Shanghai|Shanghai late night cafeteria illustration, foodies are not alone

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“Remake” in Shanghai at night
    The late-night canteen is in everyone’s mind, it is the old shop that has been demolished, the roadside stall of the alley, or the taste of the home… and this is a Japanese drama canteen powder, “remapping” in Shanghai’s simulated late-night canteen, though It’s hard to be elegant, but I still hope that I can help you who are traveling in this city, those who have been working here, and those who have lived here for many years like me!
    From the perspective of a Shanghai native who has lived in Shanghai for 23 years, the city’s Japanese materials are really worth mentioning! From the per capita thousand of the mountains, Ginza Ondera, sushi yano, cut cooking; to three or four hundred pieces of Japanese materials, like Rongxin Hall, Wandao, no car; then there is wine to swallow, roast meat to go to the old toast, I miss the Okada house in Hokkaido…
    In the middle of the night, there is an izakaya shop with a grounded gas, a ramen noodle restaurant… too much…
    With them, you never have to worry about rushing back from Disney, and the shops in the nearby malls are closed;
    Don’t be afraid to work overtime until midnight, but still have to eat a bit of bitterness in the takeaway belly…
    Because in the streets of Shanghai, or just a corner, there are some shops that are still lit, tell you: don’t worry! There are still many delicious things! ! !
    Most of these stores are run by Japanese people, or Shanghainese people returning from studying in Japan… I have to say that there are several levels that are really inferior to those in Japan! ! !
     The first words: Huaihai Xiafei walked around
    Huaihai Road is the most fashionable Xiafei Road in Shanghai. However, the business district it belongs to is also very foreign. The mall does not lack iapm, Parkson, Lane Crawford, and the Times Square in Shanghai. Net red cafes such as paras, coffee belt and gucci restaurants are also piled up here. More valuable is the existence of some old-school gangs, like the street of Jinxian Road (later listed). The late-night canteen here is very impressive. The Japanese are very popular. First, the geographical position is superior, followed by food quality. It is also very good…
     (Kanto cooking)
    Wanzang’s head office opened in Gubei, but it was a bit too far away and it was not convenient to get off work on weekdays. In the city’s branches, there are now buckwheat wine houses, roast meat, and hand-bucked buckwheat. The focus is not the same, but it is not from the classic…
    This shop on Changle Road is built in a sunken street. The store is not only one floor, but the holiday is also a city…
    Tips: Only open the night market!
    Cash & credit card only (do not accept Alipay)
    [Three o’clock Guandong boiled] mentioned that Guandong boiled, the first reaction is the convenience store, Wanguan’s Kanto cooking can be selected three, five, seven points, ingredients of choice, there are radish, konjac, eggs, fried tofu, fish cake… Kanto cooking should be cooked, wait for the guests to order and then take it out, so it is definitely very tasty. The taste is relatively light and the store is lighter. The radish is the most absorbing, but the bit is a little bit bitter. The konjac is very good. The fish cake is as delicious as ever. In addition, it is accompanied by a dish of mustard. Of course, you must eat the mustard together. A little… In addition, the soup head, in fact, I think the best way to identify is to drink and not dry, here is done!
    [Tofu leather bag rice] its appearance is not good, but there is a stunning response! The tofu belt has a very sweet taste. The wrapped rice has the crispy taste of crispy rice and the softness of rice. It is very simple but can’t stop. A snack that can be solved by three, five and two, remember to be big. Stuttering is more enjoyable! !
    [Smoked bird] ordered mushrooms, cheese-roasted chicken, and plum chicken recommended by the clerk… The burning bird loves top1 mushrooms. Needless to say, the recommended plum chicken is a layer of plum sauce on the original grilled chicken skewers. Taste, um… I think it can be sweeter, not only acid? But the taste is OK; the signature cheese chicken locks the juice of the chicken, the covered cheese can still be brushed, and I like this non-conflicting taste…
    The whole meal process is behind me. The conversation between the uncle of Japan and the end of the two little brothers’ English is over. In the cross-border space, it is also fun, the charm of food…
    Per capita: 80 yuan
     (Japanese style pork cutlet rice)
    Tips: Only cash and credit card (do not accept Alipay)
    円(en) music is on the way with Wanzang, if you come from the Lanxin Theatre, you will pass the music first (it seems to be easier to type when typing), standing on the opposite side of the street to see the signboard here. Very big, but you should pay attention to the side of the store. You must see the number of the house and go up to the building to enter the store…
    The staff of Yule is really enthusiastic. The shop is not very popular in Shanghai. But the Japanese really love it. When they enter the bar, they can hear two Japanese uncles drinking beer and eating edamame. I chatted with the Japanese chef in the bar, there was no interruption in the north of the sea, and there was pure Japanese TV news on the TV. I don’t think that the Shanghainese who can’t understand Japanese are a bit out of place.
    However, this is probably the feeling of a stranger in a foreign land. It is also a simple trivial matter, but it feels like a friend… Japanese chef will speak one or two sentences, “Thank you for coming, goodbye” “Welcome, please inside. “Simple and versatile, but the words are really enthusiasm, very different from the cold Japanese masters!”
    The music bar is L-shaped, separated from other areas, with a passionate chef, and it seems that I really feel the power of the late-night canteen drama!
    The signboard here is sea urchin and rice, and I think privately that the village of Hakka in Hokkaido, Shanghai, has no need to surpass it. I ordered a conservative pork ribs meal (a group purchase at noon, very cost-effective). I need a single point at night. When you look up, you have already let the hungry people’s appetites open!
    I tasted a pork chops first, fat and thin, and the two fat pieces were not greasy, but forced out the oil, showing more gravy feeling. The lean meat was fried and dried, and it was avoided to eat in the back belly. The phenomenon of oil entrainment appears, the level is very high! Then dig a spoonful, first onion, but the taste is gone, only the juice is delicious.Then there is the pork ribs rice seasoned with soup! This is really a unique discovery. The bottomed rice is wrapped in soup and broken raw eggs. Every bite is a delicious rice bowl. It’s really rare! Gobble up and quickly wipe out a bowl of rice!
    As far as pork ribs are concerned, I have to give it 99 points and I am not afraid of it! One point is reserved for further progress! When I finished eating, the enthusiastic uncle sent me a plate of ice-cold, ah… a little touched! It is a shop that will come back again!
    Per capita: 60 yuan
    After satiating, when you walk along the road to the lively neighborhood, why not go to the movies to eliminate food? Let me tell you: “Cathay Cinema” is the best location on Huaihai Road, the cheapest fare theater! ! ⬇️
    [Insert a song]
    From Wanzang to Yule, and then to the previous Jinxian Road, Shanghai old-fashioned local food street! I want to feel how sweet the Shanghai dish is, what a sweet taste, so come here! If you come from the cinema, look for it in the direction of the Lanxin Theatre, but don’t forget to go early…
    Lanxin Restaurant (130 Jinxian Road)
    Maolong (134 Jinxian Road)
    Haijinzi (240 Jinxian Road)
    The signature dishes of several aunts are not too much, but my favorite is braised pork, crabmeat, haha!
    Then go to Sinan Road on the other side of the cinema, and there are several main pastas.
    A mother face
    Address: 36 Sinan Road
    Recommended: yellow fish noodles with snowed pork toppings, soviet red noodle soup
    Top Terrace Congee Noodle Restaurant (open 24h)
    Address: No. 22, Lane 464, Huaihai Zhong Road
    Recommended: Scallion pork noodles
    Address: 14 Yandang Road
    Recommended: Ma Sauce, Spicy Noodle, Pork Ribs
     (Plum tea and rice)
    DEMO CAFE is a small shop on Xing’an Road. The store only accommodates five small tables and a slightly larger table. The atmosphere at night is more like a tavern, and 99% of young people come…
    The story of one person’s food is buried in the stomach. We are used to consuming unpleasant music in the food, but the three things of the foodside friends on the side table have become one of the most profound labels of the whole meal! When I was seated, I ordered a plum tea and rice. The next table was a few Taiwan compatriots. The opposite was a few old ages. I also spoke with friends from Taiwan. I was impressed by the story of “Taiwanese tea and rice”. Plainly unfolded…
    The origin of tea and rice
    “Dream of Red Mansions” forty-nineth back to the world of white snow, red plum fat powder, and fragrant chop: “Baoyu can’t wait, just take a cup of rice with tea, and the pheasant is busy swallowing it.”
    In southern China, hot tea is often used to make cold rice. Usually with salt, prunes, jellyfish and other ingredients, soak together with rice. Easy to make and simple to take.
    At the time of the table, tea, plum, seaweed, and rice are still separated. The waiter asks if I need to help open it. The camera eats first, and the euphemism refuses to let me come. The first thing in the Japanese TV drama late night is about the three teas. Sisters, can’t help but feel how delicious this seemingly simple Japanese-style rice is? Is it so different from our traditional Chinese soup rice?
    In fact, it is still changing from the other, just changing the soup into a refreshing and clean tea soup, and plum seasoning, seaweed rice with fresh rice, is a Japanese-style bowl of magical rice… For late-night food, it It is classified as simple and can be full and not greasy, and it is guaranteed to fall asleep with peace of mind and no guilt. Then I found out that it is OK to go home and cook, just to find a way to live, in fact, the taste of “rough tea” Great haha! recommend!
    Per capita: 40 yuan
     Second words: “Conservatory” houses and mansions
    “Conservatory” is a collective business district. This section covers a lot of exotic dishes. Creative restaurants are not limited to European French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Vietnamese. There are also a number of high-quality bungalow restaurants in Hengshan Road, such as sasha&aposs, the celebrity’s former residence, Yunnan cuisine, Yunlana, etc… If friends want to seek fresh, creative and aesthetic food, you can pay attention to it here噢!
     (Butter rice + flavored boiled radish)
    Tips: Only cash!
    If you ask one person to eat Japanese food, then I have to say that in Hengchun Yuan is absolutely TOP1! Look at the online recommendations to come here a lot, said the boss is so cold, but contact, I think he is the real person who wants to give good food to the people!
    Scene 1: Boss, I am one, do you have a seat in the first batch? (17:45)
    ——— Yes, come back at six o’clock, you should go shopping first…
    Scene 2: I want that “vegetable rice” (actually tea rice) and wine steamed, flavored to cook…
    ——— Please don’t watch those online? Everything online doesn’t matter to me…
    (With a mobile phone, the lady who opened the review a la carte, was said)
    — will be served in order, and I only receive cash here.
    , trouble you for understanding…
    Every night at 18:00, there are some people waiting outside the door! The young boss opened the door on time. Inside, it was a bar that could only accommodate 7 people. The door was first stepped on the floor mat. Six wooden plates and cutlery were placed on the bar. As the first one to go to the store, I was treated like a kindergarten by the boss. Like a child, I got into the seat…
    I think the boss’s vision is very poisonous. He knows at a glance what is the purpose of your coming? Why are you coming? For mysterious recommendations? Or for food?
    Scene 3: Today xx no, grilled saury is just coming, there are other…
    —okay! I want to add radish, cold tofu, a bunch of chicken, and butter rice…
    Under the boss’s small volume, it is enough for everyone to hear the menu of today. After taking turns to finish the dishes, he will start to work alone. According to the order of ordering, drinks, cold dishes, snacks, skewers, rice, each group People seem to be at a time level, just waiting for the boss to be busy…
    Scene 4: (Pushing the door) Boss, when is the two?
    ———Two words, according to the current situation, the fastest should be eight o’clock, you can go around nearby, if you need to help you stay in the position…
    There are different periodsWhen people push the door and ask for the same situation, the young boss is really feeling that everything is in the palm of his hand. I think he seems to have some Japanese students, or he has been in Japan for many years, temperament and habits. from
    Talk about the dishes!
    On the left, “Meng Zeng Boa”, if the delicious perfect score is, then it is worth 101 points! The radish stew is succulent but still does not leave the texture of its own fiber. The taste of the taste is more acceptable than the taste of the soup that is often used. In general, when I eat the first bite, in my eyes It’s no exaggeration to take a little star, just like in a TV series! !
    On the right side, “cold tofu” has a lot of soy sauce on the bottom. The texture is thicker. If you eat it, it will be a bit salty, but then it will become more and more addictive, but the bean fragrance will be set off!
    ⬆️The picture above is “simmered chicken skewers”. In terms of the level of integrated skewers, this is more common…
    Under the picture “Butter Rice”, I was thinking about where I had waited for a long time for rice. I wanted to eat it with radish and tofu. As a result, my radish had to bottom out, and I came up. No way, the boss has only one person. He is already great. Nothing is waiting. Well, it is said that Japan’s rice is considered to be Asia top. I think I am a person who loves to eat rice. Can I taste sweetness when I chew white rice?
    ️ butter has already helped you mix it inside, you can taste a bite of rice first, if you feel that the taste is not enough, you can season it with soy sauce…
    — Ok! ! (In fact, I can’t wait to start it)
    I will give 101 points for the yoghurt and 10 points for the butter rice! Dig a mouthful of white rice, a salty buttery milk scent accompanied by the fresh taste of rice-boiled rice, and the soft and soft rice scent, it is too pure delicious! Not exaggerating, I gorged a few mouthfuls, I ate this bowl of rice, there is no need for special dishes! Just eat! ! However, the radish is also very seasoned, in short, it is delicious!
    Per capita: 70 yuan
     (yam yam bibimbap)
    When I watched the movie book of the late-night canteen, the most impressive thing was the story of Xiaoman. When the small man in his hometown was in a state of nowhere, he was “retained” by the boss. Later, the owner of the izakaya took her away from work. On the last day of Xiao Man’s work in the late-night canteen, the boss gave her a “yam yam bibimbap”… look at the fragrance she ate, this dish is really printed in my heart.
    Kuta is a Beatles-themed Japanese restaurant that has searched all of Shanghai’s late-night canteens. There are many dishes about yam mud, such as yam mud tuna and salad, but it seems that only his family has this “yam yam bibimbap”. Another branch is in the gymnasium, called “AKI&aposs KITCHEN”
    As usual, I was taken to the bar, ordered two strings of roasting birds and a meal, and said that this family of roasting birds, if you want to use one of the most described, it is “the most juice”, this family of burning birds I feel in my heart There are 95 points! Very worth recommending!
    The picture below shows asparagus pork and jingle chicken, very good!
    Focus on yam mud bibimbap! When I was at the table, the yam mud was in a small bowl with a small raw egg and seaweed. When I poured it into the rice, it was “squeaky” and I slipped into the rice. The waiter will help to open the mix, first try to mix yourself, lame! rusty! Still let the professional come!
    Talk about the taste, the yam mud itself has no taste, but this is a priority meal, sticky rice, if you eat alone, some stomach and oligo, if you eat some small dishes, it will be better!
    Per capita: 60 yuan
     Third Word: People’s Wide Burning Birds and Peach Wine
    Speaking of People’s Square, will it not consciously reverberate? “I am eating fried chicken in People’s Square”
    Haha, it is here, probably here is the most lively place in Shanghai, the rail transit is convenient, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is also here, I feel that it is very grounded, in terms of food, in addition to the late night canteen, there are several old brands also recommend everyone go with!
    [Special offer: old-fashioned shops near Renguang]
    Big pot spring (close to the Bund)
    Address: No. 136, Sichuan Middle Road, Huangpu District
    Recommended: raw fried (tang eat); fresh meat moon cake, radish silk moon cake (outer)
    Chenglongxing Crab King Palace
    Address: 216 Jiujiang Road
    Recommended: hairy crabs, hairy crabs, hairy crabs
    Wang Baohe Hotel
    Address: 2nd Floor, 555 Jiujiang Road, Shanghai Restaurant
    Recommended: Still hairy crabs, crab feast! ! !
    Dexing Pavilion
    Address: 471 Guangdong Road
    Recommended: Pasta (焖 面, 鳝 ……)
    Lao Zhengxing
    Address: 556 Fuzhou Road
    Recommended: Shanghai This dish
     (salted salt)
    There is a chain of hi-homes, this is located at a fork in Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. It is not lively at night. But the result of commercialization is that there is something lacking in human feelings. Here, Shanghai has a lot of people, but it is a tunnel from another angle. Shanghai canteen…
    When I entered the door, I heard the sound of the uncles and aunts in the private room. It was very high… not very hungry night, it was the most suitable for smashing, and ordered a skewer.Plate, you can choose to grill or salt roast, I chose a simple salt roast…
    Chicken wings, chicken hearts, chicken chop, beef? There is also a bunch of mushrooms… I tied the braces, except for the chicken wings and mushrooms, the other ones are too hard for me, I really want to cry for a night… talk about mushrooms, and find that the roasted mushrooms in the Japanese shop are almost impossible to make mistakes. Choose, look at the dry, actually have saturated the juice, can be delicious and delicious!
    Per capita: 70 yuan
    Wall stickers when going downstairs⬇️
     ( mustard flavor)
    Because of the decoration, because of the atmosphere, because of the food…and the famous Japanese-style izakaya—Pingcheng House, the shops are basically not very big, but the popularity is full, the walk into the door is a lively conversation, the silence is going out, and Japan The izakaya is very similar, haha… I have to say that the lively atmosphere here is directly proportional to the popularity of people!
    As a “holding” Xiao Guliang, in fact, most of the night I ate very little (continuous face) is a cockroach, can not stop after eating, I believe many girls are like this, so I said this time I chose the izakaya Come to the string, is the most correct choice!
    Point: grilled beef tongue, grilled mushrooms, asparagus bacon, jingle chicken, peach wine… Why describe the taste of Heisei’s roast bird is “wasabi flavor”, because every dish has a small shop on the side of the skewer The mustard that I grind myself, this is not seen by other families, but it also adds a little bit of features to it. Is there a partner who likes wasabi like me? The taste of roasting birds is relatively flat, and you can use a mustard to refresh your mind. It is a perfect match for sparkling wine! ! !
    It’s very popular here, and there are some other foods I haven’t tasted. After all, the roast bird is still a side dish. The atmosphere here is really good. If you have food, wait until I try another one!
    Per capita: 70 yuan
     (butter flavor)
    The opposite flat is really too busy, yes, 寅san is on the opposite side. If you don’t want to wait, don’t want to go to the noisy crowd, like the feeling of slowness… that 寅san is the best for you. Arranged and found it is downstairs in a barber shop I often go to, really fate!
    When Mei Yutian, the proprietress was at the door, and when he came in, he enthusiastically gave the umbrella, ordered a fried dumpling and two strings of roasting birds, and the master was roasting in the bar… When a man at the back table started smoking The proprietress came over and asked me: If you mind smoking, you can move to the second floor seat! It’s really a cold feeling!
    The skin of the fried dumplings is very thin, the meat is very fresh, and the juice is super-full! Can feel like doing it by hand, very recommended!
    If you burn a bird, you have to say that each store has a style that is self-contained! The beef tongue first went on and tasted a bite. A milk scent instantly filled the mouth. It should be baked with butter! The quality of the beef tongue is also relatively tender, it is the feeling of bright eyes! The onion chicken, the taste here is lighter than the kuta, the heavy taste seems to prefer the kuta juicy and even taste the salt!
    Per capita: 50 yuan
     Fourth words: Jingan is more than a temple
    Jingan is more than a temple
    It is a gathering place for a number of department stores such as Jiuguang, Shuo, and Kerry Center;
    It is also the natural museum, the Mahler Villa, the Christian Church, the Yuanming Hall, and the place where the celebrities’ former residences are stationed;
    It accommodates the two “Shanghai Fufang” small roads in the “rich” in the rich and powerful (Julu Road, Fumin Road, Changle Road).
    There are countless independent studios, bistros, creative restaurants and cafes.
    The days when you are wandering around during the rainy season may be the best way to leave you with the impression of Shanghai!
     (Happy Ramen)
    The place where I go to work is close to Jing’an Temple, so when I happen to work overtime or want to eat, I will find a nearby shop. Kimura is not far from Jing’an Temple subway station. It is popular. There is a signature happy ramen. It is to add fried chicken to the bottom of the ordinary porridge ramen! ! ! There are a few late nights who want to eat fried chicken. Come here to meet you!
    On the working day night, walk into the storeThere is only one table where the Japanese uncle is drinking and chatting…
    [Happy Ramen] with chicken legs, grilled fried wings, sausages, and fried vegetables
    I dare not say how authentic this taste is, but in the middle of the night of hunger, this is undoubtedly the most satisfying bowl of ramen! The frying bubble will be soft for a long time, remember to eat it quickly!
    Per capita: 55 yuan
     (Japanese egg roll)
    This is a shop that is too easy for people to go too far. It is 30 meters away from the navigation. It takes a few steps and changes to 200 meters. It is on the small horse road behind Golden Eagle Square. I walked back and forth three times. Finally, Lost to them, call to end….
    Location: Follow the navigation to the nearby area, find a ramen shop, then look at the ramen shop, you will find a very narrow entrance, the door is also low-key can not be placed on the sign!
    [Tips] There is only a night market on the weekend! Remember to book in advance!
    Crossing the path, opening a door, walking up the wooden stairs, one accidentally smashed to the top floor, and found that it has passed! It was only downstairs that I found the small wooden door in the picture above. There is only one entrance, and the small one of 158 has to bend over. It’s really… too hidden, too personal! ! ! However, this is the case, and it is still packed on Friday night, unless the bar, other locations need to be booked!
    [Hokkaido Potato Cake] The outer layer of the potato cake was fried with a thin layer. Should it be maple syrup? It is also fresh and delicious!
    [Plum Cheese] Um…When I first entered the entrance, I didn’t understand it. It’s a side dish with wine. If you eat a few more mouthfuls, there will be a light milk smell!
    [Out of the egg roll] Egg rolls are such a Japanese-style thing that you can wrap your belly in the middle of the night, and you won’t get fat, and you’ll be monotonous. Mix some mashed potatoes with syrup, but it’s unexpectedly!
    I ordered some signboards that are not counted as signs, but I can feel the sincerity of the food in the store. The shopkeeper seems to be a young person who knows the Japanese cuisine. The waiter is also revealing the vitality. Sea urchins and other supplies, other dishes are also very good, in general, this is definitely a store to review, recommend everyone! Again, remember to book in advance!
    Per capita: 100 yuan or so
     The fifth words: Gubei is a small urban area
    “If it is not for coming here, I don’t know that there is a 71-way hub bus with three cars in the downtown area of ​​Shanghai. I walk straight from the Bund to Shenkun Road, running from 00:00-24:00… ”
    People who know Gubei, one who lives here, the other must be an invincible fan of Japanese materials! There are a lot of Japanese and Korean people gathered here. When the “Ancient Sheep Road” was not demolished, the Japanese public squad that was first promoted by the public is here!
    But it is undeniable that at this moment, it is still a good choice for cost-effective and authentic Japanese flavors.
    See so many Japanese people like to come here to know!
    What is Osaka burning?
    Osaka Shoji is a Japanese-style vegetable pancake, a folk cuisine of Kansai, Japan, and a part of Osaka’s food culture, a representative of pasta culture. Due to the appearance, it is also said that Osaka is burnt into “Japanese-style pizza.” Another type of fried noodles is called “Hiroshima”!
    Every table has a piece of iron plate. When a person comes here, he naturally takes the initiative to sit at the bar. . In addition to the signature Osaka-fired, Japanese sunflower’s pork omelet is also highly recommended, mainly by wrapping the seasoned pork in egg skin, then sprinkling with salad and secret sauce! The little brother in front of the bar, when I heated my vegetable noodles, I showed an egg roll by the way…
    After frying on both sides, put an egg on one side and heat it again. It is cut like a pizza, and the fire control is super good, and it is very tasty. The pork slice is added a lot. In a moment, because I don’t like octopus, squid, cuttlefish, but not octopus balls, it seems that some Understand the feelings of the little friends! It is simply the invincible deliciousness of the world! ! ! Strongly promoted! !
    If you say this store, what will happen to the story, it should be about the second floor, those who are eating and drinking.Japanese people, in the izakaya, you can always see the relaxation and daily routine outside the restraint, you listen, the table on the second floor seems to help to drive the car~
    Per capita: 50 yuan
     (spicy soup rice)
    Look at the name to know, drink and eat barbecue shop! The boss is a Shanghai native, fluent in Japanese and a bit of Mandarin in Shanghai. Come here, I am coming to the “pork bone cow pot”, probably into the summer, like me to find a stimulating Japanese hot pot Not many people? The boss said that this pot is not available in the summer, it feels sad, and winter is coming again! !
    The above two are “pork bone cattle sausage pot”, frankly wide this is my online download map, want to eat!
    In fact, I want to eat hot pot, but I just want to warm my stomach at night, so I ordered a hot spicy soup. . There are small portions of ¥28 and large ¥38, it turns out that the girls should choose 28 should be enough, the so-called spicy soup rice is similar to our rice, the spicy should be considered the baby’s spicy level, hit Eggs and beef vegetables, moderately ~~
    So here is the signature grilled meat, the back table is a pair of Japanese couples, it sounds like a regular guest…
    Per capita: 40 yuan (excluding barbecue)
    Most of the shops in Gubei are Japanese people living nearby and locals who are reversing in the car. There are not many tourists, because the place is really partial! However, if you use Baidu map search, you can still find the existence of a mysterious 71-way “Overlord bus”. The three-car circuit and the vehicle passage are also exclusive to him. From the Bund to Shenkun Road, if you are in Shanghai If you want to revisit the Japanese local customs, Gubei really recommends you! ! !
    Transportation: 71 Road (Sit on Hongmei Road, Shuicheng South Road, there are many shops) 24 hours of operation!
     Later words
    Some students once asked me: What do you think is good in Shanghai? I was speechless and thought for a long time: how delicious? (End of chat)… Indeed, Shanghai, this city that seems to have “nothing to do” can’t tell the merits, that is, there is infinite knowledge in food! She is a bit “Lazy, who has absorbed people from all corners of the country, the so-called Heiner River, of course, there are also foods from all over the world!!
    Don’t worry about eating Japanese food Why don’t you go to Japan, because most of the partners still live the daily life of nine to five, in the plain life, we should enjoy the food that is the most suitable for our appetite!
    I hope that my food record, which is not a travel note, can give you some inspiration for traveling to the magical city. It is the same gratitude and honor for those who love food!

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