Spring Tour 3rd Day | Stroll through the ancient village of Huipai, enjoy the flowers and listen to the story.

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I always thought that the ancient times of Huangshan City used the name “Huizhou” to be very nice.
    The “Hui”, with Huizhou cuisine, Huizhou merchants and Huizhou architecture, sums up all the cultural customs of this place and all aspects of residents’ lives.
    The word “state” has a strong posture.
    Fortunately, in the past few days with a few friends of the three-day trip to Anhui Province, a brain will be “emblem” style, feeling a seven seven eight eight.
    I want to come here, that is a delicious Huizhou cuisine, a house of Huizhou. The pink peach blossoms and golden rapeseed flowers in the mountains and plains, the ordinary lanes and the small bridges, are still unfinished, and have a long aftertaste.
    As usual, a few beautiful pictures will be sneak peek.
     Xidi Ancient Village sketching teenager
     Layers of Xidi Stone Forest
     Village wrapped in golden yellow rape – Lucun
     Wuli Peach Blossom, intoxicating
     Pleasant scenery, flowing Wuxi Mountain
     Bacon is an indispensable material in Anhui cuisine
     Talk about myself
    After the 90s, a woman, a Gemini who is easy to get a three-minute heat, either wandering around, or staying at home.
    I used to travel around the country for 14 months, worked as a housekeeper, a barista, set up a stall, and sold it. Now I am a travel experience and a sleeper.
     Preparation before the trip
    In the end of March, Qingdao is still afraid of the cold girl wearing a down jacket, can not wait for the entire face to shrink into the collar. I was too busy to check the weather forecast of Anhui. I couldn’t be sensitive to the numbers. I didn’t know what to wear for a long time, so I brought all the clothes all the year round.
    For three days, Fat Ding brought these things:
    1.22 inch suitcase, plus Arctic fox classic backpack.
    2. Clothes: Winter caramel-colored cashmere coat Martin boots, spring and autumn plaid shirt sweater jeans canvas shoes, summer floral dress. There is also a national style strap trousers that I loved in Nepal. The bright colors are concave styling tools.
    When I arrived at the destination, I found out that I was wise. In the end of March, the climate was very different. In the morning and evening, I can’t wait for the upper body of the down jacket. It is enough to heat up only one dress at noon.
    3.fujifilm xa-2 micro single camera with 16-50 lens and 50mm 1.6 fixed focus
    4. Skin care products, cosmetics, must not forget to bring sunscreen and sunglasses!
    5. A copy of Higashino Keigo’s “White Horse Mountain Killing Case”, a wonderful mystery novel, must be the best companion for more than 8 hours of high-speed railway.
    6. Go out four sets + bank card
    It’s not just a trip. Before you go out, you have to tell yourself that you must bring four pieces, commonly known as “reaching your hand for money”, that is, ID card, mobile phone, key, money.
    However, electronic payment is now very popular. Even the vegetable market has a WeChat and Alipay collection code, so you can take a little less cash when you go out.
     Itinerary traffic and scenic spots tickets
    Before a wonderful journey, I also had a fateful journey. I originally bought a ticket because Qingdao was curfewed and could not get to the airport in the morning. It could only be temporarily changed into an eight-and-a-half-hour high-speed train. Ah, the money for the refund of the white flowers, I think it hurts.
    1. Great traffic: Qingdao – Huangshan North, take the high-speed train, round-trip 500+
    2. Huangshan North to Jixian: Bus direct, fare 20 yuan, hourly
    2. Traffic between scenic spots: Baozhongba
    Scenic Spots: A total of 5 attractions have been visited on a 3-day trip.
    Xidi Ancient Village: 104 blocks
    Lu Village: 50 pieces
    Pingshan Village: 50 blocks
    Wuxi Mountain: 46 blocks
    Xidi Shilin: 50 blocks. If you want to experience the kilometer slide, you can go up to 30 blocks and go down 30 blocks. You can choose only one.
    Tickets for the above attractions can be purchased at the ticket office of the scenic spot, or booked in advance via reviews or major travel platforms.
     Travel accommodation
    Three days and three nights of travel, a total of two hotels.
    【Huangshan Xidi Taoyuan Renjia Holiday Hotel】
    In order to facilitate the visit to Xidi Ancient Village, the first night is here. 4-star hotel with rich Huizhou architectural style. As soon as the blue wall of Qingwa entered the eye, I liked it.
    I lived in a double room with Mengmei Paper. I found that the room was still in a business style. The quality of the bedding was good, not hard or soft. The most surprising thing is that the curtains can be seen on the opposite side of the roof, and it is also a proper Huizhou architecture.
    The hotel also offers a buffet breakfast, and the hotel’s buffet breakfast saves a lot of time on the road during a time-free trip.
    [Xitong Yingyu Qiyue Country House]
    This is a new home that has not been open for a long time. Many online platforms are still not online.
    The name is very interesting, but in the old village of Xidi, no matter how beautiful the scenery is in the morning and evening, it really does not live up to such a beautiful hotel name.
    The B&B is a short walk from Xidi Ancient Village and a short distance from the commercial area. It is convenient for the journey and will not be disturbed by tourists. What’s more, the hotel also provides breakfast. Besides, the meat bag tastes really good. I can eat 6 people and stunned a bunch of small partners.
     Unavoidable Anhui cuisine
    It is not easy to adhere to fitness and lose weight. During the long 8-hour high-speed rail journey, I kept telling myself that even if the Anhui cuisine is delicious, I must remember that every food that I eat should be returned with the same sweat.
    However, the first meal after arriving at the destination, the moment of seeing this stinky squid, the great determination was also broken.
    The stinky squid is definitely the most representative hard dish in Anhui cuisine.
    Although I always love to eat fish, I can listen to the word “smelly” and instinctively resist. I can’t help but curiously taste it. Who can think of it and directly open the door to the new world.
    Speaking of it, it is also very particular about to make this stinky squid. Marinate fresh squid with light salt water in a room temperature of about 25 ° C. Marinate in wooden barrels, with the belly facing up, pressed with mountain green stones or river pebbles, after six or seven days, fish The body smells like a smelly smell. Then fry in the oil pan, with pork slices, bamboo shoots, and simmer until the soup is concentrated.
    It smells stinky, it tastes delicious, it is you, not to mention the meat is tender and tender, smooth and delicious.
    In the Anhui cuisine, bacon seems to be omnipotent.
    Used to match the plum, it is a classic plum dish. Used to match dried bamboo shoots, it is delicious and healthy dried bamboo shoots. Also use bacon trotters with soy beans, the taste is self-contained.
    The popularity of bacon can be felt when you enter the village of Xidi. Almost every household has a pork like this. Punch the rope on the pork, hang it outdoors, naturally dry in the sun, the bacon meat is delicious, not dry and chewy.
    Perfectly matched with bacon, of course, it is Mei Cai. Walking on the streets of Xidi, you can often see the dried plums on the doorstep of the villagers.
    Use rapeseed to make raw materials, let the leaves dry, pile yellow, then add salt and marinate, and finally dry the dressing. Made of dried plums, yellow and black bright, fragrant smell, has the effect of relieving heat, Shengjin appetizer.
    As a native of the northerners, I was really used to it at first. In the three days of Xidi, the plum dried vegetables almost penetrated into all the food, and I was accustomed to eating it. There was no such thing as a meal.
    If you want to say where the dried plums are the most, you have to mention Huangshan biscuits.
    On the streets of Xidi Ancient Village, there are always a few stalls selling Huangshan biscuits. Huangshan Biscuits is a traditional snack in Huangshan City, Anhui Province, crisp and crisp, oily but not greasy.
    In specialty shops, the most common is Huangshan biscuits. Packed properly, it also distinguishes between different flavors such as classic and spicy, which is very suitable for bringing back to relatives and friends.
    In the stuffing of Huangshan Biscuits, it is indispensable that the dried plums, plus flour, fat, sesame, salt, and vegetable oil, are made of raw materials, stuffed, noodles, noodles,It is made by the process of simmering, peeling, skinning, stuffing, closing, smashing, brushing, smashing, baking and so on.
    The baking is carried out in a furnace, and the charcoal is internally burned, and the cake blank is attached to the inner wall of the furnace, baked, baked and baked, and then baked, and then baked for several hours. It can be said that it is hard work.
    After finishing the Huangshan biscuits, the dried plums are used as the stuffing, and the leaves are also known. The soft skin of the epidermis is glutinous rice, and the stuffing is also wrapped with mushrooms, pork belly and other ingredients.
    The first time I bought the leaves, I took a bite of the soft skin. I thought it would be a sweet stuffing. When the taste of the dried plums was full of mouth, I was amazed.
    Finally, what must be mentioned is the tofu.
    As another representative dish in Anhui cuisine, Mao Tofu has also been on “China 3 on the tip of the tongue”, which is considered a proper “net red dish”.
    A layer of white hair is grown on the surface of the tofu by artificial fermentation. Since the tofu is converted into a plurality of amino acids by fermentation, the taste is particularly fresh after cooking.
    There is an interesting story about Mao Tofu.
    According to the biography, Zhu Yuanzhang defeated Huizhou and fled to Xiuning area, letting his followers find something to eat. As a result, he found some tofu hidden in the grass. Although he has grown hair, he is hungry. There is no other way, the followers can only put the tofu on the charcoal fire and cook it to Zhu Yuanzhang. As a result, the unexpected taste was delicious, and Zhu Yuanzhang was very happy to eat. After winning the victory, he ordered the army chef to make the tofu and reward the three army, and the tofu was passed down in Huizhou.
    In the three days of Jixian, almost every meal was dealt with this authentic Huizhou cuisine. Did not specifically remember the name of the store.
    Whether it is Xidi, Lucun or Pingshan Village, the folk customs want to be simple, and the dishes made are also original. If you choose a restaurant that has a good eye, try it and you will not be disappointed.
    As a foodie, I have so much food, so let’s take a day by day trip!
     Day1 | Xidi Ancient Village + Xidi Stone Forest + Wuli Peach Blossom
    Although I don’t know much about architectural styles, I have seen many architectural books, and I still have a long-lasting love for the Huizhou architecture. Fortunately, when the spring is just right and the flowers are strong, I will visit Xidi Ancient Village in Qixian County, Anhui Province. Stopped at the entrance of the ancient village, I was shook my eyes at the gathering of the blue walls and white walls.
    Tracing back to the source, Xidi Ancient Village was built in the Northern Song Dynasty. As people talk about in the future, the change of the entire village is actually a history of changes in the generations of the Hu family.
    In the seventh year of the Qing Dynasty in the Northern Song Dynasty, Hu Changliang, the fifth son of Hu Changyi, went to Jinling (Nanjing) via Xiyuan to Xidipu, and was attracted by the mountain-shaped water potential. It was identified that Xidi was an extremely difficult place to find. One year later, the family moved to Xidi to live. With the development of dozens of generations of descendants, and the development of the family, the family gradually became a village.
    When I came to the village entrance of Xidi Ancient Village, the most striking thing was this high Hu Wenguang stabbing archway.
    As a villager of Xidi Village, Hu Wenguang, the official to the doctor. Building walls, repairing schools, doing countless things in life. Therefore, the emperor approved Hu Wenguang’s folks to build this merits archway in honor of Hu Wenguang’s good deeds for the people.
    Enter the village, walk around the stop, will be smashed Hu’s Ancestral Hall. “Tracing the source of the source, it is more important than 祠.” The ancients’ attention to the ancestral hall can be seen. The archway, the ancestral hall and the dwellings are also the representative buildings that best reflect the architectural style of Huizhou. Flying cockroaches, only a glimpse at the door, it has been imposing.
    Although it is a commercial street serving tourists, it can be extinguished at 9:00 pm and the lights are gradually extinguished. Xidi seems to have fallen into a huge black hole, leaving only a few street lights, shining on the lake, with warm yellow lights.
    If you want to gain a lot of excitement in Xidi, I am afraid to take advantage of it and return with disappointment.
    Compared with many ancient towns with a high degree of commercialization, Xidi Ancient Village is not so busy. Bars, cafes, homestays, restaurants… seem to have basic entertainment. I can step into a bar, but there is no imaginary noise and noisy, but a store with a thick smile. There is not much to say, but the wine is really delicious.
    The villagers of Xidi prefer their own wine making, local materials, peach wine, sweet-scented osmanthus wine… can’t help but ask for a small cup, sweet, but not greasy.
    In Xidi, every household is drying bacon outside the wall. After passing through it, they can’t help but smell it. Auntie was on the edge of the stream, quiet in the coat, the silence in the air, only the stream, the echoes. Occasionally blundering into a courtyard, the two young men are sitting opposite each other, and they are talking about each other.
    It seems that no matter whether it is a tourist, or a cold door. Xidi always follows its own rhythm, slowly and orderly. This is also the place where I love West.
    Not far from Xidi Ancient Village, about 3 km away, it is the Xidi Stone Forest Scenic Area. In the scenic area, there are not only different shapes, but also various caves, caves and gullies, dotted with rocks, and full of colorful flowers.
    The delicate flowers, in the same picture as the hard rock, are unexpectedly harmonious, soft and strong.
     Xidi Shilin Scenic Area
     Xidi Shilin Scenic Area
     Xidi Shilin Scenic Area
    Karst landforms are more common in the southwestern part of China. Who can think of such a grand karst landform in the Jixian County, Xi’an, Shilin Scenic Area. The rock forms are different. If you look closely at the human beings, you can see the same kind of animals. Nature can be described as a ghost.
     Xidi Shilin Scenic Area
     Xidi Shilin Scenic Area
     Xidi Shilin Scenic Area
     Xidi Shilin Scenic Area
    In the Shilin Scenic Area, there is a kilometer slide. It’s true that compared to flowers and rocks, I love this slide. Xu is the body’s adventure activists awakened, the scenic staff have not finished, I am excited to sit up.
    The slides are divided into up and down, and both slides can slide forward. You can also experience one slide and the other walk.
    When I sat on the chute, I found that the equipment was very simple. I persecuted the paranoia. I couldn’t help but worry about my personal safety, especially when I went to the corner. I was too busy to slow down, for fear that I was accidentally taken out.
    After landing safely, I found myself worrying. The seemingly simple equipment is very safe, and there are more staff monitoring and second-level protection.
    I have always known that the delivery of rape in Xidi is only known to the destination, not far from the village of Wuli, the peach blossoms are delicate, the slightestDo not lose the elegance of rapeseed.
    “Peach Blossom, Burning Its Hua”, the ancients did not marry the wonderful poems, to praise the peach blossom style, but until I was in the 10,000-acre peach blossoms of Wuli Village, I could feel the beauty of the poems.
     Wuli Village
     Wuli Village
     Wuli Village
     Wuli Village
    The most valuable thing is that such a beautiful peach blossom forest does not accept tickets. It’s not so good to enjoy such a beautiful view for free?
    What’s even more wonderful is that I was lucky enough to see half of the peach blossoms in Wuli Village, half of the wonderful scenery of rapeseed, one side is pink like Xia, one side is golden pouring, and I am in it, I am willing to let go of myself, and I will not move.
     Day 2 | Mountain Bike Open + Lu Village + Wuxi Mountain + Jixian County
    Xu was too crazy to play the day before. I wanted to get up early to shoot the morning scene and accidentally overslept. Get up and have breakfast, I heard that there is a mountain bike open game today, and the love of the fun of the race has taken the upper hand. Pulling the little friend to the event site.
    The contestants are divided into men’s group, women’s group, and junior group. The rider rode a mountain bike and shuttled through the countryside of Jixian County. Imagine that they are riding a car, while advancing while admiring the beauty of the surrounding area, I will envy it without riding a bicycle.
    The mountain biker passed through a piece of rapeseed field and walked along the rape field, and then arrived at Lukun, our destination determined in advance.
    If you say the village of Jixian, Hongcun must be the most famous one, and Lucun is only a few kilometers away from Hongcun, but it is low-key and silent. It is also such a low-key silence that allows it to retain more original flavors, which is also the most valued place on my journey.
    When I first arrived at the entrance to the village, the uncle who was working in Huatian was greeted with enthusiasm. In the small river at the entrance to the village, a group of white ducks are playing carefree. Looking down the river, a large gray-walled white wall building came to the forefront.
    This is what it looks like in a quiet little village in Anhui. Simple, rustic and welcoming.
    The ducks who were swimming in the river, tired of jumping, jumped on the shore, and looked at the villagers washing vegetables along the river, as if they were not afraid at all. The villagers concentrated on washing the dishes and did not see the ducks at a glance. Such people live in harmony with animals and are very charming. Can’t help but stop, press the shutter and leave a photo for them. Under the small pavilion by the river, the old man was lying on the rocking chair, his eyes closed, and he seemed to have fallen asleep. This quiet morning, there is no wind, but the spring is inexhaustible in the air, bathed in such a spring, this feeling must be sleeping.
    For me who loves to be quiet, Lu Village is full of scenery. If you must choose an attraction, Lu Million’s “luxury house” – the woodcarving building must be taken care of.
    Lu Mucun, a woodcarving building, was built by Lu Bangyu, a 33-generation descendant of Lushi, during the Qing Daoguang years. Because of his millions of products, he was also known as “Lu Million”. Lu million was in business in the early years, and then transferred to the official career, the official to the doctor. The wooden sculpture building built includes the houses of Zhicheng Hall, Siji Hall, Sicheng Hall, and the Glass Hall, and they lived in their six-bedroom wives and children.
    Due to the exquisite craftsmanship and the great achievements of the Huizhou architecture, the woodcarving building of Lucun is also known as the first floor of the Chinese woodcarving.
    Now the descendants of Lu million are still living here.
    The group laughed and laughed, and actually met the tenth generation of Lu million. The little boy is ignorant and ignorant. I don’t know what it’s like to know the story of the ancestors in adulthood.
    After lunch, set off at Wuxi Mountain!
    There is a saying in the old saying, “The ancient ruins of the world, the number of scenery in the Wuxi is the first”, although this is only a statement, can be placed in the Wuxi Mountain Scenic Area, really feel, the scenery is pleasant, refreshing.
    For a long time, I don’t climb the mountain. Wuxi Mountain is not high, but the scenery is very beautiful everywhere. Occasional waterfalls, curved wooden planks, waterThe round stone is also good, can not help but stop to watch for a long time.
    The forest coverage rate of Wuxi Mountain is as high as 92.8%. Although it is not as close as the Huangshan Mountain in the vicinity, there are many attractions. The fresh air and quiet atmosphere of Wuxi Mountain are enough to attract tourists.
    Not to mention May 1st, the mountain is already the Fangfei, and the azaleas on the mountain are open, this is the most lively time of Wuxi Mountain. If you like quiet and love watching flowers, don’t miss this wonderful view.
    For two days, I have not seen the night scene of Jixian.
    After the time of going down the mountain, it was near the evening. I listened to the advice of my local friends and decided to go to the ancient city of Jixian to enjoy the night view.
    As one of the birthplaces of Huizhou merchants and Huizhou culture, Jixian County is a well-known historical and cultural city. Backed by Dongyue Mountain, the river is adjacent to the river, surrounded by mountains, and the stream is flowing back. The night scene has a more artistic conception.
    Although I knew the small bridge flowing water in Anhui, the southern sentiment was very beautiful. I didn’t expect it to have some fun under the warm yellow light at night. There are also river lights in the river, and in the mist of the mist, the beauty is very close to my eyes.
    The ancient city of Jixian has a history of more than 2,200 years and is one of the oldest counties in the country. It is therefore known as the “Guiyu” and “Xiawai Taoyuan”. In 1989, it was listed as the first historical and cultural city in Anhui Province.
    Walking on the bluestone plate of the ancient city, I can’t help thinking about it. For more than 2,000 years, this place has carried on the storms for so many years. It seems that the land has life, joy and sorrow, and a smile, the wheel of history whispers.
     Day 3 | Pingshan Village + Return
    I learned the lesson of yesterday and deliberately started early at 5 o’clock to pursue the most beautiful sunrise. However, the sky is not beautiful, catching up with the cloudy days and carrying some raindrops, only to see the sky slowly light up, can look forward to the spectacular view of the sun breaking the clouds and rushing out of the clouds, has not appeared.
    Whether it is perfect or not, it seems that the regret is the main theme.
    Early in the morning, Lu Cun’s viewpoints gathered a large number of photographers. I was so eccentric that I found an old wizard, and even bald heads loved you. Oh~haha.
    After dinner, go to the last stop of this trip – Pingshan Village. It is a bit like the village of Lu, which was visited yesterday. It is a small village of Huizhou, and it is quiet and far-reaching.
    Pingshan, the ancient village of this millennium, her name is derived from the mountainous north of the village. The poet of the Qing Dynasty, Yu Fengchen, wrote a verse when he was in Youpingshan: “Qingshan has a painting screen, and Yu Yucui wants to drop. Autumn leaves are more spring flowers, and they are like brocade.”
    If you say the characteristics of Pingshan Village, it must be more than a dozen stone bridges in the village.
    It is said that the uniqueness of the South is the “small bridges and flowing waters”, and that Pingshan Village is the best interpretation.
    Like Lu Village, there are millions of woodcarving buildings. There is also a famous building in Pingshan Village, which is the former guardian.
    According to historical records, during the reign of Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty, the former guardian Shu Shu was given a meritorious service by the rescue. After years of changes, the temple has been somewhat run down. A few years ago, Zhang Zhenyan, who was a producer of the well-known film “Hero” and “The Ten Faces”, became attached to this place and began to transform. Today, the Imperial Frontier has become a boutique hotel with a strong Hui style.
    In the Pingshan Village, I met a lot of teenagers who came here to sketch. Most of them are students who love painting, and here they land this beautiful little village on paper. Walking around, occasionally encountering the villagers pushing the sugar cane cart, so they ate the first sugar cane in life, so sweet~
    Three days have passed quickly. It has always been a “Buddha” tourist who never wants to plan and does not love the prescribed itinerary. It is also a very fresh experience to try this fast travel rhythm for the first time.
    I have never felt the power of words and limited photography. The beauty of the scenery along the way, and the stirring of the heart, can not be expressed in words and pictures.
    Naturally, this is one of the reasons why we tirelessly print our footprints in the distance.
    Whether it is lively or clean, pink peach blossoms and golden rape blossoms, history or food, have been deeply imprinted on my mind, waiting for the night, I will play again.

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