[Smiles in the Diary of Sanya – 2019, travel from 18 degrees north latitude]

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On the first trip of 2019, I chose to fly to the warm Sanya for the winter.
    The first stop of the journey, from the legendary, secret garden in the tropical forest: Sanya St. Regis opens.
    When it comes to the logo of the world’s top hotels, many people will blurt out: St. Regis!
    Three thousand weak waters, only one scoop, this is a proper expression of many people’s love for this brand.
    And when you mention St. Regis, what is your first impression?
    Is the St. Regis hostess: Carolyn Astor, founder of the “Elite 400” club? Is the signature bloody Mary cocktail? Is it featured in polo? Is it a traditional saury cutting champagne ceremony? Is an unparalleled butler service?
    It is also the story of the founder Astor IV’s martyrdom on the Titanic…
    In 1912, the Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean, and under the vast ice sea, a legendary figure was buried: Astor IV, the founder of St. Regis.
    In the victims of the Titanic, there are many wealthy businessmen, but the richest person is Astor IV. He was the only heir to the family’s richest family, the Astor family. He was worth more than 100 million. It was the Titanic. More than 11 times the cost, it can be described as a rich enemy.
    When the shipwreck occurred, Astor IV served as the most powerful and wealthy passenger on the cruise, but chose to work with other gentlemen to help his wife, maid, nanny and other women and children board the lifeboat. After the lifeboat was taken away, wearing his best dress, lighting a cigar and waiting for death, he became one of the 1517 victims.
    The turbulent waves of nature destroyed the steel giants, but they could not destroy the good character of a true gentleman. Astor IV used his life to give up a place for lifeboats and retained the true gentleman spirit.
    In the movie “Titanic”, his precious images are still preserved.
    In 1904, Astor IV established the world’s first St. Regis: St. Regis, New York, and gave his mother Caroline.
    Caroline was the most elegant embodiment of the upper class in New York at the time. She was good at organizing celebrities and created the “Elite 400” club, which lists famous people in the city.
    This gathering is too mysterious. Whatever people do, what they do, and the people who eat melons have no way of knowing that Mrs. Astor never accepts media interviews. However, the guests she invited were not a mouthful. In 1892, the New York Times exposed the list of “elite 400”: the Van Derz family, the Van Rensler family, the Rockefeller family… I, this Every name is like a slap in the ear, and the family has to count for a long time, and now it is worth hundreds of millions.
    New York at the beginning of the 20th century St. Regis, like the top clubhouse that performed “Innocent Age” every day, became the most popular meeting place of the upper class.
    In St. Regis, Mrs. Astor’s first-class American hospitality was fully demonstrated: a large number of flowers were sent to the hotel every day, and every corner was decorated with exquisite English afternoon tea in luxury. There is more aristocratic feelings; and the midnight dinner and private dance at the “Elite 400” party are no longer secrets, and they are staggered and swayed in the shadows, and many gentlemen and ladies are lingering.
    Today, St. Regis continues the aristocratic tradition of a hundred years ago.
     “Wife’s Romantic Travel” with the net red pool
    I have seen this year’s Mango Taiwan’s very popular variety “Women’s Romantic Travel” children’s shoes, I believe that this hotel is not stranger to the central transparent swimming pool, and now it has become a red card in Sanya.
    This transparent net red pool, next to the central lawn of the St. Regis, can be seen through the Palm Avenue.
    The shape of the swimming pool is unique and made of special acrylic material with its own elongated legs.
    The people who swim in the pool are like mermaids, and the graceful figure is clearly visible.
    Photographed on the edge of the pool, Zhang Zhang is a long leg, it is no wonder that so many girls are attracted to St. Regis for this pool!
    The transparent swimming pool is not only high in value, but also very practical. It always maintains a constant temperature of 28 degrees, so that you can enjoy playing in the water all year round.
    On the day I went, the unicorn that should have floated in the pool was placed in front of the pool by the staff. It was a concave shape artifact.
    There is also a bar in the pool. The swimming tour is tired. You can sit on the stone bench in the middle of the pool and have a drink at the bar~
    This time, I specially took a photo artifact: Canon’s small micro-EOS M100 to record the scenery, this body is light and compact, especially suitable for the girl to go out to carry, and the white appearance is also very close to my swimsuit ~ EOS M100 also There is a flip screen and beauty function, it is very convenient for girls to take a selfie~
     Sea 靡 It Lighthouse & St. Regis Private Beach
    Have you ever been photographed by some of the beacons in the movie?
    Have you ever imagined to take a photo on the sea next to a lighthouse on the planet?
    I have had…
    The lighthouse gives the ship a sense of direction and brings me unlimited imagination…
    The water quality of Yalong Bay is notoriously good in Sanya. It can reach the sea point through the beach of the St. Regis. The white lighthouse stands on the sea and is simple and pure.
    Blowing the sea breeze and emptying yourself, life is really pleasant.
    Nowadays, the lighthouse has become a red dot punching point for St. Regis. It is recommended to drag the shoes and take photos on the reefs on the edge of the beach.
    In the evening, I came to the beach again, it was a different feeling~
     Mangrove Kayaking Quest & Private Marina
    St. Regis has a unique location, enjoying the 800-meter-long Yalong Bay coast, adjacent to the National Rare Plant Mangrove Reserve.
    The river in the hotel has St. Regis special fun kayaking and is the only canoe in Sanya.Explore the mangrove activities and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.
    After the breakfast, my kayak instructor has already waited in the lobby. I took a boat with the coach, so I saved even the paddle. I just need to sit quietly in the bow and enjoy the scenery. It’s super cool~
    The yacht harbor that the room terrace sees is very charming, and now I have a different perspective and a different flavor.
    The coach was familiar with the paddling, but after a while we went to the mangrove tidal flat.
    The roots rooted in the bottom of the water are full of oysters.
    When sitting on the boat, you can see that the beach is covered with a tidal crab~
    But when I and the coach stopped on the ship, they had already hid, and they disappeared in no time, as if they had never appeared.
    The coach told me that the fiddler crabs generally like to hide in the small shell, we licked two shells and put them on the tidal flat to wait quietly~
    Sure enough, the fiddler crab did not take a momentI have climbed out. Haha~ The most interesting thing about this crab is that its pliers are small and small. I don’t know if it has one plier, but it is not.
    After watching the fiddler crab, the coach continued to search for the shoal~
    In a short while, he found me a little crab like a magic.
    The special thing about this crab is that its pliers are actually purple! Therefore, it is named “Zi Xiaoxi”~
    On the tidal flat, I caught crabs and took pictures. After playing for a while, we continued to row.
    The villas in the far hills are owned by private individuals, and each building is worthy of a city~
    In the distance, there are a group of perched egrets in the depths of the mangroves~
    When the sea is calm, the reflection of the mangrove reflects the green light, and it’s beautiful~
    Far away, I saw the egrets that had just inhabited the mangroves, and our kayaks should be turned back here.
    The coach told me that in addition to the tidal crabs and purple creeks we just saw, there is actually a moonlight crab in the mangroves. If I saw it, I would love it. Only this tidal flat that grows in moonlight crabs is now submerged by the sea and cannot be caught.
    On the way back on our way back, the coach suddenly stopped mysteriously and told me to sit on the boat and not move. He drowned down and found something in a pile of mud.
    After a while, he returned to the boat and let me spread the palm of my hand and put something in. One open, wow, is 4 cute little crabs! The original coach went to help me find the moonlight crab alone! Too sweet!
    I put the little crabs on the straw hats and watched them keep trying to climb out of the hats, so cute~
    Of course, before I went ashore, I released these little crabs~ the sea is their homeland~
    Our kayaks are still back to the shores of St. Regis. There are many luxury private yacht barges moored at the pier. It is said that the annual port and maintenance fees are millions of dollars! Simply uninhabited~
    I used the Canon EOS M100 to take pictures of St. Regis’s waterfront channel. The M100 has about 24.2 effective megapixels and is of high quality. And tap the subject you want to shoot on the flip screen to complete the focus and shooting, convenient and fast, and the focus is accurate and fast.
     St. Regis Afternoon Tea & Champagne Night Ceremony & Private Cinema
    St. Regis has continued the aristocratic tradition of a hundred years ago. This hotel was built for the social class of the aristocratic class. Afternoon tea is not only a few small refreshments.
    Exquisite three-layered refreshments, fruit bowls, tea, and a glass of bloody Mary are standard.
    Today, the world-class cocktail bloody Mary has become the iconic traditional element of the St. Regis hotel along with St. Regis Butler, Spiral Stairs, and Sabre Champagne.
    This St. Regis invented the cocktail is a very popular, coarse salt + pepper + celery heavy taste and enough eye-catching name, is St. Regis’s deserved head card (pictured left).
    And the St. Regis hotels around the world can drink different flavors of “Bloody Mary” because they have added local specialties. On the right, this Sanya Mary uses Hainan yellow bell pepper, sea salt and lemongrass. What is the taste? Try it yourself.
    After drinking afternoon tea, I came to St. Regis’s other red dot to punch the card: the signature banquet hall spiral staircase~ It is said that many newcomers choose to come to St. Regis to hold the wedding because of this spiral staircase~
    In St. Regis, the transition from day to night is perceptible, inheriting the tradition of Mrs. Astor’s emphasis on creating a sense of ritualism, and the saury-cutting night ceremony held in the lobby on Friday and Saturday evenings is a tradition of St. Regis.
    From the custom of Napoleon’s opening champagne to celebrate the victory, it has a strong French flavor. Young men and women hold the torch to the sea. When the sun falls into the sea, take a knife and take the champagne to bring out the cork, and feel the night and night. The so-called ritual feeling is probably the same.
    In addition, after dinner, the daydream of watching movies in the package can be realized in St. Regis.
    In the “Roman’s Romantic Travel”, Chen Xiaochun and Ying Caier’s sweet date are the private theaters of St. Regis~
    Lying on a leather sofa bed, you can lie on the field and watch the hot movie just on the upper line. It’s cool.
    Astor IV has been fascinated by the lifestyles of the upper class since he was a child. When he grew up, he first spread the tradition of European butler service to luxury hotels, which became the biggest feature of the St. Regis and other hotels.
    Every guest staying at the hotel, whether from a regular room or a premium suite, can enjoy the butler service anytime, anywhere, including: planning the trip, taking care of the dress, packing the luggage, 24-hour coffee and tea…
    Some guests have also found a more challenging way to play: fill the iceberg in the bathtub for their penguins to pretend to be in the Antarctic, insomnia, and ask the butler to transfer a full set of bedding from their mansion thousands of kilometers away…
    My housekeeper wrote a welcome card for me, not only posted my photo, but also painted my favorite paraglider for me, really close!
     St. Regis Dining: Room Breakfast & Feast Restaurant & Chinese Restaurant
    In Sanya, St. Regis, there are a variety of dining options, and I highly recommend the room I like.
    Sitting in the balcony of the room in the morning, watching the beautiful view of the bay, don’t mention how much you like~
    The next day’s breakfast, I chose to go out to the restaurant to eat, because the winter season, St. Regis occupancy rate is very high, in order to avoid the breakfast and dining army, I did not go to the regular cafeteria, but chose the Yanhai seafood located at the seaside Restaurant, this restaurant is basically a suite of guests and VIPs, very private.
    The Banquet Restaurant is semi-self-service, and the order is particularly good, very tasty and very delicate.
    Just enjoying the breakfast with the sea breeze, the chef will come with her carefully prepared hidden dishes – fried foie gras and salmon Benedict eggs, and say hello to us. A hidden surprise like this “send only and not sell” is an experience reserved for a particularly valued guest.
    That’s right, because Sanya’s tropical fruit is especially delicious, I didn’t think it was enough to eat it in a few meals, so I called the fruit takeaway directly to the hotel. Calling an orangutan fruit in Sanya is already well-known in the local area. I pay attention to the WeChat public number called a orangutan. I chose the favorite fruit order in advance in the morning and sent it to the hotel on the same day~
    The St. Regis Chinese restaurant is also very good. The first day of arrival in St. Regis is at night, I will eat directly in the hotel~
    Ming Xuan Chinese Restaurant is located on the 3rd floor. The restaurant is decorated with ink and wash paintings. The tables and chairs are also solid wood Chinese style. When you are seated, you will feel the Chinese style.
    Recommended must-order dishes: white cut Wenchang Chicken, chicken is very tender.
    Hele crab porridge, delicious taste, my last CD will explain all the problems haha ​​~
    Crystal pear fire dragon denim, when serving, the waiter will light the alcohol on the plate, the fresh cowboy meat wrapped in the fragrant sauce, soaked in the red flame, very visual impact.
    As a silver carp lover, this time I also chose a steamed silver carp, the fish is very fresh~
    Fried olives with minced meat, Hainan, four-corned beans, the first time I eat four-corned beans, I just thought it was an okra, it was very clear and the rice was gone~
    The only regret is that the popular black net boiled shrimp in the review was sold out and not eaten ~ can only be replaced by an island style shrimp ball, this is also a sign 哟 ~
     Sanya has a thousand love, I am waiting for you in Songcheng.
    SanyaIn fact, I have come to Sanya several times before passing by, driving from the city to Yalong Bay. If you don’t take the highway, you will pass by. This time, I finally arranged it and came in to find out.
    This statue of the South China Sea is also the gate of the scenic spot. It is said that she is also the patron saint of Sanya, the spiritual totem of Sanya people, and the embodiment of the great women of Sanya.
    The Sanya Scenery Area is nestled among the lush virgin forests and flowers. There are large songs and dances “Sanya Eternal Love”, Nanhai Goddess Square, Totem Avenue, Yazhou Ancient City, Love Valley, Science and Technology Recreation Hall, Li Village, Miao Village, Qingming Shanghe There are dozens of theme areas such as the map, the water area, the snack square, the Songcheng Six Room Square, and the Ghostland Cry.
    If you want to play the three venues and watch all the performances, you can play at 12 o’clock in the morning and play until 21 o’clock in the evening.
    The village of Li Village in the scenic area was repaired on the basis of the original Li Village, and thousands of ancient Li people’s production and living utensils were displayed here.
    The ancient times combine the local humanities color with leisure and entertainment. In the afternoon, it is very lively.
    The most distinctive feature of the park is the outdoor live performance. The actors will perform various programs such as flashing and throwing hydrangea with Hainan characteristics in the scenic spots. Visitors will participate in it and have a sense of substitution.
    Picking coconuts, hunting dances, and wooden drums are all in Li Village. The performance time is nearly half an hour. It is a group of very humorous “wild man” and interacting with tourists. It is very interesting. Recommend everyone to participate!
    In the park, there are many teenagers playing in the water–I believe that in January, only in Sanya can you play this way!
    There is a love street in the scenic area, next to the love statue, wishing gallery, wind chime and moon old, you can come here to ask for a wave of marriage haha.
    Into the Sanya Color Zoo, you can see African lions, giraffes, sika deer, zebras, pony, raccoons, red and white squirrels, scorpions, lynxes, marmots, Nubian pebbles, argali, kangaroos, squirrels Monkey, cynomolgus monkey, black-capped monkey, golden squirrel, owl, otter, elephant turtle, snapping turtle, Siamese crocodile, peacock, flamingo, white pheasant, pheasant, golden pheasant, West African crowned crane, giant mouth Dozens of animals such as birds, hornbills, red-green macaws, chameleons, lynxes, and lynxes…
    In the color zoo, thousands of tropical plants such as traveler bananas, lobular cocoons, bougainvillea, jiulixiang, dragon boat flowers, comfrey, and cranes are used to create a parasol and tropical plant experience corridor for animals. With natural living conditions, visitors can not only feel the tropical plant atmosphere but also “close contact” with animals.
    When I came to the Giraffe Garden, it was really long and long legs. I watched it without paying attention to your eyes. The mouth chewed the food with a strong heart, and the feeling of being tall and high had the urge to shoot it. Hahaha. . .
    I used the EOS M100 zoom lens to easily capture the giraffe’s figure~ Right, the M100 also has built-in wireless wifi, Bluetooth function 喔, I can’t wait to send it to my mom in real time~
    ……The hall is full of people and show love! ! Shame~~
    Contemplative little brother, carefully look at the hand is gently touching a snake, scared the baby!
    The zoo is full of greenery, shrubs and forests, and the waterfowl is sparkling. The two rows of animal totem poles are lively and vivid against the shade of the trees, and they complement the pillars of the Lijiang Totem of the South China Sea Goddess Square. In the shrubs on both sides of the animal totem pole, the blue peacock or the end sitting on the stake, or walking in the courtyard of the herb garden to interact with the visitors.
    I saw my favorite flamingo~ but these guys are too lazy, just burying their heads and sleeping, they can’t see a face 呜呜~
    Peacock adults are also small and proud, I have waited for a long time, they are not open screen ~
    There is also the experience of falling bowls of wine in the scenic area. You don’t have to go to Xi’an to experience the fun of falling bowls of wine~
    Hungry, you can always buy delicious snacks in the scenic area~ Here, even the clerk walks through the wind, it will pass through the end~
    Haunted house… I have confirmed my eyes, which is the area I dare not touch…
    To the ancient scenes, the most unmissable thing is the large-scale singing and dancing performance of “Sanya Eternal Love”.
    This is a performance that cannot be defined by words and words. She is based on the grand historical scroll of Sanya for 10,000 years. With her new stage design, the whole performance breaks through the boundaries between traditional space and feeling, showing poetry and painting. A dazzling aesthetic. 360-degree panoramic screens emerge in an endless stream. The 400-square-meter giant suspended transparent film descends from the sky. 4,700 spectators reach out and interact with the bikini beauty on the head, so that every inch of the corner is full of the tension of the performance, shaking the viewer’s vision and Auditory nerve.
    Here you can hear the eternal echo of the pen-drop hole. There is a sigh of enthusiasm for the heroes of the robes. There are exotic customs of the sea silk road. Here you can see the turbulent waves of Jianzhen Dongdu. In the intoxicating scenery of coconut wind, sea rhyme and beach, find a romantic encounter.
    This is a visual feast, every link is shocking!
    Sanya There are three performances every day, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, and each performance is an hour.
    Sanya, China’s tropical coastal tourist city, has been a paradise for human habitation and reproduction since ancient times. As early as 10,000 years ago, the ancestors who broke their tattoos created a splendid prehistoric civilization in the land of Sanya, the pen-dragon culture.
    The first game “Lu Huitou”
    The most loved Phoenix Linbao, Sanya is difficult to return to the deer. Sanya not only has a long history, but also has many moving love stories. The deer is the legend of beauty.
    The second game, “Mrs.
    Mrs. Qi is the first person in China’s heroine (evaluation by Premier Zhou). She established the first political institution in the history of Sanya, Yazhou, to return to Hainan Island, the 600-year-old overseas. History is always full of magic and coincidence. Today, the Grand Theatre where we are located is built on the land of Mrs. Listen, the sound of the drums that pass through time and space…
    The third game “Marine Silk Road”
    According to Yazhou Records, Sanya Port has become a transit point for the Maritime Silk Road in the Song Dynasty. Chinese porcelain is shipped from here to overseas. Spices from the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf are also gathered here. The Silk Road on the Sea is also known as the fragrance. Ancient road in China.
    On August 15th of this year, the prefecture of Yazhou in Sanya hosted a grand Mid-Autumn Festival to meet the guests and guests, and the celebrities such as Su Dongpo were also invited to make poems!
    The fourth game “Jian Zhen Dong Du”
    During the Tang Tianbao years, Gao Zhenjian was in the process of carrying forward the fifth Dhafu Fuso in Dharma, encountering a hurricane at sea and drifting to Sanya.
    During the stay in Sanya, Jianzhen built the Dayun Temple and spread the Central Plains culture and farming techniques in the local area, winning the love of the local people of Li and Miao. But he did not forget his mission for a moment. In 753 AD, he once again embarked on a journey of hardship.
    Ending “Beautiful Sanya”
    Time flies, through the millennium, the coconut wind is still the same. Today, Sanya has opened a fascinating chapter on the construction of an international tourist island. Every year, millions of tourists gather in the Sanya sacred scene to experience the unique charm of Li Miao culture and experience the shock and glory of Sanya.
    Since watching the performances of the ages is night, if you don’t want to compete with the tourists to squeeze out the gates of the scenic spots, I would recommend staying at the inn in the scenic spot for one night, which is convenient and convenient.
    The hotel is located in the scenic area, a total of 30 rooms facing the ancient street of Yazhou. The ancient streets are lined with shops, shops and food.
     Sanya Q bomb small seafood to eat
    Go eat seafood! ! !
    Since I came to Sanya in August, I have become addicted to the small seafood in Sanya. I have been thinking about when to go back to the taste. This is not, I will come to the first market right away.
    The first market is Sanya’s largest, most diverse and most affordable seafood processing cluster. However, I want to buy a good seafood here, but I really asked a university.
    Now the depth of the first market is not the first few years, handcuffed at the bottom of the plastic bag.This trick of draining holes can be dealt with!
    Below, I will share with you a few bloody forests, I personally summed up the guide to buying seafood:
    1, shop around, more inquiry, more contrast.
    2, should be fully focused on the selection, such as when buying lobster, many businesses will take the dead lobster as a live lobster to sell, I am recruited!
    When the merchant is flexible, when he grabs the lobster, he pushes his finger. You seem to be the lobster pliers. If you don’t look at it, you can’t see it. You think the lobster is alive~ I suggest you try it yourself.
    Moreover, if the merchant suggests that you can help you kill the lobster for free, you must refuse! That means the lobster must have a problem! Relevant departments have regulations that do not allow the killing of seafood in the market, so that it is unclear when the processing shop is avoided.
    3, Sanya’s mango snail is very famous, but also my favorite ~ but many businesses will take cheaper other snails to sell as mango snails, I almost took another stroke! The above picture is the fake mango snail that the store first gave me. The color of the real mango snail shell is black and dark.
    4, remember to drain the water when buying seafood, I bought the shrimp to climb the bag there are three or two heavy, and later felt angry, but on the spot will retreat.
    5, is also the most important one! Manage your own bags and personal belongings, the market is full of people, emmmmm, I lost a camera lens cover, fortunately not a valuable item.
    I will share with you some of the price references I learned when I bought seafood:
    A Boston Dragon 120 yuan / only, mango snail 30 / kg, small abalone 5 yuan / a … welcome to have experienced children’s shoes to add ~
    Give the ingredients you just bought to the clerk, and he will help me to record the practices and tastes I want for each dish.
    When I went there, it was more than 4 pm, and I was no longer at the meal, but the store was still full of people. what! The diners who are the same as me are probably for the old Sichuan taste in my heart!
    The lobster I bought was originally hoped that the garlic would be steamed, but because it was not very fresh, the clerk suggested that I change to the spicy stir-fry method~呜呜呜~
    Sanya’s Hele Crab is also a local speciality. I have a drink in the St. Regis’ Chinese restaurant and I’m not forgetting the taste. So I ordered a spicy stir-fry and crab.
    Mango snail, super taste! Strongly recommended, every time I come to Sanya, I must point~
    Small abalone, meat quality is very Q-bomb fresh, it is recommended that you buy abalone can buy small and medium-sized, the priceGood value for money, I have eaten big abalone before, expensive and don’t say, the meat is still not small and tender~
    I am a deep shellfish seafood lover, I also ordered a tape~~嘻嘻~
    Of course, in addition to seafood, you also need vegetables to match it. I ordered Hainan’s special four-corner beans. I also ordered this dish in St. Regis~
    Last time I took my grandmother to Sanya. I ate Hainan’s special coconut chicken hot pot. I always opposed my grandmother who was eating hot pot. I actually changed my attitude towards the hot pot and gave an unexpected praise! I still mourn until I go home, and I have been telling my mother how delicious the coconut chicken hot pot is!
    I will never forget to remember, so this time we have come again~
    嗲嗲 Coconut Chicken Hot Pot Open a new branch in Yalong Bay. It takes only 10 minutes to drive from Ruiji, which is very convenient.
    Although I went to different stores, I was still familiar with the formula. I saw the big brother of the Li family cutting the fresh coconuts at the bottom of the store.
    This branch is located in the resort and walks straight into the lobby to see the signs.
    We specially staggered the meal rush hour, when we arrived, it was a good luck, just had a table position, no need to wait for it~
    Listening to the store manager, just as we ate at the same time, Tian Liang Ye Yiyi also ate at the coconut chicken Sanya Bay store. They also went for the second time. This is now a star shop in Sanya.
    The decoration style of Yalong Bay New Shop is very small and fresh, and the decoration is mainly tiffiany blue~
    The fresh Dongjiao coconut palm big coconut is now cut, coconut juice raw soup plus fresh Wenchang chicken is simply too good ~ I have been drooling in the pot open time!
    There is a timer on the table, put the chicken down, set it for three minutes, ring the time, with the exclusive dip, you can eat it.
    Focus on the key! Be sure to drink coconutThe soup of the chicken hot pot, the soup is super delicious, the taste is light and sweet, and it is the exclusive beauty soup for women~
    In addition to Wenchang chicken, I recommend the wild prawns and fresh shrimps in the store. The ingredients are especially fresh, the taste is Q-ball, bite down, full of shrimp! Just because I was addicted to the last prawns, I have a large portion of the prawns in this special place.
    Hydrangea is a newly-launched dish. I really can’t miss the mushroom-like leek.
    Last time, because I sold out the Q-small wild squid that I didn’t eat, I also tasted it this time~
    This Hainan coconut sirloin is a new product that is directly in the coconut shell and has a very original atmosphere. The burdock is very tender, and the amount of one is not big. You don’t have to worry about eating it. It is suitable for a taste of many dishes.
    Features Hainan Black pork chop, unlike the northern scorpion, Hainan’s scorpion is salty, mixed with black pork and duck eggs.
    Coconut jelly and coconut green must be the must-eat table dessert. In fact, at the end of the day, I added a coconut pudding, which is super delicious! Recommend to everyone (eat too fast, forget to take pictures haha)

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