Single tour: four days and three nights Xishuangbanna hunting Yan Looking for a bamboo house to play slowly

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Xishuangbanna (Yi) Autonomous Prefecture, located at the southernmost tip of Yunnan Province, is a minority autonomous prefecture under the jurisdiction of Yunnan Province. It is located between 21°10′ north latitude and 99°55′ to 101°50′ east longitude. It is a tropical humid area south of the Tropic of Cancer. The east and west are connected to Jiangcheng County and Pu’er City; the northwest is adjacent to Pixian County; the southeast, south and southwest are connected with Laos and Myanmar, respectively, and are close to Thailand and Vietnam. The distance from Thailand is only 200 kilometers. “Xishuang” means “12” for the proverb. “Banna” refers to the administrative area that is smaller than the county. “Xishuangbanna” means “twelve administrative districts”. Xishuangbanna, the ancient proverb is “勐巴拉娜西”, meaning “ideal and magical land”. It is famous for its magical tropical rainforest natural landscape and ethnic customs. It is one of the hot tourist cities in China. The annual Songkran Festival is held on April 13-15 and is known as the “Oriental Carnival.” Xishuangbanna has the only tropical rainforest nature reserve in China. The climate is warm and humid, the trees are verdant, the vines are intertwined, and many rare birds and animals such as Asian elephants, hornbills, peacocks, and black-crowned gibbons live in this tropical jungle. Among the unique and rare plants in Xishuangbanna, there are expected Tianshu, Hongguangshu, Yunnan Nutmeg, Simumu, Huangguomu, Hutong, Meidengmu, and Sanchashan.
    This time I followed me into Xishuangbanna, walked into the rainforest, walked into the family and walked into the bamboo building. An encounter with an extraordinary Xishuangbanna. Preparation before departure 1 Ticketing to determine the departure time, choose a good way to travel, book tickets, tickets, etc. in advance. At present, there are apps in the relatively complete travel websites in China, and basically they can book air tickets and train tickets. Car tickets can generally search for the official number of the local bus station on WeChat, and basically can also book tickets. However, the current price of the car ticket is similar to that of the online car app, and it is chosen according to your own needs. 2 Cards and ID cards, bank cards, driver’s licenses (when there is a sudden situation to drive?), etc., with other special offers. Cash should not be taken more, and the current smart payment methods in China are very mature. And Xishuangbanna is a popular tourist destination in the country, and there is no worry about the way to pay. 3 The experience of traveling abroad all the year round: quick-drying clothes + warm clothing + fleece + jackets can basically cope with more than half of the domestic tourist destinations, but goose. . . . . Xishuangbanna has a heat loss. Bring some T-shirts and shorts, as for the slippers in the hotel. 4 drug band-aid, cold medicine is the most important. In the tropical rainforest environment of Xishuangbanna, you can also bring some heat or detoxification medicine or granules. In particular, the drug that has some points to prevent mosquito bites, if not taken, is available at the night market of the Shuangjing Dajinta in Zhuangzhuang. 5 Others of course there are data lines, charging lines. It is impossible for you to use a mobile phone without a data cable. So I don’t remind my traveler like a mother. The choice of travel mode The way to depart from Xishuangbanna in China is as follows: 1. Airport navigation: domestic major airports – Kunming Changshui International Airport – Xishuangbanna Chishang Airport domestic part machineField – Xishuangbanna Chishang Airport 2. Public transport: Kunming – Xishuangbanna The Xishuangbanna high-speed railway is currently under construction and there is currently no railway. Accommodation guide:
    Shuangzhuang Xishuangjing Xianting Inn lives here to enjoy the night market of the Shwedagon Pagoda, barbecue, and Lao Beer. The Shwedagon Pagoda is also a very spectacular attraction. Don’t miss a friend who likes photography. You must eat rice noodles in the morning in Xishuangbanna.
    At the Tiantianshu Scenic Spot, Lian Ya Xiaoshe can enjoy the wisdom of the rainforest family, and all kinds of flowers and plants will become a good and intelligent food.
    Yiyuan Garden Park Zhongyuan Inn has an elegant environment and delicious family meals. It was the original reason for staying in the garden. Later, the inn was called a lazy big dog, and there was a hot air conditioner, even the rice noodle in the morning. Let me linger on this place. Recommended itinerary:
    1 Lijiang River Mekong River Night Song and Dance Bonfire Party
    2 Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest National Park Wangtianshu Scenic Area
    3 Xishuangbanna Dai Garden “Daily Water Splashing Activity”
    4 Man listening to the Royal Garden Scenic Area
    Mobile: Xiaomi 5 Four-axis anti-shake camera: EOS 5D3 7D (Lens: EF50 F1.4, EF17-40 F4) Drone: Dajiang Elf schedule first day: Arrival at Xishuangbanna Jinghong Airport – check-in Zhuangxi Shuangjing Xianting Inn – Mekong River – Lijiang River Fireworks Day 2: Go to Xishuangbanna Wangtianshu Tropical Rainforest Park – Stay in Wangtianshu Scenic Spot Lian Ya Xiaoshe – Visit the Tiantianshu Rainforest Park on the third day: Go to Xishuangbanna Dai Garden – Stay in the Yiyuan Garden Park Zhongyuan Inn – Experience the Everyday Songkran Festival – sing the Songjiang River Day 4: Go to Jinghong Manting Park – Visit the General Buddha Temple – Take a flight at the airport
    Aventure Bonfire Party Lijiang River – Mekong River Kabuki Bonfire Party
    Man Ting Park Park Photo / Hu Wenkai
    Manting Park The welcoming guest on the gate The picture/Hu Wenkaiman listening to the park can be divided into two chapters, day and night, each with its own merits. In the evening, Mann Park opened the door again to welcome the guests and conduct a night bonfire party. Standing on both sides of the main entrance, the Sao Gel, which is dressed in various national costumes, is a beautiful beauty selected from various villages. At the narrowest point, the girls will laugh and use your hips to squeeze you. The lascivious men, it is estimated that this time is the happiest. They responded cheerfully, squeezing out the girls and laughing, and it was such a rare way to welcome them. If a man travels to Yunnan, remember not to bring a lady, or do you dare to go through such a door?
    Man listening to the park Bamboo dance Dance graphic / Hu Wenkai The first interactive program we participated in after entering the park was the bamboo dance. I used to watch it in the film and television drama. Today I can jump on two laps and I am naturally happy. The beautiful Sao stretched out her hand and pulled you into the bamboo dance. The brisk rhythm, under the leadership of the family, does not feel too difficult. Perhaps it is because shyness may be the weather in Xishuangbanna. My palms are soaked with sweat, and the beautiful family screams hold my hand tighter.
    Man listening park, welcoming performance, graphic / Hu Wenkai
    Manting Park, welcoming performances. Two pictures/Hu Wenkai’s visitors to the park have already exploded. A group of tourists are welcome to enter the park by the welcoming dance of the singer cats on both sides of the gate. . In front of Premier Zhou’s image, tourists can hear the ancient Dai people’s percussion. The six beautiful women in Southeast Asia pay tribute to the tourists who danced forward with the ancient dance. The Splash Square is a joyous sea of ​​singing and dancing. After stepping on the bamboo bar and watching the happy welcome performance, we quickly moved to the dining hall. Buying tickets also manages meals, which is very intimate for those who want to save travel costs and leave more time to visit the sights.
    Manting Park, the top of the spire, Tuwen / Hu Wenkai
    Man Ting Park 傣家建筑 Graphic / Hu Wenkai riding the show has not yet begun, I took the camera and strolled in the park. The exotic buildings of the homeland are mostly made of gold, and some buildings are like piles of gold. In the setting sun, the golden light flashes and dazzles.
    Man Ting Park “Liangjiang-Mekong River” Stage Performance Photo/Hu Wenkai The Mekong River Bonfire Party was launched by Jinghong Manting Park to showcase a strong feature of Xishuangbanna and the Minjiang River and the Mekong River. Party. The whole party is unique in conception and exquisitely arranged.The focus is on exhibiting the ethnic customs, dance culture, costume culture, food culture, etc. of Xishuangbanna and the Oujiang River in the Oujiang River. It integrates tourists into amusement and becomes a carrier for the park to display the national culture. It is a nighttime tourism activity in Xishuangbanna. Highlights. The dance beauty of the party was created by the team of the Beijing Olympic Games and was operated by Sha Xiaotong, the world-class lighting beauty master. The evening stage is also a rare 3D solid stage, and the beautiful performances of the original ethnic minority and Southeast Asian ethnic songs and dances combined with modern art expressions will surely let you experience your own Xishuangbanna.
    Man listening to the park Thousands of people passing the light Graphic / Hu Wenkai watched the performance of each person a prayer lamp, this is the spectacular “Thousands of people pass the lights – put the river lights” tour. All ethnic minorities in Xishuangbanna worship Vulcan and ignite the bonfire to worship Vulcan. After a long reading of a long-sentence, a long queue of people, devoutly holding a red lantern representing blessings and hopes, parade through the lake. The red candlelight in the night is spectacular. .
    Man listening park, putting river lights, graphic text / Hu Wenkai
    Man listening to the park Water lanterns blessing Graphic / Hu Wenkai Everyone can put lights on the river, the middle of the river composed of a huge Buddha statue sparkling. To the Buddha, make a wish, lift the river lamp over the head, through the Black Forest, into the quiet lake. The river lights drifted in the lake, taking away the good wishes of people.
    Manting Park Bonfire Party Photo/Hu Wenkai continues to move forward with the flow of people, forming a huge ocean of joy around the entire Manting Park. The actors of the dance group are scattered next to the crowd, driving tourists to follow the music. The bonfire is beating, and the entire Manting Park is a big stage. Every visitor is an actor on this stage. People sing and dance, and the night is deep. Everyone has not been willing to leave for a long time. Manting Park has developed a variety of entertainment activities, including the “Liangjiang-Mekong River Night” song and dance bonfire party, with the help of many local cultural resources that can sing and dance. What attracts the most tourists is the strong participation and the ability to relax. Man’s listening to the park has been quite successful.
    Yan met Wang Tianyu rain forest accompanied by birds called insects to sleep for a night, when I woke up to open the window, the sky was already bright. Looking at this green hill, I only came back to God, really fled the city. The green water of this bay matcha is the Nanla River, a river that runs through the Xishuangbanna Wangtianshu Rainforest Theme Park. Because the basin of the Nanla River passes through several famous teas in Yunnan.In the field, the locals believe that this green is full of the essence of tea, so some people call the Nanla River a tea river.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Nanlahe After the text/Hu Wenkai used the meal, our group took the long gun and the short gun and the necessary insect repellent and itching medicine, and boarded the speedboat on the side of the Nanla River dock. Landing is not our style, nor is it looking for a tropical rainforest. After all, the documentary about the rainforest is inseparable from rivers and boats. On the ship I asked more than once about crocodiles and crocodiles. It seems that this rainforest is still relatively mild, without the wildness of the South American rainforest. Except for the splash of water that was quickly splashed by the ship’s house, nothing happened to jump out of the water.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Nanlahe II Photo/Hu Wenkai After I got used to the sound of water, my attention was no longer concentrated in the water. Looking at it all is a piece of green, green mountains, green trees. A suspension bridge is placed on top of Nan La Matcha, and most bridges do not need to be used now. There will be a stronger modern bridge next to the bridge that will not be used. The guides of the peers tell us about the use of these bridges and their fate in economic development.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Observation Point of the Chinese Academy of Sciences After the photo/Hu Wenkai speedboat turned a big bend, I vaguely saw a landing gear in the lush rainforest. Who is here to build a house? I blurted out. The guide looked at the angry face and I smiled for a while, waiting for me to wonder. After buying the foot, I opened the high number of me. This is the observation point of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is because of the protection of the rainforest trees and the height of the observation point that only one elevator can be built. This does not occupy the land area, but it can be seen far. Secretly complaining that the guide is bad enough, I have to wait for me to go out! I haven’t waited for this emotion to dissipate, and the curious heart has become the main theme. I continue to hold the camera and keep taking pictures of the fresh pictures.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Nanlahe Wharf Tuwen/Hu Wenkai This rainforest is the only rainforest in China. For a long time, academics believed that there was no tropical rain forest in China. The Xishuangbanna area is northerly (close to the Tropic of Cancer) and high altitude, and in the early Tertiary drought, many foreign experts have long concluded that there is no real tropical rain forest. IAfter an arduous investigation, the scientists of the older generation of the country found that Xishuangbanna does have tropical rain forests, which are concentrated in the low hills, valleys and lower slopes of the low-altitude basins of Mengla County. This type of tropical forest plant is extremely rich in species and complex in structure. The upper layer of trees is as high as 50-60 meters. The roots and old stems are common in the forest. The epiphytic plants and woody vines are very rich. The structure is typical of tropical rainforest. The characteristics are not only true tropical rainforests, but also typical of development. This is due to the blocking of the cold air in the north of the Himalayas, and the formation of a hot and humid climate in the low valleys of Xishuangbanna, which has spawned lush tropical rain forests. Such conditions were only achieved when the Himalayas rose to a certain height in the late Tertiary, and the East Asian monsoon climate was formed. The special geographical and geo-historical background has also created a very rich range of animal and plant resources in Xishuangbanna.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Scenic Spot Entrance Text/Hu Wenkai After listening to the popular science story of the guide, we also just arrived at the dock. The feeling of taking the waterway to the rainforest is unique. The next step is to use the footsteps to measure the rainforest of Tianshu, and bring a beautiful mood to the boat to pay tribute to the golden Buddha statue of Sakyamuni. My family loves gold and has gold in many important buildings. For example, the palace, the temple, the aristocratic courtyard, of course, this is also a symbol of honor.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Rainforest Plant Peacock Bamboo 芋 Graphic/Hu Wenkai went through a promenade from the high steps of Wangtianshu Rainforest and even entered the park. Next to the tour guide is a plant that I have never seen before, but my instinct tells me that this is the plant that this rainforest can grow. Because I am a big child of a farmer’s parents, when I see such a thing, I will naturally compare it with the crops I remember in my childhood. The stems and leaves of this plant are large and appear elliptical, similar to the leaves of the taro. I am happy to tell my thoughts. The guide said that this is the same as Shantou. It is called peacock bamboo scorpion, but the scorpion has a slight toxin that cannot be eaten. The guide also warned everyone not to touch colorful things, and some plants are not fun. I dare not touch any plant from beginning to end.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Rainforest Plants Porcelain Roses Text/Hu Wenkai Wang Tianshu’s roads are really a lot of plants on both sides. I don’t want to look at the bananas that I have seen over the past few days. The flowers and plants on the road also have their own characteristics. This does not see a bright flower, the guide said that it can be touched. This is the rose in the rainforest, the porcelain rose. Although I know that the wizard will not lie to me, I still have not touched the beautiful flowers. After all, except for the photos, I waved my hand and didn’t take the breeze.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Wangtianshu Graphic/Hu Wenkai
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Canopy Corridor Graphic/Hu Wenkai
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Canopy Corridor II Photo/Hu Wenkai Wangtianshu Scenic Area is the core of Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest. It is the only place in China that can experience rainforest from water, land and air. The sky tree in the scenic area is usually 40-60 meters, up to 80 meters. It is a tree that needs to look at the sky to see the canopy. The guide is funny to say that it is a good place to treat cervical spondylosis. The most attractive is the air corridor. With the trunks of dozens of trees, a 34-meter-high suspended suspension bridge is built with steel cables and nylon ropes to allow visitors to overlook the entire rainforest from the sky.
    Wang Tianshu Rainforest 傣家姑娘 Graphic/Hu Wenkai
    Wangtianshu Rainforest, the girl on the canopy corridor, Tuwen/Hu Wenkai
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Corridor Suspension Bridge Photo/Hu Wenkai looked at the beautiful girl in front and then followed the canopy corridor and watched the girls walking freely. I looked into the ground of a hundred meters, and I regretted it in my heart. It is really difficult for me to keep going for the damn face.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Visitors on the Canopy Corridor Graphic/Hu Wenkai
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Guided Tournament in the Canopy Corridor Photo/Hu Wenkai
    Looking at the Tianshu Rainforest The lush canopy Graphic/Hu Wenkai When I was fighting and walking through the corridor, I went back and found that these tourists are daring masters. Especially the beauty guide, it is simply against the sky, people are playing while playing mobile phones.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Philip Trail The other indispensable tour route of the Tuvin/Hu Wenkai Wangtianshu Rainforest is the 2km Phillips Trail, commemorating the world famous botanist, Duke of Edinburgh, UK. Prince Pu introduced the Xishuangbanna tropical rainforest to the world. In the depths of the rainforest, the five wonders of the tropical rainforest such as strangling trees, parasitic epiphytes, dripping tips, huge roots, and old stems, and springs are everywhere. Each landscape is a unique ecosystem, and each vegetation is a Legend, every leaf is a smart elder, telling us many rules of existence. Kneeling on the Phillips Trail, the sun shone through the branches and leaves, accompanied by streams of birds, misty, soft and warm times.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Towering Wangtianshu Graphic/Hu Wenkai is a unique tropical rainforest in the world. Therefore, whether it is of great significance to scientific research or production and application, it should be strictly protected, and more people should be able to appreciate and understand the only tropical rain forest in China. How to combine protection and development has always been a difficult problem. It seems that Wang Tianshu has found a suitable path.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Rainforest Feast Graphic/Hu Wenkai returned from the rainforest, and the warm and hospitable family members prepared a high-value rainforest feast for us. The feast was truly rich. The staple food is glutinous rice and purple rice. Amaranth with roast and roast as the main cooking methods: citronella grilled fish, roast chicken, grilled meat, secret-baked fish, packaged pork, taste fried pork skin, bamboo meat, and shredded dry bar. The original fresh vegetables are used as vegetarian dishes: wild eggplant, cucumber, wild mountain fern, brown bag, wild melon, steamed banana flower, glutinous rice bran, and water splash. A scented rainforest feast! Full of happiness! Sure enough, Xishuangbanna is not only a kingdom of tropical plants, but also a paradise for food.
    Wangtianshu Rainforest Rainforest Feast 2 Graphic/Hu Wenkai did not know that it was the beauty of the girl who wanted me toasting at that night, or the enthusiasm of my family, I was a little bit stunned. Or because the rain forest is full of oxygen ions.
    Aventure’s Banyan National Park Xishuangbanna is a beautiful green peacock. The tail of the peacock is in the olive dam. The Dai nationality is the most beautiful feather on the peacock’s tail. The reason for people to go to a place and visit this may be a lyric, a piece of music. For the Xishuangbanna Dai Garden’s yearning for this beautiful word, the locals speak out from the mouth and this is proud of their faces. Traveling to Xishuangbanna naturally should not miss the Dai Garden.
    Banna’s Dai Garden Graphic/Hu Wenkai Xishuangbanna Dai Garden is located in Xishuang EditionThe olive dam of Luhan Town, Jinghong City, the state capital of Nazhou, is 27 kilometers away from the urban area. In the proverb, the olive dam is called 勐han, and “fun” means to roll up. Legend has it that when Buddha Sakyamuni came to this time, the believers used cotton cloth to lay on the ground, and asked the Buddha to walk over it. After the Buddha walked over, the believers rolled up the cloth again. This is how it is named. After putting the luggage in the Garden Inn, I took the camera and went out. When I went back to the inn and went to see the exhibition of intangible cultural heritage with my friends, I found out that my clothes were soaked in this circle. Xishuangbanna is really a place with plenty of light and strong ultraviolet rays. {Aventure} —— 傣-style ethnic culture feast
    Banna’s Yi Nationality Family Musician Hu Wenkai visits in order, and the door is a singer who plays the cucurbit. It’s no coincidence that the play is placed at the door. Music is boundless. Even if the language is not available, we can always pass on the feelings and get a glimpse of the roots of a nation. I like all the music related to the nation, especially the folk songs. When insomnia, bring headphones. The music rang in the silent night. Some melody will make people feel like electric shock, and hit the depths of the soul. Maybe, you will want to see for yourself, what kind of people can sing such beautiful Xishuangbanna from their throats.
    Banna’s Dai Garden 傣家印经人 Graphic/Hu Wenkai’s family will do three things in his life: when he was a child, he went to the monastery to be a little monk, in order to learn his own national language, let his own culture spread, and live forever. When this step is completed, it is time to learn martial arts. It is to protect your beautiful home, and to have the ability to protect your loved ones. Be a big husband, live up to life, and stand on the ground. The third thing is tattooing, and my family is almost tattooed. Tattoos are both brave and very good-looking, just as the old people of the Yi people said: “There are hidden swordsmanships in the middle of the pattern, which can prevent swords and knives and can be used for danger.” The civilization of the family is handed down from the Yi language written on the leaves of the bay leaf with a stylus. The preserved Bayeux is not only a symbol of good fortune, but also beautiful. Friends who like to read can buy a piece of bookmarks.
    Banna Dai Nationality Yi Nationality Brocade Techniques Graphic/Hu Wenkai is one of the famous ethnic brocades in China. As a cultural symbol, the Yi brocade pattern is an important carrier of national culture. The pattern has distinctive national characteristics and rich local flavor. The Yi brocade, the inheritance of its skills is facing a severe test. The beautiful girl is more beautiful because of the pattern on the dress. However, the process of brocade is really slow. It takes ten minutes to thread the thread in a pattern change. This is still the inheritance of the brocade experience. {Aventure} – Tropical Fragrant Fruits
    Banna Dai National Park Mu milk fruit Graphic / Hu Wenkai into the Yi national park, not only can see the most unique features of the {garden} architecture, but also {Aventure} all kinds of exotic fruits. The abundant light and the moisture brought by the rainforest make the flowers bloom and there are no seasons, and the fruits are full of fragrance throughout the year. Although the land of China is early spring, Xishuangbanna is the harvest season for fruit. In the park, fruit trees, bananas, coconuts, betel nuts, pineapples, and mangoes have shed a thick shade of greenery on the stockade. I also put up my mind on these fruits.
    Banna Dai Garden Eggs Photo/Hu Wen Kaixi Double Banna is very suitable for my survival, but also suitable for longevity with the wish to lose weight. Here I can eat fruit for a month. I also ate a lot of fruits after moving my mind. In fact, I deliberately ate less at lunch, because I know that the fruit of Banna must not be missed. These have said that inside I think the best thing is the egg fruit, there is such a magical thing. First of all, this egg fruit and egg yolk have the same texture, although it is as horrible as egg yolk, but it is sweet and has a lot of water. As for other fruits, except that because there is no transportation cost, it is naturally cheaper than what is bought in the supermarket. There is not much that can make me feel awkward, except for this egg. When I left the Banna, I was going to take some of it. I didn’t buy it after going through the fruit stand. The stall owner said that in the past few days, he had fallen out of precocity and could not eat it. The large-scale {picking} still had to wait for the Songkran Festival. Ok, they are all precocious owners. I ate you first.
    Banna’s Dai Garden The simple language of the text / Hu Wenkai into the immature fruit are hanging on the tree, full of gardens. When I first saw such a slogan, it still seemed quite funny. After I finished laughing, I felt that it was a noble, a simple, and a tacit understanding. Perhaps its role is to make a kind of friendship reminder to the tourists from the four seas and eight wilderness to the Banna Dai Garden.
    Banna Dai National Park Man Chunman Ancient Buddha Temple Graphic/Hu Wenkai Xishuangbanna Dai Nationality Park has five best preserved Yi villages in China. There is a Buddhist temple in every village in the family, where the people in the stockade worship the Buddha and learn their own culture. The Manchun Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the Banna Dai Garden. The Manchun Manchu Temple was built in 1126 in the Buddha’s calendar, which is the third year of Emperor Wendi’s reign (AD 583). For more than 1400 years, the Buddhist temple has been repaired and rebuilt many times. During the Cultural Revolution, it was spared. The reason was that the village production team used it as a place to house livestock and accumulate food. If it is useful, why should it be dismantled? Therefore, the Buddhist temple has not suffered much damage. There are four very thick columns in the middle of the Buddhist temple, which is said to have a history of more than 200 years. This magnificent Buddhist temple is the center of the olive dam. On the major {Buddhist} event day, believers in the dam and monks from various Buddhist temples must go to worship. The restoration of buildings in the Buddhist temple is done by the villagers and devout believers who donate money and donations. The two seats in the gate are dedicated to the food given to the birds to show the Buddha’s Bonn. The pavilion facing the Jinta is called the Jingjing Pavilion. It is the place where the monks teach the scriptures. You need to take off your shoes when you go in and out. Please respect the local customs. {Aventure} – Everyday Songkran Festival
    Banna Dai Nationality Garden Everyday Songkran Festival Photo/Hu Wenkai Xishuangbanna The most grand festival of the family is the Songkran Festival. You can feel this warm scene in the Splash Square in the Yi Nationality Park. Here, “every day is a Songkran Festival”, hundreds of people gather around the pool, splashing water on each other, washing away dust and sin. Remember to bring a set of replacement clothes. Of course, there are also clothes for rent in the scenic area.
    Banna’s Dai Garden Everyday Songkran Festival 2 Photo/Hu Wenkai The girls dressed in festive costumes dance around the pool. Many tourists are invited by the host to dance around the pool with the girls. There is also a ritual with a wild and original atmosphere. Everything makes me feel the water-like Dai style. When the king’s bicycle elephant descended from the mighty guards to the central pool of the splashing water square, all the people in the costumes of the family fell, and we followed. I don’t understand when the king used the Yi language {Blessing}, but the words mixed around me conveyed to me a solemn and mysterious ritual. In the violent sunshine, listening to the language of the king is not hot. . After the ceremony, we rushed into the pool to enjoy the splash. Whoever did the clothes went up to explain the popularity or the difference between the two, so I first counted a few pots of water and fell down from the head. The beautiful splashes of water splashed and blessed like the Golden Bay.
    Banna Dai National Park Ancient House Inn Photo / Hu Wenkai {Aventure} —— 手 hand pilaf and toast
    Banna Dai Garden 傣家烤鱼 Graphic / Hu Wenkai
    Banna’s Dai Garden 傣家竹管饭 Graphic/Hu Wenkai At dusk I sat on the balcony of the inn to watch the sunset, and the young man downstairs ran around and took various ingredients to roast on the charcoal fire. A scent is floating, I am going to see how the {家{美食} is made.
    Banna’s Dai Garden 傣家手披饭 Graphic / Hu Wenkai from the kitchen to the oven reciprocating a few times down, I really think that the proverb: rely on {山} to eat {山}, rely on water to eat water. Capture tilapia from the Minjiang River, cut down the bamboo tube from the bamboo forest in the stockade, {picking} the wild grass flowers from the forest, salvage the moss and other materials from the clear flowing water, in the hands of the wise family, not It became a delicious food in an hour, a feast from Xishuangbanna Nature. Fortunately, it was not born in ancient times, otherwise it would not be so beautiful to turn over the mountains.
    Banna Dai Nationality Garden Family Bamboo Rice Rice II Photo/Hu Wenkaixiang? This is the bamboo rice and hand-picked rice mentioned in the primary school textbook. I believe that there is a causal connection when Xishuangbanna grabbed the rice with the rice combination on the banana leaf. Since I was a child, I liked to read the geography books of my older brothers. The genes that love to travel have been evoked early. Grab a meal and put it in your mouth. The smile on your face is the best respect for the delicious. {Aventure} – Toast
    Banna Dai Garden 傣家女孩Toast Illustrated/Hu Wenkai’s delicious hand-picked rice must be accompanied by a warm toast from the girl, the beautiful singing is intoxicating, and it is time to drink back from the song. If you drink too much, it means that a girl likes you and wants to keep you. If you really drink too much, it is easy to miss the girl. How is it good? Think about it yourself. {Aventure} —— Lemon Bar sings on the waterfront
    Banna Dai Nationality Lijiang Lemon Bar Graphic / Hu Wenkai
    Banna Dai Nationality Lijiang Lemon Bar Grill Pictorial / Hu Wenkai
    Banna Dai Garden Lijiang Lemon Bar Grilled Fish Graphic / Hu Wenkai delicious barbecue, as well as refreshing beer. We sat in the lemon bar of the Lijiang River to entertain the pavilion of our friends, and use the seeds and peanuts to tell the story of the people in this southern part of the country. The owner of the lemon bar is a literary youth, playing a car family. I don’t know why it went to Xishuangbanna and I couldn’t sit still. I opened this bar and I was in the Dai Garden. Lemon picked up the guitar and sang a song “Long time no see”. From his singing voice and the expression of singing, I seem to understand the reason he left behind.
    Banna Dai Garden Lijiang Lemon Bar Photo/Hu Wenkai was spent together this day; that day, it was like drinking together; that day, it was like singing together.
    Yancun Manting Park is located in the southeast of Jinghong City, the capital of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. There is a park covering an area of ​​more than 400 acres about 2 kilometers away from the city. She is in the triangle of the Minjiang River and the Liusha River. It is full of greenery and lots of plants and flowers. More than 1300 years ago, a beautiful 傣王妃 played here, and the beautiful scenery of the park attracted Wang Hao’s soul. After returning to the palace, Wang Hao looked stunned, and the king who loved Wang Hao immediately summoned the national teacher. Knowing that Wang Hao’s soul stayed in this park, Yu Wang sent the most outstanding gardener to build it into a garden. Man’s Garden was named after it, and the park and the story have been passed down to this day. Man listening to the Imperial Garden
    Man listening to the park Gate The picture/Hu Wenkaiman listened to the ticket gate at the gate of the park. The gate of the park appeared in front of me with grandeur. Although we got up very early and packed up, there were still many tourists rushing in front of us, and a long queue had been arranged at the gate. The photo of the gate was hard to photograph. I took a bottle of mineral water and took a photo of the different park gates at the gate. The scenic staff dubbed the water as soft gold, which is a kind of water produced by the Yunnan City Investment Group, which is controlled by the scenic spot. In Xishuangbanna, you must drink plenty of water to be as beautiful as the Yi relatives.
    Man Ting Park’s bronze statue of Premier Zhou Wenwen/Hu Wenkai’s entrance to the gate is the Premier Zhou Poetry Memorial Square of Man Ting Park. Premier Zhou Enlai has been to Xishuangbanna to participate in the Songkran Festival to commemorate his arrival. In April 1991, at Manting Park. The square was completed and Premier Zhou Enlai splashed the water to commemorate the bronze statue.
    Man Ting Park Historical Reality Performance The historical and live performances in the graphic/Hu Wenkai Garden vividly show the visitors the story of Man Zhi Yu Garden and Yu Wang Yu. Before the performance of the King of the Kings, the dances and musical performances of the people of all ethnic groups living in Xishuangbanna, through this form, we were able to blend in with the scenery and learn the greatest customs and history of this beautiful land during the tour.
    Man Ting Park Park Picture / Hu Wenkai Mann listening to the park inside the vines climbing, strange flowers, colorful, colorful. It has a natural landscape that is natural and has artificially cultivated exotic flowers and garden buildings. In particular, an orchid promenade made me open my eyes. This orchid promenade was artificially cultivated. In addition to many precious orchids, there are stone sarcophagi that are parasitic on the trunk. When I saw Shi Jie, my first thought was the precious medicinal material Dendrobium Dendrobium seen in Jiangxi. I didn’t expect this sarcophagus to be a kind of orchid.
    Mann Park Park The graphic/Hu Wenkai scenic staff pointed to a slender and straight tree that it was a fake coconut tree. I have been stunned for a long time. How can it be fake like a coconut tree? Could it be that this coconut tree is not fruitful? I didn’t have time to think about the topic and I was dragged to pursue the girl. This kind of topic that everyone is very curious makes me not care about the true and false of the coconut tree. Can the staff refer to the fake coconut tree and can climb up? The girl’s family takes you to climb the tree is the first level of entry. The friend actually tried the tree immediately and was too slippery! Well, the door of the family does not seem so good, it is necessary to be a special army training and training.
    Manting Park Wishing Promenade Photo/Hu Wenkai walked along the shade to the lakeside. A narrow river traversed the entire park and divided it into two banks. This river is the release lake for thousands of sorghums. As a branch of the Lancang-Mekong River, it is well-known in Southeast Asia. Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Yingla came to the Buddha to release the Buddha. On the side of the release lake there is a long gazebo for visitors to rest and cool down. The pillars on the gazebo are all hanging small wooden cards with blessings. I also wrote my own wishes and wished the world peace. May the beautiful scenery, the beautiful story, the delicious wine, not because the turmoil disappears, willing to pass the road, from the end of the world to the Cape, from the South Pole to the North Pole.
    Man listening park, releasing lake, graphic / Hu Wenkai
    Man listening to the park, releasing the utensils. The text/Hu Wenkai’s release of the camera has taken the Buddha’s implements. I have a silvery cymbal in my heart, and I am going to worship the Buddha statue on the lakeside. After the wish is over, I gently pour the small fish in the river into the river. May you go all the way, cross the Lijiang River, swim along the Mekong River, swim through Laos, swim through Myanmar, swim through Thailand, swim through Cambodia, swam through Vietnam. Aventure General Buddhist Temple I believe that strangers who come to this world of the world will be attracted by their strange and exotic architecture. The more representative of Xishuangbanna is the Buddhist temple, and the golden spires shine on every building that shows glory. When I was at Manting Park, I was attracted by a magnificent photo in the park. This is the Xishuangbanna General Buddha Temple.
    Xishuangbanna General Buddha Temple Baita Tuwen/Hu Wenkai Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple, located in Baji Road, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna, is separated from the former Manor Royal Garden by the former Manor Royal Garden, and the proverb is called “洼坝吉” (also translated boundary). “洼” is the meaning of the temple, “ba” is the meaning of the forest, and “ji” is the abbreviation of the Buddha’s once-received forest of the rain and the lonely garden, so “洼坝吉”The meaning is like the forest road that is as beautiful and quiet as the lonely forest.”
    Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple Washing Tower Graphic/Hu Wenkai According to legend, Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple was built in 615 AD by two monks from Myanmar. It has been more than 1,400 years old and is the earliest Nanchuan Buddhist temple in Xishuangbanna. The Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple was established as a royal temple by Xishuangbanna dynasty about 700 years ago, and became the highest level Buddhist temple in Xishuangbanna. Due to its long history and high generations, it enjoys a high status among the Buddhist believers throughout Southeast Asia. It is a holy place that is respected by the Buddhists of Southern Buddhism.
    Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple Buddha Gate Graphic/Hu Wenkai walked up to the high steps of Mann Park’s release pool. A white stupa was particularly eye-catching in the shade of the park. A friend who is passing by tells me that every time a Buddhist ritual, the White Tower will be one of the places where the monks practice. There is also a place for believers and tourists to wash their hands outside the entrance to the Buddhist temple. It means washing away the dust and calming the Buddha.
    Xishuangbanna General Buddha Temple Bumen II Photo/Hu Wenkai Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple, has experienced many vicissitudes of life, has been destroyed and repaired many times in history. In the Cultural Revolution, it was completely destroyed. In 1989, when he was rebuilt on the original site, Zhao Puchu, the former chairman of the Chinese Buddhist Association, came to inspect the work of the restoration of Nan Buddhism. Inscribed, the plaque of the total Buddhist temple in Xishuangbanna. In 1998, the Royal Kingdom of Thailand celebrated the 72nd birthday of King Bhumibol-Aduly. Specially invested in the construction of a Buddhist temple in Xishuangbanna. In 2009, it was re-planned to the existing scale, and it was still free to visit because it was not completed yet.
    Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple Bumen Santuo / Hu Wenkai Temple on the northwest corner of the courtyard, there is a newly planted Bodhi tree, the trunk diameter is only 10 cm, the plant height is about 10 meters. In front of the tree, there is a cement-filled monument. The book reads: “The Princess of the Kingdom of Thailand, Princess Sirindhorn, visited the Xishuangbanna Buddhism General Buddhist Temple on the 4th, during the visit to Xishuangbanna from March 2nd to 4th, 1995. Bodhi tree to show the friendship between the Chinese and Thai people and the Buddhist friendship
    Xishuangbanna General Buddha Temple Auditorium Graphic/Hu Wenkai The total Buddhist temple has appeared a lot of sorghum, the modern sorghum is Ajani. Ajani is a Southern Buddhist monk, a monk, a native of Jinghong County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. He is known as the Bashu, and he was born on December 9, 1899. He died on October 12, 1974. 75 years old. In 1913, Song Aunti was enshrined in the Great Buddha Temple, and the proverb was called Pa (School). In 1923, he was promoted to Du (Picture). In 1936, he was promoted to Baoba (Buddhist elder), 1947. He was promoted to Shami (the elder of Shamen). He was presided over by the Chinese Buddhist Association in 1956 and was promoted to Song Ling Ayi Ni (Da Zhengzheng elder).
    Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple Partial Temple-Bosu Graphic/Hu Wenkai
    Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple Partial Temple-Bosu II Photo/Hu Wenkai
    Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple Partial Temple-Bosu III The side of the Dawen/Hu Wenkai Hall is “Bosu”. This “Bosu” looks like a cross, and “Bosu” is translated as a lotus pole pavilion. It consists of a vertical building and a cross-roofed house, which is shaped like a cross made of houses, but the vertical of the cross is shorter.
    Xishuangbanna General Buddha Temple Bell Tower Graphic / Hu Wenkai
    Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple Bell Tower II Photo/Hu Wenkai is on the side of the main hall – “Beau” is next to the bell tower. Although there are many Buddhist schools, most Buddhist temples have a bell tower and a drum tower next to the main hall. Like the Buddhist temple, the style of the bell tower and the drum tower is in harmony with the golden glory of the total Buddhist temple. In Xishuangbanna in April, people who suddenly changed their T-shirts from just taking off their down jackets felt very hot. I speeded up the steps to the main hall.
    Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple Tower Tip Graphic/Hu Wenkai
    Xishuangbanna General Buddha Temple Tower Tip 2 Photo/Hu Wenkai
    Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple Buddha Hall Graphic/Hu Wenkai Xishuangbanna, the first floor of the Buddhist Temple, is a bamboo-woven Buddha. It was woven by the sorghum of Burma in 2015. It reflects the reverence of the people of Southeast Asia for the Buddha and the people of China and Burma. friendship. There is also a beautiful legend about bamboo-woven Buddha: It is said that Buddhism spread to the Xishuangbanna area and was deeply admired by the local people. People use a variety of materials to shape the Buddha image, but people can slowly find it, but there is no bamboo statue, and the local is the most productive bamboo. Although it is technically difficult to compile the Buddha image with bamboo, there are still many craftsmen and believers. Take a try. Finally, there was a very skilled craftsman who almost made up the Buddha’s body with bamboo, but in the last part, the head did not progress, because it was difficult to compile the Buddha’s peaceful face with bamboo. . When people were about to give up, they came to an old man. Overnight, the head of the bamboo Buddha statue was vividly made, but the old man disappeared. It turned out that the gods of the gods who came down to help believe in the Dharma have fulfilled this wonderful wish. Therefore, the bamboo Buddha statue has become one of the unique Buddhist cultural traditions in Southeast Asia.
    Xishuangbanna General Buddha Temple Golden Buddha Image Photo/Hu Wenkai On November 1, 2014, former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck and Thaksin arrived in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China, to worship Buddha at Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple. It can be seen that the total Buddhist temple as a religious symbol can not be compared with the height of the whole of Southeast Asia.
    Xishuangbanna General Buddha Temple Golden Buddha Statue II Photo/Hu Wenkai
    Under the sun Xishuangbanna General Buddha Temple Graphic/Hu Wenkai The total Buddhist temple is solemn and solemn, and the splendid buildings shine under the sunlight. With a sincere heart, we enter the hall. The main hall is covered with thick wooden floors. It is clean, bright and clear. It is necessary to enter the stage to worship slippers, respect the rules of the Buddhist temple, and not to scream loudly and destroy the furnishings of the temple. The total Buddhist temple is atmospheric and majestic, and the corners are all different. The beautifully carved pillars and columns make people linger in the beautifully crafted buildings. There are shackles in the scented candles and a kind of washing in the mind. The total Buddhist temple is relatively quiet. If you have time, you can experience the baptism of Buddhism, quietly empty yourself and listen to the sound of nature. Postscript: Every trip is a process of leaving home and returning home. The precious experiences are related to people. In a strange place, as long as you have friends, something unforgettable will happen. Emotionally, that is like a home, which gives people a sense of belonging. To: I am a drunk teacher, a lively pig student, a passionate teacher, a former teacher of the big brother of the underworld, a teacher, a guide to the Nan Buddhism, a tour guide, a lemon bar shopkeeper, a song Prince Wang Elephant, the second teacher, the handsome guitar guy, the tall girl in the northeast, the reception teacher of the Dai Garden… I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you. I think I will be more than a few summers, goodbye to Xishuangbanna.I look forward to our reunion as soon as possible.

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