Spring and summer shopping in Beijing (Fangjia Hutong No. 46 Courtyard, Ditan Park)

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    [International Zhuang, departure]
    At the end of spring, the beginning of summer.
    From the end of April until the beginning of June, it is probably the most comfortable time in the north! There is no winter smog and repression, and the atmospheric temperature has gradually warmed up into a lazy kitten… The most important thing is: finally ushered in the day when the sun shines and the spring breeze meets! The breezy grass grows long, the pink, red, and green flowers bloom, and the sun shines brightly.
    I put on my camera, put on my sneakers, and pulled up my suitcase. I found that my footsteps couldn’t keep up with my heart. I felt sorry for the most difficult and most comfortable of the year. The shortest forty or fifty days!
    I wandered to the second floor of the train station and saw the long ticket-collecting team in front of the automaton. The same thoughts were far more than I thought. After waiting for ten minutes to get the ticket, the ticket was checked in. I thought it was two and a half. After an hour, you can catch up with the sunset in Greater Beijing. Who knows that it was regrettable to notice the first two minutes of the car: your train is late, about 50 minutes late… From 50 minutes, you will be notified again to one. Hours and five minutes, this extra hour and five minutes, can only stay at the train station, just the first time there is time to have a good time to visit our new international station.
    What can I do for an extra hour and five minutes? Everything is possible!
    In addition to using LI-NING new shoes and new clothes concave shape, take a photo, you can also feel the new station carefully!
    With everyone knowing about our new railway station in Dashijiazhuang, although it was officially opened at the end of 2012, it has never been seen before. As the latest railway station in the country, what are the highlights of the design of the new railway station in Shijiazhuang?
    First of all, the design is ingenious. The exterior of Shijiazhuang Station is decorated with granite stone curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall and hidden frame glass curtain wall. Trains passing through the north and south can pass through seven large arches. The creative concept of the seven large arches comes from the Zhaozhou Bridge in Zhao County, which is closely integrated with historical monuments and continues the cultural imprint.
    Secondly, the location is convenient for transportation. Shijiazhuang New Railway Station is located in the Qiaoxi District of Shijiazhuang City. It belongs to the downtown area of ​​the Second Ring Road. The new Shijiazhuang Station is one of the few high-speed railway stations located in the main functional areas of the city.
    Finally, comprehensive intermodal transportation is convenient and fast. Shijiazhuang Railway Station introduces the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, and at the same time introduces high-speed railways such as Beijing-Shijiazhuang and Shiji Passengers. The Pu-Tian Railway consists of seven railways. It is the only station along the Beijing-Guangzhou line that was introduced to the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway and the Beijing-Guangzhou Pusu Railway. . Therefore, the ordinary train directly to the high-speed rail, a station can get it! Most importantly, you can take the high-speed train from the new station for ten minutes to the airport, while the average airport bus takes at least one hour.
    <Address>: Zhonghua South Street, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang (between Xinshizhong Road and Xinshi South Road)
    [Outside the plan, the night of the emperor]
    On the train, I saw the sunset, and the neon first appeared, and the night of the day was opened. By the train that was late, I finally arrived at the destination in the evening.
    Every time I went to Beijing, I was afraid of its traffic situation. Although I got off the train, I felt that the road was halfway. Sometimes the local transportation time is even longer than the time from Shijiazhuang to Beijing…. It was very wise to choose a hotel hotel that is not too far from the station and connected to the next itinerary. From the west station, you can take the subway directly to the hotel. It turns out that the pre-travel strategy must be done well, and you can do more with less. heart!
    When I got off the subway, I arrived at the hotel, checked in and put my luggage, and asked about the delicious food near the front desk. I went out for food!
    After less than ten minutes, I walked to a very prosperous road. The wind in April was full of wind and water. The buildings across the North Third Ring Road shined brightly. The shops on both sides of the Anzhen Bridge flashed neon. The night in Beijing was charming. !
    After eating the dinner on the road, the original road returned and found that the Global Trade Center was still brightly lit. It was already more than nine o’clock in the evening. The people working in the office on the high-rise building were still busy, and it was really hard. I don’t know the night outside when I was surprised by my outsiders. Have they been used to it?
    <Address>: Beijing Anzhen Bridge, Central Trade Center.
    [string of a string of Beijing の Hutong]
    Beijing’s Hutong culture is a place where foreign tourists come to the capital and will not miss the experience. Radiated from the Forbidden City, thousands of old hutongs that have experienced vicissitudes of life have been scattered in all directions, most of which were formed in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.
    The most famous of these is probably Nanluoguxiang. From Di’anmen Street to Gulou Street, there are 8 symmetrical small alleys lined up on the left and right sides of the typical Yuan Dynasty Street, about 1000 meters from north to south. It is also called “蜈蚣街”. Only now, Nanluoguxiang is crowded like a temple fair all year round, and it has become a commercial attraction. When I went to the Confucius Temple in the past two years, I passed the Guozijian Street. This street is located between the Lama Temple Street and the Andingmen Inner Street. It is more spacious but has no hustle and bustle. The towers are towering, the ancient temples on both sides, and the temples hidden in the middle. But it is another charm…
    There are thousands of hutongs in Beijing, each of which has a unique temperament. It is definitely impossible to come to Beijing once! Instead of looking at it, it is better to choose one. So, I decided to take a good sleep, and I planned to spend the whole day in Beijing’s Hutong.
    From the hotel entrance, take the bus, less than half an hour to the “Fangjia Hutong” station. Get off the road and walk into the alley without a few steps. This time, I avoided the popular hutongs that were contracted by tour groups. I chose this Fangjia Hutong. I heard that this is a slightly artistic alley. As for how it looks, treat me. Go and find the answer with your own eyes!
    Into Fangjia Hutong, I found that there are many foreigners. There is a No. 46 courtyard in the middle of the Hutong. It is also the site of the original Chinese machine tool factory and an important “machine tool base” in Beijing’s industrial history. Because the Lama Temple, Guozijian, Confucius Temple, and Bell and Drum Tower are very close, this factory has invisibly contaminated the cultural charm of the ancient capitals of the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. In 2008, it was transformed into the Cultural and Creative Park of No. 46 School, which attracted many young artists to take pictures. In fact, the entire park is not big, and the famous red small theater is more conspicuous.
    Beijing’s hutong can be said to be the vein of the city, the carrier of transportation, but it is also the place where the old Beijingers are ordinary. The direction is mostly positive east and west, and the width is generally only nine meters. Beijing Hutong was mostly formed in the Yuan Dynasty in the 13th century, and has evolved over the past few hundred years.
    Different from the sense of ink in the southern dwellings, Beijing’s hutongs are basically gray-walled gray tiles, and the unfamiliar eyes look all the same! Walking through it, through the plain gray in front of you, you may find the historical color in the possession. A brick and a tile in the hutong have a history of hundreds of years. With a long history and rich culture, it is like a folk museum, and an encyclopedia that records the history of Beijing. Every page has imprinted the mark of this era and society.
    When it comes to hutongs, you have to mention the red and green courtyards. This is the classic residential structure of the old Beijingers. Siheyuan is a building surrounded by four squares of east, west, south and north, symbolizing harmony and reunion. Large and small courtyards are arranged one after another, and the passage between them is the alley.
    Grey wall gray tile alley,
    The courtyard of the red door and the green window,
    The grape vine in the yard,
    Grandpa’s big fan,
    This is the taste of Beijing in my eyes!
    ≪ traffic>
    Subway: Line 2 – Exit B of Andingmen or Exit C of Yonghe Palace, Metro Line 5 – Exit A of Beixinqiao;
    Bus: 104 Road, 108 Road, 124 Road, Special 11, Night 18, Night 34 Road, Fangjia Hutong get off.
    [Ditan Park]
    Like the Temple of Heaven, the Ditan is the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties sacrificed “the Emperor of God”.
    Originally planned to go to the altar to see the setting sun, but it was too late to come, suddenly winds again, the sandstorm swept the cold air, only to hurry.
    The altar is also known as Fang Zetan. It is the second largest altar in the ancient capital of Beijing, and the largest altar of sacrifice in China. That is, the ancient emperor prayed for the coming year of the coming year, the sacred land of good weather and the peace of the country!
    Entering the Ditan Park, there is a sense of solemnity. Around the Fangze Temple, there are lush trees planted. The most famous ones in the park are the one-armed generals Bai and the generals, and the old generals. It is said that there are 176 ancient trees in Ditan Park, and most of the old trees have been more than 300 years old!
    Because it was too late, the Emperor’s room had no ticket sales, and regrettably did not go in and visit, only one turn around.
    At the turn of spring and summer, the trees are sprouting, and the eyes are full of tender green and vibrant. However, the most beautiful season is not the present. Every autumn is the most intoxicating time in the earth. Every in the middle and late October, the ginkgo trees in the garden are covered with golden robes. Compared with the crowded Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue, the earth altar is more suitable. Come and enjoy the beauty of the yellow leaves.
    In addition to the ancient monuments and ancient trees, there is another great feature of the earth altar. The annual book fair in Beijing will be held here, and the Ditan Book Market has become a cultural party!
    South Gate of Ditan: Metro Line 2, Line 5 Yonghegong Station, Bus 13, 116, 62, 44, 130, 684, 909, 75, Special 12, Special 2 Road, West Gate: Metro Line 2 Andingmen Station , 104, 108, 124 trams or 27, 127, 119, 407, 328, 18, 113, 430, 558, special 11 road north gate: 125, 127, 5th line, Heli North Street Station, East Gate :117 Road
    <tickets> Tickets are 2 yuan, and the royal room is 5 yuan.
    <opening time>
    6:00—21:00 (every year from May 1 to October 31) and 6:00-20:30 (from November 1 to April 30 of the following year).
    Ditan Park Royal Room 8:00-17:00
    [about sleeping]
    Going out, living is really a big problem, because sleeping well is directly related to the physical state and mood in the travel. The same Bali hotel that once lived in Xi Da, also lived in the Yangshuo small town for more than a dozen green travel beds. For most people, convenient transportation, comfortable and clean, cost-effective should be the universal standard for accommodation. This trip to Beijing, like most people, in line with the above principles, has stayed in the very popular chain brand – the Motel of the First Travel Home Inns Group.
    As mentioned earlierTaking into account the distance from Beijing West Railway Station and the itinerary, the location is very important. From the station, you can take the subway to the chain store in Anzhen Bridge. After check-in, take the room card and go upstairs. When entering the elevator, it is necessary to brush the room card to enter the room upstairs by floor. The small details ensure the safety and privacy of the residents.
    This time I chose a special cinema theme room, Private Cinema. I heard that I can realize the small wish of a private cinema, and there are only three rooms in the whole hotel. I am really looking forward to it!
    Looking for the room number from the corridor, a few steps, and the four big characters appeared in front of you – “private theater”! Hey, if you haven’t entered the room yet, you will have a feeling of being in the cinema, and it’s still a movie theater!
    Take out the card and push open the room. The first feeling is that the room is very long and deep. The door is facing the dry and wet separated large bathroom. Don’t worry about what to look at in the bathroom! For this kind of express hotel, it is commendable that the bathroom can be made so large, so spacious and bright.
    The toilet and vanity are on either side, with a large transparent shower in the middle. Toiletries and hair dryers are lined up and orderly. The bathroom has two highlights, one is a large window for easy ventilation, and the other is a large wall mirror that is easy to smell ~ hahaha
    After the bathroom is finished, you can make a big show! Passing through the aisle into the depths of the room, a movie poster, a few chick figurines appear in front of a large bed. Bypassing the big bed, I found the special part of the room – the white bed on the big bed, which is exactly a white wall, presumably this is the cinema I want to enjoy tonight! There is a circular bar on the side of the bed, and there is a projector on the top. You can put tea drinks or snacks on the bar to make it easy to enjoy movies.
    Take out the small tablet from the front desk at check-in and connect the wireless WiFi automatically. See the movie theater series just released, there is everything here, it’s free, no longer have to worry about the problems that no members can’t see! This small tablet is equivalent to a remote control of a private movie theater. Touching the screen settings, you want to see which one to click, which is very simple and convenient!
    After a day of shopping, returning to the hotel, watching a movie in bed is really pleasant, Private Cinema’s surround sound is comparable to the average theater! Privately enjoy the cinema theme room, a lot of the latest cinema videos are really eye-catching!
    Lying down to watch a movie, reaching out for food, hehe! This is much better than a regular movie theater – which theater will allow you to lie down? Which theater will allow you to eat hot pot? Which theater will allow you to watch for free and without interruption?
    Turned the window and went on, there was no hole in the sky. The back of the bed passes through a circular arc bar, and the connection hides an office area. The phone, tea bag and essential oil vase are lined up. A series of power sockets satisfy my camera, mobile phone and charging treasure. In addition to the glass windows of the bathroom and bedroom, even this small office area has a glass window!
    Like me, I saw the sunshine and I was beautiful. I could sleep in such a multi-window room and wake up naturally. It was just too satisfying!
    After packing up the luggage, I can finally lie down on the bed to relax, choose a comedy and scream, and follow Baoqiang to explore India. The magical Indian music also goes into a dream…
    Good night, good night~
    <Hotel>: Motel (Beijing Anzhen Bridge)
    <Address>: Sakura West Street on the north side of Anzhen Bridge in North Third Ring Road, adjacent to Metro Line 5 and Line 10 interchange station Huixin West Street South Exit.
    <Traffic>: Beijing West, Metro No. 9 to No. 4 to No. 10, Exit A of Anzhenmen, walk 760 meters.
    [about eating]
    Is there anything delicious in Beijing?
    Masa sauce, steamed and fried liver, bean juice coke er, Arctic Ocean soda, roast duck, hot pot, fried noodles… From snacks to dinner, from the stalls to the restaurant, there is always a local speciality for your taste!
    [matching experience]
    From a train of direct trains late to an unexpected night of harvest… Leave, from mind to foot; arrival, from footsteps to soul. MAKE THE CHANGE, with the spring breeze, take off your heavy boots and start getting used to sports shoes!
    In the past travel, in order to facilitate the match, I chose the boots to go out. I tried a pair of sneakers for the first time. After a few days, I thoroughly disguised my understanding of the domestic brands. I found this solid color without logo design, the classic low-key has the connotation, you can See this is the LI-NING brand?
    Of course, both comfortable and fashionable, Li Ning’s new spring and summer shoes, the most important thing is – fashion wild! Recommended black and white, short skirt trousers, fresh and literary, personalized fashion… all can be controlled.
    In the streets of the big Beijing, I spent a whole two days strolling, releasing my feet easily, and it was completely stress-free after a day of violent! From the same brand, Li Ning × Marvel “Galaxy Guard” series T, black and white classic color, comfortable and can wear a fashion sense!
    I have never worn sportswear, it seems that in the future travel essential list, you can add another one!
    Seeing the scenery, the invisible life.
    Departure and arrival.
    Leave and return.
    Travel, always on the road.

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