs are stacked, the wooden shops are row upon row, the air is full of the taste of seafood, and the steps are the sea. You should stay here for a month, watch the sunrise and sunset every day, and the fishing boat leaves the port.
    Although the street is only a short 250 meters, there are more than one hundred large and small shops, namely, the bank of the bank, the north and south, and the traditional Chinese medicine.
    The most is a variety of seafood, dried fish, shrimp skin, fish gills – 鲞, that is, dried seafood, easy to store, is the most traditional food on the southeast coast.
    This is a pharmacy. It is said that the treatment of gynecological Qianjin is the best, and the ancestral craftsmanship is only passed on to the daughter-in-law, because it is a female guest to see the disease before. If a male guest comes to buy medicine, he will hang a small basket from the corner of the balcony on the second floor. The money will be put up and the medicine will be put down. Although the main family is a woman, there is no direct contact with the male. Granting is not a kiss.
    Listening to such ancient legends and anecdotes, walking on the old streets is a very interesting thing.
    At dusk, the harbor, because of the typhoon in the next few days, all the fishing boats are neatly arranged in the port. The fishing season is about to end. At that time, the grand and joyful opening of the fishing festival is another story.
     On the third day, Ningbo Bang Museum, Tianyi Pavilion
    The Ningbo Gang Museum is located in Zhenhai District of Ningbo City. It is an important business gang in the history of modern Chinese economy. The Ningbo Gang is the target of the exhibition. The age is the context, the historical facts are the clues, the characters are the highlights, and the excellent business, wealth, and sang Chen content, inherited and promoted the spirit of Ningbo to serve as the purpose of exhibition Chen, systematically demonstrated the development epic of Ningbo’s hard work and struggle from the end of the Ming Dynasty to the present.
    Walking around the museum, I often hear such surprises:
    Wow, this turned out to be Ningbo!
    Wow, it turns out that he (she) is a Ningbo person!
    For example, the well-known Tong Ren Tang, the birthplace is actually Ningbo, not everyone thinks of Beijing.
    For example, in the first setThe mountain dress was tailored by Mr. Sun Yat-sen by the Ningbo tailor and finally became popular throughout the country.
    To put it more, the Chinese costume is really good to look at. The implied, restrained, and gentleness of the oriental man is vividly displayed. It is not inferior to the suit! – Of course, the premise is that the body standard.
    The “Anzijie writing machine” invented by the well-known language linguist An Zijie of Ningbo has the functions of editing, modifying, storing, transmitting and writing the characters of 10 countries. It not only obtains patents from China, the United States, Britain, Japan and Singapore. Named after the inventor’s surname, this is the first time in the history of Chinese patents.
    Ningbo is one of the birthplaces of marine culture. The Ningbo people who are immersed in the hurricane of the sea and the rain seem to be born with blue passion in the blood. Bao Yugang, the world’s seven largest ship kings, is a Ningbo person! Surprised?
    This is the first time that the Ningbo businessman bought the ship “Baoshun” from the United Kingdom in 1854. It was the first commercial super-large ship at that time, marking the beginning of the Chinese ship era.
    This Rolls-Royce is a special car that the overseas Chinese leader should receive at the expense of Mr. Jiu, who received the national leaders. At that time, he spent $80,000 and witnessed many historical moments.
    In the old Shanghai “Declaration”, it was not uncommon for the news of Ningbo people to be famous.
    Tianyi Pavilion was built in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. It was built by Fan Qin, the right minister of the Ming Dynasty, who was retired at that time. It has a history of more than 400 years and is the representative of Chinese collection culture. It is not only the earliest private collection in China, but also the oldest library in Asia and one of the world’s three largest family libraries.
    This Dongming Caotang was originally Fan Qin’s library building. Later, with the increasing number of books, this room could no longer be placed. He built Tianyi Pavilion, which was specially used for books. This cottage became His private reception room.
    Tianyi Pavilion.
    It is said that the rules are strict, the book can not leave the hall, non-men can not enter … and so on, because of such strict rules, these books can be preserved to the greatest extent. By 1952, all books were dedicated to the country by the descendants of Fan.
    Therefore, the Tianyi Pavilion is actually empty. The precious books have been moved to other places for storage. Visitors can only take the structure from the building and take it for granted.
    Today’s Tianyi Pavilion is actually the general term for the merger of four private gardens. The tour guide said that here is the ancient rich area. In order to facilitate the visit, the courtyard wall was opened and synthesized, and it was still called “Tianyi Pavilion”.
    A child is looking at the map of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum and asking questions to his parents.
    This family is showing mahjong.
    Mahjong was produced in the middle of the late Qing Dynasty. It was first used by fishermen when they were fishing at sea. The former was a horse sling. In this room, various materials and various stages of mahjong were displayed.
    The owner is a diplomat, and there is a statue of “three missing one” at the door. It is lifelike.
    The most luxurious sedan chair, weighing 400 pounds, requires eight strong men to lift, and take turns to change the shift, specifically for the rich people of Ningbo to marry their daughter-in-law to rent. It is magnificent!
    Crossing the tortuous corridor, it was another home. The owner returned to the hometown and built this gorgeous stage.
    With exquisitely carved doors and windows, the sun shines through the grate and projects a beautiful shadow.
    Beautifully carved on wooden doors and windows.
    The promenade is warm, Chinese, and Jiangnan.
    Ningbo City also has some places worth visiting.
    For example, the Bund. It’s great to go to the night and go for a walk.
    The Bund is surrounded by bars and streets, singing all night long and lively.
    Near the Tianyi Square in downtown Ningbo, the ancient Gothic Catholic Church is gorgeous and atmospheric.
     About food
    Ningbo food recommendation
    Come to Ningbo, of course, seafood is leading the way! A lot of seafood, you can eat it! My favorite, fried rice cakes and Ningbo dumplings, what do you like most?

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