Shaoxing daughter-in-law takes you to Shaoxing: must punch card and new discovery

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    Shaoxing, a small town that is difficult to define with one or two words.
    This is a small town with a strong cultural atmosphere. From ancient times to the present, the famous celebrities in Shaoxing have come forth in large numbers, the great shackles of the Daxie River, the Goujian who has been retired, the Shih Tzu of the top four beautiful women, the famous calligrapher Wang Xizhi, the poet Lu You, etc… The most famous of the modern times Cai Yuanpei, the president of Peking University, the famous revolutionary revolutionary Qiu Qiu, etc…. and Zhou Enlai and Lu Xun, not to mention, let me list the famous celebrities in Shaoxing may list a long list.
    Shaoxing is also a city with rich cultural heritage. From the Tang Dynasty, more than 450 poets such as Li Bai and Du Fu have swam in the landscape of Shaoxing, leaving many poems, and to Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, and a large number. Scholars came to Shaoxing and wrote many poems, including more than 1,500 Tang poems.
    Shaoxing is a small city that is very suitable for studying with children. From Baishiyuan to Sanwei Bookstore, Social Theatre, Hometown, Lanting Collection, and Hometown, if Shaoxing is in the textbook. One of the cities that have appeared the most, and no one should object.
    As a Shaoxing daughter-in-law, I have been to Shaoxing many times because of public and private reasons, but every time I did not take a good look at Shaoxing. This Zhongqiu, I finally took Shaoxing back again, and finally successfully put some cards in the places where the card must be punched.
    People who live in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the most convenient way to go to Shaoxing is of course self-driving. However, if you don’t have a car, you can take the high-speed train. It is very convenient. It takes only 19 minutes to get to Shaoxing from Hangzhou by high-speed train. Shaoxing is a small city. The taxi price is not too expensive. The traffic in the city is also very convenient. Some attractions are very close, and you only need to walk to get there.
     Shaoxing Ancient City:
    Shaoxing is a water town. The ancient city is surrounded by water and the rivers are criss-crossed. It is known as the “ancient city floating on the water”. There are several cruise ships in the ancient city of Shaoxing. The Wu Peng boat is one of the most popular ways of sightseeing. It has time to feel the feeling of sitting on the awning boat and seeing the ancient city.
    The ancient city is full of ancient, tree-lined, white-walled gray tiled houses. The building is very complete. You can feel the rich life in this small town. This kind of life is very different from that in the big city. Unlike the people in big cities, they are always in a hurry. Walking in the ancient city of Shaoxing, the residents of the old city are doing the work on hand, drying the vegetables, cooking powder, and talking about it. Here you I can feel the slow life that has been long gone.
    Walking on the street, it is easy to see middle-aged and old men wearing Shaoxing’s unique black felt hat. This kind of ugly hat was only seen in books and on TV. I didn’t expect Shaoxing to be very popular among locals.
    Shaoxing is the hometown of Wang Yangming, the philosopher of the Ming Dynasty, and the birthplace of Xinxue, a veritable Yangming school. This is not only the place where Wang Yangming grew up and was buried, but also the place where he lived the longest time and retained the most remains. It is also the place where Yangming thought originated and matured.
    There is a Wang Yangming Memorial Hall in the ancient city, and we went in and looked at it.
    There is also Wang Yangming Observatory near Wangyangming Memorial Hall. It is a rectangular high platform made of stone strips for divination and certified celestial bodies. It is more than ten meters wide in the north and south, 20 meters in east and west, and is like a rockery. You can walk in time. Have a look. Now it has been renovated and turned into a place to study and publicize Wang Yangming’s mind.
    Standing on the star-gazing platform, looking down at the ancient city, the white-walled gray tile houses are well preserved.
    Shaoxing is the hometown of the Shusheng Wang Shuzhi. There is also the hometown of Shusheng in the ancient city. This Jiezhu Temple was once the former residence of Wang Xizhi.
    There is a pool opposite the Jiezhu Temple, named Mochi, which is said to be the place where Wang Haozhi washed his hair.
    The former residence of Cai Yuanpei is located at No. 13 Penfei Nong, Xiaoshan Street, Shaoxing Ancient City. This is a Chinese-style Ming and Qing architectural style house. There is also a Cai Yuanpei Memorial Hall. The memorial hall contains Cai Yuanpei’s statue and life story.
    The architectural style of the lattice doors and windows is very Chinese.
    A small Shaoxing ancient city can be used for a long time. Compared to visiting various places of interest, I enjoy the time spent in the alleys of the ancient city. Only in this alley can I feel the atmosphere of a small town.
     Lu Xun’s hometown
    As we all know, Shaoxing is the hometown of Lu Xun. There are many places that Lu Xun described in the textbooks. So many times have come to Shaoxing. It is really impossible to say that you don’t go to Lu Xun’s hometown. So taking advantage of the time after dinner, we went to Lu Xun’s hometown and turned around.
    Lu Xun’s hometown is a free scenic spot, occupying a block of Lu Xun Middle Road. Although it is already at night, Lu Xun’s former residence is still open, just need to scan the QR code at the door to make an appointment.
    Lu Xun’s bedroom:
    The Baicaoyuan and Sanwei Bookstores that I have seen in the textbooks can finally see the real version. I don’t know if everyone thinks it is the same as the imagination.
    More interesting is that it is quite interesting to sell Lu Xun’s surrounding cultural products in Lu Xun’s former residence.
     Anchang Ancient Town
    The ancient town of Anchang in Xingkeqiao is not as famous as the six ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River. However, its unique local flavor and not so strong commercial atmosphere make this ancient town and other famous ancient towns especially interesting.
    Anchang Ancient Town is the oldest ancient town in Shaoxing. It was built in the Northern Song Dynasty. Its architectural style inherits the typical Jiangnan water features.
    In fact, I visited this ancient town as early as four years ago, but it is said that the most beautiful Anchang ancient town is still in winter. The specialty of Anchang Ancient Town is Anchang sausage, all kinds of sauces and white sugar. Every autumn and winter, every household has begun to pickle and dry the sausage and all kinds of sauce duck, sauce pig head, sauce dried fish, this time we went to the entrance of the ancient town, we saw all the streets are all kinds of The beauty of the sauce and the sausage.
    The old street of the ancient town was built along the river and moved along the Qingshiban Road. The south bank of the river is a residential area, and the north bank of the river is a commercial city. The two sides are connected by ancient bridges. The promenade on the banks of the river has a ceiling, shade and rain, and has now been transformed into a shop with a variety of traditional features.
    Near the year, local residents have come up with various types of sausages they have made, and sell soya sauces and dried vegetables. There are hundreds of wax shops on the whole street. The sausages here are handmade by local residents. After the sausages are filled, I ventilated by the river in front of the house, walking down the street, the smell of the nose everywhere, people can not help but drool.
    Shopkeepers are waiting in the store, do not need to sip or advertise, tourists from all over the world will come to pick and purchase.
    If you are tired, you can sit on the promenade and enjoy the river view of the water, while you can taste a bowl of local specialties such as noodles and other snacks.
    Anchang’s small bridge is also very distinctive, in a variety of styles, simple and elegant. Walking on the small bridge, watching the boss wearing a Shaoxing black felt hat, shaking the awning boat from under the bridge. Passing through, this moment feels like the time is back.
    Anchang has the same specialty, which is soy sauce. Anchang’s most famous soy sauce is Renchang brand soy sauce. The sausages made here are seasoned with Renchang brand soy sauce. Don’t underestimate Renchang soy sauce, a bottle of 30 to 40 yuan, not much cheaper than the Japanese soy sauce in the Japanese restaurant. Renchang Sauce Garden, also in the ancient town of Anchang, looks out from the window of the sauce garden, a large sauce tank, arranged neatly, inside is waiting for the fermented soy sauce, this purely hand-made soy sauce can be prepared Soy sauce is much healthier and more delicious.
    Shaoxing is a very livable town. The people here enjoy their own step-by-step, meager little days. The nightlife here is not so rich, unlike other famous ancient towns, Anchang Ancient Town is around 5 o’clock in the evening. All the shops are ready to fight, and the ancient town has become cold and clear from the heat, and wants to feel the real life of the ancient town of the water town. It is not wrong to come to the ancient town of Anchang.
     Oriental Landscape Park
    There is an oriental landscape park on the island of Nandaike in Keqiao District, Shaoxing, which is said to cost 8 billion years to complete. I didn’t expect such a small city.There are also such high-end paradise.
    The park is made up of five large “cobblestone” buildings, and a super five-star Oriental Sands Golden Sands Hotel.
    I remember the first time I went to Seoul, South Korea a few years ago. I felt the fun of the Lotte World Indoor Park for the first time. It was really memorable at the time. I thought that Lotte World was super fun. I didn’t expect it to be so fun in this small city around Hangzhou. Indoor paradise.
    The Oriental Mountain Water Park is divided into two parts, the Lu Park and the Water Park. All of them are indoors, so they are completely unaffected by climatic factors and can be played all year round.
    As soon as I entered the entrance to the park, I was attracted to the lobby show. The large circular LED column in the center of the lobby uses advanced sound and optoelectronic technology to create a sensory feast that takes people to a dream world.
    Because I didn’t bring a swimsuit, I didn’t go to the water park this time, but I focused on the park. The Lu Park is divided into the Kingdom of Mountains, the World of Dreams and the Kingdom of Adventure, as well as underground crystal caves, treasure museums, and national defense education experience museums. To be honest, this paradise is really suitable for bringing children to study and play. It is no wonder that although it is not a weekend, there are many children in the park, and the teachers and parents are happy to travel in various areas.
    Sitting on the source airship, visitors can clearly see the panoramic view from the top down.
    The stimulating ghost ship (pirate ship) has a particularly large angle of view. Sitting on the boat is like a boat in the sea of ​​anger, this project is not only for children to love, but also for young people who like stimulation.
    There are several wonderful performances every day in the park, and the entertainers often travel around the park to interact with tourists.
    In the National Defense Education Center, visitors can get close to the most advanced ordnance equipment in the country and experience the air return cabin. The new 4D film technology allows visitors to experience the power of technological civilization. Here visitors can feel the strength of the defense of the motherland and the advanced equipment. This area is especially popular among boys.
    However, I prefer the Treasure Hall on the second floor of the “Mountain Kingdom”, where many treasures and antiques are gathered. Gloomy wood, cloisonne, mammoth ivory, etc. are all boutiques in the museum. It is estimated that a large part of the 8 billion investment is in this treasure house.
    Unexpectedly, there is a underground crystal cave in the underground of the mountain kingdom. There are stalagmites such as stalagmites, stone towers and stone flowers in the cave. The crystal illusion is particularly dreamy under the cooperation of lights.
    There is also a tropical rainforest area in the park, and the realistic installation makes people mistakenly think that they have really stepped into nature.
    Visitors who are courageous enough can also go to the tailor shop at the Haunted House No. 81 to challenge them. Anyway, my coward is afraid.
    There are dozens of amusement projects in the whole park. Although the popularity of the park is not big enough, the tourists are not too many, and there is no need to queue too long. However, it is impossible to complete the various projects in one day. Fortunately, the park is not too far away from cities such as Hangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, etc. If you have time, you can come back again.
     Shili Hetang
    Compared with the famous scenic spots of Lu Xun’s former residence and Anchang Ancient Town, there are fewer people who know about it.
    Shili Hetang is located in the west of Keqiao Jinghu Wetland Park. Although it is not summer, there are only some residual loads left in the pool, but there is no scenery.
    This is a very quiet place. If you have nothing to do, you can come here, take a breath of fresh air, release your mood and enjoy the feeling of being alone.
    There is also a reed in the scenic area, which is a good place to take pictures.
    If you have more time in Shaoxing, you can go to the village to see. This village is known as the “First Village of Shaoxing Huamu”. More than 95% of the labor force in the village is directly or indirectly engaged in the production and management of flowers and trees to make orchids famous. The road leading to the village is full of flowers and is known as the most beautiful road in Shaoxing. If you ride on this road, you will feel very comfortable.
    The Shaoxing area also includes Xinchang County, Zhangzhou City and Zhuji City. This time, we also went to Zhuji and walked away.
    In fact, I have been to Zhuji several times. The most famous scenic spot in Zhuji is the hometown of Xishi and the Wuxie Scenic Area. I have already played these two attractions, so this time we went to two, but not so famous. It is also very interesting and interesting.
     Rice fruit town
    The rice fruit town is a holiday resort suitable for weekend family-friendly trips. The town combines agriculture and tourism very well. The park divides the planting functional area, the efficient use of planting waste resources, the deep processing functional area of ​​agricultural and sideline products, and the countryside. Six major areas, such as leisure travel function area, agricultural special product exhibition and sales function area, and youth agricultural science education function area.
    Not to mention children, for adults who live in cities for a long time.Many things in the town of Rice Fruit are very fresh. In the rice fruit town, you can really learn a lot of agricultural knowledge. It is no wonder that there are so many tourists with children, and there are many foreign faces.
     Shannon Forest Park
    Citron is a specialty of Zhuji, because the production of camphor is very small, so this is a very high price of nuts.I believe that many people who have eaten the citron may never have seen the tree that produces the fragrant scent.
    In the depths of the Kuaiji Mountains in Zhuji, Shaoxing, there is a camphor forest park, where you can see what the camphor tree is like, this time we also went to the park.
    There is a camphor forest in the Shannon Forest Park. The ancient camphor trees are intertwined, some are twisted and curved, and some are towering into the clouds.
    To know that the camphor tree is very tall, picking is not an easy task. There is a wooden ladder under the camphor tree. It is a tool for the workers who pick the camphor to ascend the picking. As a common person, it looks very good. Danger.
    In fact, at the end of November, the season of pickling was already over, but there is also a camphor culture hall in the park. You can look inside and find out the shapes and differences of various kinds of camphor.
    The Shannon Forest Park has beautiful scenery and good scenery. There are also many attractions, such as Huangsiangtan and Daluoxi. The scenery is very charming. It is really enjoyable to take a walk and see the fresh air. There is also a suspension bridge in the park, and visitors who are interested in courage can also go for a walk.
    The entire park is rich in vegetation, and the autumn season is the most beautiful time for ginkgo. You can also enjoy the yellow ginkgo leaves.
     Xianheng Hotel
    When I came to Shaoxing, how can I not go to the Xianheng Hotel to punch the card? The original Xianheng Hotel was opened by Uncle Lu Xun’s family. I really didn’t know it before. The hotel has a good environment. There is a statue of Kong Yiji at the door. There is also a piece of owed by Kong Yi, who owes 19 money. It is very interesting. The decoration of the restaurant is also quite style, with mealsThe table is a traditional Eight Immortal table in Shaoxing. It is a little smaller for us modern people. Even if only eight people are full, the dishes will not fit.
    The tableware of the Xianheng Hotel is also very distinctive. It has the mark of Xianheng on it, and even the wooden barrels of the rice bowl look very simple.
    The taste of local dishes in Shaoxing is characterized by salty and stinky. Stinky tofu has been eaten by everyone, but the mold tube is not for anyone to eat. Anyway, I am unacceptable. In addition, the fennel beans that Kong Yi has eaten are also necessary. One of the dishes. The taste of this restaurant is relatively heavy. Many dishes are salty. People who eat light may not be used to it. Fortunately, as a Shaoxing daughter-in-law, this kind of saltiness is not for me. This is the most authentic. Shaoxing features.
     Gu Yue Long Shan Restaurant
    When I came to Shaoxing, the wine town of Shaoxing, I could miss the tasting of the rice wine. I used to know that the ancient Yuelong Mountain is a famous yellow wine brand. It turned out that it also opened a restaurant. The decoration of the restaurant is very typical of the winery, and a lot of yellow wine jars are put. decoration.
    Since I came to Gu Yue Longshan, of course, I want to taste the yellow wine of Gu Yue Long Shan. I have a variety of yellow wines. I tried six kinds of wines this time. I don’t drink alcohol. I still drink white rice wine, but the wine is better. It should be able to make a difference in various wines. As a restaurant opened by the winery, I feel that even the cold drunken dates here are more drunk than the drunken dates of other restaurants. Yellow wine with Shaoxing characteristics of drunken fish, stinky tofu, fennel beans, plum dried vegetables and meat, is the most authentic way to eat, a satisfying meal.
    In addition, we also went to two restaurants that are not very well-known but have a good reputation in Shaoxing. Locals often eat in these two restaurants. No matter which one they eat, fried stinky tofu, drunk fish and dried plums It is indispensable. It seems that these dishes are deeply imprinted into the genes of Shaoxing people. The real Shaoxing people should not be odorless for a day. They should not eat pickled products like dried plums and dried fish.
     Bo Ying Hotel
     Scenery Hotel
    In the rice noodle town of Zhuji, we directly ate local farmhouse dishes. The dishes were full of flavor and taste.
    Among them, dragon fruit rice cake is the characteristic of rice fruit town.
    Although there are stinky tofu in almost every meal in the restaurant, I always feel that the stinky tofu that is fried on the street is the most authentic, so we bought stinky tofu in Anchang Ancient Town.
    Shaoxing’s rice wine is also very famous, so it is alsoThere will be a lot of snacks made with yellow wine as raw materials, such as yellow wine bar ice, yellow wine milk tea.
    It is said that the most famous rice wine tea is produced by a shop opened by three young people in the vicinity of Lu Xun’s hometown scenic spot called “Jingyixuan”. This shop has become a net red shop, and young people going to Shaoxing will go. Punch the card. However, Shaoxing is more comfortable in life. When it arrives at 5 or 6 in the evening, it is the same. This shop is the same. Every night, it will be on time. Although I have a lucky night, I want to try my luck at Xianheng Hotel. Finally, I regret it. Return.
    However, I still bought the rice wine ice, although it is called rice wine ice, but it is not as intoxicating as I imagined, biting sweet and sweet, and there is a touch of wine, the taste is really good.
    Shaoxing is a small and rich city, and of course there are many mid- to high-end hotels. However, living at home is always better than doing it. This time we live in a hotel that personally thinks that the price is very high, I am very satisfied.
     Kaiyuan Manju Hotel
    Kaiyuan Manju is a brand under the Kaiyuan Group. The price is not high, but the comfort is still very high. There are several Kaiyuan Manju hotels in Shaoxing, this time we live in Daxie.
    As a literati and a city of various celebrities, Shaoxing Manju Hotel is also very cultural.
    The hall on the first floor has a high height, and the decorations are some cultural products with Chinese cultural characteristics and Shaoxing characteristics, and have a strong Chinese flavor.
    The hotel still pays great attention to safety and privacy protection. You need to brush your room card when you take the elevator. Our room is on the seventh floor, and the rooms in Kaiyuan Manju are generally not too big, but it does not affect the comfort.
    The overall main color of the room is beige, gray and camel, which looks very bright. The simple decoration does not affect the daily use, and the mood is very comfortable.
    The decoration in the room also uses a lot of Chinese elements.
    Compared to the guest rooms, the bathroom of Kaiyuan Manju is still relatively large, and the dry and wet separation design makes it particularly convenient to use. The yukatas are available in different colors to facilitate the distinction between the guests and the hotel’s designers are also very attentive.
    The hotel restaurant is set on the second floor. For the Chinese stomach like me, there are freshly cooked noodles, and I am satisfied with the other.a meal. In addition, there are many Shaoxing local specialties for breakfast, such as plum dried meat, drunk fish, etc., so that foreign tourists can taste local food without going out of the hotel door. In addition, there are also bread, jam, drinks, yogurt, etc. I believe that every guest can eat the food that suits them.
     Written at the end
    The three-day and two-night Shaoxing tour is over. This is a city that will calm you down. The residents here are not too slow to do anything, and there is not much nightlife at night, but I think it is rich here. Human resources are still worth a look, especially with children, you can feel the feeling of following Shaoxing with textbooks. In addition, now Shaoxing has opened a lot of entertainment venues suitable for children, so that Shaoxing has more choices.

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