Spring Festival tour of Xi’an, viewing lanterns, watching waterfalls, joyfully enjoying the New Year

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The Xi’an tourism is in the Spring Festival. According to the traditional concept of the past, the Chinese New Year is a visit to friends and relatives, mutual worship, eating, drinking and playing. After the New Year, it is very tired. At the moment, there is a kind of reunion on the road, that is, when a family goes out to travel, it is also a family gathering. Along the way, I saw many families of three, and there are many families of five generations of young and old, who are talking and laughing. They are happy and happy.
    One month before the Spring Festival, Xi’an-Terracotta Warriors-Huaqingchi-Yan’an-Hukou Shuangfei was selected for a five-day tour. At that time, some hesitant, worried that the season was wrong, and the spectacular scenery of the Yellow River Falls could not be seen. Facts have proved that the opposite is true. Real-time quotes for tickets before the holiday, the total number of two people is 6,630 yuan (including insurance), the price fluctuations can be doubled, so remind friends to travel during the holiday must be in advance.
    D1 Nanjing – Xi’an
    D2 Xi’an – Linyi – Xi’an 游兵马俑, Huaqing Pool
    D3 Xi’an – Huangdi Mausoleum – Hukou
    Attractions: Huangdi Mausoleum, Xuanyuan Temple, Hukou Waterfall
    D4 Hukou – Yan’an – Xi’an Tour Yangjialing, Zaoyuan
    D5 Xi’an – Flying Nanjing
    Attractions: Ming City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square, Shaanxi History Museum, Qinglong Temple
    The Xishaomen Hotel to the Xi’an attractions is very convenient, basically no need to reversing, the fare is 1 to 2 yuan, the base price of the taxi is 7 yuan, there is a light rail near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda to the tourist spot, but the electric tricycle does not force The sky is asking for a price, which is twice as high as a taxi. It is a bit too dark. This is also the most frequent trip to a foreign tourist bus, and the traffic is very convenient.
    Xi’an is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world with a long history, splendid culture, rich resources and rich culture. It is called Chang’an in ancient times. The four directions of “southeast and northwest” can be reflected in the streets and alleys of Xi’an, the ancient city wall gates, the park gates and the squares. It is too difficult for me to have a sense of direction. There is only hard memory. When the plane arrived in Xi’an, the weather was fine, and the weather was cloudy for several days. The temperature during the day was about 10 degrees. The temperature difference between day and night was large. In short, God helped me.
    It is not surprising that the morning 850 arrived at Xi’an Xianyang Airport from the T2 station of Nanjing Lukou Airport and was nearly 12 hours late at 12:30. The driver who picked up the station at the T3 station had already waited for us to send us to the Xishaomen Hotel to complete the free travel activities on the first day of Xi’an.
    Datang Furong Garden
    From the hotel to the Furong Garden, 26 yuan to the gate of the park to receive online booking tickets at the team ticket window 80 yuan / person at 3:30 in the afternoon from the South Gate into the West Gate.
    Datang Furong Garden is China’s first large-scale royal garden-style cultural theme park that displays the full-scale appearance of the Tang Dynasty. Walking into the garden, the lights are shining, and the music and dance are full of joy. Fortunately, it is just in time to catch up with the largest water and land lanterns in the northwest of the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden Fair. It covers 75 groups of four sections: Happiness New Year, Shaanxi Style Folk, Silk Road Style and Trolltech. Try the foods from the north and the south, eat and drink in the 2015 Tangtang Furong Garden! Really experienced a New Year’s Lantern Festival in a foreign land.
    Traditional snacks from all over the world
    Tourists are not too much during the day
    After 18 o’clock in the evening, the lanterns were all lit, and the entire park was bright and colorful. More and more tourists came to enjoy the lights, witnessed the beauty and grandeur of Datang.
    Walking in the park, watching and enjoying the different styles of lanterns and eating local snacks, I walked back and forth in the park without knowing it for 5 hours.
    Such a clear reflection on the lake
    After walking from the west gate of Datang Furong Garden, he walked for about ten minutes and then came to the city of Datang. There are not many people on the whole street, the lights are flashing, and there are nine groups of themed sculptures, such as the emperor, historical figures, hero stories, and classic works of art.
    Night view of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda South Square
    As time is already ten o’clock, it is said that the music fountain in the North Square has ended, so I have to return to the West Gate of Furong Garden to take the 24-way bus to the hotel.
    The trip will get up at 6 o’clock every day, eat breakfast at 6:30, wait for the first bus at the door at 7 o’clock, first send us to the distribution center and then take the bus to each line. The whole one is a large passenger. Carpool.
    When I drove to Linyi, it was close to 9:00, and it took about 50 kilometers. After 1 hour, I arrived at the Huaqing Pool Scenic Spot at the foot of Linyi Mountain.
    Huaqing Pool
    It is a royal bathing place and a famous hot spring resort in China. “Spring cold baths Huaqing pool, hot spring water wash gel”, the story of Tang Minghuang and Yang Guifei has added a lot of legendary colors to Hua Qingchi.
    Huaqing Pool is also known as Huaqing Palace
    Yang Guifei hot spring place
    China’s oldest royal garden, Tang Minghuang and Yang Guifei summer resort.
    Terracotta Warriors
    Afternoon visit is known as the eighth wonder of the world – Terracotta Warriors and Horses. When I came to Xi’an, it would be a pity if I didn’t watch the Terracotta Warriors. The Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang, with their own unique charm, attracted countless tourists to come and watch.
    The Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum is the largest ancient military museum in China.
    To understand the ancient capital of history, you need to watch the seven points for three points. In order to keep the museum quiet, visitors use the headset to listen to the tour guide. Entering the exhibition hall, I didn’t expect the crowd here to be very crowded, and I couldn’t see anything. The whole exhibition pit was surrounded by water, and the tour guide was also backed by the front, very hard. We decided to leave the big army and tour on our own.More than you want, in the order of the tour, after watching it again, there is more time than the specified concentration, and once again return to the exhibition hall, then the tourists will be less.
    Copper horse
    The No. 1 pit is dominated by the soldiers, and the cars and infantry are formed into a “rectangular” joint formation.
    No. 2 pit There are more than 1300 pottery pottery and pottery horses buried in the pit. Compared with the No. 1 pit, the content is more abundant and the arms are more complete. It is the essence of the terracotta warriors.
    The No. 3 pit is in the shape of “convex”. The pottery in the pit is arranged in a lane. Some scholars believe that it is the commander of the commander of the 1st and 2nd Terracotta Warriors…
    Terracotta Warriors and Horses are the burial pits of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. Each statue shows us a profound history. In 1987, it was listed by UNESCO as the “World Heritage of Humanity”.
    Take a free car to the scenic spot and visit the Mausoleum of the Qin Dynasty
    Late in Xi’an, the sky was dark, entering the west gate of the city wall and driving into the west street. It seems that there is a feeling of being crossed by time and space. I saw the ancient capital of Chang’an, the completely beautiful city wall and the moat and the ring city park formed a large city in Xi’an. Beautiful scenery, the lanterns on the walls, the turrets, the lights of the arrow towers are dazzling.
    Clock tower
    In the past, a big clock was hung upstairs, used for alarm time, hence the name “clock tower”
    Drum Tower
    The landmark in the most central location of Xi’an is gorgeous and solemn, with extraordinary temperament, echoing the Drum Tower not far away.
    From the bell tower into the underground passage, go west, follow the signs to the underground passage, and pass a lively small street to the foot of the drum tower.
    Huimin Street
    From the Drum Tower, not far away is the Huimin Street, which is famous for its fine food. Xi’an’s food culture is full of rich northwestern style, and it is a great pleasure to visit Xi’an.
    Every street in the Huifang is filled with aroma, many famous foods, and others are coveted, it is really lively and extraordinary, diners gather.
    Look!绝活—-Indian Flying Cake
    Come to the bowl of mutton, 32 yuan / bowl per bowl, the taste is authentic
    After visiting the Huimin Street, it was nearly ten o’clock in the evening. At this time, I was still unwilling. I spent 10 yuan on a tricycle to the south gate of the city wall. Unfortunately, all kinds of lanterns on the wall were closed, so I had to turn around in the square and hit 12.5. Yuan returned to the hotel.
    After breakfast, drive about 200 kilometers and 2.5 hours to reach Huangdi Mausoleum and Xuanyuan Temple.
    Huangdi Mausoleum Xuanyuan Temple
    Xuanyuan Temple is the place where the ancestor of the Chinese nation Xuanyuan Huangdi Mausoleum and worship ancestors, located in the beautiful scenery, pleasant scenery in Huangling County, Yan’an City. Since the establishment of the temple in the Five Dynasties of the Tang Dynasty, it has been the place where the dynasties of the dynasties held national great sacrifices. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Ching Ming Festival and the Chung Yeung Festival are held here every year. In particular, the Ching Ming Festival public sacrifice is a traditional Chinese sacrificial ceremony.
    Known as “the world’s first mausoleum”
    Five thousand years cypress
    Noon group meal, eight dishes and one soup, basic vegan, pasta-based.
    Hukou Waterfall
    Today’s focus is on the Hukou Waterfall in the Yellow River. The car has a view of northern Shaanxi and a barren and barren loess slope. It travels 200 km at 3 pm and then goes to the Yellow River.
    The bridge was jointly funded by Shaanxi and Shanxi. Looking at the structure of the bridge is the same?
    Unexpectedly, the Yellow River waterfall in winter is still magnificent, and the second-level waterfall is so anxious. Even the tour guides can’t tell why this is a rare thing. Maybe the New Year brings good luck to everyone. Visitors saw the raging, majestic Yellow River Falls, and heard the roar of roaring, the whole body and mind boiled, where you can vent and release all the troubles and sorrows in your heart!
    The Yellow River is the dividing line between Shaanxi and Shanxi provinces. The other side of the river is the tourist in the Linyi area of ​​Shanxi.
    We stayed in the secondary waterfall for a long time. When we arrived at the top of the mountain, we heard that there was a rainbow, which was very spectacular.
    Late stay at the local Luomao Hotel, surrounded by dark, especially desolate, blackAfter a half-hour walk, I went back to the hotel and slept early.
    Take a bus from Hukou to Yan’an, pass the Yanhe Bridge, and look at the Baota Mountain. Stay for a short time and continue on.
    Yang Jialing was the residence of the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China from November 1938 to March 1947. At that time, there was a vigorous production and rectification movement here.
    The 7th Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee
    On the hillside behind the meeting site, there is a row of cave dwellings. This is the residence of leading comrades such as Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai and Liu Shaoqi.
    The big sister’s folk songs in northern Shaanxi attracted many tourists and walked involuntarily!
    The seat of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee – Zaoyuan
    Where Chairman Mao and Jiang Qing lived together
    The date garden has a large area and the scenery is beautiful.
    After coming out, the tour guide took us to the shopping store, which is all the local specialty of Yan’an, the dog head date. Feeling good quality, cheap, can not help but temptation, bought a lot, express back, the result is only one week after arriving home.
    City Wall South Gate New Year Lantern Festival
    Return to Xi’an after lunch and travel for 400 km for about 5 hours. After arriving at the Xishaomen Hotel, put down your luggage, take the bus No. 300 and get off at the Drum Tower. Walk to the south gate of the city wall to enjoy the New Year Lantern Festival.
    Light exhibition ticket 100 yuan
    At night, the ancient city people and tourists happily climbed the city gate to enjoy the beautiful picture of “Tangdu Shangyue Night Moon, Fire Tree Silver Flower Xi’an City” and feel the taste of the Spring Festival. From the south gate to the section of Wenchangmen, you can see millions of lanterns of different shapes, and sort them according to the theme. In the lanterns, you can feel the different styles in the “tunnel” of the lanterns.
    Dongmen Ming City Wall
    The tour guide took us from the East Gate to the ancient city wall of Xi’an. It is the largest and most preserved ancient city building in China. It is stable and includes mountains, including moats, suspension bridges, gates, arrow towers, Zhenglou, corner buildings, enemy buildings and parapet walls. A series of military facilities, such as the Mouthwash, are shocking!
    Tickets for Xi’an City Wall: 54 yuan.
    The existing city wall is the Ming City Wall, which is 12 meters high, 12 meters to 14 meters wide and 13.74 kilometers in circumference. There are four main cities on the city wall: Changle Gate (East Gate), Yongning Gate (South Gate), Anding Gate (West Gate), and Anyuan Gate (North Gate).
    When you climb the wall during the day, you can see the ancient city in the gate. You can see the landmark building in Xi’an, the Drum Tower.
    Bicycles can be rented at the four gates of the southeast and northwest of Xi’an City Wall. There are two types of bicycles, single bicycles and tandem bicycles. Single personThe driving is 40 yuan, 80 yuan for two people, the deposit is 300 per person, and the time is two hours. Tourists riding bicycles around the city wall become a beautiful landscape. If time is not enough, they can only walk on foot. It is enough to walk from one wall gate to another. The scenery is similar.
    Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square
    Enjoy a lunch at the folk custom experience next to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and taste the various buffet foods in northern Shaanxi.
    Shaanxi biang biang face 15 yuan / bowl
    Shaanxi Southern Cuisine 12 yuan / serving
    Da-Yan Tower
    At 12 o’clock noon, I went to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square to watch the music fountain. There were many onlookers and the scene was very spectacular. This is the second largest fountain in Asia., 12:30 music fountain ends
    So far, I successfully completed the tour with the group on the 5th.
    Shaanxi Provincial History Museum
    Considering that the return flight is 19:50, there are still several hours, so we immediately went to the Shaanxi Provincial History Museum and walked about 15 minutes.
    The museum is free to open, just in the Spring Festival. The people who come to queue up to collect tickets are lined up by long queues. It is estimated that they will not get tickets for one or two hours. Because they are afraid of delaying flights, they only turn around in the square in front of the pavilion. Then he left in a hurry.
    The soldiers and horses put a POSE
    Qinglong Temple
    The bus from the provincial Bo to the Qinglong Temple is very much like the Qinglongsi Road. It takes 20 minutes to reach Qinglong Temple and enter the park for free.
    Qinglong Temple was first established in the second year of Emperor Kaihuang (AD 582). At that time, it was called Inspiration Temple. Tang Jingyun was renamed Qinglong Temple in the second year (AD 711).
    There are few tourists in the park, so it is rare to be so leisurely and enjoy the festive atmosphere.
    It is said that if spring comes here is full bloom cherry blossoms
    From Qinglong Temple, take the bus to Drum Tower and transfer to No. 300 to Xishaomen Hotel. Pick up the luggage and walk straight for 10 minutes. Take the airport civil aviation bus at Xishaomen Airport Business Hotel, and send the car every half hour. The price is 25 yuan, and it takes 45 minutes to get to the T2 station of Xianyang Airport.
    After completing the check-in, there was still nearly 2 hours, and I took a break in a coffee shop.
    I didn’t expect the Xiamen flight to take off at 19:50 on time. After 1.5 hours, Lukou Airport landed safely and happily completed the Spring Festival tour.
    Speaking of the New Year, people feel that the taste of the year is getting weaker, but this trip to Xi’an made me experience the rich taste of a year that I have not seen for many years. Seeing is believing, Xi’an citizens enjoy a lantern and a temple fair. There are various folk artists, special flavor snacks, paper-cuts, face-to-face, blow bubbles, and kites flying everywhere on the walls, in the park, and in the square…. Full of a festive atmosphere! Relive the traditional customs of the past years, and have a happy and radiant Chinese year in Xi’an!
    Xi’an, worthwhile!

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