Smoke, painting the world ~ ~ autumn day walking Kanas and Hemu

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Preparation before the trip
    Language can probably describe one thing to the greatest extent, a scene, a world, but in my opinion, language still has limitations in describing the beauty of Kanas.
    Silent and serene, beautiful and calm, it seems to be able to leave the world.
    Every tree here has its character that it is worth looking up to.
    The natural beauty has not been tarnished by vulgar taste.
    There is always a place that can attract people to go there again, that is Kanas, that is Hemu.
    Listen to the sounds here, the winter winds, the summer birds, the fall of the autumn sunset leaves.
    I have seen winter, come to summer, and how can I not appreciate the golden color of autumn?
    About the trip:
    DAY1 Shanghai – Urumqi
    DAY2 Urumqi-Kanas-Shuanghu Cruise-Deva Home Visit
    DAY3 Kanas Lake Watching Fish Terrace – Fox Book House – White Birch Forest – Shouting Spring
    DAY4 Kanas Lake Sanwan-Hemu-Star Camp Campfire
    DAY5 Hemu Harden Platform Sunrise – Starry Camp – Burqin Jinshan College
    DAY6 Burqin-Altay-Urumqi-Shanghai
    About transportation:
    Shanghai to Urumqi plane, about 5 hours, there are several modes of transportation to Kanas. There are direct flights to Kanas in the current season. After arriving at the airport, there is a bus to the scenic spot. After November, you can fly to Altay and then go to the scenic spot.
    1. From Urumqi to Kanas:
    1.) Universal way: train sleeper, about 185 yuan;
    2.) Fast arrival mode: aircraft;
    Urumqi-Kanas Airport (airway from May to October), arrives at Kanas Jaden for about 1.5 hours;
    Urumqi-Altay Airport (all year round), arrived at Kanas Jaden for about 2 hours;
    About food:
    Xinjiang big plate chicken, pepper chicken, spicy chicken, noodles, skewers, baked buns, milk tea, yogurt are all to be understood.
    About accommodation:
    There are relatively few rooms in the scenic area and outside the scenic spot. The rooms in the scenic area are relatively small. It is necessary to book early, and there are golden lotuses in Kanas and Hemu. If you go now, there is also a starry camp, you can live in a tent room, watch the stars at night, and have a special atmosphere.
    About tickets:
    Kanas, Hemu, White Habawang season ticket + Kanas one round-trip shuttle bus
    1, one entry ticket pass + shuttle car: 255 yuan (ticket pass 195 yuan + Kanas – – into the shuttle car 60 yuan)
    2, two-way ticket pass + shuttle car: 305 yuan ticket pass 195 yuan + Kanas two round-trip interval 110 yuan)
    Note: Before entering the Baihaba Scenic Area, you must apply for a border defense pass at the Kanas Transfer Center Border Defense Police Station!
    The difference between one entry and two advance:
    One entry: enter the scenic spot once, take a round-trip shuttle once
    Second entry: enter the scenic spot twice, take the shuttle bus twice
    Carrying equipment:
    Camera 1: SONY 7M2
    Lens: 16-35 F4, 55 F1.8, 24-70 F4
    Camera 2: CANON 100D
    Lens: 55-250
    The tripod is still taken, used to shoot Hemu Sunrise, delay one class.
    There are also a number of camera batteries, mobile hard drives, computers, card readers, sockets, SD cards, chargers, charging treasures, etc., as well as headphones, this time, the speed limit is not obvious, probably because it is a direct flight Nas’s sake.
    1. The security check at Urumqi Airport is the most stringent in the country, or the security check at all airports in Xinjiang is the most stringent in the country, so arrange as much time as possible. Everyone needs to take off their shoes. No matter men or women, whether they are boots or not, boys must untie the belt and the jacket must be taken off. Camera, lens, charging treasure, data cable, computer, key, change, all to be taken out and put in a small box to check.
    2. There are three terminals in Urumqi Airport. If someone sends or picks up the station, there is a collection. Please find out which terminal is the specific one.
    3. There are 2 airports near Kanas scenic spot, namely Altay Airport and Kanas Airport, but Kanas Airport is not open every year from November to April, so in the past, you can choose Urumqi to fly Altay Airport or train to Beibei. The city then transferred to the Kanas scenic spot.4, all kinds of security checks, brush ID card, ID card, please carry it with you, in order to check, sometimes you need to get off the ID card to pass the security check, enter the airport will ask to shake the window, check.
    5, autumn, still have to do a good job of sun protection, while moisturizing work should also be done. The weather is relatively dry, with more water, and timely replenishment. Also, because there are at least a minimum number of trips, dust-proof masks or other sand-proof equipment can be worn.
    6, the temperature is now relatively low, you need to bring a thick coat, not afraid of cold can be worn on a relatively thick sweater, shawl scarf is OK.
    7, respect local customs, what to eat, what to say, should not understand.
    8. There are only a few areas in Xinjiang with 4G, such as Shihezi and Karamay, and other places are 3G. Some places even have no signal. The mainland has suggested using telecommunications in the past. The relative signal is better. If there are local friends, they can let them open 4G hotspots. Use, you will feel the speed of flying.
    9. When Kanas enters the scenic spot, it is necessary to change the interior of the scenic spot to pay for the car, so please pay attention to the parking position of the private car.
     DAY1 Shanghai – Urumqi
    To say that Kanas in the winter is a surprise to me, that autumn is a matter of course. I think this place, I have to come, should come, and I can’t miss the place in my life. Of course, there will be Kanas.
    In fact, flying from the eastern coastal areas to the west, the time is really long, probably going abroad once, the vast territory.
    It takes about 5 hours to get to Urumqi, fix it, and fly to Kanas the next day.
    Urumqi-Kanas-Shuanghu Cruise-Deva Home Visit
    Conveniently than the last time, this time there was a direct flight to Kanas. It took about an hour to get there. It was a direct bus to Kanas and the scenic spot, so the traffic was very convenient.
    The scenic spot ticket price reduction, unexpected surprise, after all, the scenic spot is very large, this price is really conscience.
    As for whether to enter or enter, you can choose your own, and now it is smart ticket checking, brushing your face, brushing your ID card, and the era of no ticket is open.
    Kanas Scenic Area
    1. One entry ticket + round trip shuttle:
    220 yuan (ticket 160 + interval 60 yuan)
    2, two tickets + round trip shuttle
    270 yuan (ticket 160 yuan + two-way interval 110 yuan)
    Put things in the hotel first, then go and prepare for the cruise.
    The accommodation in the scenic area is actually quite good, and the price is limited, so if the map is convenient, it is recommended to live in the scenic area.
    Go in and remember to turn on the heating, it will heat up very quickly, very comfortable.
    This is a golden lotus, and it is very convenient to eat.
    Then there is the lake.
    If you take a shuttle bus, pay attention to the time.
    Kanas Scenic Area Shuttle Bus Running Time: 8am to 9pm
    Double Lake Cruise (only the season after the lake ice is melted): From 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, depending on the season, the daylight and dark times change.
    It is probably the most lively place in the scenic spot, and it feels completely different from the winter, but it is more popular.
    Take the boat to line up.
    The colors of the lakes in Kanas Lake are different in the whole year. In winter, the earth is frozen, and the water vapor is in the summer. In the summer, the sky is blue with some milk white, while in autumn, it is a jade color.
    When the boat is on the way, there will be time to stop the upper deck, so don’t worry about not having time to shape it.
    There will be explanations on board.
    Kanas is Mongolian. It has two meanings translated: one is a beautiful and mysterious place, and the other is holy water.
    And only a part of it can be visited. After all, there are about 10030 square kilometers.
    Including Kanas National Nature Reserve, Kanas National Geological Park, Baihaba National Forest Park, Jiadeng National Forest Park, Burqin River Valley, Hemu River Valley, Hemu Grassland and Hemu Village, Baihaba Village, Kazakh The three original Tuva villages in Nas Village are the seven natural landscape areas and three major cultural landscape areas that are famous at home and abroad.
    It is called Shuanghu here. Naturally, there is a reason. There is a small lake on the edge of Kanas Lake. When the weather is good, the water and the sky are all the same.
    There are also a variety of rare plants, cute little animals.
    If you take the boardwalk, you can go to a bay and take a boat to Sandaowan.
    This is the “Northern Plant Kingdom” and “The Paradise of Rare Wild Animals” in western China. It has been found that there are 103 species of 40 genera and 20 families of lichens, and 921 species of 398 genera and 921 species of higher plants. There are 349 species of 74 orders in 30 orders of mammals, including mammals, 6 orders, 17 families and 51 species, birds, 19 orders, 50 families and 287 species, amphibians, 1 order, 1 family, 2 species, reptiles, 1 order, 1 family, 1 species, and fishes, 3 orders. 8 families in 5 categories.
    In the scenic area, there are tall trees, rich shrub forests and various flowers and plants, which are unique to the cold temperate zone. There are more than 1,200 species of various types of plants, which have become the most distributed and largest number of plant species and animal species in the cold temperate grassland of China; in mountain forests, There are a large number of animals in the valley grassland. There are 160 species of terrestrial vertebrates in the area, including 117 species of birds, 39 species of mammals, 4 species of amphibians, 3 species of reptiles and 7 species of fish.
    Walking and walking, you may be able to see what species you usually can’t see.
    To Kanas, nature can’t go wrong with the home visit of the old village of Tuva on the Kanas Lake. The shuttle bus is available.
    Deva home visit, look at the small museum here, listen to the performance of the Khan Deyi band.
    Here is the home of the Tuva people.
    Tuva, legendaryIt is the vanguard of Genghis Khan, so the portrait of Genghis Khan is now enshrined inside the house.
    It is said that when Genghis Khan went west, his son passed by here, seeing the beautiful scenery here, and the lake, leaving a part of the Tuva people stationed and awarded them “Cock League Cork” (meaning blue tie), in Genghis Khan In the military, wearing a tie is second only to the superior soldier wearing a helmet. This is a kind of glory.
    There are only over 2,000 people in China.
    There are also super large snowboards, which have already been experienced in winter, which is the originator of human skiing.
    Lunch and dinner are all settled at the Golden Lotus Hotel.
    Hand-picked rice must be eaten. It is said that carrots and yellow radishes are used in different areas in Xinjiang.
    The noodles are also very good.
    It is still sometimes different from the east. The sunrise here is about 8:20, and the sunset is until 9 o’clock.
    Time difference to see the area, there are 2-4 hours.
    So after I got here, I couldn’t sleep anymore.
    Then you have to eat a little more, and the calorie consumption is relatively large.
    Kanas Lake Viewing Fish Terrace – Fox Book House – White Birch Forest – Shouting Spring
    Watching the fish platform, if you go in the morning, it will be a bit frosty, so be careful when you walk.
    The shuttle bus can go to the middle of the mountain, and then climb 1068 steps. Although the number of steps is rather terrible, in fact, while watching the scenery, taking pictures, strolling is here, it is said that someone has reached the top in 7 minutes.
    When the weather is better, you can see the friendship peak on the border.All the way, they are all looking up and overlooking Kanas Lake.
    When I reached the top, I felt quite a sense of accomplishment.
    “Guanyutai” was built on the “Hala Kate” mountain at an altitude of 2030 meters. The Mongolian meaning is the Korean pine forest. It also has a Kazakh name called Naurksh, meaning a dromedary camel.
    Aerial photography may be more obvious.
    There is a problem with the discoloration of the lake. If anyone who has seen my previous travels, I will probably find that the colors are different.
    This time it is obviously green.
    There are four main reasons for the discoloration of river water: First, the rocks that are in contact with the active glaciers in the upper glaciers are mostly white granite. After the glacial movement, the rock blocks are squeezed and ground into powder and mixed into the ice layer, and the glaciers melt. After that, the melt water brings these mineral powders into the river and into the river water. The concentration of these substances makes the river water show different colors. Second, it is related to the depth of the river bed. The deeper the dark light in the river, the more the dark light reflects, the deeper the color, and the shallower the river bed is lighter. Third, it is related to the color of the surrounding mountains. The surrounding vegetation is reflected in the water and affects the color of the water. Finally, there is a certain relationship between the change of the angle of the sun and the color tone of different seasons.
    Kanas LakeThe Liudaowan is actually six landscapes, different and unique, but all are fascinating. To sum up, it can be summarized into six words: ancient, strange, strong, beautiful, god, and odd.
    What we usually can reach is Sandaowan.
    A bay “ancient”, there are ancient Turuk rock paintings, there are geological wonders of the back stone, the lake is growing a Siberian pine called the welcoming pine, is the door face of Kanas Lake.
    Erdaowan “weird” is the deepest place in the lake, with a depth of up to 197 meters. It is the waters of the legendary lake monsters. It is also known as the “Lake Bay”.
    Sandao Bay is “strong”. The lake is the widest, with a width of 2.2 kilometers. The thickness of the ice in winter is one to two meters. It is the best place for Tuva people to hold various ice activities.
    I really want to see the lake monster.
    Looking at the fish platform down, and going to the tourist service area, I saw the Fox Book House, which is also quite a red shop.
    There are a lot of rare books outside, I started a book, but also knocked out the chapter, but unfortunately missed the signature book.
    Yogurt is also very good, raisins are much better, satisfying! !
    Hiding a small museum nearby, I saw the true face of the water monster, that is Jerome.
    When you come out, you will call the spring, and you must have more people to go! !
    Will also cross the birch forest and see the lightning strike wood.
    Transfer center to shouting spring:
    Way to reach shouting spring:
    1.) Riding. Riding from the transfer center to shouting springs, about 1.5 hours round trip.
    2.) Walking. From the transfer center, take the shuttle bus to Kanas New Village, about 10 minutes, then walk to the shouting spring, and go back and forth for about 3 hours.
    My friends and I are hiking in the past, and the road is still better, and enjoy the scenery all the way.
    I also saw a lot of people flying fast.
    There are a lot of points that can be photographed all the way, so you don’t need to run in a hurry. The sunset in Xinjiang is relatively late, so you don’t have to worry about it too late. You can take good time.
    From the plank road you can walk to the place where there is lightning.
    The main pole is black, which is the lightning strike tree. However, two pine trees have grown in the middle of the wilted birch tree. The locals think that this is a kind of auspicious performance, so the tourists will touch the trunk to show good luck.
    I naturally have to touch it.
    You can also cross the birch forest. Remember to go to the birch forest for a pat and shoot. Go early, if there is no sun, the light is different, and the texture will be completely different.
    This is probably the most tempting place for Kanas.
    Quiet and serene, the air is full of natural atmosphere.
    Because quite a lot of people don’t know, there are fewer people coming.
    Here is the shouting spring.
    Shouting the spring at an altitude of 1332 meters and a caliber of 2.5 meters, there is a strange phenomenon in the shouting spring. When the resonance is caused by the external sound wave frequency, the spring water will rush out and turn the sand up and down.roll. The shouting spring was regarded by the locals as the water of the holy spring. It was surrounded by colorful strips symbolizing good luck. According to legend, Genghis Khan used this water to heal the wound.
    Returning to the west and leaning west, walking back to the camera, N shots, is also very difficult.
    Kanas Lake Viewing Fish Terrace – Fox Book House – White Birch Forest – Shouting Spring
    Here, you can get up later because of the jet lag.
    Take the bus to Sanwan to the transfer center, of course, the first to pass by the lake.
    Located on the south side of Kanas Village, it has a long butterfly shape, with an elevation of 1335 meters and a length of about 2 kilometers. The average width is about 800 meters and the area is about 1.3 square kilometers. It is formed by the front edge of the early Kanas Lake glaciers. Swamp wetlands.
    It is also a wetland swamp formed by the rise of the earth’s crust. The lake and the surrounding swamp wetlands and river valleys are home to a wide variety of birds, and groups of wild ducks, geese and swans are frequented.
    When I went, the fog was strong.
    Second stop: Shenxian Bay
    At an altitude of 1327 meters, it is the widest river section of the Kanas River due to the congestion caused by the downstream debris flow and the collapse of the mountain. The flow rate of the river is slow. Here, whether it is summer or winter, in the morning or after the rain, there is always a cloud like a gauze, which makes people feel like a fairyland.
    Going in winter, I took a time delay here.
    Personal favorite is the fairy bay.
    At this time, the weather is cold, you can see the frost, and taking pictures in the frost, is a good choice.
    Also beware of slipping, although there is a wooden plank, but if you fly, it still falls.
    Colorful, it is indeed a fairy station.
    Moon Bay (the roadside spring water is the holy spring of the local people, you can wash your hands, don’t shake or dry the water after washing your hands, and naturally dry it means full blessing and good luck). Be sure to wash your hands.
    The Kanas River forms a river with a rich curve and rhythm. It is like a crooked moon, hence the name Moon Bay. Moon Bay is 1,326 meters above sea level. It is an extension of the Wollongong River meander and one of Kanas’ most attractive and representative landscapes.
    This is probably the most concentrated place in the panoramic area.
    The lake actually has two colors! !
    Legend, the footprints of the gods.
    Wolong Bay
    Note: The shuttle bus will stop at the stop sign on the way back. The shuttle bus is the inner loop of the scenic spot. Visitors can take any car that returns to Jiadeng.
    Wolong Bay (Batu Lake) is 1,325 meters above sea level. The Kanas River flows through the glacial deposits at the bottom of the ancient glacier U-shaped valley. It was originally a section of the river bay. A few years ago, Wolong Bay The left bank of the left bank broke out of the debris flow, and many collapses occurred on the right bank. The debris flow and collapsed deposits narrowed the local river channel, making the upper river surface widened and the water flow slowing. The mud sand piled up in the river and the bank to form a river continent. It created a beautiful view of Wolong Bay.
    This Wolong, referring to the dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex, did not expect it.
    When Sanwan came out, he went to Hemu.
    Kansas Scenic Area Jiadeng Ticket Station to Hemu Scenic Area Ticket Station: 1 hour and 20 minutes.
    Hemu Scenic Spot Ticket Station to Hemu Village: 1.5 hours or so.
    People say that beauty is on the road, and it is true.
    Hold the camera at any time.
    Hemu Scenic Area:
    1. Tickets: 50 yuan
    2, Hemu ticket station to Hemu Village round-trip shuttle bus
    Full price: 52 yuan (Hemu Ticket StationTo Hemu Village Service Area 45 yuan + Hemu Village Service Area Huanxing Hemu Village 7 yuan)
    Hemu is Tuva, meaning “fat oil.” Legend has it that a long time ago, an old hunter came here to hunt from elsewhere. He was wearing a big bear. When peeling the bear skin, he found that the fat on the back of the bear was four or five fingers thick. Called “Hemu! Hemu!” So, the name of Hemu was created.
    Listening is not quite fantastic.
    Then go horse riding to the beautiful peak. The beautiful peaks of winter, the frozen land, is the snowmobile driving past, thrilling, and swaying, this time you can look at the scenery and ride up the mountain.
    Riding to the beautiful peak: round-trip about 4 hours
    Horse riding price: 260 yuan per person
    The horses are very docile, so don’t worry.
    While riding a horse, while holding a camera, I felt like a warrior.
    Here is a natural pasture, horses, cattle, scattered among them, leisurely and content.
    Meifeng is a typical landscape of the Trinity of the alpine forest and grassland. It is located at the mountain pass of the mountain barrier on the south side of Hemu Village. Beside the Hemu River, it is like an open door. So when the Russian came to Hemu, the mountain was It is like the southern gate of Hemu Village. The Tuva people think that the mountain rises on the background of the mountains and is independent. So it is called “Boshdale”, which is an independent mountain. The Kazakhs believe that this mountain is a beautiful mountain, full of change. Therefore, the Kazakhs regard this mountain as a beautiful woman who loves dressing, loves to change clothes, and has a variety of styles. It calls it Sulu Qiao, the beautiful mountain.
    Go to the herdsmen’s house, come to the bowl of milk tea, have a snack, play and play, and enjoy the autumn time.
    Down the mountain is the time of the sunset, and the smoke has started.
    You can go to the Starry Camp to see a bonfire party.
    Starting at 9:00 pm (cooler at night, it is recommended to wear a down jacket), there are local specialties such as hot tea and barbecue.
    Kanas Lake Viewing Fish Terrace – Fox Book House – White Birch Forest – Shouting Spring
    Living in Hemu is the Golden Lotus Hotel.
    This time, I can finally see the long-awaited sunrise.
    Because the first two weathers are not very good.
    The sunrise is about 8:20, but the 7:00 mountain is already a human being, and the feeling of waiting is also very good.
    Walking: half an hour.
    Horseback riding: 20 minutes. (120 yuan round trip)
    Still recommended to ride a horse.
    The Harden platform is located on the platform of the Heiden River on the Hemu River on the west side of Hemu Village. It can provide an overview of the entire Hemu Village. Every visitor to Hemu,Will definitely board the Harden platform once to enjoy the view of Hemu.
    At the moment, no language can describe the beauty and lack of speech.
    The smoke is getting up.
    And I suddenly had the courage to ride down the mountain alone.
    The old horse knows the way, goes down the mountain very quickly, and walks around Hemu Village.
    If you are hungry, there is a lot of breakfast here..
    Have a cup of coffee.
    Starry camp GET, ready to live next time.
    It’s quite romantic to think about the stars with your loved ones.
    The journey is always over, return to Burqin and visit the night market.
    Hemu to Burqin, about 4 hours.
    Jinshan Academy is full of housing this time, and must stay here next time.
    The old pier style street in Burqin is famous.
    Grilled fish, snacks, can’t stop eating.
    Just in the county seat of the Irtysh River, the cold water fish, the old Russian wife Gina’s “Gawas” and yogurt are the three characteristics.
    You can’t miss the show.
    The musical dance “Kanas Festival” staged at the Kanas Grand Theatre on the Irtysh River, with the unique local folk songs and dances, is a new interpretation of the regional cultural phenomenon of Kanas, showing the long and glorious history of the local people. Grassland civilization, as well as beautiful and beautiful folk music and dance art.
    Returning to Altay Airport, fly to Urumqi.
    Kanas Lake Viewing Fish Terrace – Fox Book House – White Birch Forest – Shouting Spring
    Urumqi can go to the Grand Bazaar, but I chose to go to the museum this time, because there is a Niya site, the original five-star Oriental Chinese, it is not so easy to see.
    The Kanas and Hemu of the four seasons have finally been filled, which is probably the most perfect journey of the year.
    Because all the beauty is in the eye, it is also in the heart.

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