Shandong trip

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    Shandong, referred to as “Lu”, the provincial capital of Jinan, is located in the eastern coast of China, the lower reaches of the Yellow River, Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people, not only famous mountains and rivers, but also gave birth to the brilliant Qilu culture.
    Hiking shoes (good for mountaineering)
    Warm and cool jacket (the mountain is windy, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, warm and rainproof)
    Sun hat (blocking glare)
    Waterproof sealed bag (used to put important documents)
    Flashlight (dedicated at night)
    Food (higher prices on the mountain, it is best to bring high-calorie foods, add energy at any time)
    Toiletries (the conditions in the mountains are poor, you must bring essential items)
    Medicines (in case of emergency)
    D1: Yueyang – Changsha K769
    Changsha Huanghua International Airport-Qingdao Liuting International Airport SC8738
    Airport-Qingdao Railway Station-Tall Bridge-Qingdao Catholic Church-Ba Daguan-Second Beach
    D2: The sixth bathing beach – Xiao Qingdao
    Qingdao-Tai’an G290
    Red Gate-Zhongtianmen-18 Pan-Nantianmen-Tianjie-Jade Emperor
    D3: Taian – Qufu East G433
    Confucius Temple – Confucius – Konglin
    Qu Yidong-Jinan West G322
    D4: Baotu Spring – Quancheng Square – Black Tiger Spring – Daming Lake
    Jinan-Qingdao G231
    1. Qingdao is an important economic center city and port city in the eastern coastal area. The traffic is very developed. At present, there are Qingdao Liuting International Airport and Jiaoji Passenger Dedicated Line, Qingrong Intercity Railway, Jiaoji Railway, Jiaohuang Railway and Lanyan Railway. Jiaoxin Railway and other railway lines, as well as Qinglan Expressway, Qingyin Expressway, Qingxin Expressway, Rongwu Expressway, Shenhai Expressway, Tongsan Expressway, etc., visitors can choose different ways according to their own needs. arrival
    From Qingdao Liuting International Airport, you can take the Airport Line 702 directly to Qingdao Railway Station. The fare is 20RMB. Famous attractions such as the Trestle Bridge, the Sixth Bathing Beach, and the Catholic Church are all near the train station. You can walk directly to the past.
    If you want to go to Badaguan, you can take the 26, 312, 312, 316, 317, 321 ring, 370 ring, 604 ring, 605 bus at Wushengguan Road Station, or take the bus Bus No. 214 and No. 219 are under Zhengyangguan Road Station, or take bus No. 1 to get off at Badaguan Station, or take bus No. 468 and get off at Ningwuguan Road Station.
    The second bathing beach is adjacent to Badaguan and you can walk straight.
    If you want to go to Xiao Qingdao, you can take the 26th, 202nd, 214, 223, 228, 231 ring, 304, 311, 312, 316, 321, 501, 504, Tunnel 2 and Tunnel 6 bus stop at Lu Xun Park (Underwater World), walk 800 meters west along Qinyu Road to the island, or take a speedboat ride from the pier on the south side of the trestle.
    2, from Qingdao to Taian: Whether it is high-speed rail or train, there are more trains, you can choose according to the individual time rhythm, you can also take the car to
    There are two routes in Taishan with Red Gate and Tianwai Village. The Red Gate route is completely away. Tianwai Village can take the tourist bus up the mountain.
    The buses to Hongmen are: K2 Road, K3 Road, 14 Road, 19 Road, K37 Road, K39 Road, 45 Road
    The buses to Tianwai Village are: K3 Road, 19 Road, K37 Road, K39 Road
    3. There are 14 trains from Tai’an to Qufu East, 3 to Taishan to Qufu, and 4 to the car.
    After coming out of Qufu East Station, you can take the K01 bus directly to the Temple of Confucius.
    If you are coming from Qufu Station, you can take the No. 3, K05 and No. 9 buses to the Temple of Confucius.
    Confucius Temple is closely connected with Confucius House, but Konglin is far apart. It is recommended to choose a human tricycle, ranging from 3 to 5 yuan. You can bargain. The beauty is to enjoy the Qufu Street scene.
    4, Qufu to Jinan: Qufu is closer to Jinan, taking the high-speed train about 40 minutes to arrive, the fare is 59.5RMB; the ride is only about 45 minutes, the fare is 40.5RMB
    Bus route to Baotu Spring: take the 1st, 3rd, 41st, 66th, 101th, 106th, K109, K50, K51, K59, K95 roads at Baotu Spring Station
    Bus route to Black Tiger Spring: Take the 5, 6, 13, 36 roads at the Black Tiger Spring West Road Station, or take the 49 Road, K51 Road, K52 Road, 70 Road/K70 Road, 80 Road/K80 Road, K96, 102, 102 temporary section, 113 road / K113 road, 165 road / K165 road car under the Black Tiger Spring South Station
    Bus route to Daming Lake: Take the 11th, 41st, 66th, K109, K54, K91, K95, K98, and 777 roads at the southwest gate of Daming Lake, or take the 11th road 41 Road, K109Road, K54 Road, K95 Road, K98 Road Car under Daming Lake Station
    D1: Staying at Yongliang Hotel, Address: Near Zhanqiao Bathing Beach, Comments: The hardware conditions are poor, but the win is at an affordable price. There is a bus stop at the door. It is very convenient.
    D2: Stay at Taishan Peak Meteorological Station Hotel, Address: Near Tianfeng Peak, Taishan Peak, Comments: General conditions, high price, but excellent location, with independent viewing platform, night starry river, early morning sunrise, convenient and comfortable
    D3: Stay at Guifei Business Hotel, Address: 100 meters north of Huaneng Building, Quancheng Road, Lixia District, Jinan City. Comments: Good location, south of Quancheng Square, north of Daming Lake, high cost performance
    In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, Shandong also brings together rich resources such as humanities, art and food. Lu cuisine consists of three local flavors, such as Jinan cuisine, Jiaodong cuisine and Confucian cuisine. It is the first of the four major cuisines. The color is exquisite, the mellow is not greasy, the fragrance is delicious, crisp and tender, and it is the oldest in history. The most abundant, most difficult, and most visible cuisine.
    Jinan flavor representative dishes include: clear soup bird’s nest, milk soup, scallion, onion, sea cucumber, sweet and sour yellow river squid, nine-turn large intestine, oil-fired double-crunchy, pot-burned elbow, etc.; Jiaodong flavor representative dishes: oil-boiling conch, steamed Jiaji Fish, oyster shell abalone, prawn, fried scallions, etc.; Confucius dishes on behalf of the dishes are: poetry ginkgo one egg hatching double phoenix, eight immortals crossing the sea roaring, Confucius a pot, god duck, belt on the dynasty, embrace , flower blue mandarin fish, jade with shrimp, oily soybean meal, red squid fin, white scorpion
    Of course, the snack street can best reflect the city’s market culture, not only contains a variety of food, but also inexpensive, is undoubtedly a paradise for foodies. When you arrive in Qingdao, you must go to the Chai Chai Academy; when you arrive in Jinan, you must go to Furong Street – the journey is short, only the food and beauty can’t live up to it!
    Ticket: 458RMB
    Fares: about 520RMB
    Accommodation: 207RMB
    Attraction tickets (including ropeway): 457RMB
    Other expenses: 250RMB
    Total: 1900RMB
    May 29, 2016.
    At the end of May, I started my first birthday trip. After Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Beihai and Ningbo, I once again came to the coastal city.
    The coast of the Yellow Sea, the bay of Jiaozhou, the city of beer, the capital of sailing. Green hills and green trees, blue sea and blue sky, not cold, can be a boat.
    Undoubtedly, Qingdao is a tourist city facing the sea and blossoming in spring. It is also a historical and cultural city. On the one hand, it is the modern atmosphere of modern cities. On the other hand, Qingdao is an eclectic combination of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, yet it is warm and beautiful. Although the “high price shrimp” scandal occurred some time ago, it is impossible to see only the trees and not the forest. Whether you come or not, the beauty of Qingdao is there and never changed.
    From the modern Qingdao Liuting International Airport to the historic Qingdao Railway Station, time has slipped away for hundreds of years, and the clock on the Gothic clock tower dribbles and walks, creating a melody that is moving all the time. Record the footsteps of the next visitor, and also engrave the brand of an era.
    From the centuries-old station of the German Renaissance style to the Qingdao Zhanqiao, it is only a few hundred meters apart. It has also experienced the vicissitudes of hundreds of years, and it has also become the iconic landscape of Qingdao.
    Slowly embark on a 440-meter-long sea promenade, surrounded by water and sky, the smoke is vast, the tide is smashing, the waves are cracked, the thousands of piles of snow are rolled up, attracting countless tourists to compete for the waist; The ochre rocky reef and the golden sand beach are all exposed to the water, attracting a group of tourists to pick up the sea.
    At the end is a double-decker octagonal pavilion called “Back to the Pavilion”, which is also known as one of the ten scenic spots in Qingdao, “Feige Hui”, the trestle bridge like Changhong lying wave, back to the pavilion, the mountain, The sea, the city and the scenery are all in one, and the fascinating scenery of “red tile green trees, blue sea and blue sky”.
    Walking along the Zhejiang Road into the church square, a Gothic cathedral greets you with a beautiful and delicate surface. The roof is covered with red silk on the tongue. It is magnificent and elegant. Because of this, a large number of newcomers came to admire the location wedding photos under the sacred church, using a group of lenses to freeze the moment of happiness.
    Step into the church, in the middle is an aisle, on both sides are rows of long benches, seven large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and an altarpiece at the rear, with a dome mural painting, solemn and beautiful. The soft light is transmitted from a stained glass window and has a bright and clean meaning.
    In an instant, I felt like I was in the middle of Europe in the Middle Ages. I was quiet and quiet, surrounded by silence, and completely isolated all the impetuous.
    Later, I took the 512 bus to the Eighth Pass of the historical and cultural street. Ten quiet and cool roads lie in the middle of it. It is like a needle-like connection between the park and the courtyard. There are lush trees and flowers fighting everywhere. The flowers and trees are colorful, and the traffic is strange. When you look at the flowers, you can smell the road. The red tiled yellow wall is lined with green trees and flowers. A variety of European architectural styles complement each other, full of rich exotic flavors, warm and pleasant.
    Walking on the forest path, the breeze comes, the tree shadows, the soles of the soles and the ground give a soft rubbing sound, and the faint echoes with the sound of insects, such as being in a European town, it is light and quiet, and leisurely makes people forget. The world is flashy.
    modernThe famous writer Lao She once wrote in “Qingdao in May”: It is also strange to say that the sea in May seems to be particularly green, especially cute; perhaps because people are happy? Take a look at the green leaves along the road, and then take a look at the sea. Really, this understands what is called “spring is like the sea.”
    I came to the second beach, as if the image of Lao She had come alive, blowing the cold sea breeze, stepping on the soft sand, listening to the sound of shimmering sounds, watching the wave of waves rolling over. It provokes a beautiful wave of spray, as if it has been washed, only a piece of pure beauty!
    May 30th.
    In the early morning, the trestle bathing beach, the mist of the mist gradually dissipated, and the twilight hit the east side, and the cold water seemed to have temperature.
    If the sea water is a mirror, it shines out, can there be traces of the past? The sea that once used will always be stranded in memory?
    My forbearing emotions, with the undulating tides rushing to the sky, lingering but not coming back. I tried my best and wanted to catch something, but I only shouted loudly.
    I remember that I used to shout at the sea. Although I was young, keen, and small, I still had you.
    I looked at the figure shaking in the sea, shaking my head and sighing: I can’t change the reserved line after all, and this situation can be remembered, but it was already at a loss.
    Happy birthday, I said to myself.
    Live for myself, my heart tells me.
    For a while, I was still on the lush little Qingdao, and I was greeted by the beautiful coastline and the clear blue water. The blue sea and blue sky got the best proof here. The comfortable and romantic atmosphere gives birth to leisurely people, and there are two or three anglers on the reef on the beach.
    Opposite is a row of high-rise buildings, the other side is adjacent to the Naval Museum, displaying a large number of retired ships and planes, and farther away, the end of the sea, I can not see, but in the eyes has become a beautiful Scenery. Of course, the most conspicuous is the white cone-shaped lighthouse, which illuminates the night sky like an angel, and it becomes a spiritual symbol that stands still in the storm.
    And I am still looking for the lighthouse that belongs to me…
    Then, I took the high-speed train to Taian, and then took the K37 bus to the foot of Mount Tai.
    China has always had the tradition of mountain worship. In the eyes of the ancients, the mountains are unattainable, and the clouds are wrapped around the fog. It is a bridge between heaven and earth. According to “Huainanzi. Topography Training”: “Or on the top, it is the sky. It’s the god, it’s the residence of the emperor…”
    The so-called “great thing in the country, in the hustle and bustle”, the husband country will depend on the mountains and rivers, the landslides will be exhausted, and the levy of death will also be the responsibility of the king. Once a major event occurs, it must be sacrificed to the mountains, “Zhou Li” The record of “the state has a great cause, then travels to God and looks around.”
    As the head of the Five Sacred Mountains, Taishan was elevated to an unrecognizable position. Before the Qin and Han Dynasties, it was said that there were 72 generations of kings to seal the gods. From the Qin and Han dynasties to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the emperors of the past dynasties had a total of 27 times.
    In the face of this world-famous mountain of dreams, I am with a sincere heart, picking up the level, stepping above, and moving towards this sacred heart.
    At first, the mountain was fairly flat, the white clouds were long, and the water was flowing; the line to the Huante, the mountain gradually became steep, and the mountains and the greens were connected; then, the mountain road suddenly went up and down, nine twists and turns; from Zhongtianmen, the mountain became more The steeper it is, especially in the 18th set, the rock formation is steep, like a ladder, the inclination reaches an astonishing 80 degrees. The majesty of Mount Tai is in the 18th set; the beauty of Mount Tai is in the midst of climbing!
    Because of this, the physical strength is getting faster and faster, and the feet are like filling the lead. Every step takes a lot of effort. When I climb to the end, the whole person is out of breath. It is supported by a belief!
    Five thousand feet were pulled out and eighteen plates were washed. The path is seen in the poor, and the sky is in the middle. From Red Gate to Zhongtianmen, then to Nantianmen, then to Yuhuangding, for a total of 4 hours, a total of more than 7,600 steps, each level is a superposition of honing and sweat, but halfway is not my style, still in reality Struggling in the quagmire, never giving up is the obsession of my life.
    Life is not overwhelming, and I look back. The long mountain roads I have been stalking are already at my feet. The mountains are close to the mountains. All the fatigue is like the tides retreating, with the breeze dissipating between the heavens and the earth. At this time, I emptied myself and shouted at the mountain. The joy and joy were not three words.Two words can describe!
    Finally, I met a beautiful event, and the sunset at 7 o’clock in the evening, such as the hand of Danqing, dyed the sky into a magnificent picture. The evening glow is a thousand miles, and the breeze comes. Amazingly small universe, abandoning the world!
    On the birthday of the day, across the Yellow Sea and Mount Tai, one side is the sea breeze, and the other is the sun that hangs high in space. It can be described as the two days of ice and fire, but it has witnessed the vastness of the sea and the majesty of the mountains. It is the most gifted by nature. Good gift!
    May 31st.
    4:30 in the morning.
    On the peak of the sun, the pavilion is connected, the mountains are windy, and the cold fog is heavy.
    I and the two little friends in the dormitory got up early, gathered with some visitors to the viewing platform, and quietly waited for the moment of dawn.
    However, the cold wind is like an attacking gyro, constantly whistling, trying to become a snail or a tortoise, hiding the body in a hard shell, avoiding all the ups and downs, but Mr. Lu Xun once said “The real warrior dares to face the bleak life and dare to face the dripping blood.” There is no shortage of big winds and waves on the road of life. Escape is not the solution. The more difficult it is, the more it must be edged.
    Finally, waiting until 5:05, the East was shocked by the ray of light, with the spirit of wearing clouds and fog, across the sky, dimming everything, but only between the beggars, fleeting. However, although the fog can be won for a while, how can it always block the footsteps of Jinwu?
    At this time, the sky is already twilight. Although there are still fogs covering the square, the mountains are faintly discernible. Some are like giant scorpions, some are like fairy guides, and some are like humps. Clouds and buffs are spread out like cotton buds. From time to time, they rush to the steep cliffs, igniting a white spray and sketching a magnificent cloud map.
    At about six o’clock, Twilight pierced the heavy fog of the blockade, as if the pig iron just caught in the furnace, blooming with dazzling light, sprinkled over the layers of clouds, reflecting the sky red. As the day of the sun climbs, the layers of forests are dyed, the mountains and rivers are thorough, and the people are illuminated…
    In a round, I was on the scorpion, and I retired from the stars and the moon. The night is not over, the mountains are black, and the morning light is shining!
    At the beginning of a new day, the mountains and the earth are covered with a new “golden dress”. The white clouds are like a flock of sheep, and the restless leaves dance with the wind. Countless birds flap their wings.Gaoge, awakening a whole spring, everything is full of life.
    After watching the spectacular sunrise of the sea of ​​clouds, I took the Taohuayuan cableway down the mountain and took the high-speed train from Taian Station to Qufu East Station.
    Because of Jesus, Jerusalem became a holy city of faith and spiritual pointer; because of Mohammed, Mecca became the first holy place of Islam; also because of Confucius, Qufu became the world-famous Oriental Holy City, “Millennium ritual It is the best interpretation of Guidong, the crown of the king.
    If Socrates is the founder of Western philosophy, Confucius is the pioneer of Eastern culture. Compared with Socrates, Confucius’s greatness is that its thoughts have become a perfect system, and they have long occupied the mainstream and deeply integrated into the national blood, becoming an inseparable part.
    Of course, any school of thought will have flaws. No matter how the outside world attacks, it cannot deny the great contribution made by Confucianism. Whether it is the order constructed by the three classes and five constants, or the cultural commonality formed by self-cultivation, family, governance, and peace, or “Putian Underneath, it is not the king of the king; the land of the land, not the king of the king, “the foundation of the unification of the unification, Yasheng Mencius even pointed out directly: “fixed to one.” Since then, no matter how dark the history is, how the dynasty is replaced, the vast China will always achieve the unification of the unification. Among them, the text is the first merit, and the traditional culture under the Confucianism is the core internal factor. It can be said that without Confucianism led by Confucius as a support, China is like being pumped out, and it is very likely that it will become like a fragmented Europe. The country will not be a country, and there will be no cultural integration or national identity!
    Now I am fortunate to be here in the holy city of the Chinese nation, full of antique old buildings, no more than Dacheng Hall. Far away, I saw a palace wall with yellow tiles and red dragonflies, engraved with four vigorous and powerful vermilion characters on the wall of the Wansong Palace.
    Confucius Temple is located in the city wall. It is magnificent and has a strict layout. It is one of the three largest ancient architectural complexes in China and one of the four major Confucian temples in China. It was once called the solitary by the famous architect Liang Sicheng in the history of world architecture. example”.
    In the Temple of Confucius, the ancient cypresses are towering, the stone monuments are everywhere, the squares, the gates, the bridges, the trees, the pillars, the monuments, the buildings, the temples… all bear witness to the long history and profound cultural heritage, and they also entrust people’s respect for Confucius. .
    Later, in front of the splendid Dacheng Hall, we saw a solemn and magnificent ceremony of the ceremonial rituals. In the simple and elegant background music, a group of dancers dressed in traditional Chinese clothes held their right hand and held their left hand. According to the rules, the dance steps forward and backward, and there is a combination of soft and dynamic, dynamic and static, and integrated with the Dacheng Hall. The vivid interpretation of the essence of Confucian ritual culture.
    The entire festival of ceremonies is well organized and the atmosphere is solemn and solemn, amazing!
    Confucius and Confucius Temple are separated by a wall. They are the residence of the Confucius family for a long time. They are also the typical buildings of the ancient social bureaucracy and the inner house. They have the reputation of “the first person in the world”.
    Stepping into Confucius, I saw that the building, the room, the hall, and the hall were scattered. The corridors, the plaques, the plazas, and the pavilions were well organized, and the carved beams were painted and swayed. In the Tieshan Park, there are all kinds of rockeries, fish ponds, flower docks, bamboo forests and bonsais. There are a large number of precious cultural relics of the past, just like a museum of the rivers and rivers.
    Kong Lin is the longest-delayed family cemetery in the world. The number of tombs is large, the scale is large, and the preservation is intact. It is unique!
    The tomb of the ancient millennium is in the forest, and the forest is cold in May. According to legend, after the death of Confucius, the disciples were planted by the Quartet, so many different trees, the incompetent name of the Lu people for generations, now have more than 100,000 trees, and become a natural botanical garden. The ancient woods in the park, the tombs under the forest, the monuments are standing, it is also a veritable forest of monuments.
    Among them, the most prominent is the center of Konglin – the tomb of Confucius, the stone monument in front of the tomb, the former monument “Dacheng to the Tomb of the King of the Kings”, the later monument to the “Xuansheng Tomb”, there is a stone for the case, Under the wine cellar and stone pavilion and brick wall, there are flowers and bluegrass on the terrace and the fence.
    With infinite reverence, I deeply stunned the tombstone, for this famous cultural giant, for this saint who is “high and hard”, for this ” The roots of the nation that the mountains are up and the scenery is going!
    After visiting the “Three Holes” scenic spot, I took the high-speed train to Jinan.
    The weather is like a woman’s mood, it changes. From the Jinan West Railway Station, take the K109 road bus to the Baotu Spring Station. Suddenly it rains in the middle of the road. I have to hold an umbrella and go all the way through the Quancheng Square and rush to the black tiger along the moat. Spring, how can the rain get bigger and bigger, only have to quit halfway, ready to find a foothold to avoid the rain, but mistakenly hit the ground into a retro block – generous, seemingly antique, but the commercial atmosphere is popular, alone lacking a The traditional aftertaste, and I am not a rainy night, just a passer.
    I remember that “The Old Travels” has such a description: “The family springs, the households hang Yang, feel more interesting than the Jiangnan scenery.”
    Furong Street, as an old street with unique characteristics of Jinan, not only represents the city culture that has been passed down for a long time in Jinan, but also reflects the spring water culture of Jinan. The poet Dong Xuan of the Qing Dynasty once sang in the poem “The Residence of Furong Spring”: “The old house is covered with half acre of moss, and the stone beam floats upstream fish. A pool of new green hibiscus water, a few short flowers and a shade sitting on the book.”
    I naturally refuse to miss this “Qilu first snack street”, all the wayGoing forward, I finally arrived at the destination, as if I met a cornucopia. There are not only local foods from Shandong, but also snacks from all over the country such as Hunan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, and even Australia, Hokkaido, Korea, Italy, etc. Exotic flavors also blew the assembly number here.
    It is strange to say that the rain stopped at this time and stopped. I saw the lights shining, the shops were everywhere, the people were like weaving, and the sound of the crowd was heard. With the bursting of aromas coming in, I have only one idea at this moment: I really want to contract this street…
    June 1.
    Qi Duo Ganquan, A is in the world. The ultimate victory in the middle of the world.
    Jinan is famous for its numerous springs and beautiful scenery. It is known as the “world under the spring”.
    Lao She once wrote in “Some Impressions”: “If you have a fantasy, there is a medieval old town, a big city building that is asleep, a narrow ancient stone road, a generous stone wall, and a clear city around the city. The stream, reflecting the shadow of the mountain, the little girl with red robes and green pants on the shore. If your fantasy is such a realm, then it is a Jinan.”
    When you come to Jinan, you have to mention the Baotu Spring, which is known as the “first spring in the world.” Tracing back to the source, the name of Baotu Spring originated from a poem “Baotu Spring” by the Northern Song Dynasty writer Zeng Gong: “A group of distant waters from the jade, secretly sprinkled the mountain dust. Zirong winter Ru Wen often early, Run Zechun The taste of tea is more real. I feel that the roadside is like a mirror, and the most pity is like a round. Zengcheng Qilu is a member of the Xinjiang Confederation.
    In the writings of the classical Chinese novel Pu Songling, Baotu Spring is beautiful and spectacular: “The stone in the stone contains the scorpion, the underground hidden machine, the three peaks and the straight up, the broken brocade is made up. The waves are raging and thunder, The potential of the cave is plunging, and the three are full of enthusiasm.
    It is a pity that at this time, Baotu Spring has stopped spewing, and it is impossible to see the grand occasion at that time. Fortunately, the spring water does not lose its vitality. For example, at the same time, the light is flowing in abundance. From time to time, a string of crystal clear water droplets will emerge from the spring eye. It is smart and elegant, but it also makes up for a few shortcomings.
    I have to say that the amateur life of the aunts of Jinan is really rich and colorful. Only in the Baotu Spring Scenic Area, walking, karaoke, square dance, playing cards, chorus, listening to the drama, one has not fallen.
    Life is full of fun, the scenery is equally poetic, the spring pool is deep and sparkling, like the slowly flowing jade, the goldfish roaming, the birds singing, the clouds are steaming and misty, wonderful.
    Since I didn’t see the true content of Black Tiger Spring yesterday, I was a bit unwilling. After visiting Baotu Spring, I took the No. 49 bus to Quancheng Square and strode to the destination.
    Similarly, Black Tiger Spring is also named after a poem of the Ming Dynasty poet “Jinan Seventy-two Springs. Black Tiger Spring”: “The stone is full of water, the depths are like black tigers; the midnight hurricane blows a crack, a whistle There is no light in the moon.”
    The beauty of Baotu Spring lies in its clarity, its turmoil, and its sweetness. A cool spring water spouted from three stone carving tiger heads, like the white lotus blossoming in the midsummer, and it was like a pearl scattered and beautiful. There is also a gazebo rockery, and the willows are shaded, making it fun and interesting.
    Compared with Baotu Spring, Black Tiger Spring is obviously more grounded, no matter the world, regardless of men, women and children, and one after another, competing to hold the bucket to fetch water, the scene is very spectacular.
    Later, I rushed to the long-awaited “Pearl of the Spring City” – Daming Lake!
    “The green lakeside of Daming Lake, the new shore and the dust of the shore. The scenery is infinitely good, and there are many people who are in the heart.” If a “Da Ming Lake” is widely spread, Daming Lake is widely circulated. Ming Lake is famous in the world. As a chase dog of the year, how can I miss this beautiful scenery?
    Daming Lake is located in Daming Lake Park. It is made up of many springs in Jinan. It has been a lotus root since ancient times. The lake is weeping with willows and the flowers and trees are sparse. The four sides of the lotus flower and the three sides of the city are the best portrayal. .
    Small bridges, flowing water, rockeries, pavilions, willows, and lotus leaves form the standard of Daming Lake. The distant mountains and the waters merge with the clear sky to create a colorful picture.
    Daming Lake is not famous, not only the natural scenery is beautiful, but also the places of interest are famous. It is known as “One Pavilion, Three Parks, Three Floors, Four Miles, Six Islands, Seven Bridges, Ten Pavilions”. The artisans, the cultural heritage and the natural scenery complement each other, beautiful.
    The only regret is that the TV series are deceptive, and the Daming Lake is simply not allowed…

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